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BYU Speeches
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The Faith to Do His Will—Beth Luthy
Jun 12
Though it is not always easy, God expects us to trust in Him. Beth Luthy shares how having the faith to do His will caused miracles in her life.
Recognizing and Understanding the Spirit at BYU—Michael Orme
Jun 5
Michael Orme, General Counsel at BYU, shares how the principles of receiving revelation and understanding the Spirit are uniquely applied to BYU.
Illuminated Stories—Robert T. Barrett
May 8
Learning to be an artist requires endurance even more than it requires talent. In this devotional address, artist Robert Barrett shares the illuminated stories of individuals throughout history who have shown us that courage and motivation to endure hard…
Banishing All Shadows—Jeffrey R. Holland
Apr 26
In this commencement address, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland charges students to be a force for positive change in this troubled world and to have hope that the light of God’s love is powerful enough for banishing all shadows and forces of darkness.
A Holier Approach to Ministering—Neil L. Andersen
Apr 10
The recent shift from home and visiting teaching to focus on ministering gives us a chance to rethink the way we love and serve others. Ministering in a holier way will require us to more fully love and obey the Lord.
Seeing Things Differently—Michael J. Dorff
Apr 3
Whether it be mathematics, personal relationships, or the scriptures, powerful blessings come into our lives when we choose to start seeing things differently.
Embrace the Plan—Kim B. Clark
Mar 20
As we embrace the Plan of Salvation, and God’s plan for each one of us, we will find the power to overcome our personal crucibles and be better equipped to learn, serve, and love.
Integrity of Heart—Ronald A. Rasband
Mar 13
Elder Rasband commemorates the life and values of Jon M. Huntsman, who demonstrated that it doesn’t matter how much wealth or worldly status that we obtain if we lack integrity. As we deal honestly and treat one another with kindness, we will be known for…
Discovering Your Divine Individuality—Julie Crockett
Mar 6
As we strive to acquire Christlike attributes, we may wonder: Are we losing our individuality? Julie Crockett assures us that our unique differences, talents, and personalities are only magnified as we work toward our perfect potential.
Rise and Shout and Shine Forth!—S. Gifford Nielsen
Feb 27
The BYU fight song’s admonition to “rise and shout”, says former BYU football quarterback and current general authority S. Gifford Nielsen, are an anthem not just for sports teams, but for life and our quest for heaven.
What Makes a Radical and Revolutionary Technology?—Dhanurjay
Feb 13
We live in an age of revolutionary technology. However, this progress brings many deeper questions for our generation to explore. Dr. DJ Patil, former US Chief Data Scientist, addresses some of the ways we can responsibly use data to benefit all Americans.
Agency, Accountability, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ: Application to Sexual Assault
Jan 30
The doctrines of agency, accountability, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ lay the foundation for understanding the devastating issue of sexual assault.
Turning Enemies into Friends—Sharon Eubank
Jan 23
Humanitarian aid is more than donating hygiene kits and digging wells. “Turning enemies into friends” is as simple as looking for the “strangers” among us and providing relief through service, love, and trying to do good.
Humbly Combining Heart and Mind—LeGrand R. Curtis
Jan 16
Both heart and mind can be instruments for the Holy Ghost to teach us God’s will, if we are humble enough to listen for His counsel.
Lessons from Roses: Trust Yourself and Trust God—Peggy S. Worthen
Jan 9
When others question your beliefs and choices, it is tempting to panic and doubt yourself. Instead, trust in the the things you know to be true.
The Plan of Salvation: The Gospel Paradigm—Kevin J. Worthen
Jan 9
Through the lens of the plan of salvation, we gain perspective that helps us deal with questions, everyday frustrations, and even crippling challenges.
A Message at Christmas—D. Todd Christofferson
Dec 12, 2017
This Christmas, remember the majestic and redeeming Savior—but also take a moment to remember that humble baby in a manger.
Happiness, Deceit, and Small Things—Brian K. Ashton
Dec 5, 2017
In your search for happiness, don’t mistake Satan’s deceit for the joy Christ offers. Remember that it is the small things that make a big difference.
Questions and Answers—M. Russell Ballard
Nov 14, 2017
Elder Ballard offers timely and loving answers to tough questions about topics such as perfectionism, education, pornography, and the needs of LGBTQ saints.
Are You All the Way In?—Carolyn Billings
Oct 17, 2017
Carolyn Billings shares how she has learned to trust in the Lord’s wisdom and love, even—or especially—when the raging tempests of life are overwhelming.
Putting Off the Natural Man and Becoming Saints—Carl B. Cook
Oct 10, 2017
By learning to overcome pride and submit our will to God’s, we let go of the natural man and become free to discover our true, eternal selves.
Shape Your Life Through Service to Others—Richard J. Maynes
Sep 19, 2017
Elder Maynes reminds us not to become selfish as we seek out our goals and dreams—our happiness will ultimately be found in the service of others.
Fear Not—Kevin J. Worthen
Sep 12, 2017
The adversary wants us to doubt God, doubt ourselves, and be afraid of the future. But God declares that we can choose faith over fear.
Facing the Algebras of Life—Peggy S. Worthen
Sep 12, 2017
We all meet our match somewhere. For Sister Worthen, it was algebra. When we are faced with something difficult, will we quit or will we learn?
Be 100 Percent Responsible—Lynn G. Robbins
Aug 22, 2017
Agency and accountability are paired principles that cannot be separated. Take responsibility for your actions and you take control of your life.
To Me He Doth Not Stink: Advocacy and Love—Gayla M. Sorenson
Aug 8, 2017
We are all called to be advocates. Jesus Christ, our Advocate, teaches us how to represent causes and people with love and wisdom.
Living a Life of Service and Love: What Goes Around Comes Around—Kirt R. Saville
Aug 1, 2017
The more service and love we give, the more we will find returned to us. Kirt Saville shares touching examples of this principle.
The Call of the Lord—Paul Caldarella
Jul 25, 2017
The Lord’s call comes in countless ways. If we are prepared to heed the call, we will be given opportunities to grow, to serve, and to receive His joy.
Of Dead Cats and Dead People: How Family History Can Save the World—Amy Harris
Jul 18, 2017
Family history is so much more than finding dates and names. It is building relationships with the past and connecting their legacy into our own lives.
Women and Education: “A Future Only God Could See for You”—Eva Witesman
Jun 27, 2017
Education is not just preparation for the workforce. It is part of reaching our eternal spiritual potential as men and women.
Language Learning: A Truly Educational Experience—Ray T. Clifford
Jun 13, 2017
Learning a language gives you the incredible chance to enrich your mind, spirit, character, and ability to serve. But it takes work.
On Change and Becoming: Thoughts from a Reluctant Grower—Diane Thueson Reich
Jun 6, 2017
Change is hard. But if we are willing, rather than reluctant, growers, God will give us experiences to be grateful for and help us become our best selves.
B-Y-You Matter to Him—Keith J. Wilson
May 23, 2017
On a large campus (or in a daunting world), it can be hard to feel like you matter. But God knows you by name, and that knowledge changes everything.
The Experience of Love and the Limitations of Psychological Explanation—Brent D. Slife
May 16, 2017
The common Cartesian, egoistic theories in psychology fall short when describing the unselfish, gracious, and unexplainable phenomenon of love.
“Lay Hold upon the Word”: The Power of Wholehearted Living—McKay Christensen
May 9, 2017
When we truly lay hold upon the word of God, believing it and committing to it, we open ourselves up to the life-changing power He has in store for us.
Testimony and Other “Wicked” Problems—Eric Gillett
Apr 11, 2017
“Wicked problems” are tricky problems with no easy answers, Eric Gillet says—much like testimony. Design thinking can help.
Waiting upon the Lord: The Antidote to Uncertainty—Erin Kramer Holmes
Apr 4, 2017
Erin Holmes shares an antidote to uncertainty, which we all experience painfully at some point. We need to learn what “waiting upon the Lord” really means.
Real Causes and Real Effects—Keith Vorkink
Mar 28, 2017
Our search for “why” sometimes leads to false causes and effects. The Holy Ghost, teaches Vorkink, helps us draw the right, real conclusions - or let it go.
The Rock of Our Redeemer—Weatherford T. Clayton
Mar 14, 2017
Jesus Christ is our rock, our sure foundation. If we build on Him, no matter what storms the adversary sends our way, we cannot fail.
Where Do We Go from Here? Chaos or Community—Clayborne Carson
Feb 28, 2017
Dr. Clayborne Carson, Stanford University Historian, shares some personal insights from the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr.
On Failing and Finishing—Cassy Budd
Feb 14, 2017
We don’t need to be paralyzed by our mistakes. Failure helps us to learn and pushes us to rely on the help of the Savior.
A Banquet of Consequences: The Cumulative Result of All Choices—Quentin L. Cook
Feb 7, 2017
Our choices have consequences. Satan tries to convince othwerwise, but his plan only brings misery. God’s plan brings lasting happiness.
The Power of Your Words—Craig L. Manning
Jan 31, 2017
“Faith,” said the Prophet Joseph Smith, “works by words.” Replacing self-doubt with power words can remove fear and increase performance in your life.
The Doctrine of Christ: Our Daily Walk—Douglas D. Holmes
Jan 17, 2017
The doctrine of Christ is simple, yet beautiful. Faith, repentance, ordinances, and the Holy Ghost should be part of our daily lives.
The Pursuit of All Truth—Kevin J. Worthen
Jan 10, 2017
In a world that has been described as “post-truth,” this message declares that truth does exist, it does matter, and we can discern it.
A Safe Place—Peggy S. Worthen
Jan 10, 2017
Communication is the key to all successful relationships. Learn to listen and to create a safe place for conversation by being considerate of others.
Lessons from Joseph Smith—Bonnie L. Oscarson
Dec 6, 2016
Joseph Smith’s life teaches us about our potential, standing up to criticism, and repentance. A testimony of this prophet brings us closer to the Savior.
Listen, Lift, Rescue—Jodi Maxfield
Nov 29, 2016
If we are willing to listen, we can become instruments in the Lord’s hands to lift and rescue others through an act of kindness or by sharing our talents.
The Book of Mormon: Man-Made or God-Given?—Tad R. Callister
Nov 1, 2016
Many critics of the Book of Mormon have tried but failed to give a credible alternative to Joseph Smith’s testimony of it. How can we know if it is true?
Stand Up Straight, Smile, and Remember Who You Are—Matthew O. Richardson
Oct 25, 2016
What do a failed exam, a cut up degree, historical documents, and a screensaver have in common? A vision of ourselves and of BYU to remember and believe in.
Audacious Faith: Appreciating the Unique Power and Singular Appeal of LDS Doctrine—Brett G. Scharffs
Oct 17, 2016
As presented by an expert in international law and religion, LDS doctrine is characterized by unique and even audacious beliefs.
Orson Hyde, the Holy Land, and Brigham Young University—David M. Whitchurch
Oct 3, 2016
The LDS Church’s involvement in the Holy Land, including the BYU Jerusalem Center, is motivated by the knowledge that God loves all His children.