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The Only Fancast
Giving shows we’ve never seen the fancast treatment they deserve.
25: Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme, Get On Up, It’s Marble Time & Throw in the Vowel - The Only MarbleLympics & Assonance Fancast
Oct 20 • 29 min
Wowsers Bowsers! This is just a real nice episode, folks. It's a warm hug on a cold day. A lightly-scented cloud of gorgeousness. We learned that marbles can make you feel optimistic about the human condition and that nice vowel sounds can brighten your…
24: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Sex Magik - The Only The Invisibles and Football Trick Plays Fancast
Oct 6 • 50 min
Here - take this playbook. Grant Morrison saw these trick plays in a shamanistic vision ceremony, and they will win you the Super Bowl big time. Clear eyes, full hearts, sex magik! Music: Drunkin Desert by LED
23-5: Announcement + Bonus Newsies Content
Sep 14 • 10 min
We're bringing you the news, and then we're bringing you the Newsies.
23: My Date With the President’s Son - The Only Quantico Fancast
Sep 7 • 41 min
Kat thought it would be good to title this week's episode "Quality Over Quantico," but Kyle's episode title - a reference to a 1998 made-for-TV movie - won out instead. Sometimes there's just no right answer! Sometimes we are all of us losers! Welcome to…
22: You Vin Some, You Lose Some - The Only Fast and the Furious Fancast
Sep 1 • 51 min
Let us all pay tribute to the soft sorrowful luster of The Rock's perfect eyes. Movies: The Fast and the Furious, The Fate of the Furious Music: Drunkin Desert by LED
21: It’s A Smallville After All - The Only Smallville Fancast
Aug 11 • 46 min
This week on softeyed superteens, Clark Kent makes a friend, learns about poetry, and asks an adult for help! It's no wonder that Superman is the archetype that launched the golden age of comics. He's the man of steel; he's the last son of Krypton; he's…
20: Teens: Do They Read? Can They Read? An Investigation - The Only Teen Literature Fancast
Aug 3 • 59 min
This week, we were initiated into the divine secrets of the YA YA sisterhood. Get it? Because YA stands for young adult, and we read part of a young adult novel, but then also what I said up there is the name of a movie. You get it. Anyway, we read some…
19: Kayfabe 2: Pig in the City - The Only Lucha Underground Fancast
Jul 25 • 41 min
This week Robert Rodriguez took us gently by the hands and led us down to The Temple, where Lucha Libre reigns supreme. We saw some good quality wrestlefolk do wrestlecrimes at each other until we became certified wrestlexperts. And we loved every minute…
18: Watch Me Witch, Now Watch Me Nae Nae - The Only Little Witch Academia Fancast
Jul 13 • 48 min
Little Witch Academia is a very good anime. I do not have time to write a description because I need to go watch more Little Witch Academia. Show: Little Witch Academia Season 1, Episode 6: "The Fountain" Music: Drunkin Desert by LED
17: Dance Dance Destitution - The Only They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? Fancast
Jul 6 • 45 min
Yowza yowza yowza! This week we're expanding our horizons and becoming fans of a movie we've never seen. And still haven't seen. It's… difficult to explain. Take our hands and walk with us down the Santa Monica Pier. We're going on a journey together, and…
16: Early Edition, Hot and Fresh Out the Kitchen - The Only Early Edition Fancast
Jun 22 • 42 min
In an age of digital media, it's important to remember the role that serious journalism plays in a free society. Print is dying, and with it, the bastions of creditable reporting are slowly decaying into obscurity. The influence of an ethical Fourth…
15: Sex, Lycanthropes, & Video Tapes - The Only Teen Wolf Fancast
Jun 15 • 57 min
Teen Wolf can't be tied down by your rules. Teen Wolf doesn't need to listen to teachers or parents because he's a rebel. Teen Wolf is gonna smoke weed under a bridge with his pack, Mom, and there's nothing you can do to stop him. The olds just don't get…
14: Cookin’ Up a Secure Financial Future with the Rock - The Only Ballers Fancast
Jun 8 • 43 min
I wish I was a little bit taller. I wish I was a baller. I wish I had a quality financial manager, I would call her. Back in 1995 Skee-Lo could only wish for these things, but twenty years later, HBO has made them a reality. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is…
13: Jughead, Shoulders, Knees & Toes (Knees & Toes) - The Only Riverdale Fancast
Jun 1 • 61 min
There's a new show on the CW, and wouldn't you know it, it's based on the adventures of everyone's favorite redheaded teen scamp, Archie Andrews! That's right, this icon of wholesome American teenhood is finally hitting the small screen. And don't we all…
12: Barney & Friends - The Only How I Met Your Mother Fancast
May 25 • 47 min
Hey, welcome to our cool neighborhood bar! Come meet our cool new neighborhood friends. They're some of America's most beloved stars; Dr. Horrible, Buffy's Friend, Mr. Sarah Marshall, and America's Nasty Dad. Oh, and there's also Ted. We don't really…
11: Fullest House - The Only Full House Take 2 Fancast
May 18 • 52 min
No, it's not that Full House. What are you, some kind of ignorant yokel? This week we here at The Only Fancast packed our steamer trunks and sailed off into international waters. We crossed the shining seas and alighted on the shores of South Korea, where…
10: Along Came a Spader - The Only The Blacklist Fancast
May 11 • 61 min
Pour yourself a Djinn & Tonic, because it's time for one of NBC's primetime freakshows. BEHOLD the appalling fashion of James Spader. MARVEL at the horrifying mish-mash of unconnected plot threads. GAZE IN HORROR at the return of the objectionable…
9: Sex and the City and the King and I - The Only Sex and the City Fancast
May 4 • 53 min
Hey gal pals, put on your sexiest Jimmy Choos, grab your mimosas, and gather 'round the brunch table while we give you the scoop on what it's like to be a single woman in the big city! I… oh gosh, who am I kidding. That one sentence was all the privileged…
8: Cartoon Camp for Cartoon Boys - The Only Cartoon Network Fancast
Apr 27 • 58 min
If you've come to The Only Fancast this week looking for some lighthearted goofs, we're sorry. Maybe skip this one. We devote the entire show this week to a very serious analytical dissection of cartoons. We get earnest. We get businesslike. It can't all…
7: Oh Gosh, Murphy, You Done Spooked Me Again - The Only American Horror Story Fancast
Apr 20 • 64 min
Welcome to our haunted podcast! We had a slumber party with Ryan Murphy and he told us all his spooky scary tales of hotel horror, and now we're here to pass that on to you. There's vampyrs and murders and flappers galore! So settle in and get ready for…
6: 2 Earth-2 Furious - The Only The Flash Fancast
Apr 13 • 54 min
This time around we sat down with the intent to discuss The Flash. But just like you can't stare directly at the sun, it turns out that you can't talk directly about The Flash if you value your health and sanity. The result is 2 Earth-2 Furious, the…
5: Country Grammer - The Only Frasier Fancast
Apr 6 • 45 min
This week, we tossed some salad, scrambled some eggs, and traveled on back to 1990s Seattle for a check-in with our favorite radio psychiatrist. That's right; it's Frasier time. He's a bumbling but well-intentioned dad who's just trying to do right by his…
4: I’m the Podcast, Gotta Love Me - The Only Dinosaurs Fancast
Mar 30 • 39 min
1991: the Soviet Union falls. Apartheid ends. Dances With Wolves wins best picture. And America looks searchingly into its own psyche and asks: "What if sitcom, but dinosaurs?" This week, Kat & Kyle put on their best Baby Sinclair voices and talk you…
3: Frankly, My Disney, I Don’t Give a Damsel in Distress - The Only Once Upon a Time Fancast
Mar 23 • 45 min
This week we peered the Disney vaults and spied the dark shapes that lurk beneath. Turns out: it's just a lot of smooches. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if an ABC executive made a TV show out of their teenage fanfiction? And what it would…
2: D’Argo Frell Yourself - The Only Farscape Fancast
Mar 16 • 43 min
There may be several Farscape podcasts on the internet already, but we are the only fancast where you can witness the delight of two spouses meeting The Spacestronaut, the True Muppet, the Red Squid Boy & The Extra from Cats for the very first time.…
1: 2 Woke Girls - The Only 2 Broke Girls Fancast
Mar 9 • 42 min
This week, we were 2 woke girls watching 2 Broke Girls, and BOY OH BOY did those two things not go together. Presenting perhaps the least-woke sitcom on air in the year of our lord 2017, Kat and Kyle dive deep into the Nightmare Realm and emerge more…