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Coding Blocks - Patterns, Architecture, Best Practices, Tips and Tricks for Software, Database, and Web Developers / Engineers
Podcast about computer programming and software development so you can learn on the go.
68 – Clean Architecture – Fight for Architecture
Oct 1 • 97 min
Joe learns of our harebrained idea, Michael learns of Eisenhower’s matrix, and Allen explains polyfills as we begin our dive into Uncle Bob’s latest book, Clean Architecture.
67 – Object Oriented Mistakes
Sep 17 • 115 min
Allen brings the dad jokes, Michael unplugs, and Joe gets a second wind as we discuss the anti-patterns found in object oriented programming.
66 – Project Management Anti-patterns
Sep 4 • 125 min
It’s time for another episode as Joe wants to choke a developer, Michael scraps his new social networking platform, and Allen finally learns of dad jokes while we continuing the anti-patterns conversation.
65 – Software Design Anti-patterns
Aug 20 • 124 min
We’ve discussed design patterns too much. Now it’s time for some discussion about anti-patterns as Joe has dark visions about robots, Allen has to take sensitivity training, and Michael picks Arial.
64 – Software Architecture – What is Supple Design?
Jul 27
More Domain Driven Design talk this week: Supple Design, Declarative(ish?) Programming, and Ohio Envy. Sponsors – Use code “CODING BLOCKS” in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section Linode – Use code…
63 – Software Architecture – Explicit Constraints, Processes, Specification Pattern, and more
Jul 9 • 123 min
Know what Joe and Waldo have in common? We can’t find either, as this week, it’s just Allen and Michael to continue the dive into Domain Driven Design.
62 – Software Architecture – Strategic Design and Domain Events
Jun 25 • 118 min
We’re not saying that Michael is Carmen Sandiego. We’re just saying that nobody has ever seen them in a room together. And this week, we don’t know where in the world either are, as Allen and Joe continue the Domain Driven Design discussion without…
61 – Software Architecture – Aggregate Roots, Factories, and Repositories
Jun 12 • 131 min
Stitcher is back and so are we as Michael proves he doesn’t have a career as a rapper, Allen can’t type on his phone, and Joe tweets with famous authors as we continue our dive into Domain Driven Design talking about aggregate roots, factories, and…
60 – Software Architecture – The Domain in Domain Driven Design
May 29 • 101 min
We continue our Domain Driven Design conversation this week as Allen is indecisive, Michael decides for him, and Joe can’t handle the night life.
59 – How to Jumpstart Your Next App
May 11 • 87 min
We’re back with another exciting episode as Michael questions Hollywood, Allen dreams of his Hackintosh, and Joe is surrounded by Star Wars as we talk about how to jumpstart your next app with Michael Crump (@mbcrump) and Clint Rutkas (@clintrutkas).
58 – Why Domain Driven Design
Apr 23 • 92 min
This week, Michael asks his customers about their anemic domain model, Allen talks in front of people, and Joe plays Rocket League as we begin our dive into understanding domain driven design. Are you reading this episode’s show notes via your podcast …
57 – How We Badly Built Stuff
Mar 19 • 98 min
This week we talk about all of the bad things we’ve done while making software. The good, the bad, … oh wait, it compiles, never mind. Want to be part of the conversation? Head over to http://www.codingblocks.
56 – Clean Code – How to Build Maintainable Systems
Mar 5 • 118 min
We’re back with another deep dive into the infamous book Clean Code by Uncle Bob as Joe alters columns, Michael misreads things, and Allen has a positive customer service experience. Care to join in on the conversation?
55 – Clean Code – How to Write Classes the Right Way
Feb 5 • 83 min
This week Allen is troubled by circles, Michael talks like a game show host, and Joe announces it’s twins as we continue our deep dive into the classic Clean Code book by Robert C. Martin.
54 – Clean Code – How to Write Amazing Unit Tests
Jan 22
When and why should you write unit tests, and just how important are they? Take a listen and see what YOU think. Podcast News iTunes: AUS Dan G, bryangrove, Criviere, Kasprs, sulhogar, Niil Ohlin (Neil Ilin) Stitcher Reviews: indiegamer21,
53 – Clean Code – Integrating with Third Party Libraries the Right Way
Jan 8 • 78 min
In this episode we talk about how to insulate your application at it’s boundaries? What in the world does that even mean?! We’re not talking about those boundaries where others aren’t allowed to touch your keyboard (although that’s a real thing).
52 – Clean Code – Error Handling
Dec 27, 2016 • 85 min
This week, we continue our Clean Code discussion as we dive into the joys and pains of error handing.
51 – Clean Code – Objects vs Data Structures
Dec 12, 2016
This week we’re drawing a line in the sand between objects and data structures. Who will win? Take a listen and decide for yourself! For the full show notes visit: Podcast News iTunes Reviews: DelBoyeire,
50 – Clean Code – Formatting Matters
Nov 29, 2016 • 138 min
Ever judged a book by its cover? Of course you have. Ever passed judgement on some code simply because it didn’t look pretty? There’s more to writing code than having it functional and in this episode we dive into the reasons code formatting actuall…
49 – Clean Code – Comments Are Lies
Nov 6, 2016 • 139 min
This week, Michael fails geography, Allen introduces us to Croom, and Joe has to potty as we head into our third installment of the Clean Code series. Want to be part of our Slack community? Sign up @ and say “hi”!
48 – Clean Code – How to Write Amazing Functions
Oct 16, 2016
We continue talking our way through Clean Code, taking a deep look at the building blocks of programming in the quest to write the best functions. Oh, and everybody sings. The original version of the show notes can be found at: http://www.
47 – Clean Code – Writing Meaningful Names
Sep 27, 2016 • 111 min
In this episode, we take our first dive into the book Clean Code by Robert Martin and specifically we talk about writing meaningful names for all things code related. You’ll be amazed at how following some decent rules that you can start naming things…
46 – Caching in the Application Framework
Aug 26, 2016
Storing smaller subsets of data in a faster, closer memory can make astronomical differences in performance. This episode we’re talking about the caching tools and techniques that application frameworks provide.
45 – Caching Overview and Hardware
Aug 12, 2016 • 95 min
In this episode we give a general overview of caching, where it’s used, why it’s used, and what the differences in hardware implementations mean in terms we can understand. This will be foundational to understanding caching at a software level in an u…
44 – Stack Overflow Salaries and Landing the Job
Aug 2, 2016 • 159 min
This week on Coding Blocks, Allen says www as best he can, Joe eats the microphone, and Michael does something crazy as we discuss Stack Overflow’s Salary Calculator and our experiences in landing the job – what to do and what not to do.
43 – Nulls, Procs, and Impostor Syndrome
Jul 4, 2016 • 100 min
This time we’re talking about problems with nulls, stored procedures, and impostor syndrome. Link to Episode 43’s Full Show Notes: News Join us on slack: http://www.codingblocks.
42 – Command, Repository and Mediator Design Patterns
Jun 2, 2016 • 128 min
In this episode we go back to the design pattern well that we’ve been away from for so long. We cover the Command, Repository and Mediator design patterns. It was hard for us to believe, but it’s been almost a year since our last design patterns epis…
41 – Dev Talk: Django, VB vs C#, and Bash on Windows
Apr 18, 2016 • 112 min
This week on Coding Blocks, Joe changes a different kind of string, Allen drools over the Hellcat, and Michael shares his random thoughts. We span a collection of topics including GraphQL framework envy, bash on Windows,
40 – How to be an Advanced Programmer
Mar 19, 2016 • 143 min
Are you an Advanced Programmer? We dig into the final section of Robert Read’s fantastic writing: How to be a programmer. Also, how to cheat at Jira, a lazy butcher and if learning web development is worth it.
39 – How to be an Intermediate Programmer
Feb 27, 2016 • 170 min
In Episode 38, we dug into the first section of the essay by Robert Read on what it takes to be a programmer. In that episode there was a lot of great information on what to expect and what should be expected of you as a developer. In this episode,
38 – How to be a Programmer: Personal and Team Skills
Jan 28, 2016 • 146 min
Talking about the short book “How to be a Programmer”, which covers a huge spectrum of important topics for developers of all levels. The Puddle Poll! Thanks for the share pwright08! News Thanks for the reviews! JKCooper2, CSharpest, Joopkins,
37 – Our Favorite Developer Tools for 2015
Jan 3, 2016 • 113 min
We wrapped up 2015 with another favorites of episode and a chance to win a gray Coding Blocks T-Shirt just by leaving a comment on the show notes page! Tools are anything from hardware, to software or a service that we feel is integral in our daily nee…
36 – The Twelve Factor App: Dev/Prod Parity, Logs, and Admin Processes
Dec 20, 2015 • 100 min
Welcome back to the dramatic conclusion of our discussion on the 12 factor app. This time we’re talking dev/prod parity, logs, and admin processes. Oh, and Call of Duty! News Thanks for the reviews! arathustra, lu S, Seb (from London), S Willowood,
35 – The Twelve-Factor App: Port Binding, Concurrency, and Disposability
Nov 23, 2015 • 74 min
It’s time for more DevOps fun as we continue learning about the Twelve-Factor app. This week we dive into the next three chapters: port binding, concurrency, and disposability.
34 – Toys for Developers
Nov 9, 2015 • 109 min
The holidays are coming sooner than we realized, so we gotta get our wish lists together. After all, no one wants to sit around the Festivus Pole without their favorite dev toys. This week we discuss some of the toys we love,
33 – The Twelve-Factor App: Backing Services, Building and Releasing, Stateless Processes
Oct 21, 2015 • 82 min
We’re headed back to the Twelve-Factor app territory and this time we’re picking up with the next three chapters – backing services, building and releasing and processes. Jump in to get the shownotes and listen to the next three pieces of building a m…
32 – The Twelve-Factor App: Codebase, Dependencies, and Config
Sep 17, 2015 • 73 min
Dipping our toes into the DevOps waters with the Twelve-Factor App. How important is depedency management, and how fired would you be if you accidentally leaked your company’s source code? News We have a new logo!
31 – Javascript Promises and Beyond
Aug 22, 2015 • 78 min
In this episode we dive into Javascript Promises. If you’re used to the olden way of doing an async call with a callback, you’ll definitely want to give this episode a listen as you could improve your mental sanity 10 fold by learning how to use promi…
30 – Design Patterns Part 4 – Adapter, Facade, and Memento
Jul 26, 2015 • 74 min
Part 4 of our design patterns series, this time up it’s Adapters, Facades, and Mementos. Oh, an which tech luminary would make the best head of state!
29 – Hierarchical Data cont’d – Path Enumeration and Closure Tables
Jun 29, 2015 • 69 min
It’s that time again. - This week we answer a question, Allen registers for school, Joe reads some numbers, Michael breaks out the survey results, and Joe cringes at the thought of bidets. It’s time for episode 29! And we thought,
28 – Hierarchical Data – Adjacency Lists and Nested Set Models
Jun 8, 2015 • 98 min
So, how DO you persist hierarchical Data? We discuss two common solutions to this age-old problem: Adjacency Lists and Nested Set Models. Also, Build Atlanta, technical problems, multi-monitor vs ultra-wide, and utilizing gaming mice to up your game.
27 – Your Questions Our Answers SYN-ACK with Packet Loss
May 7, 2015 • 94 min
In this, Episode 27 of the Coding Blocks Podcast, we are answering several questions from our listeners regarding: more frequent episodes, naming of classes / assemblies, Test Driven Development, the differences between MVC and MVVM and a number of ot…
26 – Algorithms, Puzzles and the Technical Interview
Apr 19, 2015 • 86 min
On this episode we discuss algorithms, puzzles and how to approach them when asked to solve one in the interview process. We discuss many of the problems programmers face when being asked to solve these types of problems as well as steps to alleviate s…
25 – ASP.NET 5 – It’s Basically Java
Mar 29, 2015 • 93 min
This week we give away Joe’s stuff, we break up with IE8 like a big boy, Joe and Allen get excited about readme files, and we argue about which is worse: bad code or bad architecture. That and more in this week’s episode where we explore the new bits i…
24 – Delegate all the things!
Mar 15, 2015 • 88 min
This week we tackle one of life’s great quesitons, does Jack Bauer give high fives? Also, we go over everything you need to know about delegates, events, callbacks and closures in .NET. - Big thanks to
23 – Back to Basics – Encapsulation for Object Oriented Programming
Feb 10, 2015 • 67 min
It’s time to get back to basics. It’s easy as a software developer to be working on the latest and greatest frameworks, using the best methodologies, trying out new things. Sometimes it’s a good idea to get a refresher on the very basic fundamentals….
22 – Silverlighting through your College Enumeration
Jan 21, 2015 • 63 min
Coding Blocks Episode 22 is live! Organizing your code, moving from school-work to work-work, the future of Silverlight, and lots of poo-pooing! News Great testing tool suggestions from Anders Bauman: TDDHelper,
21 – Our Favorite Tools
Dec 28, 2014 • 80 min
We gather around the Festivus pole this holiday season and before we get into the Airing of Grievances, we discuss our favorite tools. No, not people. Actual tools. Srsly.
20 – We’re Testing Your Patience…
Dec 15, 2014 • 86 min
I figured this title was appropriate considering it’s been a month since our last episode. We’ve all been incredibly busy so we hope you’ve been patient waiting and maybe, just maybe it was worth the wait!
19 – Design Patterns Part 3 – Iterators, Observers, and Chains, Oh My
Nov 8, 2014 • 63 min
We’re back to the gang of four, continuing with another segment of design patterns. This time we’re talking about some of our favorite Behavioral Design Patterns: Observer, Chain of Responsibilities, Iterator patterns. Also,
18 – You Asked For It
Oct 25, 2014 • 66 min
We’re very excited about ASP.NET vNext, we’ve never been seen together, and a cute little ninja was MEAN to Allen. All that and more in this week’s episode where we attempt to answer some questions.
17 – Got Any Hot Stacks?!
Sep 25, 2014 • 59 min
In this episode, we have a discussion about what type of technology stack you should choose when you go to create your own project whether it be for profit or an open source type of deal. As programmers, we often struggle with balancing our ADHD tende…
16 – Design Patterns Part 2 – Oh behave!
Sep 5, 2014 • 63 min
This week we’re following up on our episode about talking about Creational Design Patterns a few of our favorite behavioral patterns: Template. Strategy, and Null Object. Also, pumpkin spice lattes, Mario’s pants, and a billion dollar mistake.
15 – NDepends on How Good Your Code Is
Aug 10, 2014 • 83 min
This week we’re discussing NDpend, a static analysis tool for .NET. Triage your biggest problems, Prioritize your refactoring, and CYA with real metrics and trend lines. We also discuss hidden nuggets, Pintrest-envy,
14 – Databases the SQL [see-kwuhl]
Jul 24, 2014 • 93 min
Welcome back for part 2 of the podcast about databases. In this half, we discuss several of the things we believe that developers should know about databases. From joins to unions, group by’s and indexing,
13 – All Your Database Are Belong to Us
Jul 13, 2014 • 59 min
Part one of our two part database podcast starts with choosing the RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) and what to do when you run into deficiencies in that particular database system. First and foremost, what’s with the title?!
12 – What do you want to be when you grow up? – #define ME
Jun 22, 2014 • 68 min
“Water Cooler” episode talking about sweet sugary C# kisses, JavaScript as a first language, T-shaped developers, how to get addicted to drugs and…Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Points of Interest Keep the keys!
11 – Design Patterns Part 1 – You Create Me!
Jun 7, 2014 • 97 min
This week we’re tackling the first section of seminal Design Patterns book: Creational Patterns. We discuss factories of factories, “bullet hell” games, pathological liars, and Allen’s lack of voice. Big thanks to @rajsotweet for calling us out and get…
10 – C# 6 and Roslyn – Pour Some Sugar On Me
May 4, 2014 • 93 min
This week we’re taking pot shots from the peanut gallery! We talk about new features in C# 6. What we like, what we love…and binary literals. We also struggle to define Roslyn and BONUS! poetry reading from Michael Outlaw!
9 – Aspectacular with Vlad Hrybok – You down with AOP?
Apr 1, 2014 • 82 min
You down with AOP? This week we’re talking with Vlad Hrybok about his spectacular Aspect Oriented Framework: Aspectacular. Highlights include lots of Design Patterns, Acronyms, Buzzwords and…Duff Beer? ChangeLog Interesting debate about SOLID principle…
8 – Accessories for Programmers
Mar 17, 2014 • 55 min
Q: What do developers love more than developing? A: Expensive accessories!!! This week we’re talking about our Christmas in July lists. Dream keyboards, mouses, office furniture and tablets…oh my! Lots of links below. Click and drool.
7 – SOLID as a Rock!
Mar 2, 2014 • 63 min
This week we tackle the SOLID principles in .NET and discuss the eternal struggle between perfect code and looming deadlines. Please leave us feedback in your Podcasting app of choice! Update: Great comments/debate on reddit!
6 – There’s Something About LINQ
Jan 25, 2014 • 64 min
This week we’re talking about LINQ, what’s so special about .NET, the differences IQueryable and IEnumerable, and another round of “Never Have I Ever”. Oh, and jokes! Download the episode on iTunes or Stitcher and make sure to send us your feedback!
5 – We Still Don’t Understand Open Source Licensing
Dec 27, 2013 • 47 min
This week we’re trying to wrap our heads around open source software licensing. We discuss the main types of licenses (and a few of our favorites!), what it means to violate a license, and take a fun look at a few weird questions.
4 – OWASP and You!
Nov 27, 2013 • 67 min
This week, we talk about OWASP and their list of top 10 application security risks. What they are, infamous examples, and what you can do about it. Download the episode on iTunes or Stitcher and make sure to send us your feedback.
3 – Source Control Etiquette
Oct 11, 2013 • 56 min
This episode is all about source control etiquette. It’s a bit different from the last two podcasts we released and we’d love to hear how you liked it! Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher and make sure to send us your feedback!
2 – Boxing and Unboxing in .NET
Sep 28, 2013 • 33 min
This episode is all about boxing and unboxing. We discuss memory management, the pros (yes, there are a few!) and cons of boxing/unboxing, some of the weird side effects and how to you can avoid it with generics and ToString methods.
1 – I is for Interface
Sep 9, 2013 • 45 min
The good, the bad, and the ugly side of interfaces. We list some minor gripes, their limitations, and some strange gotchas as well as some tips for how we like to (mis|ab)use them. Download the episode on iTunes or Stitcher.