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Bill & Ted's Excellent Podcast
Covering everything related to the Bill & Ted universe, including news, interviews and fun facts. Published by Bill & Ted’s Excellent Online Adventure.

Episode 007 - Chris Matheson
Sep 15, 2015 • 63 min
Chris Matheson joins us to talk about his new book, The Story of God: A Biblical Comedy About Love (and Hate), the origins of Bill & Ted and some exclusive information about the upcoming Bill & Ted 3. Also our featured artist Blue Plasma Orb.
Episode 006 - Kimberley Kates
Feb 22, 2014 • 56 min
Kimberley Kates (Princess Elizabeth in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure) talks about the making of the movie and also opens up about the recasting of the Princesses in Bogus Journey, revealing the truth behind the decision. Also our featured artist Co…
Episode 005 - Arturo Gil - Marc Ferman
Feb 2, 2014 • 52 min
Arturo Gil talks about his new series for The Discovery Channel, Rods n’ Wheels. Marc Ferman of Popcorn Nights talks about the Miami 25th Anniversary Excellent Adventure screening. And our featured artist is Russ Gray.
Episode 004 - Alex Winter’s NY Kickstarter Screening
Jan 25, 2014 • 46 min
Tammy Turner of The Tiara Talk Show joins us to share audio clips of Alex Winter at the Deep Web Kickstarter Excellent Adventure screening in New York. Plus music from featured artist Rappy McRapperson
#003 - The Keanu Code
Jan 13, 2014 • 41 min
We talk with author and artist Bo about his Kickstarter book project, The Keanu Code. Plus music from featured artist Anand Bhatt.
#002 - David Linck, Unit Publicist on Excellent Adventure
Dec 24, 2013 • 58 min
We discuss the filming of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure with the movie’s unit publicist David Linck. Plus music from featured artist Steve Bonino.
#001 - Alex Winter on Deep Web
Dec 11, 2013 • 28 min
Alex Winter joins us to discuss his Deep Web Kickstarter campaign and Bill & Ted 3. Plus the latest news from the Bill & Ted universe.