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Analog(ue) 135: Still Not Close Enough
Jun 23 • 71 min
WWDC experiences, Casey edges closer to funemployment, and Myke gives the final wedding update.
Canvas 63: iOS 12 First Impressions
Jun 22 • 62 min
Fraser and Federico have been living on the early betas of iOS 12 for a couple of weeks now and they really like it.
Subnet 99: June 22, 2018
Jun 21 • 1 min
Apple and Qualcomm are battling it out, Intel is looking for a new CEO and MoviePass is doing MoviePass things.
Rocket 180: Simonepunk 2077
Jun 21 • 62 min
Simone swears vengeance on the hooligans that have stolen Stephen Hackett’s minivan. Brianna notices that a porny statue bears an uncomfortable resemblance to a Rocket host and Christina believes in a bulletproof dinosaur future. Give us five stars.
Under the Radar 137: iOS 12 and App Review Changes
Jun 21 • 29 min
How we’re affected by the iOS 12 changes and revised App Store review guidelines.
Material 156: Waiting for Google
Jun 21 • 67 min
Like in _Waiting for Godot_, does it ever feel like you’re just waiting for Google to figure out its app trajectory?
Download 60: Evil Spreadsheets
Jun 21 • 54 min
Tech finds itself in the middle of a U.S.-China trade war and discovers that taking on governmental clients might make employees uncomfortable. Also, Instagram dives into longform video.
Subnet 98: June 21, 2018
Jun 20 • 1 min
IGTV is here, whole Xbox One owners get bad news about VR and Disney and Fox move forward with a merger.
Connected 198: The Prompt
Jun 20 • 85 min
To celebrate five years of podcasting together, Myke, Federico and Stephen do what they do best: talk about iOS betas, ponder photo management and screw up a round robin.
Clockwise 246: Things That Control Other Things
Jun 20 • 29 min
How Apple will sell its TV service, our favorite announcements from E3, using smart speakers to control smart home devices, and whether AMC’s MoviePass competitor appeals.
Query 33: Screen Time Dread
Jun 20 • 34 min
Ren got to play with a Logitech Crayon, and Stephen has been thinking about the Mac App Store.
The Pen Addict 313: The Ocean is in My Hand
Jun 20 • 59 min
Brad has the Sailor Pro Gear Ocean in hand, and is it as fabulous as he expected? Tune in to find out!
Subnet 97: June 20, 2018
Jun 19 • 1 min
Google has launched a podcast client for Android, Oppo has a crazy new phone, and the Echo is getting cozy in hotel rooms.
Liftoff 75: Not a Guy, a Box
Jun 19 • 33 min
Jason and Stephen talk about President Trump’s call for a Space Force, then Opportunity’s struggle against a Martian dust storm and Peggy Whitson’s retirement from NASA.
Ungeniused 56: Glasgow Ice Cream Wars
Jun 19 • 10 min
In the 1980s, Glasgow-based drug cartels waged war on each other from ice cream vans.
Subnet 96: June 19, 2018
Jun 18 • 1 min
Trump wants a Space Force, video game addiction is officially a disease, and the tronc brand is dead.
Upgrade 198: The Mac Is Dead, Long Live the Mac
Jun 18 • 88 min
Apple has said that it’s not merging iOS and macOS, but that sneak peek of iOS apps coming to macOS opens up a lot of questions. Jason’s optimistic, but Mac users may be in for the biggest changes to the platform since the introduction of Mac OS X.
Subnet 95: June 18, 2018
Jun 17 • 1 min
Foxconn is building in the United States, Elizabeth Holmes is facing Theranos-releated charges and Apple is teaming up with Oprah.
Mac Power Users 435: Catching up with Don McAllister
Jun 17 • 102 min
Don McAllister returns to talk about building a business around ScreenCastsOnline, building his team, delegation, project management, and more. We also talk chat travel and electric cars.
Subnet 94: June 15, 2018
Jun 14 • 1 min
Nothing can keep AT&T and Time Warner apart now, even though the latter’s former business is in hot water with New York. Also, Snap is doing stuff.