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Subnet 223: December 14, 2018
Dec 13 • 1 min
Apple is building a new campus in Austin, YouTube is cracking down on policy violations, and Virgin Galactic has made it to space.
Material 181: Mr. Pichai Goes to Washington
Dec 13 • 73 min
Andy starts us off this week with tales about an affordable Android TV set-top box, as well as links to visit when we’re feeling a little nostalgic for sunsetted Google products. Then, Andy and Flo discuss Google’s visit to Capitol Hill.
Rocket 205: Epic Games, Cars, and Adult Content
Dec 13 • 66 min
Simone and Bri are joined by Jeff Hwang to discuss Epic pulls the Infinity Blade series from the iOS store, Audi giving a test-drive of their electric e-tron SUV in Abu Dhabi, and how Tumblr’s adult content ban is going.
Remaster 71: Game of the Year 2018
Dec 13 • 74 min
What are our Games of the Year?
Download 83: Mr. Google Is My Father!
Dec 13 • 66 min
Google’s CEO gets grilled by Congress; Instagram gets a new product leader; Apple does a bunch of stuff; and Supermicro defends itself against Bloomberg.
Under the Radar 153: Fear of Major Changes
Dec 13 • 29 min
Good and bad fears of embarking on major code changes to our apps.
Subnet 222: December 13, 2018
Dec 12 • 1 min
Apple has a plan for a premium news subscription service; Intel introduces a new chip architecture; and Apple plans to build its own modem chips for the iPhone.
Reconcilable Differences 93: Forty Gronks
Dec 12 • 108 min
John interrogates Merlin about his heartbeat, and Merlin reveals he’s conducting a personal longitudinal study.
Connected 222: Green Monday, Yellow Wednesday, Purple Thursday
Dec 12 • 84 min
Myke struggles to use Amazon’s website, Stephen checks his heartbeat and Federico tinkers with keyboards for the iPad Pro.
Clockwise 272: I’m Aware I’m Beyond Help
Dec 12 • 29 min
Predicting our self-driving car future, what folks we’d hire to complete our technical work, the headphones we use regularly, and the future of the smart home.
The Pen Addict 338: Container for Your Excess
Dec 12 • 73 min
Myke purchased his first Platinum 3776 and thoughts about it. Could it be better than his beloved Sailors? Brad discusses new products from Blackwing and Elemental Paper, plus teases every project he is working on that he can’t tell you about yet.
Make Do 20: Happy handmade!
Dec 12 • 48 min
Makers gonna make and makers gonna give. What kind of value and values do we place on homemade and handmade gifts?
Subnet 221: December 12, 2018
Dec 11 • 1 min
Sundar Pichai spent a day in Congress, Supermicro says a third-party audit of its systems show no infiltration by China, and Verizon says its Oath brand is basically worthless.
Free Agents 62: The Year End Audit
Dec 11 • 51 min
David and Mike do a year end audit of their own Free Agency to figure out where they spent their time and money. They talk about fixing broken systems, when to try something new, and make a big announcement about the future of the show.
Roboism 26: More R2D2, Less Roomba
Dec 11 • 24 min
This week, Alex and Savannah give you a blast from the past from their interview with roboticist Adrian Choy, who leads the engineering team at the Museum of Science and Industry’s Robot Revolution exhibit.
Subnet 220: December 11, 2018
Dec 10 • 2 min
Apple and Qualcomm’s patent battle moves to China; GoPro plans to pull production of U.S.-bound products out of China; and the New York Times casts a spotlight on how smartphone apps abuse location data.
Upgrade 223: Impressive and Stupid
Dec 10 • 92 min
Are the old rules giving way to a whole new set of Apple strategies? This week we discuss Apple’s recent aggressive promotional deals, and Jason connects Shortcuts with ancient Web APIs.
Subnet 219: December 10, 2018
Dec 9 • 1 min
Waymo’s driverless cars are not-so-much, Alexa wants to fix our mistakes, and Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich has melted.
Mac Power Users 460: Casey Liss Returns
Dec 9 • 103 min
Casey Liss returns to update us on his life as a free agent, his rekindled love with the iPad, becoming a YouTuber and more.
Analog(ue) 146: Every Love is Different
Dec 8 • 59 min
Myke is delirious, but joins Casey to talk about home offices, advent calendars, and Instagram’s new ‘Close Friends’ feature.