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Lanhee Chen: GOP Should Pitch the Economic Argument
Aug 17 • 1 min
To forestall the so-called “blue wave.”
In An Affront to Supreme Court, Colorado Again Goes After Masterpiece Cakeshop
Aug 16 • 40 min
Townhall Review – August 18, 2018 Hugh Hewitt speaks with Alliance Defending Freedom’s Vice President and Sr. Counsel, Jeremy Tedesco about the Colorado Civil Rights Commission continuing harassment of cake baker Jack Phillips. Michael Medved consults…
Hugh Hewitt: Colorado Missing the Message From the Supreme Court
Aug 16 • 1 min
Jack Ryan of the Masterpiece Cakeshop Supreme Court case is back in court again, because Colorado apparently did not get the Supreme Court memo!
Hugh Hewitt with Rep. Mike Gallagher on Turkey Situation
Aug 16 • 12 min
Hewitt with Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher on Tony Evers, midterms, prohibition on selling F-35s to Turkey, Pastor Brunson hostage, hoping Turkey will move in Western direction, moving our nukes out of Turkey, Turkey aligning with Iran.
David Davenport: Back to School Needs Back to Civic Education
Aug 15 • 1 min
The urgent need for civic education in our schools.
Hugh Hewitt with Byron York on The Other Side of the Russia Story
Aug 15 • 14 min
A look at Christopher Steele and other matters on the side of the Russia ‘collusion’ story that the mainstream media has been ignoring.
Michael Medved: The Real Meaning of ‘Government of Laws, Not Men’
Aug 14 • 1 min
In middle school, I first heard the phrase that America had been blessed with “a government of laws and not of men.” That description, originating with John Adams, at first made no sense to me: men make the laws, and change them. Laws don’t draft…
Hugh Hewitt and Mike Allen in Tense Talk about Trump and Putin
Aug 14 • 8 min
Hugh Hewitt and Mike Allen, co-founder and executive editor of Axios, have a contentious conversation about the media misrepresenting President Trump’s connection with Vladimir Putin.
Albert Mohler: Religious Liberty Has Real Enemies
Aug 13 • 1 min
In recent years, Americans have watched as our “first freedom,” religious liberty, is now openly despised by many who push the new sexual revolution. We’ve seen nuns forced to pay for contraceptives while bakers, wedding photographers and florists faced…
Michael Medved: A Pointless and Pathetic Confrontation
Aug 10 • 1 min
On the planned “Unite The Right” rally on Sunday and the equally pathetic “counter-protesters” who plan to confront them.
Michael Medved Examines Chicago’s Rampant Gun Violence
Aug 10 • 15 min
Michael Medved examines Chicago’s leadership responsibility following a very deadly weekend of gun violence.
Activists on the Left are Encouraged to Bully Conservatives by a Member of Congress
Aug 9 • 40 min
Townhall Review – August 11, 2018 Hugh Hewitt and Mike Allen, co-founder and executive editor of Axios, have a contentious conversation about the media misrepresenting President Trump’s connection with Vladimir Putin. Hugh Hewitt is joined by Amie Parnes,…
Dennis Prager with Candace Owens on the Antifa Attack on Her
Aug 9 • 17 min
The Antifa cowards attacked conservative activists Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk at a restaurant in Philadephia recently. A dissection of the Left’s growing insanity.
Larry Elder on Sarah Jeong’s Anti-White Tweets and the Candace Owens Riot
Aug 8 • 8 min
Insightful commentary on the new board appointee of the New York Times, Sarah Jeong, and her controversial anti-white tweets. Plus the riot against Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk and what it says about the Left.
Michael Medved and Jay Richards on the Future of Artificial Intelligence
Aug 7 • 18 min
Michael Medved and Jay Richards, author of The Human Advantage – The Future of Work in an Age of Smart Machines, look to the future of Artificial Intelligence.
Dennis Prager and Comedian Owen Benjamin on the Strange Death of Comedy
Aug 3 • 11 min
Dennis Prager asks comedian Owen Benjamin about liberal pressure on stand-up comedians. Thanks to political correctness, and the “I’m offended” culture, clean comedy is having a rough go at it. Be sure to check out Benjamin’s Prager U video.
Countdown to Election Day 2018
Aug 2 • 40 min
Townhall Review – August 4, 2018 Hugh Hewitt and Senator Chuck Grassley talk about the push to complete confirmation of judicial nominations. Hugh Hewitt talks with Congressman Jim Renacci about his re-election race. Michael Medved comments on 3-D…
Larry Elder on Russia Instigating Racism in America
Aug 2 • 7 min
An insight into one of the major things Russians were trying to accomplish with their meddling in American politics. Were they successful?
Michael Medved: “Corruption” in Context
Aug 1 • 1 min
News media portray today’s politics as incomparably corrupt, focusing on endless scandals to tarnish politicians in general and the Trump administration in particular. But in historical perspective, corruption is far less rampant than in the past:…
Dennis Prager on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Aug 1 • 6 min
The misguided ideology of the Democrat’s rising star, Ocasio-Cortez, and what it reveals about where the Democratic Party is today.
Ed Martin with Larry Elder on Putin, NATO and Trump Derangement Syndrome
Jul 31 • 6 min
Sharp insights from Larry Elder discuss recent developments in American foreign relations, and the reaction of the media to Trump’s diplomatic efforts.
Albert Mohler: Abortion, Brett Kavanaugh and the Pause Button
Jul 27 • 1 min
A group of liberal Christians is calling for a “pause” in the culture wars. This “Call to Pause” is really a demand for evangelical surrender on the issue of abortion—and that’s not going to happen. Interestingly, it was the left in American politics that…
Michael Medved Calls for a Statute of Limitations
Jul 27 • 16 min
Michael Medved examines the impact foolish social media posts or stupid comments from long ago might cause some good, talented people to not seek public office.
American Foreign Policy After the Iran Deal
Jul 26 • 40 min
Townhall Review – July 28, 2018 Hugh Hewitt and New York Times columnist, Bret Stephens, talk about Iran’s latest threats to the United States following President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Hugh Hewitt and Rep. Mike Gallagher…
Michael Medved: Best Nominee is Blocked for the Worst Reason
Jul 26 • 1 min
One of President Trump’s best judicial nominees has been blocked by indignant Democrats because of columns he wrote while a Stanford student 25 years ago. In one of these pieces, Ryan Bounds argued that ethnic identity groups promote campus divisions, and…
Hugh Hewitt with Mike Gallagher on American Military
Jul 26 • 12 min
A discussion on current developments in building American military might to meet America’s present challenges.
Dennis Prager with George Gilder on ‘Life After Google.’
Jul 25 • 22 min
Famous futurist George Gilder shares some deep social insights from his new book Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy
Mike Gallagher with Sean Spicer on Lessons Learned as Press Secretary
Jul 24 • 17 min
Sean Spicer takes us into his challenging world as Trump’s White House secretary, including the moment he regrets the most in that job.
Michael Medved: An Alternative to Trump-Bashing Comedy?
Jul 20 • 1 min
USA TODAY recently hailed nine TV comedians who specialize in mocking President Trump. Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Bill Maher, Samantha Bee, Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and Michelle Wolf all identify as outspoken liberals.…
Hugh Hewitt and Mike Pompeo on International Religious Freedom Summit
Jul 20 • 7 min
Hugh Hewitt invites Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the show to talk about the July 24-26 State Department event focused on international religious freedom.
The Good and Bad from the Helsinki Summit
Jul 19 • 40 min
Townhall Review – July 21, 2018 Hugh Hewitt is joined by Dr. Kori Schake, Deputy Director for the International Institute of Strategic Studies, for a discussion on President Trump’s Helsinki press conference comments and the reaction to Trump’s…
Michael Medved on Ocasio-Cortez and Feinstein
Jul 19 • 7 min
What’s happening in the Democratic Party? Analyzing the rise of Ocasio-Cortez and the Dem rejection of Feinstein.
Hugh Hewitt with Tedesco on the Businessman Who Refused to Print Gay T-Shirts
Jul 18 • 6 min
Jeremy Tedesco of ADF are defending Blaine Adams’ Kentucky Supreme Court case. Blaine Adams refused to print T-shirts with gay messages on this.
David Davenport: Judges Should Respect The Constitution More Than Precedent
Jul 16 • 1 min
Below the surface of Senate hearings on whether Judge Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed to the Supreme Court is a tug of war that should be brought to light. It is a battle between a judge’s commitment to follow judicial precedents versus faithfulness…
Mike Gallagher Discusses NATO with Michael Desch
Jul 16 • 9 min
Mike Gallagher discusses The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, with Michael Desch, Director of the National Security Center at Notre Dame.
A Supreme Court Nominee and the Confirmation Battle that Awaits
Jul 12 • 40 min
Townhall Review – July 14, 2018 Hugh Hewitt is joined by Leonard Leo, head of the Federalist Society, to look at the confirmation process for the newly-nominated U. S. Supreme Court Justice. Mike Gallagher turns to Wendy Long to examine the vicious…
Hugh Hewitt with Salena Zito on the Left’s Reaction to Kavanaugh’s Nomination
Jul 12 • 5 min
Salena Zito discusses the over-the-top reaction of the Left to Kavanaugh’s nomination annoucement by President Trump.
Hugh Hewitt with Leonard Leo on the Kavanaugh Nomination
Jul 11 • 10 min
Leonard Leo from The Federalist Society discusses Kavanaugh, and the Left’s desperate distractions over his nomination and confirmation process.
Larry Elder with Professor Walter Williams on Why Black Students Perform Poorly
Jul 10 • 7 min
Professor Williams cuts to the roots of (and solutions to) the black underperformance problem in education that liberal elites want to avoid.
Michael Medved: Political Comeback of the Year
Jul 9 • 1 min
On the resurgent star of Senator Ted Cruz!
Michael Medved and Arthur Brooks on Displaying Moral Courage Across Political Divides
Jul 6 • 13 min
Michael Medved and Arthur Brooks explain what happens when we listen to each other across political divides. More from Brooks in his book, The Conservative Heart: How to Build a Fairer, Happier, and More Prosperous America.
First Amendment Victories and the High Court After Kennedy
Jul 5 • 41 min
Townhall Review – July 7, 2018 Hugh Hewitt and Tom McCabe, CEO of the Freedom Foundation, discuss the U. S. Supreme Court decision about unions in the public sector. Hugh Hewitt and Politico’s Jake Sherman look at how the Senate vote might decide on the…
Hugh Hewitt: ‘An Opportunity For an Originalist Court’
Jul 5 • 1 min
Any of these nominees would be superb and the court secured in its originalist leanings until the next vacancy…
Lanhee Chen: Senator McConnell Deserves a Very Nice Thank You Note
Jul 5 • 1 min
McConnell doesn’t often get credit for the hard work he does, but he should. Conservatives are on the precipice of another major victory because of the Senate Majority Leader.
Larry Elder with Prof. John Eastman on the Filibuster Debate
Jul 4 • 13 min
Professor Eastman discusses why the filibuster rule was introduced, how it was abused and how it ended. They also touch on other current hot debates concerning the Supreme Court.
America: The Best Hope of Mankind
Jul 4 • 1 min
A happy Fourth of July message. “No, we are not a perfect nation, not even close, but we are the best hope of mankind, exceptional for all of our history and ever more so as the world collapses in so many places into abject barbarianism.”
Hugh Hewitt: What a June
Jul 2 • 1 min
This was the best June in many years for originalists. The Supreme Court rejected a couple of invitations to throw itself into the thicket of redrawing district lines in different states drawn originally as the Constitution provides by state legislatures.…
Freedom’s Foundations and Freedom’s Future: A Fourth of July Special
Jun 29 • 40 min
Townhall Review – June 30, 2018 In this special Fourth of July edition, Dennis Prager and British writer Paul Johnson examine George Washington’s role in the founding of our nation. Michael Medved looks at how the Boston Tea Party came about. Hugh Hewitt…
Bowyer on Justice Kennedy: It’s Time to Swap a Pivot for a Cornerstone
Jun 28 • 1 min
Bowyer explains why Justice Kennedy’s retirement is a great opportunity for constitutionalist and originalist conservatives.
Gallagher with Del Cueto from National Border Patrol
Jun 27 • 10 min
Mike Gallagher visits the Mexican border to understand the border crisis from people working on the frontlines. Art Del Cueto is Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council.
Michael Medved with Barronelle Stutzman and ADF’s Jim Campbell on Arlene’s Flowers SCOTUS Decision
Jun 26 • 7 min
Michael Medved talks with Barronelle Stutzman of Arlene’s Flower’s and Jim Campbell, of ADF who worked on behalf of Stutzman on the Arlene’s Flowers lawsuit, which is a group of civil suits that was brought against Arlene’s Flowers of Richland, Washington…
Dennis Prager and Wife of Former Big Leaguer Frank Pastore on “Picking Up My Shattered Pieces”
Jun 26 • 14 min
Former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Frank Pastore was a long-time member of the Salem family. In 2012, 55-year-old Frank Pastore was killed after his motorcycle was struck by a car on the freeway coming home from work. Dennis Prager invites Gina Pastore to…
Michael Medved: Even When You Disagreed, You Had to Admire Him
Jun 25 • 1 min
When Charles Krauthammer died last week, tributes poured in from colleagues and fans of very ideological persuasion. It’s hard to think of another contemporary commentator or journalist who inspired such widespread, bi-partisan, affectionate regard. What…
Medved: Video Gaming Addiction is Now Officially a W.H.O. Disorder
Jun 25 • 12 min
The World Health Organization has added video game addiction to its list of disorders. What should we do about this and other such addictions in society?
Trump Shifts on Border Issue: Uses Executive Order to Keep Families Together
Jun 21 • 40 min
Townhall Review – June 23, 2018 Hugh Hewitt shares his reaction to the IG report saying the FBI has let us down. Michael Medved and Andrew McCarthy, former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney, and long-time friend of James Comey, also discuss the report. Hugh…
Medved with Andy McCarthy on Comey and the IG Report
Jun 21 • 8 min
Andy McCarthy, who has known James Comey for thirty years, has a unique perspective on the finds of the IG report concerning the conduct of James Comey.
Larry Elder Exposes the Left’s Hypocrisy on Separating Illegal Families at the Border
Jun 20 • 14 min
Elder shows how past presidents, both Republican and Democrat, have made statements on immigration that were as strong as Trump. Also discusses how some Democrats have found a way of turning it into an issue of ‘racism’ because it’s Trump.
Mike Gallagher on Rich Lowry’s Article About The Illegal Immigrant Detention Controversy
Jun 19 • 6 min
Rich Lowry has a fair and balanced look at the detention of families crossing the U.S. border illegally.
Hugh Hewitt On The Damning Revelations of the IG Report
Jun 18 • 33 min
If this report had come out before the 2016 presidential election, Trump would have had an even bigger electoral college win, and perhaps even the popular vote.
Mark Davis: Why We Need ‘Guarded Optimism’ on North Korea Summit
Jun 15 • 1 min
If the smiles and handshakes give way to the usual North Korean lies and delays, it could all amount to nothing. But there’s a sense this time that things are different. The American President is certainly of a different type.
Summit in Singapore and the North Korean Future
Jun 14 • 40 min
Townhall Review - June 16, 2018 Hugh Hewitt and Phillip Rucker, White House Bureau Chief at the Washington Post, talk about President Trump’s press conference following the U.S.- North Korea summit. Hugh Hewitt joins with South Carolina Senator Lindsay…
Mike Gallagher invites GOP Primary winner Katie Arrington
Jun 14 • 13 min
Katie Arrington on her defeat of Mark Sanford. Arrington pledged to fully support President Trump and his agenda, unlike Sanford who has recently gravitated into the ‘Never Trump” camp of legislators. What’s the lesson here?
Lanhee Chen: North Korean Summit A Significant Step on a Long Road
Jun 12 • 1 min
President Trump’s historic summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un was a very significant step as the two leaders seek to bridge the wide chasm that has separated the two nations since the cessation of hostilities on the Korean Peninsula almost 65…
Dennis Prager On Why Young Evangelicals are Not Supporting Israel
Jun 12 • 6 min
Dennis Prager explains how young evangelicals are now more influenced by the ideology of the Left than the teachings of the Bible.
Michael Medved: Misleading Headline Displays Bias
Jun 11 • 1 min
A front-page headline in The New York Times distorted a bold new initiative of the Trump administration and displayed that paper’s long-standing grudge. Beneath a dramatic photo of a suspect being led away in handcuffs, the headline proclaimed: TRUMP…
Prager and Andrew McCarthy Discuss The Anti-Trump Origins of FBI investigation into Trump’s Campaign
Jun 11 • 9 min
Dennis Prager invites National Review’s Andrew McCarthy to discuss present developments in the Mueller investigation, the current focus on Stormy Daniels, and the anti-Trump origins of the FBI investigation into Trump’s campaign.
Medved on Bill Clinton, Woody Allen and the #MeToo Movement
Jun 8 • 12 min
Michael Medved comments on Clinton’s recent puzzling answer to a question on whether he had privately apologized to Monica Lewinsky. Plus other issues in the #MeToo movement.
Masterpiece Cakeshop Owner Talks Victory at Supreme Court
Jun 7 • 41 min
Townhall Review — June 09, 2018 Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved speak with Jack Phillips, owner of The Masterpiece Cake Shop, and ADF lead council, Kristin Waggoner, to recount their six-year battle against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission and the…
Michael Medved: An American Victim of Terrorism
Jun 7 • 1 min
Fifty years ago, supporters of Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign gathered for a victory party after a hard-fought California primary. For those of us who were there at LA’s Ambassador Hotel that fatal night, it became one of the most searing…
Medved with Jack Phillips and ADF’s Wagoner on Masterpiece SCOTUS ruling.
Jun 7 • 15 min
Michael Medved talks with the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple and was sued for it. His case was represented all the way to the Supreme Court by the brave lawyers of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).
Hewitt with ADF on The Masterpiece Cakeshop SCOTUS ruling
Jun 6 • 5 min
Hewitt hosts ADF’s Wagoner and the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop of Colorado, whose case went to the Supreme Court. Masterpiece Cake Shop had refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.
Larry Elder: George Wallace Was Forgiven, But Not Whites Who Never Did Anything?
Jun 5 • 8 min
Larry Elder gives a thoughtful commentary on the misplaced focus of the anti-racist movement in America.
Michael Medved: Overruling the Anti-Business Left
Jun 4 • 1 min
Why would any city punish the biggest companies in town by imposing a tax on every job those businesses create? That’s the question raised by a bi-partisan coalition seeking to overturn the newly imposed “Head Tax” in Seattle. The effort to repeal this…
Mike Gallagher Discusses the Student “Die-In”
Jun 4 • 13 min
Mike Gallagher discusses the student “die-in” that changed a Florida grocery store chain’s political giving.
An Early Look at the 2018 Election
May 31 • 40 min
Townhall Review — June 02, 2018 Hugh Hewitt turns to Tim Alberta of Politico for clarity on the upcoming November midterm elections. Mike Gallagher discusses the recent Florida Publix “die-in” initiated by David Hogg has caused Publix to capitulate to…
Michael Medved: Freedom of Speech Doesn’t Mean Freedom From Consequences
May 31 • 1 min
When ABC canceled its top-rated Roseanne revival, Americans received another reminder that freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. No, the government can’t stop you from saying stupid things but a private business can terminate your…
Medved and ADF’s Holcomb Discuss a Case of a Male Student Using Female Bathroom at a School
May 31 • 13 min
Should the rights of female students who need privacy from physiological males entering their bathrooms be protected?
Hewitt Asks Eric Hargan of HHS to Explain the ‘Lost’ Migrant Children Report
May 30 • 16 min
Eric Hargan, Deputy Secretary at HHS, clears the air over the misleading news reports about ‘lost’ migrant children in the US.
Jerry Bowyer:In the Laboratory of Democracy, New Jersey Is Failing
May 29 • 1 min
My clients are fleeing New Jersey like it’s on fire,” that’s what a financial consultant to wealthy individuals just told James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal. What is the fire driving them out? It’s the class warfare as expressed in the worst…
Metaxas and Terry Mattingly on Media Bias in Reporting on Religion
May 29 • 35 min
Mattingly delves deep into the increasingly conspicuous media bias with respect to religion.
Hugh Hewitt and Lindsey Graham Discuss “Spygate” and Trump on North Korea
May 28 • 14 min
Senator Graham reveals what he believes is the difference between him and the “Never Trumpers.”
Michael Medved and the Media’s Out of Context Headlines
May 25 • 12 min
Michael Medved looks at how the media and Nancy Pelosi took President Trump’s comments on immigrants out of context and how they are damaging their own credibility.
Dennis Prager Shares His Theory of Why We Have So Many Shootings
May 25 • 8 min
Dennis Prager’s thoughtful analysis of what change in American culture led to the the current levels of shootings. It’s not guns or mental illness, he says.
Former Hillary Advisor Calls for End to Mueller Investigation
May 24 • 41 min
Townhall Review - May 26, 2018 Hugh Hewitt sits down with Mark Peen, pollster and adviser to former President Bill Clinton about his op-ed piece calling for an end to the Mueller investigation. Mike Gallagher speaks with Mercedes Schlapp, White House…
Michael Medved: Message From the Royal Wedding
May 24 • 1 min
Media coverage of Britain’s royal wedding focused mostly on breaks with tradition—with a biracial, divorced, American bride and a couple that lived together before marriage. But the ceremony itself also sent some more traditional messages: in a nation…
Medved: Is a College Degree Really Worth It?
May 24 • 16 min
Medved comments on a New York Times article by a professor who posed some serious questions on the practical value of a college degree.
Gallagher and VP Mike Pence on Prison Fellowship, Gina Haspel, N Korea
May 23 • 12 min
Gallagher with VP Mike Pence on Prison Fellowship, Chuck Colson, then gets into employment numbers (more job openings than any point in U.S. history, more than 3 million jobs created since Trump took office), Gina Haspel being sworn in, North Korea talks.
Hugh Hewitt Asks Vicky Toensing To Explain Why the President Cannot Be Indicted
May 22 • 15 min
Toensing explains why the president cannot be indicted, for constitutional and practical purposes.
Phil Cowen and Jonathan Keller Discuss California AB 2943 Impact on Sexual Orientation Counseling
May 18 • 23 min
Phil Cowan invites Jonathan Keller, of the California Family Counsel to examine California AB 2943, “Unlawful business practices: Sexual Orientation Change Effort” that would ban the assistance of helping individuals with issues of sexual orientation.
U.S. Fulfills Promise to Israel in Embassy Move to Jerusalem
May 17 • 40 min
Townhall Review - May 19, 2018 Hugh Hewitt and Lanhee Chen, of Stanford Law and the Hoover Institution, sit down to talk about the judicial confirmation process in the U.S. Senate. Phil Cowan invites Jonathan Keller, of the California Family Counsel to…
Larry Elder with the Fiery Travis Allen, Running for Gov of California
May 17 • 12 min
Travis Allen believes he can win Governorship of California if he can just bring out Trump’s supporters. Trump’s votes for president were more than Jerry Brown’s votes for governor in California.
Prager Exposes the Left’s Dishonest Reporting on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
May 16 • 11 min
Dennis Prager deftly analyzes NPR’s misrepresentation of Palestinian sentiments in their recent tragic clashes with Israeli Defence forces.
Mike Gallagher with Meir Weingarten on Significance of US Embassy Shift to Jerusalem
May 15 • 8 min
Meir Weingarten: “There are two promise keepers in this story: President Trump… and God.”
Michael Medved: Topsy-Turvy Values Behind the Anti-Business “Head Tax”
May 15 • 1 min
A shockingly stupid proposal has outraged the business community here in Seattle, illustrating the topsy-turvy values of contemporary liberalism. The City plans to enact a punitive “head tax” on every business with revenues of more than 20 million…
Michael Medved Interviews Sara Rankin on Solving Homelessness
May 14 • 20 min
Medved asks Professor Sara Rankin to explain her organization’s proposals to solving the homelessness crisis in America. In this engaging exchange, Medved presses her to defend the long-term practicality of her solutions.
Dennis Prager and the Prom Dress Controversy
May 11 • 8 min
Dennis Prager offers his take on the prom dress controversy and how the young lady who posted innocent pictures of her dress had no idea the storm it would create.
Iran Deal, Hostage Release and Elections Give Trump a Big Week
May 10 • 40 min
Townhall Review - May 12, 2018 Congressman Mike Gallagher talks with Hugh Hewitt about President Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Iranian nuclear deal. New York Times columnist Bret Stephens and Hugh Hewitt look at the Iranian…
Michael Medved Interviews CNN’s Jake Tapper
May 10 • 13 min
Medved asks Jake Tapper about Trump’s presidency, Washington, DC culture, CNN’s coverage of Trump, media bias, Mueller, and other issues.
Hugh Hewitt and Susan Glasser Discuss What Will Happen After Iran Deal
May 9 • 10 min
Susan Glasser, staff writer at ‘The New Yorker,’ on Iran Deal, imposing new sanctions, burning flag in Iranian parliament, IRGC, Iran strike Israel? etc
Hewitt and Selena Zito Discuss Why Evangelical Support for Trump Doesn’t Waver Through the Storms!
May 9 • 6 min
Hugh Hewitt hosts Selena Zito, author of “The Great Revolt,” to discuss why the elite keep misunderstanding the roots of evangelical support for Trump.