Geek Speak with Lyle Troxell

Geek Speak with Lyle Troxell
How Technology Affects Society and Culture from the Geek Perspective or Bridging the gap between Geeks and the rest of humanity.
Tesla Jacks Equifax’s Ultrasonic Pot
Sep 14 • 59 min
The Geeks discuss the need for a corporate death penalty in light of the Equifax data breach exposing private info of every adult in the US. Don’t worry, they talk about some fun tech too and even drug running. Well, maybe not running since apparently the…
Microwaves and Micro RNA Patch Pacemakers
Sep 8 • 76 min
Doctor Dawn Motyka joins Lyle and Miles in a discussion about genetics, living longer, and of course the tech angle on biohacking.
Babylonian NSA Finds Tiny Antennas at Whole Foods
Sep 1 • 59 min
Followup, Germain team wins Hyperloop race, NSA identified Satoshi Nakamoto, a new mini-antenna tech, Amazon cuts Whole Foods prices, trigonometry found on ancient Babylonian tablet, Autonomous Forklift, Surface Mount Soldiering, and no USB-C cables at…
Maine Votes to Watermark Bullying
Aug 23 • 58 min
Laptops can help kids learn, voting machine security, algorithm to remove watermarks, Bing still going and strong, iOS 11 updates, anti-bullying AI not so good, and more with Miles and Lyle.
Volunteering Yellow Stone Service Worker Rentals
Aug 18 • 59 min
Have a beer with Lyle for a one-man episode of GeekSpeak. Chatting about his recent visit to Yellow Stone and Car rental-fu, Service Workers, CSS Grid Layout, Zuckerberg on Charlottesville, and much more.
Rands on Diversity, Leadership, and No Email
Aug 11 • 72 min
An interview with Michael Lopp (@rands), VP of Engineering at Slack, about the importance of diversity, one-on-one meetings, management vs leadership, no email at Slack, speaking in public, fidget spinners, offer letters, writing, and much more.
Working at Netflix
Aug 4 • 54 min
Brendan Gregg and Lyle Troxell talk about what it is like to work at Netflix. How the culture of freedom and responsibility benefits us as employees and how it doesn’t feel like a culture of fear.
Nordic Passwords are made from Chips, Salt, Fat, Paint, and Zombies
Jul 25 • 58 min
Employees can chip themselves, MS Paint is no more, 1Password focus on funding, Nordic Problems, T-Rex sprint speed, chickens as steady cam, and more Geek News.
Typos Force Arbitration of Big O Notation
Jul 13 • 77 min
AT&T thinks arbitration is awesome. Lyle can’t keep up with the latest Comcast bandwidth. Neilson’s ratings get gamed. The sharing economy doesn’t give back umbrellas. OpenBSD shows the way forward and the geeks put the oh! in to “Big O”.
AIs get Burned Out on AR
Jul 7 • 109 min
Verizon kills Tumblr’s fight for net neutrality, LeVar Burton’s new Podcast-like Reading Rainbow for Adults, AI to create design in code, AI drawing, Not even wrong, being Burnt Out, AR stuff, Words are cool, and a fun post show.
Hamilton Sizes up Interactive Luggage
Jun 30 • 58 min
Gmail stops scanning email, neural networks provide ancient wisdom, 4-4′s don’t measure up, branching narratives, unstable rolling luggage, and the geeks throw away their shot.
Broken Genome Tracks Girl Scouts; Live!!
Jun 28 • 86 min
Recorded in front of a live audience and benefitting Part Hall and KBCZ 90.1 FM, Boulder Creek, CA, we covered broken internet, vegetarianism permanently reshaping the human genome, Amazon buying Whole Foods, new browser tech, Meditation changing your…
Democratic JSON Feeds Humanity
Jun 16 • 51 min
UserLand Frontier is a nearly 30 year old Mac database and scripting app. It only runs on Macs made before 2011. What does Frontier have to do with the Open Web and the democracy? Is there another vision of the web than Facebook and Twitter – how do we…
Sharing Developer Privilege at the Apple WWDC
Jun 9 • 35 min
John Fox and Casey Liss chat about what we as white male developers can do to make the programing community more inclusive and diverse—something Michelle Obama asked of all of us on stage at #WWDC2017. This episode was release, and then re-edited to…
OneLogin Collapses Playground Exit
Jun 2 • 89 min
OneLogin breach, why few people major in computer science, collapsing star to black hole, LIGO finds another pair of black holes becoming one, Travel Mode for 1Password, Parker Solar Probe an introduction, Apple’s Swift playgrounds, wikipedia to https,…
Alternative Energy & Alternative Security
May 25 • 60 min
Electricity abounds without proportional CO2 output, where to draw the line with online comments, and code in uncomfortable places. All this and more with Lyle and Miles in this week in geek news.
Treble the Ransom for Unicode’s Watch
May 19 • 66 min
We chat about Unicode probably too much, but we also chat about a new Android foundation, WCry, Google Email tricks, Graphing Calculator on the outs, Apple’s watch saving your life and a bit more here and there.
Billboard Radiation pulls HandBrake on Antivirus Jobs
May 11 • 86 min
Radioactive Jovian followup, Dallas Sirens followup, billboards for corrupt lawmakers, antivirus software fails, GeekSpeak LIVE, Automation and Jobs, HandBreak compromise, Facebook Interns make bank, Facebook culture, and some Regex love in the post-show.
Correcting Greyhound’s Bug Harassment
May 4 • 88 min
SpaceX awesome, bad dog, WWW for all, Pentagon using Win95, Tesla like Uber, Facebook creepy ads, Cassini images, robots that build, and a post show of Postgres time formats, and more.
China Tutors Uber for Pennies
Apr 26 • 65 min
Web tutorials bake in vulnerabilities, coins suck, China space, Iris scan to pay Galaxy, Uber-lots of Uber, they are worse then coins, use a different search engine, Brave browser, BrickerBot, and Facebook cleaning thoughts. Calls BS on 30 Year Old Whopper AI
Apr 20 • 77 min
The various facets of artificial intelligence, history of telecommunication, how political views are affected by internet access, and how to spot BS effectively. Lyle, Brian, and Miles discuss all this and more in the week’s news.
Linux Bricks Siri with Fake Tractor
Apr 12 • 112 min
iOS Software on Windows 10, Ubuntu lack of Unity, Vis of Linux Kernel Dev, Someone hacked Dallas Sirens, Tech and the Fake Market tactic, beginner’s eGPU guide, Farmers vs Tractor secrets, and a bit about well water woes and coding.
Recycled Rocket Tracks AMPed up Uber
Apr 8 • 87 min
Gender and Race in Tech in Silicon Valley, plus FCC cuts, SpaceX, Enceladus, Eye tracking Piano, AMP is bad, Uber woes, iOS 10.3.1 again, Trump Script, and more news of the week.
Hiring Filesystems to Dig under Borders
Apr 2 • 53 min
Hiring bias, Collage moves to Google, Apple iOS update comes with new File System, Left Socks, Dig Once Bill, Privacy under attack… use a VPN, US Border area, and a bit more about Dedi needing a job.
Martian Spuds Neutral on Daylight Saving Time
Mar 15 • 74 min
Crazy claims vs net neutrality, game of life programing, NASA gets funding for Mars, Potatoes can grow on Mars, Google’s algos lie about onions, Firefox 52 is awesome, Daylight Savings time is Dumb, CIA leak shows encryption works, the new Raspberry Pi,…
Pigeons Hire Robots to Hash Uber
Mar 4 • 102 min
Uber’s faults, pigeons who read, and the breaking of the SHA-1 hashing algorithm, Abagnale on security breaches, AI wins Super Smash Bros, Game Industry against Right to Repair. And a post show about the tragedy in Kansas.