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Confederacy of Dunks
Confederacy of Dunks is a basketball podcast. We are Freddie Rivas, Kevin Dowse, and our producer Matt Duncan. We talk NBA hoops, players, coaches, personalities, contracts, fans, arenas - every little detail of NBA life. We are also hardcore Raptors fans
Episode 5.64
May 16
Episode 64! We’re pounding the rock one last time before Casey throws it off a bridge! Well, it happened: The Raptors fired Dwane Casey. We go over our favourite Casey moments, who they should hire to replace him, what trades do we gotta make, ponder the…
Episode 5.63
May 9
Ep 63. The Raps were just swept by the Cavs and we have a lot a lot a lot of thoughts. This episode is fully focused on the Raptors and where they go from here. Let’s grieve together and come up with some constructive thoughts! With special guests Will…
Episode 5.62
Apr 27
Ep 62, come breathe a sigh of relief with us after the Raptors took a 3-2 lead Wednesday night. Lots of Raptors playoff talk (DeMar is Neo now, Ibaka our 3rd best player? How much are we missing Van Vleet?) and we go through all the first-round matchups…
Episode 5.61
Apr 13
The Raptors have concluded their best season ever with a 59-23 record and it’s time to get jacked for the playoffs! Big playoff preview on this one, with special guests: Adam Christie and Will Weldon!
Episode 5.60
Mar 31
Episode 60, Raptors are 55-20 and the playoffs are getting close! We compare the season of DeRozan and Lowry, which Raptor has best career, prospect rankings, fav potential playoff matchups, bad team quiz and much more B-ball talk! Special guests on this…
Episode 5.59
Mar 23
Ep 59 coming in hotter than a singed jersey sticking to your body! Raptors are 53-19!! We talk about those tough losses to the big teams, playoff concerns, insane Raptors commercial ideas, the Kawhi player-only meeting, an insane jersey segment, the…
Episode 5.58
Mar 17
Episode 58! Raptors are an amazing 51-17 and riding a 10-game win streak, hopefully they tied a franchise record of 11 by the time you hear this. Lots of positive Raptor talk, we talk potential playoff matchups, NBA award predictions, ProLine picks and…
Episode 5.57
Feb 22
Comb over and take a listen, it’s episode 57! Raptors are 41-16 and ready to get back at it. We talk Raps being 1st in East, Casey getting All-Star recognition (coach of year possible?), buyout candidates, a special Bruno Caboclo tribute, lots of all-star…
Episode 5.56
Jan 29
OV-Omy, it’s episode 56. Raptors are 32-15 going into the Lakers game and we’re hoping they respond. We talk OVO Night, JV vs the Shape of Water fish, Raptors defense, All-Star MVP picks, dino trivia, choosing which players would be good WWE heroes and…
Episode 5.55
Jan 14
Ep 55, Raptors are 29-11 before the big Golden State game. Are they gonna still be flying high from the big Cavs win or is JV’s chip belly out of control? We give the Raptors mid-season grades, discuss the legitimacy of DeMar’s MVP status, all-star game,…
Episode 5.54
Jan 5
Episode 54 coming in hotter than a Mama Burger! Raptors are 26-10, we got lots to talk about: DeMar’s big 52-point game, Kyle’s wrist vs benching Powell, Casey’s coach of the month, fav Raptors’ jerseys, Harden MVP, Sorta Shawarma and Bob McCown bottling…
Episode 5.53
Dec 20, 2017
Our last episode before the holidays, so get ready for a PERfect time! Raptors are 20-8, but is it luck of the schedule so far? Pleasant NBA surprises, our pick for the fourth seed, OKC talk, looking for that Slender Man feel, Proline fun and so much…
Episode 5.52
Dec 8, 2017
Episode 52, Raptors are 15-7, what O what do we do with Jonas Valanciunas? Should we stop thinking about the DeAndre Jordan rumors? Casey’s bad habits? is Masai aiming to have a team of 8-foot ball lobbers? Lots of NBA talk, Brad Stevens/Twin Peaks…
Episode 5.51
Nov 24, 2017
Episode 51, The Raptors are 11-6 and coming off a brutal loss to the Knicks (where they gave up a franchise-worst quarter of 41 points in the 3rd). With our special return guest, Alan Shane Lewis, we talk the current state of the Raps, their top five 3PT…
Episode 5.50
Nov 2, 2017
Season five premiere, episode 50! The Raptors have been off to a confident start with a 4-2 record before the Denver game. Youth movement looking better than expected… Lots of Raptor talk, Cleveland woes, hot rookies, unexpected starts, Memphis’ bench,…
Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 49
Sep 28, 2017
Episode 49 is ready to cool you down from this fall heatwave, so plug in! Is this Casey’s last season as coach of the Raptors? Will DeRozan add three-pointers? Which Raptors are set to regress this year? Also touch on the Carmelo trade, Summer of Durant,…
Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 48
Sep 14, 2017
Back in the Funhouse with another off-season special! Cover all the big trades and give our “yay, nay, or cray” votes on players ranked hire than DeRozan on SI. Special return guest, Alan Shane Lewis!
Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 47
Jul 19, 2017
Episode 47! We give our thoughts on the Carroll/Joseph trades, the C.J. Miles acquistion, what’s going on with JV, fun segment ranking all 30 NBA coaches! We went extra long to give you as much summer content as possible! It’s Vin Diesel’s birthday, stare…
Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 46
Jul 5, 2017
We’re offically back in the Basketball Funhouse. Lots to cover with an expensive free agency happening a few days prior. Lowry and Ibaka are back, and rich! Anyone want Carroll or JV? We’ve also got a fun segement comparing each NBA team’s off-season…
Episode 4.45
Jun 21, 2017
Season 04 finale is here! We’re back after a brief hiatus and we’ve got lots to talk about. What is up with Lowry? Was it a dissapointing season for the Raptors? Where do they go from here? NBA trades (even break a couple during the podcast!), and talk…
Episode 4.44
Apr 21, 2017
We’re back with some hot playoff takes. Raptors tied 1-1 (just before they were annihilated by the Bucks to go down 2-1). What do the Raptors have to do to beat the Bucks?? We go through that and all the other playoff matches, plus proline picks! The…
Episode 4.43
Apr 7, 2017
New episode and and our first Facebook Live post! Lowry is back and the Raptors’ record is at 48-31. Lots of Raptors talk, NBA talk, Uncle Buck and Proline Picks! With Katie Heindl and Ennis Esmer!
Episode 4.42
Mar 24, 2017
We’re gonna punch episode 42 into your ears Ibaka-style, so hang on! Raptors are 43-29 and starting to feel confident again. The Chicago Brawl, 8th Seed Hopes and a flat Earth plus so much more Raptor talk! Special guests: Jordan Foisy and Kate Ziegler!
Episode 4.41
Mar 3, 2017
Episode 41! Raptors are 36-25 and soooo much has happened. We cover the Ibaka/Tucker trades, the F**K Brooklyn T-Ross sign-off, Lowry’s injury, the current state of the Raps, NBA talk and Proline Bets! You’re gonna wanna listen to this one on some type of…
Episode 4.40
Feb 10, 2017
Episode 40! The Raptors have hit a rough patch. With a record of 32-22, they currently sit in fourth, we mull over what to do and what not to do. We’re talking the Oakley scuffle, we’re talking the Wade/Butler callout, even got some new proline picks!…
Episode 4.39
Jan 1, 2017
New Years episode is here! Drink some water, put an ice pack on your head and enjoy this hungover special: Raptors are coming off tough back-to-back losses but still sit with a decent 22-10 record. We’ve got Raptors talk, trades, refs, proline picks, new…
Episode 4.38
Dec 14, 2016
Episode 38 is here and we’re delivering a festive special with a Toblerone, none of that Lindor goo! The Raptors are currently crushing it with a 17-7 record and some of us are loving JV’s bangs. We talk Raps, team leaders, Home Alone, proline picks,…
Episode 4.37
Nov 28, 2016
Episode 37! The Raptors just came back from a decent yet controversial road trip with a 3-2 record leaving them 3rd in the standings at 10-6. Raps talk, Freaky Greeks, blown calls, Proline Spread picks, lots of good NBA talk in this one! Special guests:…
Episode 4.36
Nov 15, 2016
It’s post-super-moon time on Episode 36! Raps are in Cleveland tonight riding a 7-2 record, then a tough game against the Warriors tomorrow. Can DeRozan power his way past the top two teams in the league? Is Klay Thompson really on the trade market? If…
Episode 4.35
Nov 4, 2016
Season 04 premiere of the Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast on the Talkhole Podcast Network! Raps are off to a 3-1 start and we’re happy but have lots to talk about: We do our annual award projections, Matt amps up his Spurs hate to an 8, Dirty…
Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 34
Oct 20, 2016
We’re back with our final off-season special before the Season 04 premiere and we’re proud to say we’re officially on the Talkhole Podcast Network! We got your Toronto Raptors talk, we’re all watching Kim’s Convenience, we got all kinds of NBA talk, a…
Off-Season Funhouse Edition -Episode 33
Oct 7, 2016
Back with one of our final off-season funhouse specials! We’re talking all things pre-season, fantasy, and the Jays 10-1 bruising was on while we recorded. Special guest, Comedian Cathryn Naiker!
Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 32
Sep 9, 2016
We’re back with another off-season special as we inch closer to training camp. Panel style with Adam Christie and Thomas Rivas! We tackle Anthem-gate, Masai’s new contract/position, super fun trivia segment and more!
Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 31
Aug 25, 2016
Training camp is getting closer and we’re starting to get pumped! We’re back in the Basketball Funhouse and Freddie’s down in a sewer with Pennywise the Clown! (That’s a metaphor for ‘he couldn’t make this one’). We talk the Olympic basketball, the new…
Episode 3.30
Jul 16, 2016
Season 03 finale of Confederacy of Dunks is here! We drop some heavy talk about the Raptors’ off-season, the Durant signing, go through all the teams and give off-season grades, and wrap it up nicely with a tribute to Tim Duncan. Special guests on the…
Episode 3.29
May 19, 2016
Episode 29! The Raptors have made it to the Eastern Conference Finals and we couldn’t be happier! (Well, after game one, we could be a bit happier…) We measure our expectations for the rest of the series and address a whole bunch of #other stuff. Special…
Episode 3.28
May 5, 2016
Our hiatus has ended and we are back! The monkey is officially gone as the Raptors prepare for game two of the second round for the first time in 15 years. This episode of CODBP is our first ever panel show, and it went great! Special guest comedians on…
Episode 3.27
Feb 8, 2016
It’s Super Bowl Sunday! We’re also a week away from the All-Star Game, so there’s lots to talk about. The Raptors are 34-16, are they playing the best they can right now? We also touch on the trade deadline and go through all the events of the All-Star…
Episode 3.26
Jan 25, 2016
As we record episode 26th, the Raptors sit on a 28-15 record, and we are starting to wonder if they might actually take over first place in the east. We talk about the Blatt firing and how it might actually be bad for Cleveland, Lowry’s return to the…
Episode 3.25
Jan 11, 2016
Happy New Year! We’re inching closer to the halfway point of the season. Sitting with a 24-15 record, Is 2016 the year DeRozan gets a max contract in Toronto, or is he going to bolt? We debate retiring Vince Carter’s number, DeMarre Carroll concerns, NBA…
Episode 3.24
Dec 23, 2015
We’re all chugging crème de menthe, so it must be the holidays! The Raps are 18-12 after last night’s big Mav win. We talk DeRozan’s value, Lowry’s temper, western/eastern conference power shift, our should-be all-star picks and much more! We made sure…
Episode 3.23
Dec 6, 2015
We know our role (unlike James Johnson), which is to hit you back with another hot ep! The Raptors are hanging on a 12-8 record right now, which is a bit discomforting but we’re not panicking. Raps, NBA shakedown, fantasy special? It’s all here. Special…
Episode 3.22
Nov 8, 2015
Season 03 premiere is here! Huge start to the season, and I’m not just talking about the Raptors’ 5-1 record. The great Steve Gennaro is on the show! (Raptors Republic, All In Sports Talk). We also got a pair of our favourite former guests on the show:…
Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 21
Oct 26, 2015
It’s our final Off-Season Funhouse episode, which means the Season 03 premiere is next! We start it off talking Jays, then get into the Raptors rotation and our predicted season meltdowns and breakouts. Two great comedians join us to officially sign off…
Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 20
Oct 1, 2015
Our new ep is up with a smash and we’re breaking Derrick Rose’s orbital bone in the process. We talk about the Raptors newly signed player, 2013 1st overall pick Anthony Bennett! Also, a special segment where we rearrange the divisions by skill, from…
Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 19
Sep 14, 2015
We’re a month and a half away from the start of the season and we’re starting to get excited. We talk Team Canada, the Raptors rotation, we honor the late great Moses Malone and more! Matt drafts his first ever fantasy basketball team! Special guest this…
Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 18
Aug 23, 2015
We are back with Part 02 of our Off-Season round-up, and we take you from Memphis all the way to the Wizards. We talk the Valanciunas signing! Matt has morphed into the city of Brooklyn and wants to give you all your managerial updates. Return guests from…
Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 17
Jul 21, 2015
We’re back in the Basketball Funhouse talking some off-season noise! We take you through Part 01 of our Free Agency Special. We talk about acquisitions and team projections for a bunch of teams before getting to our beloved Raptors. Also, stay tuned for…
Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 16
Jun 23, 2015
We’re back with our first Off-Season Funhouse episode! We wrap up our thoughts on the NBA Finals and take you to the Entry Draft. We go through the projected top 14 and give our guesses for who the Raptors pick at 20, and the commissioner brings a lot of…
Episode 2.15
Jun 11, 2015
It’s the season finale of Confederacy of Dunks season two! But don’t worry, we’ll be continuing on throughout the summer with our Off-Season Funhouse episodes! It’s gonna get zannnny! In the final episode of season two, we say our piece on the NBA finals,…
Episode 2.14
May 28, 2015
The NBA season is about to head to the finals and we’re all pretty happy for LeBron. This week we have D.J. Demers and Thomas Rivas! We make predictions for the finals, talk potential acquisitions for the Raps, and recall our top five worst Raptor…
Episode 2.13
May 13, 2015
It’s cold but the sun is starting to shine, and that’s also how it feels for the Raptors’ fan base. Special guest joining us from L.A. this week is Adam Christie! We talk the current state of the Raps, banter about the playoffs and bring out Top 10 Lists…
Episode 2.12
Apr 29, 2015
We’re all a little glum on today’s podcast because the Toronto Raptors have just lost to the Wizards in a four-game sweep. Cheeseburger by cheeseburger we rip apart the disappointing loss with the help of our guest, comedian Kye Fox! Need a fantasy sports…
Episode 2.11
Apr 17, 2015
It’s the PLAYOFFS! We made it. Big playoff preview on this one! Mark Little and Thomas Rivas help pull apart the match-ups. The Raptors have finished with a 49-33 record and we’re pretty excited to see how they handle Washington in the first round. Let’s…
Episode 2.10
Mar 26, 2015
We’re back in like Lowry’s back is out: Indefinitely. The Raptors lost shortly after we recorded, giving the Bulls a season sweep and the Raps a record of 42-30 (although, they did still manage to clinch the playoffs!). Special guest this week is Peter…
Episode 2.09
Mar 12, 2015
It hasn’t gotten better for the Toronto Raptors since our last show. They’re 38-26, still first in the division, but a wretched 1-9 in their last ten. They’re projected playoff run looks like they’ll be pool-noodling it in the shallow end if things don’t…
Episode 2.08
Feb 25, 2015
The all-star break is over and the unofficial second half of the season has begun! Shortly after this podcast taped, the Raps lost again, leaving their record at 37-20 and 1-3 since the break. Should the fans be angered and worried? TV and film…
Episode 2.07
Feb 4, 2015
After a nasty losing streak, the “baby-faced assassin” known as Lowry has teamed up with “Dirty Roses” DeRozan to swish home some wins. They ended up losing tonight, so the Raps are 33-17 and have lost two in a row, also dropping their first divisional…
Episode 2.06
Jan 21, 2015
The honeymoon is over in Jurassic Park. The avid bandwagoners are glum and nervous. The Raptors are sitting nervously at the top of a children’s slide with a record of 27-14 and are 3-7 in their last 10. DeRozan is back, but Lowry has blown all his tires…
Episode 2.05
Jan 6, 2015
Happy New Year! The Confederacy of Dunks is back. It’s 2015. The NBA is getting closer to the halfway point of the season and the Raptors are 24-10, riding a three-game losing streak dating back to late 2014. DeRozan is finally set to return after just…
Episode 2.04
Dec 17, 2014
It’s our last show before the holidays and we’re ready to eat platefuls of gravy-topped stuffing like Raptors’ star player, Chuck Hayes. The Raps are 19-6, making dreams come true, even with DeRozan on the IR. This week we welcome comedian Mark Little on…
Episode 2.03
Dec 4, 2014
We’re back and ready to tear this up worse than DeMar DeRozan’s groin! We recorded this just hours before they improved their record to 15-4. We’re so happy, we’re Lowry-running up the walls! This week we’re joined by This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ Adam…
Episode 2.02
Nov 23, 2014
We’re coming off the bench HOT Lou-Williams-style! Raptors are at the top with a hot 11-2 start and we couldn’t be happier, but are they earning their wins?? Check out episode 02 with special guest Comedian Dylan Gott!
Episode 2.01
Nov 5, 2014
Season two premieres with a hot new reboot! New mics, new space, new theme song, new vibe! Kevin and Freddie welcome Matt Duncan to the show as their new Roz Doyle-like producer! We talk all things basketball and all things Raptors. Special guest to start…
Part 03
Jun 26, 2014
Just like that, season one comes to an end. Freddie and Kevin talk some off-season noise and look forward to an official, biweekly run of season two starting in the fall! IT ALL STARTS NOW.
Part 02
Jun 4, 2014
Part 02 shatters the backboard as Freddie and Kevin talk the talk. Comedian Marco Moltisanti joins them for some boomshakalaka.
Part 01
May 29, 2014
From practically a replica set off the show Storage Wars, award-winning comedians Kevin Dowse and Freddie Rivas launch part 01 of a Confederacy of Dunks, talking all things Raptors and all things basketball.