Apple news and rumors from a developer’s perspective
6: “S**t will happen department”
May 18 • 80 min
John and Gui talk about Google’s and Microsoft’s recent announcements at their developer conferences, and how they might affect Apple. They also discuss the viability of 3rd party Twitter clients, whether Apple is behind in terms of AI, and if a…
5: “Space Gray Mode”
May 2 • 73 min
John and Gui dive deep into the possibilities of a WebKit & macOS system-wide dark theme and discuss all the new rumors about a declarative cross-platform UI framework for Apple’s platforms. We’re super excited to launch our Patreon! Check the show notes…
4: “The big Jony Ive room”
Apr 17 • 74 min
John and Gui talk about the Mac Pro and how it’s being developed, Apple’s leaked memo about… leaks, user privacy & third party closed sourced SDKs, Rambo’s new TV setup, and much more.
3: “Spelunking apprentice”
Apr 5 • 70 min
John and Gui talk about Apple’s recent education event, the new 9.7” iPad, how ClassKit works, iOS navigation & NSUserActivity, iWork + Apple Pencil, the possibility of ARM-powered Macs, and much more.
2: “Next level science fiction stuff”
Mar 20 • 55 min
On this second episode of Stacktrace, John and Gui discuss Apple’s upcoming March 27th event. What do we know? What do we expect? Tune in and find out!
1: “Phone apps? Really?”
Mar 15 • 78 min
On this very first episode of the show John and Gui talk about the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone SDK, their memories of getting started with iOS development and what Apple might have in store for the future - including the rumor of a new…