My Fellow Kansans

My Fellow Kansans
Statehouse Blend is one-part profile and one-part insider look at the Kansas Legislature and the Missouri General Assembly. Each week, hosts Sam Zeff and Brian Ellison welcome a state representative or senator to the podcast to talk policy and politics, a
My Fellow Kansans: Live Roundtable
Dec 14 • 22 min
Kansas voters elected a new governor, Democrat Laura Kelly, who wants to promptly expand Medicaid eligibility, resolve a long-running lawsuit with more school funding, and address a crisis in the state’s foster care system. But her ability to fulfill that…
My Fellow Kansans: Live With The Governor-Elect
Dec 14 • 58 min
With the election of Democrat Laura Kelly as governor, it appears Kansas is trending back to the center. But voters sent a mixed message as conservatives regained control of the Legislature. To cap off this season My Fellow Kansans, the incoming governor…
My Fellow Kansans: ‘Kansas Common Sense’
Nov 19 • 22 min
Well, fellow Kansans, it’s over. Democratic state Sen. Laura Kelly, running as the “fix-it” candidate on the premise that Kansas had gone off the rails, beat “full-throttle conservative” Kris Kobach in the race for governor. Her win signaled Kansans’…
My Fellow Kansans: Kelly Wins — A Minisode
Nov 9 • 7 min
A race that looked to be oh-so-close turned out to be a clear victory for Democrat Laura Kelly, the new governor-elect of Kansas. On this mini episode of “My Fellow Kansans” we hear what Kelly had to say on election night and her explanation of what…
My Fellow Kansans: Laura Kelly
Nov 2 • 19 min
If conservative firebrand Kris Kobach would continue Kansas on its path to the right, Democrat Laura Kelly would be its pivot back to center. After a weak start early in the campaign, polls suggest Kelly is now virtually tied with her Republican opponent…
My Fellow Kansans: Kris Kobach
Oct 29 • 19 min
If there’s a talking point in Kris Kobach’s campaign that virtually no one could quibble with, it’s captured in his billboards: “The consistent conservative.” On the campaign trail, he offers another term that underlines the ambitious Republican secretary…
My Fellow Kansans: Greg Orman
Oct 22 • 17 min
Of the three leading candidates in the race for Kansas governor, polls suggest Greg Orman is the least likely to win. Recent surveys show the independent in single digits — well behind Republican Kris Kobach and Democrat Laura Kelly, who are virtually…
My Fellow Kansans LIVE
Oct 18 • 0 min
My Fellow Kansans is coming to Johnson County Library on Oct. 25 for a live event, featuring podcast host Jim McLean and political scientist Beth Vonnahme. We’ll discuss the current state of Kansas politics and learn how Kansas voters are feeling ahead of…
My Fellow Kansans: The Red Pickup Truck
Oct 15 • 21 min
In 2016, as Kansas voters revolted against Gov. Sam Brownback and his conservative allies in the Legislature, one-time Republican gubernatorial nominee Jim Barnett, saw an opening. The Topeka doctor bought a red pickup truck, and, with his wife, Rosie…
My Fellow Kansans: The Rise — And Fall — Of Sam Brownback
Oct 8 • 23 min
Before he was governor, Sam Brownback had been state agriculture secretary, congressman, and U.S. senator. But when he captured the state’s top office in 2010 he had even bigger plans: to transform Kansas into a red-state model for the nation. That’s not…
My Fellow Kansans: The Summer Of Mercy
Sep 24 • 23 min
If there’s been one constant in Kansas politics for the last 30 years, it’s that Republicans seeking statewide office must be unequivocally against abortion, and for overturning Roe v. Wade.
My Fellow Kansans: How Did We Get Here?
Sep 17 • 22 min
Thirty years after its hard turn to the right — driven largely by abortion politics and the anti-abortion Summer of Mercy protests — Kansas is on the cusp of what could be another course-changing event: the 2018 race for governor.
Introducing: My Fellow Kansans
Aug 21 • 2 min
From its bloody free-state beginnings to present-day, red-state conservatism, we ask: How did Kansas get here? My Fellow Kansans explores one of the most pivotal chapters in the state’s history — its hard turn to the right over the past three decades. A…
That’s A Wrap
May 7 • 13 min
Kansas lawmakers have ended their 2018 legislative session. School spending, guns, and taxes were at the center of big debates this year. This week we discuss what passed, and what didn’t.
Down To The Wire
May 2 • 21 min
It’s the end of the line for Kansas lawmakers. The curtain comes down on the 2018 legislative session Friday — maybe before. We’ll talk about the fate of the big tax-cut bill we discussed last week and the school funding plan. Plus, what is the “Truth…
Can We Afford New Tax Cuts?
Apr 25 • 15 min
All the commotion around a school funding plan may have overshadowed the fact that Kansas lawmakers are also working on a controversial tax cut bill. Some say it simply returns a federal windfall to Kansas taxpayers. Others argue it’s unaffordable at a…
Is History Repeating Itself In School Funding Debate?
Apr 17 • 25 min
Lawmakers and Governor Jeff Colyer have written another chapter in the story of this ongoing debate by authorizing a $500 million increase in school funding over the next five years. But will that be enough to end the litigation? If not, are we headed for…
A School Funding Milestone
Apr 11 • 22 min
After months and months of debate, it’s finally happened. The Kansas Legislature has passed a school funding plan. Now, the questions are whether lawmakers can fix a mistake in the plan and, once fixed, whether it increases funding enough to satisfy the…
Backs To The Wall
Apr 4 • 19 min
The clock is ticking for the Kansas Legislature to agree on a new school finance formula. One lawmaker in the middle of the debate says while progress is being made, it’s not happening fast enough. On this episode, the story of the legislature’s…
Is Kansas Ready For A New Political Party?
Mar 27 • 23 min
Is this the right time for a new political party in Kansas? Can an independent candidate win the governor’s race? The coming election could give us answers to both questions. The viability of independent candidates and parties in this edition of…