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Disruption 84: The Fog of Childhood
Nov 20 • 63 min
Georgia finally realizes how bad the US government is thanks to Facebook’s nude photo collection, Bri doesn’t need any stinking lootboxes to own people in Star Wars Battlefront, and Steve discovers just how far his robot hero has fallen.
Mac Power Users 405: 2017 Geek Gift Guide
Nov 19 • 96 min
Katie and David are back with their annual holiday gift guide with plenty of nerdy picks for you and your loved ones.
Mixed Feelings 49: Don’t Blame Me
Nov 17 • 44 min
Topics include: marriage equality in Australia, Election Day 2017, and Taylor Swift.
Material 125: How are your Pixels, Bud?
Nov 16 • 56 min
Andy is away on a secret assignment. Flo visits a playground. Russell updates the Essentials. We also talk more about Chromebooks, Google cracking down on assistive features and everyone’s favourite headphones the Pixel Buds.
Rocket 149: Get Yourself a Bentley
Nov 16 • 57 min
Software Developer Jessica Dennis takes over for Christina this week as we discuss Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot boxes, Pixel earbuds, and SMART DRUGS that can tell when you’ve taken them.
Download 30: Knowing Yourself
Nov 16 • 54 min
Wearable tech that can make us healthier or save our lives, a potential renewal of the debate of government access to encrypted data, and how Facebook knows everything about you even if you’re not on Facebook.
Under the Radar 106: Long Projects
Nov 16 • 29 min
Getting through long projects while maintaining motivation and perspective.
Presentable 34: What User Research Can Learn From Growth Hacking
Nov 16 • 40 min
My old friend Hiten Shah joins the program. He’s the founder of numerous successful startups and mentor to many others. We discuss growth hacking, how it differs from formal user research, and how to make products people love as quickly as we can.
Reconcilable Differences 65: The Mustard of My Father
Nov 15 • 121 min
Dad Hole, garbage robots, Northern European runts, and a system forged in the crucible of terrible people.
Clockwise 215: Exactly What A Spy Would Say
Nov 15 • 29 min
Face ID spoofing, Facebook wants your nude pictures, whether we’d leave Twitter, and what we’d like to see Apple change for the iPhone X.
The Pen Addict 283: A Significant Business in Clever Pen Cases
Nov 15 • 63 min
There’s a new podcast in town, a new pen to buy, and a new Field Notes edition. We hit all of those things plus take a deep dive on product inspiration vs. knock-off.
Free Agents 34: I Think I Just Got Fired, with Marco Arment
Nov 14 • 50 min
App developer, podcaster, analyst, and secret entrepreneur Marco Arment joins us to discuss his journey from college to Tumblr, building Instapaper, getting quit-fired, setting out on his own, and working in bursts of productivity.
Connected 168: My Bedroom Has Become a Museum
Nov 14 • 85 min
Control Center is broken, Myke is broken and Spotify is broken.
Cortex 60: CorteX
Nov 14 • 87 min
Grey has played Stardew Valley, Myke is taking stock of his technology, and they both have new iPhones.
Upgrade 167: The White Room of My Mind
Nov 13 • 96 min
Myke and Jason discuss the future of the iPad Pro and what in the world Apple is thinking as it develops an augmented-reality headset. We’ve also got updates on Apple’s TV venture, the future and influence of the iPhone X, and Apple Pay for iMessage.
Mac Power Users 404: More iPhone Photography with Austin Mann
Nov 12 • 136 min
Austin Mann returns to discuss the state of iPhone Photography and David and Katie share their thoughts on the new iPhone X.
Disruption 83: Colonial Conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom
Nov 12 • 57 min
In a week full of things we’re happy about, we take the time to settle the big questions, like how to get your dog to send Animojis, and the legitimacy of Princess Peach’s claim to the throne.
Analog(ue) 119: The Cookie Classification Is Troubling
Nov 12 • 94 min
Casey has found new creativity, Myke awkwardly deals with an encounter, and they return to Firefly Viewing Club for episode 13: Heard of Gold.
Canvas 48: Long-form Writing in Scrivener
Nov 10 • 49 min
We continue with our mini-series on long-form writing apps with a look at Scrivener.
Mixed Feelings 48: TL;DR We Have No Solution
Nov 9 • 43 min
Topics include: political shifts in the Middle East, climate change and pollution, and YouTube for kids.