166: Praznik buč
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O iPhonih, Mac Projih in praznikih.Links:Novi pobegli načrti za iPhone 8Gurman o naslednjem iPhone 8Daring Fireball: The Mac Pro Lives — The Mac Pro LivesApple pushes the reset button on the Mac ProTranscript: Phil Schiller, Craig Federighi and John Ternus on the state of Apple’s pro MacsThe new Mac Pro: The audacity to say “Yes” in a design culture of “No”Apple PodcastsApple Said to Near Road Tests of Self-Driving Car SoftwareEarly Macintosh Emulation Comes to the ArchiveGoogle Disabled Burger King’s Ad Hijacking Google HomeNSA-leaking Shadow Brokers just dumped its most damaging release yetWe Can Calm Down: Microsoft Already Patched Most of the Shadow Brokers ExploitsRash of in-the-wild attacks permanently destroys poorly secured IoT devices