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Ungeniused 25: Three Unusual Sports
May 24 • 8 min
Things like basketball and football are so mainstream. Maybe it’s time to stand out as at athlete in a more unique sport.
Liftoff 47: Eclipses: Orbits Aren’t Perfect
May 23 • 52 min
This week, Jason and Stephen talk about lunar and solar eclipses in preparation of a total solar eclipse in North America coming up in August.
Connected 143: Super Sleuthing
May 23 • 73 min
Stephen has launched a membership, Apple wants people to switch from Android and future hardware is starting to leak. Then, a roundup of the services we use to keep our companies running smoothly.
Upgrade 142: You Want Applause
May 22 • 96 min
Jason and Myke discuss more potential hardware announcements at WWDC. We also discuss a little bit about Google IO, including announcements about Google Photos and emoji, and get a little misty while thinking about Steve Jobs’ last product, Apple Park.
Disruption 58: Retraction
May 21 • 58 min
In which Mixed Feelings’ Quinn Rose joins us to discuss sexism in VR, Bri’s Star Wars recriminations, and other things that make us WannaCry.
Mac Power Users 378: More iOS Hidden Features
May 21 • 103 min
Clayton Morris returns to join Katie and David in sharing more underutilized iOS features, tips, and tricks.
Connected 142: A Trip to Barcelona
May 19 • 91 min
Federico has published his iOS 11 wish list, and the group goes deep on what Apple should do with the iPad’s software. Stephen manages to quickly sneak in a confession.
Download 4: Twenty Oars in the Water
May 18 • 58 min
This week, Google held its annual developer conference. It brought a bunch of news about Assistant, Home and Photos, and plenty of AI! Meanwhile, the WannaCry attack exploits old software to bring PCs around the world to a grinding halt.
Mixed Feelings 26: Hope It’s Not Dominos
May 18 • 35 min
Topics include: continued coverage of the Russia investigation, Chelsea Manning, and Miss USA.
Rocket 123: A Two-Parter, Part Two
May 18 • 54 min
Julia Alexander is BACK, joining Brianna and Simone to talk about Nintendo’s grey market problem — Brianna finally bought a Switch! Then, Tesla’s new solar roof and the phenomenon of Cars 3.
Under the Radar 80: Debugging
May 18 • 29 min
How we debug our apps, and avoiding common bugs in the first place.
Remaster 35: Super Illegal and Super Awesome
May 18 • 50 min
Fan made games, and how copyright owners react to these projects.
Material 99: I/O 2017, The Good, The Bad, The Kotlin
May 18 • 47 min
Hot off the press is Materials amazingly hot take on the Google I/O 2017 Keynote. Andy brings the journalistic integrity you know and love, Russell has been won over by swag.
Reconcilable Differences 52: This Bird Can’t Get Laid
May 17 • 97 min
In this week’s accidental main topic, John addresses his new bird-enemy and the Wile E. Coyotean lengths to which his desperation with living in a drum may drive him.
Clockwise 189: Her Cuneiform is Top Notch
May 17 • 29 min
Apple Watch smart bands, old tech we’d resurrect, the fate of the iPad mini, and why more tech companies don’t focus on accessibility.
The Pen Addict 257: I’m Not Gonna Do Homework
May 17 • 73 min
Brad and Myke finally get to talk to each other this week! We do a proper follow-up of the Chicago Pen Show, talk new products from Baron Fig and Field Notes, and of course pay our respects to the amazing Susan Wirth.
Free Agents 21: The Second Feedback Episode
May 16 • 57 min
We’re once again answering your letters and tweets In a wide-ranging episode covering all sorts of aspects of being an independent worker.
Cortex 51: Meeting for Lunch
May 16 • 77 min
Grey spills the beans, Myke gets to gloat, and they both want to define _productivity_.
Upgrade 141: I Export My Voice
May 15 • 99 min
With WWDC only three weeks away, Jason and Myke delve into the latest rumors about what might be announced at the conference, and then discuss Apple’s billion-dollar initiative to invest in American business—and the potential motives behind it.
Roboism 1: A Beautiful Smoosh Bot
May 15 • 26 min
Alex Cox and Savannah Million introduce themselves and talk about their newest robot obsessions.