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Are You Ready for a Voice Search Future? [PODCAST]
Nov 16 • 32 min
Christi Olson, Head of Evangelism at Microsoft, joins SEJ’s Brent Csutoras in this Search Engine Nerds podcast to discuss the current state of voice search and what we can expect in the future. Olson also offers tips on how companies should approach voice…
How to Make Search Data the Center of Your Universe [PODCAST]
Nov 2 • 32 min
DeepCrawl’s Jon Myers joins Loren Baker in this sponsored episode of Search Engine Nerds to explain how you can harness and combine GA, GSC, backlink, and log files data to get a comprehensive overview of your website.
Intelligent Search: Optimize Your Business for Local, Mobile & Geo Data [PODCAST]
Oct 26 • 52 min
Raj Nijjer, VP at Yext and GM at, joins Loren Baker in this Search Engine Nerds episode to share insights on why and how businesses should optimize for local, mobile and geo data as consumers continue to search intelligently.
How to Educate Your SEO Clients & Set Expectations [PODCAST]
Oct 12 • 56 min
Forensic SEO consultant Alan Bleiweiss joins SEJ’s Loren Baker in this episode of Search Engine Nerds. Bleiweiss, an industry veteran, talks about the importance of educating and setting expectations with SEO clients.
The Unusual Branding Strategy That Made This SEO Company a Success
Sep 28 • 33 min
Clayton Johnson, COO at The HOTH, joins SEJ’s Loren Baker in this Search Engine Nerds episode.
Gary Illyes on How to Get Ready for Google’s Mobile-First Index
Aug 3 • 50 min
Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, joins SEJ’s Brent Csutoras in this Search Engine Nerds episode.
Influencer Marketing Strategies for Success [PODCAST]
Jul 6 • 26 min
Joe Sinkwitz, CEO and co-founder of Intellifluence, joins SEJ’s Brent Csutoras in this Search Engine Nerds episode to share tips and learnings on how to make influencer marketing work for you. Sinkwitz also gives advice on strategies that will get you…
How to Build and Sell a Subscription-Based Company [PODCAST]
Jun 8 • 32 min
Thinking of building your email list but unsure how to get the numbers up? Or are you ready to sell your current business and move on to the next big thing? Dan Faggella, Founder of AI market research and media firm TechEmergence, joins SEJ’s Brent…
AI. Machine Learning. What’s the Impact on Digital Marketing Today? [PODCAST]
May 25 • 28 min
Marc Poirier, CEO and co-founder of Acquisio, joins SEJ Chief Social Media Strategist Brent Csutoras to talk about how artificial intelligence and machine learning impacts online marketing. Poirier also gives us a primer on how AI is affecting local…
John Doherty on Qualifying SEO Leads & Setting Expectations [PODCAST]
May 19 • 47 min
John Doherty, Founder and Growth Consultant at Credo, joins SEJ Founder Loren Baker to discuss the importance of qualifying SEO leads and how to set expectations when it comes to clients. Doherty also shares resources for SEO beginners as well as those…
Paid Search: A Focus on Profitability With Maddie Cary [PODCAST]
Apr 28 • 34 min
Maddie Cary, Director of Paid Search at Point It Digital Marketing, joins SEJ Chief Social Media Strategist Brent Csutoras to discuss the profitability of paid search and how to ensure your campaigns result in a good ROI. Cary also talks about how brand…
Why Aren’t You Using Remarketing Yet? [PODCAST]
Apr 7 • 23 min
Sean Dolan of PushFire joins Kelsey Jones to discuss the basics of remarketing, how it can be used in campaigns, what to test, and how to ensure its success. Sean also gives us a primer on why you shouldn’t necessarily worry about where your remarketing…
Best Practices for 2017 SEO Audits [PODCAST]
Mar 23 • 19 min
SEJ Executive Editor Kelsey Jones and SEJ Product Strategist Anna Crowe discuss best practices in SEO audits, including how long it takes to see results, whether or not to include social media, and real life examples of how audits have made a difference…
“Why Page Speed is So Important to SEO” via Jon Henshaw [PODCAST]
Mar 10 • 32 min
Kelsey Jones and Raven Tools co-founder Jon Henshaw talk about why page speed affects SEO, the pros and cons of AMP, and how a mobile-first index ties into putting the user first when it comes to the search and website experience.
What Are The Best Practices in Creating Spanish Versions of Websites? [PODCAST]
Feb 24 • 22 min
In this pilot episode of Search Engine Nerds, Kelsey Jones is joined by Zeph Snapp to talk about best practices for creating Spanish versions of websites. Zeph and Kelsey discuss what you need to do before getting started, whether translating content is…
Link Building for “Boring” Industries [Webinar Recap]
Feb 13 • 55 min
SEJ Founder Loren Baker joined SEJ ThinkTank on February 8th to share link building strategies for those less-than-exciting industries.
How to Avoid Digital Burnout [PODCAST]
Feb 10 • 38 min
In this new working world and with the constant changes in technology, how do we keep ourselves from burning out? Kathleen Garvin and Amanda Russell join former SEJ Features Editor Danielle Antosz in this episode of Marketing Nerds to share their insights…
Brands and Social Media Insights: Finding the “Why” Behind the “What” [PODCAST]
Feb 3 • 18 min
How does a brand find the “why” behind the “what” with social media insights? In this episode of Marketing Nerds, Caitlin Rulien is joined by John Donnelly III of Crimson Hexagon to chat about better understanding what customers are saying on social media.
How to Kick Ass at Amazon SEO With Robyn Johnson [PODCAST]
Jan 26 • 22 min
Amazon and e-commerce expert Robyn Johnson joins Kelsey Jones to share the latest insights and best practices for Amazon SEO. Robyn and Kelsey discuss the black hat practices in Amazon SEO that they have recently started cracking down on, what statistics…
Freelancers Forum #10: Getting Out of the Hustle Mentality
Jan 20 • 24 min
In this episode of the Freelancers Forum series, SEJ Editors Kelsey Jones and Danielle Antosz share tips for moving from a hustle mentality of fear to one of time management and triumph. They share their experiences in freelancing and how actually working…