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Connected 307: You Better Get Ready to Groove
Aug 12 • 90 min
This week, Federico talks about watchOS 7 and Stephen takes the group down a trip of old Apple press releases, causing Myke to be relieved about his Apple Newsroom reading habits. Also: a pre-announcement and some peer-pressure about a purchase.
Clockwise 359: Confused and Full of Starch
Aug 12 • 29 min
Microsoft and Apple argue about cloud gaming, the iOS apps we want to run on our Macs, the future—or lack thereof—of foldable phones, and whether we’d trade our Face ID in for Touch ID.
The Pen Addict 423: Cute Fun Spooky
Aug 12 • 60 min
It’s not Halloween just yet, but that doesn’t stop us from liking cute, fun, and spooky pens when they launch! We discuss all kinds of new products in this episode, how to sell your expensive pens, and why the classic Parker 51 doesn’t need to be remade.
Liftoff 130: A Salted Almond in Space
Aug 11 • 40 min
Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have splashed down after their historic mission to the ISS, and SpaceX’s finally gotten a Starship test article to hop in Texas and the OSIRIS-REx team is gearing up for their sample return flight.
The Test Drivers 14: The Samsung that Shouldn’t Exist
Aug 11 • 66 min
What’s the deal with the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra? What are you really getting for the four-figure price tag? Also, Google _finally_ released the Pixel 4a – was it worth the wait?
Pictorial 19: Chaédria LaBouvier & the Guggenheim
Aug 11 • 29 min
In the conclusion to a two-part series, Betty and Quinn look into the curator Chaédria LaBouvier and the racism she experienced at the Guggenheim.
Ungeniused 111: Rock Paper Scissors
Aug 11 • 12 min
Rock Paper Scissors is an ancient way of solving problems and owning your friends.
Upgrade 310: The Opposite of Shiny
Aug 10 • 107 min
This week Jason reviews the new iMac and the public beta release of macOS Big Sur, Myke thinks Apple’s making a big mistake in keeping game streaming services off of its platforms, and in Upstream we discuss how quickly the movie industry is changing.
Remaster 90: The PlayStation Portable
Aug 10 • 56 min
Let’s explore the history of the PSP. Where did it succeed, and where did it fail?
Mac Power Users 548: Jumping Into Markdown
Aug 9 • 73 min
From jotting quick notes to writing for the web, Markdown has become a very popular choice for formatting plain text. It’s syntax is human-readable and easy to learn. This week, David and Stephen teach Markdown 101 and more.
Analog(ue) 180: Throwin’ Sparks
Aug 8 • 77 min
Trying to find more normalcy where we can. And yes, we talk about F1 again,
20 Macs for 2020 1: Power Mac G5 (#20)
Aug 7 • 21 min
The classic “cheese grater” design of the Power Mac G5 influences the design of the modern Mac Pro, and also represents (in the worst way) the last time Apple embarked on a chip transition.
Material 267: Rebuilding Year
Aug 6 • 90 min
We’ll touch upon the bummers from Alphabet’s Q2 earnings call and why it’s wrong to steal. This week also brings us the Pixel 4a and a whole lineup of new Samsung gadgets.
Rocket 291: Big Decisions
Aug 6 • 58 min
There are NEW MACS and a lot of government-type developments in the world of tech. TikTok is potentially being bought by Microsoft and Christina has NO COMMMENT, and also a post-mortem of last week’s antitrust hearings.
Under the Radar 197: iOS 14 Privacy Disclosures
Aug 6 • 29 min
The new App Store privacy disclosures and tracking-permission prompt in iOS 14.
Reconcilable Differences 136: The Left Side of the Diving Board
Aug 6 • 80 min
Modern Mac window management, haircut updates, plus a new segment we’re calling “Secret Brit.”
Adapt 31: Seven Weeks with iPadOS 14
Aug 6 • 68 min
Believe it or not, the iPadOS 14 beta has been out for nearly seven weeks already. After using the beta every day since WWDC, Federico and Ryan talk about the features that have made a noteworthy impact on their iPad use.
Connected 306: Big Shoes to Phil
Aug 5 • 111 min
It’s been a busy start to August: Myke has LEGO on the way, Phil Schiller has a new job, the 27-inch iMac has been refreshed, and there are details out about third-party mail and browser apps being able to be set as default.
Clockwise 358: What’s It Called? The Yellow One
Aug 5 • 29 min
Can Instagram Reels take on TikTok? What are our favorite low-tech pastimes? What do we think of Disney’s Mulan release? What promised future tech did we think we’d have by now? Aleen Simms and Jeremy Burge join us to answer these questions!
The Pen Addict 422: The Future is Not Fountain Pens
Aug 5 • 56 min
Or is it? Brad and Myke dig deep into the stationery world for answers in this episode. The real question is did they find any.