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Podcast: NFL Power Rankings + The Vikings firing mistake? + Jimmy Butler’s comments + a TON more NFL/NBA
Dec 12
Topics: Are the Cowboys being given too much credit for recent win streak? My week 15 NFL Power Rankings Eli … More
Podcast: NFL Wild Card Predictions + Does Kareem Hunt deserve a second chance? + LeBron/D-Wade + Seahawks-Vikings
Dec 11
Topics: How big of an impact has Wade on LeBron’s career? LeBron considered NY? — Believe his comments mean the … More
Podcast: NFL Madness! Cowboys win + Patriots shocked: Super Bowl hopes still alive? + Panthers/Chiefs/Saints/Rams + more
Dec 10
Topics: Are the Cowboys getting lucky or good? How much does this hurt the Patriots Super Bowl odds? Who is … More
Did the Packers make a mistake? + Reacting to the NFL’s handling of Kareem Hunt + CFB Playoffs + more NFL – Podcast
Dec 3
Topics: McCarthy fired — Did the Packers make the right decision? Did the Steelers blow it or the Chargers win … More
Podcast: Cowboys beat the Saints + Can the Cowboys make a playoff run? + the Raptors + more NFL/NBA talk
Nov 30
Topics: More about good Cowboys or bad Saints? What is the potential of this year’s Cowboys team? Reaction to Washington … More
PREDICTION: Saints-Cowboys + Giants bringing back Eli? + Is Baker Mayfield too cocky? + Is Rodgers being a diva? + NBA talk – Podcast
Nov 29
Topics: Are the Saints too heavy of a favorite? Love, like or hate Baker Mayfield standing by his comments…again? Aaron … More
Podcast: NFL Power Rankings + Reuben Foster: Domestic violence in the NFL + a TON more NFL/NBA
Nov 28
Topics: My Week 13 NFL Power Rankings Who is the best team in the AFC? Would Bell and the Colts … More
Podcast: NFL Reaction: Vikings-Packers + the Browns + Rookie QB Power Rankings + Patriots/Eagles/Giants
Nov 26
Topics: More about good Vikings or bad Packers? Are you more concerned about the Steelers or Panthers? Should Patriots fans … More
Dez to the Saints + NFL Week 10 Power Rankings + Jerry Jones/Dak + Le’Veon/the Steelers + Duke – Podcast
Nov 7
Topics: My week 10 NFL Power Rankings Dez to the Big Easy? – Would this be a good fit for … More
Podcast: Brady over Rodgers + Saints beat the Rams + Is Alabama just too good? + a TON more NFL reaction
Nov 5
Topics: More impressed with the Patriots or disappointed in the Packers? What impact did that game have on the GOAT … More