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Rocket 197: The Magic of Necromancy
Oct 18 • 75 min
We discuss the Magic Leap Con, Facebook’s new Portal speaker, and the resurrection of Palm and Winamp. Plus, Dyson’s miraculous new Air Wrap.
Remaster 68: A Good One for the Library
Oct 18 • 44 min
Microsoft enters the game streaming arena, and what exactly is an ‘Idle Clicker’?
Download 76: Li’l Buddy Phone
Oct 18 • 51 min
Essential circles the drain; Palm climbs back out of the drain with a strange new accessory smartphone; Adobe embraces the iPad Pro; Amazon refreshes the Paperwhite; and the EU offers some new options for makers of Android phones.
Subnet 183: October 18, 2018
Oct 18 • 1 min
Andy Rubin’s phone company hits hard times, Spotify gets an update, and Softbank questions future Saudi VC investments.
Reconcilable Differences 89: Popcorn Problems
Oct 17 • 85 min
In this week’s main topic, John recounts his recent experience seeing “Hamilton” live on stage.
Under the Radar 145: Custom Apple Watch Faces
Oct 17 • 29 min
Why the Apple Watch needs third-party faces, tools to make them for yourself today, and overcoming the reasons why Apple may not want to offer them.
Connected 214: The Californian Idea of Food
Oct 17 • 89 min
Stephen was wrong, and Myke demands an apology before explaining what makes up dust. The FileMaker world is considered, then Federico explains why he thinks the 🍕emoji is wrong. Lastly, Adobe and Palm are both in the news.
Clockwise 263: Down With the System, Man!
Oct 17 • 29 min
Third-party voice assistants on smartphones, to-do lists and how we stay organized, our first programming experiences, and impressions of the new Palm phone for your phone.
The Pen Addict 330: This Pen Will Never Die
Oct 17 • 57 min
We talk about a lot of amazing pens this episode. The Sailor King of Pen. The Lamy Safari. Retro 51. But none - NONE - hold a candle to the one pen to rule them all.
Make Do 16: Spoopy decorations, do-overs, and some fun news!
Oct 17 • 45 min
Noisemakers and party hats - we’re now part of the Relay FM family! Also party hats and decorations because we’re talking about Halloweeny crafts and such. Plus some inktober check-in.
Subnet 182: October 17, 2018
Oct 16 • 2 min
Google is changing its deal with Android OEMs when it comes to Google Play services, while Facebook is walking back previous privacy statement about its new Portal device and TLS 1.0 meets its end.
Free Agents 58: A Better Path, with Joe Buhlig
Oct 16 • 71 min
Podcaster and programmer Joe Buhlig shares his free agent journey, from bean field to office to family room. He joins David and Mike to talk about his experience solving problems, how to let things go, and finding your own definition of success.
Oct 16 • 82 min
Grey is having some watch face issues, Myke refuses to sleep, and they both consider ‘who’s the boss?’.
Subnet 181: October 16, 2018
Oct 15 • 3 min
Roboism 22: Angry Most of the Time
Oct 15 • 61 min
This week, Savannah and Alex talk about focus and attention while not being able to focus on the topic of attention. The delve into internalized mysogyny, phantom taps, capitalism, and Animal Crossing. It ends up be cohesive. They promise.
Upgrade 215: The Future of TV is the TV App
Oct 15 • 74 min
Why are we so grumpy about the state of faces on the Apple Watch? It’s complicated. Also: Real Photoshop for the iPad, and “free” Apple streaming TV shows?
Subnet 180: October 15, 2018
Oct 14 • 1 min
The FCC is getting pedantic in defending itself over net neutrality, while PlayStation owners are struggling with crashing consoles and DuckDuckGo continues to grow.
Mac Power Users 452: 2018 Developer Roundtable
Oct 14 • 87 min
Ken Case of the Omni Group, Greg Scown of Smile, and Dave Teare of Agile Bits join David and Katie to talk about the state of development for Mac and iOS and life as an Apple Developer.
Analog(ue) 142: I Think I’m Cooler on an Objective Level
Oct 14 • 55 min
Accolades, comic books, and taking short trips.
Material 172: So Much Google
Oct 12 • 70 min
This week, it’s really all about Google. Andy and Flo break down all the important tidbits of the Big Google Week, and then some.