Men In Their 30s Only

Men In Their 30s Only
Chris Fafalios and Mike Soboslai talk about being men in their 30s
Like A Prayer
Feb 13
In Mike’s first episode since his one-year podcast contract extension, the guys discuss a list of questionable pieces of advice. They also dive into the age old argument of being nice vs. being cool. Chris ends the episode with an impressive GameTime…
Golden Prime
Feb 3
Mike hits a milestone by entering his Golden Prime. This episode features the first ever in-studio live audience. This is without a doubt the BEST EPISODE EVER.
Feb 1
Joey “Ritter” DeRugeriis joins the guys on Mike’s next-to-last day of his prime. As Mike reflects back on his prime on the eve of his Golden Prime, the guys discuss pretty much everything. This CAN’T MISS episode is surely the BEST EPISODE YET.
The Doomsday Clock
Jan 25
As atomic scientists announce that we’re only 2 minutes from midnight, Mike is dealing with his own doomsday clock — he’s only 8 days from the end of his prime. The good news is that he’ll be entering his GOLDEN PRIME, but the bad news is that he’ll be…
Angel Boy
Jan 18
With only 2 weeks left in Mike’s 73 episode run as cohost of Men In Their 30s Only, the guys welcome special guest Nate “Angel Boy” Hall. Together, they discuss everything from lawn tractors to giving away money.
I’ll Give You A Thousand Dollars If You Let Me See Your Toes
Dec 20, 2017
Mike’s brother joins the guys for discussions about everything from dreams to beliefs. It’s a holiday extravaganza where three guys talk about twins and some other things. This episode features the first ever LIVE intro song, as well as some holiday…
Sometimes Birds Frustrate Me
Dec 14, 2017
Special guest Cody Anderson joins Mike and Chris, and they get him prepared to enter his prime. They discuss everything from bird Twitter accounts to people who can actually turn into birds. All in all, it’s safe to say that this is the BEST EPISODE YET.
Chris Wins A Kid
Dec 6, 2017
Mike and Chris welcome special guest Dan Garrighan, and they discuss everything from veganism to drug addiction. Dan brings the guys cupcakes, and Chris wins a child. All things considered, it’s safe to say that this is the BEST EPISODE YET.
Hero Rats
Nov 30, 2017
In this amazing new episode, Mike and Chris discuss the hero rats of Zimbabwe. Also, this episode features a GameTime for the ages! BEST EPISODE YET.
“This Is A Very Important Podcast…I Don’t Think People Appreciate That Enough”
Nov 16, 2017
Mike and Chris are joined by prolific podcaster Matt Kelly (Horror Movie Night, Playing With Squirrels) for the BEST EPISODE YET.
Sugar Glidin’
Nov 9, 2017
In the first ever early morning edition of the podcast, Mike and Chris discuss everything from crime to sugar gliders.
We Are About To Have A New Format
Nov 2, 2017
By the end of this episode, Mike and Chris realize that they have a whole new format for all episodes moving forward.
Two Guys Speculating About What The Ten Commandments Might Mean
Oct 26, 2017
In this episode, Chris and Mike speculate about what things might mean.
The Mayor Comes To Town
Oct 17, 2017
Matt “The Mayor” Shorraw stops by the podcast to talk about his win in the Monessen, Pennsylvania mayoral primary and his rise to the national spotlight. This inspirational guy first hinted at a mayoral run on his last visit to the podcast back in January…
The Planned Retrieval
Oct 12, 2017
Special guest Pat Dee joins Mike and Chris for an intimate, heart-to-heart conversation about everything from heartbreak to Vietnam.
Mike Left Before The Episode Had A Name
Oct 5, 2017
The boys are back with another episode after a several month hiatus. They talk about a lot of things, but unfortunately, Mike left before they could discuss a title or an episode description. You’re just going to have to believe that this might be a good…
Don’t Ever Eat Microwave Popcorn
Aug 5, 2017 • 41 min
The guys are back after a hiatus, and they’re here to tell you the 7 unhealthiest foods. This episode also features an all-time great edition of GameTime. This episode is brought to you by Duel Fuel® (the only officially licensed FanDuel energy drink) and…
Back For Good Is Really Good
Apr 6, 2017
This episode features an in-depth discussion with Molly Donovan and Bailey Donovan, the writers and directors of the independent film Back For Good, which just debuted at the Maryland International Film Festival. Mike gives us an update on his plan to…
Ski Shots and Vivitrol Shots
Mar 30, 2017
Mike and Chris have a very personal discussion about everything from drinking to dating.
Reinventing Easter
Feb 23, 2017
Chris and Mike discuss all of today’s hot button political issues, but they also try to think of ways to make Easter a fun holiday.