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Mike Gallagher on Democrat’s Plan B: There Isn’t One
Oct 12 • 6 min
Mike Gallagher looks at the effort to intimidate Republicans as described in a piece written by Brian Dean Wright for FoxNews.
Michael Medved: The President Can Act Immediately to Launch a ‘War on Waste’
Oct 12 • 1 min
In the last weeks before November’s crucial election, President Trump should make bold moves to address a looming crisis that most politicians prefer to ignore: soaring budget deficits and a crushing national debt. A new group,, calls for…
The Rise of the Unhinged Left
Oct 11 • 40 min
Townhall Review – October 13, 2018 Hugh Hewitt and Senator Tom Cotton examine how the Kavanaugh madness will help the GOP come November. Mike Gallagher looks at the effort to intimidate Republicans as described in a piece written by Brian Dean Wright for…
Michael Medved: No, the Gold Rush Wasn’t Racist
Oct 11 • 1 min
At Cal State Long Beach, a handsome statue known as “Prospector Pete” will be moved and sports teams will drop the “The ‘49ers” mascot” because Gold Rush references now count as racist. One Native American activist said that “walking by a statue that’s…
Hugh Hewitt with Mike Pence on Current Events in Foreign Affairs
Oct 11 • 20 min
A wide-ranging discussion with the Vice President on foreign affairs, from Nikki Haley’s resignation, to the missing WaPo journalist, and China.
Dennis Prager with Ann McElhinney on New Movie Gosnell
Oct 10 • 13 min
Prager talks to Ann McElhinney, co-producer of the new movie, Gosnell and author of the book Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer (now out in paperback).
Ed Martin with Adam Andrzejewski Expose Wasteful Government Spending
Oct 9 • 7 min
Ed Martin talks to Adam Andrzejewski, of Open the Books, about his work showcasing and exposing wasteful government spending at all levels.
Michael Medved: Dems Deeply Damaged Themselves in Kavanaugh Fight
Oct 8 • 1 min
For three reasons, confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh has been a damaging disaster for Democrats. First, those Democrats have been indignant in defeat, and America hates sore losers. New talk of impeaching Kavanaugh, or continuing to smear him, only makes…
Larry Elder and Economist Stephen Moore Discuss Trump’s New Trade Deal
Oct 5 • 8 min
Larry Elder interviews Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation about the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico.
Hugh Hewitt: Brett Kavanaugh and the Shifting Calculus for the 2018 Election
Oct 5 • 1 min
The national scalding of the confirmation proceedings around Judge Brett Kavanaugh has changed the election calculus for many. We already knew - Democrats told us -that if they took back the House they’d move to impeach President Trump. Now we know…
The Kavanaugh Nomination and the New Face of McCarthyism
Oct 4 • 40 min
Townhall Review – October 6, 2018 Dennis Prager takes a close look at life-long liberal Alan Dershowitz’s examination of the Democrat’s conduct during the Kavanaugh confirmation process. Hugh Hewitt talks with Judiciary Committee member John Cornyn about…
Michael Medved: The Real Basis for Anti-Kavanaugh Hysteria
Oct 4 • 1 min
It has nothing to do with the Ford accusations. It’s all about Roe.
Joe Walsh with Jim Daily on ‘Bring the Bible to School’ Day
Oct 3 • 5 min
October 4th is ‘Bring the Bible to School’ Day. This is just another effort to promote more awareness to our constitutional right to freedom of religion.
Hugh Hewitt with Tom Cotton on Character Assassination of Kavanaugh
Oct 3 • 6 min
Senator Tom Cotton joins Hewitt to discuss the Democrats’ intentional character assassination of Judge Kavanaugh.
Michael Medved: A Double Standard on Kavanaugh
Oct 2 • 1 min
Contrast the Democratic attitude to Kavanaugh’s decades’ old allegations with recent allegations against Ellison.
Hugh Hewitt and Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran on His Firing
Oct 2 • 9 min
Hugh Hewitt talks to Alliance Defending Freedom’s Senior Counsel David Cortman and former Atlanta fire chief Kelvin Cochran who was fired from his job because of his belief in traditional marriage.
Michael Medved and Yale Professor on De-escalating Partisan Madness
Sep 28 • 8 min
Michael Medved’s guest, Yale professor Akhil Reed Amar, tries to answer the question if there is any hope of de-escalating the madness stemming from the unbelievable level of partisan politics.
Michael Medved: Kavanaugh Fight Shows Liberal Hypocrisy
Sep 28 • 1 min
The contradictions on the Left.
Kavanaugh Responds As Senate Weighs Vote
Sep 27 • 40 min
Townhall Review – September 29, 2018 Hugh Hewitt looks at and comments on the Democrat’s last-minute desperate attacks aimed at derailing, if not ending, the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the U. S. Supreme Court. Michael Medved’s guest, Yale professor…
Albert Mohler on Kavanaugh Allegations: When the Truth No Longer Matters
Sep 26 • 1 min
A number of voices have said—some even explicitly—that Judge Kavanaugh should step aside even if the allegations are not true, if these events just plausibly could have happened…
Mike Gallagher on the Mob Tactics of the Left
Sep 26 • 8 min
Gallagher discusses the hounding of Senator Ted Cruz and his wife from a restaurant, the treatment of Kavanaugh, and other mob tactics being used by the Left.
Michael Medved and James Robbins on Erasing America
Sep 25 • 10 min
Michael Medved talks with journalist James Robbins about his new book, Erasing America: Losing our Future by Destroying our Past.
Jerry Bowyer: The Child Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church
Sep 24 • 1 min
The current crisis in the Catholic church demands a very brief history lesson. In the ancient world, same-sex relations between men and boys was an accepted norm—among the Greeks and among Roman citizens these relations were, even celebrated. Jesus…
Accusations Against Kavanaugh and Prospects for Confirmation
Sep 20 • 40 min
Townhall Review – September 22, 2018 As the Democrats launch a last-minute effort to derail the Kavanaugh confirmation, Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Grassley about the possible testimony of Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Ford. Mike Gallagher and Ed…
Michael Medved: Senate Must Resist a Last-Ditch Smear
Sep 20 • 1 min
In their desperate attempt to smear Judge Brett Kavanaugh, many left-leaning commentators try to connect him to #MeToo malefactors like Harvey Weinstein. For two reasons, this association is utterly unfair. First, the #MeToo villains all exploited…
Hugh Hewitt with Josh Hawley on His Senate Race Against Claire McCaskill
Sep 20 • 10 min
Josh Hawley comments on the Kavanaugh case and discusses his electoral strengths against Claire McCaskill in their upcoming Senate race in Missouri.
Michael Medved on Kavanaugh and His Accuser (Ford)
Sep 19 • 24 min
Analyzing the latest play from Democrats in their desperate efforts to stop Kavanaugh.
Michael Medved: Curled Up In a Ball of White Shame
Sep 18 • 1 min
A student at an elite university recently wrote to the New York Times: “I’m riddled with shame. White Shame … I feel like my literal existence hurts people, like I’m always taking up space that should belong to someone else … Instead of harnessing my…
Dennis Prager and LA Senator Bill Cassidy Discuss Media Bias Against PragerU
Sep 18 • 11 min
Google’s CEO snubs the U.S. Senate, ignoring a request to talk about media censorship. Dennis Prager and Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy discuss the media bias against Prager University.
Hugh Hewitt: The McConnell Miracle
Sep 14 • 1 min
How Mitch McConnell has saved the American Constitution.
Assad Threatens Again; Obama Reenters the Stage
Sep 13 • 41 min
Townhall Review – September 15, 2018 Hugh Hewitt and Congressman Mike Gallagher take a look at the crisis in Syria, with Assad threatening to use chemical weapons. Michael Medved questions the importance of the anonymous New York Times op-ed that…
Lanhee Chen: President Obama’s Revisionist History
Sep 13 • 1 min
President Barack Obama returned to the campaign trail last week, with a strident and wide-ranging rebuke of President Trump and Republicans. He was asking voters to remember “the good old days”—when he was in charge. But let’s not forget the fruits of his…
Hugh Hewitt with Rep. Mike Gallagher on Syria
Sep 13 • 11 min
A discussion on latest developments with Syria and the president’s direct authority to strike enemy forces without congressional permission in emergencies.
Dennis Prager with Heather MacDonald on How the Left is Putting Diversity Above Competence
Sep 12 • 12 min
Heather MacDonald discusses the latest insanity in the push for diversity over scientific integrity and competence.
Hugh Hewitt and Mike Allen Discuss Bob Woodward’s Book
Sep 11 • 9 min
Hugh Hewitt discusses Bob Woodward’s book about President Trump’s White House with Mike Allen of Axios.
Dennis Prager on Ron Desantis’ ‘Monkey This Up’ Comment
Sep 7 • 10 min
Dennis Prager exposes the ridiculous nature of the Left and how they invent a race issue where there wasn’t one.
Democrats Turn Supreme Court Hearings Into Circus
Sep 6 • 40 min
Townhall Review – September 8, 2018 Senator Ben Sasse comments on the chaotic Supreme Court confirmation hearing with Hugh Hewitt. Larry Elder looks at how Senator Dianne Feinstein is trying to make the Supreme Court confirmation all about abortion.…
Michael Medved: A Victory for Respectful Persuasion
Sep 6 • 1 min
California lawmaker withdraws controversial bill after discussions with religious leaders.
Hugh Hewitt with Ben Sasse on the Dem Circus at Kavanaugh Hearings
Sep 6 • 12 min
After his memorable Senate speech at the Kavanaugh hearings, Ben Sasse discusses the thrust of his speech and the obstructionist grandstanding by the Democrats, especially those with presidential aspirations.
Michael Medved: A Victory for Respectful Persuasion
Sep 5 • 1 min
A California lawmaker withdraws a controversial bill after consulting with religious leaders who found it oppressive.
Lanhee Chen: Hysterical Opposition to Kavanaugh
Sep 5 • 1 min
Some Democrats are hysterical over the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, but they couldn’t have picked a more reasonable and thoughtful jurist to get worked up about…
Dennis Prager and Andrew McCarthy Discuss Cohen Case and Its Threat to Trump Presidency
Aug 31 • 16 min
Dennis Prager and Andrew McCarthy, Senior Editor at National Review, simplify the complex aspects of the Michael Cohen trial and how it will affect the President.
Albert Mohler: It’s Much Bigger Than Jack Phillips
Aug 31 • 1 min
Earlier this year, the nation’s highest court handed down a decision in the case of Jack Phillips, the baker from Colorado who had been found guilty by the state’s Civil Rights Commission of having violated the rights of LGBT persons by refusing to create…
Scandal Rocks the Catholic Church and the Guilty Plea of Michael Cohen
Aug 30 • 41 min
Townhall Review — September 1, 2018 Hugh Hewitt speaks with author Rod Dreher about the latest bombshell in the Catholic church; this time from a report written by a high-ranking Church official implicating the Vatican. Mike Gallagher tells the shocking…
Gallagher on Why Trump Calls CNN ‘Fake News,’ ‘Enemy of the People’
Aug 30 • 17 min
CNN continues to make it harder and harder for fair-minded people to dismiss Trump’s harsh-sounding assessment of their intentions and character.
Michael Medved: The Republican Challenge With Young Voters
Aug 29 • 1 min
Political analysts give plenty of attention to our partisan divisions according to race or gender, but not enough to the stark differences based on age. The good news for Republicans is that the Democrats are entirely reliant on young voters. Among…
Dennis Prager on CNN’s Iran Death to America Piece
Aug 29 • 13 min
CNN claims that when Iran says “Death to America,” it doesn’t really mean what it sounds like to Americans. Really?
Hugh Hewitt with Rod Dreher on Latest Bombshell in the Catholic Crisis
Aug 28 • 11 min
Rod Reher, author The Benedict Option, discusses the implications of a damning statement on the Pope written by a top Catholic official, Carlo Maria Viganò, on Sunday.
Michael Medved: McCain’s Memory Should Make G.O.P. Proud
Aug 27 • 1 min
The passing of Senator John McCain reminded me of why I feel proud to be a Republican. Beginning in 1980, the GOP has fielded nine presidential nominees, each of whom displayed exemplary patriotism and fundamental decency. Ronald Reagan and George Herbert…
Dennis Prager on Facebook Issuing Apology to PragerU
Aug 27 • 8 min
Dennis Prager shares the latest involving Facebook banning Prager University videos, then after a massive outcry from the PragerU community, they later apologized.
The Crazy Reactions to Manafort Conviction and Cohen Confession
Aug 23 • 40 min
Townhall Review — August 25, 2018 Michael Medved looks at the foolish and embarrassing excuses of what are clearly crimes by Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort. Hugh Hewitt and Congressman Mike Gallagher also help make sense of the madness. Salem host Mike…
Michael Medved: The Evidence for Faith
Aug 23 • 1 min
I recently received an e-mail from a thoughtful listener who challenged my commitment to faith and God. “You’re a smart person,” she wrote, “who emphasizes evidence and logic. How then, can you give such importance in your life to something illogical for…
Hugh Hewitt with Tim Alberta: Cohen’s Confessions and Impeachment Questions
Aug 23 • 6 min
If they get the chance after November, Democrats will proceed with impeachment no matter what the merits and credibility of Cohen’s testimony.
Mike Gallagher on ICE arresting the illegal alien murderer
Aug 22 • 13 min
The media were outraged that ICE arrested this wanted criminal just because of the circumstances in which he was arrested. In their totally twisted reporting, they showed more sympathy for the criminal and his family than for his victims!
Dennis Prager and George Friedman on Shaky Times in Turkey
Aug 21 • 26 min
Dennis Prager and geopolitical forecaster Dr. George Friedman look at the turmoil in Turkey and total disarray of the Eurasian Peninsula.
Jerry Bowyer: Looking at the New Age of Tech
Aug 20 • 1 min
George Gilder is the economist and author who holds the distinction of being quoted by Ronald Reagan more than any other living author. Gilder is out with a new book, and it’s a blockbuster. And what’s being “busted” is the Obama-era business model of…
Lanhee Chen: GOP Should Pitch the Economic Argument
Aug 17 • 1 min
To forestall the so-called “blue wave.”
In An Affront to Supreme Court, Colorado Again Goes After Masterpiece Cakeshop
Aug 16 • 40 min
Townhall Review – August 18, 2018 Hugh Hewitt speaks with Alliance Defending Freedom’s Vice President and Sr. Counsel, Jeremy Tedesco about the Colorado Civil Rights Commission continuing harassment of cake baker Jack Phillips. Michael Medved consults…
Hugh Hewitt: Colorado Missing the Message From the Supreme Court
Aug 16 • 1 min
Jack Ryan of the Masterpiece Cakeshop Supreme Court case is back in court again, because Colorado apparently did not get the Supreme Court memo!
Hugh Hewitt with Rep. Mike Gallagher on Turkey Situation
Aug 16 • 12 min
Hewitt with Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher on Tony Evers, midterms, prohibition on selling F-35s to Turkey, Pastor Brunson hostage, hoping Turkey will move in Western direction, moving our nukes out of Turkey, Turkey aligning with Iran.
David Davenport: Back to School Needs Back to Civic Education
Aug 15 • 1 min
The urgent need for civic education in our schools.
Hugh Hewitt with Byron York on The Other Side of the Russia Story
Aug 15 • 14 min
A look at Christopher Steele and other matters on the side of the Russia ‘collusion’ story that the mainstream media has been ignoring.
Michael Medved: The Real Meaning of ‘Government of Laws, Not Men’
Aug 14 • 1 min
In middle school, I first heard the phrase that America had been blessed with “a government of laws and not of men.” That description, originating with John Adams, at first made no sense to me: men make the laws, and change them. Laws don’t draft…
Hugh Hewitt and Mike Allen in Tense Talk about Trump and Putin
Aug 14 • 8 min
Hugh Hewitt and Mike Allen, co-founder and executive editor of Axios, have a contentious conversation about the media misrepresenting President Trump’s connection with Vladimir Putin.
Albert Mohler: Religious Liberty Has Real Enemies
Aug 13 • 1 min
In recent years, Americans have watched as our “first freedom,” religious liberty, is now openly despised by many who push the new sexual revolution. We’ve seen nuns forced to pay for contraceptives while bakers, wedding photographers and florists faced…
Michael Medved: A Pointless and Pathetic Confrontation
Aug 10 • 1 min
On the planned “Unite The Right” rally on Sunday and the equally pathetic “counter-protesters” who plan to confront them.
Michael Medved Examines Chicago’s Rampant Gun Violence
Aug 10 • 15 min
Michael Medved examines Chicago’s leadership responsibility following a very deadly weekend of gun violence.
Activists on the Left are Encouraged to Bully Conservatives by a Member of Congress
Aug 9 • 40 min
Townhall Review – August 11, 2018 Hugh Hewitt and Mike Allen, co-founder and executive editor of Axios, have a contentious conversation about the media misrepresenting President Trump’s connection with Vladimir Putin. Hugh Hewitt is joined by Amie Parnes,…
Dennis Prager with Candace Owens on the Antifa Attack on Her
Aug 9 • 17 min
The Antifa cowards attacked conservative activists Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk at a restaurant in Philadephia recently. A dissection of the Left’s growing insanity.
Larry Elder on Sarah Jeong’s Anti-White Tweets and the Candace Owens Riot
Aug 8 • 8 min
Insightful commentary on the new board appointee of the New York Times, Sarah Jeong, and her controversial anti-white tweets. Plus the riot against Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk and what it says about the Left.
Michael Medved and Jay Richards on the Future of Artificial Intelligence
Aug 7 • 18 min
Michael Medved and Jay Richards, author of The Human Advantage – The Future of Work in an Age of Smart Machines, look to the future of Artificial Intelligence.
Dennis Prager and Comedian Owen Benjamin on the Strange Death of Comedy
Aug 3 • 11 min
Dennis Prager asks comedian Owen Benjamin about liberal pressure on stand-up comedians. Thanks to political correctness, and the “I’m offended” culture, clean comedy is having a rough go at it. Be sure to check out Benjamin’s Prager U video.
Countdown to Election Day 2018
Aug 2 • 40 min
Townhall Review – August 4, 2018 Hugh Hewitt and Senator Chuck Grassley talk about the push to complete confirmation of judicial nominations. Hugh Hewitt talks with Congressman Jim Renacci about his re-election race. Michael Medved comments on 3-D…
Larry Elder on Russia Instigating Racism in America
Aug 2 • 7 min
An insight into one of the major things Russians were trying to accomplish with their meddling in American politics. Were they successful?
Michael Medved: “Corruption” in Context
Aug 1 • 1 min
News media portray today’s politics as incomparably corrupt, focusing on endless scandals to tarnish politicians in general and the Trump administration in particular. But in historical perspective, corruption is far less rampant than in the past:…
Dennis Prager on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Aug 1 • 6 min
The misguided ideology of the Democrat’s rising star, Ocasio-Cortez, and what it reveals about where the Democratic Party is today.
Ed Martin with Larry Elder on Putin, NATO and Trump Derangement Syndrome
Jul 31 • 6 min
Sharp insights from Larry Elder discuss recent developments in American foreign relations, and the reaction of the media to Trump’s diplomatic efforts.
Albert Mohler: Abortion, Brett Kavanaugh and the Pause Button
Jul 27 • 1 min
A group of liberal Christians is calling for a “pause” in the culture wars. This “Call to Pause” is really a demand for evangelical surrender on the issue of abortion—and that’s not going to happen. Interestingly, it was the left in American politics that…
Michael Medved Calls for a Statute of Limitations
Jul 27 • 16 min
Michael Medved examines the impact foolish social media posts or stupid comments from long ago might cause some good, talented people to not seek public office.
American Foreign Policy After the Iran Deal
Jul 26 • 40 min
Townhall Review – July 28, 2018 Hugh Hewitt and New York Times columnist, Bret Stephens, talk about Iran’s latest threats to the United States following President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Hugh Hewitt and Rep. Mike Gallagher…
Michael Medved: Best Nominee is Blocked for the Worst Reason
Jul 26 • 1 min
One of President Trump’s best judicial nominees has been blocked by indignant Democrats because of columns he wrote while a Stanford student 25 years ago. In one of these pieces, Ryan Bounds argued that ethnic identity groups promote campus divisions, and…
Hugh Hewitt with Mike Gallagher on American Military
Jul 26 • 12 min
A discussion on current developments in building American military might to meet America’s present challenges.
Dennis Prager with George Gilder on ‘Life After Google.’
Jul 25 • 22 min
Famous futurist George Gilder shares some deep social insights from his new book Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy
Mike Gallagher with Sean Spicer on Lessons Learned as Press Secretary
Jul 24 • 17 min
Sean Spicer takes us into his challenging world as Trump’s White House secretary, including the moment he regrets the most in that job.
Michael Medved: An Alternative to Trump-Bashing Comedy?
Jul 20 • 1 min
USA TODAY recently hailed nine TV comedians who specialize in mocking President Trump. Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Bill Maher, Samantha Bee, Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and Michelle Wolf all identify as outspoken liberals.…
Hugh Hewitt and Mike Pompeo on International Religious Freedom Summit
Jul 20 • 7 min
Hugh Hewitt invites Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the show to talk about the July 24-26 State Department event focused on international religious freedom.
The Good and Bad from the Helsinki Summit
Jul 19 • 40 min
Townhall Review – July 21, 2018 Hugh Hewitt is joined by Dr. Kori Schake, Deputy Director for the International Institute of Strategic Studies, for a discussion on President Trump’s Helsinki press conference comments and the reaction to Trump’s…
Michael Medved on Ocasio-Cortez and Feinstein
Jul 19 • 7 min
What’s happening in the Democratic Party? Analyzing the rise of Ocasio-Cortez and the Dem rejection of Feinstein.
Hugh Hewitt with Tedesco on the Businessman Who Refused to Print Gay T-Shirts
Jul 18 • 6 min
Jeremy Tedesco of ADF are defending Blaine Adams’ Kentucky Supreme Court case. Blaine Adams refused to print T-shirts with gay messages on this.
David Davenport: Judges Should Respect The Constitution More Than Precedent
Jul 16 • 1 min
Below the surface of Senate hearings on whether Judge Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed to the Supreme Court is a tug of war that should be brought to light. It is a battle between a judge’s commitment to follow judicial precedents versus faithfulness…
Mike Gallagher Discusses NATO with Michael Desch
Jul 16 • 9 min
Mike Gallagher discusses The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, with Michael Desch, Director of the National Security Center at Notre Dame.
A Supreme Court Nominee and the Confirmation Battle that Awaits
Jul 12 • 40 min
Townhall Review – July 14, 2018 Hugh Hewitt is joined by Leonard Leo, head of the Federalist Society, to look at the confirmation process for the newly-nominated U. S. Supreme Court Justice. Mike Gallagher turns to Wendy Long to examine the vicious…
Hugh Hewitt with Salena Zito on the Left’s Reaction to Kavanaugh’s Nomination
Jul 12 • 5 min
Salena Zito discusses the over-the-top reaction of the Left to Kavanaugh’s nomination annoucement by President Trump.
Hugh Hewitt with Leonard Leo on the Kavanaugh Nomination
Jul 11 • 10 min
Leonard Leo from The Federalist Society discusses Kavanaugh, and the Left’s desperate distractions over his nomination and confirmation process.
Larry Elder with Professor Walter Williams on Why Black Students Perform Poorly
Jul 10 • 7 min
Professor Williams cuts to the roots of (and solutions to) the black underperformance problem in education that liberal elites want to avoid.
Michael Medved: Political Comeback of the Year
Jul 9 • 1 min
On the resurgent star of Senator Ted Cruz!
Michael Medved and Arthur Brooks on Displaying Moral Courage Across Political Divides
Jul 6 • 13 min
Michael Medved and Arthur Brooks explain what happens when we listen to each other across political divides. More from Brooks in his book, The Conservative Heart: How to Build a Fairer, Happier, and More Prosperous America.
First Amendment Victories and the High Court After Kennedy
Jul 5 • 41 min
Townhall Review – July 7, 2018 Hugh Hewitt and Tom McCabe, CEO of the Freedom Foundation, discuss the U. S. Supreme Court decision about unions in the public sector. Hugh Hewitt and Politico’s Jake Sherman look at how the Senate vote might decide on the…
Hugh Hewitt: ‘An Opportunity For an Originalist Court’
Jul 5 • 1 min
Any of these nominees would be superb and the court secured in its originalist leanings until the next vacancy…
Lanhee Chen: Senator McConnell Deserves a Very Nice Thank You Note
Jul 5 • 1 min
McConnell doesn’t often get credit for the hard work he does, but he should. Conservatives are on the precipice of another major victory because of the Senate Majority Leader.