The Inner Tube: Answering Your Content Creation Questions!

The Inner Tube: Answering Your Content Creation Questions!
The Podcast for Content Creators

265: Kevin Got a REAL Job
Sep 25 • 49 min
Oh hey, we’re back! We haven’t recorded an episode in a while because Kevin is now working a 9-5 job, while evenings aren’t super convenient for Josh with a 4-month-old at home. But we carved out some time this week to make it happen!
264: Blimey Con & Breakfast with Kevin | THE DAY AFTER (Recorded Live!)
Aug 5 • 61 min
This episode was recorded LIVE in front of the folks who came to Blimey Con and Breakfast with Kevin! We take audience questions and just talk about the weekend and how much fun it was.
263: How to write emotional material without being cheesy
Jul 30 • 57 min
We tackle a very interesting topic this week on the show! How do you write an emotional scene without it becoming a bit… too much?
262: Consistent content vs. irregular BUT AWESOME content
Jul 16 • 28 min
Do we have any beginner’s tips for those trying to learn Premiere Pro? Which is THE BEST: consistent content or irregular BUT AWESOME content?? And did we actually just post an episode less than a half hour in length?!!?!?
261: Spider-Man: Far From Home | What we liked and what we didn’t.
Jul 8 • 59 min
WHAAAT?! TUBE movie reviewb episodes in a row?! Get ready for a full hour of Spidey talk! Did we like Peter Parker’s latest adventure?! Or is this one school trip we don’t ever want to take again?!
260: Toy Story 4 | What we liked and what we didn’t.
Jul 1 • 77 min
MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! We share our thoughts about the latest (and hopefully last) Toy Story film which is called Toy Story 4. There are also some bad Randy Newman, Fat Albert, and Jony Ive impressions. And Kevin does a mini-review of the…
259: Josh has a son; Kevin has depression
Jun 26 • 108 min
We’re BAAAAACK! In this nearly TWO HOUR episode of The Inner Tube, we talk about… Kevin’s INCREDIBLE new deck that he is building Josh’s INCREDIBLE new son that he is building Kevin’s TERRIFYING depression that he is suffering Tennessee’s…
258: How to stay creatively inspired for years (and years… and years)
May 27 • 72 min
This week on the show, we talk about why Kevin used to be (“still is”?) insecure. We also talk about color grading your footage. Then, we talk about how to stay creatively inspired, and how Kevin and I have used opposite methods recently in order to…
257: Why Josh’s movie review channel didn’t work out.
May 21 • 100 min
Wow, so many topics covered this week on the show! How do you stick to a schedule? Who are our influences? What’s Kevin use to livestream? Why didn’t Josh’s “Movie Trailer Trash” YouTube channel work out?! AND MORE!
256: How do you make friends? (Plus, Kevin almost lost his YouTube channel. Yes, really!)
May 18 • 82 min
This week, we get VULNERABLE while talking about how on earth you should go about trying to make friends. Also, we swear this isn’t clickbait… Kevin’s channel almost got deleted this week. Seriously!
255: Reacting to the new Spider-Man Trailer; Kevin & Josh get vulnerable about their struggles
May 8 • 69 min
Why does Kevin talk so much? Why can’t Josh read instruction manuals? Things get REALLY real on this week’s episode of the show! Plus, Kevin watches the new Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer and reacts in REAL TIME! And we answer some questions about…
254: “Avengers: Endgame” | THE INNER TUBE REVIEW
Apr 27 • 87 min
MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! Why would you listen to a review before you saw the movie anyway? It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not because “Avengers: Endgame” is finally in theaters, but because the “Avengers Endgame” INNER TUBE REVIEW is…
253: Things you need for an awesome studio space.
Apr 23 • 51 min
This week on the show, we discuss that new The Lion King movie coming out, and then discuss some stuff you need to make a studio space AWESOME!
252: Initial Thoughts on “Star War Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker”
Apr 17 • 89 min
Josh replaced his over-the-range microwave, Kevin went to the home of Thomas Jefferson, and 37 minutes into this podcast episode, we start talking about that new Star Wars teaser trailer!
251: How We Shoot a Scripted Series
Apr 9 • 61 min
Half of this episode is talking about music and half is talking about what goes into shooting a scripted series. ENJOY!
250: Kevin’s YouTube Channel Turns 5 Years Old. What Has He Learned?
Apr 3 • 58 min
Lots of good conversation on this week’s episode! Say Goodnight Kevin is officially 5 years old, so we take some time to chat about what Kevin has learned in that time!
249: Spotify ATTACKS Apple because they don’t “Play Fair” | We rant about it.
Mar 27 • 91 min
It’s a good ole fashioned RANT as we talk through all of Spotify’s grievances against Apple, who they believe is not “playing fair” by charging Spotify a fee to use Apple’s platform. Here is the website if you want to read along.
248: Kevin meets famous people and then explains how to Audio
Mar 21 • 55 min
The title says it all! Kevin met the This Is Us lady (the one that isn’t Mandy Moore), and then we talk about how to have super great sounding audio.
247: How to avoid getting a copyright strike on YouTube
Mar 14 • 61 min
This week, we talk about how Kevin avoids copyright strikes when reviewing movies! We also got a question about why so many content creators default to Apple products. AND we talk about a whole bunch of other stuff too.
246: Our friends don’t watch our videos.
Feb 27 • 59 min
And they probably don’t listen to our podcast either. This week, we talk about the Oscars, how to get your friends to watch your videos (good luck), how to talk about controversial topics without alienating people, and then finally which Podcast…
245: Living the dream, while still paying the bills. (Plus: your live production questions answered!)
Feb 20 • 68 min
This week, Kevin shares his experience so far driving for Postmates. Also, we are joined by the ONE AND ONLY Corban Garcia. That’s right– the guy who does our shownotes for the website! He tells us all about how live production works.
244: Trying to be humble, while promoting yourself & your content.
Feb 12 • 51 min
243: Our Favorite Bands // Past, Present, & Future
Feb 6 • 108 min
This week on the show, have memes become too mainstream? MEMESTREAM?!?! And we got a question about what kind of music we’re into these days, so we took it as an opportunity to talk about All the Bands We’ve Loved Before. UPDATE: Jade the cat was…
242: Trying new things with Blimey Cow & Say Goodnight Kevin in 2019
Jan 28 • 50 min
This week, we discuss what were doing different with our YouTube channels in 2019! Both of us have had good success so far this year and we talk about why we think that is! Actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf
241: When is the best time of day to upload a video?
Jan 23 • 68 min
I’ve been thinking about switching up the Blimey Cow release schedule a little bit, so we discuss that along with a whole lot of other things THIS WEEK ON THE SHOW!
240: Short-form vs. Long-form Content on YouTube
Jan 15 • 76 min
We cover a lot of ground on this episode of the podcast! Hope you enjoy this conversation.
239: Josh is having a SON!
Jan 8 • 71 min
Big news around here! I’m going to be a father! We talk about that and all kinds of other stuff THIS WEEK ON THE SHOW! Don’t forget to subscribe to the SAY GOODNIGHT KEVIN PODCAST!
238: Into the Spider-Verse, the Current State of the MCU, & Selling Shirts
Jan 1 • 93 min
This week, we discuss the latest Spiderman film, our thoughts on the current state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and then we answer a question about how we go about printing shirts for our patrons. PS: I forgot to mention the actual link to…
237: Avoiding Preachiness in Storytelling; Looking Back on Our Radio Station Days
Dec 19, 2018 • 40 min
This week on the show, we answer an email about how to share a message or moral in your story…. but without being PREACHY! Tougher than it sounds! We also wax nostalgic about our college radio station days. We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!
236: Patreon, YouTube Rewind, & Would Kevin Reach Out to Bigger Channels to Collab?
Dec 11, 2018 • 75 min
Lots of drama around the internet this week! We cover it all.
235: Transitioning from Final Cut to Premiere Pro
Dec 4, 2018 • 68 min
Josh is on the road this week, so it’s a KEVIN TAKEOVER! Kyle McCord (occasional editor for Say Goodnight Kevin) co-hosts and the two guys talk about Final Cut Pro X vs Premiere Pro. There is also video game talk because Kevin is a l33t gamer now.
234: Making your villain believable, building a PC, complaining about health care.
Nov 27, 2018 • 69 min
In this episode, Kevin & Josh realize they’re getting old. THEN we help a guy who wants to build a PC! And we talk about what makes a villain believable. If you love tangents, you’re going to love THIS WEEK ON THE SHOW!
233: Our biggest pet peeves in the movies we watch…
Nov 13, 2018 • 48 min
This week, we talk about our biggest pet peeves in movies these days. We also talk about the new Toy Story 4 teasers. AND we help a guy with 17 subscribers figure out what to do now that one of his videos has gotten 1,000 views!
232: “Help! My most popular video got BLOCKED!”
Nov 5, 2018 • 63 min
This week, we talk all about content. CONTENT!!!! How do you choose what kind of CONTENT to make? What do you do when your most popular piece of CONTENT gets blocked? How do you work on multiple pieces of CONTENT at the same time?! It’s content 24…
231: Testing our YouTube Premieres; PewDiePie vs T-Series
Nov 1, 2018 • 48 min
This week, we discuss what it means that a big, boring, corporate YouTube channel is about to overtake PewDiePie on YouTube. Then Kevin shares his experience so far with YouTube Premieres!
230: How can you become a faster editor?
Oct 23, 2018 • 22 min
What is the best mic to use when filming sketches?! How important is audio when it comes to video?! AND how do you speed up your editing?! FIND OUT THIS WEEK ON THE SHOW!
229: The BetterHelp Controversy, Shane Dawson, Jake Paul, & Sociopaths
Oct 16, 2018 • 47 min
We talk about our feelings on the BetterHelp Controversy that is currently taking over YouTube! Then we discuss if YouTube encourages its creators to be sociopaths. Then we talk about how little we know about getting people to leave 5 star reviews on…
228: Our 21 Favorite Movies of All Time
Oct 8, 2018 • 89 min
This week on the show, we spend ninety minutes talking about our 21 favorite movies of all time. A few of them we share in common and some of them we disagree about, but this was a really fun deep dive into the movies we love and the ones that helped…
227: Kevin talks about regretting things he said in older videos
Oct 2, 2018 • 58 min
This episode is all over the place- lots and lots to talk about! We answer a few questions (including an interesting one about how to stay creative even when you’re depressed), and also discuss Kevin’s recent video where he talks about regretting some…
226: Being a Christian MEME superstar, with the founder of “Memes for Jesus”: Michael Schaffer!
Sep 25, 2018 • 36 min
Josh is out of town this week, so Kevin takes over the show and chats with the one and only MICHAEL SCHAFFER! He’s the creator of the very popular MEMES FOR JESUS account. Kevin chats with Michael about how this whole thing got started and what it’s…
225: “God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness”: The Kevin & Josh Review!
Sep 17, 2018 • 103 min
Kevin saw God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness MANY MOONS ago, but I just finally watched it this past week, so today, we take a deep dive into a movie that we are very, very, very, very, very conflicted about.
224: Someone tried to RIP JOSH OFF at Redbox!
Sep 11, 2018 • 53 min
This week on the show, someone tried to RIP ME OFF! Also, how do you create content when you have dyslexia? AND Kevin shares some stories from his time working with the folks over at Adventures in Odyssey!
223: What is the WORST Christian movie we’ve ever seen?
Aug 28, 2018 • 66 min
This week, we discuss the WORST Christian movies of all time, the weirdest pieces of content that influenced us, AND more!
Tube-Tube-Tube: Learning to Deal with Criticism, How to Get Sponsors, & the Best Computers for $1,000!
Aug 21, 2018 • 65 min
This week on the show! What kind of computer do we recommend for $1,000? How do we deal with criticism? And HOW DO YOU GET SPONSORS?!
221: What it’s like to host your own YouTube convention/meet-up
Aug 15, 2018 • 58 min
The dust has settled and everyone has gone home… but Blimey Con and Kev Con 2018 are still fresh in our minds. On this episode, we talk about the third annual event that Josh has hosted and second annual one Kevin has hosted. Lots of fun and good…
220: How do I make a living doing what I love? (LIVE EPISODE FROM BLIMEY CON!)
Aug 8, 2018 • 60 min
It’s our second annual LIVE episode of The Inner Tube, recorded in front of the attendees of Blimey Con and KevCon (aka Breakfast with Kevin). We answer audience questions and have a blast!
219: Kevin visits the set of the new Kendrick Brothers movie (and rethinks some things)
Jul 24, 2018 • 91 min
We are living in an alternate universe where Kevin was personally invited onto the set of the new movie by the Kendrick Brothers (Facing the Giants, Fireproof, War Room). In this episode, he shares his experience talking with Alex and Stephen…
218: The Current State of Pixar; Mac vs PC?
Jul 17, 2018 • 69 min
We’ve got a fun one this week! We chat about the current state of Pixar and how we felt about The Incredibles 2. We also spend some time talking about our current computer setups and why the question “PC or Mac?” has gotten more complicated for us…
217: Going back to our ROOOOOTS! What is the best gear for beginners?
Jul 3, 2018 • 44 min
Sometimes it’s good to go back to our ROOOOOTS! We discuss what gear we recommend for beginners in 2018. Kevin also talks about 1984 and Brave New World.
216: How we found our voices on YouTube.
Jun 26, 2018 • 61 min
We talk about quite a bit on this episode of the show! The first half is just chatting about what’s been going on with us, and then we get into a couple of listener questions… “How do I ask to get paid for my work?” “How did you guys find your…
215: “I Can Only Imagine” what would happen if Josh & Kevin reviewed that movie!
Jun 18, 2018 • 70 min
Yes, that’s right! It’s time for another Josh & Kevin movie review! We recorded this review of the film I Can Only Imagine back in March shortly after seeing the movie in theaters. Hope you enjoy hearing our thoughts!
214: We Review “Solo,” “Arrested Development,” & Kevin’s Life Decisions
Jun 5, 2018 • 76 min
This week on the show, we review that Solo movie everyone hates/loves, then we talk about a really cool piece of hardware Kevin has built to organize his computer files, and finally we discuss the just-released first half of Season 5…
213: The email so shocking, it rendered Kevin speechless…
May 22, 2018 • 71 min
It’s an action packed hour on The Inner Tube so hang on tight! Building/upgrading a computer: Kevin is building his own server, and I just recently upgraded my computer, so we share our experiences in working on that stuff. An email so shocking,…
212: Why is no one pledging to your Patreon campaign?
May 15, 2018 • 54 min
THIS WEEK ON THE SHOW, we talk about why you may have an engaged community, but still aren’t succeeding on Patreon. We also discuss whether or not it’s a good idea to post your podcast on YouTube. Also, Kevin has been very sick. But he’s FINALLY…
211: Josh Liked “Avengers: Infinity War” and Kevin Didn’t. (REVIEW)
May 1, 2018 • 57 min
MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! We are now living in a world where Josh liked an Avengers movie more than Kevin did. WHAT?! Don’t miss this episode for our detailed review!
210: Are your video titles and thumbnails any good? How can you know for sure?!
Apr 17, 2018 • 39 min
This week, we talk about a great service Kevin came across that actually lets you A/B test your titles and thumbnails on YouTube. We also talk about whether or not Brother Brother Time and The Tube exist in the same universe. There is also some…
209: Kevin goes off the deep end. (9/11 conspiracies, the moon landing, and more)
Apr 9, 2018 • 45 min
Has Kevin finally gone TUBE far?! This week, he went down the terrifying rabbit hole of 9/11 conspiracy videos on YouTube, and this episode of The Inner Tube is the result of his findings.
208: How Kevin Started Working for Blimey Cow (STORY TIME)
Apr 4, 2018 • 47 min
This week on the show, Kevin and Josh share the story of how Kevin started doing the sound design each week for Blimey Cow! Hard to believe he’s been doing it for around 4 and a half years now!
207: How to Write Jokes, How to Do YouTube While You’re In College, & More!
Mar 27, 2018 • 72 min
Kevin is out this week, so I (Josh) bring in Inner-Circle Member Adler Davidson to co-host the show! Adler is a very funny YouTube comedian/personality who you should know about if you don’t already. Adler has become a good friend of the show, a great…
206: Kevin has a secret to share…
Mar 20, 2018 • 47 min
Josh is out of town, so Kevin, Carmen, and Barkley take over the show and share some details about current (AND UPCOMING) projects they’re working on!
205: “My video went viral, but now I disagree with the content.”
Mar 13, 2018 • 61 min
What would you do if one of your videos blew up… but you eventually decided that you no longer agreed with what you said in the video? We got a really interesting email from a listener of the show asking that very question! We also discuss how to…
204: We interviewed Jim Caviezel, if you can even believe it.
Mar 6, 2018 • 46 min
Last week, we went to the National Religious Broadcasters conference, and it was just LOADS of fun. In this episode, we tell you all about it!
203: Yep, we had a fight.
Feb 27, 2018 • 72 min
We took a month off, and this episode explains why. We weren’t sure if we were going to talk about it on The Inner Tube, but we decided it was only fair, since this show is all about documenting the highs (AND the lows) of content creation. BUT BEFORE…
202: Getting Rid of Echo, Starting a Second Podcast, and Bitcoin
Jan 30, 2018 • 44 min
Wow, it’s a REALLY classic episode of The Inner Tube where we answer a couple of questions and then go off on a bunch of tangents! Hope you enjoy this very fun episode of the show.
201: YouTube Demonetizes Small Creators | Our Thoughts
Jan 23, 2018 • 54 min
Is YouTube CENSORING small creators?! YOU BET! Or not. We discuss it this week on the show.
200: EVERY Inner Tube Inside Joke… EXPLAINED!
Jan 16, 2018 • 84 min
This show isn’t ACCESSIBLE, you say?! TUBE CONFUSING to understand, you think?! Well, you’re out of excuses because on episode TUBE-hundred, we explain EVERY inner side joke! Thanks so much to Jeff Ross for compiling the list, and as always to Corban…
199: A conversation about 2018. What do we hope to accomplish?
Jan 9, 2018 • 70 min
Kevin and I both had some surprising life changes in 2017 that have extended into the new year. In this episode, we discuss how things have changed and what we hope to accomplish in 2018. This turned into a pretty HONEST and VULNERABLE conversation!
198: The Basics of Podcasting (Plus, Bobby Burns is FAMOUS NOW!)
Jan 2, 2018 • 50 min
We’re back and up to ‘18 now! Happy New Year, everyone! This week, we talk about how famous our friend Bobby Burns is now, the basics of podcasting, and the correct spelling of “How..?” (It’s complicated).
197: “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (FULL REVIEW)
Dec 19, 2017 • 91 min
MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! This week on the show, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Last Jedi is here, and we have our full review of the second act of the new Star Wars trilogy. This movie is a lot more divisive than anyone could have…
196: Patreon Changes Their Fees, Everybody Freaks out
Dec 12, 2017 • 79 min
UPDATE: Since we recorded this episode, Patreon has rolled back the changes to transaction fees. The full announcement can be found here. This week, Patreon announced changes to their payment system, and a lot of people freaked out, claiming that…
195: YouTube Adpocalypse | Proof we were right.
Dec 5, 2017 • 49 min
The video-streaming site Vidme is shutting down, and their goodbye message is very interesting. It basically PROVES that our unpopular opinion about everything going on with YouTube is actually right. Kevin’s sister Kt visits the show for the first…
194: The Star Wars Battlefront II Controversy
Nov 21, 2017 • 54 min
Kevin is heading home for Thanksgiving but that doesn’t stop us from recording an episode of The Inner Tube! This week on the show, we discuss all of the Star Wars Battlefront II controversy, Kevin’s latest video, and plagiarism potential-controversy!
193: …and Now Blimey Cow Isn’t “Advertiser Friendly”
Nov 14, 2017 • 62 min
Yep, for the first time, a new Blimey cow video has been hit with a “not suitable for most advertisers” message. NICE! So we talk about that. We also discuss Kevin’s recent trip to LA for a press junket about the film The Star. He got to meet…
192: The Worst Christian Film Josh Has Ever Seen
Nov 7, 2017 • 44 min
Kevin & Josh went to see the new Kevin Sorbo/Sean Hannity film Let There Be Light, and it takes about 45 minutes to talk through the ordeal.
191: Kevin Shares Stories from the Set of “God’s Not Dead 3” (Yes, this really happened)
Oct 30, 2017 • 78 min
Well, it really happened. Kevin visited the set of God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness, and he has a ton of great stories about his big movie adventure. We didn’t talk much about his trip off mic, so you’re hearing my real reactions to…
190: Kevin Was Invited on the Set of “God’s Not Dead 3” (Yes, we know)
Oct 25, 2017 • 54 min
This is 100% real: Kevin got invited onto the set of God’s Not Dead 3! We talk all about how it happened, this week on the show! NOTE: This may be the second time you are being notified about this episode. It’s the same episode as yesterday, but some…
189: Kevin Asks YouTube Why He Isn’t Advertiser Friendly, YouTube Responds
Oct 16, 2017 • 73 min
Kevin emailed YouTube asking why he isn’t advertiser-friendly anymore, and YouTube responded. We discuss what they said and give our thoughts on the whole thing. We also talk for a bit at the beginning of the show about video games and video game…
188: Josh Got a New Job!
Oct 10, 2017 • 52 min
Josh shares how he turned his vacation into his vocation– literally! He’s got a new job as a travel agent booking Disney World trips for clients, and on today’s episode, he tells the story of how he went from zero experience as a travel agent just a…
187: Is Kevin No Longer ADVERTISER FRIENDLY?!
Oct 3, 2017 • 68 min
Kevin has been hit with demonetization on his YouTube channel. So we have a long discussion about what is happening, why YouTube is doing what it’s doing, and where things go from here.
186: How closely do we stick to our scripts while shooting?
Sep 26, 2017 • 40 min
This week, we spend some time discussing scripts, ad-libbing, and editing. We also talk about subscribers vs. video views, and how to have just the most incredible YouTube channel name of all time.
185: What is the point of The Inner Tube?
Sep 19, 2017 • 40 min
Do we want The Inner Tube to grow? Where do we want this show to go in the future? We got an interesting email about the current state of our podcast, and it lead to an interested conversation about what the point of our show is. There’s also some…
184: Has PewDiePie Finally Gone TOO FAR?!
Sep 12, 2017 • 63 min
Kevin is finally BACK! So we spend the first few minutes of the show getting caught up on everything that’s gone on while we’ve been apart. Then we get into a discussion about PewDiePie and his recent use of “the n-word” on a livestream. Has he…
183: Apparently You DON’T Need to Make Consistent Content
Sep 5, 2017 • 36 min
This week, I (Josh) have a really fun conversation with Inner Circle member Melanie Ahern. She runs my very favorite YouTube channel, and on this episode, we discuss her inconsistent release schedule and how she’s still been able to build an audience…
182: The Current State of Blimey Cow (A Conversation with Jordan Taylor)
Aug 29, 2017 • 45 min
It’s been six years to the day since we uploaded the first episode of Messy Mondays onto YouTube. Today on the show, I (Josh) have a conversation with my brother Jordan about how far the show has come, and what we think about the future of Blimey Cow….
181: Secrets that Will Help You Stay Motivated to Create
Aug 23, 2017 • 41 min
Creating content is hard work… staying motivated is even harder! This week on the show, we discuss some secrets we’ve discovered over the years that have helped us stay motivated and on track. Kevin is out of the country this week, so Gret Glyer,…
180: Recorded LIVE at Blimey Con!
Aug 14, 2017 • 69 min
Our first ever episode recorded in front of a studio audience! This episode happened LIVE at Blimey Con 2017 in Nashville. We talk to some Inner Circle members, as well as Josh’s brother Jordan. This was an absolute blast to record, and we really…
179: How We Make Money on Patreon
Aug 8, 2017 • 60 min
This week on the show, we discuss Patreon! We get a lot of questions about launching crowd-funding campaigns, so we thought it’d be fun to talk about the strategies we use to cultivate and grow out Patreon communities. Plus, our friend Jeremiah…
178: How to Talk about Controversial Topics
Aug 1, 2017 • 53 min
This week, we make a few big announcements! Then, we discuss how Kevin is adjusting to life after being fired, and finally we answer a listener question about talking about controversial topics on his YouTube channel.
177: Kevin Got Fired (The Full Story)
Jul 24, 2017 • 116 min
Last week, Kevin got fired from his job at Made In Network, an online content company here in Nashville that is most well known for managing the Cinema Sins YouTube channel. In this two hour breakdown of everything that transpired, Kevin opens up…
176: Is Blimey Cow Going in a New Direction?
Jul 18, 2017 • 44 min
This week, we spend some time talking about our LIVE episode from last week (what worked and what didn’t), then we discuss the current state of Josh’s YouTube channel Blimey Cow, and finally we answer an email about the revenue we get from normal…
175: Is “Spider-Man: Homecoming” as Good as “Spider-Man 2”?
Jul 10, 2017 • 81 min
MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! This week on the show, we review the new film Spider-Man: Homecoming! Kevin and Josh DISAGREE a lot in this one! Was it as good as Spider-Man 2?! Was it any good at all?! This episode was recorded LIVE on…
174: The Problem with Being Preachy
Jul 4, 2017 • 71 min
Today we discuss the problem of preachiness in storytelling, and why we’d rather hear a well-told story we disagree with, than a poorly-told story that confirms our biases. As a warning, we talk about a number of films in this episode and spoil some…
173: Our Thoughts on the VidCon(troversy) & the “Han Solo” Film
Jun 27, 2017 • 73 min
We discuss Laci Green dating Chris Ray Gun, and the backlash she has received for this. We also discuss Anita Sarkeesian vs Sargon of Akkad at VidCon, AND we talk about the troubled Han Solo film.
172: Where we go from here.
Jun 20, 2017 • 59 min
Kevin gets EXTREMELY VULNERABLE as we read through the survey responses that we received from listeners of this show! How do you guys think we are doing with The Inner Tube? This was a lot of fun, and we hope you enjoy this episode!
171: Christian Bands vs. “Christians IN a Band”
Jun 12, 2017 • 55 min
Matt Langston of the band EleventySeven joins us today to talk about what it was like growing up in a “Christian band” (or rather, being a “Christian in a band”). We discuss how the music industry has changed in the last decade, too. This turned…
170: Wonder Woman | Worth the hype?! Here’s our review! (Spoilers)
Jun 3, 2017 • 73 min
We went and saw WONDER WOMAN, and we have some thoughts! We also brought in Kevin’s wife Carmen to get a WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE.
169: Why do we make this show? A conversation about the future of The Inner Tube
May 30, 2017 • 35 min
PLEASE TAKE THE INNER TUBE LISTENER SURVEY 2017: Kevin and I really love recording The Inner Tube each week, and we want to make sure it’s a show that YOU guys love, too! This episode is basically just…
168: Is YouTube making society dumber?
May 23, 2017 • 49 min
We discuss YouTube within the context of Neil Postman’s book Amusing Ourselves to Death and talk about whether it makes society better or worse. It turned into a really interesting conversation, and we hope you enjoy it!
167: A list of ALL the gear we use!
May 16, 2017 • 37 min
This week, we list ALL of the gear we use for videos and podcasting! We also help a guy who wants to keep his show fresh when he does the same format every week. In addition to both of these incredible topics, we also talk about our experiences using…
166: Why Kevin uses an intro on his videos, and Josh doesn’t.
May 8, 2017 • 71 min
This week, we talk all about INTROS! We also discuss timing and pacing within your videos, and finally we explain what kind of gear you need to be ready for a multi-location shoot.
165: “How do I get my first sponsorship deal?”
May 2, 2017 • 37 min
We go in depth about dealing with sponsorships. In a lot of ways, it’s easier than it looks! It’s just all about getting that first deal. We also discuss whether or not it’s possible to host a podcast online for free. TUBE much fun, this week on The…
164: Inappropriate Ads Playing before Your Videos
Apr 24, 2017 • 59 min
Josh and Kevin talk about inappropriate ads, iMovie, and audio quality. Also, they haven’t seen each other in two weeks so naturally it takes a while to get to questions. Something about Taylor Swift, something about The Fast & the Furious,…
163: Is it too late to start a YouTube channel?
Apr 18, 2017 • 62 min
We recorded this episode on the way to Disney World! Jordan Taylor co-hosts as we discuss the current state of YouTube, used equipment, and some behind the scenes on the creation of our show Messy Mondays.
162: The Case for “The Case for Christ” (or: Kevin actually liked a Christian Movie)
Apr 11, 2017 • 63 min
Are you sitting down? Kevin actually liked a Christian movie. This is the episode where we deal with all of that.
161: YouTube vs. The Wall Street Journal
Apr 3, 2017 • 62 min
We cover a lot in an hour! Two new members of THE INNER CIRCLE! H3H3’s latest controversy YouTube vs. The Wall Street Journal Josh’s struggle with juggling multiple videos at the same time YouTube tags. Are they important? Good DSLRs between…
160: Kevin addresses the controversy surrounding his latest video.
Mar 27, 2017 • 46 min
Kevin issues a statement about his most recent video, and then we talk about DSLR lenses, apology videos, and YouTube video length. We started a new podcast, did you hear?
159: “I don’t think I’m funny enough to start a YouTube channel.”
Mar 20, 2017 • 66 min
We chat camcorders vs. DSLR, what to do when you don’t feel funny, and how to get more likes on your Facebook page. Also, Josh does a pretty convincing impression of Dave Ramsey! TUBE FUNNY! Oh and don’t forget that we just started a NEW PODCAST! It’s…
158: “My videos are suddenly not getting as many views! What’s wrong?!”
Mar 13, 2017 • 43 min
This week, we talk about whether or not you should go to film school, developing your own board game, and what to do when your videos suddenly start getting less views. Also, don’t forget that we’ve launched a BRAND NEW PODCAST called “Who Would Build…
157: “I’m dealing with bullies and don’t want them to find out about my YouTube channel”
Mar 7, 2017 • 41 min
Go check out our NEW PODCAST! The first episode is live NOW! This week, we help out a guy who is dealing with bullies and doesn’t want them to find out about his YouTube channel. Then we help ANOTHER guy decide…
156: “I’m shooting a wedding, and I’m scared of screwing it up!”
Feb 27, 2017 • 57 min
This week, we talk about niche podcasts, shooting weddings, AND we announce the title of our NEW podcast which begins March 7th! Here is the site: Subscribe…
155: PewDiePie vs The Media Smear Campaign
Feb 20, 2017 • 78 min
This week, we talk about why we think “The Media” overplayed their hand concerning all of this PewDiePie controversy. ALSO, we have a very big announcement! Stay ‘til the end! Note: We announce a start date of March 6th for the new podcast, but it’s…
Feb 13, 2017 • 63 min
Are the major social networks lying to us about what’s “trending” these days?! PROBABLY. But WHY?! Also, Josh gets a mysterious phone call RIGHT as he starts talking about government conspiracy theories… COINCIDENCE?!?!?!
153: Josh’s Six Favorite Content Creators
Feb 7, 2017 • 40 min
Who are Josh’s favorite content creators? He’s got the list down to six and presents them today! He almost cries at one point, too.
152: How to Create Content Every Single Day for a Year
Jan 31, 2017 • 34 min
Josh’s wife Kelli joins the show to chat about her daily blogging project ( which she just wrapped up. Josh has a daily blogging project this year too ( so the two of them talk about…
151: “I don’t have a quiet place to shoot my videos. What do I do?”
Jan 23, 2017 • 49 min
This week, we discuss video thumbnails, quiet shooting locations, and of course… government propaganda.
150: “Should I Work on Content that I Personally Disagree With?”
Jan 16, 2017 • 61 min
We are all over the place this week as we discuss whether or not you should work on paid projects that you personally disagree with.
149: “Am I just not cut out for content creation?”
Jan 10, 2017 • 59 min
Are some people just not cut out for content creation? Should your videos take longer than a week to put together? And was there drama on the set of Brother Brother Time Season 2? We discuss these questions and all kinds of other stuff this week on…
148: Our Successes & Failures in 2016 (and Manspreading)
Jan 4, 2017 • 50 min
Kevin & Josh look back on the year that was, and talk about all of their various success and failures. Eventually, the conversation devolves into a discussion about Star Wars and manspreading.
147: How to Make Your Content Stand Out
Dec 27, 2016 • 24 min
This week, Josh does the show solo and offers some encouragement regarding building an audience. Sure, it’s important. But it’s not nearly as important as finding your voice.
146: What We Loved & Hated about “Rogue One” (Spoilers)
Dec 20, 2016 • 94 min
SPOILER WARNING! Yep, Rogue One was a lot of fun, but there are lots of storytelling lessons to take away from it, too. We discuss why the third act worked so well, and also talk about some ways that we believe the film’s first…
145: Kevin Gets an Email from YouTube about the Controversy
Dec 12, 2016 • 63 min
Kevin received an email form YouTube in regards to all of the CONTROVERSY!
144: Is YouTube Broken? Our Thoughts on the Latest “Controversy”
Dec 6, 2016 • 65 min
A lot of big YouTubers are complaining again that YouTube is “broken,” this time because they are losing subscribers and not getting as many views or something. Boo hoo. Also, at the beginning of the episode, Kevin spoils the book/movie “The Shack”,…
143: The Top 3 Cameras & Microphones for Beginners
Nov 29, 2016 • 64 min
Cameras are becoming ridiculously cheap. This week, we discuss which ones are the best for beginners. Microphones, too! We also discuss 4K TVs and camera stabilizers! And a new podcast Kevin is hosting! It’s TUBE much!
142: Making Content You Love (Without Scaring Away Your Audience)
Nov 21, 2016 • 41 min
This week, we talk about how to maintain an audience while still making content you really enjoy. Then, we talk about creating your own background music. Finally, we discuss the best way to mic a musical.
141: My Videos Are Great. Why Am I Not Getting Any Views?
Nov 14, 2016 • 52 min
This week, we talk about ring lights, staying inspired when working on a tough project, and staying consistent when it appears all of your hard work isn’t paying off. We also explain the difference between “HO-” and “HRU!”
140: Mac or PC? Our answer might surprise you!
Nov 9, 2016 • 41 min
Kevin is BACK, and we celebrate the fact that his YouTube channel subscriber count is up to 16 (thousand) now (almost!). We answer questions about the death of Vine, MacBooks, and choosing the best takes when you’re editing a video. We also discuss…
139: How Blimey Cow Got Involved with YouTube’s #VoteIRL Campaign
Nov 1, 2016 • 26 min
Today, Josh tells the story of how Blimey Cow got involved with YouTube’s #VoteIRL campaign, and why it didn’t go quite as they had hoped.
138: Bouncing Back When Your Crowdfunding Campaign Fails
Oct 25, 2016 • 39 min
Kevin’s back! And we answer questions about YouTube Cards and failed Patreon campaigns. Then, we try to help out a guy attempting to get a gaming YouTube channel off the ground. Most importantly though, we figure out how we would introduce the…
137: How I Raised $150,000 to Build My Own App
Oct 17, 2016 • 40 min
Kevin is out sick this week, so Josh is joined by Inner Circle member Gret Glyer. They talk about Gret’s new app DonorSee and discuss the challenges of creating your own app from scratch.
136: Six Tips for Starting an Audio Drama
Oct 11, 2016 • 40 min
Recorded live from Kevin’s back porch using a couple of cheap dynamic mics! This week, we talk all about tips for starting an audio drama.
135: Good Luck Trying to Figure Out How Many People Listen to Your Podcast!
Oct 4, 2016 • 45 min
This week on the show, we discuss YouTube channel names, podcast analytics, and audio interfaces on a budget. PLUS, is being a member of The Inner Circle the best thing ever?! YES!
134: Our Thoughts on the First Presidential Debate (BONUS EPISODE)
Sep 27, 2016 • 46 min
Things get really out of hand in this special, BONUS episode of The Inner Tube where we recap and react to the horrifying and terrible first Presidential Debate.
133: “I Have 8,500 Subscribers, but I Want to Switch Gears”
Sep 27, 2016 • 51 min
Kevin returns from his honeymoon, and we answer questions about switching gears with your YouTube channel, as well as why we changed the way we title episodes of this show.
132: Kevin’s Final Episode (as a Bachelor)
Sep 19, 2016 • 44 min
We discuss a little bit of everything on Kevin’s final episode of The Inner Tube (as a bachelor)!
131: Are YouTubers Being “Censored”?
Sep 12, 2016 • 53 min
We go too deep, too deep about censorship and whether or not YouTube’s new rules are “censoring” YouTubers.
130: Budget Lighting Kits (& Some Webcomic Talk)
Sep 7, 2016 • 25 min
What budget lighting kits do we recommend?
129: Should YouTubers Sue Other YouTubers?
Aug 30, 2016 • 45 min
We talk about some recent YouTube drama. Then, we answer emails about overreaching with your content, and what kinds of things we have at our workstations to help keep us inspired.
128: How to Be Persuasive with Your Content
Aug 22, 2016 • 41 min
We talk about Kevin’s upcoming wedding, his upcoming God’s Not Dead 2 review, and then we spend some time discussing how to be persuasive with your content.
127: Video Outros - How Do You Do It?
Aug 15, 2016 • 32 min
We talk about what would Kevin would have done if a person on the street asked about video outros.
126: Our Top Five Favorite TV Shows of All Time
Aug 9, 2016 • 73 min
We countdown down our top five favorite TV shows of all time!
125: Building a Day One Audience
Aug 1, 2016 • 33 min
Is it possible to have an audience on day one? Probably not, but we talk about it anyway!
124: Talking about All of the Comic-Con Trailers!
Jul 26, 2016 • 54 min
We talk about all of the new trailers that were released at Comic-Con 2016!
123: The One about Internships
Jul 19, 2016 • 40 min
122: I Have a $2,000 Budget. What Should I Buy?
Jul 12, 2016 • 46 min
121: Are You Selling Out By Trying to Make Money?
Jul 5, 2016 • 38 min
120: It’s Okay to Stop Doing Something that Isn’t Working.
Jun 28, 2016 • 49 min
119: When Your Content Doesn’t Meet Your Creative Standards
Jun 21, 2016 • 11 min
Josh does the show Han-style and answers a question about what to do when your content doesn’t meet your creative standards.
118: The Ideal Channel Trailer, 8-Bit Music on Youtube, and Multi-Mic Podcasting on the Go!
Jun 14, 2016 • 29 min
118: The Ideal Channel Trailer, 8-Bit Music on Youtube, and Multi-Mic Podcasting on the Go!
117: Writing a Dramedy, Starting a YouTube Channel When You Have Limited Free Time, & Should You Upload Your Podcast to YouTube?
Jun 7, 2016 • 43 min
117: Writing a Dramedy, Starting a YouTube Channel When You Have Limited Free Time, & Should You Upload Your Podcast to YouTube?
116: What Do You Do When Your YouTube Views Are Down?
May 31, 2016 • 29 min
Jordan Taylor joins us again as we discuss a listener question about dealing with lower-than-normal view counts on your videos.
115: Our Thoughts on the DC TALK CRUISE
May 24, 2016 • 44 min
We announce the first ever Inner Tube Cruise! It’s going to be VERY expensive!
114: Is YouTube Still a Viable Platform for Beginners?
May 17, 2016 • 60 min
We discuss YouTube and whether or not it’s still a viable platform for those just starting out.
113: Kevin’s Movie Facts Dilemma
May 10, 2016 • 53 min
Kevin and I ramble for nearly an hour about anything and everything. We are sorry for this episode.
112: How to Relaunch a YouTube Channel
May 2, 2016 • 39 min
We discuss how to relaunch a dormant YouTube channel on thisweek’s episode of the show.
111: Balancing the Content You Want to Make vs. What Subscribers Want to See
Apr 26, 2016 • 18 min
Balancing the Content You Want to Make vs. What Subscribers Want to See
110: Careers in Film Editing, Professional Email, Lapel vs. Shotgun Mics
Apr 19, 2016 • 44 min
Our first episode with our new mic, the Heil PR-40. Chris Howard joins us today to answer some listen questions. We also talk about Josh’s new channel, Movie Trailer Trash!
109: Informative vs. Fun Podcasts, Crowd Funding Rewards, & Physical Copies of Online Content
Apr 12, 2016 • 38 min
Informative vs. Fun Podcasts, Crowd Funding Rewards, & Physical Copies of Online Content
108: Pro Tools vs. Adobe Audition, Condenser vs. Dynamic Mics
Apr 5, 2016 • 37 min
Kevin had a RUFF weekend with Pro Tools. Plus, we are switching to a different kind of microphone for The Inner Tube!
107: What “Batman v. Superman” Teaches Us about Storytelling
Mar 27, 2016 • 56 min
Major spoiler alert! If you are planning on seeing “Batman v. Superman,” skip this episode until you have! We talk about the latest film from Zach Snyder and discuss what we can learn about storytelling from it.
106: From 500 Subscribers to 100K in One Day
Mar 21, 2016 • 57 min
This week, we talk with the man behind the popular YouTube channel Couch Tomato. He tells us what it’s like having a channel blow up in popularity overnight!
105: Advice for Our Younger Selves, Music Licensing, Video Backdrops
Mar 15, 2016 • 46 min
What advice would we give our younger selves? How do you license music? And should you use a video backdrop for your YouTube channel?
104: Our Experience at the 2016 National Religious Broadcasters Convention
Mar 8, 2016 • 32 min
We went to NRB 2016 in Nashville! Let’s talk about what happened.
103: Instagram Now Allows Multiple Accounts, iPod Touch Audio, Building a Personality Driven Brand
Feb 29, 2016 • 15 min
Instagram Now Allows Multiple Accounts, iPod Touch Audio, Building a Personality Driven Brand
102: Free Podcast Hosting, Making Your Brand Stand Out, Audio Interfaces
Feb 22, 2016 • 47 min
This week, we discuss free podcast hosting, making you brand stand out, and audio interfaces.
101: White Backgrounds, Email Lists, Video Sound Effects
Feb 16, 2016 • 31 min
This week, we talk about white backgrounds, email lists, and video sound effects!
100: The Fine Bros Controversy REACTION
Feb 8, 2016 • 58 min
We talk about the recent Fine Bros controversy. Also, it’s our 100th episode!
099: Selling Cover Songs (without Getting Sued), Rallying People around Your Film Project, Recording Video in Your Car
Feb 1, 2016 • 47 min
Selling Cover Songs (without Getting Sued), Rallying People around Your Film Project, Recording Video in Your Car
098: The State of the CHRIIIIIISSSTTTIIIAAANNNN Film Industry
Jan 25, 2016 • 27 min
We chat about the state of the Christian film industry
097: Why Your First Try Won’t Be that Great
Jan 19, 2016 • 55 min
Kevin returns to the podcast, and we talk about getting started on your creative projects. Plus, we answer a few questions!
096: What Do You Need to Do to Start a Podcast?
Jan 12, 2016 • 13 min
Josh answers a listener question, reads from feedback from last week’s episode, and poses a question to fans of the show.
095: Creatively Promoting a Second YouTube Channel, and Kevin Has TUBE Epiphanies!
Jan 5, 2016 • 75 min
Remember when this was a podcast where we answered questions! Well, that’s what it is again! We’re back baby! Make sure you stay til the end though. Kevin gets really vulnerable.
094: Our PHONIEST Episode Ever! (Looking Back on 2015)
Dec 29, 2015 • 50 min
This episode is for the TRUUUUUUBE fans! Kevin and Josh are traveling for Christmas and couldn’t be in the same place to get an episode done in time. So, they used the app “TapeACall” to record an episode over the phone. We’re not sure what that…
093: What We Loved and Hated about “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (Spoilers)
Dec 19, 2015 • 113 min
Spoiler warning! This week, we review that new Star Wars movie you may have heard about. At just under TUUUBE hours, it’s our longest podcast YET!
092: Our “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Predictions
Dec 14, 2015 • 59 min
We predict what we think will happen in “The Force Awakens.”
091: Protecting Your Time, Patreon Fanbases, Affordable Mics for Shooting Skits
Dec 8, 2015 • 67 min
Protecting Your Time, Patreon Fanbases, Affordable Mics for Shooting Skits
090: YouTube Keeps Changing, Shooting with a Small Crew, Making Your Writing Stand Out
Dec 1, 2015 • 75 min
YouTube Keeps Changing, Shooting with a Small Crew, Making Your Writing Stand Out
089: Changing Your Focus While Maintaining Your Audience & How to Deal with Creative Exhaustion
Nov 23, 2015 • 62 min
Changing Your Focus While Maintaining Your Audience & How to Deal with Creative Exhaustion
088: How Radio Has Changed in the Last 15 Years (THE ACE MCKAY INTERVIEW)
Nov 17, 2015 • 37 min
Josh’s childhood hero Ace McKay joins the show to talk about his experience in radio. You can listen to Ace McKay’s afternoon show here:
087: How to Make a Remix Album
Nov 9, 2015 • 34 min
Kevin chats with the guys who helped him create the M’kalister Park remix album about the process of making it happen.
086: Josh and Kevin Get into a Huge Fight about Spotify
Nov 2, 2015 • 28 min
It’s the most heated debate in Inner Tube history. You could say it’s some INNER TUUUUUBEMOIL!
085: The Inner Tube Listener Survey Results, and Kevin’s Hurt Feelings
Oct 26, 2015 • 40 min
We reveal the survey results for The Inner Tube Listener Survey, and Kevin tries his best not to get his feelings hurt.
084: Free Video Editing Software, the Best Mic Set Up for Three People, Using Snapchat to Build a Platform
Oct 20, 2015 • 52 min
Free Video Editing Software, the Best Mic Set Up for Three People, Using Snapchat to Build a Platform
083: Wearing T-shirts with Trademarked Logos in Your Videos, Spreading Your Content, Editing Software for Windows
Oct 13, 2015 • 36 min
Wearing T-shirts with Trademarked Logos in Your Videos, Spreading Your Content, Editing Software for Windows.
082: Consistent Branding, Engaging Your Audience, Tube Many Puns
Oct 5, 2015 • 49 min
Consistent Branding, Engaging Your Audience, Tube Many Puns The Inner Tube Listener Survey 2015:
081: Best Mic for Recording Piano & Best Mouse for Video Editing
Sep 28, 2015 • 33 min
Best Mic for Recording Piano & Best Mouse for Video Editing (Plus, we talk a bit about copyright infringement)
080: Speaking in Front of a Camera, Professional Quality from iMovie, Quantity vs. Quality
Sep 21, 2015 • 42 min
Speaking in Front of a Camera, Professional Quality from iMovie, Quantity vs. Quality
079: Is Your Script Too Long? Is Your Vlog Too Long? How Do You Handle Your Online Presence?
Sep 14, 2015 • 62 min
Is Your Script Too Long? Is Your Vlog Too Long? How Do You Handle Your Online Presence?
078: Equipment Shopping List, Vocal Rider vs. Compression, Running Out of Ideas
Sep 7, 2015 • 29 min
Equipment Shopping List, Vocal Rider vs. Compression, Running Out of Ideas
077: iPod Touch Video, Explaining YouTube to People Who Don’t Get It, Affordable Cameras for Beginning Vloggers
Aug 31, 2015 • 59 min
iPod Touch Video, Explaining YouTube to People Who Don’t Get It, Affordable Cameras for Beginning Vloggers
076: How Do You Maximize Editing Efficiency? When Should You Take a Podcasting Hiatus? Should You Set Up an LLC?
Aug 24, 2015 • 46 min
How Do You Maximize Editing Efficiency? When Should You Take a Podcasting Hiatus? Should You Set Up an LLC?
075: Capturing Video Game Footage, Green Screens, Engagement on Social Media
Aug 18, 2015 • 42 min
Capturing Video Game Footage, Green Screens, Engagement on Social Media
074: Jordan Taylor Makes His Inner Tube DEBUT!
Aug 10, 2015 • 30 min
Jordan Taylor from Blimey Cow joins the show to help Josh and Kevin answer some listener questions!
073: Is the Shure SM58 a Good Podcasting Mic? Where Can You Learn the Basics of Audio Editing? (And more!)
Aug 4, 2015 • 36 min
Is the Shure SM58 a good podcasting mic? Where can you learn the basics of audio editing? Plus, we are joined by Bobby and Nathan Burns!
072: Lavalier Mics, Recording XRL into Your Computer, YouTube Incorrectly Marking Comments as Spam
Jul 28, 2015 • 23 min
This week, we chat about lavalier mics, recording XRL into your computer, and YouTube incorrectly marking comments as spam!
071: Back to Our ROOOOOTS! (AKA: We Answer Your Questions!)
Jul 20, 2015 • 39 min
Kevin and Josh go back to their roots and answer listener questions. It’s what the show’s all about!
070: An Episode Recorded on ONE Microphone! (Feat. Inner Circle Member Chris Howard!)
Jul 13, 2015 • 31 min
This episode was recorded on one microphone in Kevin’s apartment! Chris Howard (of INNER CIRCLE fame) showed up, too!
069: Interview with the Editor of CinemaSins!
Jul 6, 2015 • 41 min
We sit down for a conversation with the editor of CinemaSins!
068: Josh Loves Premiere Pro, Kevin Loves the Sennheiser MKH 416
Jun 29, 2015 • 46 min
Josh Loves Premiere Pro, Kevin Loves the Sennheiser MKH 416
067: Kevin Strikes Back and Adobe Creative Cloud (2015 Update)
Jun 23, 2015 • 38 min
Kevin returns to the show and HAS WORDS. And we discuss the 2015 Adobe Creative Cloud Update!
066: Should You Record Audio and Video Separately?
Jun 15, 2015 • 16 min
Should You Record Audio and Video Separately?
065: Can You Make Money on YouTube with 1,000 Subscribers?
Jun 8, 2015 • 17 min
Can you make money on YouTube with 1,000 subscribers?
064: Have We Been Wrong about YouTube This Whole Time?
Jun 2, 2015 • 42 min
This week we discuss whether or not we’ve been wrong about YouTube this whole time.
063: Creating Animation without Animation Software
May 26, 2015 • 37 min
This week, among other things, we discuss how to create animation without animation software
062: Is the YouTube Subscription Box Broken?
May 18, 2015 • 25 min
We discuss the problems with the YouTube subscription box.
061: Micing Live Music, Compromising When Collaborating, Getting Great Audio When Live Streaming
May 11, 2015 • 36 min
Micing Live Music, Compromising When Collaborating, Getting Great Audio When Live Streaming
060: Niche Podcasts, Uploading Videos Once a Month, Our Thumbnail Revolution
May 5, 2015 • 46 min
Niche Podcasts, Uploading Videos Once a Month, Our Thumbnail Revolution
059: Pro Tools 12, Music Video Equipment, & Kevin Started a New YouTube Channel!
Apr 28, 2015 • 32 min
Pro Tools 12, Music Video Equipment, & Kevin Started a New YouTube Channel!
058: What Is Phantom Power? Is College Necessary for Content Creators? Should You Run Two YouTube Channels at Once?
Apr 21, 2015 • 37 min
What Is Phantom Power? Is College Necessary for Content Creators? Should You Run Two YouTube Channels at Once?
057: Eliminating Echo from Audio, The Importance of Having Your Podcast on iTunes, Free Editing Software for Creating Thumbnails
Apr 13, 2015 • 35 min
On this week’s show, we discuss how to eliminate echo from audio, the importance of having your podcast on iTunes, and free editing software for creating thumbnails.
056: Mixing vs. Mastering, Vlog Lighting, Why Your Video Looks Grainy
Apr 7, 2015 • 24 min
We chat about the differences between mixing and mastering, vlog lighting, and explain how to make your footage less grainy.
055: Making Money on YouTube, Posting Audio on YouTube, Different Kinds of Mics for Video and Podcasting
Mar 31, 2015 • 33 min
We chat about how (or if) you can make money on YouTube. Also, how to post audio on YouTube, and the different kinds of mics for videos and podcasting.
054: Free Video Editing Software, Visual Effects Community, Using Copyrighted Material on YouTube
Mar 24, 2015 • 29 min
Josh is off for the week, but Kevin and Carmen hold down the fort, chatting about some free video editing software, a visial effects community, and using copyrighted material on YouTube!
053: Starting a Collab YouTube Channel & Best Vlog Video File Practices
Mar 16, 2015 • 42 min
Josh, Kevin, and Bobby talk about how to start a collab YouTube channel, and how best to record vlogs (Multiple files vs. one long file).
052: Song Parodies, Recording over Skype, Tips for Voice Acting
Mar 10, 2015 • 20 min
We chat about recording song parodies, how best to record over skype, and tips for voice acting.
051: Should You Release Your Content Weekly, or in “Seasons”?
Mar 2, 2015 • 8 min
This is a video episode of The Inner Tube, released on Kevin’s channel. Here is the original video:
050: Our First 50 Episodes!
Feb 24, 2015 • 47 min
Josh and Kevin reminisce about the first 50 episodes of The Inner Tube, and how much has changed since the show got started a year ago!
049: Creating Content (on Your Own), Recording Video and Audio Separately, & Purchasing Multiple Cheap Mics vs. One Expensive, Communal Mic
Feb 17, 2015 • 37 min
Josh and Kevin discuss how to make content when you can’t get any of your friends on board, the best way to record video and audio separately, and whether it’s better to purchase multiple cheap mics or one expensive one that all of your podcast…
048: The Future of Pro Tools, the Death of Audacity, and How to Track Podcast Downloads on iTunes
Feb 9, 2015 • 46 min
Josh and Kevin discuss the future of Pro Tools, the death of Audacity, and how to track podcast downloads on iTunes!
047: Splitting Up Longer Content, Audio Format Advantages, Moving Your Platform to a Different Social Network
Feb 3, 2015 • 25 min
Josh, Kevin, and Bobby discuss whether or not you should split up your longer format into multiple parts, the advantages of different audio formats, and how best to move your audience from one social network to another.
046: Custom YouTube URLs, Raw Footage, Best Mic for Voice Overs
Jan 27, 2015 • 32 min
Josh and Kevin talk about changes YouTube is making to the rules governing custom URLs, how long you should hang on to your raw footage, and what the best mics are for doing voice over work.
045: Organizing Your Thoughts, Recommended Content Platforms, Audio Settings for Video
Jan 20, 2015 • 31 min
Josh, Kevin, and Bobby discuss the best ways to organize your thoughts when creating content, the best platforms to releasing your content, and audio settings for video.
044: Reminiscing about Kevin’s College Days
Jan 13, 2015 • 24 min
We are joined by a college friend of Kevin McCreary named Mark Jones, and they reminisce about the old days. Meanwhile, Josh is surprised to find out that Kevin actually has friends!
043: Movie Review on YouTube, Telling an Effective Story, and Character Development
Jan 5, 2015 • 36 min
We talk about movie review YouTube channels, how to tell an effective story, and the dos and don’ts of character development.
042: Animation Software, Subtitling Your Videos, Creating a Website
Dec 30, 2014 • 47 min
Josh and Kevin are back together for a jam-packed episode of The Inner Tube!
041: Merry Christmas from The Inner Tube!
Dec 22, 2014 • 0 min
We will be back next week! Everyone enjoy the holidays!
040: Making Your Podcast Interesting, Podcasting Equipment, Freelance Work
Dec 16, 2014 • 25 min
Josh answers questions about how to make your podcast interesting, what kind of equipment you need to get started, and how best to get started doing freelance work.
039: Vine, Video Editing Productivity, Camera Settings
Dec 9, 2014 • 31 min
We are joined by YouTuber Bobby Burns to chat about the app Vine, video editing productivity, and camera settings.
038: What Have We Learned in 2014?
Dec 2, 2014 • 46 min
We reflect back on the year that was, and look forward to 2015. We discuss lessons we’ve learned, things that have changed, and the impact of Patreon.
037: Increasing Your Audience Retention, Releasing Content Inconsistently, and When to Launch a Patreon Campaign
Nov 25, 2014 • 34 min
Bobby Burns joins us again as we chat about how to increase your audience retention, hwo best to release content inconsistently, and when you should launch a Patreon campaign.
036: The Genius of Christopher Nolan, CinemaSins, and Bobby Burns Hits 50K Subscribers!
Nov 18, 2014 • 18 min
We are joined by Bobby Burns to celebrate his YouTube channel hitting 50,000 subscribers! We also chat about his new shows on CinemaSins’ channel, as well as our (spoiler-free) thoughts on the film Interstellar.
035: Strategies for Writing Consistent Material, Video Backgrounds, and Compensating Composers
Nov 10, 2014 • 38 min
We chat about strategies for writing consisten material, what kind of video background you should use for vlogging, and how best to compensate composers.
034: Who Are Our Favorite YouTubers?
Nov 4, 2014 • 22 min
We talk about creating different kinds of content as a strategy to grow your YouTube channel, and also discuss our favorite YouTubers.
033: Producing Different Kinds of Content, Video Intros, and the Return of Bobby Burns!
Oct 28, 2014 • 24 min
We talk about whether or not you will turn your audience off by creating different kinds of content, and we discuss the importance of video intros. Also, fellow YouTuber Bobby Burns joins us!
032: Recording Audio Outdoors, Building a Fan Base from Scratch, Starting a Career in Audio
Oct 20, 2014 • 38 min
This week, we talk about some tips for recording outdoors, how to build a fan base from scratch, and how to start a career in audio.
031: Pros and Cons of Facebook Video, Connecting with Other YouTubers, Shooting Outside of a Studio
Oct 14, 2014 • 30 min
We discuss the pros and cons of Facebook Video, connecting with other YouTubers, and shooting outside of a studio setting.
030: Render Settings, The Importance of Feedback, Connecting with People Who Share your Interests
Oct 7, 2014 • 30 min
We chat about our video render settings, whether or not comment sections are important, and how to make friends who share your interests.
029: Investing Time in Your Content, Using Copyrighted Music, Promoting an Independent Film
Sep 29, 2014 • 33 min
We chat about how much time you should commit to your YouTube channel, the legality of using copyrighted music, and how to promote an independent film.
028: Should You Start a Second YouTube Channel? What Kind of Podcast Should You Start?
Sep 22, 2014 • 32 min
We talk about whether or not you should start a second YouTube channel if you do different kinds of content. Then, we help a missionary in Africa who is getting started on YouTube. And finally, we give advice to a young entrepreneur who is trying to…
027: Is Our Logo Broken?! And the 48 Hour Film Challenge Winner!
Sep 16, 2014 • 25 min
We talk about our logo and whether or not it’s broken. Then we announce the winner of our 48 Hour Film Challenge!
026: Content without Compromise, Storing Large Files, Treating and Sound Proofing a Room on a Budget
Sep 8, 2014 • 27 min
Josh and Kevin talk about making content you love, while keeping your base happy. Then, they discuss storing large files, and the best ways to treat and sound proof a room on a budget.
025: Microphone Positioning, Sweetening Audio, & After Effects
Sep 2, 2014 • 26 min
Josh and Kevin discuss mic placement for vlogs and sweetening audio. Plus, Kevin’s girlfriend Carmen joins the show to discuss After Effects.
024: Video Monitors, Visual Effects, & Fixing Josh’s Mistakes
Aug 26, 2014 • 29 min
Josh and Kevin talk about video monitors, visual effects, and then correct all of the horrible advice Josh gave last week.
023: Buying a Computer on a Budget, Alienating Your Audience, & Promoting Web Comics
Aug 19, 2014 • 25 min
Josh talks about the best computer for video editing on a budget, how to not alienate potential audiences while still staying true to your convictions, and how best to promote your web comic.
022: YouTube Networks, Vidcon, & Bobby Burns
Aug 12, 2014 • 37 min
Josh and Kevin sit down for a chat with up and coming YouTuber Bobby Burns, who has accrued over 25,000 subscribers since starting his channel four months ago.
021: Getting Your Podcast on iTunes, Customizing YouTube Thumbnails, & Royalty Free Music
Aug 5, 2014 • 21 min
Josh & Kevin discuss RSS Feeds, and how to get your podcast on iTunes. Then, they take some twitter questions about customizing YouTube thumbnails, and how to acquire royalty free music.
020: How to Run a Successful Kickstarter Campaign
Jul 29, 2014 • 34 min
Josh & Kevin are joined by Stephanie Waring, owner of “Juice Nashville,” to discuss how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign.
019: Are Your YouTube Videos Funny? Are They Too Long? How Often Should You Upload?
Jul 22, 2014 • 29 min
Josh and Kevin talk about creating funny content for YouTube, and then discuss the optimal length and regularity of the content you upload.
018: Kevin’s YouTube Set Up
Jul 15, 2014 • 1 min
Today’s episode of The Inner Tube is actually in video form! Video Link: Website Link:
017: Structuring Your YouTube Channel, the First 24 Hours of Your Video Launch, & Audio Advice for Video
Jul 8, 2014 • 27 min
Josh & Kevin answer questions about how best to structure a YouTube channel, the first 24 hours of a video launch, and give some audio advice for video.
016: All about Networking!
Jun 30, 2014 • 23 min
Josh and Kevin are joined again by Torry Martin for a conversation all about networking.
015: Publishers vs. Self-Publishing, Anonymous Blogging, & Torry Martin!
Jun 26, 2014 • 24 min
Josh and Kevin talk with actor/writer Torry Martin about writing!
014: Lightning Round of Questions!
Jun 17, 2014 • 25 min
Kevin deals with separation anxiety by answering a ton of questions submitted via SpeakPipe!
013: A Conversation about Starting Out on YouTube
Jun 10, 2014 • 16 min
Josh and Kevin have an in depth conversation about the struggles and triumphs of starting a YouTube channel.
012: Blue Baby Bottle Test, Kevin is a Freelancer, & Mobile Apps for YOU
Jun 3, 2014 • 26 min
Kevin demos the Blue Baby Bottle, curticy Rob Jorgenson and Kevin and Josh descuss the ramifications of Kevin quitting his day job, and they finally answer a question somewhere in there.
011: Finding Writing Inspiration, 24fps vs. 30 fps, & Dealing with Stress
May 26, 2014 • 32 min
Josh and Kevin discuss ways to find inspiration for your videos, the important difference between 24fps and 30fps when shooting, and how best to deal with stress.
010: Podcamp 2014, Ideal Podcast Episode Length, & Our Favorite Content to Consume
May 20, 2014 • 55 min
Josh and Kevin talk about Podcamp 2014, the ideal length of your podcast episode, and their favorite content to consume.
009: Video Editing Software Advice
May 12, 2014 • 23 min
We talk about the best video editing software!
008: Offensive Content, How to Record Music, and Kickstarter Advice
May 6, 2014 • 29 min
Josh and Kevin discuss how to decide what qualifies as “offensive content,” how to record, and general advice for starting a Kickstarter campaign.
007: Ripping Off Someone’s Content, Backdrops, and Dealing with Criticism
Apr 29, 2014 • 34 min
Josh and Kevin discuss how to tell if you’re ripping off someone else’s content, tips for video backdrops, and how to deal with criticism of your work.
006: Bringing Your Platform to YouTube, Spreading Your Content, & Recording Over Skype
Apr 22, 2014 • 25 min
Josh and Kevin discuss how to bring an already successful platform to YouTube, the best ways to spread content online, and how to record a podcast over Skype.
005: Self-Publishing Music, and How to Decide on a Blog Topic
Apr 14, 2014 • 13 min
Josh and Kevin discuss the best place to self-publish music, and how topic-specific your blog should be.
004: The Pros and Cons of Vlogging, Blogging, and Podcasting
Apr 8, 2014 • 22 min
Josh and Kevin talk about the pros and cons of vlogging, blogging, and podcasting.
003: Cameras and Microphones on a Budget, and Dealing with Money
Apr 1, 2014 • 38 min
Josh and Kevin talk about their favorite cameras and microphones on a budget, and how best to pay those who help you out with your YouTube channel.
002: Online Privacy, Creating Quality Content, and Vlog Lighting
Mar 25, 2014 • 26 min
Josh and Kevin talk about Online Privacy, Creating Quality Content, and Vlog Lighting.
001: Audio Editing Software on a Budget, and Web Hosting
Mar 18, 2014 • 34 min
Josh and Kevin take a look at the best audio editing software that won’t break your wallet, as well as recommend some web hosting sites.
The Inner Tube Promo!
Mar 4, 2014 • 1 min
Josh Taylor, creator of the YouTube channel Blimey Cow, and Kevin McCreary, creator of The Ceiling Fan Podcast, have teamed up to create THE podcast for content creators. Listen here for a sneak peak!