Stupidly Small

Stupidly Small
Two excellent idiots discuss a range of important topics
583: The Squeeze Test
Jun 20
Happy Wednesday.
582: A couple of ostriches trying to mate
Jun 19
581: Captain Funbags and The Fire Breathing Clown
Jun 15
Including a bonus Small Injustices.
580: Bizzy, Bozzy and Fringfrong
Jun 14
What even is time?
579: Weapon of Mass Seduction
Jun 13
This episode is "compartmentalised" as follows: What's in your phone: Stew's questionable dietary advice includes these gems: Plus try the twelve buck "godmother eggs" at this joint:…
578: Who’s been sitting in Stew’s chair?
Jun 12
Let's be maids! What's in your phone: the article about the worst guy in the world, who used to be a hero:
577: A heat rash type of arrangement.
Jun 8
Podcast from Vietnam.
576: The most handsome man in the world.
Jun 7
Are you happy to see me or are you packing a microphone? Cheap Flights. And here’s the Seinfeld:…
575: History vs Stew
Jun 6
Postcard from Vietnam.
574: Move with the city or the city will move without you
Jun 5
Postcard from Vietnam.
573: The people’s podcast
Jun 4
Podcast from Vietnam.
572: The one where the power goes out
May 25
Thanks to this week's Stupidly Small Podcast sponsor, The Hot Guy by Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris:
571: The Dinner Party
May 23
Thanks to this week's Stupidly Small Podcast sponsor, The Hot Guy by Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris:
570: Cheese before bedtime
May 21
Thanks to this week's Stupidly Small Podcast sponsor, The Hot Guy by Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris: By:The Hot Guy: This week's podcast sponsor is the new rom com by our friend Mel Campbell…
569: Just a creep with a spatula
May 16
Thanks to this week's Stupidly Small Podcast sponsor, The Hot Guy by Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris: By:The Hot Guy: This week's podcast sponsor is the new rom com by our friend Mel Campbell…
568: Fart armoury
May 15
Bill Maher - Real Time Slate's Political Gabfest: And here's this week's Stupidly Small Podcast sponsor, The Hot Guy :…
567: The Hot Guy
May 14
This week's podcast sponsor is the new rom com by our friend Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris, The Hot Guy: And here's the Rereaders podcast: http://www.therereaders.comSponsored By:The Hot Guy: This…
566: Two published authors and a gutful
May 8
In which Stew becomes a published author and Lorin takes sides for the first time in the history of the Stupidly Small podcast.
565: You’re very very very busy
May 7
In which Lorin and Stewart talk about a lot of things but also not very much at all, and if Kate listens to this, YOU ARE VERY BUSY. Mailbag Monday:
564: Post shindiggery and hedonism
May 1
In which we discuss a range of things and make a very exciting announcement.
563: Whose computer?
Apr 25
In which Lorin and Stewart contemplate the meaning of life by accident. What’s in our phone is this:
562: Thank you to everyone.
Apr 23
In which Lorin and Stew are in the same room and it’s quite nice really.
561: Realising I’m in love with you
Apr 5
We get the date wrong in this one… When you realise you like a whole different type of shop… Also what's in our phones? This is: Lovesick The Circus:…
560: Loveable quirks
Apr 4
Today we talk about anger management and respect. And this is Lorin's website:
559: Traveling backwards - and don’t punch the cat
Apr 3
In which we discuss train travel and the end of the world. But in a fun way. Also small injustices!
558: A quick launch is a good launch
Apr 2
In which we discuss the weekend. It was a doozy. Lorin's book is at
557: What’s the password?
Mar 29
The app we mentioned was the Brain Wave App. The study in The Atlantic is here: And this week's sponsor is The Little Bookroom launch of…
556: Netflix and intercourse
Mar 28
Today we talk about Stew's famously bad audience etiquette and whether French people are less happy or Australians are just idiots. Also here's the book launch on the weekend (if you want to come along… RSVP here):…
555: See you in the self help aisle
Mar 27
In which we discuss the downfall of society, supermarkets, and nude yoga. The article about nude yoga is here: Nude yoga: And…
554: The Journey
Mar 26
Stew is on a journey. Which brings to mind a journey he took in the nineties to Crown Casino. This week's sponsor is Lorin's book launch, which will be launched this weekend at The Little Bookroom by Stew Farrell. RSVP here:…
553: Podcast Roulette: Stew’s actual boat actually sank
Mar 23
Original show notes: Stew owns a share in a boat. Things have not ended well. Who steals a frangipani? There’s also a ridiculous conversation about dishwasher steam and, well, farting. Not one of our more intellectual… Stew owns a share in a boat. Things…
552: Podcast Roulette: Cheesecake Humperdink and the strolling Orangutang
Mar 22
Hello! This week we are playing podcast roulette. Due to our schedules, we’re replaying an episode from the back catalogue every day, picked completely randomly. This great idea comes courtesy of Stewart Farrell so please direct all comments to him. This…
551: Podcast Roulette: What’s on that mattress?
Mar 21
Hello! This week we are playing podcast roulette. Due to our schedules, we’re replaying an episode from the back catalogue every day, picked completely randomly. This great idea comes courtesy of Stewart Farrell so please direct all comments to him. This…
550: Podcast Roulette: The rent is due
Mar 20
Hello! This week we are playing podcast roulette. Due to our schedules, we’re replaying an episode from the back catalogue every day, picked completely randomly. This great idea comes courtesy of Stewart Farrell so please direct all comments to him. This…
549: Podcast Roulette: The Unsporty Idiot
Mar 19
Hello! This week we are playing podcast roulette. Due to our schedules, we’re replaying an episode from the back catalogue every day, picked completely randomly. This great idea comes courtesy of Stewart Farrell so please direct all comments to him. This…
548: Halal flat pack
Mar 15
Music festivals: can you think of any other category of thing that looks so terrible photographed but is actually awesome? Maybe other people kissing is one? I don't know. I shouldn't be editorialising in the show notes. Carry on. Anyway here are the…
547: Happy Families
Mar 9
In which we discuss happy families and Stew gets a tingie for a festival.
546: The green man
Mar 8
In which we talk gender politics, traffic lights and how Lorin is a racist. What's in your phone: Lorin will be on ABC 774 today at 11:00 am.
545: Goggle boxed out of here
Mar 7
Lorin has a business proposal for a bright new future. The Parkinson's disease link in here: We need your vote in The Castaway Awards:…
544: Late Onset Buddhism
Mar 6
At war with an animal? How zen can you be? Also a quick warning about pressure pants and smart phones in our small injustices segment. Here are the Castaway Awards:
543: A Glimpse into the future
Mar 5
Stew is basically like a teenager from Iceland. Mailbag Monday is full of good bands, bad vibes, and Lorin having half a glass of champagne. The fascinating article about Iceland:…
542: Today is going to be a great day
Mar 2
Today is going to be a great day. Also: Old Man Farrell discovers After Pay.
541: Bold Farts
Feb 27
In which Stewart interrogates public transport and Small Injustices involves cloisters.
540: What kind of person calls the radio?
Feb 26
In which Stewart reveals a hidden skill and mailbag Monday is Actually Bumper. We also discuss the nexus between tagging and postmodernism. It's that kind of a day.
539: High Vis Surfboard
Feb 23
Stew, who is a shadow of his former self, decided to go somewhere called Point Danger and, while he survived, we have a theory about what happened to Harold Holt. Also: shiver me tingies today involves an actor called Basil Hands, and Stew Farrell, a…
538: Nice to See You
Feb 22
Champ, Clanger & Kate talk about bills, memory and what's in our phone… Ten things! Awards!
537: Choose Getting Nude in a Forest
Feb 21
Lorin makes Stew defend tagging. He also reviews Trainspotting, decades after the fact, and Lorin brings an article about forest bathing to What's In Your Phone, which is not looked upon kindly.…
536: Trendy high-functioning shut-in
Feb 20
In which Stew finds a new way to mischaracterise and defame his close friend, Lorin. Today's show includes Small Injustices. We're catching up in the Castaway Awards so please vote if you haven't:…
535: More than just a secretary
Feb 19
Never underestimate a secretary. More about the carrot propaganda: Alan Turing:…
534: Note for the teacher
Feb 16
This is a short podcast because we ran out of time this morning but we wanted to say hi. Stew tells us some fairly horrifying stories about his school though which is fascinating and kind of accidentally amusing in some ways but not really. Also have a…
533: No lions? No way!
Feb 15
In which Lorin goes to the zoo and finds it… lacking. Listen to these: and vote in these:
532: Reading rude bits in a nook
Feb 14
The article about Trump and fascism is here: And the conspiracy theory about him not being able to read is…
531: You can’t say that on Valentine’s Day
Feb 13
There are some really important Valentine's Day tips in this episode, including one relating to an advertisement for roof seals. And a few Stewphamisms. That awkward handshake: Also please go and vote here if…
530: Clanger vs Goliath
Feb 12
Mailbag Monday is just… so bumper. Also sustainable fish: Here are the podcasting awards: Sea Food App
529: Big Bertha v Fat Mamma
Feb 9
In which we discover that Lizard Lady and Uncle Trainspotter are weirder than they thought.
528: Indoor Lizardry
Feb 8
What pet is the best in terms of low maintenance/high return? We also try out a new segment. I'm not going to tell you what it's called.
527: Liquorice as a metaphor
Feb 6
Lentils, small injustices, and we have an argument about an annoying celebrity.
526: Pruning the Friendship Tree
Feb 5
Bumper Mailbag Monday, plus: should we prune the friendship tree and have we broken up? Tune in to find out. Please send us all the good nicknames.
525: The Pauline Hanson of Cats
Feb 2
Castaway awards are here:
524: Buy Three Get one Free
Feb 1
How much does the used by date really matter? Castaway Awards? Why they're here:
523: Bug in a rug
Jan 31
Stew has opinions, Lorin does too. Surprised? Neither. Castaway Awards. Give us a go:
522: Did You Want a Lemon Chicken With That?
Jan 30
Stew might be the city slicker smarty pants he thinks he isn't, and Lorin probably shouldn't leave the artist colony for the big smoke. Also: the return of Small Injustices (all stand). Please vote for us in the Castaway Awards so that when the…
521: Moot Scooting for Beginners
Jan 29
In which Lorin gets incredibly worked up about what's happening in the US and tells a story she has probably told before that somehow serves as a defence of the way Samantha Bee stands. Also it's Mailbag Monday, and a more perfect encapsulation of it we…
520: Summer Series: Summer Series Muck-up Day
Jan 26
This is the last of the summer series. if you have any new segment suggestions please let us know, or vote on our new ones. Vote for us in the castaway awards here
519: Summer Series: A Punch in the Face is Worth Two in the Bush
Jan 25
Here's Aziz Ansari on SNL (the thing he said about the KKK was that they're lowercase Nazis) Here are the Castaway Awards in which we should…
518: Summer Series: How Long’s This Been Going On?
Jan 24
Stew is auditioning a few segments this week before we go back to normal poddies next week. What do you think of "How Long's This Been Going On?" and are there any other favourite segments or segments you'd like to see the end of? Let us know. Here's…
517: Summer Series: Politics and Pizza
Jan 23
Australia Day: in six minutes. (Honestly).
516: Summer Series: Matron!
Jan 22
Stew likes books and Lorin is cheating on one audiobook with another… or something.
515: Summer Series: Learning How to Summer Again
Jan 19
Things you need to learn how to do again each summer: let us know any extras if you think of any. Podcasting Awards! Here! OMG! Awards — Podcasting Awards! Here! OMG!
514: Summer Series: Call Forth The Ombudspeople
Jan 18
Stew is thinking of taking something to an ombudsman. Lorin could not be more pumped. Podcast Awards? Why here of course: Thanks to those who have already voted!Links:Podcast Awards? Why here of course
513: Summer Series: Lorin Takes on The Dogs
Jan 17
How much complaining is too much complaining? Should I write my own signs? Please chuck us a vote in the Podcast Awards if you haven't yet: chuck us a vote in the Podcast Awards if you haven't yet
512: Summer Series: A Good Walk Ruined
Jan 16
When a story starts with Stew being in a great mood, you know things are headed south, fast… You can vote for us in the Castaway Awards so please do: Awards — You can vote for us in the Castaway Awards so…
511: Summer series: We Don’t Eat Dim Sims Where I’m From
Jan 15
When is a good fish n chip shop a good fish n chip shop? What is a corner shop? Why build chain fences when you can break down walls? Also: please vote for us in the Castaway Awards. WE KNOW THERE ARE MORE OF YOU THAN ARE LETTING ON. Go here and then come…
510: Summer series: Psychos Need Food Too
Jan 12
In which we mostly just complain about Australia Post. Here's the ad Stew talked about. It's amazing. Seriously. Watch it. And there's also this.…
509: Summer Series: Lorin Bans Spaghetti Bolognese
Jan 11
In which Stew tortures a metaphor completely to death.
508: Summer Series: Limit One Per Customer
Jan 10
Stew bought a washing machine and has a summer tip about how to be an adult. Oi! You! Vote for us in the Cast Away Awards people's choice award! All the cool kids are doing it… By the way, you know what's good to do?…
507: Summer Series: There’s a Hair in There
Jan 9
Lorin has finally discovered online shopping. For bathers. Surely this can't end well? You know what else she ordered don't you. Yep, that's right, you can pre-order Lorin's children's book here:…
506: Summer series: what’s in your dunny?
Jan 8
Today we talk about whether it's rude to put things in your toilet. Hang on, that sounds worse than it is. Have a listen. Also, please vote for us in The Australian Podcasting Awards (the Cast Away Awards)…
505: Summer series: there’s a wallaby in the bird bath
Jan 5
Stew is a huge catch and Lorin is an ice princess. To vote for us in the Australian Podcast Awards, go here - and tell your friends…
504: Summer Series: eating an ice cream in your ugg boots
Jan 4
Stew wants to ban ice cream in summer. Yes, really. To vote for us in the Australian Podcast Awards, go here - and tell your friends…
503: Summer series: Happy New Year Edition
Jan 3
Welcome back everybody! Big love to those of you back at work and all the best for people who are "purchasing diaries" as the euphemism goes. Vote for us in the Australian Podcast Awards: Awards — Vote for us in…
502: Summer Series: Christmas Day Special
Dec 24, 2016
Today we talk about Christmas cards, cocktails, and how no television is Seinfeld anymore.
501: Summer Series: The Phantom Plater
Dec 22, 2016
In this podcast we discuss Bethany being a terrible friend, mysterious dumpage, and egg nog. PLEASE SEND US YOUR PICTURES OF DEAD CHRISTMAS TREES AFTER CHRISTMAS. We are compiling the most depressing photo collage ever. Sorry we're a bit late today…
500: Summer Series: you will be gifted a sausage
Dec 21, 2016
Episode 500 and we decided to talk about old media and sausages. How great are Stew's mates!? More free music! Thanks to our mate Heata….
499: Summer series: in praise of beach convos
Dec 20, 2016
Two summer tips for the price of one today.
498: Summer Series: tiny graduates
Dec 19, 2016
Is this a thing? Listen and let Stew know. Plus his gift to you (which is actually from Miles)… Christmas music you actually want to listen to: Rock n Roll Christmas 2016
497: Welcome to the summer series
Dec 18, 2016
This episode contains a very important tip pertaining to frolicking.
496: Kickboxing 24 Hours a Day
Dec 15, 2016
Today is a bit of a Friday show - we talk about Christmas and car troubles and a racist line from a famous movie. And next week? The summer series starts! And we present Episode 500! Orright! And thank you so much to our sponsor for this week, Touched On,…
495: Out Like a Trout
Dec 14, 2016
Today we discuss pick up lines, zoos and celebrities. What's in our phones will depress you. For sure. Be warned. Thanks…
494: Bogus Crepuscular Weigh-In Wednesday
Dec 13, 2016
What’s in your phone: Thanks to this week's sponsors, Touched On, the tabletop party game based on Melbourne's public transport…
493: Surprise Wedding!
Dec 12, 2016
Lorin attended Stew’s nightmare on the weekend - a surprise wedding. Thanks to this week's sponsors, Touched On, the tabletop party game based on Melbourne's public transport system: (if you sign up, mention that you're stupidly…
492: The Brown Sheep of the Family
Dec 11, 2016
Today's show includes Stew's parents, a bumper mailbag Monday, our very first mystery, and a Christmas song. Thanks to this week's sponsors, Touched On, the tabletop party game based on Melbourne's public transport system: (if you…
491: Satan’s Cloud
Dec 8, 2016
In which we tempt technology. In which we meet Captain Condescending. In which we thank you all for putting up with whatever is cursing us at the moment.
490: Stew’s an arms lengther
Dec 6, 2016
That feeling you get when your mate who accuses you of being an arms lengther has a surprise up his sleeve…Links:What's in your phone? — How to Pick the Fastest Line at the Supermarket
489: The biggest gravestone in town
Dec 6, 2016
What's your favourite Stupidly Small episode? Let us know because we are idiots. Also Lorin goes to Doncaster and Stewart does an incredibly annoying impersonation of a baby boomer.
488: Rules but no discipline
Dec 5, 2016
This is… completely ridiculous. Lorin is messy and annoying. Stew is a curvaceous curmudgeon. The Jad Abumrad thing - with MASSIVE THANKS from one generous listener to another……
487: The Day of the Dogs
Dec 1, 2016
A story about Stew and his dogs. And a silver lining. Our instagram: @stupidlybigLinks:Our Instagram — Vast and globally significant media organisation. Makers of the Stupidly Small Podcast, presented by Stew Farrell and Lorin Clarke.
486: The best dog door money can buy
Nov 28, 2016
Happy birthday to Lou!
485: Arms lengthing the neighbours
Nov 27, 2016
There's a T Shirt in this. Let us know if you want to be Romper Roomed and feel free to send us a testimonial.Links:HyperNormalisation — 2016 BBC documentary by British filmmaker Adam Curtis. n the film, Curtis argues that since the 1970s, governments,…
484: How not to be late
Nov 24, 2016
Today we discuss: four cappuccinos, politics, Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison and #bringbacktheding
483: A plague on both our houses
Nov 23, 2016
Today we discuss the mozzie plague, voice over acting, and whether Lorin is going on a date or not. LINKS: Borrowbox: Touched on: The book Lorin just listened to…
482: A sausage heavy podcast
Nov 21, 2016
Stew eventually gets to the point in this. We think. What's in our phone: the Sexiest Man Alive’s Sausage Gets…
481: Stew talks about his problem in public
Nov 21, 2016
Thanks to this week’s sponsors, The 2016 Photo Imaging Gradshow at Melbourne Polytechnic. It's tonight, details here: By:Melbourne Polytechnic: We present to you 'Gradshow 2016' Come and join us…
480: Pool flirting
Nov 17, 2016
Thanks to this week’s sponsors, The 2016 Photo Imaging Gradshow at Melbourne Polytechnic. Details here: By:Melbourne Polytechnic: We present to you 'Gradshow 2016' Come and join us for the opening…
479: Just Do What They Tell You Don’t To Do
Nov 15, 2016
Today we talk about personal trainers. Are they idiots in parks? Are they life changing? Also what is that doctor doing exactly? Retrospective ignorance warning. What's in your phone: Writers about Trump's America (ding):…
478: Complaints department
Nov 14, 2016
Thanks to this week's sponsors, Melbourne Polytechnic's Grad Show 2016 at 160 High Street Prahran. On opening night, Tuesday 22: they are totally serving free drinks!! By:Melbourne Polytechnic: We…
477: To market to market to get an Urkel doll
Nov 13, 2016
Know any good markets? Tell Stew. Thanks to this week’s sponsors, The 2016 Photo Imaging Gradshow at Melbourne Polytechnic. Details here: By:Melbourne Polytechnic: We present to you 'Gradshow…
476: No more spooky stories
Nov 10, 2016
Things go a bit haywire in this one.
475: Hillary does it!
Nov 9, 2016
We can get through this together.
474: Tables are for drunken idiots
Nov 7, 2016
In this podcast we talk about the importance of getting an education versus the importance of dancing on a podium in a bar. Stew also presents us with a small injustice of his very own.
473: Tipper’s remorse
Nov 6, 2016
In this episode we discuss what happens when you get tip regret AND whether or not Lorin is a terrible friend. Spoiler alert: she’s pretty much the worst. Plus: Mailbag Monday, baby!
472: People in parked cars
Nov 3, 2016
Nobody sees you if you're in a parked car. Does that make you dodgy? Happy anniversary to Stew and his housemate <3
471: The idiot’s picnic
Nov 2, 2016
Is "I thought I'd give weight watcher's cookies a try" a daggy sentence? Find out in this action packed episode.Links:Smartphone App Hopes To Be The "Shazam For Plants" - Modern Farmer — Get this or ask Stew’s housemate
470: Time to get a man in
Nov 1, 2016
It’s never too late to overcome chronic lateness (I thought there were two articles but it’s just this one):'s never too late to…
469: The three stages of spring racing
Oct 31, 2016
Happy long weekend, kind of.
469: 468: A Halloween to remember
Oct 30, 2016
Hello everybody! Remember to let us know what you’re clever at. We have macrame covered…
468: 467: The smarmy turkey and the replacement drummer
Oct 27, 2016
Stew says to google: passenger shaming.
467: 466: Lorin’s accidental workplace affair
Oct 26, 2016
What’s in Stew’s phone? He says search: dollywood lightning rod! And here’s the Snag Says podcast:
466: 465: Just in time for Christmas
Oct 25, 2016
Happy Thursday everyone!
465: 464: Little Bobby Lepage
Oct 24, 2016
464: 463: Nothing is ever as much as it says it is
Oct 19, 2016
Avocados vs old people. Yes. Really… The facts and figures on boomers v millennials/xers etc… We’ve defended…
463: 462: Telly versus birds
Oct 18, 2016
Stew reckons: google american talk radio!
462: 461: A Deconstructed Oyster and a Trip to Savers
Oct 17, 2016
Today we talk about posh restaurants and the politics of bagging.
461: 460: No weddings and a funeral
Oct 16, 2016
A big welcome back to Stew. What’s in our phone - post apocalyptic election edition: Keepin’ It 1600: The Nation on Trump:…
460: 459: Fat Club’s Back
Oct 5, 2016
459: Fat Club’s Back Hello!
459: 458: Let’s Talk About Driving
Oct 4, 2016
Hello! Here’s where the Obama feature in New York magazine springs from: And here’s the instagram account:: The video (and…
458: 457: The Litter Police
Oct 3, 2016
457: 456: No Aldi Regrets
Oct 2, 2016
Morning all. It’s… Mailbag Monday!
456: 455: Last weekend in September
Sep 29, 2016
455: 454: The politics of bumper stickers
Sep 28, 2016
Hey! Our Stew is at The Gaso having a good time that you too could be having: What’s in our phone? This is:
454: 453: The line between horrifying and hilarious
Sep 27, 2016
453: The line between horrifying and hilarious
453: 452: Kids for a day
Sep 26, 2016
452: Kids for a day
452: 451: Do not mess with us
Sep 22, 2016
Thank to you everyone for a great week. May your weekends shiver your tingies…
451: 450: Herpes Simplex
Sep 21, 2016
What’s in our phones: Freelance! Writing tips:
450: 449: Boris! Are you even real?
Sep 20, 2016
*APOLOGIES FOR THE SOUND QUALITY* It turns out Stew’s microphone wasn’t working so his laptop microphone did the job for us. Poorly. It’s why we can hear him rubbing his hands. Apologies to everyone. We are idiots. Goodhearted ones though. Speaking of…
449: 448: Big Red Ragey Ball of Hate
Sep 19, 2016
Thanks to The Cantankerist!
448: 447: Bald as a Badger Nomads
Sep 18, 2016
And here is the correct tumblr link…
447: 446: The Citizen’s Jury
Sep 15, 2016
Happy Friday Stupids! (The fish and chip shop is Paul’s Prize Catch Fish & Chips. Check em out!)
446: 445: The perfect customer
Sep 14, 2016
Here’s the Hamish and Andy thing:
445: 444: Your theatre is my degustation
Sep 13, 2016
Where to stay in New York:
444: 443: Rapunzel Rapunzel
Sep 12, 2016
In which Stewart asks a question he may regret.
443: 442: The worst versions of ourselves
Sep 11, 2016
Anyone going past the airport? And it’s mailbaaaag… Mondaaaay….
442: 441: Three sheets in the wind
Sep 8, 2016
Shiver me tingies time!
441: 440: The conspiracy theory episode
Sep 7, 2016
He’s changed since he moved to the country. The paleo caramel slice:
440: 439: Two barbecues and a wedding
Sep 6, 2016
The video: And what’s in our phones:
439: 438: We’re a bank. We don’t do banking.
Sep 5, 2016
We’re back!
438: 437: Musical surgeons
Sep 1, 2016
Iiiiiiiiiiiit’s tingie time.
437: 436: Canoes are for dipsticks in hats
Aug 31, 2016
Mario from Doncaster…
436: 435: The Psychopath and the narcissist
Aug 29, 2016
The article on mollycoddling: More in here in the parenting section if you want to go Emotional Intelligence crazy……
435: 434: The walls have fallen off
Aug 28, 2016
Welcome to Mailbag Monday.
434: 433: Dark Clarke
Aug 25, 2016
…probably the weirdest shiver me tingies…
433: 432: A Bad Day in Paris
Aug 24, 2016
Hi everyone! In which it appears Stew is having a rather nice time…
432: 431: Mister Silver Lining
Aug 23, 2016
… And we’re back…
431: 430: Where it all started
Aug 22, 2016
We go back in time here. Back to where this geographic dissonance began. We’re replaying an old episode today with the hopes that we can come up with SOMETHING tomorrow… NO PROMISES. You know what happens when we promise (weekly poetry segment anyone?).…
430: 429: Tostatido Time Take 2
Aug 21, 2016
Stew moved in over the weekend! I’m here with an empty chair! Here’s one from the archives. We’ll hopefully be functional in some form by Wednesday but let’s not make any promises…
429: 428: Because we’re the best
Aug 18, 2016
Happy settlement day everybody! Also: let us know your small injustices, and any weird things you’ve inherited. This episode contains a CSA about humane ways of getting rid of rodents. Here’s the RSPCA:…
428: 427: Trustafarian gym junkie
Aug 17, 2016
Routines in limbo.
427: 426: Pre-nostalgia blockies
Aug 16, 2016
Send us your small injustices… Here’s the dog food drive:
426: 425: How not to have a car wash
Aug 15, 2016
What’s in our phones… The video: The website:
425: 424: Small injustices
Aug 14, 2016
Send us your small injustices!
424: 423: The olympic edition
Aug 11, 2016
Here’s Stew’s poor old Russian swimmer: And…
423: 422: Dad! Dad! We get to do it all again!
Aug 10, 2016
Happy Lorin’s birthday, stupids. If you read heaps you live forever!
422: 421: Organ swap
Aug 9, 2016
The organ thing:
421: 420: The brown paper bag from Germany
Aug 8, 2016
Look, Biff. You and your busted stick… We thank you. What’s in your phone: Melbourne festival: Lepage: The sex musical:…
420: 419: Proud to be a codger
Aug 7, 2016
Including Mailbag Monday… thanks to Dave!
419: 418: Secretly getting smarter
Aug 4, 2016
The good teaches, the good courses, in your headphones: Plus: shiver me tingies!
418: 417: No jobs for pirates
Aug 3, 2016
Young Australians: Pilot shortage: Here’s the podcast about endometriosis:…
417: 416: Stewart tells a story
Aug 2, 2016
Census stuff: Good storytellers, massive bunch of hotties:…
416: 415: Director’s edition: wrong way escalating
Aug 1, 2016
We’re back to normal tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s Stew telling us about wrong way escalating. It’s totally not a thing.
415: 414: Director’s edition: the Christmas episode
Jul 31, 2016
We’re not in today. Here’s one from the archives.
414: 413: Happy birthday to Stew
Jul 28, 2016
Also: the day Lorin graduated with a ferret. Plus: episode one of… SHIVER ME TINGIES!
413: 412: What’s in a name?
Jul 27, 2016
How Colbert met his wife:
412: 411: Lamps in the Loungeroom
Jul 26, 2016
Get ready for a cracker…
411: 410: The Little Plastic Castle is a Surprise Every Time
Jul 25, 2016
If anyone knows where Stew was driving or why, please let us know. Pop them off with table tennis balls:
410: 409: A mug to Finland
Jul 24, 2016
Today we unleash our new, crowd-sourced segment name! Also, giant marshmallows:
409: 408: Weird other industries (CORRECT VERSION!)
Jul 21, 2016
A place called Tingie… Or not. Sorry something weird happened when we uploaded this earlier.
408: 407: Methods for horses
Jul 20, 2016
Stage door podcast:
407: 406: Finito!
Jul 19, 2016
Facebook can throw an election:
406: 405: The Ins and Outs of Being a Human Being
Jul 18, 2016
Don’t raise a narcissist: Trump: too sick to lead?…
405: 404: Our meeting with Ira
Jul 17, 2016
Nature strip! (Hello everybody).
404: 403: Just a quick tingie
Jul 14, 2016
403: 402: Bonjour
Jul 13, 2016
402: 401: The Great Moral Dilemma
Jul 12, 2016
Welcome to Wednesday.
401: 400: HAPPY 400TH EVERYBODY!
Jul 11, 2016
It’s wormhole city. And to be honest this has a (kind of) language warning in one small moment. This is the one where Stew goes paleo. No honestly. The article about how our bodies can’t lose weight and keep going back to a default position:…
400: 399: Rage-filled Randy Catholic
Jul 10, 2016
Just russicking around on mailbag Monday.
399: 398: Unidentified foreign object
Jul 7, 2016
The final day of Lorin’s gap week.
398: 397: What about storage cabinets?
Jul 6, 2016
Lorin’s gap year going well so far.
397: 396: Caveat City
Jul 5, 2016
Lorin’s gap year continues… And Stew changes his mind.
396: 395: Friends for life
Jul 4, 2016
Lorin’s gap year continues. FRIENDS FOR LIFE!
395: 394: Welcome to a brand new Australia…
Jul 3, 2016
In which Stewart topples a giant of Australian political journalism.
394: 393: This episode’s making me tingie
Jun 30, 2016
This one is for Beaumaris Bureau Chief Anthony Hardy. Thank you to this week’s Stupidly Small podcast sponsors the wonderful Circus Oz. To be in the running for our give away - an A reserve family ticket for 4 - answer today’s question and you will be in…
393: 392: Boomer Bashing
Jun 29, 2016
The fiction about the US election: Thank you to this week’s Stupidly Small podcast sponsors the wonderful Circus Oz. To be in the running for…
392: 391: A sock under the bed
Jun 28, 2016 Thank you to this week’s Stupidly Small podcast sponsors the wonderful Circus Oz. To be in the running for our give away - an A reserve family…
391: 390: The love letter dilemma
Jun 27, 2016
All he wanted to do was watch Die Hard. Thank you to this week’s Stupidly Small podcast sponsors the yytwonderful Circus Oz. To be in the running for our give away - an A reserve family ticket for 4 - answer today’s question and you will be in for a…
390: 389: We are the freaks
Jun 26, 2016
Thank you to this week’s Stupidly Small podcast sponsors the wonderful Circus Oz. To be in the running for our give away - an A reserve family ticket for 4 - answer today’s question and you will be in for a chance to be our inaugural prize winner!…
389: 388: Annoyedenfroid and disgustified
Jun 23, 2016
Geelong race 2, your horse is: Nicknack Here’s Leaping Larry L National Playwrighting Festival The essay on theatre in Meanjin ain’t online anymore…
388: 387: The deathbed thing
Jun 22, 2016
I’ve lived over half my life: What’s in Stew’s phone:
387: 386: Really slow instagram
Jun 21, 2016
Happy Wednesday!
386: 385: The rent is due, the rent is due
Jun 20, 2016
They Sydney Writers Festival poddy: The Dad book titles: Waiting for Godot:…
385: 384: Stare of death, heart of gold
Jun 19, 2016
Sorry we are late this morning. Thanks for everyone who’s been in touch.
384: 383: Father, read me a tale
Jun 16, 2016
383: Father, read me a tale In which Stew watches M*A*S*H The Author’s Voice podcast: And the one I’ve mentioned before:…
383: 382: Inside the jacket is a ticket to freedom
Jun 15, 2016
Hey yo Willy!
382: 381: We all enjoy a sojourn
Jun 14, 2016
381: We all enjoy a sojourn Real media:
381: 380: You can’t make me move to Mars
Jun 13, 2016
Not all men:
380: 379: A Fat Guy on a Shetland
Jun 12, 2016
Happy Queen’s not really birthday. The original Moth story (no notes for realz):
379: 378: Resting Prickly Pear
Jun 9, 2016
Lick your cat, freaks:
378: 377: Two Doonas a Day
Jun 8, 2016
The thing Stewart has been watching on repeat all morning North Korea:…
377: 376: Bacon Blanket
Jun 7, 2016
376: 375: Late for the plane!
Jun 2, 2016
375: 374: What an office is for
Jun 1, 2016
Farrell was a bowls champion! Killing babies, saving the world (the Radiolab episode): And more radiolab episodes about morality: What’s in…
374: 373: Two guys, a woman and a banana
May 31, 2016
Watch out for the edge:
373: 372: The podcast Lorin broke
May 30, 2016
Sorry about this everybody. The Stews are not happy with me today.
372: 371: Parking ticket MASTER!
May 29, 2016
Featuring Mailbag Monday… Kind of.
371: 370: My Heart is in the Sea
May 26, 2016
The Radiolab about dinosaur extinction: Stew’s new job:
370: 369: Always good to speak with you
May 25, 2016
Ethical amnesia: It’s okay to compare Australia in 2016 with Nazi Germany and here’s why…
369: 368: As a parent
May 24, 2016
Warning: in this podcast we have an argument.
368: 367: The one second probe
May 23, 2016
Dugout antics:
367: 366: The House that Idiocy Bought
May 22, 2016
The one we’ve been waiting for…
366: 365: Train to nowhere
May 19, 2016
Bad news about your friends… Kind of…
365: 364: Parking ticket SCANDAL!
May 18, 2016
Always check the rego. Here’s the story Stew mentioned:
364: 363: Lasagne struck
May 17, 2016
Politics meets eurovision. Stop it.
363: 362: Friday the 13th omg etc
May 12, 2016
Look at all this hideous blue food: Have good weekends everybody!
362: 361: Bubba like shrimp
May 11, 2016
In which we talk about politics and sharia law. Seriously. We do. Why do things like this always happen? Oh, and here’s Ole Hanksy Pants:
361: 360: The Benjamin Button episode
May 10, 2016
360: 359: Butter is better, Stuvi!
May 9, 2016
It’s hard rubbish night in Kew:
359: 358: Powerhouse!
May 8, 2016
This one is particularly ridiculous.
358: 357: What a brakeslammer!
May 5, 2016
F-F-F-F-Funbag Friday! In which Stewart definitely doesn’t instruct us on how best to execute a drive-by.
357: 356: Very crispy bacon
May 4, 2016
With a little understanding, you can find the perfect blend.
356: 355: The Dark Soul of Real Estate
May 3, 2016
Toad of Toad Hall.
355: 354: Fat Shaming for Australia
May 2, 2016
Remember to buy The Big Issue… AND TELL A FRIEND!
354: 353: The worst thing at a wedding
May 1, 2016
Dogs actually hate you:
353: 352: A snake in the grass
Apr 28, 2016
Good morning, good afternoon, good night. Here’s Sir Nobonk: Have a good one, you guys. Thanks for being our friends.
352: 351: Blushy and Sweaty
Apr 27, 2016
Two cents. TWO. CENTS.
351: 350: Bent pipes all over the place
Apr 26, 2016
Still not sure pappadum is as racially sensitive as it might think it is…
350: 349: Awction results
Apr 25, 2016
No dramas!
349: 348: The boomers, the shakers, the moneymakers
Apr 21, 2016
This includes our first ever pre-auction report. Feedback Friday! Thanks everybody for getting in touch.
348: 347: Rock Bottom
Apr 20, 2016
This includes an etiquette question for Farrell.
347: 346: There is no greater good
Apr 19, 2016
Happy Wednesday!
346: 345: A little time in a chicken restaurant
Apr 18, 2016
And the dark side of the guardian comments:
345: 344: The Friend Tests
Apr 17, 2016
Listen to Lorin on Melbourne radio today on 774 ABC radio at 11am. Talking about comedy with people who have won awards for it. Show us your phone: Riding for the Disabled is an extremely admirable not for profit volunteer run organisation.…
344: 343: The Day of Reckoning
Apr 14, 2016
What Lorin says about riding your bike drunk in this episode is complete bollocks and Stew is right. Lorin contacted her friend and apparently he got a fine and was TOLD that he was lucky they didn’t suspend his licence. Licence suspension does happen for…
343: 342: Rough Little Balls
Apr 13, 2016
We need to crowd source a name for Stew’s invention so he can leave a legacy.
342: 341: Is that a crevice or a crater?
Apr 12, 2016
Trial by social media. The experts talk about it here:
341: 340: Lorin goes to a restaurant
Apr 11, 2016
The Swedish phone number.
340: 339: The Lifesaver
Apr 10, 2016
339: The Lifesaver We also launch a national enquiry.
339: 338: Fancy pants and sports cars
Apr 7, 2016
Thanks for playing everybody!
338: 337: We’re all in spandex
Apr 6, 2016
Morning all!
337: 336: Ethics This
Apr 5, 2016
336: Ethics This
336: 335: Don’t Leave A Note
Apr 4, 2016
Is everyone on the spectrum? More: Passive aggressive notes: When Easter egg hunts go…
335: 334: An Irritable T-Zone and Itchy Bags
Apr 3, 2016
What a sclerotic show. Leaping Larry L on gambling in sport: And here’s his website:
334: 333: You people are idiots
Mar 31, 2016
In which we are trolled by our idiot listeners. And we discuss revenge fantasies. The two are not related.
333: 332: History mysteries and reliable ice cream
Mar 30, 2016
Here’s the article about autism treatment:
332: 331: We’ve been doing it wrong all this time
Mar 29, 2016
How to be influential:
331: 330: We’re weird, aren’t we?
Mar 28, 2016
The Trump Dork: The Fukushima photography:…
330: 329: The Day of Thor
Mar 23, 2016
In which Lorin is schooled in religion. Sort of. Not really at all. Morgs:
329: 328: Not In Our Backyard
Mar 22, 2016
Elvis: Here’s Shirley: Tim and Eric:
328: 327: An unorthodox lifestyle
Mar 21, 2016
Bush doof Farrell sings in this one. Like, a lot. Luke Warm Sex is Luke McGregor: The link to the heavy metal dude is somewhere here:
327: 326: Welcome back to the huge empty shell
Mar 20, 2016
Hello! We missed you! Nelson Molina: Found magazine:
326: 325: Old Curmudge and the 4 day weekend
Mar 10, 2016
Another Friday podcast where nothing makes much sense. Thanks to everyone for getting in touch! Have a good one and see you… Wednesday!
325: 324: Shouty Comedy Thursday
Mar 9, 2016
Some of our best friends are comedians. There are lots of links we promise to put up in this one… The piece Lorin wrote about the comedy festival back in 2010:…
324: 323: More boring than a teapot
Mar 8, 2016
Happy Wednesday!
323: 322: Dobbing it forward
Mar 7, 2016
Hello! Parent fantasy hotline by our mates Hamish and Andy:
322: 321: The Out of Towners Return
Mar 6, 2016
The barrister who became a badger:
321: 320: The bus that wouldn’t slow down
Mar 3, 2016
Happy Birthday Wendy Apologies for Stew’s Keanu impression. Reasons to love Keanu:
320: 319: The craptastical hour
Mar 2, 2016
In which Stew is very rude about Lorin and she incites revolution. Hope everyone else’s day is going well.
319: 318: Weigh in Wednesday.
Mar 1, 2016
Apparently it’s weigh-in Wednesday and we have our first podcast-appointed bureau chief. Any tips for Boomsticks Listening, let Stew know. Have a good one x
318: 317: Good neighbours become good friends
Feb 29, 2016
317: Good neighbours become good friends
317: 316: The First Ever 29 February Show
Feb 28, 2016
In which we propose an *Extra Stupid* subscriber podcast. Do you use your tennis court? What’s in our phones? This is: If you like that, you might…
316: 315: The Twelve Weeks of Power
Feb 25, 2016
Once you pop, you just can’t stop.
315: 314: Old people, serial killers and interior design
Feb 24, 2016
The one nosty mystery, solved:
314: 313: How good’s the leg room?
Feb 21, 2016
Today we interrogate retrospective tipping and why cinemas are the worst.
313: 312: Oh my god we have no duck breasts
Feb 18, 2016
Thanks for getting in touch lately everybody.
312: 311: Why do they get a free seat?
Feb 17, 2016
Conspiracy time!
311: 310: Handstands in the park
Feb 16, 2016
Morning! How to win an online argument:
310: 309: Eggs on the dashboard
Feb 15, 2016
Smart people are great. The universe is big and amazing: You can donate even small amounts of money to the climate council, which helps the smart people who are…
309: 308: Cone full of meat
Feb 14, 2016
Morning all. Ok Go!
308: 307: The unsporty idiot
Feb 11, 2016
How the masculine and feminine makes a difference in language: and and…
307: 306: Mamma don’t discount
Feb 10, 2016
306: 305: The rat runner
Feb 9, 2016
Thanks to everyone for getting in touch…
305: 304: Ruining a good walk
Feb 8, 2016
Morning! Today’s show is brought to you by Lorin and Mole, a strong-willed woman driving around in a cardboard car to Rod Stewart’s Do You Think I’m Sexy. Here’s quote investigator on Mark Twain:
304: 303: Asleep in the front row
Feb 7, 2016
Stew demonstrates for once and for all that he is, as we have canvassed before, a very poor audient. Fanging for a water… How many people will share this?
303: 302: Uncle Friday
Feb 4, 2016
Here’s the Jamie Oliver story: And the interview where Lorin spoke with Malcolm Knox about his book Supermarket Monsters (which is really revealing and…
302: 301: In which we sniff the kitchen
Feb 3, 2016
Friend of the show (and writer of our favourite ditty) Mel Campbell is now a co-host of the Rereaders Podcast. Check it out
301: 300: Happy 300th Episode
Feb 2, 2016
Happy birthday everybody!
300: 299: Let me pack your fridge
Feb 1, 2016
Here’s duolinguo: Doesn’t look like they do Turkish. Ukrainian? Portuguese? Esperanto? Stupidly Big Language Challenge: will it happen? Mais oui! See you tomorrow for the 300th episode. Woot!
299: 298: Pinch and a punch
Jan 31, 2016
Last week Lorin gave someone $125,000. Here’s the play you should all see when it comes to town: Also: send us photos of where you’re listening…
298: 297: The worst kind of agent
Jan 27, 2016
Pretty frivolous What’s In My Phone today:
297: 296: I will not be mocked
Jan 26, 2016
Here’s the Ballad of Lidl & Aldi: What’s in our phone? Thanks to Thomas Caldwell for BOSTON ACCENT:
296: 295: Culturally bankrupt Tuesday
Jan 25, 2016
The tides are turning on Australia Day. Not a moment too soon. Here’s Google: Fat Shame on You!…
295: 294: Living in a bubble
Jan 24, 2016
Are you taking the day off? TAKE THE DAY OFF! Screw the business lobby! Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed is here: And here is where it’s mentioned in the context of Zach Galifianakis’s (erhem) new comedy…
294: 293: The Bad Audient
Jan 21, 2016
293: 292: First Impressions
Jan 20, 2016
First impressions often last. So do photos. Contemporary rabbit ears, demonstrated here in the Tom Hanks photobomb discussed this morning, can be seen in this collection:…
292: 291: One person’s childbirth is another person’s trip to the shops
Jan 19, 2016
The book we recommend is Out of Shape by Mel Campbell.
291: 290: The wellness episode
Jan 18, 2016
Morning! The Adele video:
290: 289: Poetry in Motion
Jan 13, 2016
Here’s our mate Leaping Larry as mentioned by Lorin today. Hilair. Here: and more here:
289: 288: Opposite Sides
Jan 12, 2016
Summer series on tour.
288: 287: Wild Animals
Jan 11, 2016
Morning everybody…
287: 286: The Stupidly Small Travelling Roadshow
Jan 10, 2016
286: The Stupidly Small Travelling Roadshow
286: 285: Bring out your dead.
Jan 6, 2016
Bring out your dead.
285: 284: Jackpot!
Jan 5, 2016
284: Jackpot!
284: 283: Sock match!
Jan 4, 2016
283: 282: Happy new year: quality over quantity
Jan 3, 2016
Here’s the Mark Davis article about the uberfication of the workforce from the end of last year:
282: 281: New Years Eve Edition - Lower your expies
Dec 30, 2015
281: 280: Retrograde and repulsive
Dec 29, 2015
280: 279: Our summer competition!
Dec 28, 2015
279: 278: You can’t roast a chicken with its head on
Dec 27, 2015
278: 277: Christmas Day edition
Dec 24, 2015
277: 276: Christmas Eve edition
Dec 23, 2015
276: 275: No Webber! No Way!
Dec 22, 2015
Plus this episode has the equivalent of a DVD extra in it… stick around until the end. Croissants! Thanks to Anthony Hardy, Beaumaris Bureau Chief, for feeding us this morning.
275: 274: sitting around in our undies
Dec 21, 2015
274: 273: Summer series 1: go the mincy
Dec 20, 2015
The first episode of our summer series kicks off with that fabulous feature of all Australian summers: the hangover.
273: 272: Perception
Dec 17, 2015
Hello everybody! Thanks to Holly for singing for us and thanks to all of you for a cracking year. Next week we start the summer series. It’s going to be a corker (we haven’t thought about it). Today we talked about Guy Smiley on The Muppets. Turns out we…
272: 271: Wrong way escalating
Dec 16, 2015
271: Wrong way escalating The following podcast contains: Stew dressed as a cow A complete misunderstanding of escalators A show walk-out Sant You don’t want to miss this one. And here’s the party cow doing guns away cosmic psychos
271: 270: Jingle the ice and come for a ride
Dec 15, 2015
Happy birthday! Spagett:
270: 269: Sven and Sinkers together at last
Dec 14, 2015
Today Stewart tells us the saddest story in the world and Lorin introduces us to Sven. Happy Tuesday everybody.
269: 268: Banished to the builder’s couch
Dec 13, 2015
HELLO! Lorin’s relationship with the builder goes to the next level and Stew’s plastic bag full of money cops a beating. Thanks to everybody for existing!
268: 267: Tostatido Time!
Dec 10, 2015
This podcast is completely ridiculous. Elliot Goblet: MASSIVE thanks to this week’s Stupidly Small sponsor, Alex Russell wines: Enter promo code STUPID2015 for 10% off!!
267: 266: Greed, fat shaming and Monica Lewinsky
Dec 9, 2015
Internet comments are the worst - but would we be worse off without them? Why are humans so weird? Plus: Daryl Sommers gets a mention. Again. MASSIVE thanks to this week’s Stupidly Small sponsor, Alex Russell wines:…
266: 265: You’ve got to pick a penny or two
Dec 8, 2015
MASSIVE thanks to this week’s Stupidly Small sponsor, Alex Russell wines: Enter promo code STUPID2015 for 10% off!!
265: 264: There’s a heap of TVs in landfill
Dec 7, 2015
Today we talk about workplace characters… and Dave. MASSIVE thanks to this week’s Stupidly Small sponsor, Alex Russell wines: Enter promo code STUPID2015 for 10% off!!
264: 263: Summer time and the rash has sprung
Dec 6, 2015
Morning! We have T shirts AND a sponsor: Enter promo code STUPID2015 for 10% off!!
263: 262: The 100 Club
Dec 3, 2015
Happy Friday! Congratulations to our chief chief today. She knows who she is. Thanks also to Matt for this Horatio Caine’s best work: And here’s the piece about guns and child slavery:…
262: 261: Off the grid with Bill
Dec 2, 2015
Thursday! Orright! Why do so many incompetent men become leaders? Facebook and the future of work:…
261: 260: Moist
Dec 1, 2015
This one’s a bit of a revelation. Stew has changed his entire perspective on the universe. HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYBODY! Moist:
260: 259: The One Rule
Nov 30, 2015
Morning! Russian royalty:
259: 258: Funny as a fart
Nov 29, 2015
Morning! Human response to accordion: Seinfeld door: And just for Stew…
258: 257: Super Zeitgeisty
Nov 26, 2015
Happy Friday everybody! Today we talk about gig etiquette. Finally.
257: 256: Coming together in shared hatred
Nov 25, 2015
Morning! Here’s Stew’s what’s in my phone:
256: 255: Let us give thanks
Nov 24, 2015
Helloooo! Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow (fourth Thursday of November, for those playing at home). What’s in Stew’s phone? This is:
255: 254: Do carrots have feelings?
Nov 23, 2015
Morning! Today’s show is entirely ridiculous and we thank everyone for being involved.
254: 253: Embarrassed about a biscuit
Nov 22, 2015
Morning! Thanks to everyone for getting involved. You should definitely subscribe to @newmatilda if you’re that way inclined…
253: 252: The Festival of Stupidly Small Ideas - weddings
Nov 19, 2015
Did Stew remember the theme music? Find out the shocking conclusion TODAY. Here’s the wedding video: And… Thanks to festival sponsor New Matilda and to you, for…
252: 251: The Festival of Stupidly Small Ideas: Bartering
Nov 18, 2015
Thanks again to @newmatilda for being our official festival partner. Subscribe today.
251: 250: The Festival of Stupidly Small Ideas: Parking Signs
Nov 17, 2015
Thank you to Karen for today’s stupidly small idea. Thanks also to New Matilda for unwittingly partnering with us today on this important project.
250: 249: The Festival of Stupidly Small ideas - #ALLMYMOVIES
Nov 16, 2015
In which Lorin crashes and burns. Thanks to our unwitting Festival Partners, New Matilda!
249: 248: The Festival of Stupidly Small Ideas - Food Trucks
Nov 15, 2015
Gluten Free art: And thanks to our sponsors! New Matilda!
248: 247: A trombone in the hand is worth two in the bush
Nov 12, 2015
F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-funbaaaag Friiiiday! Welcome everybody! Introducing Chief Chief de Bureau Chief of the week, Dave. His band’s podcast is here: and Anthony Morgan’s podcast:…
247: 246: A queue of Greek robots
Nov 11, 2015
Orders for T shirts… we’re taking them now!
246: 245: Happy Gough Day
Nov 10, 2015
Morning everybody!
245: 244: Try and avoid the stupidy
Nov 9, 2015
Picture this: do you have aphantasia? Find out:
244: 243: 8 attractive dingbats
Nov 8, 2015
Today is NOT the start of the festival. It is, however, the start of T shirts. Also hello.
243: 242: Stupidly calm
Nov 5, 2015
In which Stewart proposes a cult. The Festival of Stupidly Small Ideas starts on Monday. Who knows what that will be like? Nobody! Bushwhack Bill:
242: 241: We’ve done lots of research
Nov 4, 2015
Morning! Very important news story:
241: 240: The self indulgent edition
Nov 3, 2015
This edition involves therapy, weight loss and a trash and treasure segment. Anyone got an iPhone 5 for Stew?
240: 239: What to do with the Melbourne Cup
Nov 2, 2015
Today we talk about the Melbourne Cup with the result that if you are the FIRST LISTENER to get in touch and nominate the third horse for our trifecta, you can help us win money for an animal welfare organisation we haven’t yet figured out the details of…
239: 238: Bang Your Head on the Microwave
Nov 1, 2015
This is a weird one. Happy Monday! The excellent Raylene the racist is here:
238: 237: The brand new baby edition
Oct 29, 2015
Hello to everyone and thanks for getting in touch. Today we coin the phrase ‘to pre-Costanza’. You’re welcome.
237: 236: Tether: the end thereof
Oct 22, 2015
Lorin has her own Falling Down moment and gets totally Botched in the process. And Stew tries to lose us a few listeners. Apologies.
236: 235: Falling Down
Oct 21, 2015
The age of the most entitled is over! Thanks to everyone for your amazing contributions to the festival of stupidly small ideas.
235: 234: Happy Best Day!
Oct 20, 2015
Happy best day everybody! Today’s episode covers: what to do when someone gives you stink chicken; we launch our first two ‘foot-downs’ (finally, right?); and also: what’s in your phone? Science says trust your gut:…
234: 233: The old lady prison up the road
Oct 19, 2015
Snakes alive!
233: 232: O Brother Where Art Cow?
Oct 18, 2015
The Homeland graffiti:
232: 231: Shunton Friday!
Oct 15, 2015
231: Shunton Friday! OMG everyone! It’s Shunton Friday! Hear about Stew’s racist faux pas - and that time in the Greyhound bus terminal full of prostitutes when the record scratched. You know when that happens? Neiths. Plus: babies are racist.…
231: 230: I wish I had a hangover so I could eat your burger
Oct 14, 2015
Everyone’s getting a going away party. Thanks to our karmic sponsors. Comedy in Daylesford. Hoorah: Here are Sammy J and Randy:
230: 229: Stop feeding the possums. We know it’s one of you
Oct 13, 2015
Don’t feed the possums, wait at least one block before discussing whether your boss is the worst manager ever, and a big hello to Melody Moon. Lie in a worm farm and watch some comedy (or something):
229: 228: Nerd games
Oct 12, 2015
Lorin found a new thing she’s really bad at. Stew, on the other hand, is really good at knitting sticks. Here are the Comedy for Karma people: Thanks for being our friends x
228: 227: Karma: do your thang
Oct 11, 2015
Lozz had a great weekend. Reeeeeally great. Loved it. But on the plus side, we still have a studio. Plus hey! This Friday! Our sponsors: Comedy Karma - the fundraiser for Comedy Dharma:
227: 226: The Rattling Valiant Exhaust Pipe Awards
Oct 8, 2015
Today we talk about religion and sustainable fish, among other topics we are not experts in. And huge congratulations to Chief Chief Bureau Chief du Semaine, Nicole. Central Victorian Bureau Chief. What a legend.
226: 225: Just a kid from the suburbs
Oct 7, 2015
Where’s my war? This morning we talk about criticism - and why do you think Stew doesn’t like reading biographies? Go on, have a guess. By the way we are LOVING your suggestions for the Festival of Stupidly Small Ideas - please keep ‘em coming…
225: 224: Everyone has a mum voice
Oct 6, 2015
Fat club, good tradies, and being your mum. But most importantly… ATTENTION: all submissions of ideas for the Festival of Stupidly Small Ideas MUST be in by the 19th of October. WE NEED YOUR HELP!
224: 223: Welcome to Fat Club
Oct 5, 2015
And here are the nerds with go pros:
223: 222: Grand final debrief time!
Oct 4, 2015
Quite a lot covered in this one. Including: what’s in your phone? Much to Stewart’s horror, this is: AND REMEMBER: we need your input for the Festival of…
222: 221: Pranksters! Whacky funsters! Let the hilarity ensue!
Oct 1, 2015
Massive F-f-f-f-f-f funbaaaag F-f-f-f-Fridaaaaaaay today! Firstly, Stupidly Small is now accepting alternate intro music for F-f-f-f-funbag Friday AND What’s In Your Phone. Now is your time to shine. Call in on the website’s voicemail or send us an email…
221: 220: Stew invents a word game
Sep 30, 2015
You have been warned. Also: we missed International Podcasting Day yesterday. And look, their line is “start the conversation”! Another reason to shun them in favour of the Festival of Stupidly Small Ideas. Keep sending…
220: 219: An affair to remember
Sep 29, 2015
Will the marriage survive?
219: 218: Taking home Charlie
Sep 28, 2015
Send us your stupidly small ideas for the Festival of Stupidly Small Ideas.
218: 217: Son of Satan
Sep 27, 2015
Morning, all! 15 interesting facts about reading for international literacy day
217: 216: Get a haircut
Sep 24, 2015
Have a Friday kind of a day! Unless you’re Stew. And also: get in touch! Festival coming up, spotlight on the bureau chiefs… It’s all happening!
216: 215: The Sexist Superhero
Sep 23, 2015
Hooray pay day! What’s in your phone (and also your brain):
215: 214: Do evil unto evil
Sep 22, 2015
This does not constitute legal advice. And remember: we’ve decided that like everyone else in Australia we’re capable of running our own festival. The Bestival Festival? The Festival of Stupidly Small Ideas? Keep the ideas coming. You’re excellent. The…
214: 213: Borrie in a bag
Sep 21, 2015
Yeah look we’re really sorry about this one. Loving your festival ideas. For those who haven’t caught up yet: we’ve invented a festival and we need your ideas for it. Get in touch with ideas, themes, questions etc. Have good Tuesdays…
213: 212: How to be a super hero
Sep 20, 2015
It’s official. Stew’s a superhero. ALSO OFFICIAL: The Bestival Festival! We’ve decided to run our own festival. It’s Australia’s first podcast festival. What does that mean? WHO KNOWS! It’s up to you! Send through ideas, questions, themes, topics… we have…
211: 211: Escape from the valley of the plebs
Sep 17, 2015
F-f-f-f-funbaaaag F-f-f-f-Fridaaay! WE LOVE YOU SPACEWISE…
210: 210: Film criticism done right.
Sep 16, 2015
Hey chumps! Welcome to Thursday! This week’s sponsor:
209: 209: George Clooney and lose meat sandwiches
Sep 15, 2015
Welcome to today’s podcast - Christy Turlington, Helena Bonham Carter, Ally Sheedy and Zooey Deschanel join Mick Molloy and Daryl Sommers. Or something like that. Loose meat sandwiches: This…
208: 208: Welcome to your inner sexist
Sep 14, 2015
Refugee crisis: why one boy’s tragedy created a wave of empathy Check out our excellent sponsor this week Space Wise Furniture
207: 207: Sport and death
Sep 13, 2015
Monday! I got drunk with the funeral industry to find out what happens when we die: AND THANK YOU! To this week’s SPONSOR! WOOT! It’s…
206: 206: The Great Lost Episode
Sep 13, 2015
This is the episode we lost so PLEASE IGNORE THE DATE AT THE START OF IT. We’re all at a crossroads.
205: 205: The smoking robot
Sep 9, 2015
Morning! Here’s Tony, melting down:
204: 204: Somewhere out there is someone just like you
Sep 8, 2015
The twins swapped at birth story Lorin tried to remember is: The mixed up brothers of Bogota: Here’s how to find your doppleganger:…
203: 203: Stew’s big adventure
Sep 7, 2015
Stew tells us about all the great things he got up to on his holiday he forgot to tell us about.
202: 202: Floating in the water
Sep 3, 2015
Welcome to the very first episode of Friday exposé.
201: 201: Lessons in eavesdropping
Sep 2, 2015
Thursday! It’s a thing!
200: 200: 200? That’s ridic!
Sep 1, 2015
In which we dream up the concept of Lunatic Soup. This invovles YOUR input. Get involved. What’s in my phone?
199: 199: Spring has sprung! Take off your psycho undies!
Aug 31, 2015
In which we coin the phrase disgustenshiezen and revel in the glory of ALMOST BEING 200 EPISODES OLD!
198: 198: Stupidly Fat Club
Aug 30, 2015
Stew wants to start a fat club. Ignore him. If you’re interested in politics, you should definitely read New Matilda more: And a little less serious but recently very interesting:
197: 197: He’s a douchebag and I hate his family
Aug 27, 2015
Hi everybody! Welcome to Friday! Buy a TV and watch this ad and tell Stew what you think:
196: 196: Memories, all alone with our memories
Aug 26, 2015
Completely ridic. (we get confused about two Cat Stevens songs in this one). Enjoy Thursday, jerks!
195: 195: Groundhog day: how not to do a podcast
Aug 25, 2015
Really this is the worst. A thousand apols. We seriously don’t really know what happened today. We discuss: The Nanny, Cheers, creative juices, puss, pudding, and the Metaphorical Table. Today’s what’s in your phone is the unspeakably excellent Anthony…
194: 194: Who Killed the Garbage Man?
Aug 24, 2015
It’s Tuesday! In potentially more disturbing news, the entire movie of They Call Me Bruce is on Youtube: Have a good one. Now. Do it.
193: 193: Cocaine in the soap
Aug 23, 2015
Yo! Teen girls revolutionise language:
192: 192: F-F-F-F-Frenchie Friday
Aug 20, 2015
Thanks to everybody who’s been in touch lately. You know who you are. - Linda Sibella and Mandy Cole.
191: 191: Playing the crotch fiddle on the way to being hung over
Aug 19, 2015
We want plates:
190: 190: Upside down on the car mantlepiece
Aug 18, 2015
Stew tells us it’s February in this one. Ignore him. Today’s what’s in your phone:
189: 189: The New Awkward
Aug 17, 2015
188: 188: Don’t get old
Aug 16, 2015
In which football intersects with the arts…
187: 187: The Sherif comes to town
Aug 13, 2015
It’s Friday, cats! Montreal-style bagels to Johnston Street…
186: 186: Mick Dolce and Barry Gabbana head to Bali
Aug 12, 2015
Hi everybody!
185: 185: Change Your Mind, Close Your Bank
Aug 11, 2015
In which we discuss MIFF etiquette and banks being The Actual Worst. Hey, it’s Wednesday.
184: 184: It’s Lorin’s birthday! Stew gets a present!
Aug 10, 2015
The Twisted History of the Happy Birthday Song:
183: 183: Large amounts of cash in a brothel
Aug 9, 2015
Things go a little awry in this one.
182: 182: Most annoying customer ever
Aug 6, 2015
Do you poo in bookstores? Thanks to joyful ceremonies for this week of sponsorship. Get 10% off if you mention our name:
181: 181: Father Sparklepants becomes a cop
Aug 5, 2015
The devastating article about gender bias: Hitchbot: This week’s…
180: 180: You don’t mess with the ring-stinger
Aug 4, 2015
Also! This week’s joyful sponsor, Joyful Ceremonies, are giving YOU a 10% discount! Amazing! All you have to do is mention Stupidly Big! Thanks to Jenny from Joyful Ceremonies and thanks to all of you, too.
179: 179: Rock bottom
Aug 3, 2015
We finally hit rock bottom. Thanks to this week’s sponsor,
178: 178: How to say yes to nice things
Aug 2, 2015
Morning all! Thanks to today’s Stupidly Big Sponsor Joyful Ceremonies. They won’t do sixtieths and will be nicer to you than Stew would.
177: 177: This podcast is immusing
Jul 30, 2015
Happy relaxo-Fri, twerps!
176: 176: The Intelligent Hoodlum eats a tart
Jul 29, 2015
This is a shorty today. Sorry about that!
175: 175: Stew’s birthday edition
Jul 28, 2015
174: 174: Because we said so
Jul 27, 2015
Hello everybody. Happy Stew’s nearly birthday!
173: 173: He’s got the rhythm but he don’t have the spirit
Jul 26, 2015
Morning! May you be woken this morning by your local screaming yellow-faced pot-clanger in the spirit of joy (and her husband). Here’t the guy at the music festival:
172: 172: Running zombies and sugared weetbix
Jul 22, 2015
The zombie running app: Colour blind guy:
171: 171: A dash of Devito
Jul 21, 2015
Today we talk about expectations, couples, and sleep deprivation:
170: 170: Choppers, sharks and mobile phones
Jul 20, 2015
Hello everybody!
169: 169: Shouting woot on the table
Jul 19, 2015
Hello everybody! Here’s our mate @fuckingmorgan providing some much needed opposition…
168: 168: Are you from out of town?
Jul 16, 2015
Stew’s a lumberjack and he’s okay.
167: 167: Books we don’t know the titles of
Jul 15, 2015
Today we talk about jet fuelled couches, books and film.
166: 166: Don’t trust the ice cream guy
Jul 14, 2015
For your San Fransisco meeting needs:
165: 165: Cheesecake Humperdink and the strolling Orangutang
Jul 13, 2015
Morning, all! Here’s one of the reddit ones:
164: 164: Anyone for tennis?
Jul 12, 2015
Some of us have had no sleep. Welcome to Monday!
163: 163: Release the turtle chokers
Jul 9, 2015
FUNBAG FRIDAY! Here’s our mate Jeff Sparrow: Turtle choker!…
162: 162: Feeling old is new again
Jul 8, 2015
Morning! High priest of douche:
161: 161: Ghost busters and a cup of Bonox
Jul 7, 2015
In which we discuss the possibility of us being actual siblings.
160: 160: In a galaxy far far away
Jul 6, 2015
Hello Tuesday!
159: 159: Mentalsexuals and Hipsties
Jul 5, 2015
Good morning, Monday. Happy Stew’s-nearly-birthday!
158: 158: Welcome to Time Shift Radio
Jul 2, 2015
Funbag Friday! Bubble wrap no longer pops: the end of the world as we know it. The link the Weston Creek Bureau Chief sent through about…
157: 157: Geelong and the butt Nazi
Jul 1, 2015
Hope your day is better than this:
156: 156: Look, I just need a cab.
Jun 30, 2015
Hey! Everyone! Tomorrow’s phone-in Thursday! Go here:
155: 155: The Mind and Body Special!
Jun 29, 2015
Hello! Here’s the Sydney Writers Festival Podcast again (select the Norman Doige episode for the brain healing conversation): Here’s his book: Here it…
154: 154: There are no dunnies and someone stole the nuts
Jun 28, 2015
Morning, all! Antonin Scalia ‘Sick Burn’ Generator:
153: 153: Only suckers pay retail
Jun 25, 2015
In which Stew gets a parking fine and Lorin watches a guy peel an apple. Tune in for all the important stuff. Have good Fridays everybody x
152: 152: Grandfathers and fat guys on bikes
Jun 24, 2015
Lorin wrote something about her grandfather here.
151: 151: Let’s get humping
Jun 23, 2015
How to hide your money.
150: 150: Some really big ideas, and the weather
Jun 22, 2015
In this one we talk about the weather and it doesn’t go very well at all. Stories of You Podcast: Sydney Writers Festival Podcast:
149: 149: Another bloody metaphor
Jun 21, 2015
Spoiler alert on the Matilda’s match! The best of Tumblr:
148: 148: A real shack in the Andes
Jun 18, 2015
The piece of theatre from 2004 that Lorin was talking about (directed by Ros Horin): That George Megalogenis piece about political conviction, polls and so on again:…
147: 147: Chop-stained fashion plate
Jun 16, 2015
Swatch and BEYOND!
146: 146: Teenagers and idiots
Jun 15, 2015
Keep it low and go go go! Here’s Malcolm Knox’s book about supermarkets.
145: 145: Banned from the library and nowhere to go
Jun 14, 2015
Today’s a bit late. Never again. Sorry. AND GOOD MORNING!
144: 144: Feedback F-F-F-F-Fridaaaaaay!
Jun 11, 2015
Comin atcha! Thanks so much to everybody for getting in touch.
143: 143: She’s fat, she’s bald and she lives in a tip
Jun 10, 2015
Lorin just sounds better every day. How to be a minimalist: Konmari: The minimalists:
142: 142: Get a real job, buy a house
Jun 9, 2015
Morning everybody!
141: All that is wrong with the world (plus an ode to MX guy)
Jun 8, 2015
Back to the later, longer, arguably less weird Stupidly Small podcasts we know and love. Today we talk about politics (and we mention this article about Anders Breivik by Karl Knausgaard:…
140: 140: Raw Prawn
Jun 4, 2015
Thanks to everyone who’s been in touch. We’ll be back on board next week with the usual programming. Whatever that might turn out to be. Massive thanks to this week’s sponsor, the Cosmic Psychos!! NO MORE SLEEPS UNTIL THEIR ALBUM. Get it here:…
139: 139: It’s a metaphor dammit
Jun 3, 2015
Massive thanks to the Cosmic Psychos, this week’s Stupidly Small podcast sponsor.
138: 138: Sad in a dungeon but it could be worse
Jun 2, 2015
Lifeline: 13 11 14
137: 137: That guy stole my chicken
Jun 1, 2015
Cosmic Psychos
136: 136: Take that Rudy
May 31, 2015
Hello everyone. A week of quickies. Except for this one… Our sponsors! Cosmic Psychos!
135: 135: Weekend people suck
May 28, 2015
134: 134: What happened to the badges?
May 27, 2015
Today’s podcast makes no sense whatsoever and we are delirious. Sponsors! These guys!
133: 133: The Gross-Out Episode
May 26, 2015
Gross out warning for this one. Stew’s sinus infection goes particularly well here. Learn to live:
132: 132: Do we even like Europeans?
May 25, 2015
132: Do we even like Europeans? We’re not sure about anything anymore. Thanks to this week’s sponsors!
131: 131: The Be Careful What You Wish For Podcast
May 24, 2015
We’ve got super early starts this week so we’re going to do some smaller episodes for a bit - including this one which is about what happens when you make a wish and then hairy backpackers almost make it come true. Thanks so much to this week’s sponsors…
130: 130: Back to fart guy
May 21, 2015
Cool guys don’t look at explosions. Fart guy.
129: 129: Pistol Packin’ Mamma
May 20, 2015
Stew was on PBS again last night. It’s the PBS radio festival in Melbourne And here’s the PO Box: PO Box 1436 Fitzroy North 3068
128: 128: Bad cop, bad cop
May 19, 2015
127: 127: The bad guys are wearing clean pants
May 18, 2015
Hello Tuesday!
126: 126: FREE BADGES!
May 17, 2015
Free badges! Hear about Stewart’s brush with the law and get yourself a free badge. Monday! It’s going to be alright after all.
125: 125: Wamp Swallabies and Welfare
May 14, 2015
125: Wamp Swallabies and Welfare Phew! Fun bag Friday! We got there! Louis CK: everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy. And here he is accepting his moth award.
124: 124: Boobs
May 13, 2015
Thanks everyone who’s been in touch over the past day or so. You’re all lovely. Here’s an episode about jet fuelled couches and boobs.
123: 123: A Proposal, a kiss, and missing out
May 12, 2015
A classic Stupidly Small podcast where we go everywhere and back again at least a few of times.
122: 122: Like Riding a Bike
May 11, 2015
Welcome back everybody!
121: 121: Get off the grid
May 6, 2015
Stew’s an anarchist.
120: 120: Sleep pods, sexism and doctors
May 5, 2015
The article about domestic violence. Keep the food tips coming!
119: 119: Melbourne food secrets exposed
May 4, 2015
Send in your food tips, people!
118: 118: Podcasting’s Night of Nights
May 3, 2015
Yes we talk about the Logies. For those who don’t know what the Logies are: well done!(If you must, you can find out more here). Also: we have a plan to fix Gold Class. Expressions of interest welcome.
117: 117: Slap, lip bite, moan
Apr 30, 2015
Happy Friday!
116: 116: All Hail Dichotomy Man
Apr 29, 2015
Hello idiots.
115: 115: Lobotomycast
Apr 28, 2015
In which Stew takes on Estonia, and we all feel guilty. Have good Wednesdays.
114: 114: Idiots Prosper
Apr 27, 2015
In which Stew had a big night. Thanks for playing everyone!
113: 113: No such thing as a free pie.
Apr 26, 2015
Morning! Andrew: villain or not? And congratulations Anna on being a masterpiece. Here’s the book Lorin’s in.
112: 112: Funbag Friday
Apr 23, 2015
Have a great Funbag Friday. Enjoy some Funeral Selfies:
111: 111: RIP the podsy.
Apr 22, 2015
On public mourning, the Internet, and 33% more flavoursome tomato sauce.
110: 110: It’s a podsy!
Apr 21, 2015
Welcome to Wednesday everybody!
109: 109: Is there anything worse?
Apr 20, 2015
Pete and Dud:
108: 108: No Stew today. Let’s hear our most listened-to interview.
Apr 19, 2015
Stew got stuck in Sydney. So here is the first of our interviews with writer and performer John Clarke about the history of humour.
107: 107: How to get into your own house.
Apr 16, 2015
Thanks everybody for a great week and remember to head over to the show sponsor PD Distribution to help support the show.
106: 106: The Food Edition
Apr 15, 2015
The Yum Cha article: Thanks to our amazing sponsors, PD Distribution:
105: 105: Hey Hey it’s stupidly small
Apr 14, 2015
105: Hey Hey it’s stupidly small In which we discuss Hey Hey It’s Saturday. Thanks to our amazing sponsors, PD Distribution:
104: 104: It’s always about the dishes
Apr 13, 2015
Today we talk about: Why the snow is the best Why the snow is the worst Skating Domestic crimes against humanity The weird thing that goes on in Stew’s head every time Lorin speaks Seriously. If you’re a mental health professional, have a listen. What…
103: 103: The podcast that broke three times
Apr 12, 2015
We had a few goes at this. It goes very well for us indeed. Erica Banna with the helmet hair:
102: 102: Smoke and fairies
Apr 9, 2015
Welcome to Friday! This is collard: Keys, wallet and phone by the excellent Mel Campbell.
101: 101: Greek Easter 101
Apr 8, 2015
In which Stewart objects to multiculturalism and admits to being a little bit of a psycho. Passive aggressive notes:
100: 100: The 100th episode edition.
Apr 7, 2015
Happy birthday everybody!
99: 99: We got 99 Problems and a Toilet Beard Ain’t One
Apr 6, 2015
Hello everybody! The dragon Lorin couldn’t remember the name of is Sun Loong. The longest imperial drago in the world: Agro still exists: Comedians recommend comedians:…
98: 98: The Anticipation Show
Apr 1, 2015
Have a great long weekend everybody. You’re excellent. The Easter Egg hunt at Werribee:
97: 97: Like a cat peeling an egg, these were days of our lives
Mar 31, 2015
Tips for peeling boiled eggs: the internet is full of them. What’s yours? Tomorrow is pretendy Friday - see you then!
96: 96: People Say Sex Is Great
Mar 30, 2015
Is there someone close to you who can’t fill in forms? What would you have for your last meal? Pancake Parlour, Smorgies or Sizzler? We ask the big questions. Here’s the death row restaurant:…
95: 95: Death by Chorizo
Mar 29, 2015
Happy Monday!
94: 94: The World Cup Edition
Mar 26, 2015
Thank you all for getting in touch. We now have a bureau chief from the future and a Surgeon General. This can only be a good thing. Other matters touched on in today’s show: The Seinfeld Situation: Here’s the…
93: 93: What are you queueing for, you fool?
Mar 25, 2015
Hello! Mutley: The thong queue is in Thailand: Avoid the flower and garden show. Don’t say we…
92: 92: On the couch with Lorin and Stew
Mar 24, 2015
Today was a bit weird. Hello Wednesday.
91: 91: Freckles and Nibbles
Mar 23, 2015
Thanks to those who have been in touch this week. Today we talk about mixed lollies and Stew’s dad singing at the staff party.
90: 90: Leave it to the peanuts
Mar 22, 2015
Now that is a superior trouser. The article a few of you have sent us about serving food on a board:
89: 89: Friendships, patience, and young people
Mar 19, 2015
Friday exists! Thanks to everybody, especially Anna, for this week, and thanks also to our sponsor for this week, The Flying Calamari Brothers.
88: 88: A glimpse of your future and a smelly poo
Mar 18, 2015
So we think Thursdays may be the new Tuesdays. Let’s see how that pans out. Thanks to our new bureau chief Craig. The story about the poo that turned the plane around. Yes we are aware it has been around for days. The story, not the plane. Or the poo. And…
87: 87: Wait long by the river for the massive fish
Mar 17, 2015
Thanks so much to these guys for being our sponsors this week:
86: 86: Christmas for idiotsHappy pretend to be Irish day.
Mar 16, 2015
Happy pretend to be Irish day. Our Tassie bureau chief has a comedy festival show: Thanks so much to these guys for being our sponsors this week:…
85: 85: Decapitated by tissues
Mar 15, 2015
84: 84: Friday the 13th
Mar 12, 2015
Have a great Grand Prix weekend!