Bible Principles Podcast

Bible Principles Podcast
In just 2 minutes a day Gene Getz will walk you through the entire Bible! Each podcast is based one of the 1500 principles in his Life Essentials Study Bible.

Divine Wisdom
Aug 7 • 2 min
Principle 50, Matthew – Divine Wisdom Matthew 22:15-46 When communicating with people who are attempting to advance Satan’s agenda, we should seek to respond with divine wisdom in order to avoid arguments.
Seeking the Truth
Aug 6 • 2 min
Principle 49, Matthew – Seeking the Truth Matthew 21:12-22:14 We should not allow what we want to believe to cause us to reject what is God’s truth.
Personal Interest
Aug 5 • 2 min
Principle 48, Matthew, Personal Interest Matthew 20:29-21:11 Servant-leaders are not to allow accolades from the masses to dull their compassion for the specific needs of individuals.
Aug 4 • 2 min
Principle 47 – Matthew, Servant-leadership Matthew 20:17-28 Spiritual leaders who follow Christ’s example should become servant-leaders.
Faith and Works
Aug 3 • 2 min
Principle 46, Matthew – Faith and Works Matthew 19:27-20:16 To understand and present the gospel correctly, we must distinguish between the gift of salvation and rewards for faithful service.
Biblical Priorities
Jul 31 • 2 min
Principle 45, Matthew - Biblical Priorities Matthew 19:16-26 We are never to allow material possessions to keep us from making God and His will a priority in our lives.
Standing Firm
Jul 30 • 2 min
Principle 44, Matthew - Standing Firm Matthew 19:1-15 In a secular as well as in a religious world that is more and more departing from biblical values, we are never to compromise the teachings of Scripture.
Life Lessons
Jul 29 • 2 min
Principle 43, Matthew - Life Lessons Matthew 17:14-18:35 To be prepared for ministry, all believers should have a time of preparation that involves both specific content and practical experience.
Serving Faithfully
Jul 28 • 2 min
Principle 42, Matthew - Serving Faithfully Even though we may have unanswered questions, we should serve Jesus Christ faithfully until He comes again.
Satanic Influences
Jul 27 • 2 min
Principle 41, Matthew - Satanic Influences Matthew 16:13-23 Even if our belief in Christ’s deity is accurate, we are still to be on guard against Satan’s efforts to influence our thinking and actions.
Financial Accountability
Jul 24 • 2 min
Principle 15 – Financial Accountability2 Corinthians 9:1-5All of us—individually and corporately—should have a system of accountability to help us maintain our financial commitments to God’s work.
Financial Integrity
Jul 23 • 2 min
Principle 14 – Financial Integrity2 Corinthians 8:16-24When receiving and distributing financial gifts, every local church and parachurch ministry should entrust this responsibility to several trustworthy individuals.
Motivated by Love
Jul 22 • 2 min
Principle 13 – Motivated by Love2 Corinthians 8:8-15Though we have an obligation to be generous, our primary motivation for giving should be our love for God and for one another.
Models of Generosity
Jul 21 • 2 min
Principle 12 – Models of Generosity2 Corinthians 8:1-7All local communities of faith are to be models of generosity to other churches.
Positive Feedback
Jul 20 • 2 min
Principle 11 – Positive Feedback2 Corinthians 7:2-16We should look for opportunities to give positive feedback to those who serve as our spiritual leaders.
False Teachers
Jul 17 • 2 min
Principle 40, Matthew - False Teachers Matthew 16:1-12 We are to be on guard against being led astray by anyone who teaches false doctrine.
Reaching Gentiles
Jul 16 • 2 min
Principle 39, Matthew - Reaching Gentiles Matthew 15:21-39 We are to proclaim the message that Jesus Christ came to be the Savior for all people, regardless of race, color, or creed.
True Spirituality
Jul 15 • 2 min
Principle 38, Matthew - True Spirituality Matthew 14:34-15:20 To avoid actions that are merely external and hypocritical, we must allow God’s Spirit to penetrate our hearts with biblical truth.
Equipping Leaders
Jul 14 • 2 min
Principle 37 - Matthew, Equipping Leaders Matthew 14:22-33 In preparing others for significant ministry roles, attention should be focused on key leaders who have the potential to emulate primary leaders.
The Whole Person
Jul 13 • 2 min
Principle 36, Matthew - The Whole PersonMatthew 14:13-21In carrying out the Great Commission, we are to minister to the whole person—body, soul, and spirit.