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Why Photographers Should Choose Their Top Ten Photos Annually!
Feb 11 • 46 min
Jeff explains why photographers should choose their top ten image annually and what benefit he saw from doing that for 2018.
Photographer’s Guide to RAID
Jan 12 • 72 min
Jeff and Greg Benz discuss the what, why, and how of RAID for photographers. What Is RAID Storage? RAID is a way to make a few hard drives work together to look like they are all one drive to your computer that can be very fast and more reliably than a…
What Is Luminosity Masking?
Nov 12, 2018 • 53 min
Greg Benz joins Jeff to answer the question of “What is Luminosity Masking?” Episode Sponsors: Squarespace has beautiful templates to make your website look great and 24 hour support if you do happen to get stuck. Head over to for…
Ultimate Guide to Digitizing Prints and Negatives
Oct 2, 2018 • 50 min
Chris Marquardt talks with Jeff about everything you need to know about digitizing prints and negatives/slides using scanners and cameras. Episode Sponsor: Squarespace We love squarespace and are sure you will too for showing off your best work. Head over…
What’s New with Lightroom CC 1.5?
Sep 10, 2018 • 35 min
Jeff is joined by good friend of the show, Victoria Bampton (better known as the Lightroom Queen), to talk about the new desktop and mobile features of Lightroom CC 1.5 released in August 2018.
Adjustment Syncing and Selection in Lightroom
Aug 13, 2018 • 52 min
Jeff Harmon answers a listener question about how it is that adjustment syncing between two or more photos should work in Lightroom. He describes some important details about how photo selections work, the role of the “active” photo in selections and…
Lightroom Computer 2018
Jul 9, 2018 • 84 min
Jeff talks with computer building expert Matt Bach of Puget Systems about the best choices for building a computer to run Lightroom in 2018. They talk about all of the decisions to make to custom build a Windows computer, as well as the recommendations…
XMP Explained!
Jun 11, 2018 • 65 min
Jeff walks through the details of XMP, what it is, why photographers should care, the pros and cons, multiple options to turn in on in Lightroom, and a couple of lesser known options.
ULTIMATE Guide to Backup for Photographers
May 14, 2018 • 59 min
Jeff refreshes information from his 2015 article, the ULTIMATE Backup Workflow for Photographers, with information from 2018 including the two “storage walls” photographers slam into in their photographic journey and how to recover from hitting both of…
Lightroom 7.3 Profiles Explained!
Apr 30, 2018 • 41 min
Jeff walks through a revamp of the profiles feature in the release of Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 and Camera Raw 10.3. Even though profiles have been around for nearly 20 years, Adobe made a lot of changes to them in this release. Jeff walks through: There…
Lr Embedded Preview Workflow
Apr 9, 2018 • 29 min
Jeff Harmon walks through how to significantly speed up you culling process in Lightroom by using the Embedded Preview workflow: * Disable background processes (pause syncing to Lr CC, pause addresses lookup, pause face detection) * Set critical…
SAU Q1 2018 and Memory Card Hygiene
Mar 12, 2018 • 32 min
Jeff Harmon provides go/no go on the State of Adobe Updates Q1 2018. The he outlines 8 steps of good hygiene for memory cards: 1) Turn off Camera 2) Wait for 5 seconds 3) Carefully remove card and put it in a card reader 4) Use a GOOD card reader 5) Copy…
Lr Classic CC 7.1 With The Lightroom Queen
Feb 12, 2018 • 37 min
Jeff is joined by Victoria Bampton, a.k.a. The Lightroom Queen, to talk about Lightroom Classic CC 7.1. They talk about her new Lightroom Classic CC The Missing FAQ book and go over 6 questions (including tips on faster culling in Lightroom, the magic…
DPI With Don Komarechka
Feb 5, 2018 • 57 min
Jeff and Don Komarechka geek out over one of the most misunderstood concepts of DPI or dots per inch. They talk about how file size, pixel dimensions, and DPI don’t really have anything to do with each other, how Adobe isn’t doing photographers any favors…
Lr Classic CC 7.1 Update & Composite Portraits
Jan 8, 2018 • 109 min
Jeff updated his Lightroom Classic CC status with version. 7.1 from “WAIT!” to “cautiously proceed”. He recommends backing up your catalog prior to updating and then checking out the new version at a point where you don’t have a huge client Jon to process…
Holiday Gift Guide 2017
Dec 4, 2017 • 41 min
Jeff Harmon goes over gift ideas for the 2017 holiday season in budget categories from $20 to $2,000. Don’t forget about the Improve Photography Retreat 2018 and Jeff’s post-Retreat workshop “Be a Ninja With Your Camera” that you can sign up for at…
Is Lightroom CC Classic?
Nov 13, 2017 • 41 min
Jeff Harmon goes over the details about the two new Lightroom programs now available to Creative Cloud subscribers, the costs of the various Creative Cloud options, and a healthy number of bugs that have been reported making his recommendation be that…
Inexpensive Flash
Oct 9, 2017 • 44 min
Jeff answers a listener question about hobbyist photographers getting into flash photography from listener Jose Lopez “I’ve primarily been taking photos of landscapes, events, and other natural light subjects, but recently wanted to do more photography…
Online Backup
Sep 11, 2017 • 49 min
Jim Goldstein, from cloud backup provider Backblaze, comes on to talk with Jeff about 7 important questions photographers should have about backing up their photos and Lightroom catalog to the cloud: 1) How can a cloud backup provider help with the “1” of…
HIGTS – Millers Park Wedding Photo
Aug 14, 2017 • 34 min
Jeff Harmon does a detailed “How I Got The Shot” (HIGTS) for the first portrait shot he felt like he created instead of just captured. It happened to be a wedding photo taken in the summer of 2017. He talks about how he actually had a sad ending to the…
AFMA Revisited
Jul 31, 2017 • 23 min
Jeff Harmon revisits one of the most popular Photo Taco topics ever published and talks about his experience doing Autofocus Micro Adjustment (AFMA) tuning over a 5 month period. There are things he has learned that are important for portrait…
Photographic Dynamic Range
Jul 10, 2017 • 55 min
Jeff Harmon talks with Bill Claff about his Photographic Dynamic Range testing and math that can be seen on his website. Jeff goes over the following questions with Bill: 1) Who is Bill Claff and what do you do with photography? 2)…
2017 iMac For Photogs
Jun 19, 2017
Jeff Harmon talks about a few changes to the show with some consolidation to a single Improve Photography podcast feed and a single Facebook group and then answers a question from listener Katie Shipley who asked: “I had just finished listening to the…
PhotoPills Tour
Jun 7, 2017
Jeff Harmon takes listeners on a surface level tour of the PhotoPills app with 5 stops on the tour: 1) What does the PhotoPills app do? 2) How photographers should learn to use the app? 3) Why is the app called PhotoPills? 4) What do each of the Photo…
Take Your PhotoPills
May 27, 2017
Jeff Harmon is joined by Rafel Pons of the PhotoPills app team to talk about how photographers can learn to use the fantastic PhotoPills app: 1) Best way to get started? 2) Free, online videos are great ( but are there good cheat sheets…
Photographers, Don’t WannaCry
May 24, 2017
Jeff Harmon offers advice on how photographers can defend themselves from ransomware like WannaCry (aka Wanna Decrypter and WannaCrypt) through following 3 primary computing habits: 1) Keep your computer updated. Only install software you went out to get,…
Shooting A Solar Eclipse
May 17, 2017
Jeff Harmon is joined by Brent Bergherm to talk about shooting a solar eclipse. For the first time since 1979 a total solar eclipse will be visible from locations across the continental United States and Jeff goes over 6 questions with Brent about how a…
When is it Time to Upgrade Your Camera?
May 9, 2017
Jeff Harmon answers a question from listener Melanie Rice who on the Facebook page asked: Question about upgrading equipment: Started 10 years ago with a Canon 30D. Upgraded to Canon 60D 3 years ago when photography played a bigger role in my graphic…
Lightroom: 2 Bugs and Catalog Backup
Apr 29, 2017
Jeff Harmon talks about 2 Lightroom bugs that he has had a lot of questions on from listeners: 1) In 2015.10 / 6.10 when round tripping from Lightroom to Photoshop an error message saying that the Camera Raw plug-in is not version 9.10 is coming up even…
AFMA Explained
Apr 25, 2017
Jeff Harmon answers year old listener question from Improve Photography writer Aaron Taylor: Here’s a Photo Taco episode if there ever was one: AF Microadjust/Fine Tune. Why do it? When to do it? How important? Is it obsessive or necessary? Use a Lenscal…
Keyword Like A Pro
Apr 17, 2017
Jeff Harmon talks through three mini-topics and then shares how to use the keywording features of Lightroom like a Pro including the Keyword Tags box, Keyword Suggestions box, and the Keyword Set box of the Keywording panel along with the Keyword List…
State Of The Updates Q1 2017
Apr 10, 2017
Jeff Harmon provides his view on the current state of major software updates for photographers including Windows 10 Creator’s Update, Apple macOS Sierra (10.12.4), Lightroom CC 2015.9/6.9, Luminar, and On1 Photo 2017. ====================== Advertisers…
Memory Cards Explained
Apr 4, 2017
Get $10 off MacPhun Luminar by using coupon code PHOTOTACO at checkout! Jeff Harmon is joined by special guest Jeff Steinwand of to talk about memory cards. They walk through the following questions: 1. Jeff’s process for testing…
Hyperfocal Distance Explained!
Mar 25, 2017
Jeff Harmon explains aperture, depth of field, and hyperfocal distance as well as why hyperfocal distance is a concept EVERY photographer should understand regardless of what type of photography they do. Advertisers: MacPhun…
Lightroom On Two Computers
Mar 18, 2017
Jeff Harmon offers 3 Lightroom tips based on questions that were asked at or just after the Improve Photography Retreat in March 2017. Tip #1: Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts. It will increase the speed of your photography workflow if you will learn the…
Retreat 2017 Top 10
Mar 14, 2017
Jeff Harmon share the top 10 things he learned during the 2017 Improve Photography Retreat. Advertisers for this episode: $19.99/mo offer code “PHOTOTACO” for $10 off Top Ten from IP Retreat 2017: 1. Not a…
Client Proofs And Culling
Mar 6, 2017
Jeff Harmon answers listener question from Angela Norton who loved the Culling Like a Pro episode but came away from it wondering something: Angela: Jeff Harmon LOVED this episode. I ignored it in my feed, because I thought I was doing good with…
Instagram Like A Pro
Feb 25, 2017
Jeff Harmon gets expert advice from Instagrammer Josh Packer (@packtography) on how to grow your Instagram account. Within a couple of year Josh has grown his following to better than 50,000 without following many people. They walk through the following…
Luminar Vs Lightroom
Feb 20, 2017
Jeff Harmon goes over 10 observations he has made comparing the new Luminar software from MacPhun with the old market leader in Adobe Lightrooom. 1. Non-live histogram 2. Layers Concept 3. Eraser tool (spot removal) 4. Deniose tool (noise reduction) 5.…
Lightroom Organization
Feb 11, 2017
Jeff Harmon and guest Victoria Bampton, better known as the Lightroom Queen, talk about 5 key principles that should guide how they organize their photos both inside and outside of Lightroom: 1. Scalable 2. Easy Backup & Restore 3. No Duplication 4.…
Kaby Lake And Lightroom
Feb 7, 2017
Jeff Harmon talks about the very latest, 7th generation processors from Intel code named Kaby Lake and if they are meaningful to the performance of Lightroom and Photoshop. Resources mentioned in the podcast: Windows Photo Editing SUPER Guide:…
Choosing Which Lens To Buy
Jan 31, 2017
Jeff Harmon brings on guest host Brent Bergherm to answer two listener questions about buying lenses: Steve Blacket: I need to upgrade a lens. I keep looking at different lenses; Nikon, Tamron, Sigma…. It is really tough to decide as every lens has…
What Makes A Lens Fast and T-Stops
Jan 21, 2017
Jeff Harmon answers two listeners questions, that became 3 listener questions: Amber Davidson: Have you ever done a podcast on lens speed? I’ve heard people refer to a lens as “fast” but not all same aperture lenses are considered equal. Could you explain…
Getting Started With A Graphics Tablet
Jan 19, 2017
Jeff Harmon walks through the things he has learned as he has incorporated a graphics tablet into his post processing workflow and some specific settings to look at in Photoshop. Check out Brian Pex’s very well done article at…
Lightroom Virtual Copies
Jan 7, 2017
Jeff Harmon answers a question from listener Mike West about Lightroom Virtual Copies and history. He also talks about how to request Adobe add features to Lightroom and a little about the snapshots feature in Lightroom. Resources mentioned in the…
Culling Like A Pro
Dec 31, 2016
Jeff Harmon shares a tip on how it is he quickly and effectively culls his images using the star rating system in Lightroom and why it is photographers should consider doing the same. Other episodes mentioned: Why and How of Annual Top Ten:…
Raw Bit Depth
Dec 27, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers listener question from Ruben Zaldaña about bit depth setup for Nikon Raw files between 12 and 14 and what choosing 12 would give up in order to get a higher frames per second. =============================== Other articles referred to…
Breaking Comfort Zone
Dec 22, 2016
In this episode of the Photo Taco Podcast, host Jeff Harmon asks listeners to share their Top Ten photos of 2016 on social media and tag them with #phototaco and #topten. Then he talks about how breaking out of his photography comfort zone to take on a…
Why And How Annual Top 10
Dec 15, 2016
Jeff Harmon goes through the why and the how of an annual Top 10 process that helps him make significant progress year after year in improving his photography. He walks through his own setup using the collections feature of Lightroom so that listeners can…
Sizing For Sharing
Dec 5, 2016
Jeff Harmon takes on the question for listener Scott Spain who asked: “On the heels of this great topic (JPEG Mini), I’d love to hear an episode that contains your thoughts on what image dimensions to use for various avenues. What size for Instagram?…
Bought Lightroom – Now What
Nov 26, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers a listener question listener David Medranda asked on the Photo Taco Listeners Facebook group: “I have an idea for a PT. I just got Lightroom. What next? It would be a run down of the top, say 5 things you should 1) learn first,…
Supermoon HIGTS
Nov 22, 2016
Jeff Harmon does a “how I got the shot” (HIGTS) by walking through the minute details that went into his late November 2016 supermoon shot. You can see the shot at Photo Taco Archive:…
5 Lightroom Performance TIps
Nov 15, 2016
Jeff Harmon shares 5 ways to squeeze the very most performance out of the Adobe Lightroom post-processing software. Resources mentioned in the podcast: Photo Taco - Photo Editing Computer Hardware:…
Auto Exposure Lock
Nov 5, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers a listener question about the what, why, and how of exposure lock. Other episodes mentioned: June 2015: Why Shoot in Manual Mode January 2016: Metering Modes Explained:…
Microsoft Vs Apple Hardware 2016
Nov 2, 2016
Jeff Harmon shares his thoughts on the hardware announcements made by both Microsoft and Apple in the last week of October 2016 and what it means to photographers. Mac vs PC for Photographers:…
JPEG Mini Review
Oct 24, 2016
Jeff Harmon walks through an frequently requested review of the JPEG Mini product from BEAMR, what it claims to do, how good it does it, and if photographers should consider purchasing the product.
Starting With Video
Oct 18, 2016
Jeff Harmon and guest host Dave Dugdale talk about how to get started shooting video with your DSLR or mirrorless camera. Check out Dave’s website at Photo Taco Archive: iTunes review…
Getting Beyond Amateur
Oct 10, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers a listener question asking for advice on how to get beyond the amateur results they have been getting.
Bracketing Explained
Oct 2, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers a listener question about Auto Exposure Bracketing, specifically how far apart the brackets should be. Help Jeff out with his JPEGMini experiment: Tony Northrup’s excellent video demonstrating trading time for…
Making Sense Of Lenses
Sep 25, 2016
Jeff Harmon asks for help with his JPEGMini experiment and answers a listener question about how to make sense of lenses and the numbers photographers throw around when talking about them.
TIFF Or PSD For External Editing
Sep 17, 2016
Ever wondered if you should “round trip” between Lightroom and Photoshop using TIFF or PSD? Jeff Harmon walks through the details about the pros and cons of each and provides a recommendation on which to use.
Exports For Printing
Sep 13, 2016
Jeff Harmon walks through important details in understanding how it is you export your photos for printing from Lightroom, Photoshop, or other photo editing software.
Spot Metering Gotcha
Sep 3, 2016
Jeff Harmon takes a deep dive into spot metering and talks about a potential “gotcha” to be aware of specific to spot metering that if unaware could cause photographers not to use it. Links to other Photo Taco episodes referenced in this episode: Metering…
Sports Photography With Sharky James
Aug 30, 2016
Jeff Harmon and Sharky James (of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast) walk through everything you need to know to jump into sports photography in the fall of 2016.
Photo Editing Computer Hardware
Aug 22, 2016
Jeff Harmon is joined by custom PC building specialist William George from Puget Systems to talk about the computer hardware that actually matters with photo editing.
Edit Capture Time
Aug 13, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers a listener question on how to update the date/time of photos so that two cameras are in sync.
Ps Roundtripping Collections
Aug 9, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers a listener question about round tripping from Lightroom to Photoshop when using collections in Lightroom.
Lightroom Queen
Jul 30, 2016
Jeff Harmon talks with Victoria Bampton, the Lightroom Queen, about Lightroom performance, tips on organization, GPU acceleration, and a number of other nuances.
What And Why Tethering
Jul 26, 2016
Sandy Dorau, a professional commercial product photographer, talks the what and why for tethering your camera.
Jumping Into Drones
Jul 18, 2016
The fabulous Nick Page talks about his experience doing photography and video with a drone. iTunes review link: Facebook Photo Taco Group:…
Windows 10 Upgrade
Jul 11, 2016
Jeff Harmon talks about the things photographers need to know about upgrading their Windows PC to Windows 10 and how it will cost $120 more after July 29th 2016. iTunes review link:…
Hard Drive Full
Jul 11, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers a listener question about what a “non-techie” photography is supposed to do when the computer is telling them their computer has not more space. iTunes review link:…
Ps JPEG Exports
Jul 3, 2016
Jeff Harmon walks through the 3 ways to export from Photoshop to JPEG (Save As, Save for Web, Export As) and what every option on all the screens means and how he recommends they be set - including the quality levels. iTunes review link:…
Photographing Fireworks
Jun 30, 2016
A special episode made just for your holiday listening pleasure with the 4th of July coming up in the USA where Brian McGuckin gives you 20 glorious minutes of tips on how to photograph fireworks. Enjoy and have a great holiday for those in the USA!
HIGTS Milky Way
Jun 29, 2016
Jeff Harmon walks through how he got a recent photo of the Milky Way taken while helping out a local Boy Scout Troop on an overnight camp. He goes over how he chose the composition, the gear that was used (and how you don’t need thousands of dollars in…
Photo Website Hosting
Jun 18, 2016
Jeff Harmon shares his tips on how to choose a photo website hosting provider. iTunes review link: Facebook Photo Taco Group:…
Lr Smart Previews
Jun 11, 2016
Jeff Harmon explains the Smart Previews feature that Adobe put into Lightroom 5 in 2013 and how it can be used to make your culling go 4x faster even if you don’t use an external hard drive.
Lightroom Vignetting
Jun 4, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers a listener question about the 3 different post-crop vignette modes in Lightroom. iTunes review link: Facebook Photo Taco Group:…
What Is Diffraction
May 30, 2016
Jeff Harmon explains what diffraction is, what it does, and what you can do about it.
Image Stabilization On or Off
May 21, 2016
Jeff Harmon tackles the question of whether leaving image stabilization on all the time could make your photos not tack sharp.
Portrait Retouching
May 16, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers a listener question about portrait retouching and offers a tip on something you probably don’t know about Lightroom!
DOF Button And Monitor Inputs
May 9, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers two different and unrelated listener questions about the depth of field (DOF) button on DSLR cameras and what inputs to use connecting a computer to a monitor.
Apr 23, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers a question from the podcast Facebook group about TTL and remote controlling the power of flash.
Lightroom Develop Module
Apr 23, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers a listener question about the order of using the various panels in the Lightroom Develop module.
Exposure Compensation Explained
Apr 16, 2016
Jeff Harmon explains exposure compensation, what it does, and how to use it.
Histogram Explained
Apr 12, 2016
Jeff Harmon explains histograms and how to use them in photography including what it means to “clip” and “blow out” when taking a photo.
Photography And Storage
Apr 4, 2016
Jeff Harmon outlines the storage workflow he is currently using keep all of his photos online at once in Lightroom and suggests a good strategy for photographers with much bigger disk needs.
In-Camera Picture Styles
Mar 29, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers a listener question about in-camera picture profiles (landscape, portrait, etc) and what they are for.
In – Camera White Balance
Mar 21, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers a question about in-camera white balance, what it is and if you should use it.
Min Shutter Speed Max Sharpness
Mar 14, 2016
Is the old 1/focus length a good rule for getting maximum sharpness, or is it a wives’ tale now with digital cameras? Jim Harmer tells you what his testing has shown.
Large Lightroom Catalogs
Mar 7, 2016
Jeff Harmon tells photographers (in very technical detail) if they should plan to split their Lightroom catalog after putting a large number of photos in there.
Periscope For Photographers
Feb 29, 2016
Brian McGuckin shares some tips on how to use Periscope as a photographer
Focus Points
Feb 22, 2016
Jeff Harmon talks about contrast vs. phase detection and single vs. cross-type focus points.
Shooting Real Estate
Feb 17, 2016
Guest host Brian McGuckin offers some tips on shooting real estate photography.
Portrait Backgrounds
Feb 9, 2016
Jeff Harmon shares tips on how to get an all white background in a portrait and something that may save you some time with large group portraits indoors.
Roundtripping Lr And Ps
Feb 2, 2016
Jeff Harmon answer a listener question about roundtripping between Lightroom and Photoshop, then finding the image that was edited.
Fast Lightroom Editing Tips
Jan 23, 2016
Jeff Harmon shares tips to speed up editing sessions with thousands of photos using presents, copy/paste, sync, and other Lightroom features.
Lenses On Crop Sensors
Jan 19, 2016
Jeff Harmon explains how lenses behave differently on crop sensor cameras compared to full frame.
JPEG Compression Levels
Jan 9, 2016
Jeff Harmon talks about JPEG compression levels and what photographers should set the “Quality” level to as they export files to JPEG.
Metering Explained
Jan 4, 2016
Jeff Harmon answers a listener question about metering, metering modes, and when to use each.
To DNG Or Not To DNG Part 2
Dec 29, 2015
Jeff Harmon finishes up his discussion on the Adobe DNG file format and tells you whether he thinks photographers should be using it as they process their images in Lightroom
To DNG or Not to DNG – Part 1
Dec 22, 2015
First part of a two part episode where Jeff Harmon talks about the DNG file format and if it is something that photographers should be using.
Syncing Lightroom 2 Computers
Dec 14, 2015
Jeff Harmon talks about how you can sync a Lightroom catalog between two computers.
Photo Taco – HDR Panoramas
Dec 10, 2015
Nick Page talks about how to combine HDR and panorama
Lightroom Dark/Light Sliders
Dec 5, 2015
Jeff Harmon takes on explaining the difference between the 8 sliders dealing with the dark and light portions of a photo in the basic and tone curve panels of the develop module in Lightroom
What Is EV
Dec 3, 2015
Jeff Harmon does his best to explain the term “EV” in photography.
Nov 26, 2015
Darin Mellor outlines 4 setups for tethering along with the pros and cons of each one.
Aspect Ratio
Nov 24, 2015
Jeff Harmon explains aspect ratio and how to use it correctly to make sure your photos aren’t squished or stretched.
The Talent Myth
Nov 15, 2015
Nick Page talks about the “talent myth” and photography.
Upgrading To Full Frame – Part 2
Nov 9, 2015
Jeff Harmon shares part 2 of his thoughts about what a person wanting to upgrade a crop sensor camera to full frame should know.
Upgrading To Full Frame – Part 1
Nov 2, 2015
Part 1 of 2 part episode where Jeff Harmon explains some important things to consider when thinking about upgrading that crop sensor body to a full frame sensor body.
Move Lightroom To New Computer
Oct 26, 2015
Jeff Harmon describes the process for moving Lightroom to a new computer.
Color Spaces
Oct 19, 2015
Jeff Harmon explains color spaces and photography
Telling True Stories with Photography
Oct 13, 2015
Telling True Stories with Photography by phototaco
How To Make Your Photos Look More Professional
Oct 13, 2015
How To Make Your Photos Look More Professional by phototaco
Adding Photo Mechanic to Your Lightroom Workflow
Oct 13, 2015
Adding Photo Mechanic to Your Lightroom Workflow by phototaco
How Big Can My Camera Print?
Oct 13, 2015
How Big Can My Camera Print? by phototaco
What is an EVF?
Oct 13, 2015
What is an EVF? by phototaco
Capture One: Can it replace Lightroom?
Oct 13, 2015
Capture One: Can it replace Lightroom? by phototaco
MS Surface Product Line
Oct 12, 2015
Jeff Harmon geeks out of the possibilities for photographers to use the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book for their photo editing needs!
Budget Friendly Assitants
Oct 7, 2015
Erica Kay talks about how to get an assistant involved at a reasonable cost
Video Sizes
Oct 5, 2015
Jeff Harmon nerds out about the size of 4K video and how long you can record on 32GB SD cards
Keeping Clients Happy
Sep 30, 2015
Erica Kay shares some tips on how to keep your clients happy and coming back for more!
Wedding Networking
Sep 28, 2015
Erica Kay shares tips about how to network as a wedding photographer.
Productivity Tools – MTCB and Stand Up!
Sep 23, 2015
Jeff Harmon shares a couple of things he is doing to make his editing sessions more productive.
Symbiotic Partnership
Sep 21, 2015
Erica Kay talks about the importance of establishing partnerships the mutually benefit the photographer and the partner.
Intro To Drone
Sep 17, 2015
Jim Harmer provides an introduction to drone photography
Instagram Posting
Sep 14, 2015
Jeff Harmon shares tips on how to share your edited photos to Instagram.
USB – C And Thunderbolt 3
Sep 9, 2015
Jeff Harmon nerds out about how USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 technologies and how it will help photographers.
Sky Replacement Part 2
Sep 7, 2015
The long anticipated second part of Sky Replacement tips by Nick Page!
Sky Replacement – Part 1
Sep 2, 2015
First episode in a two part series where Nick Page walks you through how to replace the sky in a photo through a technique called compositing
Chromatic Aberration
Aug 31, 2015
Jeff Harmon explains “chromatic aberration” and gives 4 things you can do about it.
Focal Length Explained
Aug 26, 2015
Jeff Harmon does his best to explain focal length
What The F – Stop
Aug 24, 2015
Jeff Harmon does his best to explain f-stop in a way for beginners to understand it.
Braving The Streets
Aug 19, 2015
Darrin Mellor shares his top tips for shooting street photography
5 Photography Business Tips
Aug 17, 2015
Darrin Mellor shares his 5 tops tips about running a photography business.
Essential Landscape Photography Gear
Aug 12, 2015
Nick Page details the “essential” pieces of photography gear for landscape photography
How I Do HDR
Aug 10, 2015
Jeff Harmon walks through all the steps taken to get an HDR shot of a sunset on the Oregon coast.
Starburst Effect
Jul 29, 2015
Brian McGuckin shares how to get a starburst effect on the lights in your shot
Shooting Meteor Showers
Jul 29, 2015
Nick Page shares how to shoot a meteor shower
Jul 29, 2015
Jeff Harmon shares how he does the ETTR (expose to the right) technique
Giving Up The RAW
Jul 26, 2015
Jeff Harmon provides information photographers can send clients to for educating them on RAW files and what it means to ask for them as part of a paid shoot.
Jul 22, 2015
Nick Page shares tips on the gear and techniques to do astophotography
Focus Lock
Jul 20, 2015
Jim Harmer talks about the proper way to lock in focus on your camera.
Book More Now
Jul 15, 2015
Erica Kay shares several tips that will help you get more bookings now!
Good V Evil Super Powers
Jul 12, 2015
Jeff Harmon talks about the super powers photographers have to be used for good v evil
Dominate Social Media
Jul 8, 2015
Erica Kay shares her tips on how to DOMINATE social media.
Bit By The Travel Bug
Jul 6, 2015
Brian McGuckin talks about being bitten by the travel photography bug.
Photographing Couples
Jul 1, 2015
Erica Kay shares some tips on how to shoot couples
Travel Tips
Jun 29, 2015
Brian McGukin shares his best travel photography tips
Photographing Women
Jun 23, 2015
Erica Kay, co-host of the Portrait Session Podcast, shares her best tips on how to pose women to get shots that she will love.
Travel Photography Prep
Jun 21, 2015
Brian McGuckin, the host of the Thoughts on Photography Podcast, shares his tips on how to prepare for a travel photography trip.
Killer Ring Shots
Jun 16, 2015
Erica Kay tells you how to get “killer” ring shots as part of shooting a wedding.
What Is An Intervalometer
Jun 14, 2015
Jeff Harmon talks about the basics of what an intervalometer is and why you need one for some types of photography.
Wedding Gear
Jun 9, 2015
Erica Kay shares information about here favorite gear to shoot weddings.
Why The Noise
Jun 8, 2015
Jeff Harmon explains why digital cameras produce noise and what you can do about it.
Wedding Day Prep
Jun 2, 2015
Erica Kay shares some tips on how to make the day of your wedding shoot a good one.
Why Manual Mode
Jun 1, 2015
Jeff Harmon answers a listener question about why anyone would shoot in manual mode.
Wedding Photography Preparation
May 26, 2015
Erica Kay shares 5 tips on perfect preparation for shooting a wedding
May 25, 2015
Jeff Harmon compares RAW to JPEG and talks pros and cons
Softboxes vs. Umbrellas
May 20, 2015
Nick Page talks about the differences between softboxes and umbrellas
New Lr CC 2015 Preferences
May 18, 2015
Jeff Harmon goes over two new preference options available in the new Lightroom CC 2015
Lightpainting Tips
May 13, 2015
Nick Pages walks you through some basic lightpainting techniques in photography
Hobbyist Pricing
May 11, 2015
Jeff Harmon walks through some suggestions on how a hobbyist should price their photo shoots.
7 Deadly Sins Of Landscape Photography
May 6, 2015
Nick Page hosts this episode that outlines the 7 deadly sins of landscape photography
Lightroom Secret Weapon – HSL
May 4, 2015
Jeff Harmon talks about a secret weapon in Lightroom many photographers don’t seem to use or know about with the HSL panel and how it can help with colors in a photo
Special Episode – Preset Deal & Lr CC Speed
May 1, 2015
This is a special episode of Photo Taco announcing a couple of things from improvephotography: the bi-annual presets deal and how to speed up Lightroom CC
Don’t Corrupt Your SD Cards
Apr 16, 2015
Jeff Harmon shares 7 quick tips to help you avoid corrupting your SD cards
Lightroom Collections
Apr 15, 2015
Jeff Harmon, Hobbyist Editor at, offers a tip of why it is he thinks photographers should use collections instead of folders to organize their photos
Screen Size
Apr 13, 2015
Jeff Harmon talks about how screen size and screen resolution plays into photo editing
The Beginner’s Trap
Mar 15, 2015
A tip for those just starting out with photography on avoiding “the beginner’s trap!” Visit for great articles on news, gear, and other photography tips.
Real Estate Do’s And Dont’s
Mar 11, 2015
Nick Page, professional photography and host of the Portrait Session podcast on the Improve Photography network goes over the do’s and don’ts of real estate photography
Photo Taco – 5 Sport Tips
Mar 11, 2015
Professional photographer and host of the Portrait Sessions podcast on the Improve Photography podcast network outlines 5 tips every photographer should know about sports photography
How to Get More Feedback on Your Photos
Mar 10, 2015
How to Get More Feedback on Your Photos by phototaco
It’s a diopter, dodo!
Mar 10, 2015
It’s a diopter, dodo! by phototaco
Contrast vs. Phase Detect Autofocus Modes
Mar 10, 2015
Contrast vs. Phase Detect Autofocus Modes by phototaco
Macro Photography on the cheap!
Mar 10, 2015
Macro Photography on the cheap! by phototaco
Change Your Settings Faster!
Mar 10, 2015
Change Your Settings Faster! by phototaco
Focus Breathing
Mar 10, 2015
Learn what “focus breathing” is and if it is something you should be worried about.
Free Photo Backup Tool For PC
Mar 10, 2015
A quick tip in a free utility for PC users to automatically backup their photos to an external hard drive.
Lightroom Solo Mode
Mar 10, 2015
A quick tip on a simple configuration change to make using Lightroom go faster.
The Beginner’s Trap
Mar 10, 2015
An episode discussing the “beginner’s trap” in photography and how to avoid it.
Back Button Focus
Mar 10, 2015
A quick review of what back button focus is and why you may want to enable it on your camera - at least for some types of shooting.
Weird Photography Tips That Actually Work (6 – 9)
Mar 7, 2015
Photo Taco is a photography tips podcast where each episode last only the time it would take for you to eat a taco, or maybe a burrito! Jeff Harmon, Hobbyist Editor at, as the host for this episode shares weird photography tips 6…
Weird Photography Tips That Actually Work (1 – 5)
Mar 2, 2015
Photo Taco is a photography tips podcast where each episode last only the time it would take for you to eat a taco, or maybe a burrito! Jeff Harmon, Hobbyist Editor at, as the host for this episode shares 5 out of 9 weird…
Weather Sealing: Some things you probably don’t know
Feb 23, 2015
Tips on choosing a camera with weather sealing, how weather sealed cameras actually are, and more.