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Material 109: If You Can Drop A Baby, You Can Drop A Camera
Jul 27 • 70 min
Flo attends and exclusive Asus event. Andy attends an exclusive Moto event. Russell sits at home in his pants (the British meaning btw) and downloads the latest Android O preview.
Mac Power Users 388: MPU+: Don’t Put Your Keyboard in the Dishwasher
Jul 27 • 92 min
In this bonus episode, we Apple Distinguished Educator and Musician Shirantha Beddage and answer questions about lightning protection, starting a blog, how much iMac to buy, OCR accuracy, and follow up on Home Tech, must-have utilities and more.
Remaster 40: The Death of Flash
Jul 27 • 49 min
Myke has been playing Superhot and Splatoon 2, Federico is buying every amiibo he can find, and Shahid interviews developers about the announced end of Adobe’s support of Flash.
Rocket 133: Walmart Disappoints America
Jul 27 • 59 min
Simone, Brianna, and Christina talk about the looming death of Flash, the delayed death of MS Paint, and the disastrous Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago.
Mixed Feelings 34: Libertarian Land
Jul 27 • 60 min
Topics include: Scaramucci, eugenics, universal basic income, middle class stores, and plastic surgery.
Download 14: Secret Millennial
Jul 27 • 51 min
This week we talk a lot about how technology has changed how we consume movies and television. Also, how many video streaming services do we really need? Plus we pour one out for the iPod—but not for Adobe Flash.
Reconcilable Differences 57: Losing my Stormtrooper
Jul 27 • 129 min
This week’s main topic is “Taking Care of Things.”
Clockwise 199: I Don’t Really Want to Find My Friends
Jul 26 • 29 min
How our desks are set up, will Apple build more products in the U.S., Google’s Find My Friends competitor, and advanced medical devices that work with our smartphones.
The Pen Addict 267: Meet Me at the Bar
Jul 26 • 52 min
The DC Pen Show is almost here! Brad and Myke discuss show and travel prep, plus what’s on their respective shopping lists. Brad also professes his love for pocket pens.
Query 4: Secret Agent SMS
Jul 26 • 27 min
Chas has concerns about two-factor authentication, while Ben is looking at leaving macOS and Windows behind for an iPad. In the Speed Run, it’s all backing up, all the time.
Under the Radar 90: Trademarks
Jul 26 • 28 min
What trademarks do, searching for conflicts before you name something, and whether indies should file for their own.
Connected 152: British Man in a Van with a MacBook
Jul 25 • 90 min
Stephen tries to help Myke with his laptop as The Rock is having a great day with Siri. Then, Federico breaks down Siri changes coming this fall.
Free Agents 26: A Batphone to My Heart
Jul 25 • 58 min
While Jason leaves the phone off the hook, David describes his trial of Google Voice and ultimate decision to use a live receptionist service.
Upgrade 151: Caulk and Spackle
Jul 24 • 86 min
Does the Mac mini have a place in the Mac line-up, or should it fade into the sunset? Which Mac laptop—MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Escape—is the best choice for a new college student?
Disruption 67: Maximum Misery
Jul 23 • 71 min
We fly down to Florida to stay in the Star Wars hotel, and leave anonymous reviews for our barefoot seatmate on the plane. (Disrespecting personal space is the path to the Dark Side.)
Mac Power Users 387: Workflows with Rene Ritchie
Jul 23 • 87 min
iMore Editor in Chief Rene Ritchie joins the Mac Power Users this week to share his favorite tools, apps, and workflows for getting work done.
Analog(ue) 111: Micro-Famous
Jul 22 • 87 min
Casey gets encouragement, Myke is a little starstruck, and they return Firefly Viewing Club for episode 6: *Our Mrs Reynolds*.
BONANZA: The Wedding Year 26: Think Outside The Escape Box
Jul 21 • 49 min
Part One: Location
Canvas 40: Mind Mapping
Jul 21 • 39 min
This week Fraser and Federico really explore the space looking at Mind Mapping tools on iOS.
Material 108: Too Many Hits
Jul 20 • 63 min
Andy runs a blind camera test…the results may shock you! Flo heads to the city to augment her reality. Russell transgresses against the One True TV Platform and buys into WebOS. We also talk image processing, Google Glass.