The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast

The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast
Teaching strategies, classroom management, education reform, educational technology — if it has something to do with teaching, we’re talking about it. Jennifer Gonzalez interviews educators, students, administrators and parents about the psychological and social dynamics of school, trade secrets, and other juicy things you’ll never learn in a textbook.
104: What the Research Says About Note-Taking
Sep 9 • 26 min
In classrooms all over the world, students take notes every day. What does academic research tell us about the best ways to use note-taking in our classrooms? In this episode, I’ll share 8 important take-aways.
103: Deeper Class Discussions with the TQE Method
Aug 26 • 44 min
Want your students to have rich, complex discussions about the texts they read? In this episode, high school English teacher Marisa Thompson shares a method she calls TQE, which requires almost no prep or grading and leads to the kinds of classroom…
102: A Look Inside a Teacher Fellowship Program
Aug 12 • 46 min
Imagine a professional development scenario where you are given funding, choice, and time to collaborate with others in your specialty area who energize and inspire you. That’s the basic gist of a teacher fellowship program, and in today’s episode,…
101: A Step-by-Step Plan for Teaching Narrative Writing
Jul 29 • 33 min
The ability to tell a good story is one of the things that makes human beings extraordinary. Here’s the process I used to teach my own students how to do it.
100: Lessons in Personhood
Jul 22 • 6 min
To mark the milestone of 100 episodes, I’m sharing one of my favorite posts, Lessons in Personhood: 10 Ways to Truly Lead in Your Classroom. Thank you to everyone who has appeared as a guest on this podcast, and to everyone who has listened,…
99: Quality-Check Your Tech: 6 Strategies
Jul 15 • 49 min
Is your tech tool doing the work you think it is? Or could it actually be widening the same gaps you’re trying to close? In this episode we explore the problems that can arise when a tool isn’t carefully scrutinized, then look at seven strategies…
98: Improving the Way We Teach About Slavery
Jun 17 • 46 min
American Slavery is a difficult topic to teach, and for decades, we haven’t been doing a very good job of teaching it. In this episode, I interview history professor Hasan Kwame Jeffries about the Teaching Hard History framework, a free set of…
97: The Principal’s Pet: A Cautionary Tale
Jun 3 • 22 min
No one likes it when an administrator plays favorites. But what if the favorite is you? In this episode, I share a story about one of the most difficult periods of my teaching years, and some advice to help teachers and administrators avoid a similar…
96: What’s the Point of a Makerspace?
May 20 • 49 min
If you’re like me, you’ve been a little slow to warm up to the idea of makerspaces in the classroom. In this episode, John Spencer helps me understand what a makerspace is, how it can add value to any classroom, and what steps teachers can take to…
95: Twelve Ways Teachers Can Build Their Emotional Resilience
May 6 • 51 min
To do this work and stick with it long enough to get good at it, you need a level of emotional resilience most other jobs will never require. In this episode, my guest Elena Aguilar shares 12 habits teachers can develop that will build the resilience…
94: How accurate are your grades?
Apr 22 • 26 min
Grades impact everything from college admissions to whether students get to go on certain field trips. With so much at stake, how can we make sure our grades measure what matters?
93: Eight Things I Know for Sure About Middle School Kids
Apr 8 • 17 min
Middle school students are a special breed, and I was lucky to teach them for years. In this episode, I’ll share my own advice about what makes them tick, and how to work with those qualities, not against them.
92: Frickin’ Packets
Mar 26 • 38 min
Are your worksheets contributing to meaningful learning, or just keeping students busy?
91: Twelve Ways to Upgrade Your Classroom Design
Mar 18 • 44 min
Money and space are nice, but they are NOT prerequisites for learning-friendly design. In this interview with learning space expert Bob Dillon, we explore tons of simple things teachers can do to make their classrooms better places for students to learn.
90: OMG Becky. PD is Getting SO MUCH BETTER.
Mar 4 • 33 min
The sit-and-get, one-size-fits-all model is disappearing. Taking its place are these 9 alternative models for teacher professional development.
89: Restorative Justice in School: An Overview
Feb 18 • 69 min
With its focus on building relationships and repairing harm, rather than simply punishing students for misbehavior, restorative justice is being adopted by more schools every year. In this episode, RJ practitioner Victor Small, Jr., helps me…
88: Are you a curator or a dumper?
Feb 4 • 28 min
You have so much good stuff to share, but to get anyone to actually look at it, you need to give it some polish. In this episode, we look at why the brain prefers good curation, some school-related situations when good curation skills would come…
87: Moving from Feedback to Feedforward
Jan 21 • 56 min
Traditional feedback looks back on a past that can’t be changed, and that’s one reason it isn’t always well-received. But when we shift to a practice called feedforward, where our focus is on the future, we can have a much more powerful and positive…
86: Six Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2018
Jan 7 • 19 min
One of them is super trendy. One takes you into the past. Three can be used in a dozen different ways. And one you’re going to want to try right away. Come listen.
85: The Magic of Validation
Dec 18, 2017 • 24 min
In schools, where our work demands constant interaction with other people, conflicts are always waiting to happen. By practicing validation with our students, their parents, our co-workers and administrators, you’ll find that some of your most…
84: How to Stop Killing the Love of Reading w/Pernille Ripp
Dec 3, 2017 • 64 min
In an effort to boost test scores and close gaps, too many schools are using more reading “activities and programs” and cutting back on time for actual reading. In this episode, teacher and author Pernille Ripp tells me about how she completely…
83: What is an Innovation Class?
Nov 19, 2017 • 55 min
Most of us recognize that schools need to change to meet the demands of the information age, but we don’t have many models to follow for making that change happen. In this episode, I interview Don Wettrick, who launched an innovation elective in his…
82: Making School a Safe Place for LGBTQ Students
Nov 5, 2017 • 30 min
Discrimination and harassment are still a daily reality for many LGBTQ students. In this episode, I share 9 specific things teachers can do to help these students feel safer and more accepted in the classroom and within the wider school culture.
81: The Great and Powerful Graphic Organizer
Oct 22, 2017 • 25 min
Graphic organizers can pack a strong instructional punch if you know how to use them. In this episode I review the research on why graphic organizers work so well, list 10 creative classroom uses for them, and offer a few tips so you can implement…
80: When Students Won’t Stop Talking
Oct 8, 2017 • 43 min
One thing they don’t teach in our education courses is just how freaking much students talk, and how hard it can be to quiet them down. To tackle this problem I went to Michael Linsin, the creator of Smart Classroom Management. In this episode,…
79: Retrieval Practice: The Most Powerful Learning Strategy You’re Not Using
Sep 24, 2017 • 58 min
The research is clear: Retrieval practice is one of the most powerful ways to learn. In this episode, I talk to Pooja Agarwal about what retrieval practice is and how teachers can start incorporating it into their teaching tomorrow.
78: Four Misconceptions About Culturally Responsive Teaching
Sep 10, 2017 • 43 min
Some teachers think they’re practicing culturally responsive teaching, when in fact, they’re kind of not. In this episode, I interview Zaretta Hammond, author of Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain, to identify and correct four common…
77: What Teachers Want Administrators to Know
Sep 4, 2017 • 22 min
After years of hearing teachers’ stories, I have reached the conclusion that there is one element that makes the difference in whether the teachers in any given school will lean toward positive and productive or desperate and crushed: That element is…
76: When Your School is Short on Tech
Aug 27, 2017 • 30 min
From work-arounds to fundraising to Wi-Fi on the bus, this episode explores 11 creative ways schools are addressing the digital divide.
75: Making the Most of a 90-Minute Block Class
Aug 13, 2017 • 28 min
Whether you’re brand-new to block scheduling or you’ve been doing it for years, this episode will have you handling those 90 minutes like a boss.
74: How to Deal with Student Grammar Errors
Jul 30, 2017 • 19 min
Teaching grammar in isolation is not only ineffective, it can actually make student writing worse. So when students make mistakes, what should teachers do? In this episode, I outline a simple system for teaching grammar within the context of…
73: How One Teacher Started an Urban Gardening Revolution
Jul 16, 2017 • 36 min
You thought you knew project-based learning? You haven’t seen anything yet. In this episode, I interview Stephen Ritz, a Bronx teacher who has spent the last decade developing an incredible school-based gardening project called the Green Bronx…
72: What is an educator mastermind, and why should you join one?
Jul 2, 2017 • 41 min
Educators, especially those in leadership roles, spend far too much time in isolation. An educator mastermind gives us a group of peers to help us problem-solve, set goals, and support each other in the incredibly challenging work we do. In this…
71: Why It’s So Hard for Teachers to Take Care of Themselves
Jun 19, 2017 • 43 min
Why is it that so many teachers have a hard time taking good care of themselves? In this episode, I interview teacher productivity expert Angela Watson about the reasons we struggle to make time for self-care and four specific things we can do to…
70: How HyperDocs Can Transform Your Teaching
Jun 11, 2017 • 49 min
By using HyperDocs, digital lesson plans that pull together all of a lesson’s resources into one place, teachers can make room for more interactive, personalized, and student-directed learning. In this episode, I interview Lisa Highfill,…
69: Three Surprising Reasons Students Don’t Get into Top Colleges
May 21, 2017 • 32 min
For many students, getting into a highly competitive college drives most decisions about where to spend their time and energy. But what if some of these decisions actually hurt their chances of getting in? My guest Shirag Shemmassian, who…
68: Twelve Ways to Support English Learners in the Mainstream Classroom
May 7, 2017 • 20 min
So many teachers have English language learners in class, but the teachers have no training in how to support them. In this episode, I gather tips from three ESL teachers for the most effective ways regular classroom teachers can support these students.
67: What to Do on Lame Duck School Days
Apr 23, 2017 • 43 min
The last day before vacation. After-testing days. The day when the fire drill messes up your plans. What do you do when class is in session, but actual teaching may not be in the cards? I have thirty fantastic ideas.
66: Why Curation Should be Your Next Class Project
Apr 15, 2017 • 19 min
A digital curation project is a fast way to engage critical thinking in any content area. In this episode, I explain how it works. For links to all the resources mentioned in this episode, visit
65: Five Ways College Teachers Can Improve Their Instruction
Mar 26, 2017 • 50 min
Most people who teach at the college level do so without any formal training. In this episode, Norman Eng, author of Teaching College: The Ultimate Guide to Lecturing, Presenting, and Engaging Students, shares five strategies college teachers can…
64: Four Ways Teachers Can Support Students of Color
Mar 12, 2017 • 56 min
In far too many cases, schools do not support students of color in ways that help them grow to their full potential. My guest, Dena Simmons, shares four specific things teachers could be doing in their classrooms to change this.
63: Teaching Students to Avoid Plagiarism
Feb 26, 2017 • 32 min
Plagiarism is a serious problem for many teachers, and to beat it, we need to go beyond looking for new ways to threaten, catch, and punish students for it. We have to work on prevention. The 5 research-based exercises I describe in this episode will…
62: 21st Century Learning at the Apollo School
Feb 12, 2017 • 56 min
Many of us like the idea of personalized learning, but we don’t have many models for making it happen. In this episode, I interview the founders of the Apollo School, a project-based, personalized program built inside a public school that offers…
61: Seven Systems that Work for Outside-the-Box Learners
Jan 29, 2017 • 50 min
Most teachers struggle with what they might call lazy, unmotivated, or disorganized students. What really works with these learners? In this episode, I interview executive function coach Seth Perler about the systems he uses to help these kids finally…
60: Six Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2017
Jan 22, 2017 • 27 min
Here they are: My six favorite ed tech tools for this year. They are not all brand-new, but I don’t think any of them are getting the attention they deserve. Each one has the potential to make a real difference in your teaching. And there may just be…
59: Runaway Youth: How Teachers Can Help
Jan 1, 2017 • 28 min
How significant is the runaway problem in the U.S.? What resources are out there to prevent running away and help those who do it? I interview Maureen Blaha, Executive Director of the National Runaway Safeline, to learn about how teachers can help.
58: Six Powerful Learning Strategies You MUST Share with Students
Dec 11, 2016 • 44 min
Can studying be taught? I interview cognitive psychologists Megan Smith and Yana Weinstein about six high-power, research-based learning strategies most teachers don’t know about. These can be used in instruction and should be taught to students so…
57: Nine Simple Solutions for Common Teaching Problems
Nov 27, 2016 • 58 min
This episode is a goody bag for everyone! My buddy Mark Barnes, publisher of the Hack Learning series, shares some of the best ideas from all nine of the books in his series. If you don’t walk away from this episode with something new to try,…
56: Creating a Welcoming Classroom for Special Ed Students
Nov 20, 2016 • 55 min
So many regular ed teachers feel inadequately prepared to serve the needs of students with special needs. In this episode, special educator Jam Gamble shares five ways regular ed teachers can make their classrooms more welcoming for special ed…
55: Your Top 10 Genius Hour Questions Answered
Nov 6, 2016 • 44 min
Genius Hour has exploded in classrooms over the last few years, and teachers who want to try it have a lot of questions. In this episode I ask A.J. Juliani, creator of the Genius Hour Master Course, the top 10 questions teachers have about Genius…
54: Is Your Lesson a Grecian Urn?
Oct 30, 2016 • 21 min
I’ve got a bit of a rant to share with you in this episode, and it has something to do with Grecian Urns. Chances are you have one or more of these in your lesson plans, and in this episode I’m going to help you find them and get rid of them.
53: How to Approach Your Teaching Like a Master Chef
Oct 16, 2016 • 51 min
If we want to make our content really relevant to students, we need to design our instruction the way a chef orchestrates a good meal. Rather than giving in to the educational equivalent of processed food, we could be putting more thought into…
52: Is Your Classroom Academically Safe?
Oct 2, 2016 • 22 min
So much of learning depends on whether your students feel comfortable taking risks. In this episode, I share some suggestions for making your classroom an academic safe space.
51: CommonLit’s Online Library of Free Texts
Sep 18, 2016 • 28 min
If you’re always looking for short, high-quality informational and literary texts to use in your classroom, you are going to love the free online library at CommonLit. In this episode, I interview CommonLit founder Michelle Brown to talk about why she…
50: Using Playlists to Differentiate Instruction
Sep 4, 2016 • 44 min
If you’re trying to figure out an easy way to manage differentiated instruction, this episode will be a big help. Teacher Tracy Enos explains how she uses student playlists—customized, digital lists of assignments she assigns to…
49: How Dialogue Journals Build Teacher-Student Relationships
Aug 21, 2016 • 64 min
Dialogue journals are a simple but powerful tool for building trust with your students and sustaining that relationship all year long. In this episode I talk with teacher Liz Galarza about how she uses these journals in her classroom and the research…
48: Implementing a Classroom Management Plan that Works
Aug 7, 2016 • 47 min
An interview with Michael Linsin, creator of the Smart Classroom Management website. Michael shares his insights about how to design and implement an effective classroom behavior plan.
47: Black Girls and School: We Can Do Better
Jul 3, 2016 • 60 min
Are we meeting the needs of black girls in our schools? In this interview with author Monique Morris, we talk about her book Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools, the 2016 selection for the Cult of Pedagogy Summer Book Study….
46: The Gut-Level Teacher Reflection
Jun 5, 2016 • 23 min
If you’re trying to figure out exactly what you need to improve about your teaching, it helps to listen to your body. In this episode, I walk you through 5 questions about key areas of your teaching to help you uncover trouble spots, then create…
45: Ten Ways to Sabotage Your Classroom Management
May 26, 2016 • 27 min
If you’re finding that your classroom management seems to be a problem no matter what you do, there’s a good chance you might be doing something to get in your own way. Here are 10 mistakes teachers make that can undermine even the best classroom…
44: Bring Podcasts Into Your Classroom with Listen Current
May 15, 2016 • 39 min
If you’ve ever thought about using podcasts as classroom texts, but didn’t have time to find the right ones, you’re going to be blown away by Listen Current, a website that curates the best podcasts of public radio and wraps each one…
43: How to Make Better Use of Twitter
May 1, 2016 • 20 min
For educators, Twitter is part of an essential 21st century toolkit, but so many people don’t know how to use it well. In this episode, I share six ways to make better use of Twitter. I’ll also tell you about a new online course I…
42: Kindergarten Redshirting
Apr 24, 2016 • 30 min
Many parents opt to “redshirt” or delay their child’s entrance into kindergarten. This practice is generally seen as beneficial to a child’s success in school, but how does it impact their overall happiness later in life? In this episode, I…
41: Student-Made E-Books
Apr 11, 2016 • 18 min
When choosing end-of-unit or end-of-year assessments, we often fall back on essays, presentations, or tests. In this episode, I’ll teach you how your students can easily create PDF e-books to demonstrate their learning, and 12 different ideas for…
40: How to Stop Yelling at Your Students
Apr 3, 2016 • 26 min
Do you yell at your students (or your own children) more often than you want to? I’ll share some techniques that can help you stop yelling, and the research on why you should.
39: How to Plan Outstanding Tech Training for Teachers
Mar 20, 2016 • 18 min
What are the best practices in tech training for teachers? In this episode, I interview three technology integration specialists to hear what they’ve learned about the most effective methods for planning and delivering ed…
38: The Library that Increased Student Use by 1,000 Percent
Mar 6, 2016 • 51 min
To adapt to changing student needs, some school libraries are reinventing themselves as makerspaces. But the principal of one Ohio middle school had something slightly different in mind. In this episode, I interview two educators who completely…
37: How to Motivate Students: Five Questions for Teachers
Feb 20, 2016 • 28 min
If we know what works to motivate students, why are so many students still unmotivated? These five questions will help you determine if your practice is really in line with research.
36: How I Teach Argumentative Writing
Feb 8, 2016 • 33 min
Hundreds of thousands of teachers are required to teach students the art of argumentative or persuasive writing. As an experienced writing teacher, I want to share my own best practices in this area. In this episode, I’ll take you step by step through…
35: Six Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2016
Jan 25, 2016 • 34 min
While working on the update of my book, The Teacher’s Guide to Tech, I learned about a whole lot of tools that can make your teaching more efficient and effective. Here are six of my favorites.
34: Starting a Teaching Job in the Middle of the School Year
Jan 9, 2016 • 33 min
So you got a new teaching job. Congratulations! The only catch is, you’re starting in the middle of the year. This survival guide will help you figure out what to focus on right away so you can hit the ground running without falling down.
33: Five Powerful Ways to Save Time as a Teacher
Dec 26, 2015 • 33 min
Teachers never seem to be able to find enough time to get their work done AND have a healthy, balanced life outside of school. And until now, I had very few solutions to this problem. But that was before I heard about Angela Watson’s 40 Hour…
32: How and Why We Should Let Our Students Fail
Dec 12, 2015 • 43 min
Is it better to rescue our kids every time they make mistakes, or let them experience the consequences of their actions? In this episode, I interview Jessica Lahey, author of The Gift of Failure: Why the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their…
31: The Power of Being a Dork
Nov 25, 2015 • 21 min
Can being more dorky make you a better teacher? Can it make the world a better place? I say yes.
30: How One Teacher Manages a Self-Paced Class
Nov 12, 2015 • 43 min
Is it possible to differentiate instruction so that students truly move at their own pace? My guest, middle school math teacher Natalie McCutchen, explains exactly how she does it—a process I believe teachers of any subject could adapt for their own…
29: Four Things I’ve Learned About Teaching from CrossFit
Oct 29, 2015 • 27 min
What can CrossFit, a fitness movement that is quickly growing in popularity, teach us about learning and motivation? As a new and very low-level student of CrossFit, I’m noticing some principles we can take from their approach and apply to our…
28: Class Discussion Strategies
Oct 15, 2015 • 38 min
Do you need some fresh ideas for class discussions? When it comes to helping students practice speaking listening skills, are you stuck? In this episode, I describe 15 class discussion strategies you can start using right away.
27: Interview with an Instructional Coach, Part 2
Oct 1, 2015 • 34 min
What is it like to be an instructional coach? To learn more about the challenges of instructional coaching, I asked two coaches to explain what they do, how they approach their work, and what they have learned about helping teachers improve. In…
26: Interview with an Instructional Coach, Part 1
Oct 1, 2015 • 32 min
What is it like to be an instructional coach? To learn more about the challenges of instructional coaching, I asked two coaches to explain what they do, how they approach their work, and what they have learned about helping teachers improve. In…
25: When a Student Hates You
Sep 16, 2015 • 28 min
Despite our best intentions, sometimes teachers make decisions that alienate students beyond repair. In this episode, I share stories of mistakes I made that damaged my relationships with three different students, and what I learned from each one.
24: Five Teaching Practices I’m Kicking to the Curb
Sep 3, 2015 • 34 min
Are any of these ineffective teaching methods still part of your practice? I have done them all, but now I know better. In this episode, I’ll explain what the research says about these methods and what you should do instead.
23: How We Say Our Students’ Names…and Why It Matters
Aug 19, 2015 • 23 min
Every teacher has had students whose names are hard to pronounce. Some of us shrug this off, saying we’re just no good with names, or we give our students nicknames instead. In this episode, I talk about the message we send to students when we…
22: Three Hacks that Solve Big School Problems
Aug 5, 2015 • 25 min
When we try to solve school problems with committee meetings, district-wide initiatives and new policies, change can be slow as molasses. But we are lucky enough to live in a new era, a time when teachers no longer have to wait for top-down…
21: Make It Stick Author Peter Brown
Jul 15, 2015 • 38 min
Are we taking the wrong approach to learning? The book “Make It Stick” presents new research that shows how some of our most common studying and teaching practices don’t have any real research to support them. In this episode, I talk to one of the…
20: Dogfooding
Jun 10, 2015 • 13 min
What is dogfooding, and why do teachers need it? In the Season 1 finale, we explore the essential practice of doing your own assignments — to find and fix problems — before giving them to students.
19: Goal-Setting for Teachers
May 26, 2015 • 23 min
The list of ways a teacher can improve is a mile long. Since you can’t do it all at once, here are eight paths you might take toward professional growth.
18: How Ordinary Teachers Become Activists
May 9, 2015 • 56 min
A lot has changed in education over the last decade, and many teachers will tell you those changes have not been good for anyone, least of all students. But what can a teacher do about it? Is it possible for teachers to influence the…
17: Tools that Help Students Follow their Passions
Apr 25, 2015 • 42 min
Not long ago, if you wanted to record and distribute music, publish a book, produce a film, sell your art, or reach an audience with your voice, you had to hope a large corporation would make that happen. But those days are…
16: Job Interview Advice for Teachers
Apr 7, 2015 • 55 min
Are you preparing for a teaching job interview? In this episode, I talk to five experienced administrators about the things prospective teachers should and should NOT do in interviews. Many thanks to Chris Nordmann, Penny Sturtevant, Herbert O’Neil,…
15: A Teacher’s Coming Out Story
Mar 25, 2015 • 67 min
After teaching elementary school for years without revealing that she was gay, Jessica Lifshitz finally decided it was time to come out at school when she got engaged. This is her story.
14: Seven Easy Ways to Support Student Writing in Any Content Area
Mar 6, 2015 • 28 min
Helping students improve their writing skills is no longer solely reserved for English language arts teachers; educators in all content areas are expected to help students develop their abilities to write effectively. Fulfilling this goal isn’t as…
13: Could You Teach Without Grades?
Feb 20, 2015 • 53 min
This year, Starr Sackstein made a drastic change in her high school English and journalism classes: After years of feeling as if students cared more about their grades than they did about learning, she decided to stop giving grades altogether. In this…
12: How Your Nonverbals Impact Your Teaching
Feb 6, 2015 • 25 min
How important are nonverbals when it comes to your effectiveness as a teacher? In this episode, I talk with Teaching for Success CEO Jack Shrawder about the specific non-verbal behaviors that make teachers less effective and how you can…
11: Avoiding the “Wait ‘Till Your Father Gets Home” Trap
Jan 25, 2015 • 23 min
For some teachers, it has become a habit to send the majority of discipline problems elsewhere: Either we write up an office referral, threaten to call parents, or even enlist a more intimidating colleague to deal with a problematic student. When we…
10: In Praise of Think-Pair-Share
Jan 12, 2015 • 16 min
Sometimes the simplest techniques are the most effective. Think-Pair-Share is a humble but powerful teaching strategy that’s due for some attention. In this episode, I talk about the benefits of Think-Pair-Share, plus some tips for making it work…
9: How to Connect with Your Students
Dec 17, 2014 • 40 min
How important is the relationship you build with your students, and how can you make that relationship better? James Sturtevant, author of the book You’ve Gotta Connect, joins me to talk about why the teacher-student relationship is more significant…
8: Talking about Race in the Classroom with José Vilson
Dec 3, 2014 • 44 min
What are the most productive ways for teachers to talk to their students about the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and the incidents that have occured in its aftermath? In this episode, I talk to José Vilson, a teacher and…
7: Should You Give Timed Math Tests?
Nov 26, 2014 • 13 min
When she gives her son timed math tests, a homeschooling mom notices his anxiety and wonders if she’s taking the right approach. I pull together some research and some real teacher responses to answer her question.
6: Our First Call-In Advice Show!
Oct 30, 2014 • 32 min
Welcome to our very first installment of “Ask the Cult,” our call-in advice show for teachers and anyone else with questions about teaching, learning, and education. In this episode, we hear from a science teacher who wants advice on making his class…
5: What is 20 Percent Time? A Conversation with A.J. Juliani
Oct 16, 2014 • 42 min
Whether it’s called 20 percent time or genius hour, more teachers are starting to carve out instructional time to allow students to pursue their own interests and passions. A.J. Juliani tells us how he did it, what problems he encountered, and what…
4: What the Mother of an Autistic Child Wants Teachers to Know
Jul 21, 2014 • 70 min
In the 10 years she’s been raising a daughter with autism, Leigh has had good and bad experiences with teachers and schools. In this honest, funny, and moving interview, she talks about how she communicates with teachers, the steps she’s taken to…
3: The Montessori Method
Nov 29, 2013 • 60 min
What makes a Montessori school so different from a traditional public or private school? How can all teachers use some of the Montessori approach in their own classrooms?
2: Why One Teacher Left the Profession
Sep 10, 2013 • 74 min
What makes a teacher leave the profession? Carrie tells us her story.
1: Best Practices for Teaching English Learners
Aug 15, 2013 • 98 min
Kim, a passionate ESL teacher and our very first guest, talks candidly about the complexities of teaching English learners: the power imbalance that arises when the kids speak English but the parents don’t, why ELL students won’t look their teachers…