The ADR Podcast

The ADR Podcast
A spoiler-free movie recommendation podcast hosted by Brian Hamilton
73: Back to the Future with Special Guest Robb Lewis
Dec 31, 2016 • 68 min
Robb Lewis joins me to talk about Back to the Future! Topics include UK vs. US schools, anachronisms, nostalgia, and time travel plot holes.
72: Over the Garden Wall with Special Guest Allison Truj
Oct 22, 2015 • 75 min
Designer and editor Allison Truj joins me to talk about Over the Garden Wall, a quintessential Halloween miniseries. After an overview of the philosophical implications of the show, we delve into an episode-by-episode recap. Topics include Americana,…
71: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Trailer
Oct 19, 2015 • 14 min
n the middle of recording Garrulous, Kyle, Allison, and Brian paused to get instant reactions on the brand new Star Wars Episode VII trailer as it plays.
70: Creep
Jul 29, 2015 • 7 min
A unique found footage movie by Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass, Creep is pure tension and anxiety. It just came out on Netflix two weeks ago, so go help build the buzz that this dense 75-minute flick deserves.
69: The Babadook
Jul 14, 2015 • 8 min
I believe that The Babadook is one of the best horror movies of the past ten years. Topics include themes that are rare for a haunted house horror movie, creepy special effects, and a brief look into the production of the movie in order to preserve the…
68: Tusk with Special Guest Charlie Nash
Oct 3, 2014 • 60 min
This week, I’m joined by Boston film critic Charlie Nash to discuss Tusk, one of the most polarizing movies released this year. Hot topics include Kevin Smith’s evolution as a director, the movie’s ridiculous podcast-based beginnings, the Boston midnight…
67: Lucy with Special Guest Andrew J. Clark
Sep 25, 2014 • 64 min
This week, I’m joined by the Internet’s favorite Aussie, Andrew J. Clark. We talk about Lucy, a gorgeous sic-fi film that bites off a little more than it can chew when it comes to its science-based plot. Hot topics include the film’s over-the-top style,…
66: Jumanji
Aug 13, 2014 • 22 min
I wax poetic on a movie from my childhood that I was obsessed with. 1995’s Jumanji starring the late great Robin Williams has a great way of managing the wackiness of the board game that drives the plot while still being a heartfelt, well-paced movie. Or…
65: Hook
Aug 12, 2014 • 20 min
Continuing yesterday’s theme, today’s Robin Williams movie is Hook. It’s campy, it’s fun, and it’s emotional as all get out, but it’s pretty poorly made. I think its positives far outweigh its negatives, but that may just be a generational thing.
64: Dead Poets Society
Aug 11, 2014 • 25 min
In honor of Robin Williams, I’m spending this week talking about my favorites in his catalogue. To kick it off is 1989’s Dead Poets Society. This is a largely uncut episode, which means its long and rambly. I promise to keep it together better on later…
63: Guardians of the Galaxy with Special Guest Jeff Ruberg
Aug 5, 2014 • 56 min
The first of in a series of weekly episodes where I talk about a current movie with a guest! Jeff Ruberg joins me to talk about James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Topics include speculation about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, heavy-handed friendship,…
62: Koyaanisqatsi
Aug 4, 2014 • 6 min
As I edit the first episode of ADR Weekly, here’s a quick recommendation for a beautiful, artsy project from 1982. Koyaanisqatsi is a rich visual poem about mankind’s place in the world. Come for the novelty, stay for revelations.
61: Breathless
Aug 1, 2014 • 12 min
The poster child for French New Wave cinema really shouldn’t be Breathless by Jean-Luc Goddard, but it’s still a fascinating cultural artifact. Hot topics include the production of the movie (that’s actually more interesting than the movie itself), French…
60: Tape
Jul 30, 2014 • 11 min
Richard Linklater’s 2001 film Tape was filmed on a consumer level camcorder, even though he had the budget and clout to make it with much more sophisticated and enjoyable means. Why would he decide to film Tape on tape?
59: Gummo
Jul 29, 2014 • 15 min
Kicking off a series of episodes on lo-fi movies is a movie unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. Harmony Korine’s 1997 film Gummo is bizarre, horrifying, funny, and oddly moving. Hot topics include the idea of a single filmmaker’s strange vision, scripted…
58: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (Part 2)
Jul 28, 2014 • 12 min
I give a more in-depth analysis of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, as opposed to the existential diatribe that last week’s episode was.
57: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (Part 1)
Jul 22, 2014 • 10 min
How long can I talk about a movie without actually talking about the movie? In the spirit of Tom Stoppard’s 1990 film Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, I ramble on for ten minutes about the nature of plays, what it means to experience something live,…
56: Les Miserables
Jul 16, 2014 • 10 min
The next stage-to-screen adaptation this week is 2012’s Les Miserables, which has an interesting philosophy towards its theatrical roots. It constrains a massive operatic production into a series of muttered songs and extreme close-ups.
55: Glengarry Glen Ross
Jul 15, 2014 • 9 min
Today, Glengarry Glen Ross kicks off a week full of movies based on plays. The 1992 movie takes an incredible cast and a legendary screenplay and manages to put it onscreen in a way that can never be done again.
54: Found Footage
Jul 11, 2014 • 15 min
It’s a long one today! I talk about the best and worst examples of found footage horror movies. Topics include studio hype machines, luck versus dedication, and whether or not people really buy into these movies.
53: Grand Budapest, Take 3
Jul 10, 2014 • 7 min
In the most bizarre form of Stockholm Syndrome ever, I rewatched Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel and have more reasons why I don’t like it. Shocking. Topics include the incredible appeal of the movie overseas, Anderson’s personal wounds, and how…
52: In Bruges
Jul 9, 2014 • 6 min
2008 brought one of the most bizarre yet affecting movies I’ve ever seen, Martin McDonach’s In Bruges. I talk about how it manages to make lots of different styles and moods work together and try to navigate spoiler-filled waters to entice those who…
51: Garden State
Jun 17, 2014 • 7 min
After a long hiatus, ADR is back with a look at Zach Braff’s film Garden State, which resonates with me a lot. Topics include the idea of home, the film’s abrupt ending, and Manic Pixie Dream Girls.
Special: Star Wars
May 20, 2014 • 30 min
For the first weekly ADR Podcast, I take a look at the original (or rather, real) trilogy of Star Wars films. Topics: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars Episode IV: Return of the Jedi Documentary update
50: The Perks of Being A Wallflower
May 2, 2014 • 10 min
A week full of coming-of-age films comes to a close with 2012’s The Perks of Being A Wallflower based on the 1999 book of the same name.
49: Rushmore
May 1, 2014 • 7 min
Another great coming-of-age film is Wes Anderson’s Rushmore, starring Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray.
48: The Way Way Back
Apr 30, 2014 • 6 min
One of last summer’s big teen movies, The Way Way Back is all about overcoming obstacles and becoming a real person. I finally got to see this a few nights ago. I apologize for the crappy sound quality today, I’m not entirely sure why it’s as choppy as it…
47: The 400 Blows
Apr 28, 2014 • 8 min
Francois Truffaut’s first film is in the spotlight today!
46: Foodfight!
Apr 23, 2014 • 15 min
Foodfight! is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Ever. I go a little overboard ranting about how much this movie sucks. Special thanks to Asidus for his fantastic theme music!
45: Game of Thrones, S4E3
Apr 21, 2014 • 7 min
A spoiler-filled discussion of last night’s Game of Thrones episode with my first ever guest, Neetha Nathan!
44: True Detective
Apr 19, 2014 • 9 min
I talk about my favorite parts about the first season of HBO’s new anthology series starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.
43: An Easter Bunny Puppy
Apr 16, 2014 • 8 min
I talk about An Easter Bunny Puppy, which I reviewed for NUFEC this week.
42: The Big Lebowski
Apr 15, 2014 • 7 min
I talk about my favorite Coen Brothers comedy and profess my love for Joel and Ethan’s masterful dialogue.
41: Boston Postproduction
Apr 14, 2014 • 7 min
I wrap up my three part series on my Campus Movie Fest film by talking about the sound and editing that went into the creation of Boston.
40: Boston Production
Apr 9, 2014 • 6 min
I talk about the experience of shooting my Campus Movie Fest submission, Boston.
39: Boston Preproduction
Apr 8, 2014 • 5 min
I talk about my inspiration and vision for my short film Boston.
38: Hugo
Apr 3, 2014 • 7 min
I talk about Hugo and how it reminds me why I love movies.
37: WALL-E
Apr 2, 2014 • 7 min
Tonight is NUFEC’s Science On Screen event! Come see NU Student Justin Dowd talk about his experiences with space and eat lots of free pizza! I talk about WALL-E, which we’re showing in conjunction with Justin’s talk.
36: Welcome to the ADR Podcast
Apr 1, 2014 • 18 min
35: Boston Underground Film Festival
Mar 31, 2014 • 9 min
This weekend, I saw several films at the sixteenth annual Boston Underground Film Festival! I saw three fantastic independent films and one unbearable piece of garbage.
34: Campus Movie Fest
Mar 28, 2014 • 8 min
This year’s Campus Movie Fest at Northeastern came to a close with a great screening packed with awesome films! Brandon, the Best Picture and Best Cinematography winner. Discan by Mary Tobin, who won Best Actress. Zuuchinii, the Best Comedy and Best Actor…
33: I’m Still Here
Mar 27, 2014 • 8 min
32: Breaking Bad’s Final Season
Mar 26, 2014 • 7 min
The last eight episodes of Breaking Bad are the best hours of television ever made. I talk about the most recent time I watched them and go into a spoiler-filled discussion of Walt’s downfall.
31: Campus Movie Fest
Mar 25, 2014 • 8 min
After a long, hectic weekend, I’m back to talk to you about Campus Movie Fest and about my friends’ movies. My film Shirts, Mary Tobin’s movie Provisions for the Journey, and Northeastern’s winner Reset are mentioned in this episode. Ben Garbow, who…
30: Weekend
Mar 21, 2014 • 7 min
I talk about my schedule for the next few days, which includes lots of shooting, and my fears about my Campus Movie Fest film.
29: A Streetcar Named Desire
Mar 20, 2014 • 8 min
This week at NUFEC, we watched A Streetcar Named Desire. Here are my thoughts on old Hollywood, Marlon Brando, and the surprising impact of this movie on popular culture.
28: The Next Seven Days
Mar 18, 2014 • 2 min
My life is about to become insane as I take the helm of three different short films this week. This episode is so much shorter because of Garageband issues.
27: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Mar 17, 2014 • 7 min
I’m disappointed by Wes Anderson’s new film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.
26: Psycho
Mar 14, 2014 • 7 min
Yesterday’s Rear Window episode got me thinking a lot more about Hitchcock, so here’s an episode about Psycho, its implications for the film industry, and the value of great pacing.
25: Rear Window
Mar 13, 2014 • 7 min
It took me long enough, but I finally saw Hitchcock’s classic thriller last night!
24: Spring Breakers
Mar 12, 2014 • 7 min
Spring Break forever! I talk about Harmony Korine’s controversial Spring Breakers.
23: Sharknado
Mar 11, 2014 • 6 min
In honor of today’s new Bad Movie review, I talk about Sharknado, one of the most fun bad movies out there.
22: Oscars Follow Up
Mar 10, 2014 • 7 min
It’s the triumphant return of ADR! With a new mic setup and and attitude, I give my thoughts on the Academy Awards results and ceremony.
21: Gravity
Feb 27, 2014 • 6 min
As the Oscars draw closer, I talk about one of the front runners, Gravity.
20: Oscar Snubs
Feb 26, 2014 • 5 min
Tonight’s NUFEC theme is Movies That Should Have Won an Oscar, so I talk about some movies that really deserved an Oscar that didn’t win for one reason or another.
19: Her
Feb 25, 2014 • 6 min
I talk about Her, my favorite movie of the year, and how its depiction of the future makes the movie what it is. Plus, a helpful little cameo by Siri.
18: Intro to Oscar Week
Feb 24, 2014 • 6 min
This week is all about the Academy Awards! I give a brief overview of what to expect over the next few days and talk about some of the Best Picture nominees I’ve seen.
17: Much Ado About Nothing
Feb 20, 2014 • 7 min
After watching Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, I get angry about it for a while and eventually learn a valuable lesson about expectations.
16: Bad Movies
Feb 19, 2014 • 4 min
While fighting a cold, I talk about my new series of reviews for the NUFEC website, Bad Movies, and how I got hooked on the bizarre charm of The Room.
15: The Marvel Universe
Feb 18, 2014 • 7 min
In this episode, I talk about the new trailer-for-a-trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s cinematic universe, and my desire to get into comic books.
14: Frozen
Feb 17, 2014 • 7 min
This episode is all about Disney’s recent animated hit, Frozen.
13: Netflix
Feb 14, 2014 • 5 min
Today, in honor of the second season of House of Cards, I give my thoughts on Netflix as a service.
12: Vikings
Feb 13, 2014 • 6 min
I had a chance to review History Channel’s new original show Vikings. I elaborate on my review, make some comparisons to Game of Thrones, and complain about Boston’s weather.
11: Reservoir Dogs and Quentin Tarantino
Feb 12, 2014 • 7 min
Tonight’s Film Club meeting is all about Reservoir Dogs, so I give my thoughts on the movie, its eccentric director, and his Best Original Screenplay awards.
10: Valentine’s Day
Feb 11, 2014 • 6 min
With Valentine’s Day coming up, here’s a few of my favorite romantic movies to watch with your significant other.
9: The Disaster Artist
Feb 10, 2014 • 7 min
The rights to The Disaster Artist have been acquired by James Franco in order to make a film adaptation. This is a dream come true.
8: Movie Marathons
Feb 7, 2014 • 6 min
What better way to spend your Friday night than a movie marathon? I talk about the best marathons out there.
7: Oldboy
Feb 6, 2014 • 5 min
I review the South Korean film Oldboy, which twists and turns through a strange plot and extreme scenes while still being fun.
6: Movie Soundtracks
Feb 5, 2014 • 12 min
In this special double-length episode, I talk about (and play for you) my favorite moments from movie soundtracks.
5: Cult Movies
Feb 4, 2014 • 6 min
I love movies that are a little off kilter, do strange things and attract a certain kind of cult audience. Here’s a brief overview of why.
4: Philip Seymour Hoffman and The Master
Feb 3, 2014 • 5 min
RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman. My thoughts on The Master.
3: Movies With Friends
Jan 31, 2014 • 6 min
I talk about watching movies with your friends. It’s fun and free!
2: 2001: A Space Odyssey and Stanley Kubrick
Jan 30, 2014 • 6 min
A discussion of 2001: A Spacy Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick, and a tangent about Stephen King.
1: Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad
Jan 29, 2014 • 5 min
A look at Better Call Saul and what it could mean for the legacy of Breaking Bad.