This Week in Google (MP3)

This Week in Google (MP3)
The latest Google and cloud computing news.
495: Get Yourself a Harvard Man
Feb 13 • 128 min
Articles 11 and 13 are Back & Worse than Ever What if Google Won’t Pay Fines?Amazon Buys Eero: Is this the PanopticonApple’s Plans to Screw Over PublishersLife Without Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and MicrosoftNYPD Hates WazeShould Facebook Ban…
494: Commodified
Feb 6 • 93 min
I Made Queso!Spotify Buys Gimlet and AnchorFacebook at 15Why Publishing DiedAlphabet Q1 EarningsVerily Opens Opioid Rehab, Makes Smart ShoesMarshmello’s Fortnite ConcertChrome Password Checker ExtensionGoogle Makes Audio More AccessibleAssistant Coming to…
493: The Dork Face Problem
Jan 30 • 125 min
Google IO dates are announced.Features for Android Q include a new face-detection API.Google makes a big hire that is all about bringing Fuchsia to market.Gmail for Android gets a redesign but it still isn’t Inbox. What happens when you cut every piece of…
492: What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Viral
Jan 23 • 130 min
France fines Google €50M for GDPR violations, Google appeals.Amazon issues workers vests to keep robots from harming them.Millions of mortgage docs leak online.Viacom buys Pluto TV for $340M.Microsoft Edge mobile browser alerts users to fake news.Google…
491: A Faust Without a Devil
Jan 16 • 126 min
Facebook’s 10 Year Photo Challenge: Threat or Menace?The Best of the Rest at CES 2019Google and WordPress Make NewsWho is Watching Your Doorbell Videos?The Google Changelog: RCS Comes to FiAll Hail the Egg!Galaxy S10 Launches 2/20Bird Sent a…
490: A Controlled Ink Leak
Jan 9 • 150 min
Google Assistant is everywhere at CES 2019, including an amusement park ride.Facebook opens its political ads archive, showing who is targeting you and how much they spent.Don’t blame millennials: Fake news is spread by boomers.The Internet Archive tries…
489: I’m An Engineer, Darn It!
Jan 2 • 134 min
Facebook hopes for a better 2019 after a public image drubbing in 2018.Google’s Waymo Under Fire in Arizona - Literally.Your cell phone has a huge security flaw, and there is no plan to fix it.How much of the internet is made of bots? And how soon will…
488: The Year’s Best
Dec 26, 2018 • 157 min
A look back at the biggest tech stories of 2018. Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Stacey Higginbotham Download or subscribe to this show at
487: You’re Filling It Wrong
Dec 19, 2018 • 126 min
Google takes Manhattan Almost 50% of Google’s workers are temps, contractors, or vendors. Facebook vs New York Times Harassment on Twitter Jack Dorsey’s beard shavings, Azalia Banks, and ISIS A very Google holiday season RIP Oath • Tesla fart app Peter…
486: The Road to Nunavut
Dec 12, 2018 • 126 min
Huawei CFO gets bail in Canada, awaits extradition to USChina detains Canadian ex-diplomat in retaliationMarriott breach blamed on ChinaNo Chinese spy chips found on Super Micro servers Google CEO tells Congress “No plans” for Chinese search enginePichai…