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Connected 272: If the Issue Persists, Contact Apple
Dec 4 • 90 min
Apple is handing out awards, and Myke is dealing with the fallout of his TV purchase. Stephen is aware that musicians exist and Federico wants all the 2020 rumors to be true.
Clockwise 323: Everything in My Computing Life is Chaos
Dec 4 • 29 min
Best tech gifts given and received, the future of the HomePod, how we deal with all our photos, and unplugging while on vacation.
Thoroughly Considered 56: Are We About To Do a Gift Guide Episode?
Dec 4 • 49 min
The boys recommend some gifts for the holidays, with the caveat that they must have owned and used them for over a year.
The Pen Addict 388: Alligator 🐊
Dec 4 • 61 min
Sometimes our show titles make complete sense. Sometimes they don’t. Which one is it this week? Also, are you ready to break the bank on your next Retro 51?
Liftoff 113: Barbecue Freezer
Dec 3 • 52 min
Commercial Crew is moving forward, Vikram’s crash site has been found, and there’s a big black hole in the news. There are also claims of a new particle, but questions surround the announcement.
Ungeniused 93: The Loch Ness Monster
Dec 3 • 16 min
Deep under the waters of Loch Ness swims a mystery that has haunted humankind for centuries … or it could be exploding logs and hoaxes. Who knows?
Pictorial 1: Can Artificial Intelligence Make Art?
Dec 3 • 33 min
Betty and Quinn jump into the first episode of Pictorial with a discussion of what art is, if computers can make it, and all the art that robots and humans have made together already.
Upgrade 274: More Clunky!
Dec 2 • 90 min
This week we get caught up on Apple services (Apple Pay, Apple News+, Apple Arcade), Jason gives Myke a tour of CarPlay in iOS 13, and we feed the tech podcast ecosystem with discussions of office lighting and weather stations.
Mac Power Users 512: Ask the Genius
Dec 1 • 101 min
Stephen steps behind the Genius Bar — or into the Genius Grove, as it were — to provide tips for troubleshooting Macs, iOS device and iCloud. Then, he and David talk about the new 16-inch MacBook Pro and how someone should prioritize features when buying.
Adapt 14: The Modern iPad Home Screen
Nov 28 • 60 min
Ryan outlines why now is the perfect time to revisit the iPad’s Home screen, then Federico details Pages’ Smart Annotation feature, and the guys celebrate Thanksgiving with some iPad gratitude.
Material 231: Food for Thought
Nov 27 • 95 min
Andy and Flo discuss how Google could set a precedent for Silicon Valley by allowing its workers to unionize and why the company has taken an interest in a new coalition to construct a nine-point “Contract For The Web.”
The Pen Addict 387: Costs Me Money Every Time - Holiday Gift Guide 2019
Nov 27 • 96 min
We have recorded several gift guide episodes over the years, but this one is the best yet. Ana, Brad, and Myke fill up your shopping carts with a wide and wonderful array of stationery goodies that are sure to delight.
Clockwise 322: I’m More Surprised That I Was Surprised
Nov 27 • 29 min
We aren’t surprised the California DMV is selling personal data, we share our thoughts on video-recording-and-sharing-service Loom, Dan buys (at a discount) all our Thanksgiving & Black Friday deals tips, and we discuss “sharenting.”
Connected 271: You Have a Police Record
Nov 27 • 111 min
There are a lot of iPhone cases to talk about, as well as new information about HomeKit Secure Video and Deep Fusion. One of us bought a TV, but no one here is ordering a Cybertruck.
Reconcilable Differences 118: THAT’s the Star Wars!
Nov 27 • 114 min
Some more Secret Weird Things People Do. And, we’ve got some doozies.
Rocket 255: Agents of Chaos
Nov 27 • 58 min
Description: Christina is back!! Then it’s onto the real show, and we’re talking about Tesla’s angular new Cybertruck and Google Stadia. There was going to be another topic but instead we talked about Pokemon for thirty minutes. Who saw that coming?
Under the Radar 179: Silent Updates
Nov 27 • 29 min
If you ship a major update, but don’t announce it anywhere, does it make a sound?
Make Do 45: A Safe Place To Get Lost
Nov 27 • 59 min
Studiomate Jamie is back to talk about her year of boldness and about vulnerability. Also: Borrow other people’s stuff!
Presentable 76: Craft Is a Journey
Nov 27 • 53 min
Weightshift founder and good friend Naz Hamid joins the show to discuss how designers evolve in their careers and what maturity of craft really looks like.
Top Four 58: Cheeses 🧀
Nov 26 • 59 min
Our favorite types of cheese, taste-tested live for your enjoyment — or at least ours.