Immersive Language Learning With Siri | AwesomeCast 384
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February 13, 2018
Sorg, Chilla, and Katie are joined by Jack Morgan of Duolingo this week. They’re sharing some tech news, including: Sorg has the perfect Awesome Thing of the Week for Chilla – an Iron Man AR helmet! Our biggest question about the Iron Man AR helmet – does it fit adults? Because we all really want one ourselves. Katie is sharing her Awesome Thing of the Week – a sponsored post in Tech Crunch with NONONONONO Cat! Speaking of cats…Chilla’s Awesome Thing of the Week is Rift Cat. Jack’s Awesome Thing of the Week is a WIRED documentary on the Silicon Valley of hardware – Shenzhen, China. Best Buy will stop selling CDs because of digital music revenue, while Target will sell them under consignment. Sorg is sharing his collection of old technology – like VCRs and 1992 tech. Despite the trend toward digital, Netflix originals are finding their way to DVD for cross marketing. Crystal Dynamics is taking on the Avengers game next! My Little Pony meets Street Fighter and Sorg wants Hasbro to leave them alone so it can be…