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Feb 17 • 53 min
For Episode 110 of Beer, Bros & BS we’re back at Lincoln’s Beard Brewing for another edition of “At the Brewery” series. Joining us once again was the main man behind the brewery, Falco, and first time BSer Alex from Mr. PB&J. We recorded at the brewery…
Feb 9 • 56 min
In Episode 109 of Beer, Bros & BS we discussed our favorite and most surprising beers from this year’s Wakefest, we caught up on the adventures of Florida Man, Bud Lite and their “corny” Super Bowl commercials, Pepsi putting their beverage on nitro, Xbox…
Beer Talk: Kush 1/30/19
Feb 7 • 84 min
On 1/30/19 Kush held a beer talk panel discussion on craft beer. In attendance were representatives from Equilibrium Brewing, Mondo Brewing Company, Southern Prohibition Brewing, The Tank Brewing, Monkey Business Brewing and Nomad + Co. Distributing.…
Jan 25 • 48 min
Episode 108 has brought us back to Union Beer Store in Little Havana! We were joined by long time friend of the show Union Adrian aka Manolo and DLo from Brewtiful! In this episode we discussed the upcoming two year anniversary of Union, we heard about…
Jan 20 • 52 min
In our first episode of 2019 we discussed how the federal government shutdown is affecting craft brewers, which 2019 film release everybody is looking forward to, a study that mentions a different way to relax at work, a 13,000 year old brewery found in…
Dec 30, 2018 • 66 min
We wrapped up 2018 with a fun filled hour of beer and BS! Some of the BS included PornHub’s 2018 data analytics, TV shows of 2018, a court ordered punishment that involved the Disney movie Bambi, the AVN award categories, a special upcoming episode of…
Dec 14, 2018 • 60 min
Episode 105 of Beer, Bros & BS was our second Christmas Beer Special. In this episode we discussed PETA’s recommended anti-animal idioms, how Burger King is trolling McDonalds, the new Avengers trailer, Soulja Boy’s new gaming console, Red Dead Redemption…
Dec 4, 2018 • 69 min
As the weather drops, the beer gets darker and the episodes even funnier! In Episode 104 we talked about an Irish soccer team that had a game cancelled by saying one of their players died when they didn’t, Microsoft’s new military contract, the newly…
Nov 22, 2018 • 77 min
Episode 103 of Beer, Bros & BS features a gathering of randomness including Snoop Dogg and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Mystery Science Theater 3000, the metal band As I Lay Dying, the first mobile phone with iTunes on it (it wasn’t made by Apple) and a…
Nov 14, 2018 • 69 min
In Episode 102 of Beer, Bros & BS we covered a wide range of topics including a Japanese hotel that is staffed with robot dinosaurs, classic game systems, the Vatican’s newest Pokemon Go clone, which dead celebrities made the most money last year and Tony…
Oct 28, 2018 • 67 min
In Episode 101 of Beer, Bros & BS we had an unintentional Halloween episode. We found out what human meat tastes like, trick-or-treating in various cities in Virginia and Godzilla films that were almost made. On top of all of that we also talked about…
Oct 13, 2018 • 62 min
We managed to record 100 episodes of Beer, Bros & BS and we couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks for listening to our BS and we hope you’ve enjoyed it, because we have oh so much more planned! For our centennial episode we recorded live at J.…
Sep 26, 2018 • 77 min
99 Episodes of Beer, Bros & BS…99 episodes of beer. You listen to one now then pass it around… We’re getting ready for episode 100, but before we get there we have one more episode of BS to get through first. In this episode we discussed Tony’s bachelor…
Sep 2, 2018 • 67 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back with another edition of our “At the Brewery Series” as we recorded live from Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company and we were joined by their head brewer and co-founder John Falco! In this episode we discussed a wide range of topics…
Aug 29, 2018 • 91 min
Episode 97 of Beer, Bros & BS is a favorite of ours. The BS was off the charts! In this episode we talked about the guy who stole/hijacked a plane in Seattle, the final Sharknado film, Jose and his renewed homebrewing, Tony ruins another superpower, the…
Aug 10, 2018 • 91 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back with another edition of the “At the Brewery Series” as we recorded live at Spanish Marie Brewery in Miami. We were joined on the show with two guests from the brewery, Jaime & Alberto. Because we recorded at the brewery all the…
Aug 5, 2018 • 74 min
Episode 95 of Beer, Bros & BS features another edition of the “At the Brewery Series” as we recorded live at J. Wakefield Brewing in Miami, Florida. Joining us this episode were two special guests of the brewery Jonathan and Maria! In this episode we had…
Jul 29, 2018 • 85 min
For Episode 94 we finally made it back to our studio. We had three amazing episodes at three amazing breweries, but we needed to get back to our bread and butter. In this episode of Beer, Bros & BS we discussed why the world’s hottest weathergirl got…
Jul 20, 2018 • 66 min
For Episode 93 of Beer, Bros & BS we visited Concrete Beach Brewery in Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, Florida. We were also joined by the head brewer and friend of the show Eric. Since we recorded inside the brewery all the beer we had was brewed in the…
Jul 13, 2018 • 98 min
For Episode 92 we recorded live at NightLife Brewing in Miami for another edition of our “At the Brewery Series.” And since we recorded at NightLife Brewing we were joined by Juan and Dani from the brewery. In this episode we covered many topics including…
Jul 6, 2018 • 55 min
Episode 91 gives us another addition of our “At the Brewery Series” as we recorded live from Odd Breed Wild Ales in Pompano Beach, Florida. As we recorded from the brewery we were also joined by Odd Breed founder and brewmaster Matt. In this episode we…
Jun 27, 2018 • 85 min
In this episode of Beer, Bros & BS we talked about the crazier side of the World Cup, Reddit and MIT’s new artificial intelligence, Donald Trump’s Space Force, a new detailed look at what it would be like to have super powers, everybody’s favorite game BS…
Jun 16, 2018 • 81 min
In Episode 89 of Beer, Bros & BS we handled a bunch of topics ranging from cracking your knuckles, the Pusha T & Drake beef, E3, the adventures of Florida Man and more! We were also joined by a long time friend of the show JC! On top of all of that, we…
Jun 6, 2018 • 71 min
In Episode 88 of Beer, Bros & BS we discussed Boba Fett, Alexa and Amazon’s new beer and wine delivery service, dog speak, a man who went on a five day drug binge in England and soccer legend Ronaldinho. On top of all that, we reviewed some delicious and…
May 21, 2018 • 76 min
In this edition of Beer, Bros & BS we discussed the upcoming event Sin City 8 and the world’s largest orgy, Chipotle’s latest painful news, a book plagiarism, an Aussie marsupial that goes out with a bang plus other BS! Plus we got to review beer from…
May 8, 2018 • 89 min
In Episode 86 of Beer, Bros & BS we talked about a .5K race that a Texas town was having for underachievers, anglerfish sex, board games that the CIA made, the Avengers & Star Wars films plus the current (mis)adventures of Kanye West. We also reviewed…
Apr 25, 2018 • 74 min
After a short break Beer, Bros & BS is back with another fun episode. In episode 85 we briefly talk about how our show won our first ever award, drugs that were found in an old Nintendo game cartridge, space jizz, world records of sex, and headlines from…
Mar 25, 2018 • 93 min
Despite against all odds Beer, Bros & BS has made it to three years! In our BS-studded episode we got the State of the Show, discussed terpenes and beer, iPhones and some of their not known features, Wayne Huizenga and his legacy, some expectations…
Mar 14, 2018 • 83 min
For Episode 83 we had an action packed show full of Star Wars & Jon Favreau, Ozzy Osbourne, Wu-Tang Clan & Martin Shkreli, a peacock on a plane plus a penguin colony seen from space. As always we played a few rounds of Would You Rather and ended the show…
Mar 6, 2018 • 56 min
For episode 82 we were on location at Boxelder Craft Beer Market in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami and we were joined by none other than longtime friend of the show Scott. In this fun episode we discussed pizza for breakfast, about how monkeys will pay…
Mar 2, 2018 • 63 min
The bros were back with an ample amount of BS for episode 81! In this episode we discuss Intel’s augmented reality glasses, a Brazilian drug trafficker who’s being called a modern day Robin Hood, another round of BS or not and some interesting information…
Feb 6, 2018 • 60 min
On the latest episode of Beer, Bros & BS we recorded live at J. Wakefield Brewing in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami! And because we recorded there all the beer we tried on the show was from the brewery! In this episode we talked about Ronda Rousey…
Jan 27, 2018 • 63 min
In the latest episode of Beer, Bros & BS we recorded live from one of our favorite bars in Miami, Union Beer Store. On top of that we were also joined by a friend of the show, Adrian. We discussed many topics in this episode including how 50 Cent forgot…
Jan 16, 2018 • 66 min
Happy New Year from us at Beer, Bros & BS! We’re back with a brand new episode after a couple of months off air. What have we all been up to since November? Listen and find out. I will say that two of us were hospitalized, somebody went to Europe,…
Nov 10, 2017 • 80 min
We’re back for a crazy adventure as we ditch beer and embrace booze! That’s right, Beer, Bros & BS turns into Booze, Bros & BS! All of the liquor we reviewed in this episode is somehow tied to a brewery. Some of the liquor reviewed was from Sanctuary…
Oct 22, 2017 • 60 min
Fear not, after a few weeks off Beer, Bros & BS is back! In this episode we discussed a wide range of topics going from the king of Saudi Arabia and Yoda, Halloween movies and haunted houses plus facts that really aren’t true such as Queen, Oscar Mayer,…
Oct 2, 2017 • 78 min
We’re back with episode 75 of Beer, Bros & BS! A few of the topics for this episode include the Bony-eared assfish, Hurricane Irma and a sign language interpreter, the beer style called chicha, answers to the questions you always wanted to know and the…
Sep 9, 2017 • 51 min
We’re back for another episode of Beer, Bros & BS! In our latest episode we discussed penis fighting and flatworms, weird facts about Walt Disney, Samuel L. Jackson and Magic Johnson’s recent trip to Italy and a collaboration voice-controlled digital…
Aug 30, 2017 • 128 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back with a special new episode. Join us as we discuss our regular BS while we watch the film Beerfest by Broken Lizard. So pop in the film and watch along with us while we review some new beer and discuss all crazy things that go along…
Aug 17, 2017 • 107 min
We had a full house for episode 72 of Beer, Bros & BS! It’s been a few episodes since we’ve had everyone on hand and we had a plethora of topics ranging from NASA looking to hire a planetary protector, Rick and Morty, Tinder’s advertising with Manchester…
Aug 3, 2017 • 120 min
Beer, Bros & BS is here for a special episode as we recorded with our first head brewer, Luis of King Fox Brewery. In this episode we discussed Rick Perry and how he got pranked by the Russian Jerky Boys, a Swiss startup company (Noonee) that makes an…
Jul 26, 2017 • 77 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back for another action packed episode. We discussed some interesting topics ranging from Trainy McTrainface, LauraLania, Linkin Park, The Defiant Ones, a drug dealer from Turkey, Dana White and boxing. We also drank some amazing beer…
Jul 19, 2017 • 11 min
This is the first “mini” episode of Beer, Bros & BS! Recorded by our host and his brother in Michigan. Like every episode they had to play a few rounds of Would You Rather. And because it was recorded in Michigan they had to have a special drink from…
Jul 11, 2017 • 79 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back for episode 69, giggity! In this wholesome episode we talked about sex robots and their implications on society, rockstar sex stories, Warped Tour and the Jasta Show plus a Mexican fan and the Confederations Cup. As always we…
Jun 25, 2017 • 91 min
After a few weeks off Beer, Bros & BS is back with a new episode! Though we’ve been off air, the beer is flowing and the BS is strong. In this episode we talk about Allen Iverson & Ice Cube’s new 3-on-3 basketball league Big3, the European adventures of a…
Jun 3, 2017 • 87 min
Episode 67, we barely started this show on its tracks! As always we discussed a large range of topics including a passive aggressive Twitter war between Ukraine and Russia that included a Simpsons gif, PornHub’s 10 year anniversary, E3 2017 plus the tale…
May 28, 2017 • 76 min
In the latest episode of Beer, Bros & BS we discussed Universal’s Volcano Bay, a radio station DJ and a 100 Grand, a television news channel that got pranked, frozen mice sperm in space and St. Augustine, Florida. We also drank beer from MIA Beer, Samuel…
May 14, 2017 • 84 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back to the basics for episode 65! In this episode we discuss Chance the Rapper’s album Coloring Book, Bill Nye Saves the World, AB InBev and South African hops, the Nintendo Playstation, a new type of robot, a group of gangsters who…
Apr 30, 2017 • 95 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back with another edition of “At the Brewery Series.” We recorded this episode at Miami’s newest brewery, The Tank Brewing Co. In this episode we talked about a guy saving his beer from a burning house, Alien Day, weird superhero…
Apr 23, 2017 • 75 min
For your listening pleasure we proudly present to you Episode 63 of Beer, Bros & BS! In this episode we talk about a $25,000 taco, Star Wars Celebration, Adidas and the Boston Marathon plus a tennis match in Sarasota! While we shoot the breeze we taste…
Apr 14, 2017 • 75 min
In the latest episode of Beer, Bros & BS we discuss cannibalism and nutrition, a cloud made up of tequila, the TV show Crashing, Xbox Scorpio, former jobs of famous musicians plus other topics. Throughout the show we review beers from Cigar City, Modern…
Mar 31, 2017 • 97 min
Happy birthday to Beer, Bros & BS! We’re turning two and we’re doing in style. For this big occasion we had all of the guys on hand plus we were joined by previous guests Alex G-Money and Hugo! We talked our usual BS like Popeyes Louisiana Chicken, music…
Mar 22, 2017 • 54 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back and live over at Union Beer Store in Miami! We recorded during their Union 3:16 Day/Hunahpu vertical event. It was truly a event not to have missed. Give us a listen as we discussed Boaty McBoatface, upcoming WWE events, a lawyer…
Mar 5, 2017 • 66 min
After a couple of weeks off Beer, Bros & BS is back with a brand new episode! Plus we recorded live at Biscayne Bay Brewing for another edition of our “At the Brewery Series.” And because we recorded at the Biscayne Bay Brewing all of the beer we tried…
Feb 4, 2017 • 85 min
Episode 58 of Beer, Bros & BS is here for your consumption! We have a fun episode for you as we drink some outstanding beers and regale you with our outlandish tales of BS! As always we start off the show with a few rounds of Would You Rather and we end…
Jan 28, 2017 • 65 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back and we’re also back at the J. Wakefield Brewery in the Wynwood arts district of Miami! As usual we have a bevy of bs like strange comic book characters, vampire bats, the upcoming Star Wars film and more! As always we start off…
Jan 20, 2017 • 80 min
Start your weekend off right with Episode 56 of Beer, Bros & BS! In this episode we record live at Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co. in Miami. As if that’s not enough, we have our first lady on the show, Monica from Lincoln’s Beard! Like normal we have a host…
Jan 9, 2017 • 127 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back with a new episode for the new year! As always we also play Would You Rather and What Burns Your Bacon? Plus, we drink beer from 2nd Shift Brewing, Cervecería Dos Aves, Beachwood Brewing, J. Wakefield Brewing and 5 Rabbit…
Dec 25, 2016 • 87 min
Merry Christmas from us at Beer, Bros & BS! Start your day off right with our latest Christmas special! As always we play a few rounds of Would You Rather and What Burns Your Christmas Goose. And because this is a Christmas episode all of our beers are…
Dec 1, 2016 • 107 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back, even if our episode is a week late! (Sorry!) In this episode our BS is on full power! Give it a listen to end your work week the right way! We drink some great beer by Stone, Hill Farmstead, Civil Society, Wicked Weed, Bottle…
Nov 15, 2016 • 110 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back for episode 52! Even though we were off air for a few weeks we are back and the show is as deficient as ever! Listen to the episode to find out whose mic goes out in the middle of the show or to find out at what point we ran out of…
Oct 23, 2016 • 67 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back from our short lived hiatus for our second Oktoberfest special! All of the beer we drank this episode was in the Oktoberfest/Märzen style. We also discuss several different topics including FX’s Atlanta and odd German words. We…
Sep 23, 2016 • 48 min
For our 50th episode, we at Beer, Bros & BS were lucky enough to record live from Boxelder CraftBeer Market in the Wynwood area of Miami! We were also joined by Adam from Boxelder and had special guest surprise from our past guest Alex from J. Wakefield…
Sep 14, 2016 • 72 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back for a special episode! Because we like challenges we review more beer while making the show a little shorter! How do we do it? Give it a listen and find out! For episode 49 you can expect to hear a bunch of crazy topics (like NFL…
Sep 3, 2016 • 108 min
Normally our show is off the rails by the end of the recording. But for Episode 48 we’re off our rocker relatively quickly! This week we discuss a bunch of topics including 2 Chainz, sports video games, KFC’s secret recipe and more! And as always we start…
Aug 26, 2016 • 78 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back from a short hiatus with our most laid back episode yet! We discussed a whole slew of topics including Harambe, the Rio Olympics, the Cuban sandwich, cell phone production and porn at McDonalds and Starbucks. We also played a round…
Aug 5, 2016 • 83 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back for a special IPA Day episode! In our latest undertaking we discuss horror movies, Nintendo, another odd beer ingredient, crazy and true news stories plus more! We also drink beer from Bond Brothers Beer Company, J. Wakefield…
Jul 21, 2016 • 99 min
Start your weekend off right by listening to the latest episode of Beer, Bros & BS! In this episode we discuss Charlie Sheen, Pokemon Go, the Dancing Plague of 1518, a Canadian funeral procession, Tony’s Baltic cruise and Tesla. We also drink beer from…
Jul 11, 2016 • 105 min
Beer, Bros & BS are back from a brief hiatus. This week discuss Dwyane Wade’s move to Chicago, IntelligentX Brewing’s AI and Brexit! We also drink great beer from Stone, J. Wakefield, Knee Deep and Trillium Brewing. As always we play a couple rounds of…
Jun 19, 2016 • 100 min
Start off your week the right way by listening to the latest episode of Beer, Bros & BS! In the latest episode we discuss the adventures of Florida Man, horror movies that were never made, E3 vs indie publishers and the Cicerone Certification Program. We…
Jun 6, 2016 • 81 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back for episode 42! In this episode we talk about a potential magic bullet to kill viruses, Deadpool’s inner monologue, the Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship, Google’s Project Magenta and their self driving cars and the also the…
May 29, 2016 • 112 min
Happy Memorial Day Weekend from us at Beer, Bros & BS! We’re back with Episode 41! In this episode we discuss politics and which celebrities have run for office, Jose’s brewery tour of Florida, a new XBox, the Miami Marlins, an underage party at King of…
May 13, 2016 • 92 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back after a week off and we got one hell of a show for you all! We discuss the crazy adventures of Florida Man, porn name parodies, video cards and the future of gaming, the unanimous MVP vote for Stephen Curry and the fairytale story…
Apr 29, 2016 • 87 min
Start off your weekend right by listening to Episode 39 of Beer, Bros & BS! In this episode we discuss the name change of Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Austin, Texas, an attacking grouse in mating season, Nintendo’s E3 announcement, the upcoming…
Apr 22, 2016 • 74 min
Episode 38 of Beer, Bro & BS is here and we went off the rails. We discussed Conor McGregor’s supposed retirement, nude dining in London, the misadventures of Mike Rowe and James Hetfield of Metallica and the NFL live streaming plus bathroom trades. Plus…
Apr 8, 2016 • 90 min
Episode 37 is here and we have a good one. In tonight’s episode we discuss National Beer Day, the Panama Papers, 10 things you didn’t know about Superman & Batman, the recent BB8 update, a Cold War spy cat and the Siberian Unicorn. We also do a taste…
Apr 1, 2016 • 83 min
Episode 36 is here and we discuss an office chair race in Japan, Wojtek a bear that served in WW2, D’Angelo Russell, Boaty McBoatface and her competitors, beer created from vaginal yeast, the Boring Conference and a little bit of the upcoming…
Mar 27, 2016 • 105 min
We’re back for episode 35! Tonight we discuss cities that have the worst traffic, Google Maps leading to the destruction of a wrong house, strangest comic book crossovers, Microsoft’s Twitter AI Tay, how dropping a deuce sank a U-boat and beer trading.…
Mar 19, 2016 • 109 min
Beer, Bros & BS turns one! In our one year anniversary we discuss Max Martin and his contributions to pop music, astronaut John Young and his smuggled corned beef sandwich, Microsoft allowing for cross platform play, how Kim Kardashian broke the Internet…
Mar 4, 2016 • 72 min
What an episode we have for you all, our first live recording at J. Wakefield Brewing in Miami, Florida and we’re joined by the brewery’s own Alex (aka GMoney). In episode 33 we discuss Google’s self-driving car crash, farts in outer space, popular…
Feb 23, 2016 • 82 min
Beer, Bros & BS is back with episode 32 and we recorded live at MIA Beer Co. On the show we were joined by MIA Beer Co. and Miami beer scene’s Bear (AKA Brian). In this episode we talked about what’s going on and coming up over at MIA Beer Co., a…
Feb 6, 2016 • 90 min
We fly off the rails in Episode 31 for Beer, Bros & BS. We discussed a spider’s 99 million year old erection, Google Fiber, a man sucked out of a plane mid-air, penis captivus and Amazon potentially entering into retail bookstores. As always we play a…
Jan 29, 2016 • 72 min
Beer, Bros & BS is hitting the big 30! In this episode we discuss the Czech Republic’s president, the secret ingredient in many expensive perfumes, the crash Safari link and B.o.B. and his flat-earther claims. And we also have a round of “would you…
Jan 23, 2016 • 56 min
Episode 29 is here and we have a new celebrity filled grand opening! In this episode we discuss the Oscars, Flint’s water supply, rock stars and their odd side jobs plus a former concentration camp in Montenegro turning into a luxury resort. As always we…
Jan 8, 2016 • 67 min
In tonight’s podcast we discuss auto-brewery syndrome, the Powerball, weird laws from Florida and the looming hops shortage. As always, we drink some great beer from New Holland Brewing Company, J. Wakefield Brewing, Stone Brewing Co. and Cigar City…
Dec 30, 2015 • 88 min
In our final episode of the year we reviewed a few of our favorite things of 2015. We also talked a bit about Star Wars, so watch out for spoilers. And as always we drink some delicious beer!
Dec 23, 2015 • 59 min
Tonight we review a few of our favorite Christmas beers and talk about Nicolas Cage, Picasso and Cards Against Humanity, NCAA coaching changes, SpaceX and an Australian 911 call.
Dec 17, 2015 • 74 min
We’re back and we’re talking about Star Wars, Florida Man, food pairings and the etymology of pumpernickel. Plus we drink beer from The Funky Buddha, The Bruery and J. Wakefield Brewing.
Dec 1, 2015 • 73 min
We’re back and we’re talking about North Carolina, fall video game releases, the Insane Clown Posse and of course the shenanigans of Florida Man! Plus we got a plug by Agents of SHIELD’s Brett Dalton!
Oct 28, 2015 • 75 min
In this episode we discuss tattooed eyeballs, Asian celebrities, James Bond, the brand new NBA season plus bacon!
Oct 17, 2015 • 74 min
In our first episode back from hiatus, we bs about Continuum on Windows 10 devices, Marvel possibly regaining rights to the Fantastic Four, Playboy, Starbucks and the return of Florida Man. Plus all the beer is Oktoberfest themed!…
Sep 17, 2015 • 64 min
I this episode we discussed Florida Man, NFL injuries, Budweiser and Miller plus a French Bulldog airplane rescue.
Sep 10, 2015 • 74 min
In this episode we discuss Steven Spielberg, Apple Pencil, Homo naledi, the National Hotdog Council and a round of Would You Rather.
Sep 2, 2015 • 60 min
In this episode we discuss McDonald’s all day breakfast, robotic AI, another edition of Florida Man and non-melting ice cream plus what burns your bacon.
Aug 21, 2015 • 91 min
This week we discussed outlaws, Ashley Madison hacking, a Star Wars theme park, Michael Jordan and Lebron James plus Tony’s Peruvian adventure.
Aug 13, 2015 • 75 min
Tonight we discussed celebrity bad habits, locker room fights, a vapor alcohol bar and the Tom Brady beer cans plus more!
Aug 3, 2015 • 65 min
In our latest episode at we’re joined by Claudio of MIA Brewing Co. we talked about Taylor Swift, Super Bowl odds, Ronda Rousey, Florida Man and cats stealing bacon in England, all on location at MIA Brewing Co.
Jul 29, 2015 • 82 min
In this episode we discuss Key & Peele, Bugs Bunny, Armie Hammer plus Arm & Hammer, Windows 10 and Gamescom!
Jul 23, 2015 • 64 min
In this episode we discuss (hard) root beer, Stephen Hawking, Bill Cosby and his Grammy, the Evo tournament and Earth 2.0.
Jul 15, 2015 • 63 min
This episode we talk about Florida Man, volcano sharks, Counter Strike, Prime Day, Google’s Deep Dream and cows.
Jul 8, 2015 • 57 min
In this episode we talk about Taco Bell, fireworks, shark week, fighting robots and traveling in Scotland.
Jul 1, 2015 • 73 min
Tonight’s episode we have a hodgepodge of topics including mutant dolphins in Russia, colored condoms and the official language of Illinois. Plus a wrap up of the Florida Supercon!
Jun 24, 2015 • 57 min
Beer, bros & bs hits double digits! Tonight we talk about a hodgepodge of topics and the Florida Supercon.
Jun 11, 2015 • 57 min
In this episode we talk about beer, video games and other bs!
May 21, 2015 • 58 min
We take an episode down memory lane in this throwback Thursday episode.
May 13, 2015 • 61 min
Tonight’s episode we go over a hodgepodge of topics.
May 6, 2015 • 76 min
Tonight’s episode we are joined by Cigar City Brewing’s Eddie.
Apr 29, 2015 • 64 min
Tonight’s episode was focused on the 2015 summer film releases.
Apr 20, 2015 • 52 min
Episode 4 we discuss comic book and pop culture conventions…and craft beer!
Mar 29, 2015 • 51 min
Episode 3 - We discuss Wrestlemania and our favorite theme parks, plus beer!
Mar 19, 2015 • 72 min
Episode 2 on 3/19/15, as we discussed our beer.
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