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Connected 190: The Robot Should Keep Its Mouth Shut
Apr 25 • 65 min
Federico is gone, but the show had to to go on, so Stephen and Myke talk about the death of Liam, whatever is happening with Flickr and Amazon’s future robotic army.
Clockwise 238: A Much Larger and Possibly Stupider World
Apr 25 • 28 min
Our obsessive tech hobbies and pastimes, the attraction of clicky keyboards, what SmugMug’s Flickr acquisition means, and whether a faux analogue digital camera appeals to us.
The Pen Addict 305: I Believe in Standards
Apr 25 • 68 min
It’s new notebook day on the podcast, as Brad and Myke discuss a slew of new releases crossing our desks. Limited editions were also a hot topic, this week hotter than most with the launch of the Retro 51 “The System” rollerball.
Query 29: Made on iPad
Apr 25 • 42 min
Serenity talks through her recent iPad review video, and discusses Do Not Disturb, changing Apple IDs, cleaning Watch bands and more with Stephen.
Subnet 52: April 25, 2018
Apr 24 • 1 min
Spotify has updates its free tier, Facebook has shared its Community Guidelines, and Xbox One S and X owners are seeing updates to their consoles.
Liftoff 71: A 322-foot Football
Apr 24 • 45 min
Stephen launches a new segment about the SLS, then talks with Jason about the swearing in of NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and the future of NASA TESS.
Ungeniused 52: Area 51
Apr 24 • 12 min
Area 51 is a highly classified U.S. Air Force Base that has been home to numerous avionic projects over the years, and is often at the center of some of the world’s more outlandish conspiracy theories.
Subnet 51: April 24, 2018
Apr 23 • 1 min
Amazon is planning in-home robots, Apple and Samsung are headed back to court, and Nest is losing cash hand over fist.
Upgrade 190: Redefine It Upward
Apr 23 • 88 min
Tim Cook totally has an Mac on his desk and an iPad at home, but how can Apple advance both its platforms while allowing them to retain their individuality? Also, Amazon Prime has a big number and Apple puts a chill into leakers.
Subnet 50: April 23, 2018
Apr 22 • 1 min
Apple is replacing batteries in 13-inch MacBook Pros, Campo Santo has sold to Valve, and Amazon is guarding reviews of James Comey’s new book.
Mac Power Users 427: Creating the iPhone Field Guide
Apr 22 • 89 min
David has written a new book - the iPhone Field Guide. In this episode, we discuss his latest project, the process of creating a multimedia book, the state of iBooks Author and more.
Subnet 49: April 21, 2018
Apr 20 • 1 min
AT&T and Verizon are under investigation for their attempts to stifle eSIM technology, while the former is preparing a low-cost streaming service. Meanwhile, the iOS App Store redesign is a big win for featured apps.
Subnet 48: April 20, 2018
Apr 19 • 1 min
Material 147: Hello, Is It The PoPo You’re Looking For?
Apr 19 • 72 min
Flo sets off alarm bells. Andy can’t get no satisfaction from Google Play Music. Russell unearths more youths from our listener hordes. Also Chrome muting autoplay videos, Pixelbook getting dual boot, Google maps gets street smarts and NIGHTWATCH.
Mixed Feelings 70: Thriving
Apr 19 • 39 min
In the last episode of Mixed Feelings, Quinn and Gillian reflect on the show, answer some listener questions, and talk about future plans.
Download 51: Planet Netflix
Apr 19 • 49 min
The U.S. takes on ZTE, Russia takes on Telegram, San Francisco takes on scooters, and video-streaming services take on your wallet.
Roboism 14: Only Death and $10,000
Apr 19 • 26 min
Alex and Savannah are joined by some friends to talk about frozen brains and artificial consciousness.
Remaster 57: Take all Sides
Apr 19 • 56 min
Federico considers buying an Xbox One X, Myke is super excited about some cardboard, and Shahid interviews Michael French about _The London Games Festival_.
Rocket 171: Nintendo Labo is Here
Apr 19 • 55 min
Brianna and Simone duo it out, talking about the NINTENDO LABO, Tesla production nightmare, the permissions we thoughtlessly grant to apps, and how the heck to pronounce Han Solo’s name.
Under the Radar 128: Lightning Round III: Servers
Apr 19 • 29 min
In our third Q&A episode, we address the many questions we received about running servers.