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Cortex 72: Adulting Complete
Aug 14 • 104 min
Myke got a Roomba, Grey has found peace with his to-do system, and they are both very excited about the Shortcuts beta.
Liftoff 78: Shed Some Sunlight on It
Aug 14 • 42 min
The Parker Solar Probe is on its way to study our sun, as New Horizons is exploring what is at the outmost reaches of its influence on the solar system.
Ungeniused 60: The Cola Wars and New Coke
Aug 14 • 20 min
At the height of a marketing battle with Pepsi, the Coca-Cola Corporation did the unthinkable and changed an American icon.
Subnet 137: August 14, 2018
Aug 13 • 1 min
The federal government is banning ZTE and Huawei equipment from official purchases, Google is tracking user location despite app settings and Group FaceTime isn’t coming this fall, as promised.
Upgrade 206: The Rings in a Tree
Aug 13 • 105 min
This week Myke breaks his iPad, Jason visits the Microsoft Store and leaves with an Xbox, and we pick our favorite video games of all time.
Subnet 136: August 13, 2018
Aug 12 • 1 min
NASA’s sun-studying spacecraft is on its way after a successful launch, while Intel’s plans for its 9th generation core processors leak and Arris supports the open mesh networking standard.
Mac Power Users 443: Revisiting Music Management
Aug 12 • 89 min
Katie and David revisit music management and discuss the state of the two major streaming services, how things have changed iTunes Match, managing their music, and audio at home and in the car.
Material 163: Let’s Be Glass Half-full People
Aug 10 • 73 min
This week, Android P is officially Android Pie, but not until Flo and Andy discuss the weather—as they have in every single episode since summer began. Man, it’s a hot one!
Subnet 135: August 10, 2018
Aug 9 • 1 min
Samsung had a big day.
Rocket 187: Simone is the Mayonaise
Aug 9 • 86 min
In this super-sized episode, Bri and Christina talk about all the tech news they can — and still didn’t cover everything that happened this week.
Remaster 63: The Tax
Aug 9 • 63 min
Hardware shake-up at Sony, Fortnite on Android, and ‘Holedown’.
Download 66: This Year Has Felt Like 10 Years
Aug 9 • 55 min
Tech giants move to ban a peddler of conspiracies and snake oil, but not Twitter; MoviePass nears death, but everything may still be a service; and Samsung rolls out a bunch of new products.
Subnet 133: August 09, 2018
Aug 8 • 1 min
The Magic Leap headset is here, kinda. Anki has a new robot, and the SEC is looking to a recent Elon Musk tweet.
Reconcilable Differences 84: Camptivities
Aug 8 • 108 min
This week’s main topic is a goodie: the things only YOU notice.
Connected 204: Tennessee Can’t Get Me
Aug 8 • 92 min
Stephen and Myke kick off iPhone and iPad rumor season, then talk through some recent app news and Apple’s cancellation of the App Store Affiliate Program.
The Pen Addict 320: Terrible Advice about All Your Stationery Needs
Aug 8 • 59 min
The 2018 D.C. Pen Show is in the books, and Brad is back to tell the tale. And he may or may not have bought a Nakaya.
Subnet 132: August 08, 2018
Aug 7 • 1 min
Snapchat lost numbers in the wake of its redesign, Elon Musk is pondering taking Tesla private and the email client Newton is not long for this world.
Clockwise 253: Creepy Beating Heart
Aug 7 • 29 min
Most of us use Low Power mode on iOS occasionally, but one of us doesn’t. Plus, how much we would pay for a calendar app, Microsoft walking back its decision to drop old Skype, and indie games we have played.
Free Agents 53: The Value of Your Time
Aug 7 • 72 min
David and Mike talk about protecting your most valuable resource - your time. Mike gets inspired during his personal retreat and learns how to say “no.” David learns the hard way from his recent travels but has a plan for what to do differently next time.
Parallel 1: I Wish All Computers Were Orange
Aug 7 • 56 min
Personal computers have been around long enough that many of us have fond memories of a formative device, a technology, or an operating system. Some of us collect obsolete hardware; others recall the history because they were a part of making it.