Stories to Tell in the Middle of the Night

Stories to Tell in the Middle of the Night
Written and performed by Francesca Millican-Slater
The Distractions
Jun 18 • 21 min
The night time can be the right time for hookups and booty calls, last minute love-ins and for finally doing something x-rated with that one person you’d kept on the back burner. Even though you shouldn’t have. But really you should.
The Losses: Part Two
Jun 11 • 27 min
This set of stories is the Losses part 2: The Lost and the Left Behinds. The ghosts that come crowding in, crawling up the covers and sticking their fingers in your ears. We’ll hear about a last act of kindness intended for the left behind and someone…
The Losses: Part One
Jun 4 • 26 min
This week, the Found and Lost: the ghosts that come crawling in at night, the people, the things we have lost. We’ll be hearing stories from people who have found a way to combat loss, found sleep, or something they never really wanted.
The Frustrations
May 28 • 25 min
In this set of stories, it’s the frustrations we’re looking at; the things that churn around your brain to stop you sleeping, the indignations we invent about others who cut in and cut up.
A Night Out
May 21 • 27 min
From dancing under disco lights to blood on the pavement, with the watchers and the shakers in between, here’s some stories as an ode to nights out, your first one, the regular ones, the ones that don’t end as they should.
May 8 • 2 min
An introduction to Stories to Tell in the Middle of the Night, written and performed by Francesca Millican-Slater.