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23: “I don’t have a horse or gun.” Or: We were born in Austin. Or: “you may all go to hell. I am going to Texas.”
Apr 11
When you travel, people have a lot of thoughts about Texas.Links:Skype Call RecorderTopic listThat podcast we used to do“You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.” — It was Davy Crockett."Don't mess with Texas" — “The campaign is credited with…
22: The Regular Show, Apple’s problem’s, Enterprise tech news blows
Mar 24
Charles & Coté reboot their old podcast about regular things. Also, a rant on photo management in Apple-land and how terrible enterprise IT news it. Plus, upcoming topics.Links:ScreenheroOracle's financials, past three years — They’re pretty much…
21: Biz Dev, Defining an application, the atheist eagle scout, with JJ Asghar
Feb 11
Having worked in cloud since before cloud, JJ and I talk about what companies are using various cloud things for. We also discuss the conceptual history of cloud, and what exactly he does as a "business development" person at Chef. You might also know him…
20: Reading tech company financials, with Rachel Stephens
Feb 7
What's up with all those cash numbers in quarterly reports, and what's the deal with "analyst expectations"? In this brief episode I talk with RedMonk's Rachel Stephens to get some quick tips on what to do with all that stuff. Find her in Twitter…
19: Computers are easy. Humans are Hard. With Bridget Kromhout
Jan 27
We discuss all the human and process changes needed to do good things with computers.Special Guest: Bridget Kromhout.Links:Video recording of this episode — The livestreamed recording we did.
18: Reactive applications, with Josh Long
Jan 27
Josh Long and I discuss “reactive programming."Special Guest: Josh Long.Links:Video recording of this episode — The livestreamed video of Josh and I’s talk.
17: Ignoring bad code on purpose
Dec 13, 2016
Sometimes you have to live with bad code. No one will let you change it. There’s many good and bad reasons, so make sure you’re consciously making the decision instead of accidentally doing it. I discuss some reasons people would keep bad code, how…
16: Pair programing doesn’t stink
Nov 3, 2016
Somewhere around just 20% of people do pair programming. It seems to be an incredibly effective technique, according to people who follow it. I go over some of those reasons and micro case studies of organizations having success with pair programming. It…
15: Getting executives to fail fast
Nov 2, 2016
The idea of “failing fast” is popular in DevOps and agile think. That sounds like the exact opposite of what managers at large organizations would like to do. How do you get them to feel all warm and fuzzy about it? Here’s the top three tactics I’ve seen…
14: Building a cloud in 30 minutes, metrics are a distraction
Aug 2, 2016
"I get to see your face during this podcast," Matt says as we start talking about SpringOne Platform. Both of us were there and we recap Matt's talk on managing 10 Pivotal Cloud Foundry instances, namely, how they figured out using a Concourse pipeline to…
13: The changing nature of open source & Loco Moco, with Barton George
Jul 31, 2016
Summary I've had a theory that the hard-line philosophy of open source has softened in recent times. Rather than thinking closed source is to be avoided at all costs, I think most developer types are a lot more willing to accept closed source bits mixed…
12: Introducing cloud at Express Scripts, with Brian Gregory
Apr 25, 2016
Introducing cloud in a large enterprise can be challenging, and the technology is usually the least of your worries. Matt and I talk with Brian Gregory of Express Scripts who's been working on transforming Express Scripts to a more cloud native approach…
11: How do we do things we would never, ordinarily do?
Jan 31, 2016
Summary Matt and I talk about lessons learned from almost a year of helping transform IT at Allstate. When it comes to scaling up agile and cloud-think the real challenges are in functions other than development, like budgeting, planning, training,…
10: Doing the DevOps at National Instruments and BazaarVoice, talking with Ernest Mueller
Dec 1, 2015
Ernest Mueller has worked helped introduce DevOps in several organizations and has been talking about those stories at two companies he's worked for, National Instruments and BazaarVoice. Matt and Coté hear these stories (mostly at National Instruments)…
9: The life of microservices in the F500
Dec 1, 2015
Summary You don't hear too many stories about microservices in "normal" companies. In this episode, I talk with Nate Foreman about microservices-driven work he's been doing with a large enterprise recently. We discuss the goods and the bads of this…
8: Transforming how the US government does software, Diego Lapiduz
Sep 30, 2015
Summary What organization could be larger than the US Federal government? Not only that, the chance to transform how software is done in the government has perhaps one of the largest possible impacts of transforming any "IT department." In this episode,…
7: Getting beyond “the comfort of the number.”
Sep 16, 2015
Summary In this first part of a new series, Matt Curry and I discuss many of the problems with transforming how a large company uses IT. From dealing with businesses cases, the finance department, and changing how the business thinks about using IT, there…
6: Try to avoid killing your acquisition
Jun 14, 2015
Summary After catching up about movies and OpenStack, John and I discuss how difficult it is to properly integrate acquired companies into the larger company. We also discuss what VCs are looking for to say yes now: a good team, it seems. Subscribe:…
5: When the practice of using the tool is novel, thought-lording new technologies
Apr 27, 2015
We discuss how you (slowly) introduce new technologies into the market by looking at past tech cycles John has gone through. We also catch-up on the Craft conference and John’s travels in Europe. Show-notes and Links The Bruce Sterling Web 2.0 European…
4: “I have become the hustler,” Robert Brook
Apr 19, 2015
Summary It can take a long time to get "the mainstream" to use new technologies. One would assume that this would be true in supporting the government, as Robert Brook does in his day job. In this brief episode, over the din and bottle collection…
3: Something Celsius and Busy Bullshit work
Apr 14, 2015
Summary While he's in Paris for the local DevOpsDays, John and I discuss the next big step for DevOps: getting "The Business" involved to tie-break the process deadlock. Plus: the Dutch are delightful! Sponsor: The Cloud Foundry Summit is coming up on May…
2: Becoming a tech reporter, talking with Alex Williams
Apr 12, 2015
Summary How do you go from playing baseball in France, to getting shot at, to covering the tech industry? I talk with Alex Williams about how he did just that and eventually launched, one of the more interesting, new technology news sites.…
1: How to demo your cloud poop, don’t smoke corn silk
Apr 5, 2015
What does it take to demo a cloud software? It's not easy! Also, lamb considered and memories of barcampESM. Our first re-boot of the IT Management and Cloud Podcast, renamed the Lords of Computing Podcast. Your friends, @cote and @botchagalupe.…