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Material 91: Koalas Are Awesome
Mar 23 • 63 min
Andy calls in sick so Russell brings in two special guests. Who are they and just how great do they think Koalas are? Tune in to find out! Also home automation, The Galaxy S8 and more!
Under the Radar 72: Selling Apps
Mar 22 • 29 min
Building apps with acquisition in mind, calculating your app’s valuation, and what to expect in a sale.
Clockwise 181: A List of Things That Don’t Happen
Mar 22 • 29 min
The Pen Addict 249: An Astronomical Wallet Event
Mar 22 • 69 min
Brad is back from the Arkansas Pen Show with tales to tell. It was a different experience, and perfect in all the right way. Plus, he bought stuff.
Top Four 26: Holidays 🐰🎄🌭🏈🎉🎃🍺
Mar 21 • 38 min
Our favorite annual holidays… for very different reasons.
Connected 134: Minimum Viable Keynote
Mar 21 • 83 min
Federico is wandering the wilderness in search of new iPad Pro hardware, so Stephen and Myke break down today’s news before apologizing to everyone.
Free Agents 17: Stop Digging
Mar 21 • 28 min
Not all clients are good clients. If you don’t manage the herd, you could lose the farm. This is why it’s important to consider the right time, and right way, to fire a client.
Cortex 48: Parade of Failures
Mar 21 • 80 min
Grey took a secret photo, Myke took a chance, and they both cannot agree on how long you should stick it out.
Upgrade 133: You’re an Empty Row Person
Mar 20 • 99 min
Apple’s been a leader in podcasting since the early days, but is there a new era coming soon? Jason and Myke have some theories. Plus, we carefully analyze each other’s iPhone and iPad home screens, marvel at Apple’s stock price,…
Disruption 49: Domaino Name
Mar 19 • 80 min
In which Bri hacks her car, Mikah hacks his house, and Steve and Georgia plan the saddest rave ever.
Analog(ue) 102: I Felt the Weight of Your Silence
Mar 19 • 87 min
Let’s Relay those Feels!
Mac Power Users 369: Workflows with Composer Michael Whalen
Mar 19 • 97 min
Emmy award winning composer and artist Michael Whalen joins us to talk about his 68+ Macs and how he’s been making music with Apple technology since 1984.
Under the Radar 71: Apps as Annuities
Mar 17 • 29 min
Accumulating a portfolio of apps that provide long-term income with minimal maintenance.
Canvas 31: Note Taking with Apple Pencil
Mar 17 • 68 min
This week Fraser and Federico take their Apple Pencils in hand and share some notes on taking notes with the iPad Pro.
Rocket 114: Beauty and the Matrix
Mar 16 • 65 min
Christina, Brianna, and Simone discuss the new Beats X headphones, the potential of Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast! Oh, and the Matrix reboot. Because that’s a thing.
Presentable 20: Design Sprints: How to Get Your Boss to Draw in Just 5 Days
Mar 16 • 45 min
Special guest Jake Knapp joins the show to talk about how sprints are changing how we do design. He’s a Design Partner at Google Ventures and author of bestselling book “Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Jus…
Material 90: I’m Not Crying It’s Just Raining In My Eyes
Mar 16 • 75 min
Yasmine. Is. Gone. No really. Which makes writing the description kinda hard. Still, Andy is excited that robots can identify humans and Russell raves regarding RAM. It’s going to take some adjustments dear listenerds, so strap y…
Clockwise 180: Stargate Problem
Mar 15 • 28 min
Games we’re playing, anticipating new iPads, video streaming and sharing, and greener grass on other platforms.
The Pen Addict 248: We’re Extraordinarily Particular
Mar 15 • 78 min
Brad and Myke are joined this week by Matt Armstrong of The Pen Habit. In a long overdue conversation we discuss Matt’s start with fountain pens, producing wonderful video content, and some of his favorite pens and inks.
Ungeniused 21: Palace of the Parliament
Mar 15 • 14 min
“Go big or go home” certainly describes the home of The People’s House, a 3.9 million square foot mammoth of a building in Romania.