Foundr Magazine Podcast with Nathan Chan

Foundr Magazine Podcast with Nathan Chan
Learn from some of the greatest startup founders & entrepreneurs of our generation

306: From Myspace To Jam City: Chris DeWolfe Breaks Down His 25 Years Of Experience As An Entrepreneur
May 26 • 48 min
Check out the origin stories of two of the most recognizable brands in social networking and mobile gaming—Myspace and Jam City
305: Dropbox’s Drew Houston on Continuous Learning, Decision Making, and Fixing the Way We Work
May 19 • 37 min
Hear from Dropbox founder Drew Houston about their latest product
304: Alex Osterwalder On Why Products, Technology, And Price Aren’t Enough To Keep Your Company Competitive
May 19 • 57 min
Learn more about the art and science of business models from Alex Osterwalder
303: Ballsy’s Adam Hendle Talks Community Engagement, Customer Acquisition, And Leaning Into The Pandemic
May 12 • 49 min
Learn how Adam Hendle’s “Ballsy” approach to business is helping him thrive during the pandemic
302: Serial Ecommerce Entrepreneur Rory Boyle On How He Survived (And Thrived) During The Pandemic
May 11 • 53 min
How serial ecommerce entrepreneur Rory Boyle pivoted and succeeded in the face of Covid-19
301: 8-Figure Ecommerce Founder Reveals His Best Insights For Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Struggling Through Covid-19
May 5 • 51 min
We get the best advice from 8-figure founder Ashwin Sokke on dealing with the business impact of Covid-19
300: [Special 300th Episode] Rich20Something’s Daniel DiPiazza And Foundr’s Nathan Chan Dive Deep Into the World of Instagram
Apr 29 • 66 min
In this special 300th podcast episode for Foundr, Daniel DiPiazza interviews Foundr CEO Nathan Chan about Instagram
299: From $0 To $20M In 2 Years: How Happy Skin Co. Founder Dylan Mullan Went Viral
Apr 21 • 51 min
How founder Dylan Mullan grew Happy Skin Co from $0 to $20M
298: Serial Entrepreneur Josh Snow’s Approach to Influencers, Recurring Revenue, and Paid Ads During a Pandemic
Apr 15 • 72 min
A conversation with serial entrepreneur Josh Snow about getting through challenging times
297: Steve Blank’s 3-Step Process to Help Businesses Cope With COVID-19
Apr 7 • 53 min
A frank conversation about running a business during COVID-19 with Silicon Valley legend Steve Blank
296: How Invitation Homes CEO Dallas Tanner Scaled a Multibillion-Dollar Home Rental Company at Breakneck Speed
Mar 31 • 38 min
Learn how Dallas Tanner built a multibillion-dollar home rental company
295: How 12RND Fitness Founder Tim West Beat His Competitors to the Punch
Mar 25 • 54 min
Check out our conversation with fitness and franchising expert Tim West
294: Responding to COVID-19: What Entrepreneurs Should Be Doing Right Now
Mar 21 • 55 min
We talk to Steve McLeod about how businesses can prepare themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic
293: Square Co-Founder Jim McKelvey on the Connection Between Art, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
Mar 18 • 64 min
Check out our innovation-focused conversation with Square co-founder Jim McKelvey
292: From LearnVest to Inspired Capital: Alexa von Tobel’s Mission to Help People Find Financial Stability
Mar 10 • 43 min
A conversation about finance and investment with Inspired Capital’s Alexa von Tobel
291: X Prize Founder Peter Diamandis Talks About Creating a Blueprint For The Future
Mar 3 • 51 min
Here are Peter Diamandis’ predictions for the future
290: Disrupting the Desk Phone and Taking on Google Voice, With Dialpad Founder Craig Walker
Feb 25 • 41 min
How Craig Walker disrupted the traditional desk phone
289: Understanding the Power of Relationships to Achieve Business Goals, with Contactually Founder Zvi Band
Feb 18 • 43 min
Here’s how Contactually’s Zvi Band built his business around relationships
288: Catena Media’s Erik Bergman Talks IPOs, Affiliate Marketing, And Finding Meaning In Life
Feb 12 • 52 min
Catena Media founder explains how he found true happiness in life
287: How July Founder Richard Li Grew His Luggage Company From $0 to $5 Million in 1 Year
Feb 4 • 52 min
How July founder Richard Li generates $5M in revenue with his luggage company
286: How Annex Products Co-Founder Rob Ward Used the Power of Prediction to Build a Multimillion-Dollar Company
Jan 28 • 57 min
Check out our conversation with Annex Products co-founder Rob Ward
285: The Art of Mind-Blowing Open Rates, Email Flows, and Authentic Email Marketing, With Boundless Labs’ Chase Dimond
Jan 21 • 50 min
Check out our podcast interview with email marketing veteran Chase Dimond
284: Mastering the Art of Paid Media: Spending Over $85M on Facebook, With Structured Social Co-Founder Nick Shackelford
Jan 15 • 57 min
A conversation with paid media and scaling expert Nick Shackelford
283: Splasheo Founder Gideon Shalwick on Video Marketing, Personal Branding, And Discovering Your ‘Why’
Jan 8 • 47 min
Check out our latest podcast interview with Splasheo founder Gideon Shalwick
282: InVision’s Clark Valberg on Unicorn Status, Remote Work, and Creative Risks
Dec 23, 2019 • 48 min
A conversation with InVision’s Clark Valberg
281: Spartan Race’s Joe De Sena on Being in the Industry of Barbed Wire, Blood, and Bruises
Dec 17, 2019 • 27 min
Check out our fascinating conversation with Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena
280: From Online Poker Affiliate to Referral Marketing Mogul: Ambassador’s Jeff Epstein Shares His Journey
Dec 10, 2019 • 44 min
Check out our interview with Ambassador founder Jeff Epstein
279: How Crowberry Capital’s Founding Team is Backing the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs
Nov 29, 2019 • 51 min
A conversation with the three female founders of Nordic venture capital fund, Crowberry Capital
278: Konrad Bergström’s 20-Year Journey to Creating Electric Boat Company X Shore
Nov 27, 2019 • 44 min
Check out our conversation with electric boat company founder Konrad Bergström
277: Flashstock’s Rapid Rise From Launch to Acquisition, With Founder Grant Munro
Nov 19, 2019 • 50 min
Check out our conversation with the founder of Flashstock, Grant Munro, as he shares the inspiring journey of his company’s launch, growth, and acquisition.
276: Using Content to Build a Community, With Beardbrand Founder Eric Bandholz
Nov 12, 2019 • 57 min
A conversation with Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz
275: Riot Games Co-Founder Marc Merrill Shares the Story Behind League of Legends
Nov 5, 2019 • 56 min
A conversation with League of Legends creator Marc Merrill
274: Real Estate Mogul Grant Cardone Talks Tenacity, the 10X Rule, And More
Oct 28, 2019 • 39 min
A conversation with real estate mogul Grant Cardone
273: The Making of a Fintech Unicorn, with Airwallex Founder Jack Zhang
Oct 22, 2019 • 46 min
Jack Zhang on how Airwallex hit a billion-dollar valuation in three years
272: The Sweet Smell of Success: From Bankrupt to $100 Million, With Poo-Pourri’s Suzy Batiz
Oct 16, 2019 • 52 min
How Poo-Pourri’s founder went from bankrupt to multi-millionaire
271: Fighting Food Waste and Growing Fast, With Ben Chesler of Imperfect Foods
Oct 8, 2019 • 40 min
Learn more about the fight against food waste with the co-founder of the fast-growing Imperfect Foods
270: Using Licensing To Make Billions in Sales, With Beanstalk Co-Founder Michael Stone
Oct 1, 2019 • 54 min
How Michael Stone helped companies like Procter & Gamble leverage brand licensing to expand their businesses
269: The Rise of a Cannabis Mogul, with Reef and OneQor Founder Matthew Morgan
Sep 24, 2019 • 67 min
OneQor CEO Matthew Morgan’s journey to making millions in the cannabis industry.
268: How Life Coach Marie Forleo Figured Out Her Life, and Empowers Others to Do the Same
Sep 16, 2019 • 58 min
Marie Forleo shares her inspirational journey from Wall Street to internationally recognized life and business coach.
267: How TOMS Founder Blake Mycoskie Blazed a Trail for Social Entrepreneurs
Sep 10, 2019 • 27 min
Blake Mycoskie tells the story of TOMS, and discusses his contribution to the world of social entrepreneurship.
266: How Warby Parker Changed the Way We Shop for Glasses, With Founders Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa
Sep 3, 2019 • 43 min
Warby Parker founders share their journey from ideation to its current $1 billion valuation
265: Battle-Tested Lessons on Scaling a Fast-Growing Global Company, With Printful CEO Davis Siksnans
Aug 27, 2019 • 50 min
Printful’s CEO and Co-Founder shares his top lessons on scaling a global company
264: How Revolve’s Founders Went from Finance and Engineering to Running a Billion-Dollar Fashion Brand
Aug 19, 2019 • 41 min
How two unlikely fashion moguls changed the world of online apparel.
263: From Food Writer to Digital Entrepreneur: Ed Levine’s Journey to Launching an Award-Winning Culinary Website
Aug 14, 2019 • 56 min
Ed Levine speaks candidly about the toughest business lessons he learned as the founder of Serious Eats
262: A Deep Dive Into What Makes or Breaks Habits, With Nir Eyal
Aug 6, 2019 • 44 min
A conversation with Nir Eyal about product design, habit, and what inspires human behavior change
261: How Raegan Moya-Jones Built a $100M Baby Blanket Business Using Common Sense and Hard Work
Jul 29, 2019 • 49 min
How Raegan Moya-Jones beat the odds and built a $100 million-dollar baby blanket business.
260: How Nimble’s Jon Ferrara Used Partnerships and Relationships to Strike Gold in CRM
Jul 22, 2019 • 42 min
How Jon Ferrara used strong relationships and strategic partnerships to make millions with his groundbreaking CRM companies.
259: Taking on Google, with Gabriel Weinberg, Founder of Privacy Browser DuckDuckGo
Jul 18, 2019 • 49 min
DuckDuckGo Founder Gabriel Weinberg wants to make the internet less creepy—here’s how he’s making it happen.
258: The Story Behind Game-Changing Travel Brand Away, With Founder Steph Korey
Jul 9, 2019 • 34 min
How a phone conversation between two friends led to the creation of the game-changing travel brand Away.
257: How Ryan Hoover Grew Product Hunt From Humble Email List to Tech Trendsetter
Jul 2, 2019 • 44 min
Founder Ryan Hoover reveals how he took Product Hunt from email list to profitable and influential online community.
256: How The Meet Group CEO Geoff Cook Built An Empire Based on Human Connections
Jun 25, 2019 • 43 min
Learn how The Meet Group CEO Geoff Cook used strategic risks to build the social networking and dating app empire that exists today.
255: How Jim’s Group CEO Jim Penman Went From Mowing Lawns to Being a Household Name in Australia
Jun 18, 2019 • 36 min
In this interview, Jim’s Group CEO Jim Penman explains how he took a part-time lawn mowing business and transformed it into a multimillion-dollar franchise that’s now a household name in Australia.
254: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at How Foundr CEO Nathan Chan Built A Global Brand
Jun 12, 2019 • 68 min
Foundr CEO Nathan Chan shares what it took to build a global brand from the ground up.
253: How Refinery29 Defied Critics and Became a Digital Media Pioneer, With Co-Founders Christene Barberich and Piera Gelardi
Jun 4, 2019 • 45 min
Refinery29 co-founders Christene Barberich and Piera Gelardi reflect on the early days and share what it was like being pioneers in digital media.
252: The Refinery29 Story—From Bar Napkin Sketch to Media Empire, with Philippe von Borries and Justin Stefano
May 29, 2019 • 33 min
Learn how Refinery29’s founders first hatched the idea in 2004 and grew their digital media company to over 500 million audience members.
251: How a Humble Typewriter Salesman Started a Software Company Now Worth Billions, With Red Hat Co-Founder Bob Young
May 23, 2019 • 57 min
Cofounder of Red Hat and talks about his evolution from typewriter salesman to software company co-founder.
250: How Dollar Shave Club Used Mission, Humor, and Viral Videos to Lead Up to a $1B Acquisition, With Michael Dubin
May 16, 2019 • 30 min
Dollar Shave Club CEO Michael Dubin discusses that famous video and what DSC is up to after its $1 billion acquisition by Unilever.
249: How Blinkist’s Bite-Sized Book Summaries Attracted 9M Users, with Niklas Jansen
May 7, 2019 • 35 min
Blinkist co-founder Niklas Jansen details the growth strategies he and his team used to grow the wildly popular book summary app. He also talks about some exciting developments that are in store.
248: On Emerging Technologies and Creating a World of Abundance, With Peter Diamandis of XPRIZE
May 2, 2019 • 30 min
XPRIZE founder Peter Diamandis shares his take on emerging technologies and creating a world of abundance, and what he’s doing to inspire entrepreneurs to think bigger.
247: Finding Your Focus as a Serial Entrepreneur, With Jake McKeon of Coconut Bowls
Apr 24, 2019 • 52 min
After some failed ventures, Jake McKeon finally struck gold with Coconut Bowls. Find out how an encounter in Bali inspired his idea for this winning product.
246: Co-Founder Matthew Brimer on General Assembly’s Tremendous Growth and $412M Exit
Apr 17, 2019 • 38 min
General Assembly cofounder Matthew Brimer talks about the company’s $412.5M acquisition, plus the outcomes-focused culture that helped build brand trust.
245: Crafting a Brand Worn by the NBA, NFL, AND Navy SEALS, With Aidan Clarke of 2XU and SA1NT
Apr 9, 2019 • 29 min
Aidan Clarke, the cofounder of 2XU and SA1NT, shares the growth strategies he used to build two world-class apparel brands.
244: Viral Growth and Influencer Marketing in Ecommerce, with Ben Francis of Gymshark
Apr 3, 2019 • 36 min
At 19, Ben Francis started Gymshark, and it’s become one of the UK’s fastest growing companies. Tune in to hear how Francis leverages community building and influencer marketing in ecommerce.
243: The 5 Traits That Help Founders Go From Dreamer to Doer, With Kim Perell of Amobee
Mar 26, 2019 • 41 min
After hitting rock bottom, Kim Perell received a $10,000 loan from her grandma that helped her get back on her feet and start a successful company. Learn more about her inspiring entrepreneurial journey.
242: How Tony Fernandes Bought an Airline for Under $1 and Made it a Leading Carrier
Mar 20, 2019 • 43 min
Watch our interview with Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of AirAsia, on the rapid growth strategies he used to help a struggling airline turn into an industry leader.
241: Mastering Behavior-Based Email Marketing, with Jimmy Kim of Sendlane
Mar 13, 2019 • 55 min
Sendlane CEO Jimmy Kim talks about his career path and what’s next for email marketing. (Hint: Behavior-based marketing is huge.)
240: How to Use Excellent Customer Support to Stand Out in a Crowded Market, With Ross Paquette of Maropost
Mar 5, 2019 • 49 min
How email service provider Maropost has differentiated itself in a crowded market with its excellent customer service.
239: The Importance of Being Bold in Business, With Real Estate Mogul Dottie Herman
Feb 25, 2019 • 39 min
Dottie Herman of Douglas Elliman shares the bold moves and strategic acquisitions that helped her become the richest self-made woman in American real estate.
238: Juggling Multiple Projects and Knowing When to Step Away, With Grasshopper Founder David Hauser
Feb 20, 2019 • 45 min
David Hauser founded Grasshopper…and a bunch of other companies! Listen in as he shares what it was like to juggle multiple businesses, and how he ultimately found focus.
237: Find Your ‘Talk Trigger’ to Spark Powerful Word-of-Mouth, With Jay Baer of Convince & Convert
Feb 12, 2019 • 50 min
Jay Baer discusses his latest book, Talk Triggers, and how you can use word-of-mouth marketing to acquire customers faster and cheaper.
236: Bootstrapping a $300M Cinema Company, With Grant Petty of Blackmagic Design
Feb 5, 2019 • 54 min
Blackmagic Design Founder and CEO Grant Petty on bootstrapping, supporting creativity, and tackling the problems of the future.
235: Sell Like Crazy: Psychology, Sales Funnels, and Paid Ads, With Sabri Suby of King Kong
Jan 30, 2019 • 39 min
Sabri Suby’s new book, Sell Like Crazy, reveals the selling system that has helped him scale his business and many others to multiple millions.
234: How Tobi Pearce of Sweat Used Instagram to Launch a Fitness Empire
Jan 22, 2019 • 31 min
Find out how Tobi Pearce and Kayla Itsines have used Instagram to help launch their fitness empire, Sweat.
233: How a Bootstrapped Ecommerce Company Took on Amazon, With Steve Traurig of Booktopia
Jan 16, 2019 • 37 min
Listen in as we ask Booktopia co-founder Steve Traurig about what it’s like to face off with Amazon and why he ditched an IPO at the last minute.
232: Create a Company Culture That’s Healthy and Profitable, With David Heinemeier Hansson of Basecamp
Jan 10, 2019 • 58 min
Tune in as David Heinemeier Hansson, CTO of Basecamp and creator of Ruby on Rails, shares how to create a calm company culture in which your team can thrive.
231: How to Do Your Best Work by Working Less, With Jason Fried of Basecamp
Jan 2, 2019 • 59 min
Jason Fried of Basecamp believes you can do great work—without putting in crazy hours. He shares his tips for avoiding burnout in the startup world.
230: Startup Legends Talk Hiring, Branding, and Core Values, With Oli Gardner of Unbounce and Ryan Deiss of DigitalMarketer
Dec 18, 2018 • 48 min
Oli Gardner of Unbounce and Ryan Deiss of DigitalMarketer dish out their best advice on branding, community building, content marketing, and hiring for your online business.
229: Mastering Copywriting and Finding Your Flow With Arman Assadi of Project EVO
Dec 11, 2018 • 65 min
Arman Assadi opens up about the “crisis of meaning” that drove him to quit his job at Google, start a business, and become a self-taught copywriter responsible for 11 seven-figure launches.
228: A Serial Founder’s Fight for Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrencies, With Alex Mashinsky of Celsius
Dec 4, 2018 • 54 min
Listen in as serial founder Alex Mashinsky reveals the details of his entrepreneurial journey’s highs and lows, his dedication to educate the world about cryptocurrencies, and entrepreneurial lessons only an eight-time founder can teach.
227: From a $20M Business to Starting Over With a New Vision, with Erika Geraerts of Fluff
Nov 27, 2018 • 42 min
Listen in as Frank Body co-founder Erika Geraerts reveals why she left her $20 million coffee scrub company to blaze new trails within the beauty industry.
226: Why Makeup Mogul Bobbi Brown Never Wants to Build Another Billion-Dollar Brand
Nov 21, 2018 • 32 min
Listen in as makeup mogul Bobbi Brown reveals why she left her billion-dollar cosmetics line, and how she found true happiness in the work she’s doing now.
225: New Founders Doubled Business and Hit Their First $10K Month (Consulting Empire Spotlight: Part 2)
Nov 13, 2018 • 30 min
Discover exactly how Consulting Empire students Danielle Roberts and Shea Kucenski took their business from stagnant to closing 20% of all proposals, doubling their earnings, and reaching their first $10,000 month. Click to hear the entire story.
224: Gavin Symes Scales His Consulting Business to $50K/Month in 3 Months (Consulting Empire Spotlight: Part 1)
Nov 7, 2018 • 34 min
Discover exactly how Consulting Empire student Gavin Symes scaled his consulting business to $50,000/month in three months. Click to hear the entire story.
223: How WPBeginner’s Syed Balkhi Rocketed to Success, Aiding Millions of Wordpress Users
Oct 30, 2018 • 42 min
Listen in as we talk with 27-year-old Syed Balkhi, top entrepreneur and founder of OptinMonster and WPBeginner, the first and largest WordPress resource website in the world.
222: From Canines to Co-Working: Tobi Skovron’s Journey to Creating Two Revolutionary Products
Oct 22, 2018 • 58 min founder Tobi Skovron talks pet toilets and coworking spaces, as he tells the story of his journey from aspiring entrepreneur to two-time founder
221: Zero to $9 Million in 4 years: How Chris Peters & Rob Ward Built Quad Lock From a Kickstarter Campaign
Oct 16, 2018 • 62 min
Listen in as Quad Lock co-founders Chris Peters & Rob Ward talk about building a strong brand reputation, creating high-quality physical products, solving scaling challenges, and so much more!
220: Building Community as the Foundation for a Successful Content Business, With Carly Zakin & Danielle Weisberg of theSkimm
Oct 9, 2018 • 31 min
Listen in as theSkimm co-founders Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg talk about the early days, the power of community and connection, and how the brand monetizes its content to build a sustainable business.
219: From Bankrupt to Bestseller: How Mike Michalowicz Used His Own Failures to Empower Other Entrepreneurs
Oct 2, 2018 • 47 min
Listen in as Mike Michalowicz gets brutally honest about his struggles, reveals years of lessons learned to empower entrepreneurs, and chronicles a journey that started with failure and ended with a fulfilling career.
218: Slow Growth and Risk Aversion Wins the Entrepreneurial Race, With Aytekin Tank of JotForm
Sep 25, 2018 • 49 min
Listen in as JotForm founder Aytekin Tank discusses how slow growth was the driving factor behind his strong company culture and long-term success.
217: Mastering the Messy Middle and Finishing Strong, With Scott Belsky of Behance
Sep 18, 2018 • 34 min
Listen in as investor and Behance founder Scott Belsky discusses how startups can persevere, navigate the “messy middle,” and finish strong in the end.
216: The Art of Creating High-Converting Landing Pages, With Oli Gardner, Co-Founder of Unbounce
Sep 11, 2018 • 55 min
Listen in as Oli Gardner, co-founder of Unbounce, discusses the history of the company, his top tips for becoming a better marketer, and golden advice on how to create a landing page that gets his seal of approval.
215: Navigating the Unpredictable Journey From Failure to Triumph, With Stuart McKeown, Co-Founder of Gleam
Sep 5, 2018 • 60 min
Listen in as co-founder of Gleam Stuart McKeown discusses how he overcame many failed attempts and setbacks to build the powerful platform and brand, how he establishes work/life balance, and his top four tips for running a viral competition.
214: Nailing Product-Market Fit and Building a Successful Startup, With Legendary VC and Wealthfront CEO Andy Rachleff
Aug 30, 2018 • 47 min
Listen in as famed venture capitalist, Stanford instructor, and two-time founder Andy Rachleff discusses the concept of product-market fit (a term he coined), launching and improving products, and so much more.
213: Overcoming Depression and Starting Over: Behind the Scenes With Rand Fishkin, Moz Founder
Aug 22, 2018 • 39 min
Listen in as Moz founder Rand Fishkin gets real and opens up about his personal battle with depression, and how it’s shaped his past decisions and guides his current ventures.
212: Behind the Scenes With 3 Start & Scale Ecommerce Success Stories
Aug 15, 2018 • 89 min
Listen in as three of our passionate Start & Scale students share how they started their ecommerce stores, developed their products, and achieved amazing results.
211: Contently’s Shane Snow on Building a Content Empire and Then Returning to His Writing Roots
Aug 9, 2018 • 48 min
Listen in as Contently co-founder Shane Snow shares his journey to building a global content platform and then returning to his first love of journalism. Snow also shares advice on team building and the power of storytelling for founders.
210: How to Create a Multimillion-Dollar Software Product the Market Actually Wants, With Crazy Egg’s Hiten Shah
Aug 1, 2018 • 50 min
Listen in as Crazy Egg’s co-founder reveals the process behind building multimillion-dollar software companies and creating a product the market actually wants.
209: How Two Fintech Entrepreneurs Found Stable Ground in a Volatile Space, With CoinJar’s Asher Tan and Ryan Zhou
Jul 25, 2018 • 33 min
Listen in as CoinJar’s founders discuss how they overcome scaling challenges in a volatile market, their next products to hit the market, and their top tips for entrepreneurs interested in creating fintech startups.
208: How a Charitable Mission and Influencer Marketing Sparked Massive Growth, With Griffin Thall of Pura Vida
Jul 18, 2018 • 42 min
Listen in as Pura Vida co-founder Griffin Thall shares how Pura Vida has leveraged influencer marketing and social media to spread its brand message and create a global movement of loyal customers
207: BigCommerce Co-Founder Talks Scaling to $100M While Minimizing Risk and Stress
Jul 11, 2018 • 54 min
Mitchell Harper, BigCommerce co-founder and personal coach and mentor to Foundr CEO Nathan Chan, shares his story on building a $100 million company and how to avoid risk when growing a startup.
206: From Animator to Tech Educator, Lynda Weinman Reflects on a $1.5B Exit and Her New Career
Jul 5, 2018 • 48 min
Lynda Weinman’s life of reinvention has led her to wild success in online education, culminating in the sale of to LinkedIn for $1.5 billion. She’s now enjoying her new role as a champion of independent film. Listen in as Weinman reveals the
205: Finding a Mission and Making the World a Healthier Place, With Munjal Shah of Health IQ
Jun 28, 2018 • 57 min
Listen in as Munjal Shah shares how a health crisis became a catalyst for his thriving startup, Health IQ. Shah also shares the business principles that guided him through two successful exits (one with Google) and the creation of his A-player team.
204: Taking the Road Less Traveled to Build the Business of Your Dreams, With Mike Dillard of Self Made Man
Jun 21, 2018 • 56 min
Listen to Mike Dillard share his rocky entrepreneurial journey, from early success to losing $12 million overnight, to rebuilding a business that fuels his passions and makes a positive impact on the world.
203: The One-Two Punch for Sustainable, Consistent Startup Growth, With Dmitry Dragilev of JustReachOut
Jun 13, 2018 • 46 min
Listen in as JustReachOut founder Dmitry Dragilev reveals how he redefined content marketing and PR to massively grow companies and help over 500 entrepreneurs gain exposure.
202: How Eric Siu Bought Single Grain for $2 and Turned it into a Marketing Powerhouse
Jun 6, 2018 • 55 min
Single Grain CEO Eric Siu tells us he bought out his company for just two bucks and turned it into a digital marketing powerhouse.
201: Zero to $10 Million in 4 Years: How King Kong’s Sabri Suby Went from Work-at-Home Consultant to Booming Agency Founder
May 30, 2018 • 59 min
Listen in as Sabri Suby, the founder of Australia’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency, discusses how he scaled from zero to 10 million in revenue in only four years and the principles he learned along the way.
200: Foundr’s Story: How a Humble Side Project Became a Global Brand, with CEO Nathan Chan [Special 200th Episode]
May 23, 2018 • 71 min
In this special 200th episode of the podcast, Foundr CEO Nathan Chan gets up close and personal and shares what it was like in the early days of starting Foundr—the good and not so good—and the many lessons he’s learned along the way. Listen in and
199: From Passion To Profit: How Payal Kadakia Turned Her Love of Dance into a Global Enterprise
May 16, 2018 • 36 min
Accomplished dancer Payal Kadakia turned her passion for dance into profitable business ClassPass. Learn how this driven entrepreneur braved early difficulties to build her globally recognized company.
198: How This Breakdancer Built a 6-Figure Instagram Business and Travels the World for Free (Instagram Domination Student Spotlight)
May 9, 2018 • 33 min
In today’s podcast, we are shining the spotlight on one of our successful Instagram Domination students, Zach Benson.
197: Technology and Tacos—From Fired Facebook Employee to Eight-Figure Founder, With Noah Kagan of Sumo
May 2, 2018 • 59 min
Listen in as Sumo founder Noah Kagan talks about his entrepreneurial journey from fired Facebook employee to eight-figure founder—and everything he learned along the way. Kagan shares his top tips for hiring A-player employees, staying focused, and sett
196: Fueling Massive Growth by Adopting a Culture of Experimentation, With Dan Siroker Of Optimizely
Apr 25, 2018 • 30 min
Listen in As Dan Siroker, co-founder of Optimizely, discusses the growth potential when a startup adopts a culture of experimentation.
195: From Pro Skateboarder to Running a Brand-Building Empire, With Rob Dyrdek of Dyrdek Machine
Apr 18, 2018 • 39 min
From pro skateboarder to TV star to brand-building machine, Rob Dyrdek has been starting businesses since he was a teen. Listen in as he explains how he created his media empire, and a fast-growing investment and branding agency that’s helping entrepren
194: From Zero To $20 Million, A Story Of Courage And Relentless Discipline, with Steve McLeod of Fire And Safety Australia
Apr 11, 2018 • 51 min
Listen to the wisdom of Steve McLeod, former firefighter who turned his passion for helping people into a nationwide business. In this interview, he reveals how he scaled from zero to $20 million and the struggles, wins, and losses along the way.
193: The Power of Empathy in Workplace Leadership, With Gary Muller of The Mill House Inn
Apr 4, 2018 • 48 min
Veteran entrepreneur Gary Muller never believed in ruling with an iron fist. His business The Mill House Inn has flourished as a result, and he enjoys ridiculously low turnover rates. In this podcast episode, Muller discusses how his leadership style make
192: Best of Foundr: Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, and More Talk Hustle, Mindset, and GSD (Foundr 5th Birthday Special Episode)
Mar 28, 2018 • 91 min
We’re celebrating Foundr’s fifth birthday with a special “Best of Foundr” podcast series. We pulled out the highlights from our most popular episodes for a three-part series of pure gold. This week, hear from Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins and more
191: Best of Foundr: 4 Superstars on Investing, Sales, And Scaling Your Business (Foundr 5th Birthday Special Episode)
Mar 21, 2018 • 83 min
To celebrate Foundr’s 5th birthday, we put together a series of special edition podcast episodes that feature the best snippets from our most popular episodes.
190: Best of Foundr: 4 Superstars on Building An Epic Online Presence (Foundr 5th Birthday Special Episode)
Mar 14, 2018 • 70 min
We’re celebrating Foundr’s fifth birthday with a special “Best of Foundr” podcast series
189: Foundr Community Member Shifts His Business Into High Gear With Help From Mentors [Foundr’s 5th Birthday Special Episode]
Mar 7, 2018 • 57 min
Discover how a Foundr community member is leveraging the power of mentors to optimize his production and scale his business. Click to hear the entire story.
188: Stop Trying And Start Crushing It: Our In-Depth Interview With Gary Vee
Feb 28, 2018 • 23 min
One-on-one, in-depth interview with Gary Vee, serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, global speaker, and popular podcast host. Vaynerchuk discusses his new book Crushing It! and how aspiring entrepreneurs can build stronger brands and GSD.
187: Fighting Global Poverty by Breaking Entrepreneurial Rules, With Jacqueline Novogratz of Acumen
Feb 21, 2018 • 33 min
Jacqueline Novogratz is breaking all the entrepreneurial rules—not for her own gain—but to eradicate global poverty. And she wants other aspiring entrepreneurs to do the same. In this inspiring interview, learn how Novogratz is equipping others to tur
186: TaskRabbit Was Ahead of its Time, But Leah Busque’s Vision and Persistence Made it a Game-Changer
Feb 15, 2018 • 30 min
TaskRabbit Founder Leah Busque tells us how she built a local errand-running startup into a game-changing national business.
185: How Defying Silicon Valley Culture Landed 400K Clients, with Melody McCloskey of StyleSeat
Feb 8, 2018 • 32 min
Melody McCloskey, founder of StyleSeat, has bravely defied Silicon Valley norms to help independent beauty professionals create profitable businesses. She’s also managed to draw 400,000 users and $40 million in funding. Listen to her eye-opening story a
184: The Unconventional Approach That Built an Online Education Empire of 3M Students, With Ajit Nawalkha of Mindvalley
Jan 31, 2018 • 44 min
For Ajit Nawalkha, co-founder of online education empire Mindvalley, following industry best practices is a recipe for failure. Find out how Nawalkha used unconventional methods to amass more than 3 million customers and create life-changing client experi
183: Husband-and-Wife Founders Share Two Decade’s Worth of Game-Changing Entrepreneurial Advice
Jan 24, 2018 • 58 min
In this power-packed interview, husband-and-wife founders Delma and Grant Dunoon share 20+ years’ worth of entrepreneurial strategies and advice. They reveal their wins and losses and game-changing decisions that allowed them to build TryBooking, one of
182: Eric Ries on Pioneering the Lean Startup Movement and How to Grow Any Company to Scale
Jan 18, 2018 • 32 min
An interview with bestselling author and startup legend Eric Ries, as he explains how the Lean Startup movement began, and shares proven hiring, management, and culture tips to successfully grow any company.
181: Running a 7-Figure Business On 5.5 Hours a Day, With Ari Meisel of Less Doing
Jan 11, 2018 • 53 min
Ari developed his Less Doing, More Living productivity system, which allowed him the time he needed both to build a new business and improve his health.
180: How a Made-Up Idea for a Business Became the Second-Largest Expense Reporting Company, with Expensify’s David Barrett
Jan 3, 2018 • 41 min
David Barrett shares how a business idea he never meant to pursue became the second-largest expense reporting company in the world. Learn how Barrett defies industry norms to grow Expensify without paid customer acquisition.
179: How Kiva’s Jessica Jackley Turned a Simple Idea into $1B in Microloans
Dec 20, 2017 • 30 min
Social entrepreneur and founder of Kiva, Jessica Jackley, shares how her simple idea turned into a global movement, transforming the lives of small business owners around the world.
178: How 17-year-old Justin Kemperman and Brandon Monaghan Scaled to $500K in 3 Months (Start & Scale Student Spotlight – Part 3)
Dec 13, 2017 • 39 min
Superstar entrepreneurs (one hasn’t graduated high school yet!) who developed a stellar brand and scaled their ecommerce business to half a million in sales in just 10 short weeks.
177: How Shannon Willoughby Turned Her Passion Into a $30K/Month Business (Start & Scale Student Spotlight – Part 2)
Dec 6, 2017 • 36 min
Discover how Start & Scale student Shannon Willoughby grew her physical products ecommerce business from zero to $30,000 per month in just 4 months.
176: Gamal Codner Scales His Ecommerce Business to $60K/month In 3 Months (Start & Scale Student Spotlight - Part 1)
Nov 29, 2017 • 39 min
Discover how Start & Scale student Gamal Codner scaled his physical products ecommerce business by 30x in just 3 months. Click to hear the entire story.
175: How a Navy Seal-Turned-Entrepreneur Scaled His Company From Zero To 8 Figures
Nov 22, 2017 • 61 min
Discover how former Navy Seal sniper Brandon Webb recovered from losing millions to building a $100 million business.
174: How to Start a Social Change Movement with 100 Million People, with Ben Rattray of
Nov 15, 2017 • 39 min
In today’s business environment, community is everything. The CEO of tells us exactly how any entrepreneur, regardless of the niche, can build a die-hard, passionate community that will stick with you through it all.
173: How to Predict The Future with Kevin Kelly
Nov 8, 2017 • 48 min
An exciting interview with a true visionary, Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly shares with us how entrepreneurs can keep up in the fast-moving digital world.
172: Finding A-Grade Talent on a Bootstrapped Budget with Cyan Ta’eed of Envato
Nov 1, 2017 • 45 min
Cyan Ta’eed of Envato reveals her strategy for staffing a bootstrapped startup with exceptional talent.
171: Shark Tank’s Janine Allis Shares Her Secrets for Growing a Startup With Zero Funding
Oct 13, 2017 • 39 min
Hungry for startup funding? Don’t be—just listen to Shark Tank’s Janine Allis in this podcast episode. Allis shares how to build a massive business, and why you might want to avoid investors altogether.
170: Building a Multimillion-Dollar Startup on Amazon Sales, with Jungle Scout’s Greg Mercer
Oct 13, 2017 • 52 min
Snatch up Greg Mercer’s proven ecommerce formula to make money selling on Amazon.
169: Billionaire Business Lessons with Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban
Oct 11, 2017 • 28 min
Mark Cuban of Shark Tank reveals his secrets to founding, managing, or investing in more than 100 businesses, with a thousand-plus employees.
168: How Owning Less Can Reward You With More. Redefining Success With Joshua Fields Millburn
Oct 4, 2017 • 47 min
Your life is filled with unnecessary junk that’s holding you back. Live a more fulfilling, minimalist lifestyle, with help from Joshua Fields Millburn.
167: How Entrepreneurs Can Change the World, with Leila Janah of Samasource
Sep 27, 2017 • 37 min
Every entrepreneur can make the world a better place, and Leila Janah of Samasource is going to show you how, step-by-step
166: How to Build a Billion Dollar Mobile Gaming Company From Scratch, with Holly Liu of Kabam
Sep 21, 2017 • 40 min
How to build a billion-dollar company making mobile games, with Holly Liu of Kabam
165: Marketing Guru Neil Patel on Why Building a Personal Brand Was His Biggest Mistake
Sep 14, 2017 • 31 min
Neil Patel is one of the best-known names in the marketing world. And he wishes that wasn’t the case. In this revealing episode, Patel reveals to us the secrets behind building a global personal brand, and why it’s a double-edged sword.
164: Why You Need More Swiss Army Knives and Paratroopers on Your Startup Team, says Ryan Holmes of Hootsuite
Sep 7, 2017 • 27 min
Building an all-star team for your startup is as much about timing as it is about finding the right people according to Ryan Holmes of Hootsuite. In this interview, he shares his advice on how founders can find that sweet spot for hiring.
163: How to Create One of The Most Visited Websites in the World With Steve Huffman of Reddit
Aug 31, 2017 • 31 min
Change is inevitable in the startup world, and Reddit’s Steve Huffman shows us how to stay on top by constantly evolving.
162: Investors, Crowdfunding, or Shark Tank? Maneesh Sethi’s Done It All and Reveals His Funding Strategies
Aug 24, 2017 • 44 min
Find out how Shark Tank can destroy your company if you’re not careful with Maneesh Sethi
161: How Jodie Fox Turned Her Passion for Shoes Into a Successful Online Business in 2 Months
Aug 18, 2017 • 49 min
Conceiving, validating, and launching a business in just under two months. Jodie Fox reveals the secrets to building an online business fast.
160: The Not-So Obvious, But Ridiculously Successful Strategy on Building a Business with Brian Clark of Copyblogger
Aug 10, 2017 • 52 min
You might not know his name, but you’ll know his work. How Brian Clark has influenced an entire generation of entrepreneurs.
159: A Lifelong Founder Teaches Critical Lessons for New Entrepreneurs on Products, Investors, and Selling with Jonathan Siegel
Aug 3, 2017 • 46 min
The business of selling startups with Jonathan Siegel
158: How to Build a Worldwide Iconic Brand with Brian Smith of UGG
Jul 27, 2017 • 46 min
While building a household name brand doesn’t happen overnight, UGG founder Brian Smith of explains how to get there faster
157: Grow to 400,000 Users In Just Three Years by Mastering B2B Sales With Andrew Barnes of GO1
Jul 20, 2017 • 38 min
Y Combinator alum and founder and CEO of a $4 million startup, Andrew Barnes shares his B2B success story
156: Lessons Learnt From Building a $300 Million Dollar Business From the Original #GirlBoss Sophia Amoruso
Jul 13, 2017 • 25 min
Entrepreneur, trailblazer, icon. Sophia Amoruso is all that and more, and she shares with us lessons from her colorful career, and what’s next.
155: Everything You Know About Content Marketing is Wrong, with Des Traynor of Intercom
Jul 5, 2017 • 39 min
Content marketing is the go-to strategy for growing your brand, but what if you’ve been doing it wrong the whole time? Des Traynor of Intercom tells us how to fix it.
154: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Marketing Strategies of Multi-million Dollar Companies with Clate Mask of Infusionsoft
Jun 29, 2017 • 36 min
Clate Mask & Infusionsoft have helped 1000s of entrepreneurs scale their biz via email automation. He shares what the best companies do right, and what everyone else does wrong.
153: How to Survive Entrepreneurial Failure with Steve Olsher of
Jun 22, 2017 • 46 min
Lessons from a lifetime of entrepreneurship, and how to find purpose in the face of failure, with Steve Olsher of
152: How to Build a Business You Care About More Than Paying Your Own Bills with Adam Braun of MissionU
Jun 14, 2017 • 42 min
How thinking like a nonprofit can help you create a successful and impactful business, with Adam Braun
151: How to Build a Cult Following Tribe Resulting in 10’s of Millions of Annual Recurring Revenue Russell Brunson
Jun 8, 2017 • 32 min
Russell Brunson on how to leverage sales funnels to immediately double your revenue
150: Becoming Masterful with Money with Tony Robbins
May 31, 2017 • 41 min
Break away from the grind to gain financial freedom with advice from one of the most influential men on the planet, Tony Robbins
149: How to Use Influencer Marketing to Generate Millions with Gretta Rose van Riel of SkinnyMeTea
May 24, 2017 • 71 min
Breaking down Gretta Rose Van Riel’s tried and true formula to creating million dollar businesses, over and over again
148: How to Build a Successful E-commerce Business - The Foundr Incubator (Business Breakdown) with Tom Bilyeu of Quest Nutrition & Jake Mckeon of
May 17, 2017 • 51 min
Be a part of the Foundr Incubator and enjoy this one-on-one coaching call between Tom Bilyeu and Jake McKeon
147: Lessons from the Master Growth Hacker of Dropbox, LogmeIn, Eventbrite & Many more with Sean Ellis of
May 11, 2017 • 60 min
Sean Ellis, the world’s first growth hacker, answers all the questions you have about growth hacking and how you can use it to power your startup.
146: How to Secure Guest Posts on Big Publications (Time, Fast Company, Huffington Post & Many More!) with Daniel DiPiazza of
May 4, 2017 • 47 min
Your step-by-step guide on how to become a successful entrepreneur while in your 20s with Daniel DiPiazza
145: The Importance of Building a Culture for Growth with Mike McDerment of Freshbooks
Apr 26, 2017 • 31 min
Find out what the magic numbers are in order to increase conversions on your website.
144: Body Language Hacks with Vanessa Van Edwards from the Science of People
Apr 23, 2017 • 37 min
Hack your behvioral programming with Vanessa Van Edwards and start networking, communicating, and captivating your audience like a proper entrepreneur
143: How to Learn Faster & Unlock Your Superpower with Jim Kwik
Apr 20, 2017 • 63 min
Jim Kwik has found the way to hack your brain and master the power of learning and memory, and he’ll teach you how to do it too
142: The Breakdown of How Gerard Adams Sold for $50 million
Apr 12, 2017 • 55 min
At 18, Gerard Adams dropped out of college after one semester. That semester was all it took to confirm what Adams knew all along. Like all entrepreneurs, he just wasn’t built to follow the rules. The idea of getting a degree, to eventually…
141: Managing People as a Fast Growth Startup with Katelyn Gleason of
Apr 5, 2017 • 46 min
Katelyn Gleason shows us why people are the most important ingredient for any fast growth startup and where and how you can find the best
140: Explosive Startup Growth with Andy Fang of Doordash
Apr 3, 2017 • 37 min
Strategies to beat out the rest of the competition with Andy Fang of DoorDash
139: How to Become a Master Networker to Increase Your Income, Happiness and Startup Success
Mar 29, 2017 • 46 min
Find out exactly what it takes to become a thought leader and an influencer with Jordan Harbinger
138: The Power of Community & Free Challenges with Jen Hansard & Jadah Selnah of Simple Green Smoothies
Mar 26, 2017 • 54 min
From playdate partner to powerhouse co-founders of a multimillion dollar business with Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner co-founders of Simple Green Smoothies
137: How to Build a Large Startup NOT in Silicon Valley with Girish Mathrubootham of Freshdesk
Mar 22, 2017 • 33 min
Find out how Girish Mathrubootham of Freshdesk managed to fast-track growth with social power
136: The Power of Building the Best Product in Your Market with Tenko Nikolov of Siteground
Mar 15, 2017 • 38 min
How to innovate in ways that actually matter with Tenko Nikolov, founder and CEO of Siteground
135: How to Fight Global Poverty with Technology with Leila Janah of Sama Group
Mar 8, 2017 • 25 min
Leila Janah shows us how to marry the potential of entrepreneurship with the virtuosity of social activism and become a global force in the process
134: A Blueprint on How to Become a Sales Master with Matthew Kimberley
Mar 2, 2017 • 49 min
Matthew Kimberley teaches you everything you need to know about mastering the most important skill you’ll ever need as an entrepreneur: selling.
133: Building a Fertile Future For All Women with Piraye Beim of Celmatix
Feb 26, 2017 • 41 min
Tap into the power of storytelling by understanding the story of your customer’s first with Piraye Beim the founder and CEO of Celmatic
132: The Importance of Leadership for a Fast Growth Company with Timo Rein of Pipedrive
Feb 22, 2017 • 43 min
Timo Rein shows us why building the perfect tool is all about focusing on your ideal customer.
131: Running 4000+ People Events & Building a Fast Growth Media Company with Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner
Feb 15, 2017 • 50 min
Michael Stelzner reveals to us how he grew one of the world’s most influential and authoritative new media brands
130: How to Start a Social Enterprise with Scott Harrison of charity: water
Feb 8, 2017 • 32 min
Impact the lives of millions of people around the world with this inspiring interview with Scott Harrison founder of charity: water
129: How Lootcrate Became the No.1 Fastest Growing Company in America with Matthew Arevalo
Feb 1, 2017 • 50 min
Everything you ever need to know about how to build the fastest growing company in all of America with Matthew Arevalo co-founder of Lootcrate
128: The Godfather of Blogging Shares How to Create Content People Love - Darren Rowse of Problogger
Jan 25, 2017 • 51 min
Find out everything you’ll ever need to know on how to crush content marketing with Darren Rowse the Godfather of Blogging
127: The Psychological Triggers to Make Someone Buy with Sean D’Souza of Psychotactics
Jan 22, 2017 • 41 min
Take the guesswork out of generating sales with Sean D’Souza of Psychotactics. He’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to guarantee the sale
126: Learn How Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan Quit Her Job to Launch One of America’s Fastest-Growing Businesses
Jan 18, 2017 • 42 min
Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan heads one of the fastest-growing companies in the world and it doesn’t seem like she’ll be slowing down anytime soon
125: How to Build a Distributed Team for Fast Growth with Wade Foster of Zapier
Jan 11, 2017 • 35 min
Wade Foster reveals the keys behind leading a fast-growing company through the power of digital nomads and remote workers
124: What it Takes to Grow Multiple 7 Figure Online Businesses with Sol Orwell
Jan 4, 2017 • 42 min
Sol Orwell is semi-retired entrepreneur who finds himself traveling three to four months out of every year, all the while managing a 7-figure business.
123: Startup Growth Pains, Marketing Strategies, Buying & Selling Companies with Wil Schroter
Dec 22, 2016 • 56 min
Entrepreneurial pioneer Wil Schroter shares some wisdom from over 20 years of experience as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.
122: How Timbuktu Labs Created the Most Successful Publishing Kickstarter Campaign in History (Crowdfunding Series Part 6)
Dec 15, 2016 • 51 min
Francesca Cavallo breaks down step-by-step how she helmed one of the most successful campaigns in crowdfunding history
121: How Willi Footwear Raised $36,232 to End Flip Flop Blowouts (Crowdfunding Series Part 5)
Dec 8, 2016 • 30 min
Brad Munro reveals to us the right way to connect with your audience in order to bring you crowdfunding success
120: The Master of Systems (Michael Gerber) Shares How to Scale Your Business
Dec 1, 2016 • 62 min
Entrepreneurial legend Michael Gerber breaks down for us the exact components that make an entrepreneur successful, find out what they are!
119: How Who Gives a Crap Raised $66,000 by Sitting on a Toilet (Crowdfunding Series Part 4)
Nov 24, 2016 • 21 min
Non-for-profits can benefit from crowdfunding too! Simon Griffith tells us the story behind Who Gives a Crap and how they raised $66,000!
118: How Canary Raised 20x it’s $100,000 Goal on Indiegogo (Crowdfunding Series Part 3)
Nov 17, 2016 • 48 min
Jon Troutman and his team turned to Indiegogo to crowdfund their idea. In the end they made 20 times their initial funding goal. Here’s how they did it
117: How the Oto-Tip Campaign Raised $77,000 to Disrupt the Cotton Swab Industry (Crowdfunding Series Part 2)
Nov 9, 2016 • 27 min
Lily Truong and the team at Oto-Tip disrupted an industry through the power of crowdfunding. Find out how she achieved it in our exclusive interview!
116: How Eskil Nordhaug Raised $123,000 to Change Mobile Video (Crowdfunding Series Part 1)
Nov 2, 2016 • 43 min
We talk to Eskil Nordhaug who breaks down for us all the little details you can’t miss in order to create a successful crowdfunding campaign
115: How to Build a Millennial Brand with 10M Monthly Visitors with Derek Flanzraich from
Oct 26, 2016 • 55 min
Uncover the keys to building a brand through epic content marketing and storytelling with Derek Flanzraich founder and CEO of Greatist
114: What it Takes to Build America’s Largest Wine Brand (Barefoot Wine) with Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey
Oct 19, 2016 • 56 min
Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, co-founder of Barefoot Wine, share with us the playbook on how to disrupt an entire industry even when you know nothing about it
113: Learn How to Build the Largest Car Company in The World with Robin Chase of Zipcar
Oct 12, 2016 • 30 min
Robin Chase not only disrupted an entire industry, but changed the way the world forever with Zipcar. Find out how you can too!
112: The Crazy Origin Story of with Casey Fenton
Oct 5, 2016 • 44 min
Casey Fenton shares the origins of the grandaddy of the sharing economy, and how he built a business model that revolutionized the world
111: Why You Should Never Give up on Your Dreams as an Entrepreneur with Eugene Woo of Venngage
Sep 29, 2016 • 56 min
The secret to learning through failure so you can find success with Eugene Woo of Venngage
110: The Secret to Creating & Mastering Content at Scale with Sujan Patel of
Sep 21, 2016 • 48 min
Harness the power of content marketing to its fullest with Sujan Patel of
109: Inside the Mind of the Elvis of Advertising - Alex Bogusky
Sep 14, 2016 • 41 min
Alex Bogusky reveals how and why you should embrace change in order to fuel your creativity
108: The Key Elements to Building a Successful Media Company (The Next Web) with Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
Sep 8, 2016 • 40 min
Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten breaks it all down for us. The keys behind creating valuable content through every facet of your business
107: Mastering PR & Why Ego is Your Worst Enemy with Ryan Holiday
Aug 31, 2016 • 47 min
Master both the finer points of PR and your own personal development with tips and advice from marketing wunderkind Ryan Holiday
106: Giving People The Power to Fund Anything with James Beshara of Tilt
Aug 24, 2016 • 33 min
James Beshara of Tilt on how to build a product to grow as fast as possible, all while making a social impact.
105: Disrupting the Transportation Industry with Millions of Users in 4 years with Polina Raygorodskaya from Wanderu
Aug 18, 2016 • 27 min
The most disruptive startups always start from the simplest problems, Polina Raygorodskaya the co-founder and CEO of Wanderu proves how!
104: How to Use Webinars to Grow & Scale Your Startup with Dave Hobson
Aug 10, 2016 • 53 min
All you ever need to know about how to do a successful webinar with our resident expert Dave Hobson
103: Growing a Unicorn Company 57,000% in three years with Tom Bilyeu of Quest Nutrition
Aug 3, 2016 • 40 min
Quest Nutrition went from being a bit player in a crowded market to a unicorn company in just six years. Co-founder Tom Bilyeu tells us how they did it.
102: How to Get up Early and Overcome Extreme Adversity with Hal Elrod
Jul 27, 2016 • 56 min
Hal Elrod teaches us the secrets behind the Miracle Morning and how your mornings are the key to your success
101: How to Build a Service Based Business Empire with Brian Scudamore
Jul 20, 2016 • 40 min
Brian Scudamore created a multimillion dollar business empire that spans the globe with nothing but a pickup truck. Here’s how he did it
100: 100th Episode Switch up! Nathan Chan of Foundr Magazine is interviewed by Dan Norris on the Future of Foundr, Lessons Learned & the Direction of The Company
Jul 12, 2016 • 51 min
We switch it up with our special 100th episode and interview our founder and CEO Nathan Chan! Find out the story behind Foundr and how it all started
99: Building a Product that People LOVE with Janna Bastow of ProdPad
Jul 5, 2016 • 44 min
Janna Bastow of ProdPad dishes on why effective product management is instrumental to your startup’s success.
98: Robert Herjevac - Lessons on Selling, Investing, Marketing & Building Your Company
Jun 28, 2016 • 36 min
Learn insider secrets to growing your company, pitching to investors, and how to sell from Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank
97: Learn Step by Step How to Build & Sell Your Company From Scratch with Nathan Latka
Jun 21, 2016 • 47 min
Find out how Nathan Latka built a multimillion-dollar business in his dorm room in five years. Even better, find out how you can do it too!
96: How to Build a House Hold Well Known Brand (The North Face) with Hap Klopp
Jun 14, 2016 • 36 min
We find out how you can turn your brand into a household name with Hap Klopp of The North Face
95: What Makes or Breaks a Startup with Jessica Livingston of Y Combinator
Jun 7, 2016 • 39 min
As the guiding hand for dozens of successful startups in the past 10 years. Jessica Livingston of Y Combinator shares her invaluable insight into startup life
94: Building a Multi-Million Dollar Business Around Your Hobby with Alborz Fallah
Jun 1, 2016 • 39 min
How to utilize the power of blogging to disrupt an industry and become a multimillionaire with Alborz Fallah of CarAdvice
93: Founder of AOL Steve Case Reveals How he Became a Billionaire & Changed The Internet as We Know it Today
May 24, 2016 • 31 min
From fledgling startup to one of the most influential businesses in the world. Foundr Steve Case shares with us the strategies AOL used to achieve success
92: A Mastery Lesson on the Process of Selling ANYTHING! with Ben Chaib
May 18, 2016 • 54 min
Uncovering all the marketing secrets you need to know to become the best entrepreneur possible, no matter what age or niche you’re in, with Ben Chaib!
91: How to Rapidly Boost Conversions and Stop Losing Customers with Brian Moran of SamCart
May 10, 2016 • 54 min
Learn how to not only dramatically increase your conversion rate, but create customers for life with Brian Moran of Samcart
90: Bootstrapping Vs Raising Capital with Ankur Nagpal of Teachable
May 3, 2016 • 52 min
Practical lessons in entrepreneurship with Ankur Nagpal of Teachable
89: The Power of Vulnerability as an Entrepreneur with Brene Brown
Apr 26, 2016 • 25 min
Brene Brown lets us know the power of being vulnerable, and how it can be an entrepreneur’s secret weapon.
88: How 5x Founder David Cancel Builds & Sells Companies at Record Speeds - Founder of Drift
Apr 19, 2016 • 43 min
Serial entrepreneur David Cancel shares his insights on the right way to listen to the customer, and how his approach led to multiple successful startups
87: What it Takes to Sell Your Company to Amazon for $970m with Justin Kan from
Apr 14, 2016 • 31 min
Learn how to build a business empire with Justin Kan of
86: The Secret on How Triple Your Leads, and Close 90% of Sales with Gary Tramer of LeadChat
Apr 7, 2016 • 45 min
Learn What Goes into Making and Closing Leads from Start to Finish with Gary Tramer of LeadChat
85: Creating a $100m+ Marketplace that Dominates Your Industry with Martin Hosking of Redbubble
Mar 29, 2016 • 41 min
Learn the Lean Methods of Launching and Running Startups wit Martin Hosking of Redbubble
84: How to Build a Successful Business without Startup Funding with Rob Walling of Drip
Mar 23, 2016 • 44 min
Learn what it takes to have self-confidence in building your own business in the startup world with Rob Walling
83: From Bankruptcy to $20m exit with Tim Fargo of Tweet Jukebox
Mar 16, 2016 • 46 min
Why going bankrupt isn’t the worst thing in the world and how it can actually benefit you in the long run, with Tim Fargo, founder and CEO of Tweet Jukebox.
82: The Secrets to Success & Hustle with Gary Vaynerchuk of Vayner Media
Mar 9, 2016 • 34 min
Find out if you have what it takes to become a master entrepreneur with Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia
81: 15 Million+ Followers on Instagram & Counting! Interview with The Instagram Queen Gretta Rose van Riel
Mar 1, 2016 • 52 min
What 15 Million+ Followers on Instagram Can Do For You and Your Business with Gretta Rose Van Riel, Founder of SkinnyMe Tea
80: How to Explode Your Local Business Using Instagram with Ramy Georgy
Feb 23, 2016 • 34 min
Learn how to turn your local business into an international one using the power of Instagram and celebrity influence with Ramy Georgy
79: How to use Instagram to Generate Millions of Dollars in Your Niche with Deonna Monique
Feb 15, 2016 • 51 min
Become a millionaire within your first year of business with the power of Instagram with Deona Monique of Boho Exotic Studio
78: Dominating Your Customer Acquisition Channel (SEO) with Raj Sheth
Feb 9, 2016 • 48 min
Bootstrapping, SEO and Finding The Perfect Founding Team. Raj Sheth CEO of Recruiterbox Gives Us A Lesson in Entrepreneurship 101
77: How to Own Your Story & Level Up Your Life with Steve Kamb
Feb 3, 2016 • 44 min
Leveling Up In Both Fitness and Entrepreneurship with Steve Jamb Founder of Nerd Fitness
76: 8 Million Users, $233m Valuation & Rockstar Investors all in 2 Years? The Canva Story with Melanie Perkins
Jan 25, 2016 • 30 min
Learn how to turn your passion into a million dollar success story with Mel Perkins
75: How to Build & Grow A Successful Blog for Your Startup with Yaro Starak
Jan 19, 2016 • 63 min
Find out how killer blogging can turn your passion into a hit startup with Yaro Starak
74: Building one of the Largest Adventure Travel Companies in the World with Darrell Wade from Intrepid Travel
Jan 12, 2016 • 44 min
Discover The Key To Scaling Your Business with Darrell Wade of Intrepid Travel
73: How to Build a Super Successful Online Business with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire
Jan 5, 2016 • 68 min
Finding Your Own Entrepreneur Moment with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire
72: Internet Marketing Mastery with Los Silva
Dec 21, 2015 • 46 min
Los Silva Shares Ten Years Of Internet Marketing Experience So You Can Hack Your Way To Startup Success!
71: Mastering Social Media & Evangelism with Guy Kawasaki
Dec 14, 2015 • 27 min
Learn how to evangelize for your startup and build your brand’s social media platform with Guy Kawasaki
70: How to Manufacture a Disruptive Product (Without Selling a Kidney) with Lisa Fetterman of Nomiku
Dec 7, 2015 • 36 min
Find out the secrets to innovation and crowdsourcing with Lisa Q. Fetterman of Nomiiku
69: How to Launch Your Startup in 7 Days and Build a $1m Business with Dan Norris of WPCurve
Dec 2, 2015 • 54 min
Everything About The Modern Startup From Remote Working To Content Marketing With Dan Norriss of WP Curve
68: Building The Best Workplace in The World with Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley
Nov 22, 2015 • 37 min
Learn How To Hire And Keep A-Players On Your Team By Having A Great Company Culture with Vishen Lakhiani
67: The Secret to Getting Ridiculous Amounts of Press for Your Business with Scott Jordan of SCOTTeVEST
Nov 19, 2015 • 45 min
Use The Power Of PR and Storytelling To Gain Maximum Exposure with Scott Jordan
66: How to Raise Capital for Your Startup with Brad Feld of Techstars & Foundry Group
Nov 12, 2015 • 36 min
The Secret to Pitches, Investors and Success with Brad Feld
65: How to Write Copy That Converts Like Crazy with Joanna Wiebe
Nov 4, 2015 • 51 min
Lean How To Bring Nothing But Business To Your Startup By Writing Stellar Copy with Joanna Wiebe
64: 8 Startups, 4 IPO’s, Lost $35m of Investors Money to Paying Them Back $1b Each! Startup Lessons From Steve Blank
Oct 28, 2015 • 42 min
Everything Startup Lesson You Ever Needed To Learn With Steve Blank
63: The Secret Weapon to Success is No Longer a Secret with Tony Stubblebine from
Oct 21, 2015 • 58 min
Find Out How To Become A Great Leader And CEO On Your Own Terms With Tony Stubblebine
62: The $100 Million Dollar Man, Chris Strode from Invoice2go
Oct 15, 2015 • 36 min
Learn How To Bootstrap Your Way To $100 Million With Chris Strode
61: The Power of Email Marketing Automation & Why You’re Missing Out Big Time if You Don’t Have it in Your Business with Micah Mitchell
Oct 7, 2015 • 47 min
Learn How to Harness the Power of Email Marketing and Explode Your Business!
60: How to Become Financially Free with Tony Robbins
Sep 30, 2015 • 45 min
Get Motivated To Be Financially Free With Tony Robbins
59: How to Create an EPIC Physical Product (PAX) which is sold over 500,000+ times with James Monsees
Sep 23, 2015 • 40 min
Find Out How To Disrupt An Industry With Innovation And Design With James Monsees
58: 1 Billion YouTube Views & Counting With Michelle Phan
Sep 15, 2015 • 22 min
From Vlogger to Industry Powerhouse. Learn Just How Michelle Phan Connects With Her Audience
57: How to Make Your App go Viral with Rameet Chawla
Sep 9, 2015 • 35 min
Find Out What Goes Into What Makes And Breaks A Successful Mobile App with Rameet Chawla
56: The Foundr Incubator (Business Breakdown) with Derric Haynie & Mathew Michalewicz
Sep 2, 2015 • 99 min
Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Scaling Your Business with The Foundr Incubator
55: Branding 101 and What it Means to Lose it All with Daymond John of Fubu
Aug 25, 2015 • 22 min
Daymond John on becoming a better entrepreneur by building passion, drive, and curiosity
54: What I Learnt From Interviewing Richard Branson
Aug 16, 2015 • 14 min
Nathan Reveals What He learned from Richard Branson, and How he Managed to Interview Him for Foundr Magazine
53: From Monk to Transforming the Lives of Millions Through Meditation, The Headspace Story with Andy Puddicombe
Aug 5, 2015 • 40 min
Learn how to tackle Stress and other Barriers to Success With Andy Puddicombe
52: $20m in Sales in 1 Year Using Instagram? - The Frank Body Story
Aug 3, 2015 • 50 min
Learn how to use Instagram to drive your sales!
51: How to Start Your Own Social Enterprise and Make a Big Impact with StartSomeGood’s founder Tom Dawkins
Jul 11, 2015 • 46 min
Learn how to Start Your Own Social Enterprise
50: An Inside Look Into Foundr’s EPIC Design with Karan Jain Behind The Scenes with Foundr Magazine’s Art Director
Jul 10, 2015 • 67 min
Get the inside scoop how to create powerful branding and design and how Foundr Magazine is created
49: Changing the World (Wide Web) with Dan Tocchini founder of the
Jul 9, 2015 • 45 min
Learn How Dan is Changing the Internet and Disrupting Website Creation
48: How to Make $1m in 1 Week Online, The Secrets of a Product Launch with Ed Dale
Jun 21, 2015 • 56 min
Learn from Ed Dale how to Make $1m in 1 week
47: The Art of Asking with Amanda Palmer
Jun 17, 2015 • 23 min
Learn From Amanda Palmer How to Let People Help You
46: Seth Godin on Why You Shouldn’t do What You’re Told
Jun 15, 2015 • 32 min
Find out from the master of entrepreneurship and marketing why things need to change
45: Our Top 7 Instagram Hacks To Generate 100’s of Thousands of Followers
Jun 10, 2015 • 9 min
How to generate 100K+ Instagram followers in a few months
44: How to Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur & The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes
May 28, 2015 • 41 min
Learn the Secrets to Success from Lewis Howes on building relationships, branding, marketing and copywriting
43: Inside the Mind of a Billion Dollar Startup Founder - Rod Drury of Xero Accounting
May 18, 2015 • 25 min
Learn How Rod Drury has Disrupted the Accounting Software world With Xero Accounting
42: What does Snoop Dogg, Disney, Scarlett Johansson and Kevin Durant Have in Common With Shaun Neff?
May 11, 2015 • 45 min
Learn How to Get Celebrities to Endorse Your Brand and Build One of the World’s Leading Youth Brands
41: How to Hack Time with Tim Ferriss (not to be missed)
May 3, 2015 • 34 min
Learn Tim’s top 5 Productivity tools, how he approaches his marketing and the untold story
40: The Power of Transparency & Creating a Raving Community with Pat Flynn
Apr 30, 2015 • 59 min
Pat Flynn shares how to develop a super engaged community and what it takes to build a massive audience and turn that into Millions
39: Life in the Shark Tank with Barbara Corcoran
Apr 21, 2015 • 40 min
Learn what it Shark Tank star can teach you about entrepreneurship
38: Growth Hacking 101 and Creating Epic Courses with Mattan Griffel
Apr 11, 2015 • 43 min
Mattan shares his experiences from being startup from Y-Combinator and all of his key marketing lessons learned along the way
37: How Justin Gold Turned His Kitchen Hobby Into a Multi-Million Dollar Peanut Butter Powerhouse
Apr 2, 2015 • 47 min
Learn from Justin Gold how he built a Multi-Million Dollar food and beverage empire
36: How to Find Mentors and Overcome Adversity with Sean Stephenson
Mar 28, 2015 • 46 min
Sean Stephenson shares exactly how he built a successful business and acquired some amazing mentors along the way!
35: Cold Hard Business Advice & How to Dominate Your Goals with Multi-Millionaire Steve Mehr
Mar 21, 2015 • 58 min
Steve share with us how he built his empire from the ground up
34: Epic Marketing Strategies & Customer Development 101 With Rob Rebholz of Spaceways
Mar 12, 2015 • 34 min
Learn How Rob Rebholz is rapidly growing his startup Spaceways and Disrupting the Self Storage Industry
33: Marie Forleo Reveals How to Build an 8 Figure Business with Heart
Mar 3, 2015 • 46 min
Learn from Super Star Marie Forleo Exactly How She Built Her Super Successful Online Business
32: Creating Beer that No One Will Like & One of The Largest Breweries (Stone Brewing Co) in the US with Greg Koch
Feb 22, 2015 • 45 min
Greg Koch Reveals the Stone Brewing Co Story, and how it became one of the largest in US
31: Buying Your Time Back With Outsourcing Guru Chris Ducker
Feb 13, 2015 • 39 min
Learn how to attain virtual freedom with Chris Ducker
30: Developing One of the Largest Marketplaces Online with Collis Ta’eed
Feb 4, 2015 • 52 min
Learn exactly how Collis has grown Envato to become one of the largest markeplaces online
29: Nathan Answers Your 5 Most Popular Questions That Entrepreneurs Are Struggling With Right Now
Jan 27, 2015 • 22 min
Learn from Nathan, the top 5 problems and struggles entrepreneurs are facing right now, and his thoughts on how to tackle them
28: The Future of Content Marketing with Chris Brogan
Jan 26, 2015 • 31 min
Chris & I discuss Relationships Online, Community building, content marketing, and becoming internet famous.
27: Curing Stress & Anxiety as an Entrepreneur with Charlie Hoehn
Jan 19, 2015 • 43 min
Charlie Shares his guide for work workaholics to cure anxiety + landing epic jobs
26: The Eventbrite Story - Building a $1 Billion Startup with Julia Hartz
Jan 16, 2015 • 49 min
Julia Hartz shares lessons on growth and disrupting the ticketing industry
25: How to Get more Traffic, Users, Sales & Conversions with Derek Halpern from Social Triggers
Jan 12, 2015 • 41 min
Learn how to master your sales, conversions and traffic
24: Andy Sheats -The $100 Million Founder Who Didn’t Want to Start a Business
Jan 8, 2015 • 45 min
Find out how one of the fastest growing companies in Australia operates directly from the founder
23: Telling Your Boss to Go Shove It & Become a Remarkable Misfit Traveling The World with AJ Leon
Jan 5, 2015 • 53 min
AJ Leon shares his story to becoming a corporate misfit and launching misfit inc and how to do work that matters
22: My Startup Failed & Here is What You Can Learn From it with Nikki Durkin
Jan 3, 2015 • 44 min
A very detailed account on how Nikki Durkin’s Startup Failed (99dresses) and what you can learn from her
21: True Hospitality in the Hamptons - What it Takes to Build a top Bed & Breakfast in the Hamptons with Gary Muller
Dec 30, 2014 • 58 min
Learn from Gary Muller everything entrepreneurship, hospitality, customer service and brilliant story telling
20: How Danae Ringelmann and Indiegogo Helped Start a Funding Revolution
Dec 29, 2014 • 31 min
Learn from the founder of Indiegogo how the crowdfunding revolution started, and how to successfully fund your own campaign
19: The Real Battle Scars of an Entrepreneur - The Brent Grundy Story
Dec 25, 2014 • 47 min
Learn how to build epic systems in your business, bounce back from failure, and what it takes to have a never give up attitude
18: The Life of a Bulletproof Executive - Dave Asprey Shares GOLD on Bio-Hacking, Upgrading Yourself, Entrepreneurialism and Becoming The First Human to Sell Anything Using Ecommerce
Dec 23, 2014 • 40 min
Learn How to Bio-Hack Your Life, Get Insane Amounts of Work Done & How to Become a Super Human Entrepreneur
17: The Science of Success & How to Become a Super Successful Entrepreneur Before It’s Too Late with Matthew Michalewicz
Dec 21, 2014 • 46 min
Learn from Matthew a scientific break down on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur
16: Supercharge Your Business with James Schramko - Learn How to Build a 7 Figure Business and Have Systems in Place that Allows You to Work a 25 Hour Week
Dec 18, 2014 • 37 min
Learn how James has built a 7 figure business and they systems in place that allows him to work a 25 hour week
15: Mari Smith - Social Media 101 With One of the World’s Most Influential People on Social Media
Dec 17, 2014 • 39 min
Mari is a popular Social Media Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Thought Leader.
14: The Art of Rejection: 100 Days of Rejection Therapy and Overcoming The Fear of Faliure with Jia Jiang
Dec 15, 2014 • 34 min
Learn how to overcome, rejection, fear and failure and be inspired by Jian Jiang’s amazing story
13: How Houzz Built a Community of 450,000 active professionals and 25M Unique Visitors a Month with Adi Tatarko
Dec 14, 2014 • 39 min
Learn the Secrets to Growing a Community, finding investing, managing growth and much more
12: Building a Car From Scratch and Selling it - The Tom Car Story
Dec 11, 2014 • 42 min
Learn how David Brim and Steve Sammartino created their car startup and have disrupted the car manufacturing industry
11: How to Use Growth Hacking to Rapidly Scale and Grow Your Business with Bronson Taylor from
Dec 10, 2014 • 34 min
Bronson reveals growth hacking tips, tactics, tools, mindsets and techniques on how some of the fastest growing startups are growing at a rapid speed
10: Creating a Social Movement & Doing Work That Truly Matters with Dan Flynn - The Thankyou Group Story
Dec 8, 2014 • 39 min
Nine hundred million people around the world do not have access to safe drinking water. Globally, consumers spend $60 billion on bottled water each year. In the face of these stark mathematics, most might give a resigned shrug and consider it someone…
09: Leading a Billion Dollar Company (SurveyMonkey) to Success - Entrepreneurship 101 with Dave Goldberg
Dec 7, 2014 • 33 min
Dave Goldberg details leadership 101, startup tactics for growth, and what it takes to build a successful startup
08: The Making of a Young Millionaire - The Neil Patel Story on marketing, content , startups and musings of a successful entrepreneur
Dec 4, 2014 • 32 min
Neil reveals his secrets on driving traffic, content marketing strategies, entrepreneurship and startup tactics and much more!
07: Reverse gears - Yaro Starak Interviews Nathan on the Story behind Foundr and creating a successful media startup
Dec 3, 2014 • 39 min
Yaro Starak Interviews the Foundr Podcast Host Nathan Chan on his story and how Foundr started
06: The Productivity Master Ari Miesel - Learn the latest tools, tricks and hacks from a productivity guru
Dec 2, 2014 • 37 min
Productivity hacks, life hacks, tools, automation of your life and business and much more
05: The Life of Chris Guillebeau - Visiting Every Country in the World While Building a Startup with $100, a High Traffic Blog, and Making a Difference
Dec 1, 2014 • 29 min
Invest in Your Dreams: Chris Guillebeau on defining success, making a difference and shoestring entrepreneurship
04: Finding Investors & Purpose for Your Startup with Kamal Ravikant
Nov 30, 2014 • 37 min
Learn from a top investor in Silicon Valley how to find investors and purpose for your startup.
03: Marianne Cantwell Shares with us Step by Step How to Escape the 9-5 and Build a Business and Life You Love Online
Nov 22, 2014 • 50 min
Learn step by step strategies for building a business online and leaving your day job
02: Learn How to Master Any Skill with Robert Greene
Nov 22, 2014 • 52 min
Robert Greene goes into depth one what it takes to master anything!
01: Elance-oDesk CEO Fabio Rosati on How to Disrupt an Industry
Nov 9, 2014 • 38 min
Learn how Fabio Rosati has built the largest online staffing platform in the world, how he hires, and builds teams and what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.