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The World and Everything In It
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Culture Friday, and “To End All Wars”
Oct 20 • 34 min
Today, John Stonestreet and Nick Eicher discuss how words have the power to shape culture. Plus: Megan Basham recommends the film “To End All Wars,” the story of allied POWs during World War II.
California wildfire recovery, and The Olasky Interview
Oct 19 • 32 min
Today, Jill Nelson brings a report from fire-ravaged California. Plus: WORLD Editor in Chief Marvin Olasky talks with author and professor Anthony Bradley about reforming America’s criminal justice system.
White House Wednesday, and leaping a cultural gap
Oct 18 • 32 min
Today, Mindy Belz reports from Europe about what average European citizens think of President Trump. Plus: Sarah Schweinsberg reports from Colorado Springs, Colo., about a megachurch that merged with a local Hispanic church.
Censoring pro-life speech, and a conversation with Vice President Mike Pence
Oct 17 • 33 min
Today, Live Action founder Lila Rose discusses the effort by Twitter to silence pro-life speech. Plus: WORLD Radio’s Cal Thomas sits down with Vice President Mike Pence.
Legal Docket, and the Monday Moneybeat
Oct 16 • 31 min
Today, Mary Reichard discusses the rights of noncitizens. Plus: Some notable dates in history from mid-October, and a report on the status of business and the economy.
Culture Friday, and Goodbye Christopher Robin
Oct 13 • 32 min
Today, John Stonestreet talks about a pro-life activist running for Congress who takes a stand against Silicon Valley. Plus: WORLD Entertainment Editor Megan Basham reviews “Goodbye Christopher Robin,” the story behind the author of Winnie the Pooh.
California wildfires, and negotiating border security and immigration policy
Oct 12 • 30 min
Today, Jill Nelson reports from California about the wildfires raging in that state. Plus, Jim Henry reports on a 70-point proposal from the House to overhaul the nation’s immigration system.
White House Wednesday, and the challenges and benefits of part-time pastors
Oct 11 • 32 min
Today, Kent Covington talks with Elliott Abrams with the Council on Foreign Relations about the Iran nuclear deal. Plus: Paul Butler reports on the growing trend of bi-vocational pastors.
Religious liberty guidance, and the battle over South Carolina’s Episcopal churches
Oct 10 • 33 min
Today, Mary Reichard breaks down the Trump administration’s major religious liberty announcements. Plus: Kristen Eicher visits a Charleston church fighting its denomination to keep its church building.
Legal Docket, and the WORLD Radio History Book.
Oct 9 • 33 min
Today on the Legal Docket, the Supreme Court is back with new arguments for the 2017-18 term. Plus, Paul Butler with the WORLD Radio History Book.
Culture Friday, and Blade Runner 2049
Oct 6 • 33 min
Today, John Stonestreet and Nick Eicher discuss a new gnosticism making its way into the culture. Plus: Megan Basham reviews the 2017 reboot of Blade Runner.
Sin City gathers to pray, and the Olasky Interview
Oct 5 • 34 min
Today, Sarah Schweinsberg reports on how Las Vegas is grappling with the massacre of 59 people. Plus: Marvin Olasky interviews George Grant, an author, lecturer, and Tennessee pastor.
White House Wednesday, and taking up sculpting
Oct 4 • 31 min
Today, Kent Covington talks with Leonard Leo about President Trump’s judicial appointees. Plus: Susan Olasky brings the story of a Texas woman who took up sculpture at age 64.
Hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, and WORLD Radio’s Classic Book of the Month
Oct 3 • 30 min
Today, Sarah Schweinsberg reports on relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Plus: Emily Whitten recommends “A Simple Way to Pray” by Martin Luther.
Legal Docket, and the Ark Encounter
Oct 2 • 31 min
Today, Mary Reichard examines how colleges and universities have become battlegrounds where freedom is under attack. Plus: Susan Olasky visits the Ark Encounter in Kentucky.
Culture Friday, and Battle of the Sexes
Sep 29 • 29 min
Today, John Stonestreet addresses the drama in the NFL and how the culture can’t get enough of it. Plus: Megan Basham reviews a new sports biopic that’s more focused on sexuality than sports.
Travel ban 3.0, and the National Flood Insurance Program
Sep 28 • 34 min
Today, WORLD senior editor Mindy Belz discusses President Trump’s revised version of his travel ban. Plus: Jim Henry reports on the financial woes of the National Flood Insurance Program.
White House Wednesday, and a baseball profile
Sep 27 • 32 min
Today, Kent Covington talks with Dean Cheng of the Heritage Foundation about President Trump’s executive order targeting anyone who does business with North Korea. Plus: a profile of A.J. Ellis, a catcher for the Miami Marlins.
German election, and hurricane frequency
Sep 26 • 32 min
Today, Jill Nelson explains what the German election may mean for politics in Europe. Plus: A conversation about whether hurricanes are really happening more often now than in previous years.
Legal Docket, and the WORLD Radio History Book
Sep 25 • 33 min
Today, Mary Reichard discusses a constitutional clash between FEMA and churches helping in disaster recovery. Plus: historical happenings from late September.
Culture Friday, and a rundown of the Emmy Awards
Sep 22 • 31 min
Today, John Stonestreet remembers the life of Nabeel Qureshi, a devout Muslim turned Christian apologist. Plus: Megan Basham reflects on the 2017 Emmy Awards.
A deadly stop along America’s drug corridor, and the Self Drive Act
Sep 21 • 34 min
Today, a report from Butler County, Ohio, where more than 200 men and women died last year from heroin overdoses. Plus: A conversation about autonomous vehicle legislation the House passed this month.
White House Wednesday, and more Caribbean cleanup
Sep 20 • 33 min
Today on White House Wednesday, World Relief’s Jenny Yang talks about possible changes to the administration’s refugee policy. Plus: A report from a Caribbean island decimated by Hurricane Irma.
Cleaning up the Caribbean, and The Olasky Interview
Sep 19 • 28 min
Today, Kristen Eicher reports about the cleanup and recovery efforts in St. Martin after Hurricane Irma ripped through the Caribbean. Plus: WORLD Editor-in-Chief Marvin Olasky talks with professor and author Carl Trueman about his new book on Martin…
Legal Docket, and the WORLD Radio History Book
Sep 18 • 32 min
Today on Legal Docket, a look at the complexities of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Plus: Notable historic happenings from mid-September.
Culture Friday, and Music of the Reformation
Sep 15 • 28 min
Today on Culture Friday, John Stonestreet talks about how faith-based organizations are outpacing the government in hurricane relief efforts. Plus: Paul Butler has the latest installment in our Music of the Reformation series.
Overcoming Irma, and Australia’s battle over same-sex marriage
Sep 14 • 31 min
Today, an on-the-ground report from Irma’s wake in southeast Florida, and Lyle Shelton talks about the same-sex marriage vote in Australia. Plus: Michael Cochrane reports on renewed Thorium experiments in the Netherlands.
White House Wednesday, and solving the college sexual assault problem
Sep 13 • 32 min
Today on White House Wednesday, Kent Covington talks with Henry Olsen of the Ethics and Public Policy Center about what Trump’s deal with the Democrats says about his loyalty to conservative and Christian values. Plus: Sarah Schweinsberg reports on…
Irma’s wake, and the Rohingya refugee crisis
Sep 12 • 32 min
Today, an on-the-ground report from Hurricane Irma’s wake, and a conversation about state’s wrestling with the appropriate age for marriage. Plus: Sarah Schweinsberg reports on the growing refugee crisis in Myanmar, where the largest stateless group in…
Legal Docket, and the WORLD Radio History Book
Sep 11 • 33 min
Today on the Legal Docket, a look at speech rights in the workplace in light of politically charged protests and rallies. Plus: Some notable dates in history from early September.