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Under the Radar 159: New App
Feb 22 • 29 min
Creating a new app as a fun exercise, and making choices that minimize its ongoing maintenance needs.
Cortex 81: The American Meme
Feb 22 • 106 min
Grey has some project updates, Myke is feeling a little sad, and they both watch ‘The American Meme’.
Material 191: Doing the Deed
Feb 21 • 82 min
Samsung isn’t exactly Google, but we’re going deep into the Galaxy S10 launch details this week. We’re talking about the phones, the accessories, and the impact all these things will have on Android’s bottom line.
Rocket 215: Oculus Rift Tea Time
Feb 21 • 75 min
Special guest Blake J. Harris joins us this episode. Blake is the author of The History of the Future: Oculus, Facebook, and the Revolution That Swept Virtual Reality, out now from HarperCollins. Lastly, Samsung has finally revealed the Fold.
Download 92: Trapper Keepers
Feb 21 • 57 min
We cover Samsung’s big event, including new flagship phones, a low-cost model that should have a lot of crowd appeal, a perplexing 5G variant, and the device everyone’s talking about, the unfoldable smartphone.
Reconcilable Differences 98: You’re Killing Your Father
Feb 20 • 95 min
Can’t we just always have the flaps face the same way? Shouldn’t we just stack the forks here in the forks area? Why is Daisy leaving caltrops in the hallway?
Connected 231: Dozens of Invisible Footnotes
Feb 20 • 83 min
The boys dive into a sea of rumors after Federico explores San Jose’s municipal websites, Myke gives everyone a gift and Stephen returns from a journey.
Clockwise 282: Party Popper Dealy-Bob
Feb 20 • 29 min
How we’d improve emoji search, times we took longer finding tools for tasks than completing the tasks themselves, vintage tech and game nostalgia, and the default app we’d redesign in iOS 13.
The Pen Addict 347: It’s Only Pens
Feb 20 • 64 min
San Francisco here we come! We finally dropped the news for the 2019 Kickstarter campaign, and we are heading out west. Along with that big news, Brad rattles on about Sailor for way too long, and give his initial impressions of the Wancher Dream Pen.
Make Do 25: Out and About
Feb 20 • 43 min
Art is not just for museums and living rooms - it’s all around us! We discuss murals, graffiti, illicit mosaics, and all sorts of possibly gray area beautifying.
Focused 67: Staying Motivated with Laura McClellan
Feb 19 • 67 min
On this episode, Laura McClellan, The Productive Woman, joins to talk about her perfectly scheduled day (and what happens when that goes wrong), habits, mastermind groups, and staying motivated.
Parallel 13: That’s Why I Love Screen Curtain
Feb 19 • 73 min
Every tech-savvy person ends up helping some portion of her or his family get software installed, or spam banished. I wanted to find out how others do it, so I talked to fellow family tech supporters, who have also done this work professionally.
Upgrade 233: Let’s Start a Rumor
Feb 18 • 74 min
A 16-inch MacBook Pro and a 6K display are among the latest Apple 2019 hardware rumors, so this week Myke and Jason take turns dissecting them and our speculation engine goes way off the rails.
Roboism 27: How to Kiss Mr. Washington
Feb 18 • 31 min
Alex and Savannah get into robot researchers, robot grifters, and how it’s not great to make love to your money.
Mac Power Users 470: From Computing to Sheep Farming, with Oogie McGuire
Feb 17 • 80 min
Programmer and sheep farmer Oogie McGuire talks about LambTracker, her application for managing flocks and the hardware that goes along with it, as well as her on-going project of digitizing historical photos.
Analog(ue) 150: Best Not to Think About It
Feb 17 • 77 min
Our 150th Episode Extravaganza!
Automators 17: Live at PodCon
Feb 15 • 44 min
This week David and Rose come to us live from PodCon with a very enthusiastic audience where they take the opportunity to dive into some of their travel automation setups. Once back in the studio they then go through the feedback they’ve received.
Material 190: Happy Palentine’s Day
Feb 14 • 65 min
Flo’s hosting this week, so there is lots of talk of reality television in the first half hour of this show (IT’S RELATED!).
Rocket 214: The 24th Time Zone
Feb 14 • 62 min
v\Christina is in AUSTRALIA for Microsoft Ignite! Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos is all over the news and it’s time for a serious discussion of cybersecurity and nudes. Next up, Apple’s proposed Apple News paid tier seems like a bum deal for publishers!
Download 91: N Isn’t for Netscape
Feb 14 • 61 min
What happens when a tech giant buys the company that makes a product you like? Also: Ugly labor issues in tech and journalism, Apple plans a services event, Samsung readies new phones including one that folds, and Amazon ditches NYCHQ2.