Don Melton worked at Netscape on Mozilla and at Apple on WebKit and Safari. Now he’s a recovering programmer working on video encoding and whatever else he feels like. These are his stories.
12: Zero regression [Unrated]
Jun 19, 2017
Don’s seen WWDC, has his glass of wine, and is ready to jump into all the Safari and WebKit updates, H.265 (HEVC) support and what it means for transcoding, and call BS on the latest tech nonsense. Listen along!
11: The big 6.0
Jan 5, 2017
It’s a Merry Melton Holiday Special, and we’re talking Apple 2017, what re-orgs mean, how good products get delayed, Don turns 6.0 just as Handbrake goes 1.0, and more!
10: Gramps don’t beta
Oct 30, 2016
We’re back! And we’re catching up! But Gramps don’t beta and didn’t finish watching Luke Cage so we talk Macs, secret projects, transcoding, and NEON WARNING: U.S. politics.
09: Darth Melton
Dec 22, 2015 • 58 min
Don and Rene avoid Star Wars spoilers (except for Return of the Jedi) by talking Apple executive moves, high definition audio, Netflix compression, going HTTPS, going WordPress, and more!
08: I’m a PC! (Gamer)
Dec 3, 2015 • 73 min
Don’s built a gaming PC, Rene’s got a DCI-P3 iMac, the new Apple TV, and more!
07: Secret origins of blockers
Oct 13, 2015 • 67 min
Don and Rene talk Safari performance, content blockers, Apple event, 4K on Apple TV, and more!
06: Where the hell are my Hearts?
Jul 24, 2015 • 94 min
It’s Don vs. Apple Music with special guest star—and ace troubleshooter—Serenity Caldwell joining in to help!
05: Like browsers on watches
Apr 28, 2015 • 78 min
Don and Rene talk about the absence of Safari on Apple Watch, experimenting with D, transcoding updates, and all the new trailers: Star Wars, Batman vs. Superman, and more!
04: State of the 4K
Feb 21, 2015 • 74 min
Don and Rene talk about the latest updates, the state of 4K television and content, and transcoding, of course.
03: Like Uber for iPhones
Dec 20, 2014 • 76 min
Rene reviews his new 13-inch MacBook Pro, Don reviews his new iPhone 6 Plus — and the process he had to go through to get it. Also, Amazon’s 4K streaming plans, bitrate ballparks, and Don’s adventures in 4K transcoding.
02: Retina 5K transcoding
Nov 20, 2014 • 80 min
The Retina 5K iMac is here and we’ve got ‘em! Rene loves the pixels. Don is too busy putting those 4 cores through his usual, brutal transcoding paces to notice. Plus, iCloud beachballs of unusual annoyance!
01: Day and night HomeKits
Oct 10, 2014 • 77 min
Former director of internet technologies at Apple and recovering programmer Don Melton kicks off his new monthly show by talking to Rene about his second home, plans for HomeKit, True Justice Season 2, video transcoding, and the perils of light prototypes.