Scooby Doo Endings | AwesomeCast 339
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We’ve got our usual gadget hounds Sorg, Chilla, and Katie on for AwesomeCast 339. This week we’re talking about awesome things in technology, including: Like videogames? We’re looking to do an AwesomeCast gaming spin-off. Tune in to see what we’re up to. Videogames are tech. Chilla is taking us into his Awesome Thing Of The Week with the Nintendo Switch Joycon controller. Sorg has gotta catch ‘em all. And now he can with his Awesome Thing Of The Week – the Pokemon Go PLUS. Katie is sharing Netflix and their choose-your-own-ending options. (Currently in the UK) as her Awesome Thing Of The Week. Sorg is sharing some thoughts on his Grip Gear mobile recording track. (Thanks guys!) Katie has a new job for Sorg thanks to Wrapify – get paid to wrap your car in ads. Thanks to Rizz for his Awesome Thing Of The Week submission for the Vada dash cam. Brandon shares LEGO’s new set: Women of NASA. Thanks to Doug for sharing the story about our friends at No Wait being bought by Yelp. (Congrats!) The Logan poster seen in…