Each week, join game developer Brianna Wu, technology journalists Georgia Dow and Mikah Sargent, and game enthusiast Steve Lubitz as they analyze the week’s biggest stories in the video game industry from different perspectives. Hosted by Brianna Wu, Georgia Dow, Steve Lubitz, and Mikah Sargent.

102: Disruption Is Here!
Apr 18, 2016 • 1 min
Isometric may be over, but Disruption is just starting! Go subscribe to our new show at!
101: Bad Ideas for Isometric
Apr 10, 2016 • 74 min
So long, and thanks for all the hand turkeys. (But come listen to us on Disruption, starting next week!)
100: This Space Pope is Evil
Apr 3, 2016 • 64 min
Hey, could you follow me so I can send you a DM?
99: Georgia Is Very Very Responsible
Mar 27, 2016 • 42 min
With Georgia off searching for the final Wii U, Steve holds back tears while confronting the Wii U’s impending demise, Mikah describes what it was like to play the Dreamcast as a zygote, and Bri doubles down on her feuds with all the other podcasts.
98: A Case of Lumber Poisoning
Mar 20, 2016 • 85 min
Steve tries to talk about Oculus games and Playstation VR while Bri gathers evidence against Georgia, Mikah gets queasy thinking about riding roller coasters with a VR headset, and Charles helps bring Georgia’s inexcusable behavior to light.
97: License Not to Kill
Mar 13, 2016 • 83 min
Georgia is judged harshly for her feelings about Elmo, Skylanders’ autism campaign leaves Steve feeling blue, Brianna finds an evil soulmate in Twilight Princess’s Midna, and we plan to send Mikah to Mars.
Mar 6, 2016 • 102 min
Steve goes to Bri for advice about crushing his foes, Georgia tries to judo her way out of buying a console for the sixteenth straight week, and Mikah uses a word he didn’t learn in Sunday school.
95: The Church of Briannatology
Feb 28, 2016 • 87 min
It’s judgement day for Casey Liss, as he faces sentencing for his crimes. Meanwhile, Steve says the magic words to get Bri interested in Fire Emblem, Georgia judges R. Mika’s fashion choices, and Mikah loves fandas. Repeatedly.
94: One Million Dollars an Episode
Feb 21, 2016 • 70 min
Brianna calls our boss at Relay at home for a contract renegotiation. Georgia’s video business gets stiff competition, Mikah’s voice goes lumberjack, and Steve gets carpel tunnel editing because no one planned the show. I blame Georgia.
93: Bring Casey Liss to Justice
Feb 14, 2016 • 65 min
We take a break from games to debate the real issues plaguing Isometric Land: Koala invasions, the tyranny of Big Shoe, and Georgia’s illegal candidacy. Also, we answer your questions on our favorite apps and condiments, and Mikah’s facial hair.
92: #SteveNeedsHelp
Feb 7, 2016 • 90 min
Bri uses Twitter to be a better person, Mikah tries to usurp Steve’s dad joke crown, Steve defends his Amiibo problem, Georgia dreads Isometric coming up in her board recertification, and we challenge Russell from Material to oil up and prove his hotness.
91: The Hottest Relay Host
Jan 31, 2016 • 72 min
Bri takes us on a tour of the latest in Fallout fashion, Georgia tries to explain terrible people, Steve has an Undertale confession to make, and Mikah thanks you for being a friend.
90: Bri’s Nasty Juice
Jan 24, 2016 • 66 min
A new challenger appears! Mikah makes a huge mistake and joins the cast of Isometric. Brianna hazes, Georgia unveils a new weekly segment, and Steve goes home to be a family man.
89: I’ll Slap My Hiney In Your Direction
Jan 17, 2016 • 87 min
Voice actress Bonnie Gordon joins us to talk about R. Mika’s move changes and being a paladin IRL, Bri starts planning her development schedule around XCOM 2, Steve fails to explain Bravely Default, and Georgia finds a new animal companion to befriend.
88: Patriarchy Simulator 2016
Jan 10, 2016 • 75 min
Sabriel Mastin joins us to try to one-up Bri on near-death experiences, Georgia uses her console fund to preorder an Oculus instead, Steve tries to convince NASCAR fans to watch League of Legends, and, Bri’s “friend” discovers unofficial ROM translations.
87: A Georgia Dow Mess
Jan 3, 2016 • 66 min
Bri surveys the wreckage of the latest Steam debacle, Georgia comes to grips with her holodeck being moved just slightly out of reach yet again, and Steve struggles to say anything other than Hearthstone for his favorite game of the year.
86: Oota Boota, Anthony?
Dec 27, 2015 • 78 min
Youtube superstar Ginny McQueen joins us to figure out why Steve wouldn’t want to bring up bing playing Hearthstone and eating Cheetos in business meetings, while Georgia recalls cosplaying Jabba the Hutt and Bri tries to take pneumonia and make lemonade.
85: High Stakes Dreidel
Dec 20, 2015 • 73 min
Mikah Sargent returns to the show just in time to save Steve from having to rap about Hideo Kojima leaving Konami, Georgia tries to contain her rage at Destiny charging for level boosts, and Bri uses flamethrowers to upgrade the spirit of Hanukkah.
84: Otto and Blotto
Dec 13, 2015 • 75 min
Mikah Sargent joins the show this week to expose the crime rings trafficking in Counterstrike weapons, convince Steve that Rez in VR is bad for his health, and help Bri complete important government forms on Georgia’s behalf.
83: What Are Plugins?
Dec 6, 2015 • 86 min
The race for the new Isometric’s new host begins! First up is Jessica Price, who is awesome because Bri said so. Also, Georgia keeps secrets in her couch, Steve hasn’t played Just Cause just because, and Bri is loud.
82: Sad Panda Dance: Maddy’s Farewell
Nov 22, 2015 • 79 min
We say goodbye to Maddy in the only way we possibly could, with EDM and a cavalcade of special guests. But not before Bri tries to find the good in Star Wars Battlefront, Georgia unleashes the Kraken, and Steve gets his most difficult editing task ever.
81: The Ancient Art of Honda Accordo
Nov 15, 2015 • 83 min
Before our important show news this week, Brianna makes plans to defeat Georgia in battle, Maddy’s cosplay dreams come true, Steve finally gets to talk about Nintendo, and Georgia’s word of the day calendar pays off.
80: My Hand Just Touched Your Face
Nov 8, 2015 • 71 min
Georgia frets about what selling to Activision means for her beloved Candy Crush, Bri brings us the shortest Halo 5 review ever, Maddy feigns surprise that women own more game consoles than men, and Steve has a run-in with the littlest Master Chief.
79: Unintentional Donuts
Nov 1, 2015 • 58 min
Just when you thought you were safe, the show gets Brijacked again! Will your intrepid hosts make it out in one piece? Listen to find out!
78: I Can’t Lose iCarly!
Oct 25, 2015 • 86 min
Bri’s back, with details about the upcoming Revolution 60 PC release! Also, Georgia wonders why Harmonix would review their own game, Maddy has questions for a studio working through crunch without pay, and Steve’s rap career ends as quickly as it begins.
77: Your Eagle Twin
Oct 18, 2015 • 91 min
With Bri off wowing the audience at the Grace Hopper Conference, Gamespot editor Alexa Ray Correia joins Maddy, Georgia and Steve to talk about a Final Fantasy that never was, swap war stories from midnight release lines, and admire UbiSoft’s eagle eyes.
76: Georgia’s Reckoning
Oct 11, 2015 • 79 min
Brianna returns to teach Isometric Workers how to roll out, Georgia experiences a reckoning yet again, Maddy is confused about Geckos, and Steve feels anxiety, but is in excellent hands with Dr. Brianna.
75: …Zelda Said, Professionally
Oct 4, 2015 • 98 min
Frag Dolls founder Morgan Romine joins us to talk about the first TwitchCon, marvel at the second installment in Bri’s Nintendo fanfic, debate if Maddy should make her own eSports tournament, and help Georgia decide between two very different theme songs.
74: Bowser Has His Good Days
Sep 27, 2015 • 88 min
With Bri at Oculus Connect (but with us in spirit and fanfic), Tiffany Arment joins Maddy, Georgia and Steve to decide if games can replace meditation, fear a future where hipsters buy games on cartridges, and figure out if Metroids are the marrying type.
73: Peach’s Vengeance
Sep 20, 2015 • 99 min
Bri takes a break from playing The Taken King to talk about how awesome it is, Maddy watches terrible people play Firewatch, Steve tries to discuss Mario Maker without mispronouncing Mario, and R.O.B. tries to fight off jealousy after Georgia buys a BB-8.
72: Kluwepocalypse
Sep 13, 2015 • 75 min
With Maddy on assignment, special guest Chris Kluwe bestows his awesomeness on the show as he tries to convince Georgia that watching eSports is as much fun as MMA, Bri breaks down the Apple TV announcement, and Steve imagines catching Pokemon in Tokyo.
71: #tranSamus
Sep 6, 2015 • 91 min
You’ll be amazed to find out how gamers reacted to Bri’s article suggesting Samus is transgender! Plus, Maddy struggles with the explanation for Quiet’s outfit in Metal Gear, Georgia gets introduced to Hot Ryu, and Steve tries to suck less at shooters.
70: Rhhhhhhhaaaaar!
Aug 30, 2015 • 74 min
Bri tries to stream Deal or No Deal on YouTube, Steve defends his Hearthstone addiction (poorly), Maddy pitches her new classic car show, and Georgia takes on MechaGodzilla as a new patient.
69: Jungian Self-Actualization
Aug 23, 2015 • 93 min
Bri returns from the future with a warning about Final Fantasy VII, Maddy realizes Life is Strange is a biopic about her life, Steve tries to find a Destiny-to-English dictionary, and Georgia tries to convince the Internet that sharks are our friends.
68: Love, Blonor and Blobey
Aug 16, 2015 • 77 min
With Georgia off fighting sharks, guest Simone de Rochefort gets a crash course on Resident Evil 2, Maddy lists things other than video games that cause aggression, Bri sheds light on Apple’s diversity numbers, and Steve watches DOTA 2 for science.
67: I Couldn’t Have Gotten a Better Ape Suit?
Aug 9, 2015 • 85 min
Georgia, tell Brianna what she wants to know. TELL HER WHAT SHE WANTS TO KNOW. Speaking of violence, Maddy is concerned about the new Tomb Raider trailer, Bri isn’t sold on the new Mirror’s Edge, and Steve has trouble in his living area.
66: Brijacked!
Aug 2, 2015 • 66 min
This week Steve tries to… OH MY GOD BRIANNA HIJACKED THE ENTIRE SHOW, including this description. This is the best episode of Isometric ever!
65: Maddy Max: Fury Road
Jul 26, 2015 • 59 min
Steve explains to Georgia why it’s not cheating to play a fighting game with simple moves, Bri tries to figure out why Adam Sandler was allowed to make a movie as terrible as Pixels, and Maddy finally earns the nickname that’s eluded her for so long.
64: Text Georgia Dow
Jul 20, 2015 • 72 min
Maddy confirms her suspicions of doping in eSports, Bri takes on the troubling rumors surrounding Quiet in Metal Gear Solid, Georgia finds arcades hidden in the wilds of Maine, and Steve demonstrates how to wake sleeping children with maximum prejudice.
63: Lead Cheerfulness Consultant
Jul 12, 2015 • 75 min
Bri’s Winter of Discontent continues with the failed launch of Final Fantasy XIV on Mac, Maddy dreams of farming Zerglings, Steve desperately tries not to buy a Mega Man helmet, and Georgia receives the best drawings the Apple Watch can produce.
62: Butt Stomp Your Children
Jul 5, 2015 • 72 min
Bri decides she doesn’t want to be the Batman after all, Steve lets Bowser corrupt his children, Maddy entertains herself with gifs of Link in a Zelda dress, and Georgia’s refusal to buy a Wii U escalates quickly.
61: Shave and a Haircut
Jun 28, 2015 • 89 min
Bri unveils her master plan to shut down the Internet (or at least comment sections), Georgia wonders if Hellblade can really depict mental illness well, Steve hopes this will be the time Nintendo finally listens to him, and Maddy tries on a new nickname.
60: Don’t Trust Anyone From Best Buy
Jun 21, 2015 • 90 min
Our E3 extravaganza is here! Bri gives a technical analysis of boobs on Canadian radio, Maddy takes bandwagon Metroid haters to school, Georgia cheats at Final Fantasy VII trivia, and Steve’s attempt to end the show ends in disaster.
59: The Games Boss of Canada
Jun 14, 2015 • 73 min
Isometric absolutely DOWINATES this week! Bri releases her inner She-Hulk on Steam’s refund policy, Maddy’s last remnants of optimism are crushed, Georgia skips her own WWDC party, and Steve sinks deeper into Hearthstone addiction.
58: Total World Dowination
Jun 7, 2015 • 83 min
This week, Georgia endures the indignity of another Brianna catchphrase! Steve welcomes our new cephalopod overlords in Splatoon! BRI MOTIVATES YOU BY SCREAMING! And Maddy takes Arkham Knight’s costume design to task once again.
57: The Octopus Said “No Deal!”
May 31, 2015 • 77 min
Your hosts travel to FunSpot and leave it mostly intact, Maddy takes Twitch to task for letting the ESRB do their dirty work, Bri celebrates League of Legends’ new robot harassment patrol, and Georgia learns of the Canadian contraband known as Pixy Stix.
56: #PrayForMaddy
May 24, 2015 • 89 min
With Imperator Myers stuck on a doomed bus somewhere in the Midwest, Rocket co-host Simone De Rochefort joins Bri, Georgia and Steve to ascend in Kanye Quest, rage at Witcher 3 graphics snobs, and postpone the funeral for pixel art.
55: The Church of Metroid
May 18, 2015 • 81 min
Maddy wonders if the Bloodstained Kickstarter is too clever for its own good, Bri leads Revolution 60 players on an Easter egg hunt, Steve gushes about the Splatoon Global Testfire, and Georgia embraces her inner feline podcaster.
54: Cardboard Ridleys
May 11, 2015 • 92 min
Maddy starts building Nintendo theme park rides in her front yard, Georgia demands a VR arcade, Steve debates whether we need a new Banjo-Kazooie type game, and Bri sits GamerGhazi down for a serious discussion about harassment as entertainment.
53: Candy Land With a Crowbar
May 4, 2015 • 87 min
Maddy worries Valve has become the Google of PC games, Bri laments the bad Konami news may mean the end of DDR, Georgia explains why Brain Age won’t make you a super-genius, and Steve tries to keep the show from becoming a series of Apple Watch drawings.
52: Everyone Gets a Grape
Apr 27, 2015 • 95 min
This week, Maddy dreams of being a female Stormtrooper, Bri trusts GameStop to rebuild her vintage game collection, Georgia enlists monkeys to explain anger over paid Steam mods, and Steve confronts a hard truth about his relationship with fighting games.
Apr 20, 2015 • 91 min
This week, Bri and Maddy decide if Mortal Kombat X is a komplete success or a katastrophe, Georgia wonders what owning a Guitar Hero Live guitar would say about her, and Steve takes issue with Bioshock’s authentic diversity.
50: The Winter of Maddy Myers’ Discontent
Apr 13, 2015 • 99 min
This week, Bri prophesies a future where the DMCA destroys Horde Mode forever, Maddy dispels the myth of the cool gamer girlfriend, Steve dreams of a VR arcade, and Georgia tries to stack Name That Game in Maddy’s favor, with disastrous results.
49: Candy Crush Kill Screen
Apr 6, 2015 • 76 min
This week, Maddy takes a firm stance against pleasantries, Bri has a special kind of FU about Bloodborne, Steve Facebook stalks Nintendo, and Georgia reports on what it’s like to turn undead in Ireland.
48: Baby Got Backend
Mar 30, 2015 • 110 min
This week, Maddy embraces her new life as a fake video game developer, Georgia helps improve Bri’s marriage with sticker charts for screen time, and Steve confronts an gaming existential crisis after not wanting to play Bloodborne.
47: Aunt Bri’s Got Some Ideas
Mar 23, 2015 • 80 min
This week, Isometric reveals an important announcement about the show’s future, Steve tries to come to grips with Nintendo moving to mobile, Maddy tries to make Bri cut her vacation short by reviewing Final Fantasy Type 0, and Georgia’s obsession.
46: I Murdered Hotline Miami
Mar 16, 2015 • 98 min
This week, Georgia tries to hide her Monster Mania injuries from PAX, Bri tries to come to grips with a world where Nintendo makes hardware for adults, Maddy tries to contain her disdain for Hotline Miami 2, and Steve tries to keep his priorities straight
45: I Didn’t Think Our Show Could Get Any Dumber
Mar 9, 2015 • 62 min
It’s our long awaited live show at PAX East 2015! There were mustaches, stuffed animal attacks, laundry tips, Samus cosplay, and at least one injury. (And we tried to talk about video games for at least five minutes or so. Emphasis on tried.)
44: Tell Me About the War, Grandma
Mar 2, 2015 • 71 min
This week, Maddy crushes Steve’s dream of a Rock Band future, Steve crushes Maddy’s dream of enjoying Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Bri crushes Georgia’s dream of playing games on a holodeck any time soon, and Georgia crushes everyone’s dreams with her new
43: You’re Overruled, Steve
Feb 23, 2015 • 95 min
This week, Georgia delivers a final Internet Justice ruling on Tron, Maddy laments the Peter Molyneux interview, Bri wonders why we’re debating game length instead of any other problem with AAA games, and Steve plays Sonic Boom, for science.
42: Destroy All Video Games
Feb 16, 2015 • 92 min
This week, Steve worries that Evolve is a harbinger of games priced like iPads, Maddy tries to figure out why anyone ever liked Sonic, and Georgia tries to scare up the courage to send inappropriate things to Bri’s Apple Watch.
41: Bri’s Butt List
Feb 9, 2015 • 104 min
This week, Maddy warns the human race about our nightmarish future of cat GIF journalism, Bri talks about her struggle to stay in gamedev after harassment on Steam Greenlight, and Steve and Georgia ask for a Persona 5 to English translation.
40: The Lair of Dr. Dow
Feb 2, 2015 • 83 min
This week, Steve reports from Disney World while everyone else is freezing, Bri and Maddy have constructive criticism for Gamestop’s survival plan, Grim Fandango is examined, and Georgia is revealed to be a supervillain yet again.
39: Water Balloon Fight
Jan 26, 2015 • 113 min
Steve dreams of a new Battletoads game that he won’t be hardcore enough to play, Georgia derails Bri’s very technical discussion of boob physics, and Maddy sets us straight, once and for all, on ethics in game journalism. Plus, stay past the closing music
38: Invite Him Over to Play Street Fighter
Jan 19, 2015 • 77 min
Isometric gets heated! This week, we get back to covering news the only way we know how: Georgia fires sniper rifles at CES, Maddy and Bri swoon over hot guys in Final Fantasy, and Steve gets charged up about the charger Nintendo left out of the new 3DS.
37: Steve is a Special Snowflake
Jan 12, 2015 • 86 min
Since we’re still recovering from the Game of the Year discussion, we decided to take it easy this week and answer some listener questions. In between a couple of Bri’s Mass Effect rants, Maddy’s stint as a Girl Scout, and a discussion of pictures of Geor
36: We’re All Leaving Angry Tonight
Jan 5, 2015 • 118 min
The conclusion of Isometric’s Game of the Year spectacular is finally here! Will Georgia need all of her therapy training to keep Bri and Steve from blowing up the podcast over Danganronpa and Desert Golfing? Will Maddy use her position as the tiebreaking
35: Go Bug Your Mom About Bayonetta
Dec 29, 2014 • 55 min
It’s all come down to this, part one of Isometric’s Game of the Year spectacular. Special guest stars Gita Jackson and Danielle Riendeau shock the Isometric cast with their tiebreaking votes. Hearts will be dashed, dreams will be ruined, and nothing will
Dec 22, 2014 • 98 min
The 2014 season of Isometric is hurtling to a close and nothing will ever be the same! Special guest Andrea Rene of gives Maddy the inner strength to be a Pokerapper, Bri is less than excited that Hatred fans are requesting her addition a
33: Orc Murder Enthusiast
Dec 15, 2014 • 107 min
Georgia’s orc obsession is becoming a bit of a concern. Nevertheless, we decide whether Bri or Maddy bought the wrong fight stick now that Street Fighter V is a PS4 exclusive, and debate the merits of pulling GTA V off the shelves in Australia, before Ste
32: Going Full Siracusa
Dec 8, 2014 • 112 min
Ultimate geek rockstar John Siracusa stops by to throw down his Power Glove and to fact check the show AS WE RECORD IT. Also, Brianna Super Scope Sixes Nintendo’s future in VR, Steve bristles, and Maddy calmly explains that she could destroy everything in
31: Stomp On Their Hands
Nov 29, 2014 • 85 min
Can you feel it? Isometric has awakened early this week in a special Thanksgiving episode, though Georgia just calls it Thursday. Maddy gushes about Super Smash Bros, and Steve and Brianna get into it about Nintendo again over the new Pokemon sequel.
30: An Era Without Moisturizer
Nov 24, 2014 • 80 min
Since all the games came out this week, we took a break from the news to talk all about what we’re playing: Bri laments that elephants in Far Cry 4 aren’t innovation, Steve learns he’s played Dragon Age: Inquisition completely wrong, and Maddy tries to ju
29: Squeeze the Lemon Beyond
Nov 17, 2014 • 92 min
This week, fresh from basking in the glow of luring Georgia to Boston from Canada, we play CSI at the wreckage of the Assassin’s Creed Unity launch fiasco, followed by a serious discussion of autism representation in gaming.
28: R.O.B., I Love You
Nov 10, 2014 • 97 min
This week, Maddy announces her Street Fighter romantic comedy, Steve laments (read: whines about) missing out on the Evolve Big Alpha, and Bri presses X to say hello to Georgia’s new robot BFF.
27: A Hat Made of Money
Nov 3, 2014 • 96 min
Isometric is back in one of our most fun post-Gamergate episodes! We struggle to discuss actual news, like the discovery that women make up half of PC gaming and the re-release of TIE Fighter, amidst a barrage of absurd distractions. At least until Georgi
26: (Special) Glenn and I Are Not Enemies
Oct 30, 2014 • 141 min
After being chased from her home by rape and death threats, Isometric host Brianna Wu has been under attack by Gamergate for 17 days. She sits down with journalist Glenn Fleishman and addresses the various accusations made towards her.
25: Bri’s Parenting Corner
Oct 27, 2014 • 84 min
In a return to normalcy, Bri dispenses questionable parenting advice, Georgia auditions for her next career as a game show host, and Steve yells at Nintendo (yes, again), all as Maddy tries to convince us how excited she is about everything.
24: Slippy Likes the Barrel Roll
Oct 20, 2014 • 79 min
After an in-depth recap of Bri’s week fighting GamerGate, we try to cheer her up with a detailed discussion of Bayonetta 2, salacious StarFox fan fiction, and what the Muppets you like say about you.
23: Georgia’s Scary Murder Side
Oct 13, 2014 • 86 min
(Note: This episode was recorded on Thursday, just before the widely discussed events involving Brianna Wu began to occur.)
22: Steve’s Existential Crisis Can Wait
Oct 6, 2014 • 90 min
PERSONA! This week, Brianna reveals unhealthy passion for P4: Arena Ultimax. Maddy praises the Steam curation system before decimating it. Georgia bonds with special guest and fellow nice person Jonathan Mann. And Steve tricks everyone into talking about
21: Speak Softly and Carry a Huge Lancer
Sep 28, 2014 • 100 min
This week, special guest Danielle Riendeau of Polygon joins us to discuss the art of Gears of War with Maddy, geek out with Bri on Unreal and Unity, try to sell Steve on Alien: Isolation, and design Georgia’s new Canadian fighting game.
20: DayQuil Dance Party
Sep 22, 2014 • 80 min
Neither DayQuil haze, nor pneumonia, nor Skype disasters will keep us from our appointed rounds of destroying 3DSes with the Super Smash Bros demo, analyzing the Minecraft sale, and plotting to hand out crystal hand turkeys for game of the year.
19: Corruption Tastes Like Chocolate Covered Bugles
Sep 15, 2014 • 86 min
After making Steve answer for his heinous crimes of corruption, we try to get back to normal by arguing about the new 3DS, wildly speculating about games for the Apple Watch, and making Georgia suffer through a thorough analysis of Destiny’s story.
18: Rainbows and Sunshine
Sep 8, 2014 • 117 min
You asked us to talk about GamerGate. So we talked about GamerGate. A lot. (But also PAX Prime, the PokeRap, and dating tips for birds.)
17: The 90s Were a Dark Time
Aug 31, 2014 • 81 min
In a surprisingly lucid episode, Maddy talks about the necessary evil of PAX. Steve gets twitchy when it’s suggested that an F-Zero remake might not be the best, and Georgia recommends gateway games to a life-destroying habit. Plus, Bri talks about her sm
16: Bro Up Like a Football Bro
Aug 25, 2014 • 81 min
This week, Bri invents an exciting (and embarrassing) new catchphrase for Georgia. We decide if it’s too early to plan a funeral for game demos, dissect the fun and sad Madden 15 ad, and predict a future where indies are paid in mehs and not dollars.
15: The Full Georgia
Aug 18, 2014 • 94 min
This week. we address the Alderaan levels of anguish about Tomb Raider being an Xbox exclusive, challenge the dubious Night Trap Kickstarter, and have a serious adult conversation about gamers and depression. We also affirm your life choices if you play g
14: Yoshi’s Suffering Invitation
Aug 11, 2014 • 75 min
This week’s episode is old-school Isometric. Maddy speculates about Twitch, Steve freaks out about Yoshi’s real name, and Bri discusses iOS Bioshock using jargon everyone else pretends to understand. Meanwhile, Georgia wonders what she’s doing with her li
13: The Maddy Myers Test
Aug 4, 2014 • 90 min
This week, we pour one out for the writers lost from GameSpot, gush about the Bayonetta anime, and decide if PlayStation Now rentals are expensive or VERY expensive. (Bonus: Isometric decides which Sailor Scout Steve is.)
12: Mech Suit President
Jul 28, 2014 • 77 min
Brianna rants epically on the Yogscast decision to not refund their Kickstarters. The ecstasy of the Destiny beta to the agony of the human race after Mech Suit Georgia becomes president.
11: We Were All Terrible in 2010
Jul 21, 2014 • 75 min
With Revolution 60 about to launch, Amanda Winn-Lee joins Bri to tell us everything we wanted to know about the game, including the decisions that went into the character design, writing a story starring powerful women, designing morality, allowing for en
10: Empress Wu
Jul 14, 2014 • 81 min
Bri, Maddy, Georgia and Steve discuss fanboy complaints about the Destiny beta, why all “adult” video games need to be violent, and why people aren’t downloading free indie games from PS+.
9: Hashometric
Jul 7, 2014 • 70 min
Bri, Maddy, Georgia and Steve try to distract themselves from a tough week in video games by discussing vitally important topics like Butt Mode in Shovel Knight, buying stuffed Pokemon on the internet, Atari games about breakfast food, and why all the maj
8: I Play Games, I Don’t Read
Jun 30, 2014 • 71 min
Bri, Maddy Georgia and Steve share a big announcement about the show, and then move on to discussing whether gamifying sales and discounting Early Access games during the Steam Summer Sale are good ideas, and the challenges women face when breaking into g
7: The Dungeon Master’s Guide to Bri’s Marriage
Jun 23, 2014 • 74 min
Bri, Maddy, Steve and Georgia are joined by Square-Enix’s Justin Kranzl to discuss early impressions of Super Smash Bros, taking risks in game development, the disparity of reviews of narrative-based games, dealing with negative reviews, and the new Trope
6: It’s Hard to Animate Zelda Shivving People
Jun 16, 2014 • 93 min
Bri, Maddy, Steve, and guest host Amanda Warner discuss the Assassin’s Creed Unity female character controversy. Oh, and some games were announced this week, too.
5: The Rock of Power
Jun 9, 2014 • 55 min
This week, a review of the gaming-related announcements out of WWDC, whether an Apple game console is finally on the horizon, if Mario Kart 8 is enough to quiet our Wii U pessimism, and playing with non-gamer significant others.
4: The C-Stick Is For Cheaters
Jun 2, 2014 • 62 min
Bri, Maddy, Georgia and Steve discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Watch Dogs launch; whether delaying Steam Machines to 2015 makes them irrelevant; and marvel in awe and disgust at the Mario Mercedes commercial.
3: Five Generations of Shame
May 25, 2014 • 74 min
Bri, Maddy, Georgia and Steve discuss what a Google purchase of Twitch would mean for the gaming community, why the new screen shots from Hyrule Warriors are so disappointing, and whether there is an indie bubble about to burst.
2: Naked Link Isn’t Canonical
May 20, 2014 • 83 min
Bri, Maddy, Georgia and Steve react to Nintendo’s real Tomodachi Life apology, have a eulogy for the Kinect and discuss whether it finally means the end of console gimmicks, and react to the editorial from The Room’s developer on the state of mobile gamin
1: #PandaEquality
May 12, 2014 • 76 min
On the first episode of Isometric, we discuss how Nintendo can get themselves out of the hole that they’ve dug for themselves, why they’re digging themselves deeper with the Tomodachi Life same-sex relationship controversy, and whether or not it’s a good