The BirchTree Podcast

The BirchTree Podcast
A show that covers the most interesting tech and gaming stories of the past week.
011: Apple Pay is the best Apple service you’re probably not using
Feb 15 • 00:10:16
I know a thing or two about payments, and Apple Pay is very impressive tech. Much like AirPods, Apple Pay is a simple idea executed incredibly well. I did my best to sum up why you should se this up on your iPhone today.
010: The demise of premium hardware?
Feb 10 • 00:05:48
I discuss this argument that some people make about Apple being in a lot of trouble because their high-end hardware will cease to be an important differentiator in the near future as low-cost smartphones start to take off. If hardware is commoditized,…
009: You need to go find inspiration
Feb 8 • 00:05:47
Brief discussion on how I make the time to create all the content for BirchTree, and why there is no magic bullet for creating great content online.
008: Upgrading to Android Nougat
Feb 2 • 00:07:09
I upgraded my Mogot G4 to Android Nougat this week and have playing with the new things that the latest version of Android offers. My opinion is basically unchanged about Android, as this seems to be a nice, if unexciting release from Google.
007: Siri is no Scarlett Johansson w/ special guest G. Keenan Schneider
Jan 26 • 00:29:51
I’m happy to be joined by Keenan Schneider for this extra long episode of the show. We talk AirPods, AirPods, and why we love AirPods. It was a lot of fun! Follow Keenan on Twitter and find his other work at
006: Could YouTubers’ video editing move to the iPad soon?
Jan 24 • 00:05:24
I don’t think there’s any good reason why Apple couldn’t make a very capable version of Final Cut Pro X for the iPad Pro, and I think it could help with Apple’s image of the iPad as a true desktop replacement.
005: AirPods are a quietly brilliant product
Jan 20 • 00:05:16
My first impressions after a day with AirPods.
004: Final Fantasy 15’s frustrating conclusion
Jan 16 • 00:05:38
I’ve gotten to the part of Final Fantasy 15 that every reviewer said is where the game goes off the rails, and boy where they right. This is a prime example of bad game design and I just had to talk about it for a little bit. Still a great game overall,…
003: I’m not saying PCs are going away soon, but…
Jan 12 • 00:07:12
I’m planting my flag in the sand for iOS and Android taking over more and more of the PC marketplace, until we’re all saying “why did I need a PC again?”
002: 3 things I love about Android
Jan 9 • 00:05:08
In which I remind everyone who think’s I’m somehow and iOS fanboy that I am using Android as my daily driver and really like some parts of Android.
001: What do you want to talk about?
Jan 4 • 00:04:53
It’s been too long, friends. Let’s talk smart home stuff today.