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Remarkable Results Radio Podcast
Automotive Aftermarket Success Stories
FTR 012: Cecil Bullard on Undervalued Labor Rates
Sep 24 • 11 min
Cecil Bullard from the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence says that many shop owners have Undervalued Labor Rates.
RR 365: Reto Filli. Shop Owner Sold His Business and Became an E-Myth Business Coach
Sep 24 • 42 min
Shop Owner Sold His Business and Became an E-Myth Business Coach Reto Filli came from Switzerland and is a trained mechanic. He and his wife ran a successful Auto Repair business for over 26 years that he sold and retired from. His business took off when…
RR 364: ASCCA Automotive Degree Program. First of Its Kind to Channel Students to Independents.
Sep 21 • 42 min
ASCCA Degree Program. First of Its Kind to Channel Students to Independents. The ASCCA Degree Program at Cuyamaca College in El Cajon, CA was forged by a small group of independent shop owners and a dedicated educator. Kicked off by Dara Bakhshandeh of CD…
THA 085: 21 Tips to Gain an Edge over the Competition – Part 3!
Sep 19 • 53 min
21 Tips To Gain An Edge Over Your Competition - Part 3 With me, in this part three is the same crew from part two and part three. Todd Westerlund, CEO of Kukui , Jeremy O’Neal Freedom Automotive in Hesperia, CA and President and lead sales trainer for…
RR 363: David Justice – You Must Manage Your Labor Profit Before Anything Else
Sep 18 • 34 min
David Justice - You Must Manage Your Labor Profit Before Anything Else When David Justice sold his $5M business he was already speaking and coaching in partnership with NAPA. To help run his business David created the Labor Profit Management tool to keep…
FTR 011: Darrin Barney – Nurturing of Superstar Employees
Sep 17 • 10 min
Darrin Barney - Nurturing of Superstar Employees
RR 362: Technician Round Table – Part 6 – Heipp – Landry – Fanslow
Sep 14 • 61 min
Technician Roundtable Part 6 Our continuing Tech Talk series is back for another go at some intense thinking. Join Matt Fanslow, the diagnostic tech/shop manager at Riverside Automotive in Red Wing, MN, Peter Landry, ASE L1 Master Automotive Technician…
THA 084: Buying Technician Tools: Create Your Program!
Sep 12 • 41 min
Buying Technician Tools: Create Your Program We are talking ‘Buying Technicians Tools; The How’ and with me is Keith Williamson, owner of Williamson’s Repair and Tire in Bondurant, IA, Andy Bizub Shop Owner of Porsche Specialist Midwest Performance Cars…
RR 361: Scott and Michael Waddle. Owner and Prodigy. Father and Son.
Sep 11 • 38 min
Father and Son / Owner and Prodigy Scott and Michael Waddle of Precision Auto Service, Langley, British Columbia. Shows us that a tandem of father and son can unlock different creative and innovative skill sets applicable to the modern shop of today.…
FTR 010: John Burkhauser – Change in your Business is Inevitable. Don’t Fight It.
Sep 10 • 11 min
John Burkhauser - Change in your Business is Inevitable. Don’t Fight It.
RR 360: Shop Talk 3 – Millennial Shop Owners.
Sep 7 • 48 min
Shop Talk: Volume 3 - Millennial Shop Owners. Young, energetic and committed to becoming great leaders. The panel consists of Justin Barrett of Barrett Automotive, Cornelia GA, Brett Bohlman of HWY 7 Service Center, Newel, IA, and Tony Tatich from TMT…
THA 083: What Separates the Outstanding Technicians
Sep 5 • 48 min
What Separates the Outstanding Technician Outstanding shops attract outstanding technicians. Outstanding technicians want to work for outstanding shops. Listen in on a great dialogue that covers qualities and attributes like Passion, Precision, Pride,…
RR 359: Mike Maleski. PSK Performance – Underappreciated So He Opened His Own Shop.
Sep 4 • 28 min
Underappreciated So He Opened His Own Shop. Mike Maleski is the Owner of PSK Performance in Pittsburgh, PA. He is a Highly Certified Factory Honda Technician that also holds multiple ASE, STANDARD, MECP, And Pennsylvania Certifications and Licenses. He is…
FTR 009: Jody DeVere – Biases In The Automotive Industry Toward Women
Sep 3 • 8 min
Jody Devere, CEO from Ask Has A Lot To Say About The Biases That Exist In The Automotive Industry Toward Women.
RR 358: John Gustafson – ATC: Synchronizing the Automotive Trades
Aug 31 • 40 min
ATC: Synchronizing the Automotive Trades John Gustafson is the president of Gustafson Brothers Automotive Repair, Huntington Beach, CA and the founder of the Auto Talent Co-Op (ATC). ATC is an independent non-profit organization whose vision is to…
THA 082: Acquisition Strategies
Aug 29 • 50 min
Acquisition Strategies This a perfect bookend episode that connects with Town Hall Academy Episode 075. There we talked ‘Am I ready for my second branch?’ The Panel includes multi shop owners, with growth plans; Greg Bunch, from Aspen Auto Clinic,…
RR 357: Shop Talk Volume 2- Women Shop Owners
Aug 28 • 50 min
Shop Talk Volume 2- Women Shop Owners Kim Auernheimer of Cool Springs Automotive Brentwood Tennessee, Mary Ann Croce of Croce’s Transmission Specialists, Norwalk, Connecticut, and Kathleen Jarosik of Xpertech Auto Repair, Englewood, Florida comprised the…
FTR 008: Rick White – I’m Tired of You Giving Up!
Aug 27 • 6 min
Rick White from 180 Biz is passionate about the formula for success. He has a message for you on getting up when you fail. Listen for a great quote from Winston Churchill on Success. Rick says accepting and recovering from failure will make all the…
RR 356: Bruno Tabbi And The Power of a Vanity Phone Number
Aug 24 • 24 min
The Power Of A Vanity Phone Number Bruno Tabbi is the President and Co-Founder at Ignition Toll-Free, where he focuses on premium vanity phone numbers including 1-800-MECHANIC. Bruno says that organic marketing, through phones, is still alive and…
THA 081: Niche. Should We Find Specialties and Create a New Business Model or Services?
Aug 22 • 53 min
Niche. Finding Specialties to Create New Business Services. A very interesting summit, a lesson for the forever student of the aftermarket. We’re talking Niche or Finding Specialties to Create New Business Services. A vibrant discussion to challenge the…
RR 355: Andrew Emery from Antero Automotive has The Best Job in the World
Aug 21 • 43 min
The Best Job in The World! Andrew Emery is the owner and operator of Antero Automotive in Greenwood Village, Colorado. He believes if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers. This episode tackles relationships with customers…
FTR 007: Matt Fanslow – Integrate the Malleable Young Apprentice Into Your Shop
Aug 20
Matt Fanslow Worries That Young Technician Apprentices Will Leave the Industry Without a Series Mentor Program and Career Path.
RR 354: Geek Talk 2.0 Part Two – Tech Talk From Aftermarket Professionals
Aug 17
Geek Talk 2.0 Part 2 - Who owns your data. Join Greg Buckley CEO, Buckley’s Personalized Auto Care, Wilmington, DE, Chris Cloutier, Golden Rule Auto Care, Dallas TX and CEO of, Bill Nalu, President of Interstate Auto Care, Madison Heights, MI,…
THA 080: Bring Them Back: How To Revitalize a Lost Customer
Aug 15
Bring Them Back: How To Revitalize a Lost Customer Our lively discussion starts with the Customer Retention Myth and ends with taking extreme ownership of your customer and keeping them in the fold. We talk about steps to get lost customers back, the…
RR 353: Kyle Holt from S/P2 – Helping Entry-Level Technicians Enter and Stay in the Industry
Aug 14
Kyle Holt. Helping Entry-level Technicians Enter And Stay In Industry. Kyle Holt is the Co-Founder and President of S/P2. S/P2 serves businesses and career tech schools in the automotive service, collision repair, heavy-duty/diesel, welding, among others.…
FTR 006: Scott ‘Gonzo’ Weaver – Listen To Your Body
Aug 13
Scott ‘Gonzo’ Weaver Has A Warning. If Your Body Is Speaking To You? Listen.
RR 352: Rocky Khamenian. Uniting The Industry’s Great Divide!
Aug 10
Rocky Khamenian. Uniting The Industry’s Great Divide! Rocky Khamenian is the owner/operator of Bimmer & Benz Specialists in Costa Mesa, located in south Orange County, CA. He is an active member of both Chapters 48 and 50 of the Automotive Service…
THA 079: What Drives Your Parts Buying Decisions?
Aug 8
What Drives Your Parts Buying Decision? This Town Hall Academy summit features Keith Williamson, owner of Williamson’s Repair and Tire in Bondurant, IA, John Long partner in Schertz Auto Service in Schertz, TX, and Keith Katz, owner of Quality Service…
RR 351: Paul Danner – Educator, Diagnostician and You-tuber ‘ScannerDanner’
Aug 7
Paul Danner. Educator, Diagnostician and Youtuber ‘ScannerDanner’ Paul Danner is an ASE L1 Certified Master Technician with Twenty-Four years of field experience in electronics, electrical and drivability diagnostics. For eighteen years he has been…
FTR 005: Jennifer Filzen – She Wants To See More Women in the Auto Care Industry
Aug 6
For The Record. Jennifer Filzen Wants To See More Women in the Autocare Industry.
RR 350: Carrie-Lynn Rodenberg on Building Relationships One Transaction at a Time. The Power of CRM.
Aug 3
Building relationships one transaction at a time. The power of CRM. Carrie-Lynn Rodenberg is the founder of Turnkey Marketing. It is a leading all-in-one marketing system for Auto Repair Shops. It is not just a software platform, but is an entire…
THA 078: Low Hanging Financial Fruit That Will Increase Your Profits
Aug 1
Low Hanging Financial Fruit That Will Improve Your Profits The cost of doing business rises each year. Net profits that are necessary to move your business forward are challenged each day. Our panel talks about the value of inspections on your sales,…
RR 349: Tracy Martin – Our Vehicles are Becoming Smartphones on Wheels
Jul 31
Smartphone on Wheels. Tracy Martin has authored six Motorbooks Workshop Series and writes articles for industry and trade magazines. His articles of late are focused on the connected car. Our cars today are becoming if not already became smartphone on…
FTR 004: Maylan Newton. Pay attention to your numbers.
Jul 30
For The Record. Maylan Newton. Pay attention to your numbers.
RR 348: Vinnie and Anthony Lucido from CoAuto – Community Conscious Car Care
Jul 27
Community Conscious Car Care Vinnie and Anthony Lucido started CoAuto in 2014 at Reno, Nevada. The brothers are both ASE Master Technicians with Anthony holding 15 ASE Certifications. Their shop CoAuto which stands for Community Conscious Car Care ran…
THA 077: Business Coaches LAB – Standards
Jul 25
Business Coaches LAB on Standards Standards, in a business is the bar, the rules that set the level of quality, service, experience, caring, and engagement. The problem is so many times the owner is so busy doing whatever he’s doing in his business…
RR 347: Jonathan Ortiz of Foreign Affairs Auto – From Used Cars to Full Service
Jul 24
A Family Affair Jonathan Ortiz is the General Manager at Foreign Affairs Auto, West Palm Beach, Florida finished his MBA at Northeastern in Boston. Since he joined the family business, he played a key role, with his Dad, in the transition from a used car…
FTR 003: Chris Cloutier on Taking Ownership | Training | Technology
Jul 23
For The Record. Chris Cloutier: Take Ownership As A Leader, Set The Standard For Training In Your Business And Embrace Tech Because It Isn’t Going Away.
RR 346: Matt Fanslow of Riverside Automotive – Improving the level of professionalism within the aftermarket industry
Jul 20
Improving The Level Of Professionalism Within The Aftermarket Industry Matt Fanslow is an expert Diagnostic Technician and Shop Manager at Riverside Automotive, Redwing, Minnesota. He specializes in diagnosing automotive failures and is very well versed…
FTR 002: Ron Ipach – Email is Destroying Your Business
Jul 19
For The Record. Ron Ipach says that email is destroying your business.
FTR 001: G Jerry Truglia on Training, Labor Rates, Tech Shortage & Standards
Jul 19
Find out what does J Gerry Truglia thinks about Training, Standards and Labor Rates.
FTR 000: For The Record Overview & Purpose
Jul 19
Introducing For The Record, a platform for every aftermarket professional to say what is on their mind. The goal will be to make ‘For The Record’ a platform that will challenge, stretch thinking, roll over the status quo, present new ideas, and change…
THA 076: Improving Your Soft Skills. How To Lead and Spread a Positive Vibe.
Jul 18
Improving Your Soft Skills. How to Lead and Spread a Positive Vibe. Soft skills are the personal attributes that go a long way in building and enabling you to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. A soft skills inventory can be active…
RR 345: Leon Martin from Auto Tech Services – The Importance of Soap-Paint and Light
Jul 17
The Importance of Soap-Paint-Light Leon Martin started his shop on a 60x40 oat-field, in a community with a population no less than 2,200. He started it with pure guts and determination despite detractors that told him that he can’t do it. When Auto Tech…
RR 344: Technician Roundtable – Brin Kline, Tanner Brandt, Pedro De La Torre
Jul 13
Technician or Diagnostician, What’s the difference? Technician Roundtable episode with Brin Kline, Tanner Brandt, and Pedro De La Torre share their passion for their craft and talk scheduling and selling diagnostics. We get into apprenticeship/mentorship…
THA 075: Am I ready For My Second Branch?
Jul 11
Is there another branch location in your plans. Have you ever thought of growing your brand into other communities? There is an art and science to intelligent growth. According to this Academy panel, it is not an easy task. You can choose an acquisition…
RR 343: Shop Talk: John Constantin, Mike Shultz, and Jim Fleischman
Jul 10
Shop Talk: Time Management and Digital Inspections Shop talk with three shop owners; John Constantin, Jim Fleishman and Mike Schultz talk time management and digital inspections. Systems for time management will either make our lives easier or without…
RR 342: Brandon Steckler – Diagnostician, Trainer, Writer
Jul 6
Diagnostician, Trainer and Writer. Learn What Inspires Brandon Steckler to Be the Best. Brandon Steckler is a working diagnostician, writer and trainer. He loves to help maintain and improve the level of professionalism among today’s diagnosticians. His…
THA 074: Can David Beat Goliath?
Jul 4
Can David Beat Goliath? The Academy panel dives into the dichotomy of David and Goliath. David, quick nimble and did not perceive that he was an underdog. The panel considers that larger industry players can be Goliath-like … complacent, too structured,…
RR 341: Mark Bergasse, Carlo Sabucco, Glenn Colling, Todd Sarson. Friends First-Competitors Second.
Jul 3
Friends To The Rescue. Mark Bergasse from Marks Auto Service in Oakville, ON, had a life-changing medical condition. A heart attack that precipitated a quadruple bypass. His wife Sandy called their friends Glenn Colling of Eastside Auto Service, Todd…
RR 340: Seth Thorson Creates $25,000 Scholarship Endowment
Jun 29
Ready To Create Your Own Scholarship Endowment for Automotive Tech Students? Seth Thorson from Eurotech Auto Service, New Brighton, MN, has specialized in the service of European automobiles since 1999. Seth made a bold move this year and created a…
THA 073: Your Turning Point: The PIVOT(s) That Improved Your Business
Jun 27
Your Turning Point: The pivot that improved your business. Have you ever thought about a big event that you could call a life pivot? A circumstance that made a change in your life or your business? Many of us can claim distinction to some monumental…
RR 339: Geek Talk 2.0 Part One – Tech Talk From Aftermarket Professionals
Jun 26
Geek Talk 2.0 Part 1 - Cloud-Based Systems, RansomWare and More Join Greg Buckley CEO, Buckley’s Personalized Auto Care, Wilmington, DE, Chris Cloutier, Golden Rule Auto Care, Dallas TX and CEO of, Bill Nalu, President of Interstate Auto Care,…
RR 338: Technician Round Table – Part 5 – Heipp – Landry – Fanslow
Jun 22
A Wide-Open Discussion from Three Aftermarket Technicians on Mentoring, Fundamentals Training and Mentoring Under a Master Technician This technician roundtable brings back Matt Fanslow, Bob Heipp, and Peter Landry in our fifth roundtable interview. It is…
THA 072: Technician Training Strategies & Rewards
Jun 20
Training Technicians is an Investment That Must Be Made and Funded. Shop owners must create a learning culture in the business. This allows the entire team to understand the value of training. It doesn’t end at 5 PM. The shop owner must generate the…
RR 337: Mandy Pennington from Net Driven – Influence Your Customer in Their Digital Hangouts
Jun 19
Influence your Customers In Their Digital Hangout. Mandy Pennington is the Director of Internet Marketing at Net Driven and she brings an array of ideas to improve the influence you have on your customer where they interact with you in their digital…
RR 336: Bogi Lateiner “On the Road” with the ’57 Chevy Montage
Jun 15
Bogi Lateiner’s Completed Project: The 1957 Chevy Pick-Up Montage All Female Build. Bogi and her all-female team completed this unique project with women team members from all over the country. The truck was unveiled at SEMA 2017. Carm met up with Bogi in…
THA 071: Underutilized Shop Management Systems (SMS)
Jun 13
Underutilized Shop Management Systems. The panel is all about max utilization for your SMS. You are going to learn a lot and maybe walk away with an action plan to better utilize your SMS. Listen to Tom Ham, Automotive Management Network and shop owner of…
RR 335: Build Your Own Apprentice Program – Secretary Kelly Schulz & Dwayne Myers
Jun 12
The Technician Shortage: Build Your Workforce With Your Own Apprentice Program This episode provides a solution to growing our own technicians. Dwayne Myers from multi-location Dynamic Automotive in Fredrick, MD shares his apprentice program. Also, the…
RR 334: Deb and Craig Van Batenburg from ACDC – Part 2
Jun 8
Looking Thirty Years Into the Future The evolution of electric, hybrids, hybrid/electric and the internal combustion engine and how we will do business in the future. Deb and Craig Van Batenburg share their view of the pace of tech changes and evolving…
THA 070: Business Coaches LAB – Leadership
Jun 6
Business Coach LAB on Leadership “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”. —Warren Bennis The passion behind the vision is what makes people leaders. This is a first in an episodic series called the Business Coaches LAB. With me for…
RR 333: Keith Benline & Jeremy O’Neal – 10 Steps to a $1M Shop
Jun 5
10 Steps to Build a Profitable Million Dollar Shop In the 2018 Vision KC Studio longtime friend of the podcast Jeremy O’Neal from Freedom Automotive and Advisor Fix and shop owner and business trainer/coach, Keith Benline. The goal of these 10 steps is to…
RR 332: Mort Schwartz – Legacy Interview
May 31
Legacy Aftermarket Leader is Passionate for Educating Our Youth. Mort Schwartz is a legacy leader in the automotive aftermarket. He brought vision to many exciting programs and companies that are stoic brands of our industry. For years, Mort had a large…
THA 069: Workshop – Service Advisor Roleplay
May 29
Listen In On Four Different Roleplays of Service Advisor and Customer. In this new Academy workshop format, learn as four different themed role plays are, played out for you. In each role play there is a customer, service advisor and an observer/coach who…
RR 331: Kelly Bennett – ‘Kelly The Coach’
May 28
It’s Different Here; An Overused Excuse. Business coach and trainer Kelly Bennett known in the industry as Kelly the Coach brings light to the most common excuse he hears. ‘The universal excuse, that shop owners give when they are struggling to find…
RR 330: Dave Macholz – Academic Chair of Suffolk County College Automotive Technology
May 24
How Do We Educate and Integrate Our Young People into a Career as Automotive Technicians? My guest is Dave Macholz, the Academic Chair at the automotive technology program at Suffolk County Community College on Long Island, NY. The automotive program has…
THA 068: Why Just In Time Learning is Bad For Your Business
May 22
The Impact That Core Fundamental Training Will Have On Your Business And Career. This power panel includes Donny Seyfer, Mark Saxonberg, Chris Chesney, Jeff Peevy and Bill Haas. They have the expertise and experience to give you a blueprint for your…
RR 329: Tom Ham Part 2 – Automotive Management Network
May 21
Fundamentals, Systems, People Development and How to Work From Home Tom Ham has been a great contributor to the podcast and with his years of experience as a shop owner and chief conductor at Automotive Management Network, he has a perspective and/or…
RR 328: Trained By Techs – Martino, Kline, Culotta, Miller, Brandt
May 17
Trained By Techs. There To Help. Recorded at Vision 2018 Studio this tight group of technicians are part of a large community effort called ‘Trained By Techs’. Tanner Brandt, Brin Kline, Chris Martino, Justin Miller and Brian Culotta share their stories.…
THA 067: Your Ideal Customer Part 2 – Training Your Team To Embrace Your Avatar
May 15
Your Ideal Customer Part 2 – Training Your People to Understand and Embrace Your Customer Avatar. Knowing your ideal customer is an important part of a very successful business and helps define who you want as your customer. Commonly called your customer…
RR 327: Prepare to Change – O’Neal – Barrett – Cloutier
May 14
Are You Prepared To Change? Jeremy O’Neal from Freedom Automotive and AdvisorFix, Barry Barrett from RLO Training and Chris Cloutier from Golden Care Auto Care and bring a lively discussion and debate on the need and necessity of change.…
RR 326: Sherri Stock from InMotion Auto Care
May 10
Five Years A Shop Owner and a Succession Plan in Place. The secret to success, according to Sherri Stock is doing the right thing for the right reasons. No matter for your team members or your customers she is passionate to always treat people well.…
THA 066: Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspections
May 8
A discussion on the state of mandated periodic motor vehicle inspections. There are only 14 states in the US that have some sort of mandated vehicle inspection. There had been almost twice that amount. There is momentum to eliminate these safety…
RR 325: Cecil Bullard on Succession Planning
May 7
Looking To Get Out? Candid Talk on Succession Planning. Cecil Bullard joins Carm Capriotto for this interview at ATE in Seattle. A very special interview with a deep conversation on succeeding your business. Statistics reveal that the average shop owner…
RR 324: Finding Momentum and Camaraderie in the Canadian Aftermarket
May 3
Finding Momentum and Camaraderie in the Canadian Aftermarket. Three members of the Momentum group from British Columbia, Canada, Peter Foreman, Cody Olshaski and Scott Waddle are in Seattle for the ATE Show in March 2018 and we sit for a roundtable…
THA 065: Your SMS Data – Who Controls It?
May 1
Do You Have Control of Your Business Intelligence Data? Data is king. It is ok to share your data if you know who you are sharing it with? If and when you share your customer database with vendors; what do you want them to do with it and how should you…
RR 323: Jennifer Filzen from Rock Star Marketing
Apr 30
Your Story, Your Accomplishments Brings Authenticity To Your Website. Jennifer Filzen from Rock Star Marketing helps shop owners bring their story to life on their website. Her purpose is to bring joy to millions of people and she has a proven method.…
RR 322: The Future Shop – A Business Coach Perspective – Haas & Greenwood
Apr 26
Shop Of The Future. A Business Coaches Perspective. Bill Haas from Haas Performance Consulting and Bob Greenwood President and CEO of Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Centre bring their viewpoints on the future of the service professional. Bill and Bob…
THA 064: Workplace Organization the 5S Method
Apr 24
Workplace Organization: Waste. Clutter. Standardize. Improved Efficiency. 5S came from the Japanese and the concept of Kaizen, continuous improvement. 5S is a method to improve workplace organization. The 5S’s are Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize…
RR 321: Association Membership More Important Than Ever – Round Table Vision 2018
Apr 23
Association Membership is Right for Today’s Business Climate. If you are not an association member, it is time. National and statewide organizations need your membership and you need the association. Association membership helps improve your ‘future…
RR 320: Kathleen Jarosik from Xpertech Auto Repair
Apr 19
Trial By Fire Was the Pathway and Learning Curve for This Shop Owner. Once Kathleen Jarosik from Xpertech Auto Repair in Englewood, FL bought the business from her former husband she went from the background to the foreground of the business. Trial by…
THA 063: Making Business Partnerships Work
Apr 17
The Qualities of a Good Partnership or How to Make Partnerships Work. Partners and brothers Vinnie and Anthony Lucido from CoAuto, Community Conscious Car Care in Reno, NV and partners Shawn Kline and Jeremy Austrum from Next Generation Auto in Baldwin,…
RR 319: ASA Northwest – Jobst, Smith, Kelley
Apr 16
Ask for help. Offer help. Reaching out to help your peers. Become the fly on the wall at ASA Northwest’s training event, ATE, and listen to an enlightening panel discussion with Butch Jobst, the ASA Northwest Chairman of the Board from B & B Automotive in…
RR 318: Ryan Kooiman, Jeff Masterman & Jerry Bishop from Standard Motor Products Training
Apr 12
A Perspective on the Value and Future of Technician Training. Listen and learn from Ryan Kooiman, Director of Training at Standard Motor Products, Jeff Masterman, the Manager of Technician Training Development and Wayne ‘Jerry’ Bishop, well known…
THA 062: Come Backs – Prevention, Reputation and the Cost
Apr 10
The Dreaded Come Back: The Keys To Prevention. Comeback prevention starts at the front door. It is all about communication. Writing enough information to the technician the better he/she can handle the diagnosis. To improve the end product and to reduce…
RR 317: Mark Colaw from CarFest and Seymour’s Garage
Apr 9
Philanthropy on Steroids: CarFest – An Industry And Image Game Changer: Built With Hearts and Hands. Mark Colaw has owned Seymour’s Garage since 1985. This episode is about Mark Colaw’s passion: Carfest. This is, by far, the most comprehensive…
RR 316: Scott Brown with Diagnostic Network
Apr 5
Is The Industry Ready For A Diagnostician Learning Platform That Is Deeply Connected To The Industry? Diagnostic Network, Scott Brown’s new venture, will be a learning platform and open a deep channel of communication for diagnosticians and aspiring…
THA 061: Know Your Daily Sales Break Even Number
Apr 3
The Rule of Holes: Know When To Stop Digging Knowing your break-even point — the point at which total cost and total revenue are equal is important to running a business. It is not just good enough to reach your daily break even, you must exceed it if you…
RR 315: Chris Gardner from AASA
Apr 2
Technology Talk, AAPEX, ADAS, CES and More. Chris Gardner, MAAP, is the Vice President or Programs and Member Services for AASA, the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association. AASA is the voice for the Aftermarket Supplier Industry. Chris also manages…
RR 314: Educator Think Tank – Vision 2018
Mar 29
You Cannot Ignore Your Role in The Automotive Technology Education System. Go inside the Vision 2018 Studio with the Educators Think Tank. Join Rick Escalambre, Retired Instructor Skyline College, and educator of the year 2017, Scott Brown from Diagnostic…
THA 060: How To Get Value From Recorded Service Calls
Mar 27
How To Get Value From Recorded Service Calls Listen and learn from Rena Rennebohm, service advisor coach and the Chief Training Officer of ACT Group, Keith Williamson, president of Williamson’s Repair and Tire in Bondurant, IA and service advisor Lauren…
RR 313: Taurayi Raymond Sewera from Truck Tech & General Services
Mar 26
The Trip To Vision KC 2018 was 9,000 Miles. One Way. There’s nothing too hard if you are determined to work hard enough. Do not underestimate your talent; you may never know where it will take you. Words from Taurayi Raymond Sewera. He is a shop owner…
RR 312: NASTF – The Road To Great Technicians
Mar 22
The Road to Great Technicians We talk so much about solutions to the technician shortage. Here is an episode that will get you to realize that there is so much more than filling the seats in trade schools. It is about what happens when we hire a new tech.…
THA 059: Critical Daily Actions That Matter
Mar 20
Shop Owners Must Do’s: Daily Actions that Matter: Why Routine Matters. We had a very deep discussion on critical daily actions that will keep your business compliant and running smoothly. You’ll walk away with a strong sense of discipline in building a…
RR 311: Scott Pelava from Lonsdale Auto Works
Mar 19
Stronger and Better Because of the Challenges He Faced Scott Pelava a fellow shop owner from Lonsdale, MN has had an interesting road to success; sometimes rocky. Many shop owners can relate to tough times. Scott had the ‘grass was greener syndrome’ that…
RR 310: Ron Ipach from Repair Shop Coach
Mar 15
Without Customers You Have No Business. One of the most important jobs of a service professional CEO is to be a marketer; to make the phone ring. In this episode Ron Ipach, co-founder and President of Repair Shop Coach will share with you a very simple…
THA 058: How to Become the Employer of Choice
Mar 13
How to Become the Employer of Choice. Join Ryan Clo from Dubwerx in Cincinnati, Dwayne Myers from Dynamic Automotive in Frederick, MD and the Director of Training at RLO, Barry Barrett. You have an opportunity to listen to three of your aftermarket…
RR 309: The Shop of the Future – Are You Prepared? Vision 2018 Town Hall
Mar 12
The Shop of the Future: Are You Prepared? Have you thought about how you will do business in the future? Well the mission of this panel was to stretch the boundaries and serve up plenty of thoughts, concepts and changes coming that you need to be…
RR 308: Mike Bennett from Mike’s Kars and an ATI Coach
Mar 8
Why Don’t Shop Owners Bring the Same Level Of Curiosity They Had As Techs To the Business Side Of The Business? Mike Bennett from Mike’s Kars in Gettysburg, PA is a full-time business coach for ATI. His personal light bulb moment was when he realized he…
THA 057: Your Profit & Loss Statement. Learn it. Love it.
Mar 6
The Power of Strong Financial Statements No question that knowing the value of your Profit and Loss Statement helps you grow a strong, viable and profitable company. Many shop owners have not gotten intimate enough with the value of their financial…