A Love Affair With Alexa | AwesomeCast 330
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It's our first episode of 2017. We're getting geeky and techy in our revamped digs. We've got Katie, Chilla, Sorg, and Max in house for on AwesomeCast 330! We're talking some Alexa with our in-studio guests. Sorg is sharing how Alexa's "Always Getting Smarter" creeps him out. Alexa does have a mute button that turns red - so you know when she's listening and when she's not. Alexa can even call you an Uber! Alexa also asks to rate her analysis performance - to hone in on your voice commands. Chilla is concerned Alexa may break up his marriage - because his wife is loving it. Chilla is using Alexa in conjunction with Siri to maximize his automation. Max still thinks Siri is better with providing sports scores than Alexa. Katie is joining the Alexa bandwagon with her Echo Dot. Katie is doing her Echo Dot unboxing on air! South Korean robots company has built a real Gundam! Max is a gamer. Of course he's sharing some awesome game stories. Chilla recommends the Nexus line of Android tablets. (Or wait 2 months for…