295: AwesomeCast 292: I Am Iron Man (Because I Have a Virtual Desktop)
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This week on AwesomeCast 292, weâ??re talking about awesome things in technology, including: This week, we're joined by Chachi! Which means we'll be talking videogames in addition to the usual tech talk. Thanks to our Patreons! @ThistleSea and @mikefedorshow are helping bring you this week's show! Chachi's Awesome Thing Of The Week is the FBI giving Apple the "finger" with regard to the San Bernadino issues. Oculus Rift has shipped! And, the first delivery was made by its founder Palmer Luckey. Sorg's Awesome Thing Of The Week is the Microsoft Star Wars holographic communication. Ryan Haggerty chimes in for this week's show with a virtual 3D desktop for 360 environments. Is virtual desktop just a gimmick? Snapchat geofilters being used to find interns? It's a thing that's happening. Microsoft is learning first hand how to parent. Tay AI chat bot "grounded" after learning racism. Tinder getting into augmented reality through acqusition of humin - an intuitive address book-like app? Getting back to VR, we're…