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778: Al Gore Rhythm
Nov 16 • 61 min
So there’s a new 16 inch MacBook Pro but the GMen completely ignore it because frankly, EVERYONE else was talking about it already. Instead they talk about the Goldman Sachs algorithm used to determine credit worthiness for the Apple Card. Sound boring?…
777: IS hardware still important
Nov 9 • 60 min
With all the changes in Apple over the last few years, their BIG growth hasn’t been with phones or computers, but with services and the bottom line is starting to reflect that. The GMen have a lengthy discussion about that and naturally resolve the entire…
776: AppleTV Plus or Minus
Nov 2 • 63 min
Missed last week by accident so we make up for this week with shenanigans and tomfoolery and dare you to tell the difference! Actually lots of tech talk about Gaz’s travels to various Apple Stores and Guy’s dentistry whoas, AirPods Pros, and holy…
775: Watchalolism
Oct 20 • 58 min
10 weeks to go to the 500th podcast! Get your bumpers in for your chance to win a $25 Apple gift card! Oh, we also talk about some stuff, because that’s what we do.
774: To Cat or not to Cat
Oct 12 • 61 min
Guy is back from Texas and Gaz is ready to to multi-task with podcasts. The big question, should you go ahead and upgrade to macOS Catalina or hold off until it’s more mature along with any apps that aren’t ready for prime time.
773: Another Event!
Oct 5 • 57 min
So Guy called me 5 mins before the podcast to say that he wanted to be known by another name today so as per his request I’d like to say hi to Karl. We discuss Apple Arcade and also what we think Apple might bring to another event, that is if they have…
772: What ISN’T working
Sep 29 • 66 min
This refers to Guy installing and playing with macOS Catalina and not a general statement about the GMen and their work ethics…though it could be. Some new stuff and new problems with various Apple gear fill out the remainder of the show and one VERY…
771: Release the Sounds
Sep 22 • 65 min
iOS 13 is out and the GMen have things to way about it. Also Apple Arcade can now be experienced but just on the smallest possible screen. They both also probably want new iPhones, but won’t admit it.
770: Are you getting it
Sep 15 • 69 min
Disasterish birthday and crappy vaca plus too bust at work makes Guy a sad boy, but Gaz and Apple is here to cheer him up with new stuff…that he doesn’t want to buy. The GMen talk a lot about that Apple event because that’s what they do.
769: Relax, don’t do it
Sep 8 • 65 min
Links for Hurricane Dorian relief:!/donation/checkout…
768: Lonely
Aug 31 • 18 min
The show nearly didn’t happen in fact Gaz called out on the Twitters and on Facebook that there would be no show, but this is the show that is and not the show that isn’t. Gaz got his stuff together well as much as he could and put a short something…
767: Don’t be a Knob
Aug 25 • 57 min
The show was almost called something else, but Guy was too confused to do it right, so Gaz rolled his eyes and left it alone. Knob is actually a Bluetooth exploit that Apple has patched, but you still shouldn’t be complacent about it. Gaz’s iMac is also…
766: iBad iMac
Aug 18 • 76 min
What do you get when Apple tells you everything is just fine with your hardware but it still isn’t working? A computer that still isn’t working. In this case, it’s Gaz’s iMac that has a list of potential issues.
765: Shuffling Cards
Aug 11 • 68 min
Getting excited for the new Apple Credit Card, but first the GMen need to get through some odd stories concerning the demise of pets. Why? If you have to ask…
764: Post Macstock 2019
Aug 4 • 77 min
So Macstock for 2019 is over but the drama continues! Guy talks about his experiences getting there and the great time he had, while Gaz’s Mac woes took up much of his time while Guy was gallivanting around.
763: Macstock 2019
Jul 30 • 103 min
Audio from all the livecasts Guy did while at Macstock 2019. David Cohen and Tim Robertson from TechFan, Dave Hamilton from the Mac Geek Gab, David Ginsburg from In Touch with iOS, Allison Sheridan from the NosillaCast, the organizer of MacStock and host…
762: Mastodon is too Gabby
Jul 21 • 62 min
Elephant-ish extinct things in a twitter-like environment. Is it that the GMen projecting? Whatever the case may be, this week’s show is kinda long, but it is the last one before the awesome Macstock 2019! So listen in.
761: Weird Science
Jul 7 • 63 min
The fallout from Jony Ive’s departure from Apple continues….but not very well. The GMen look into some of the more ridiculous stories that have sprung up since the announcements. Also, a new contest for the first time in like forever.
760: Where for art thou Jony
Jun 30 • 57 min
One of the last links to old school Apple is leaving and we are doooooomed. No not really, but Jony is leaving sorta, and the Men are here to discuss that and if you listen to the after show, the latest in VERY casual evening and work wear.
759: Dashboard Drops Out
Jun 23 • 58 min
As we get closer and closer to macOS Catalina, sometimes it’s not about what we gain, but what we lose. Dashboard is one of those things, but seriously, when was the last time you used it?
758: Cheese and Whine
Jun 16 • 55 min
MAN doesn’t the price of the new Mac Pro, Display, and mount get you SO ANGRY?!? Why? If you have to question whether it’s worth it, chances are Apple isn’t trying to see it to you. However upon reflection…that damn mount!
Jun 9 • 68 min
All the WWDC and none of the frilly stuff you don’t want to know, unless that’s what you wanted then…sorry. Livecasting and other things too.
756: Angry Devs
Jun 2 • 53 min
They actually talk very little about WWDC as it will probably have already happened by the time most listen to this. However developers are angry! So VERY angry for…reasons! Also more about chicken…so there’s that.
755: What What Diminished Concerns
May 26 • 55 min
The GMen are back together and this is supposed to be a good thing…you can probably decide that for yourself. They talk about a lot of random stuff and then get into what might be coming for WWDC!
754: Hackingeek
May 19 • 59 min
Gaz arrives back and Guy is now away, will they ever do a show together. Gaz calls a special guest when Gaz realise’s that there’s no Guy on the other end of the Skype call. This week the special guest talk about where Apple might go (well briefly) and…
753: iTunes is dead, Long Live iTunes
May 12 • 59 min
While it might not be EXACTLY dead, it isn’t at all well and guest host Dave Ginsburg from the “In Touch with iOS” and the “Off the Charts Horse Racing” podcasts and Guy have a chat about it. Also tariffs, predators, the new DC Apple Store, and what…
752: The Greening of Tech
May 5 • 50 min
Gaz is off walking (VERY GREEN) while Guy ropes in Karl Madden from the Mac and Forth Podcast to burn off electricity to make a podcast (not at all green). Besides the usual stuff, they talk about what carbon neutral means and doesn’t mean and how power…
751: No Direction Home
Apr 28 • 64 min
OK, listen carefully. There is NO after show in this MyMac Podcast. Seriously…none…zip…nada. We’re actually trying to make a concerted effort to get the show length down, so we naturally easily went over an hour. Maybe later this week we’ll put out a…
750: Another meaningless anniversary
Apr 21 • 64 min
Sure it’s 750 podcasts but the GMen were only around for 465 of them. To celebrate, Guy changes his audio setup…again, Gaz is doing a bunch of traveling, and neither of them like Star Trek Discovery. They take their time making fun of the US Congress,…
749: Apple Watches are swell
Apr 7 • 62 min
A longer show if you include the after show but shorter than the short show from last week if you don’t. Got it? Good. Guy is upset about the AAF shutting down and Gaz is upset that Numbers isn’t Excel. They’re BOTH upset that Apple watches are making the…
748: I don’t believe it
Mar 30 • 57 min
What if Apple had an event and a lot of people didn’t like it? That’s the question Gaz and Guy attempt to answer in this early and supposed to be shorter podcast. However it ended up nearly as long as every other podcast. Well of COURSE it did.
747: Plane Updates
Mar 24 • 72 min
Guy is finally back from his east coast extravaganza where he and Tracey spent a significant amount of time not feeling well. Gaz finally has a music snippet for Gaz’s news snippets, and they discuss all the new Apple hardware. It’s enough to make you…
746: Who’s who?
Mar 16 • 54 min
And the lull ends, so there is an Apple event at the end of March and I think they’ve announced the timings for the WWDC ticket lottery. So the End of March event could have a Who’s who of celebrities turning up, I wonder why? Talking about celebrities as…
745: Where’s my Skype Call
Mar 9 • 68 min
We seem to be in a lull at the moment, and even Guy has decided it’s so quiet he’s going to disappear for 2 weeks, so this week I roped in, I mean I asked and he kindly accepted the invite Nick Spligosh Riley
744: Is it 744 or not Apple
Mar 3 • 60 min
Apples gives and then takes away…layers of confusion and it’s hard to say whether this was a good thing to take or a bad thing to give. Could be both. Meanwhile the GMen don’t dwell on it because of a short attention span and instead talk about ideology,…
743: Analysts…FIGHT!
Feb 24 • 56 min
The GMen are not overly fond of analysts and all their blather, so when two directly contradict each other, it cause for a case of the giggles…or sniffles in Guy’s case. Guy also keeps hearing about ARM-based Macs and Gaz keeps poking him for reactions!
742: Guy is feeling better
Feb 18 • 62 min
No podcast last week because Guy was at death’s door! That’s IF “Death’s door” was sniffling, a little coughing, and making everyone around him miserable by complaining. Come to think of it, many did want to kill him before he felt better. This week…
741: TechQuake
Feb 3 • 52 min
Guy manages to half destroy his mancave and Gaz wants to go museum hopping! Also, Apple sells a lot of stuff but not as much as they promised they would (proooooomised!), FaceTime flaws, and Google/FaceBook did a naughty thing!
740: AiMleSs
Jan 27 • 54 min
Yes the GMen are without direction. Yes, they meander all over the place. No, that doesn’t have anything to do with the show’s title. It’s a not very clever way to bring up a Macintosh Emulator. They also have a non-second section technical talk about all…
739: You got a FRAND in me
Jan 21 • 54 min
There’s a great reason why the show has this name, but Guy can’t remember what it is. What he does remember is that buying stuff at Wish is not typically a wish granted. Gaz is editing his time-lapse videos on an iPad instead of his Mac and hacks and…
738: Shiny Things
Jan 13 • 58 min
It’s traction distraction, what’s your fractions? Guy LOVES microphones and he’s disappointed when a cheap one outperforms an expensive one…especially after he’s bought both! Gaz is distracted by time…and time-lapse. But isn’t time-lapse something that…
737: Insert Airplane Joke Here
Jan 6 • 54 min
So it’s planes, lawsuits, the Queen of England (naturally), iPhone sales in China, time-lapse, and vodka. Especially vodka. And trying to find a cursor…without cursing.
736: Yeah, twas the night before Christmas
Dec 24, 2018 • 55 min
Happy significant milestone that neither Gaz nor Guy remembered until this week everyone! Oh, and apparently a major religion is getting ready to celebrate the birth of the Messiah some 2000+ years later. Man at least the GMen were only a week off! Mr.…
735: Before we were so rudely interrupted
Dec 16, 2018 • 68 min
Gaz and Guy are back after a deserved by someone anyway week off. Almost completely without notes and any kind of structure which leads to hilarious shenanigans. Gaz’s got some stories and Guy just loses it several times.
734: Mac Mini for Pro Problems
Dec 2, 2018 • 63 min
Gaz is away so David Ginsburg from the Off the Charts and In Touch with iOS podcasts joins Guy for what ended up being the third time this week so he’s already tired of Guy’s nonsense probably. All the usual stuff and a discussion over whether or not the…
733: A couple of turkeys
Nov 25, 2018 • 60 min
While this might seem like a redundant statement (the GMen being turkeys), it fits in nicely with that American holiday of over-eating, full contact shopping, and apparently being grateful for something or another. Lots of MyMac stuff as appetizers,…
732: Whats wrong with Wolfie
Nov 18, 2018 • 56 min
A question that can only be answered by listening to the show because their minds work (kinda) in mysterious ways. The GMen run through the news like they were taking a machine gun nest with a take no prisoners attitude…except without the actual fighting,…
731: Apple didn’t respond to a request for comment
Nov 12, 2018 • 61 min
Well they certainly wouldn’t respond to THIS show! Gaz is away and Karl Madden joins Guy which is a good thing because he had all KINDS of issues…tech related. Thought I better throw that in there.
730: It’s the new old stuff show
Nov 4, 2018 • 69 min
Apple renews its old stuff and the GMen are all over it! Well not literally because that would be really uncomfortable but they do talk about it!
729: Touch ID who needs it
Oct 27, 2018 • 48 min
Gaz’s iPhone XR shows up and he likes it but thinks his wife and Lil Gaz will believe it’s too big because size matters. Guy leaves stuff behind, not like anything bad like you should, but valuable stuff because he’s dumb sometimes. Lot’s of Apple stories…
728: More baking, less making
Oct 22, 2018 • 54 min
Guy is still sick, but it’s adding a certain level of…Guy still being sick. Gas fixes his mouse and Mac App Store, and the two of them talk about all kinds of Apple and Mac stuff…because that’s what they do.
727: Plausible Deniability
Oct 14, 2018 • 58 min
Guy is not feeling well and he’s a miserable person when that happens, but it leads to hilarious hijinks! Gaz finally gets an answer from 1Password, but it’s almost indecipherable. And naturally all the usual nonsense you’ve come to expect from the GMen.
726: Watchtastic
Oct 8, 2018 • 61 min
And he’s back yep Karl again steps in to help out as Guy is away sunning himself on his private island retreat that he’s purchased after winning the lottery.
725: Watch this Space
Sep 30, 2018 • 63 min
Gas makes a big purchase and you’ll NEVER guess what it is based on the title for this podcast! And sure they talk about other stuff too because they have to fill an hour SOMEHOW, but that BIG purchase…it’s a mystery!
724: Xsessive Phones
Sep 23, 2018 • 69 min
Gaz and Guy rope Karl Madden back to the show again to talk about iOS 12, new iPhones and watches, another Android phone maker trying to market their stuff off Apple, and where the heck are those AirPower chargers anyway?
723: So no new Macs…OK
Sep 16, 2018 • 74 min
New Apple iPhones and a watch and nary a Mac in sight. Karl Madden from the Mac and Forth podcast joins Gaz and Guy to talk about and listen to Guy whine…I mean speak intelligently about this sad state of affairs.
722: Tar if Feathering
Sep 9, 2018 • 66 min
OK, Tar…if…c’mon tariffs. Alright not my best analogy. Gaz is out on walk-a-bout and Dave Ginsburg of “In Touch with iOS” joins Guy to talk about Shazam, more Alex Jones, and a malware app that acts like…malware and gets you to actually PAY for it.
721: Watch my Rounders
Sep 2, 2018 • 72 min
After a week off for REALLY good reasons (really they were!), the GMen are fresh and ready to go as usual! So, Guy is particularly manic and Gaz is doing his level best to keep him in check which nearly always sometimes never works! They talk a bit about…
720: Hacky Hack Hack
Aug 19, 2018 • 60 min
Guy can’t talk like Arnold without going all French on everyone, Gaz is out of his bedroom, and of somewhat lesser importance some kid hacked Apple and grabbed lots of stuff.
719: Mally Malware is a bad clown
Aug 12, 2018 • 65 min
Hang overs, feeling weirdly normal, and pantomiming River Dances is all part and parcel of this week’s show where apparently they also talk about something serious like malware. Can you sing one song to the tune of another? Harder than it sounds, but is…
718: That’s a lot of zeros
Aug 5, 2018 • 60 min
Guy falls asleep when he could have been podcasting so they record on his wife’s birthday instead because how could THAT go wrong? They toss about Apple’s trillion dollar worth and why it hasn’t also made them rich and Cupertino being all fussed because…
717: The Team is Back
Jul 30, 2018 • 64 min
Gaz and Guy finally manage to be the internets at the same time to record a podcast! What are they effing stupid? A real menagerie of topics in the center section and a LOT about Macstock 2018.
716: Macstock 2018
Jul 25, 2018 • 80 min
A little late getting this out mostly because I was driving home, but it’s a good one! Tim Robertson starts us off with Silent Brooke, then it’s Bob “Dr. Mac” Levitas, followed by Chuck Joiner, and lastly Mike Potter creator of the Macstock Expo.
715: Summer of Duh
Jul 15, 2018 • 62 min
Being the summer of duh fits RIGHT into the GMen’s wheelhouse! So many stories of the obvious and the inane because otherwise, well there wouldn’t be much of a show based on actual events! Motley Fool, Adobe, Subscription services, and new MacBook Pros…
714: Hear us Roar-er
Jul 8, 2018 • 65 min
Gaz watches cars go zoom so Guy grabs Karl Madden from the Mac & Forth podcast to fill in. This will make up for when Guy is Driving to Chicago is a car going zoom on his way to Macstock and Gaz will do the podcast with someone else…maybe Karl. Technical…
713: Unusual Expected Weirdness
Jul 1, 2018 • 48 min
A loooooong delay while we worked on some technical issues on Gaza’s side, but we narrowed it down to three things. Hardware, software, or the internet. So should be easy to narrow down from there. Speaking of the internet, Skype used to be awful, now…
712: Where are all the new Macs?
Jun 24, 2018 • 50 min
So where ARE the new Macs? This and a trip to Boise, analysts critiquing analysts, silly Canadians, and so much more! Join the GMen in a show filled with fun and nonsense! Woo and woo!
711: A watch a watch, my kingdom for a watch
Jun 17, 2018 • 69 min
Guy’s away doing ere stuff! So this week Gaz asked Karl the Man Madden from the Mac and Forth podcast to join him for this weeks madness.
710: Wub a Dub Dub
Jun 10, 2018 • 79 min
So like nearly everyone else, the GMen Talk about the recent WWDC developer’s conference but with their own special spin. They REALLY hope you like spinning because this show ended up being much longer than usual. Gaz also has car troubles and Guy has…
709: The Cost of Privacy
Jun 5, 2018 • 51 min
Gaz is away but Guy is still in the UK zone as Simon Parnell joins him to talk about VPN’s (and why some countries hate them) and data privacy in regards to the EU’s GDPR and the still being debated ePrivacy Act. And just general silliness.
708: The Tired Show
May 28, 2018 • 60 min
Both Guy and Gaz are tired but manage to stay awake long enough to record a show that includes a little bit of Mac news, a few laughs, and Guy’s fiery moments of uncontrollable rage! A few technical glitches make their way in too.
707: Do I Care. No!
May 20, 2018 • 60 min
Gaz is back but this week Guy has gone, that could be good, or equally it could be bad! Don’t panic though has has a guest who he finds out hasn’t been on before, shocker! Simon AKA Serenak joints Gaz and brings some intelligence the the show, finally I…
706: Trillon Dollar Man, well nearly so
May 13, 2018 • 66 min
Gaz is back for at least this week which is great because Guy will be gone next week. Keep this up GMen and you won’t get paid! Meanwhile will Apple be the first company to reach a one trillion dollar market cap? Maybe, but we won’t see any of it.
705: A Lonely Guy
May 6, 2018 • 33 min
Because Guy can barely pay attention to …well anything, he forgot that Gaz wasn’t going to be this week and hadn’t set up to record with anyone else. He talks about seeing the new Avengers flick, Apple financials, and the potential for broken microphones…
704: Lots of iPhones
Apr 29, 2018 • 64 min
Next week is the annual report from Apple when we find out once and for whether or not all those people predicting doom and gloom for Apple are right or wrong. Until next quarter that is. The GMen also talk about updates,Irish tax bills, and the UK’s Year…
703: Dumb Arsed Analysts
Apr 22, 2018 • 64 min
So the GMen are tired of dancing around this, the world is filled with dumb arsed analysts and every media outlet seems determined to give them a platform to speak from. They do the show live (still in testing) on FaceBook, and are very sorry they missed…
702: Ultracrepidarian
Apr 8, 2018 • 59 min
When is an 8th anniversary actually a 10th anniversary? Well…never. Lot’s of Brou-ha-ha over stuff like less apps in the iOS App Store than last year, ARM vs X86, iOS apps to the Mac and lots of little things that lead to a full show.
701: April Fools
Apr 1, 2018 • 57 min
So the countdowns are finally over…or are they? 99 shows to go to Episode 800 and 84 to go to the 500th GMen MyMac Podcast! Nevermind. Guy and Gaz talk about last week’s Apple Education event which other than a crayon and new iPad was a bit of a snoozer.
700: I’m sorry, did you say something?
Mar 26, 2018 • 123 min
So, 400 episodes wasn’t enough eh? Had to take it 700 didn’t you? Well of COURSE we did! Extra long show with Tim wrapped in the middle of a Guy and Gaz sandwich…wait, that didn’t sound quite right
699: Just One Away
Mar 18, 2018 • 60 min
Holy moly, just ONE show away from 700! Actually since you’re reading/listening to the podcast, it is zero shows away. Or something, math is hard. Gaz not here this week, so my son Peter who is the owner of my former Mac Pro to talk about…stuff. We chat…
698: Macstock 2018…TRANSCRIBED
Mar 11, 2018 • 83 min
Getting excited about Macstock 2018? The Men are and they dragged…INVITED Mike Potter and Barry Fulk who just happen to be the driving force behind Macstock on to the podcast to talk about what’s going on this year. They also consented (not forced!) to…
697: We Love-Hate Apple because reasons
Mar 4, 2018 • 71 min
Which pretty much sums up how most people feel about Apple but they don’t have a podcasts and we do! We’re doing a little experiment by also recording video (that will be out later) that hopefully will eventually entice people to sign up to our Patreon…
696: It’s the International Show
Feb 25, 2018 • 58 min
Guy gets a new-wish iMac and has to reconfigure his entire set up which he naturally did like a BOSS! Or like, extremely lucky that anything works at all. All their stories has an international flavor, hence the name of the show, and we getting SO close…
695: 15 equals 51
Feb 18, 2018 • 56 min
Is this some kind of crazy new math? Have the GMen lost their minds? Well, yes but not because of this. Apple makes a disproportional amount of profit as compared to their marketshare, one bad unicode can spoil the bunch girl (Jackson 5 reference if you…
694: Defining Definitions
Feb 11, 2018 • 65 min
The GMen talk about 5G. A subject neither knows much about, but that’s never stopped them before and this time is no different. Gaz is excited about Apple’s HomePod but isn’t exactly sure why and Guy is mad at his dental insurance company but knows…
693: The Adam ad Eve Show
Feb 5, 2018 • 56 min
No nudity is involved (thank God) but there may be a snake or two. Meanwhile the GMen briefly go over Apple’s quarterly results and then tear apart a writer for a certain website that they think is an idiot. And when the GMen think someone ELSE is stupid,…
692: That AI is CRAZY
Jan 28, 2018 • 58 min
You can call me Al, but there’s no point as we’re talking about A.I. Artificial Intelligence, not Aladdin or Chevy Chase from a popular song from many years ago. But Wait! There’s MORE! Chromebooks, HomePods, OS Updates that Guy STILL can’t do, and Apple…
691: Call Micronesia
Jan 21, 2018 • 73 min
What does the Empress Wu Zetian, leap years, and Beretta shotguns have in common? Guy’s wife leaves him…again, but he has a big ass heavy backpack to keep him company, Gaz’s iMac seems slow, Apple will pay more in tax in a single day that no single person…
690: Mistakes were made
Jan 15, 2018 • 59 min
Weird, but the title seems redundant. Micronesia and their Chinese food delivery industry is briefly discussed, another macOS password problem, CES wants Apple…BAD, the US Congress doesn’t understand tech (shocker), and a speaker says that the 4 biggest…
689: The Need for Slow
Jan 7, 2018 • 50 min
Gaz couldn’t make it this week, so David (sometimes known as Brian) Ginsburg from the In Touch with iOS podcast jumped in with very little blackmail involved! They go over the usual stuff and have a talk about the Intel and ARM processor exploits all the…
688: Maybe Good, Maybe Bad
Dec 31, 2017 • 65 min
Last show for 2017 and the GMen knocked it out of the park! Granted it was a pretty small park and slightly run down, but it was knocked out! LOT’S of MyMac articles because they didn’t do it last week and they had some special guests to help with that.…
687: GMenistmas Miracle
Dec 23, 2017 • 27 min
Didn’t want to leave you guys in the lurch for a show so just did a quick one describing our holiday plans mostly. Gaz’s sound much better than Guy’s since he’s cooking for his family (poor family) but does have an iPhone 8+ to play with. All of us at the…
686: iMac Protastic
Dec 17, 2017 • 55 min
There’s a new iMac and it’s a pro model. It frigging SHOULD be with a starting price of $5000. Guy doesn’t like the YoLuke webcam, Gaz DOES like YouTube and neither are in the Christmas spirit until they started talking about Visogoths. Because NOTHING…
685: The End of an Era
Dec 11, 2017 • 53 min
400 episodes of the MyMac Podcast with Gaz and Guy and it only took them 685 episodes to get there! They talk about that also the HomeKit cockup, Amazon getting a little early publicity though they FINALLY get the Prime App out, and Google is less than…
684: Don’t worry be nervous
Dec 3, 2017 • 65 min
Just one more episode until we hit 400 shows! With this being that one more episode. Apple screws up royally on a number of fronts, and the GMen are NOT happy about the FCC’s attempt to destroy Net Neutrality…err..advance the cause of Internet Freedom…or…
683: Bent it like Beckham
Nov 26, 2017 • 59 min
Yeah YEAH! Famous well known footballer references that made lots of money vs the GMen who…do a podcast. It’s OK though because the reference actually has nothing what so ever to do with Beckham but bendable Apple keyboards. Also countries want more money…
682: Visito Parking is Allowed
Nov 19, 2017 • 68 min
A real off the rails show even more so than usual (which is saying something). The GMen can’t even get out of MyMac articles without something going horribly wrong, which is a source of great entertainment. Meanwhile, Apple is pre-loading High Sierra…
681: When i have a problem
Nov 12, 2017 • 49 min
Ever notice how hard it is to describe a problem and solution over audio? Guy never has and attempts to explain his current setup using stone knives and bearskins…or a 2 mix minus setup with a Mac Pro and Mac Mini. Still confused? That will continue even…
680: Winging it
Nov 5, 2017 • 55 min
Just FIVE shows away from what is sure to be an AMAZING 400th episode! Or NOT! In this one though they talk about Apple’s financials and the possibility that the problems the Pixel 1 screen had MIGHT come to bite Apple too. Oh also Meatloaf and Tim Curry…
679: A Dark Mirror
Oct 31, 2017 • 69 min
Gaz is away and Karl Madden is kind enough to jump in. They talk about the double standard of how the tech press treats Apple versus other tech companies. Karl talks about ordering the iPhone X, an Apple Watch with LTE, and health apps. Then weird…
678: 70 is better than 0
Oct 22, 2017 • 79 min
Bad news for Jason Isaacs as 15 minutes of QUALITY talk about his film career is gone after Guy’s computer crashes and crashes hard. So they talk about THAT, KRACK, Facebook and publishing, Malware, and the Mac Mini.
677: Who’s on first?
Oct 16, 2017 • 89 min
6-8 year old Apple Cinema Display looks WAY better that a 2 year old Gateway monitor…duh. Gaz ALMOST has this time lapse camera thing figured out…almost. The Men play a game that has a certain politician’s name but it isn’t about him. SHHH! Don’t tell…
676: The Meh Show
Oct 9, 2017 • 61 min
We have acrobatic cats, mad about wifi/bluetooth/an inexpensive computer that STILL gets a GMan in trouble, intestinal distress, and peeing in parking lots. All before we get out of the intro to the show. AOL shuts down a bit of history, Bionic vs Fusion,…
675: 10 from the Top
Oct 3, 2017 • 46 min
One is at home, the other is on the road. Look at the picture carefully to figure out who is who. Ohio is burning with hot chili and cool peppers. High Sierra is out, the FCC is mad because Apple won’t turn on non-existent radios, and everyone is afraid…
674: Update Hell
Sep 25, 2017 • 77 min
Most updates from Apple go pretty smoothly, some do not. While the updates themselves weren’t an issue for the GMen, Some of the changes in iOS 11 were a little painful. They talk about that and other updates and why you should say “Pawn Shop” very…
673: OICU81X
Sep 18, 2017 • 88 min
Following what is seemingly the never ending stream of guest hosts, Gaz is away and Guy asks Melissa (the MacMommy) Davis to join in on what became one of the most stream of consciousness MyMac Podcasts ever. They talk about the new Apple stuff eventually.
672: While my Podcast gently sleeps
Sep 10, 2017 • 63 min
All kidding aside, please take a moment to give generously to the charity of your choice to help some of those in need after the recent weather related problems. Speaking of weather related problems, Guy’s brother Larry escapes from South Florida to th…
671: And he’s back
Sep 3, 2017 • 63 min
So Guy FINALLY gets off the road and behind the mic to do a MyMac Podcast. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, some still think this is a good thing. Guy talks about his various goings on and Gaz talks and becoming a decorator! Then more talk about…
670: iPad’a go go
Aug 28, 2017 • 73 min
Again Yes again Guy is away but this time helping his Son Move (well that’s what I think he said! Karl Madden from the Mac and Fourth podcast and Alex Fox joins Gaz to go through the usual MyMac nonsense. The first section has a plethora of…
669: iPhone
Aug 21, 2017 • 50 min
This Week Guy is away watching some Sun event or non sun event I don’t know, anyway Karl Madden from the Mac and Fourth podcast joins Gaz to go through the usual MyMac nonsense.
668: Extraction Distraction
Aug 15, 2017 • 61 min
For one week anyway, Guy and Gaz manage to record a podcast. Guy has had two teeth removed by an actual dentist and not by someone he managed to get mad at him and Gaz is really busy doing work and home stuff. Also his purple line issue is resolved. Why…
667: Past that evil thing now
Jul 30, 2017 • 70 min
Second half of the interview with Mike Potter from the For Mac Eyes Only podcast talking about Macstock 2017. We have ALL kinds of minor delay issues which is so annoying, but they don’t let it stop the show…except…when they stop the show and then come…
666: It’s EVIL Don’t touch it
Jul 24, 2017 • 68 min
No matter how many exorcisms you thrown at them, the GMen keep making podcasts and now they’re at show 666. How ever Mike Potter from the For Mac Eyes Only podcast and head guru of Macstock comes on to talk about how the event went and he’s is not evil at…
665: MyMac Geek Gab
Jul 16, 2017
Against Dave’s better judgement, he thought it would be fun to record a combination MyMac and Mac Geek Gab podcast while we’re all here at MacStock 2017! Guy, John F. Braun, and Dave Hamilton all on the same podcast. Next time he’ll listen to that inner…
664: Socked in the Jawbone
Jul 9, 2017 • 66 min
For one week, Gaz and Guy are recording together. Next week, not so much but Guy will be at Macstock so he’ll probably be able to find someone to record with. 2nd part of the Stephen Tobolowsky interview! Jawbone joins Fitbit in the rubbish bin of smart…
663: Technical Issues
Jul 2, 2017 • 64 min
Gaz is off this week, but Guy isn’t alone as he brings back after only 7 years, Stephen Tobolowsky! The interview went long so Guy broke it up into a two parter for this week and next. Stephen talks about how technology has made life easier…and harder for…
662: On the Road, Still
Jun 26, 2017 • 59 min
Guy is heading back from his vacation, white socks and sandals and all, so Gaz roped in Karl from the Mac&Forth show, they go through all the usual stuff and chat about Karl’s iMac and their use of iPads in the middle section, Gaz’s tip is a Menu Bar…
661: Nano Bites and Road sights
Jun 26, 2017 • 53 min
Well the road experiment did work, sorta and we had Gaz on for the first section. Half the time he couldn’t hear us though. So after that, Guy talks to his son Peter and his video partner Jake in creating original content on YouTube on their Nano Bites…
660: Dub-ling Down
Jun 11, 2017 • 72 min
So WWDC is over and done with and the Men were pretty excited about the outcome. How excited? Well in about 20 minutes they’ll go over nearly everything talked about…though in not great detail. Guy changes his audio setup (AAAAgain) and wait till next…
659: Blue Monday
Jun 4, 2017 • 70 min
WWDC has probably happened since you’ve heard this, but the Men have much more important things to talk about. Like outrage at Eddy Cue, Google rigging results in their own favor, and password managers that have been compromised. Also a fun after show…
658: Should I stay or should I go
May 28, 2017 • 81 min
Lots of products that haven’t been updated and WWDC right around the corner. Should have been an interesting topic but it ended up not so much. No matter when Frisian still provides lots of entertainment value!
657: Guyless just Guyless
May 22, 2017 • 66 min
All the podcasts and analysts are getting excited about WWDC, but here on the MyMac podcast we’re not lowering ourselves to that sort of informative level.
656: Analysts agree with Gaz
May 14, 2017 • 62 min
Whether to be be smiling wisely and frightened beyond measure, many analysts are agreeing with Gaz that Apple’s interest in cars is as a service, not in the actual manufacturing of automobiles. Bloomberg wants to talk about tables, Apple makes a big glass…
655: Doomed I tell, DOOMED!
May 8, 2017 • 69 min
Regardless of what we say, Apple is NOT doomed. Especially with over 250 billion in the bank. Which we talk about in this show along with our vacation plans (because we can), Apple competes with Square and Venmo, and Apple has 80% of the smartphone market…
654: It’s the Mally Malware Show
Apr 30, 2017 • 61 min
So yet another piece of Malware that relies on the gullibility of computer users to infect themselves. Are you “that” guy? Apple making chips, but not to serve with fish, free apps extravaganza, and cutting rates to affiliate commissions is bad! Wait, no…
653: Apple’s Autobot
Apr 23, 2017 • 58 min
MyMac Podcast 653: Apple’s Autobot They said it couldn’t be done, but the Men manage to put out a podcast that is UNDER an hour! Apple’s car (or not), The Guardian newspaper drops Apple ads (or not), and Apple is building a space fleet (or not). SO much…
652: Death to iTunes
Apr 16, 2017 • 61 min
MyMac Podcast 652: Death iTunes iTunes is dead. Well not really, but it does seem like Apple is trying to make changes to it, one content category at a time. OS patches, Motion sensing passcodes, glucose monitoring watches, man we’re all over the place…
651: GPUsss
Apr 10, 2017 • 73 min
Well Apple is screwing with our Imagination, wait no, they’re screwing with Imagination Technologies because they are going to use their mobile GPUs anymore. Since that’s a main portion of their business, they have no imagination about what to do next.…
650: Not a Milestone
Apr 2, 2017 • 66 min
Yeah so 650 episodes, big deal. It’s 365 episodes for the GMen a big yawn of a number. Gas has a hurt knee and Guy has a hurt neck so it’s also a big bag of hurt. They talk about Apple’s AR efforts, OS updates, Workflow and whether it’s a coming or a…
649: Hackables
Mar 26, 2017 • 59 min
The Turkish Crime Family have threatened the GMen! Yes, us and 559 million of our closest friends! Well, to be honest they have no idea who we are and we have no idea who they are. Apple knows though and iCloud users are being threatened with the…
648: A Taxing Situation
Mar 20, 2017 • 64 min
Guy and Gaz have a chat about taxes (who pays and who doesn’t), cloud services (who plays and who doesn’t), and how the press sometimes looks at Tim Cook (who neighs and who doesn’t). Also, vacations and repercussions afterwards.
647: Repairing Reputations
Mar 12, 2017 • 79 min
Some reputations can’t be fixed (like the hosts of this show) and some get changed over the course of time. One half the GMen (Guy) discuss this with Karl Madden while the other half (Gaz) is off on vacation. Why? Because he can.
646: It’s all about the Lightning…C
Mar 4, 2017 • 57 min
It’s dawn here in MyMac land except for Gaz where it’s almost noon. We talk about the differences between certain things and Shinola, podcasting while traveling at ludicrous speed, what the iPad might be good for in the future, why the Lightning port…
645: Hell freezes over
Feb 26, 2017 • 74 min
Another show with a variety of topics and longer than usual since we weren’t able to record last week. That’s a good thing right? On a weird note, Guy might be right about something and we’re told we’re a political show. What are the odds of that…
644: Film Flam Scammers
Feb 12, 2017 • 71 min
The GMen are NOT scammers, they just don’t necessarily tell the truth when or if they ever say they’re good podcasters. No, this time it’s about OTHER types of scams that can affect your Mac experience and what to do about it when it happens to you. And…
643: Mac Users up in ARMS
Feb 5, 2017 • 69 min
So, Intel Macs? ARM based Macs? Just what’s coming down the road for Mac users everywhere? The GMen have their opinions which may or may not be based in anything that others consider reality. To be fair though, that’s never stopped them before.
642: Appfus for all
Jan 29, 2017 • 57 min
Appfus? What the heck is Appfus? Sounds like a yummy German desert, but it’s actually something that will affect every Mac and iOS user very soon. Listen in while the GMen say things that may (or may not) be a topic of importance! No, we won’t make a…
641: Crashing Moonshot
Jan 22, 2017 • 53 min
Who doesn’t love to hear about failure? The Men talk about some of the biggest failures to come out of Apple and Google (mostly Google) and are serenaded by a Wookie. Well it sounded like one anyway
640: Still Happy about the Mac…Mostly
Jan 16, 2017 • 66 min
The GMen are “generally” happy about the state of Apple but wish someone other than Tim Cook would be the speaker of new stuff. Lots of feedback and Karl Madden SINGS! Notice how I made it sound like that’s a GOOD thing.
639: FakenewsBlitzaggenTrumpocolypsegate
Jan 9, 2017 • 57 min
A weird show with a weird title that we have a terrible time pronouncing. We’ve got articles from MyMac and all over the Apple web since Apple can’t apparently make anything new for us to talk about. Like iPhone production reduction, Tim’s visit to Wall…
638: New Year, Same GMen
Jan 2, 2017 • 62 min
It’s a new year and Gaz is back and Guy is…still Guy. They talk about Apple Cars, Mac and iOS not merging, how vinyl sales beat downloads in the UK, and Apple passing 20 million subscribers for Apple Music. Lot’s of other nonsense too because that’s what…
637: Merry ChrisHannaKwanzmas
Dec 25, 2016 • 30 min
Ah the joys of the holiday season is upon us so naturally many people are unhappy because they didn’t or won’t get some doodad they wanted! I say, look on the bright side, 2016 is almost over and a more screwed up year might be possible, but I wouldn’t…
636: Moving to new updates
Dec 19, 2016 • 32 min
Short show because there’s no Gaz, just Guy this week. Gaz isn’t here since there’s moving stuff happening. Guy talks briefly about the new updates for macOS and iOS and generally seems lonely (aww sad face). Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAZ!
635: It’s 350 shows! Kinda
Dec 11, 2016 • 75 min
We warned you this might happen and it did. Some 6 and a half years later, the GMen have made 350 episodes since starting all that time ago and you’ve stuck with us. Again, sorry. Besides all the usual stuff, we read out all the reasons why you listen and…
634: It’s three weeks to Christmas
Dec 4, 2016 • 72 min
Will Santa put Tim and Jony on his naughty list for not delivering more Apple stuff? The GMen hope so because it’s so lonely for them at the top of that list. A cornucopia of articles from MyMac that they butcher first won’t help them get off that and…
633: Airport Alternative Black Friday Christmas Trees
Nov 27, 2016 • 63 min
A long title for a short(ish) show. Apple may stop making routers, Jony Ive make a forrest in a hotel, crappy Apple deals, and Frankenstein loves Christmas! How can two men make a show out of such diverse topics? They really don’t know either, and one of…
632: DongleGate
Nov 21, 2016 • 70 min
Just when you thought it was safe to listen to podcasts again, Gaz and Guy get back together. Oh Em Gee, where to start with this show? They talk about dongles, Sal Soghoian’s departure from Apple, lack of a pro focus with latest releases, iPhone 6…
631: Dodgy Slot Car Guy
Nov 13, 2016 • 63 min
We promised or maybe threatened that we would get back to this story and so we have. On an otherwise slow week where talking about the Touchbar…AGAIN would just be boring, Gaz and Guy instead talk about UK Real Estate, dead people on Facebook, and used…
630: Tech is HARD
Nov 8, 2016 • 86 min
Guy has a football game to go to,that American version of it anyway, so the GMen couldn’t find a way to match up the schedule. Fortunately Mark Chappell of the Essential Apple Podcast jumped in to keep that UK US mix happening and of course the show went…
629: Distinctly Disappointed
Oct 31, 2016 • 58 min
What if they had an Apple event and nobody liked it? Well that’s not fair as there were claps aplenty during the event and even the Men are split over whether or not it was a decent event. Gaz thought it was fine, but Guy was not a happy bunny. Somehow or…
628: Completely Unannounced Car Cancelled
Oct 25, 2016 • 64 min
What do you call rumors of a project never announced or confirmed being unofficially cancelled? A funny topic to be thoroughly explored (revoked and denied) by the GMen. Australian banks are all mad at Apple except for the one making lots of money off…
627: Taking Stock
Oct 17, 2016 • 75 min
Lots of little things that Apple seems to be doing wrong. Nothing major, but it’s enough to show there could be a problem. Guy and Gaz take a break from praising to wondering what the heck is going on? Also because there was no after show last week, this…
626: Future Apple
Oct 10, 2016 • 60 min
Gaz and Guy wax poetically about the future of Apple hardware and probably have it all wrong. This has never stopped them in the past so why should this show be any different? Guy also has audio volume issues and is not happy, but again why should this…
625: Hurricane Apple
Oct 3, 2016 • 65 min
What do USB-C, Lightning Connectors, unnamed ARM processors, LuLu, the Archies, Siri speaking, and general tomfoolery have to do with each other? As it turns out, they’re all on this podcast. Doesn’t necessarily make sense, but it IS Guy and Gaz.
624: Looking for Problems
Sep 26, 2016 • 61 min
More like looking for topics. Gaz and Guy have a great time talking about some of the problems they’ve had with the latest releases of iOS and macOS. But it still does down to SIMBL the White Lion errors. Oh and for the last time, Gaz did NOT release…
623: iOmess 10
Sep 19, 2016 • 72 min
High School reunions and other insanity! New phone for Gaz, lot’s of feedback, and a discussion about iOS 10 and a tale of woe with a happy ending.
622: Once more into the Breach
Sep 12, 2016 • 85 min
So there was this Apple event that Gaz and Guy feel obligated to talk about. Guy goes full Sierra, Gaz has his first game, and we all learn about Squirkles. Lots of feedback, an iTunes review and (GASP!) a Skype phone call.
621: What’s Old is New Again
Sep 5, 2016 • 62 min
Gaza is back but about 3 seconds slower than usual. After taking a day off to wait for his ISP to get their heads out of their posterior, they talk a bit about the upcoming Apple event and whether or not an old Mac may fit your life better than a new one.
620: Why all the delay?
Aug 29, 2016 • 70 min
Gaz is off doing stuff, so Guy bribed…coerced…threatened…invited (yeah that’s the word) Karl Madden and Mark Chappell from the Essential Mac and Mac and Forth podcasts to come on. Just so he wouldn’t feel UK deprived you know. The main topic being why…
619: Google Lost Stuff
Aug 22, 2016 • 55 min
Gaz and Guy talk a bit about Google’s lost projects and apps, Samoan/Fiji Rugby, back to school stuff, and storage sheds. Yes it’s been one of THOSE weeks.
MyMac Podcast618: Awwwwdio
Aug 15, 2016 • 65 min
Victor Cajiao whose name gives Guy fits, joins the GMen to talk about audio. Hi end to low cost, there’s a little something for everyone here. Check out his podcast, the Terratech, which is all about tech that goes from mastering audio to how to grill…
617: Service with a Smile - updated
Aug 9, 2016 • 60 min
So after the iPhone, what do you think is the number two money generator for Apple? Macs? iPads? The Apple Watch (yeah right!). Nope, believe it not, it’s Apple’s services including iTunes, iCloud, and many others. The Gmen explore this a bit before…
616: Revenge of Macstock
Aug 1, 2016 • 85 min
A lot of Guy this episode (too much really) as he talks about his experiences at Macstock 2016, before, during, and after. 10 minutes of audio that shall NEVER be heard and the two of them laughing a lot. So back to a regular show then right?
615: Mobile Madness
Jul 24, 2016 • 44 min
Gas is not in this one but lots of other people are including some from OWC, a few MyMac-ers, and a whole lot more all from Guy’s mobile podcasting rig. If you couldn’t be at Macstock, this is just as good. Actually no it isn’t but still fun!
614-5: Just a little bit more
Jul 20, 2016 • 14 min
A Rare mid-week show as Gaz is back to bookend the podcasts from the Macstock Expo except this one is coming out before the other one! Got it? Neither do they, so just sit back and enjoy!
614: Macstock Sleight of Hand
Jul 18, 2016 • 38 min
Guy is at Macstock 2016! Gas id not but Guy figures out sneaky way to have him there virtually. They talk to attendees, speakers, random people walking by and a few other surprise guests.
613: Macstock 2016 Preview
Jul 10, 2016 • 71 min
No Gaz as he’s watching race cars go around in circles. However Guy soldiers on alone in the 1st and 3rd segment but has Mike Potter the creator of the Macstock Expo to talk about all the great speakers and fun coming up in just 5 days. Be there or be…
612: David Coulthard’s Jaw
Jul 4, 2016 • 66 min
Mark Chappell of the Essential Apple Podcast joins Gaz and Guy for a little more than a hour of confusion. This may be the first time they’ve actually recorded more “not in the show” than “show”! They go all over the map about Siri on the Mac, on the…
611: Update Upgrade
Jun 27, 2016 • 66 min
The old question pops up again. Is it better to update your Mac for a new (or newer) one or upgrade your existing one? Apple seems to be making that choice easier these days but in an odd way. Many Macs just simply can’t be upgraded at all. The Gmen talk…
610: So how did we do
Jun 20, 2016 • 85 min
No short show this week, but the center section is filled with WWDC goodness as LIVE right from event, Guy recorded a conversation with Mac to the Future (It’s on FaceBook) Warren Sklar! Also in the first section Guy and Gaz give their own takes on…
609: WW…TGMD
Jun 13, 2016 • 54 min
Two weeks in a row and the GMen manage to get another show out under an hour. Is it kismet? Fate? A lucid and tight conversation between two professionals who know EXACTLY what they’re talking about? You’re kidding right? They do all the usual stuff and…
608: Customer or Product?
Jun 6, 2016 • 61 min
Free stuff is always great right? Except for when it isn’t. Gaza and Guy discuss some of the pluses and minuses-es-es of free online services. The only price you pay for this podcast is listening to it! OH! And there’s a now Patreon link in case you DO…
607: 53 Errors but a Phone ain’t one
May 30, 2016
Back to the usual shenanigans for the GMen who can’t quite figure out one week from another. Then they talk about the ongoing saga of the dreaded Error 53 that some people who have had their iPhone parts replaced and whether Apple’s seemingly lack of…
606: Apple Transport
May 23, 2016 • 67 min
No Guy this week Gaz talk to Karl about what the investment into DiDi by Apple in Chine and whether this could lead to Apple Transport
605: What the GMen want from Apple
May 16, 2016 • 69 min
Guy and Gaz talk about what they would like to see Apple do in regards to hardware, software, services, and haircuts. Well, not haircuts because in Guy’s case what would be the point?
604: So you bought a Mac…now what?
May 10, 2016 • 78 min
Gaz is back on the mic! The GMen discuss the kind of stuff they bought to support their Apple habit beyond the just the Apple stuff. Also college graduations, GoPo pictures, LOT’S of walking and Facebook lickers
603: HMS Appletanic
May 2, 2016 • 89 min
Gaz is off this week so Karl Madden of various other podcasts near and dear to our hearts graciously consented to join Guy on this week’s podcast. Karl, because of your dedication, the photos will not be released to the general public and your check is in…
602: ARM-y Macs
Apr 25, 2016 • 74 min
So there’s Rugby, Broadway shows, messed up MyMac articles, and iTunes rants. That’s just in the first section. The GMen then go on talk about Macs and if there’s the slightest chance of the platform moving to ARM processors. PHEW, I’m exhausted just…
601: The Whole sort of General Mishmash
Apr 18, 2016 • 72 min
The GMen take the lazy way out and instead of having one topic to focus on, kinda jump around to talk about odd bits and pieces. Because having an entire extra week to come up with a decent topic apparently wasn’t long enough. Guy talks a lot about cats…
600: Serenak Asassin’s Flying Circus
Apr 3, 2016 • 83 min
APRIL FOOL’S! No really, those two April fools Gaz and Guy record the 600th MyMac Podcast and the whole center section is devoted to two very detailed emails from Serene Asassin. Plus hijinks and general tomfoolery AND (wait for it) a deeply enlightened…
599: 1 before 600
Mar 28, 2016 • 58 min
MyMac Podcast 599: 1 before 600 So even after nearly an entire show talking about good backup strategy, Guy manages to hose his main user account because he’s…Guy. They talk about that, new Apple stuff, and more bitterness with iPads going to 256GB of…
598: Feeling Loopy
Mar 21, 2016 • 76 min
MyMac Podcast 598: Feeling Loopy One day before the next Apple event and Gaz and Guy spend some time talking about what might be coming up. Then a completely different topic about how (or why) iOS could be the next big desktop OS for Apple…wait. What?
597: Backup or not 2 backups
Mar 14, 2016 • 62 min
So let’s get serious here, no wait it’s Guy and Gaz who don’t usually do serious. However they are talking about a serious subject which is backing up your Mac. You AREN’T backing up your Mac? Good God man Why? Also they get a Skype phone call AND an…
596: Pick up the Mike
Mar 7, 2016 • 63 min
Soooo, yeah more Skype issues with Gaz (does his voice sound naturally deep to you too?) but the GMen don’t let it get in the way (much) with their interview with Mike Potter! Mike is not only the host of the For Mac Eyes Only podcast, but he’s also the…
595: An Event to Remember! Eventually
Feb 29, 2016 • 64 min
So did you hear about the March Apple event? No? Probably because nothing has been announced yet. That didn’t stop the GMen from talking about it though with talk about Apple Watches, Mini iPad Pros, and a 4-inch iPhone that will most definitely be…
594: The Quandry of Pandora’s Box
Feb 22, 2016 • 75 min
So Apple is in a bit of a pickle these days. Seems everyone from the UK to New York to California wants them to create a way to break into iOS devices without the owner’s password. They want it SO bad they’re actually willing to quote an obscure 200+ year…
593: Socially Stupid
Feb 15, 2016 • 50 min
Are there more stupid people these days? It seems the choices are: 1. Yes 2. The internet is better at finding them 3. Some people are so driven to be famous that they’ll do stupid things to be noticed. And yes, the irony is not lost on the GMen. What…
592: I’m Bored
Feb 8, 2016 • 69 min
Guy is off to the wilds of Ohio to watch the Super Bowl with friends, so Gaz coerces James Turner of fame to do the podcast with. The usual stuff is talked about along with a discussion of what they would like to see Apple release or will…
591: Is Apple TV on AppleTV
Feb 1, 2016 • 59 min
We know Apple wants to bundle a selection of television channels, but what if they not only served the content, but owned it too? Guy and Gaz talk about this, as well as recent Apple financials (boring!), megasnowpocolypse (YAWN!), a Skype call (woo!),…
590: By law we have to tell you what this podcast is about
Jan 26, 2016 • 55 min
FINALLY got the show to under an hour but Skype problems and Virgin Media UK makes life hell for thee GMen. Hey why should it only be the listeners that have to suffer? The GMen also talk about the UK, New York, and now California initiatives to force…
589: Ch-Ch-Changes
Jan 19, 2016 • 65 min
Well we lost some good people last week namely David Bowie and Alan Rickman but we don’t give in to being Under Pressure and turn to page 394. Sorry do podcast 589 anyway. Guy talks a bit about the Remix Mini he got last week and Gaz talks about trying to…
588: Remixing it Again
Jan 11, 2016 • 64 min
Gaz and Guy speculate about the future of iOS by talking about a unique version of Android from a company called Jide. What the fork?
587: The WORST of Apple 2015
Jan 4, 2016 • 68 min
Don’t you just get tired of those “Best of” shows? Well the GMen decide to turn that around and instead talk about the worst from Apple in 2015. Boy, talk about the pot calling the kettle black!
Dec 22, 2015 • 85 min
So the holidays are upon us and how better to celebrate than an extra long podcast with crackly bits courtesy probably from Skype! Even though we said we wouldn’t. Fortunately we can blame Karl Madden from the Mac and Forth podcast who joined the GMen…
Dec 15, 2015 • 67 min
Well we finally get the whole 300th episode since Guy and Gaz took over blah, blah, blah so no more about that. Just in time to start hyping the 600th episode of the podcast so, yeah. Guy gets a new mixer, but don’t get too used to it, Gaz gets a new…
584-5: TheMacMommy is angry
Dec 8, 2015 • 78 min
Gaz has some family stuff going on and couldn’t make it this week, so Melissa Davis TheMacMommy agrees to subject herself to the terrors of doing a podcast with Guy. Still no iPad Pro for Guy since apparently AT&T wants to punish him because he’s, well…
584: Must See AppleTV
Dec 1, 2015 • 63 min
So WOULD Apple buy the rights to NFL games on Thursday nights and make them exclusive to the AppleTV? Guy and Gaz talk about this and other examples of how exclusive content has been used to entice people to buy hardware or services. That and all the…
583: Unlife
Nov 24, 2015 • 75 min
The GMen have decided to start making a concentred effort to reduce the length of the shows. Naturally this means that THIS one turned out extra long. Guy buys an iPad Pro and a fun interview with Zack Turner, artist and co-creator of the Unlife webcomic…
582: To ATV or not to ATV
Nov 10, 2015 • 70 min
Gaz is more than happy to let Guy be the guinea pig for the new AppleTV but as it turns out Guy really likes it. Not as much as SOME people (ahem Karl ahem), but it does a lot of what was expected and then some. Is it perfect? Nope, lot’s of room for…
581: Cutting the Cord
Nov 3, 2015 • 71 min
It’s ALL about the AppleTV and where content viewership is heading. The GMen don’t really agree and it probably stems from having two very different viewpoints on just what TV really means being Gaz is from the UK and Guy is from the US. This makes for a…
580: Secrets and Lies
Oct 27, 2015 • 57 min
Guy hosed his iTunes Library trying to move over to his new (old) iPhone 6 Plus and he’s still paying for that blunder with lengthy downloads from Apple. Gaz was busy too with lots of family stuff but they managed to squeeze in the time for a podcast. The…
579: 4/5K nu HDMI
Oct 20, 2015 • 71 min
So Apple has this new stuff just released and the GMen have a rock solid, no holds bared, pedal to the metal, kind of nearly great (but not so much) opinion on all of it. They also talk about Bing Russell and Mary Poppins songs so there’s THAT to…
578: All Together now
Oct 13, 2015 • 71 min
Guy’s setup is back to hardware and everything seems great! Which naturally means that Gaz’s setup is about to go all to hell…which it did. They kept going though and had a quick snap at Elon Musk, why they love and hate El Cap, would Apple ever combine…
577: Apple and your private parts
Oct 6, 2015 • 92 min
Everything that could go wrong with audio and computers today…went wrong with audio and computers today. But Gaz and Guy still managed to get out a podcast no matter how hard updating an OS made it. They also talk about what privacy currently means to…
576: So…two iPhones walk into a bar
Sep 29, 2015 • 70 min
So many wonderful things we COULD have talked about…but didn’t. Instead we get a potpourri of odd things that struck the GMen as worth talking about, so there’s that. Gaz gets paid for a photo, Guy finishes up his latest tech projects, and for some reason…
575: iOS 9…Vuja De?
Sep 22, 2015 • 70 min
iOS 9 is here! Woo! Let the whining and complaining begin! Yes, it caused some problems for some people as pretty much any release of any major operating system will, but over all it seemed to go much smoother than iOS 8 did. We have feedback that tells…
574: Apple event? What Apple event?
Sep 15, 2015 • 81 min
So that big thing happened that everyone is talking about except the GMen…except when they’re talking about it. Guy’s birthday happens and as a gift to himself he’s going to get an iPad Pro which would REALLY put the lead in his pencil but he’s not…
573: You’re touching it wrong
Sep 8, 2015 • 85 min
The week before the big Apple event and the GMen ask Karl Madden from the Mac & Forth podcast ( to talk about…well the new iPhone as they’ve already heard the keynote. Even though it hasn’t happened yet. A Skype call and an…
572: Hey Stirring! Give us some Rent
Sep 1, 2015 • 61 min
So the title makes absolutely no sense but it’s what we have to do to keep your iPhones from freaking out about 30 different times during this show. The GMen talk with Siri about the upcoming September 9th Apple Event and mostly just make her mad. Guy…
571: Don’t you just hate rumor shows?
Aug 25, 2015 • 85 min
Gaz and Guy are back together and end up with a really long show filled with rumor nonsense. Which turns out to be a regular show with them talking about rumors. Also, Pennsylvania hijinks, pressure washers, typical mostly already known UK sayings, and…
570: Security, what is it good for?
Aug 18, 2015 • 69 min
Gaz is here and Guy is not. They really need to get their schedules straight. Fortunately Gaz connived…I mean convinced Bart Busschots from the Let’s Talk Apple and Let’s talk Photography podcasts also part of the Stoplight Network (see what I did there?)…
569: Fixing iTunes, well sorta
Aug 11, 2015 • 87 min
Gaz is back and while this COULD mean all is right with the world, it’s the GMen who are rarely right…with the world. They talk about Gaz’s walks with the missus, Guy’s weird Gettysburg weekend and so much more! Plus they talk to a lot of different people…
568: What are Old Macs good for?
Aug 3, 2015 • 91 min
Still no Gaz and Guy is getting weird. OK, he was already weird so no points for that, but Dave Hamilton from the Mac Geek Gab ( to be on the podcast maybe without realizing just what that means. They have a long discussion…
567: Bad Press
Jul 29, 2015 • 74 min
Gaz is off walk-about so Karl Madden from the Mac and Forth podcast ( joins Guy to keep the UK perspective going. Guy is supposed to keep Karl from Ranting, but nobody seems to be able to stop Guy from doing the same as they…
566: Apple Music Demystified
Jul 21, 2015 • 70 min
The GMen answer every single question you might have about Apple Music. Or at least every question you might think they could answer, so your confusion may still remain after listening. No matter, a fun packed show that you’ll be sorry it’s over, or maybe…
565: Do iPods still make sense
Jul 14, 2015
Gaz and Guy are back in studio (on two different continents but in studio) and have a lot to talk about. Like car races, past tech conferences, using binoculars to take pictures with phones, and some Apple tech stuff which works out well since that’s what…
564: Where are the Pros from Dover
Jul 7, 2015 • 65 min
Gaz is out this episode watching cars go really fast so Guy brings in Gary “Dr. Dream” Apter, a long time listener to the MyMac Podcast and many others. They talk a bit more about the events in Chicago, what they did in tech recently, and then a bit about…
563: LIVE! From Barry’s House
Jun 30, 2015 • 78 min
Faucets! BBQ! Kittehs! The after party from Barry Fulk’s house from Macstock 2015 was amazing! So many people there and even severe thunderstorms and heavy rain couldn’t dampen (see what I did there?) people’s spirits. The GMen have a talk with lots of…
562: LIVE! From Macstock 2015
Jun 23, 2015 • 57 min
A historical event! Or maybe hysterical. Guy and Gaz do a podcast together…uh…together for the very first time at Macstock 2015. A few guests, a lot of laughs, and frankly it’s just the beginning as next week’s show will be from the Midwest Mac BBQ which…
Jun 16, 2015 • 58 min
No Guy as he’s off in Florida doing things a man his age should know better than doing. Gaz carries on with James Turner (of fame) and they talk about the just past WWDC (yawn!) and James Turner’s setup.
560: Wandom Wooties Dwibble Cocktails
Jun 9, 2015 • 70 min
OK a silly title for a silly show. However if you think about how that title MAY fit in with a event that could be taking place (or may have already taken place by the time you hear this) then it all makes sense! Well, not really but the GMen talk about…
559: Sir Jonny’s now a Chief
Jun 2, 2015 • 71 min
Jonny Ive is a chef at Apple! Wait, not chef…Chief! There it is. He’s Chief Design Officer with all the new responsibilities that come with that long distinguished office! Well, hasn’t been around THAT long, and he’s still doing pretty much what he was…
558: A(pple)MD
May 27, 2015 • 70 min
Apple already designs their own ARM processors for their mobile devices, could they do the same for the Mac? The GMen have a bit of chat about this with lots of pre-show feedback from our listeners. The Macstock Expo is on the way and get $10 off the…
557: It’s a short one
May 19, 2015 • 60 min
Gaz is feeling right! Guy is, well, Guy so we all know how that usually works out. They have a great second section topic is which they talk about whether or not Apple doesn’t seem all that concerned about their high-end users. The Macstock Expo is on the…
556: Macstock 2015
May 12, 2015 • 68 min
Because we haven’t talked about it enough, Gaz and Guy devote the entire second section of the show to the Macstock Conference and Expo which is taking place on June 20th in Woodstock, Illinois. This is followed by them also talking about the Midwest Mac…
555: iLife 15
May 5, 2015 • 78 min
LOT’S of links this week because Gaz and Guy are talking about the NEW iLife 15 or would if it actually existed. It doesn’t, but they talk about programs that you can use that does most of the same stuff and in some cases even more. Guy almost lets his…
554: BIG news
Apr 28, 2015 • 63 min
Gaz and Guy are back this week with special guest Mike Potter of the For Mac Eyes Only Podcast. They’re all about the upcoming Macstock Conference and Expo on June 20th in Woodstock, Illinois. Guy has a presentation scheduled and for the first time ever,…
553: Just a Quick One
Apr 28, 2015 • 68 min
Remember how last week it was a short show? This week, not so much. Guy really likes Photos from OS X 10.10.3, but Gaz hasn’t yet pulled the trigger. But Gaz HAS seen an Apple Watch and Guy hasn’t which makes him a jealous boy. They also talk about the…
552: A million Apple Servers screamed, and then were silent
Apr 14, 2015 • 77 min
Remember how last week it was a short show? This week, not so much. Guy really likes Photos from OS X 10.10.3, but Gaz hasn’t yet pulled the trigger. But Gaz HAS seen an Apple Watch and Guy hasn’t which makes him a jealous boy. They also talk about the…
551: April Fools
Apr 7, 2015 • 51 min
A short show this week recorded early (actually on April Fools day) with not much going on. Guy helps his brother Bill, the Maltese Cube script is complete, and Mike Potter of the For Mac Eyes Only podcast asks Guy to possibly put together a talk for a…
550: TV and Bumpers
Mar 31, 2015 • 68 min
Yes, FINALLY Gaz and Guy get to all the great bumpers you people made and pick their favorites. They give a bit on the AppleTV and potential changes for everyone (eventually) in picking the shows and channels you watch, and Guy gets a Drobo while Gaz is…
549: One Port Wonder
Mar 22, 2015 • 67 min
Gaz and Guy are back this week with quite a lot of exciting news like the Maltese Cube audio podcast is still ongoing along with a real actual book version, Gaz is still working on moving his photos around and…well, guess it wasn’t that exciting after…
548: Best of the MyMac Podcast 1-100
Mar 17, 2015 • 44 min
Gaz and Guy are doing Allison Sheridan’s NosillaCast Podcast for her this week so we’re bringing you something special! It’s the Best of the MyMac Podcast shows 1-100 and there’s some great stuff here. There’s the original MyMac Podcast theme, Tim and…
547: It’s all the little things
Mar 10, 2015 • 74 min
Fun show this week if a little obsessed with owls. Guy plays with Photos, Gaz plays records…what? Then they discuss the March 9th Apple event which should already be over by the time you hear this. Also Microsoft’s Office for Mac 2016 and why Java isn’t…
546: Live Long and Prosper
Mar 3, 2015 • 70 min
Both the GMen are sad about the death of Leonard Nimoy and dedicate this podcast to his memory. More stuff about the Maltese Cube, Guy’s son Peter is an extra on House of Cards, Gaz’s mail is still messed up, and Apple is opening two new green data…
Feb 24, 2015 • 76 min
We’re doing the NosillaCast Podcast for Allison on the 15th of March! How will it go? Anyone’s guess, but the smart money is on funny train-wreck. Apple’s instructions for the iBook Store still confuses Guy, but what doesn’t? Gas is super excited about…
Feb 16, 2015 • 75 min
Gaz gets his OWC Thunderdock and Guy rambles nearly incoherently (like we could tell the difference) of trying to get his book into Apple’s iBook Store. Amazon has it but it’s so easy that it isn’t like it’s THAT big of an accomplishment. Gaz talks about…
Feb 11, 2015 • 73 min
Gas is away and James Turner ( jumps into the mix to discuss with Guy what might have been the outcome if Steve Jobs hadn’t left Apple back in 1985. Oh, and Guy talks about being old.
Feb 3, 2015 • 87 min
Who doesn’t like Apple Crumble? We sure do unless the crumble part is Apple hardware, software, or services. We talk about where we think nearly every part of Apple’s Empire is going and whether we like that direction or not.
Jan 28, 2015 • 81 min
Gaz and Guy are in rare form this time around…or maybe not, who can tell? They go into some of the buzz surrounding various governments talking about safe keys to private messaging because we all know that there’s no way if they could do it that no one…
Jan 21, 2015 • 57 min
Gas is away this week so Jodi Spangler from Lakeshore Mac steps in to talk about the types of scams some people try to pull on her clients. Gas did phone in a Gaz’s tip so officially the is STILL a GMen show!
Jan 13, 2015 • 75 min
Peter Jackson couldn’t do it, Tolkien himself couldn’t do it, but Microsoft could and did. They stopped the Hobbits…temporarily anyway. Guy and Gaz finish their discussion on the best time to buy Apple stuff and so much more.
Jan 6, 2015 • 59 min
With the holidays firmly in the rear mirror, Gaz and Guy are back to their usual shenanigans. This time they discuss the best time to buy that new shiny iPod or iOS device.
Dec 31, 2014 • 67 min
So while Gaz is off spending time with his family, Karl Madden from the Mac and Forth Podcast was kind enough to fill in much to his later regret. They talk about their holidays,the Console Christmas hacks, and Kim Jong Un the Glorious Leader of the…
Dec 23, 2014 • 70 min
It’s Christmas, or name your preferred holiday title here, and the GMen are grateful for your continued support and downloads. It’s makes them confused but regardless they do appreciate it. All the usual stuff, plus Christmas tales from years past so…
Dec 16, 2014 • 61 min
Can you believe that nearly 5 years ago, Gaz and Guy started their version of the MyMac Podcast! Can you believe that Tim hasn’t wrestled away the show back from? We sure can’t. However it wouldn’t be a MyMac anniversary show without at least SOMETHING…
Dec 9, 2014 • 69 min
A quiet week filled with no drama beside house burglaries, busted MacBook Pros, and Uni’s that want to close down schools. The GMen begin a multi-part discussion of why people switch from PCs to Macs and we have a new contest! YEAH!
Dec 2, 2014 • 80 min
Gaz has trouble with Pages, iMac and Mac Pro envy, and Guy just has…trouble. They talk about Apple coming back from near death and how in the second section and generally there’s just more GMen tomfoolery on both sides.
532: How did Apple Survive? - Part 1
Dec 2, 2014 • 64 min
Gaz is mad at Apple and iTunes and Guy is mad at McIntosh County. Guy can’t manage to spend money with TMobile for an iPhone 5 and Gaz’s daughter has a lovely voice. What you can’t see how this all ties in with Apple?
531: But it involves goats
Nov 19, 2014 • 63 min
Goats? Yes…goats. We’re not “kidding”. Deal with it. Most of the past technical issues seems to be dealt with, though we’ve all thought that before haven’t we? The GMen give a lecture on what NOT to do when updating and how to clean up iTunes after…
530: Next Week will be AMAZING
Nov 16, 2014 • 61 min
Guy updates to Yosemite which turns out to NOT be a great idea since his recording layout got hosed. Gas is in top form however and teases Guy about his lack of having SoundBoard by using…well…SoundBoard. They talk about Microsoft 365 and options…
529: Quick Thoughts
Nov 11, 2014 • 63 min
Guy is back from the Sunshine State and quickly makes up for lost giggles as he and Gaz discuss CurrentC, GamerGate, Dead Product lines, and why speeding through Georgia at the end of the month is just a bad idea.
528: Apple’s Cash Machine
Nov 4, 2014 • 53 min
Guy’s still in Florida? No probe for Gaz as he gets Karl Madden from the Mac and Forth Podcast to join him. They talk about Apple’s fiscal year and their seemingly unstoppable cash generating machine.
527: Apple Event Mini Minimised
Oct 21, 2014 • 76 min
Guy is enjoying himself somewhere in the State of Florida this week and just gives Gaz time to recompose himself, and a recent guest has kindly accepted the invitation back on. YAY TheMacMommy. Sad Face Gaz as he thinks this might be the last Mac Mini he…
526: Bose gets the hose on the nose
Oct 14, 2014 • 73 min
Beats? Bose? Which one is better or right in this current cat fight? Audiophilles don’t care for either one but the GMen look at the issue and soon decide they wish they had talked about something else. Guy takes the long way home in upgrading a friend’s…
525: Vegemite Sandwich? No Yosemite Sandwich
Oct 7, 2014 • 76 min
The GMen attempt to answer the question, “Can an Operating System be put between two slices of bread?” Well, they really don’t because it’s a stupid question, but they do talk about how to prepare for Yosemite and whether or not it’s a good idea to do…
524: Bend it like Beckham
Sep 30, 2014 • 74 min
Melissa Davis takes a chance in joining the GMen for an episode. Many tried to warn her against it, but she just didn’t believe them. They have a long talk about iPhone bending as well as iCloud issues, Family Sharing SNAFU’s, and general all around…
523: Sad Face
Sep 23, 2014 • 72 min
The sound is good, the time is right, but it’s still the same GMen. Messages somehow confuses my son Peter AND Dave Hamilton for Apple. Yeah, I don’t get it either. The GMen are back to using Google Docs because Apple’s Pages and iCloud is completely…
522: Shawn King just takes the fun out of everything
Sep 16, 2014 • 84 min
Guy can’t leave well enough alone and has (yet again) changed his recording setup. This was nearly a disaster which means that even MORE changes are afoot (so give him a hand…gold clap). Shawn King comes on to talk to the GMen about all the new Apple…
521: Breaking through the iClouds
Sep 16, 2014 • 58 min
Gaz and Guy talk about Apple’s iCloud nude celebrity problems and strangely enough, no one broke into THEIR iCloud accounts looking for naked pictures of the GMen. Bud Lite’s Real Men of Whatever ads make a horrible warbly comeback and you guys put a ton…
520: You say it’s your Birthday
Sep 9, 2014 • 65 min
Another struggle with Guy and audio, but the GMen soldier on! What’s coming from Apple September 9? You have no idea and neither do they, but that doesn’t stop them from talking about it anyway. Guy tears apart a Mac Mini to add memory and a hard drive…
519 - A Tangled Web We Weave
Aug 26, 2014 • 79 min
Guy and Gaz have a nice almost not crazy talk about easy to use website development tools, but before that Gaz gets wet and cold and Guy realizes after the fact that his ISP gave him a cheap slow router with not so good Wifi. Guy takes his son back to…
518: Still need a Mac or PC
Aug 18, 2014 • 72 min
What do you use your Mac for? Or better yet, can an iPad do it as well? Guy and Gaz take a look at what most people use computers for and if they could do most of it on something simpler like an iPad. They also announce the winner of Boinx Software’s…
517: A Potpourri of Stuff
Aug 10, 2014 • 84 min
Well for better or worse, Gaz and Guy are back this week together after a 2 show break with them doing stuff OTHER than the podcast. They’re very sorry but may or may not do it again so there! Being away for so long they had lots of important stuff to say…
516: SSD Loveliness. well we’ll see shall we.
Aug 3, 2014 • 60 min
Guy is off this week and it’s Gaz’s turn to have a guest on. James from joins him and they chat about Gaz fitting an SSD into his Mini, if design has overtaken function, and lots of other craziness. This week there is yet another wonderful…
515: Apple’s fading secrecy
Jul 28, 2014 • 74 min
Gaz is off doing fun family things and Guy managed to grab Karl Madden on to talk about Apple’s policy of secrecy surrounding their upcoming products. They also talk about Apple’s last financial quarter but more importantly, who were the winners of the…
514: New or Used
Jul 20, 2014 • 74 min
Took longer than usual since we had to start over because SOMEONE (or just Guy) said something inappropriate and in poor taste though not on purpose. He’s (Guy) just an idiot sometimes. This is the last week to enter the contest for a copy of LEGO MARVEL…
513: We’re so good we should get paid for it
Jul 15, 2014 • 54 min
Cab you believe the show is under an hour? We sure couldn’t. LOTS of listener feedback, a contest, and a debate on whether or not we should set up a Patreon link for those that might want to contribute to the madness.
#512: Future Apple
Jul 8, 2014 • 72 min
Gaz is off watching cars race that DON’T belong to NASCAR (the HORROR!) but Karl Madden comes on to talk about the future of various Apple products and lots of tangents that Guy went off on (because that’s what he does). You can find Karl’s probably more…
#511: Stormy Clouds
Jun 29, 2014 • 69 min
Gaz and Guy talk about different cloud options for you and at the end you’ll COMPLETELY understand how the cloud works and certainly know what service you want. sha right!
#510: The Eff Eye Are EEE Phone
Jun 24, 2014 • 75 min
Just like we didn’t talk about the World Cup last week, the GMen don’t talk about Amazon’s Fire phone this week. Which means they did but not much. They do talk about the new iMac and what that might mean going forward for the Mac and get lost in old…
#509: Soccerless
Jun 18, 2014 • 71 min
Neither Guy nor Gaz talk about the World Cup or soccer except for where they do. Skype as usual acts up in each segment of this week’s show, but that doesn’t stop Gaz and Guy from their usual hijinks. Greg Holdsworth is bringing back his podcast, “Your…
#508: Apple is the Knight who says BING!
Jun 8, 2014 • 78 min
We get caught up on Guy’s adventure buying a car in Florida and how Gaz gets his iTunes for cheaps! The GMen go over some of what they thought was great from WWDC and then realize they forgot to mention a whole bunch of other things that they SAID they’ll…
#507: No Guy, but we have a special guest!
Jun 3, 2014 • 77 min
Guy is off doing weird Guy things like buying a car in Florida so Gaz tricks…invites Alex Fox on to the show. Lot’s of Google Plus and other listener feedback along with a good discussion on Amazon’s little tiff with Hatchette Press. A bit of talk about…
#506: Stupid App Tricks
May 28, 2014 • 89 min
We have another guest this week as Allister Jenks joins in to talk about all kinds of stuff and all three go into what THEY think are stupid apps. Even bad Skype delay couldn’t deter them.
#505: Red vs Blue (or Black or Green)
May 19, 2014 • 80 min
James Turner ( joins the GMen in a rollicking show that quickly and somewhat willfully gets completely out of control practically from the very start. Gaz has problems with a Time Machine, Guy has a blank screen, and James is questioning his…
#504 - And the Beats goes on
May 12, 2014 • 80 min
Rough week for Guy but he did manage to soup up his son Peter’s new (or old rather) laptop with more memory and an SSD drive. Gaz has apps just made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do. The GMen discuss the Beats maybe deal and what Apple could or…
#503 - Same level of Stupid
May 5, 2014 • 65 min
No show last week because Guy can’t stop messing around with the sound of the show and managed to muck it up beyond all repair. The show this week takes all the things you missed us say last week and puts them here. So it’s like it never happened (waving…
#502 - Winner Winner! Chicken Dinner!
Apr 22, 2014 • 60 min
Back to a regularly scheduled kind of show. Apple’s Home Sharing works great except when it doesn’t and Guy is more hopeful about his sound quality this week. We finally announce the winners of the Bumper contest (see below) and is Apple’s CarPlay…
#501 - Mittens
Apr 15, 2014 • 95 min
No Gaz this week as he gets his revenge on Guy for being gone for MacWorld. Or something like though it may actually just be spending time with the family someplace fun and not about Guy at all. Speaking of run on sentences, Owen joins Guy and they talk…
#500 - About frigging time
Apr 7, 2014 • 81 min
You’ve waited, and waited, and waited some more for the 500th podcast and it’s finally here! No app picks or much about the Macworld Expo this week or stuff from Google plus or Twitter. Gaz and Guy talk a little about playing with organs (the musical…
Macworld Expo day 3 - The gang is all here
Apr 1, 2014 • 60 min
Second day of Macworld but the last day for us all being together. Join Guy, Vicki, Elisa Mark, Eric, and Owen as they yammer a lot about things mostly related to some kind of Tech event…maybe. Then Guy talks to the Jupiter crew at OWC about spaceships…
Macworld Expo day 1! - In the Groove at the Macworld Expo
Mar 28, 2014 • 52 min
It’s day 1 so the gang is in full swing covering the Expo. We complain about hotel WiFi, Guy’s problem remembering things that prevent him from actually doing work, and we talk about some of the developers we saw. Another conversation with Larry from OWC…
Macworld Expo day 1/2! - The preshow…um…show
Mar 27, 2014 • 42 min
Guy is joined by Elisa Pacelli, Vicky Stokes, and Curt Blanchard at the pre show press event the night before the Expo actually opens. We’re all psyched up about being here which will most likely give way to tirred feet and backs before too much longer,…
#499 - So close, yet so far away
Mar 19, 2014 • 79 min
With this being show 499, you’d think the next one would be 500…or the one after that…nope. This IS however the last Gaz and Guy show before the Macworld Expo so get ready for fun. Guy has problems with multiple Apple IDs and has to go to Apple Support to…
#498 - You won’t like me when I’m angry
Mar 12, 2014 • 62 min
Just two…to five or more episodes until the 500th show! Can you feel the excitement in the air? If you can you should most likely go see a doctor since solid emotions in your nostrils is probably not a good thing. A certain group’s proposal (number 9,…
#497 - Monkey in the Middle
Mar 4, 2014 • 62 min
The SSL Exploit for both the Mac and iOS is absolutely nothing to worry about unless you don’t live in a cave, have a Mac newer than a PowerPC, or use the internet. Do or have any of that and you should probably be going for those updates. Gaz is doing a…
#496 - Nothing but net
Mar 3, 2014 • 73 min
Ah it’s that time of year again where everything seems new! Yep, almost time for the Macworld Expo! What did you think I meant? While Guy makes T-Shirts, Gaz is looking for tech gear to keep track of how far he goes. ALL kinds of feedback this week too.…
#495 - Why buy when you can rent?
Feb 17, 2014 • 65 min
Don’t you just HATE buying software and having that feeling of a one time price? Wouldn’t you rather just have to pay less for it each month or it stops working? Gaz and Guy debate this topic with their usual thoughtfulness so you probably shouldn’t…
#494 - Doing it on the run
Feb 11, 2014 • 75 min
Because absolutely no one asked, Guy goes over in detail how he’s going to podcast using just iOS at the Macworld Expo. You’d think he’d have the process pretty much worked out by now. Meanwhile Gaz is excitedly testing rechargeable batteries in Apple…
#493 - Oh iPod, we hardly knew Ye!
Feb 3, 2014 • 61 min
Both GMen are sick this week, well more so than usual so please excuse the occasional cough. So the iPod has dropped more than 50% year over year in sales. Will Apple start pruning or will it be kept around for sentimental reasons? Guy and Gaz have their…
#492 - Happy 30th Birthday Mac!
Jan 29, 2014 • 72 min
The Macintosh is 30 years old and the GMen feel weird that they can remember that far back. They reminisce about first Macs and how they got started in all this stuff. Gaz talks about switching back to the Apple way of 2 monitors and Guy figures out a…
#491 - Ready to be Connected?
Jan 21, 2014 • 75 min
Gaz is BACK! Still not quite 100% but well enough to put with Guy for an hour or so. They go into how they feel not so much much about connectivity from us but TO us? Ready for every company in the world to know everything about you to save a little…
#490 - AWESOME GPS MOVE (in an eety beety living space)
Jan 15, 2014 • 58 min
Gaz is not feeling well, so James Turner (from fame) steps in to keep Guy in line (as if). BIG announcements regarding the 500th podcast! OWC is not only sponsoring some prizes to give to the best Bumper makers, but is also helping Guy go to…
#489 - It’s a NEW YEAR (same old podcast)
Jan 7, 2014 • 57 min
New year, new times, new weather (cold), but the same old GMen. Sorry about that. However there is good news! First off it’s a shorter show than usual and we have a special interview with the woman that does the Siri voice (kinda). Lot’s of G+ stuff, and…
#488 - iOX FaceMessages
Dec 31, 2013 • 74 min
So like chocolate and peanut butter, what could Apple shmoosh together from OS X and iOS to make either better? Oh and apparently Guy and Gaz say some funny stuff. Geez what did you expect? It’s almost Christmas
487: Random Stuff
Dec 17, 2013 • 67 min
OK, so not a lot of things going on Apple-wise so the GMen talk about their FEELINGS. Well not really, but their kids did get a good going over with what they’re up to. Lots of great stuff from you guys over on Google Plus, so they talk about that too.…
486: Android winning market-share…losing the future
Dec 9, 2013 • 71 min
There’s a lot said about Android devices gaining all the market-share, but very little about what kinds of devices these are, or what people use them for. As it turns out, mostly cheap, old, and not all that good for much. Gaz and Guy look deeper into it…
485: 200th show equals…well pretty much what it always is
Dec 4, 2013 • 81 min
We reach our big 200th anniversary is which we do exactly what we do each week! YAY! We finish the interview with Larry O’Connor from OWC, answer some listener feedback, and generally have a good time. The bit at the end is X-Tra (snickt) long this week…
484: With Larry O’Conner from OWC
Nov 29, 2013 • 69 min
Larry O’Conner joins the GMen in a chat about Apple products, what OWC can do to make them better, and what we all think Apple could do to make them easier to upgrade. Not that we’re trying to sell you anything.
483: Trying to do without
Nov 18, 2013 • 63 min
All sorts of tech related problems that have nothing to do with Apple, but are funny so we talked about them. This show is about doing stuff without the normal hardware or software you may think of to do that stuff. Got it?
482 - Where is that EUREKA moment
Nov 13, 2013 • 80 min
New TVs, automobile accidents, HUGE watches that control scoreboards, and iCloud solutions make up quite a bit of this week’s show. The GMen also talk about what’s Cooking (oh so clever seque) over at Apple. Of course a lot of your comments as well along…
481: Gaz is in the Air!
Nov 5, 2013 • 79 min
If you prefer short, concise, well prepared and documented shows, you are gonna HATE this week’s episode. We badger Reggie Ashworth into joining us and that made for a longer than usual podcast. Gaz has a new iPad Air and Guy is VERY jealous (but trying…
480: Mavericks the new OS
Oct 31, 2013 • 64 min
So much NEW stuff that Apple has released! So much recorded stuff the GMen can’t play for you! What do these things have in common? Not much really, but it seemed like hype sells and we wanted in on the action! Gaz likes certain things and Guy likes other…
479: But am I Paranoid Enough?
Oct 24, 2013 • 66 min
Even for us this was an unusual show. It didn’t seem lie it was going to be, but with the GMen you kinda get what you get. Our actual serious discussion is about conflicting tones in Apple’s description of whether or not they can or could or would be able…
478: iOS is made for Business
Oct 17, 2013 • 68 min
Guy has his new iPhone 5S so everyone should be pleased that he’ll stop whining about it now. Gaz is VERY unhappy with iTunes and podcasts so we can rant about that. However he did make a framed picture so less unhappy. Not sure what the scale would be…
477: James Garner would be SO proud
Oct 9, 2013 • 74 min
What does the English vs American way of saying deep fried thin potato slices, a 1950’s era western satire, the possession of current mobile phones, a conversation of potential new features in an operating system, and the regretted consumption of iced tea…
476: They’re on their way, YAY!
Oct 1, 2013 • 73 min
So STILL no new iPhones for either GMan, but it’s looking like Gaz will get his first. Not that Guy is bitter or anything. They can’t remember what the bet was they made that if Guy loses, Gaz punches him in the nose so Guy lucks out there. A discussion…
475: iOS 7, NOT quite a bit of heaven
Sep 25, 2013 • 66 min
It seems both GMen are getting new iPhones. Guy will be seeing his probably sooner than Gaz due to Apple’s unofficial US first policy. Gaz has a tale of woe about Apple’s AppleTV update which seems to have disappeared. They talk about some of their likes…
474: 2 Phones…1 OS
Sep 18, 2013 • 79 min
It’s almost all about the new phones. Guy doesn’t necessarily want one as his 4S is still working well, but ropes his son into the equation so he (sigh) has no choice. Gaz wants one now because of the better camera but ALSO wants a new iPad Mini that he…
472: iPhoto Vs Aperture or A N Other
Sep 3, 2013 • 80 min
Guy is in Florida and Gaz is joined by Bart Busschots, the normal items remain with lots of G+ chat and a few MyMac articles discussed. There’s a middle section where we have a chat about moving from iPhoto to Aperture or maybe another programme. Now will…
471: Surf’s UP! But Guy probably won’t be
Aug 28, 2013 • 79 min
OK Gaz is BACK and the tow GMen will NEVER ever take a week off again! Until next week when Guy won’t be here. Never mind great, very eclectic kind of show this week. Guy and Gaz talk about Fiji, Florida, Surfing, new kids on the block at G+, the ways our…
470: Don’t PANIC
Aug 21, 2013 • 66 min
Gaz takes off a week so Guy ropes in Erick Diaz, a long time listener and contributor to all things great and wonderful about the MyMac Podcast. They have a great conversation about Apple buying Matcha, what the AppleTV could be like if content providers…
469: This podcast sponsored by…
Aug 15, 2013 • 85 min
Hoo HAH! A longer than usual podcast which is great for some of you and not great for others. Sorry or congratulations are in order for either one reason or the other. However it is just smack dab filled with Gaz and Guy shenanigans and tomfoolery. We…
468: General Mishmash
Jul 31, 2013 • 67 min
Gaz is off this week, so Guy roped in…I mean got Paul Shadwell to volunteer to step up to the microphone. Lot’s of diverse topics including different ways to use your AppleTV, a bigger iPad, the iWork/iCloud beta, and the distinct possibility that Gaz’s…
468..I mean 467: Uncle GMen’s Holiday Camp!
Jul 24, 2013 • 82 min
OK, we said 468 a bunch of times but it’s really 467. Blame it on the heat, us being tired, really ANYWHERE other than us personally. Lot’s of good stuff in this show. We go over the tech we bring on holiday, switching to a new ISP, when NOT to use…
466: Just how FABulous is Apple?
Jul 16, 2013 • 62 min
Apple needs to step it up because the GMen have actually starting talking about serious tech issues and we’ll have none of THAT thank you very much. It looks like Apple may be weaning themselves off of Samsung for parts, but just how serious are they?…
465: Playing Devil’s Advocate
Jul 10, 2013 • 72 min
Gaz and Guy are back on the job and this show proves it. So much craziness it almost can’t be contained. Guy doesn’t want to hear about the iWatch, but is interested in a possible less expensive iPhone. Gaz thinks he’s nuts but no real big change there.…
464: Guy is tanned, rested, and ready!
Jul 3, 2013 • 72 min
Guy is back from Florida a little early so was able to get the wherewithal to do a podcast. Gaz however is still exhausted from last week’s show with Will Green so wasn’t able to be here. Bart Busschotts from too many podcasts to list (OK we COULD list…
463: The one without the big Guy
Jun 25, 2013 • 84 min
Guy is away and Gaz chats to Will Green from the British Mac about all sorts of Mac and of course non Mac related items. Do you know why its best not to eat reheated rice, no, no neither do we. We chat about why Apple should create products that are…
462: You’ve been Sherlocked by Mavericks
Jun 19, 2013 • 87 min
OK despite the best of intentions this is another long show. However we don’t think you’ll be bored because Gaz and Guy spend a lot of time discussing really cool stuff and, well make jokes at each other’s expense. So yeah same stuff, just longer. They…
461: WWDCTF!
Jun 12, 2013 • 69 min
Well WWDC is almost upon us and the internets is exploding with thoughts and ideas why someone OTHER than Apple’s executives should be creating new stuff. Naturally about the same number as Ivory Soap’s purity (99.9%) will be wrong. Guy and Gaz would like…
460: Podcasting Patent Trolls
Jun 4, 2013 • 69 min
Guy kinda likes Clams and Gaz is on the Go this week as they get down and dirty with the scourge of innovation everywhere (at least in the USA), the patent troll. Like heffalumps and woozals they shouldn’t exist but they do. If you would like to help…
459: What we want from iOS 7
May 30, 2013 • 66 min
Guy is back this week after a nightmare drive to North Carolina which he whines WAY too much about. Gaz has gone PRO! Well, Go Pro anyway and will sone be up to his ears with video footage of him…walking. The MyMac G+ Plus community gets a lot of…
458: The J-Men Show
May 22, 2013 • 67 min
Before We start I’d like to say RIP Tim Verpoorten he was a massive influence on me when I started podcasting and it is with great sadness that I learnt of his death this weekend. I’d like to dedicate this show to him. No Guy this week, but two very…
457: Renting software
May 15, 2013 • 73 min
If software doesn’t come in a box, is it still your software? Trick question because it was NEVER your software to begin with. Microsoft and Adobe are keen to remind you of that with a monthly fee for their most sought after programs like Office and…
456: A Little bit of this…and that
May 8, 2013 • 59 min
All still quiet of the Mac front as we await WWDC or well, almost anything. Guy strolls down memory lane to a podcast he and Gaz did some 150 shows ago with Actor Stephen Tobolowsky. there’s GoPros, an appearance on the Nosillacast Podcast, and other…
455: 30% profit just ain’t what it used to be
May 3, 2013 • 66 min
Apparently is doomed (DOOMED I TELLS YA!) because while they had nearly 44 billion in sales, a profit of 9.5 billion, and margins of over 37%, it was less billions made in the same quarter last year. So other companies make little to no profit (but have…
454: Baby you can drive my iCar
Apr 24, 2013 • 90 min
Gaz couldn’t be on this week so Guy looked for another Brit to take his place. Will Green worked out so well 2 weeks ago so why not again? And it was just as great this time around with so many off-topic topics that you might forget this is a Mac show!…
453: Jump into the Mosh(er) pit
Apr 17, 2013 • 75 min
Listener Craig Mosher joins the GMen in a discussion of hardware and software for audio because if ANYONE needed advice for audio it’s the GMen. Guy gets a bunch of new SoundBoard clips and makes everyone pay dearly for it. Also if you ever wanted to know…
452: Will Green from the BritishMac Podcast drops by for Tea.
Apr 10, 2013 • 87 min
Did you ever listen to a podcast that you thought was going to go one way but went in another? This one goes in a third, fourth, and possibly tenth direction before never actually settling down. Will Green of the brilliant BritishMac Podcast joins the…
451: C’mon Apple! We want stuff!
Apr 4, 2013 • 66 min
Gaz and Guy actually have a semi-serious conversation about Apple, Microsoft, Google, and people’s perception of them as enemies. See if you can guess how long the serious part lasted? There’s also a new quick contest in support of fellow MyMac writer…
450: Clone Wars begun they have (almost)
Mar 27, 2013 • 75 min
Can a Mac be a Mac if it doesn’t come from Apple? Quo Computers would like you to test this personally. Guy and Gaz go over the pros (and cons) of having a computer running OS X that doesn’t have an fruity logo. Also TONS of feedback regarding our 3rd…
449: 3 Years of the GMen
Mar 20, 2013 • 68 min
Gaz and Guy have been at it for 3 years and no signs of slowing down. What is it about these two people that keep you coming back each week? Their charm? Their intelligence? Their ever so thoughtful insights into the world of Apple? Nah, must be the…
448: Private Matters
Mar 14, 2013 • 67 min
You got to admit it’s eating better, a little better all the time (it can’t get no worse)! Yep, slowly but surely we’re sorting it out and eventually we’ll really have something…that sounded like it did before it got all screwed up. This week along with…
447: NOT back to the Future
Mar 7, 2013 • 69 min
AAAAND our audio issues continue. This time it’s an odd crackle coming from Gaz. Sigh, still a work in progress folks. This week we have a discussion about why what happened to Apple in the 90’s won’t happen again no matter how many parallel’s to it the…
446: 134th’s time the charm
Feb 27, 2013 • 63 min
Gaz is REALLY cheesed off at O2 and Guy finally, maybe, just perhaps has Audio Hijack Pro, Skype, GarageBand, and SoundBoard set up so that it will all work correctly without a single problem! Sheyeah right. Big discussion about Google’s Pixel…
445: Apple’s Future
Feb 20, 2013 • 79 min
Guy and Gaz are finally back together to record a podcast after a few weeks and shake some of the rust off. Guy HATES the way he sounds and this caused a delay since his fix actually made it worse (surprise). Then the GMen talk (and disagree) on where…
444: And it’s all over now
Feb 13, 2013 • 79 min
Macworld is over and Guy is finally home from all his weary travels. Gaz couldn’t make it due to family obligations so original host Tim Robertson now on Tech Fan jumps in to keep Guy from sounding weird…or is that even possible? Tim’s views on the future…
443: Macworld Expo / iWorld Day 3
Feb 8, 2013 • 75 min
So the Macworld Expo ends for another year. Guy couldn’t find Julie Kuehl to podcast with so he did a short solo show in the press room. While we wish the fun times could go on forever, we’re all too tired to go another day.
442: Macworld Expo 2013 iWorld Day 2
Feb 2, 2013 • 49 min
It’s the end of day 2 at the Macworld Expo and Elisa, Guy, Julie, Vicki get together to talk about the events of the day. Owen Rubin also shows up so Guy doesn’t feel so overwhelmed by all the ladies. Big thanks to Blue Microphone for lending Guy the Blue…
441: Macworld Expo 2013 iWorld Day 1
Feb 1, 2013 • 54 min
Elisa, Guy, Julie, and Vicky get together at the end of the day. Tired and sore, but sitting down to talk about their experiences at Macworld 2013. It’s been an interesting show so far. Ashton Kutcher does an exclusive interview (no he doesn’t) to talk…
440: Where’s my Apple Remote
Jan 28, 2013 • 56 min
So no Guy as he’s still travelling to California, but wait is that James from on the other end of line?
439: ENOUGH about Macworld
Jan 23, 2013 • 77 min
Is everyone sick of all the pre-Macworld Expo talk? OK, I have to admit that I’m not, but we decided it was time to talk about something else. And who better to go to that something else than Guy’s brother Larry Grinnell! He knows ALL the GMen’s buzzwords…
438: Dave Hamilton gets caught!
Jan 15, 2013 • 93 min
Probably our longest show EVER, but it was all worth it as we had an extended conversation with Dave Hamilton from the Mac Geek Gab Podcast and BackBeat Media about Macworld, podcasting, how to sound good (like he does) and not so-so (like the GMen). Also…
437: Howzit going Paul?
Jan 9, 2013 • 75 min
Paul Kent from IDG comes on o talk all about the Macworld - iWorld Expo for 2013 and Guy geeks out. As it stands right now, Guy may be the only MyMac male member this year, but Elisa Pacelli, Vicky Stokes, and Julie Kuehl (Cool) will undoubtably keep him…
436: It’s a New Year
Jan 3, 2013 • 74 min
Guy loses his Adobe Stuff but doesn’t seem all that fussed about it and Gaz has his Eye on his TV (wink wink). The GMen go over some weird tech news for 2012 And both at some point or another believe themselves to be Batman. You wouldn’t think this would…
435: Merry Christmas from the GMen
Dec 26, 2012 • 67 min
Simple show concept this week. We talk about Christmas stuff, some G+ Community questions, then off to your Bumpers (brilliant they are too), and finally ending the show with a thank you to all the wonderful people that not only listen to the podcast, but…
434: All Googled Out
Dec 19, 2012 • 78 min
The GMen are just blown away by how quickly the community has taken a liking to…well…Google Plus Communities and the MyMac Podcast one has been very active. SO active that a good chunk of our show talking about Apple’s iWork came right out of it. Not…
433: Made in “Merica”
Dec 11, 2012 • 63 min
Well the news is out. Apple will be assembling an entire Mac line here in the US. Wonderful news and all that, but why does it ring somewhat hollow? The MyMac Podcast has a new way to talk to the GMen. It’s our Google+ Community page! WOO! Now you can…do…
432: Less is more, really?!?
Dec 6, 2012 • 68 min
SPORTS! Well we did talk about sports, but then ventured off into Mac stuff. Who would have guessed? We kinda love the new iTunes, but we REALLY love your questions and feedback! This week Chuck asks the GMen about a good backup strategy for all the Macs…
431: The “Un” Apple Show
Nov 27, 2012 • 77 min
So you ask a question on Twitter and FaceBook and what happens? LOTS of listener feedback! Is Apple doing things a little bit different (as in changed from what they themselves were doing before) or is it a product of the GMen’s imagination? Apparently…
430: What’s old is new again
Nov 22, 2012 • 77 min
Extra long show this week because Gaz and Guy had lots of important things to say…actually we just wouldn’t shut up. There were big doings though as Guy finally replaces his old worn out Mac Pro for a newer worn out Mac Pro but one that will run Mountain…
429 - So here we go again
Nov 13, 2012 • 65 min
Apple gives to Hurricane Sandy relief maybe not until it hurts, but generously. On the home front, Guy might not go to the Macworld Expo and is unable to find his Time Machine. Gaz’s Finder issues may have been solved by NOT turning off his Mac Mini.…
428 - Tablets everywhere. Apple says, What me worry?
Nov 6, 2012 • 62 min
Gaz and Guy are back just in tie for…something. Neither storms, poor iOS map directions, nor giant rocks could keep them away. They talk about OTHER people’s 7-inch tablets, Apple management shake-up, and why iTunes is a tad late.
427: Now with slightly less crazy
Nov 1, 2012 • 47 min
While the GMen are off NOT doing the 3 Geeky Ladies podcast, Timothy Gregoire from the ChurchTech Geeks podcast was brave enough to fill the gap. He and special guest Ryan Wells talk about special security set-ups for the Church Tim attends. They then…
426: Just a short break before the Madness!
Oct 23, 2012 • 60 min
A VERY short break as Gaz and Guy just recorded last Tuesday and frankly, not much has changed in four days. That doesn’t mean they can’t come up with an hour of content. The quality of which MAY be questionable, but they had a good time doing it. Gaz…
425: Back to Normality
Oct 23, 2012 • 63 min
Both Gaz and Guy are back and so it’s back to normality! Or at least as normal as the GMen can manage. Guy’s son breaks his phone so he has to get him a new one. I wonder what kind he bought? Gaz’s Mac Mini seems to find a new way to hate him each week.…
424: It’s a 72-Gonal number
Oct 11, 2012 • 63 min
Gaz gives a great explanation of gonal numbers at the beginning of the show and he lost me just after the math started….which means nearly right away. James Turner from is on to keep Gaz from mathing out which is a good thing.…
423: 4 + 2 + 3 = 9
Oct 2, 2012 • 64 min
I would love to say something clever about the title, but the truth is we just couldn’t think of a better one. Guy is on the mend and Gaz wanted to update to Mountie (really he did…HONEST!), but time just kept slipping away. Guy’s going to Chicago next…
422: Better sound? Oh Let it be!
Sep 25, 2012 • 67 min
Guy is sick but doesn’t use that as an excuse as to why the podcast last week was so weird sounding. If you listen closely, you can actually hear Guy’s will to live leave him. Gaz keeps his ticker going with plist and daemon answers as well as a great…
421: Angry Bloggers
Sep 19, 2012 • 62 min
Gaz goes to the enemy camp but for a good reason while Guy tries (ye again) to figure out why Skype recording sucks and how to make it better (you can’t apparently). Then they talk about the new things released by Apple (you may have heard something about…
420: Just how old do parrots get?
Sep 11, 2012 • 67 min
It’s Guy’s birthday and he’ll podcast if he wants to, but Skype seems to think it’s a bad idea. Yep another Skype sucks and we hate it kind of show. We still had fun though making fun of Microsoft and wondering just how long has it been since most of the…
419: Holding our breath
Sep 4, 2012 • 61 min
Guy Jr gets cool stuff for his birthday and Big Guy doesn’t. He’s hoping that someone rich, drunk, or crazy (or some combination) will get him that Mac Pro or high end 27-inch iMac that’s on his Amazon Wishlist ( But he’s…
418: Trial? What trial?
Aug 28, 2012 • 46 min
It what might be a record, Gaz and Guy not only manage to keep the show under an hour, it’s under 50 minutes! Hold your applause though because you may miss the greatest Gaz’s Tip EVER…well we thought it was funny anyway. Samsung loses round one of the…
417: Scary Clowns
Aug 21, 2012 • 62 min
Why do people find clowns so scary? Probably because they just seem creepy in general. Hands up, how many of you find the killer is a clown movies totally plausible? Yep, thought so. The GMen aren’t afraid of clowns…mostly, but tech behaving badly gives…
416: I LIke Turtles
Aug 14, 2012 • 69 min
No turtles were hurt (because we like them) in the making of this podcast, but brain cells could be an entirely different matter. We recording a few days earlier from now on which means you get all that GMen goodness a few days early too! Well until you…
415: The GMen go for the Gold
Aug 9, 2012 • 59 min
Many Skype issues this week which makes for weird audio quality and we apologize for that, but it’s still a fun and crazy show. We ask if the iPad is a real computer with mixed results and Gaz answers a listener’s question about using an iPad in the UK.…
414: Mountain Lion lives while iWork Dies
Aug 2, 2012 • 59 min
No Gaz this week as he’s off on one of those pesky vacations but Guy isn’t flying solo as Tim Verpoorten from SurfBits and the Mac ReviewCast jumps in. They talk about how it’s Tim’s fault his wife hit their garage, bad multiple modems, and a weird iPhoto…
413: Money for Nothing (and the kicks for free)
Jul 26, 2012 • 59 min
Gaz is a bit late but it worked out for the best because we were actually able to talk about Apple’s financial results for 2012 quarter 3! And you thought talk about money would be boring? Not with the GMen!
412: Battery BANG
Jul 19, 2012 • 73 min
Gaz’s daughter’s 3GS almost goes POP, so her pop gets her a new battery for it. Guy rediscovers music from the 70s that he had (unsurprisingly) almost forgotten about. They give some thought to a potential smaller iPad that so many seem in a tither about…
411: The Old College Try
Jul 12, 2012 • 59 min
Another weird and fun week with the GMen as that ol Stick (or is that stuck?) in the mud Gaz has a good time watching fast cars go around a track and Guy gets a package with Crabs and Penguins. Just listen as it will all make sense soon. Guy talks about…
410: No power makes Guy sad
Jul 5, 2012 • 59 min
Almost had another Gaz solo show with no power at Guy’s house for three days, but the power company fixed it just in time! If this had been Guy’s only problem over the last week it would have been no biggie, but this was just the tail end of Guy’s woes…
409: All by myself, well not quite
Jun 28, 2012 • 53 min
At some point in-between about a zillionn other podcasts, Gaz manages to do this one. this is very good because Guy couldn’t make it and who wants to listen to an hour of silence? Tim Verpoorten formally of the Mac Review Cast joins Gaz for the last two…
408: Surface Surface
Jun 21, 2012 • 89 min
OK, we promise not to make many more shows this long, but we did have a guest! Tom Schmidt from First Tech and joins the GMen for a lively discussion on WWDC and Microsoft’s new Surface Tablets. Guy deals with graduations, Gaz deals with a angry…
407: Connection Rejection
Jun 14, 2012 • 80 min
Guy and Gaz record early because of some timing issues later in the week but circumstances almost make it impossible to record at all! It all gets straightened out ever. WOOTies are proven to exist in the wild, Gaz packs extra bags for his gadgets on…
406: Finally Neil Worton
Jun 7, 2012 • 62 min
Guy corners Neil Worton and gets him on the show which is doubly good because Gaz is on vacation and no one wants to hear Guy do a solo show. Turns out Neil has a lot to say about getting documents and other kinds of content off your Mac and on to your…
405: You’re not Nuts
May 31, 2012 • 73 min
More (and I promise the last) talk about the VW Bug and how it indirectly made Guy sick. The GMen start a little later than usual because of the meeting from heck that Gaz had to attend to first, and his monitors are driving him crazy. Some great feedback…
404: Almost Lifelike
May 24, 2012 • 73 min
Download the show here Subscribe in iTunes Gaz doesn’t buy an iPhone 3GS for himself and Guy doesn’t buy a Classic Car…because we’re all about the giving. Some great feedback from you our listeners and Gaz has some fun floaty-like tips that he shares.…
403 - Guy goes Android…kinda
May 17, 2012 • 73 min
By Kinda, we mean he bought a cheap Android tablet and seems to hate it. Let’s hear it for positive reinforcement and how a good experience leads you to buy tech items again! YAY! Gaz makes it back from Turkey alive, but the worst part seems to be getting…
402: Turkish Delight
May 10, 2012 • 66 min
Guy and Gaz back recording together but a few days early because Gaz has to go off to Turkey (OH the HORROR!). All kinds of drama happening (none of which did we actually put on the show because…well…it’s drama). Gaz finally moves to iCloud, you great…
401: While Guy’s away, Gaz will play
May 3, 2012 • 66 min
While this is not podcast number 404 (the infamous webpage error), Guy was not able to join the podcast, but Gaz was ably joined by Scott Wilsey. We give the normal feedback and Scott has to deal with Gaz’s bad typing. They talk about how Gaz had his old…
400 - 5 - Picking the winners
Apr 30, 2012 • 40 min
OK, just a bit of fun and nonsense with Gaz and I picking the winners for the 400th podcast contest. This was actually recorded BEFORE the 400th podcast, but won’t come out until AFTER it does
400 - About Freaking Time
Apr 26, 2012 • 70 min
After all the build up and all the hype, the 400th Podcast is FINALLY here! However this is not the ONLY thing we have to celebrate as Gaz’s Daughter playing with the renowned Youth Brass 2000 group won the National Youth Championships 2012 over 17 other…
399 - 99 nerves - not with the G-Men
Apr 19, 2012 • 64 min
Poor Gaz has the worst luck with iPhones, but the tale may have a happy ending!
398 - And now a word from our Sponsors
Apr 12, 2012 • 79 min
Wowsey wow wow! What a busy and long show this week. Guy performs minor surgery on hard drive enclosures and is SHOCKED he can’t buy stuff on Easter Sunday. Gaz goes to the Looe with friends (Sounds like an app to me) and wants to know what’s going on…
396 - Gaz is away so Elisa and Tom will Play
Mar 29, 2012 • 81 min
Gaz couldn’t make it this week so Elisa Pacelli and Tom Schmidt agree (perhaps against their will) to keep Guy company on the show. Some of the topics include people who throw lawyers at glass doors and a new podcast done by the Tech women of the…
395 - Panda Tea? Sure, I’ll have a cuppa!
Mar 22, 2012 • 71 min
The GMen find a new sound that makes them laugh so naturally they play the heck out of it. Guy needs some solutions to arranging his laptop for his son going to college, Gaz gets his new iPad AND an Airport Express all in one week, and they have a lively…
394 - Apple is Cooking
Mar 15, 2012 • 69 min
Gaz orders an iPad while Guy gives away an iPod Touch to his sister. Arnie gets REAL tired of Guy being unable to pronounce his name and takes drastic measures. We know we know, you’ve heard ALL about the new iPad and AppleTV…well not yet you haven’t…
393 - iPad, what iPad?
Mar 8, 2012 • 70 min
Apple has a new iOS announcement, but that doesn’t come until tomorrow for Guy and Gaz so they have NO idea what it’s going to be. However they’re PRETTY sure it’s a new iPad with gee whiz new stuff in it. Real stretch of the imagination there, however…
392 - Full of STUFF
Mar 1, 2012 • 70 min
No big agenda this week, just lot’s of little things that add up to one crazy show. Guy finally breaks down and gets a Magic TrackPad but is somewhat unsure of just how it works without all those pesky wires all roll-y pointy things. The GMen are thankful…
391 - An interview with Terra Knoble from Splasm Software
Feb 23, 2012 • 66 min
Guy apologize’s for last week’s sponsor screwup that he would LOVE to blame on Gaz or possibly overindulgences from the 70’s but can’t. This week’s phobia word of the day is especially good for those who fear their mom or dad or possibly a racecar or…
390 - Gaz’s 32-inch Mac Mini
Feb 16, 2012 • 71 min
On this show, Gaz has to do a bit of an end-around since his daughter took his beloved Mac Mini away, so it’s off to the Mini Media server with it’s 32-inch HDTV. Some 1Password love from Guy (who FINALLY bought it after saying for who knows how long he…
389 - It’s the Chiroptophobia Show
Feb 9, 2012 • 65 min
You’ll have to listen to find out what Chiroptophobia is, but the why they called the show that is still a mystery. Maybe they have a fear of naming things (no that would be Nomatophobia).The big 400th Podcast is coming up and Gaz and Guy can’t WAIT to…
388 - The Return of the GMen
Feb 3, 2012 • 71 min
Guy and Gaz finally get back together after the Macworld Expo and go over all the major events as seen through the eyes of Guy (No guarantees about accuracy). Gaz in withdrawal does about a billion other podcasts. There was a lot of listener feedback…
387 - The last of the Macworld Expo- iWorld Interviews
Feb 2, 2012 • 21 min
Guy’s audio on the floor was pretty bad (Tim has the GOOD Microphone), so Guy waited until he got home to try and clean it up. You can be the judge of how well he (or didn’t) do. These are the last five developer interviews on the Macworld Expo floor from…
386 - A Podcast with a Twist
Jan 26, 2012 • 25 min
Shorter than usual but taking probably twice as long as it needed to since nearly everything was created and edited on iOS. Tim and Guy run through the latest stuff found at the Macworld/iWorld Expo before Guy has four recorded bits with various show…
385 - Pre-Macworld Expo 2012
Jan 25, 2012 • 26 min
We are off to the races before the Macworld Expo - iWorld 2012 show even officially kicks off. A large contengent of writers and podcasts are on hand to kick off the event on a shorter than normal podcast!
384 - Choice TidBits from Tonya Engst
Jan 20, 2012 • 64 min
If you like Listener Feedback and interviews you’ll LOVE this show. Guy’s wife has a bit of an incident but she’s OK now (which means Guy is cleared for MacWorld!), Gaz has OCD or does OCD have Gaz? Guy and Gaz prove without a shadow of a doubt that…
383 - Happy 5th Birthday iPhone
Jan 15, 2012 • 64 min
We wish the iPhone a happy birthday with a non-copyright version of a disjointed birthday song and barely mention it again. A couple of technical problems get mentioned and the MacParrot coffee mug makes a spectacular comeback…if someone buying one to…
382 - Just a Couple of Regular Blokes
Jan 5, 2012 • 59 min
A complaining email gets answered (it’s not always about peace and love darn it) and Gaz can’t remember that 1password (see what I did there?) for work so goes back in Time to find it. We finally get around to a few questions from James about how we do…
381 - Mince Pies and Turkey
Dec 29, 2011 • 56 min
More about you the listeners this week than about any news from the Mac scene. We talk about buying used Macs (kinda), the state of Radio (not really), and how to waste a perfectly good beer (OK that we did do). QuickTime gets some attention as a fast…
380 - Happy ChristHannaKwanzmas from the GMen
Dec 22, 2011 • 66 min
All relatively quiet on the Mac front so the GMen decide to have a little discussion about bigger or smaller iDevices, how Amazon is doing with the Kindle Fire, and what they got for their loved ones for Christmas…SHHH. Don’t tell.
379 - The Listeners Take Over
Dec 15, 2011 • 68 min
Twitter and email and FaceBook run Guy and Gaz ragged (but in a good way) as they get to all that stuff you guys wanted to talk about. Nitrous Oxide, non-working Android tablets, a face-off between Siri and Microsoft’s TellMe is just the start. Jake…
378 - Gaz hates iTunes and we’ve got Paul Kent!
Dec 8, 2011 • 73 min
Only about one and a half months togo until Macworld/iWorld! Hope you’ve got your hotel and flights arranged. Paul Kent from IDG comes on to talk about the new stuff this year and chat about his feelings (what?). Gaz hates iTunes or did until Lion seemed…
377 - thunder…Thunder…THUNDER!
Dec 1, 2011 • 65 min
Oh those GMen! This show has a punk rock version of the Banana Splits theme, what to eat in Hell, and how Tom Schmidt now has to pay for Mark Greentree and Gaz to fly to Macworld to give us lessons on how to speak like an Aussie! Thunderbolt boots your…
376 - The Zombies Make a Comeback
Nov 25, 2011 • 71 min
Stoplight Network goes LIVE for the MyMac Podcast in this episode. Guy gets an iPhone 4S and has syncing problems not resolved without goats, Zombie games make a splash in a big way, why big PC makers are getting out of the tablet business, and Tim Vining…
375 - Flash is dead Jim
Nov 17, 2011 • 63 min
Just as most reasonable people believed, Adobe has given up on Mobile Flash and naturally blames Apple instead of it being because it sucked. Guy gives iTunes Match a go but Gaz can’t yet (however he has an iPhone 4S and Guy doesn’t so Guy is sad). It may…
374 - Playing in the Sandbox
Nov 10, 2011 • 67 min
Gaz and Guy take a short trip back to their childhood to push silicate crystals around…what? OH! Not THAT kind of Sandbox, but the kind that keeps bad stuff out at the potential cost of keeping good stuff out too. The GMen have at least one idea as to why…
373 - Sick AND Tired
Nov 3, 2011 • 63 min
Well originally with Guy being sick and Gaz being very busy at work it looked like there wasn’t going to be a podcast this week. However Gaz delegated and Guy crawled in front of a microphone and got it done. A lot of MyMac articles to do and listeners…
372 - Hijack!
Oct 26, 2011 • 86 min
Guy and Gaz left the studio door unlocked, and the podcast has been hijacked by Scott, Peter, and Patrick. Since Guy and Gaz always proclaim each new episode of MyMac as one of the longest ever, this time it really is! We talk about our experiences with…
371 - Why so Seri-ous?
Oct 18, 2011 • 56 min
WSometimes shows are so on focus and so well put together that you can’t help but be proud. This is not one of those shows. After taking last week off, Gaz and Guy come out with a show probably not chock full of Apple information but guaranteed to make…
370 - End of an Era
Oct 11, 2011 • 105 min
We didn’t release the show we recorded last week with the sudden death of Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs since our normal frivolity with the release of the iPhone 4S and iOS just didn’t seem appropriate. However Gaz and I got together with Tim and Dave from…
369 - Can Anyone ELSE Make A Mac?
Sep 29, 2011 • 58 min
How do you feel about a Mac made by Gateway…or Sony…or Dell? Guy asks and Gaz shakes his weary head in disbelief. As a matter of fact pretty much EVERYONE asked or that had read the article at MyMac that Guy wrote has said the same. Oh, and by the time…
368 - What Are We Going To Call This Mess?
Sep 22, 2011 • 67 min
Yeah, we had some stuff to talk about, but it’s mostly just fun stuff since it’s kinda quiet lately. Gaz has a chat about the Liverpool Tweetup that went international with FaceTime to the US from an Italian/Spanish restaurant. It makes sense if you…
367 - Love and Capes (and Macs)
Sep 15, 2011 • 71 min
A quiet week Apple-wise but that doesn’t stop Gaz and Guy from having an extras long show. Thomas Zahler, writer and artist for the popular webcomic Love and Capes comes on to talk about how he creates his works on a Mac and what he wishes for in cool…
366 - Why DO We Buy Apple Stuff
Sep 8, 2011 • 68 min
A show with many twists and turns! From a Webcomic artist who had problems with her iPhone Danielle Corsetto ( to John Astin from the Aadams Family, we really run the gauntlet with this show. We ask, “Will you buy an…
365 - Liking That Lion Yet
Sep 1, 2011 • 69 min
Earthquakes and Hurricanes, and CEO resignations…OH MY! A geek’s chain makes the news of the weird along with a tokyo man’s running tribute to Steve Jobs and Apple. Gaz has some great tips for Lion and since he missed out on the breaking Steve resignation…
364 - Jobs CEO no More
Aug 25, 2011 • 88 min
A sad beginning to the show. After Gaz and Guy finished recording Tuesday, Steve Jobs resigned from Apple. This was too big a story to wait until next week so Tim Robertson (you MAY have heard of him) and Guy record their thoughts on the passing of the…
363 - Brothers in Arms
Aug 18, 2011 • 70 min
Larry Grinnell (Guy’s brother) join the GMen in a spirited and long debate about Google’s purchase of Motorola’s Mobility branch and Gaz’s brother rides something called the “Flying Fish of Cowes”. Gaz isn’t happy there’s been no People’s Picks for Apps…
362 - The Ed and Reb Show
Aug 11, 2011 • 71 min
Ed McGee and Reb Bliefenich give Guy a hand with Gaz gone for the second week and we are all ore the place with AppleTV updates, cheap iPhone 4s, 21st century hardware smuggled with decidedly low-tech gear, and there’s someone in line for an iPhone…
361 - Six Years and Counting
Aug 4, 2011 • 65 min
Apparently last month made for the sixth year anniversary of the first time Guy podcasted and with Gaz off on Vacation, Rick Stringer was kind enough to step into the madness! It’s the MyMac Podcast #34 with Tim and Chad and Guy comes in with the…
360 - The BIG cat is out! Now where’s that whip
Jul 29, 2011 • 76 min
Guy and Gaz attempt to do the impossible! Which is record a podcast with no working software on Guy’s computer. Fortunately Gaz hasn’t upgraded to Lion on his production machine (like Guy did and shouldn’t have) so they recorded from his computer. Guy…
359 - Google Plus, the hole we never knew needed filling
Jul 21, 2011 • 65 min
Guy and Gaz FINALLY end all the iHub stuff with feedback from many of our winners AND we record live some of their entries! Saudi Arabians know Red Dwarf quite well it seems and do you want to know what the original Mac ALMOST…
358 - Multiple Lion Taming
Jul 14, 2011 • 55 min
GREAT Googlely Moogely! Somehow the GMen keep this show under an hour (don’t count on THAT happening too often) and still pack it with fun! The winners of the iHub Contest ad Top Camera iOS App are announced, a man shoves an iPad down his pants and get’s…
357 - You Say You Want a Revolution
Jul 7, 2011 • 67 min
Guy is back from Ohio so the GMen are right on the job! We find out who Herbert Stein is and why he just can’t continue, Guy sells his Mac Mini at a fantastic price that no one else can get (but tells you what it is anyway). They’re then joined by Mark…
356 - Are You Lonesome Tonight
Jun 29, 2011 • 68 min
Gaz is Joined by Peter Upfold from as Guy is traveling and catching up on all his podcasts. We chat about the MobileMe demise and Peter mentions a possible, well partial paid for alternative in Fruux. It seems that the people have finally heard Guys calls…
355 - Here, There, and Everywhere
Jun 23, 2011 • 67 min
Gaz and Guy are ALL over the map tonight (well more so than usual). Guy had an interview with Allison Sheridan over at the Nosilla Podcast at and Gaz did a video review over at the Tech Lounge. Guy’s Brother Bill comes on to talk about how he…
354 - Hey iTunes…Gotta Match?
Jun 16, 2011 • 67 min
Skype seriously disliked us tonight with Volume issues and hisses. But we soldered on and had a great time talking about all kinds of stuff and LOT’S of great feedback from out terrific listeners! We got our 50th FaceBook Liker (is that even a word?),…
353 - Syncing the Ship
Jun 9, 2011 • 75 min
No Gaz tonight so Owen Rubin joins Guy and they discuss all the latest just announced at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference. You get their takes on OS X Lion, iOS 5, the wireless syncing for iOS devices to come, the iCloud, and just what the heck…
352 - To the iCloud
Jun 2, 2011 • 64 min
Gaz’s daughters just can’t seem to keep their iPhones in good working order but if ANYONE is getting a new phone first it will be Gaz! Guy finds a solution to JollyJap’s problem with the Mac App Store…all he has to do is turn off a security feature.…
351 - Blaring Feedback
May 26, 2011 • 66 min
Boy we touched a nerve somewhere with TONS of feedback from the listeners! And we LOVE it! Guy makes mistakes and gets called on the carpet for it (don’t worry folks, he’s used to it). More iMac hard drive talk, Godzilla makes a special appearance, and we…
350 - Fans of iMacs or iMac Fans?
May 19, 2011 • 71 min
This is a very anti-establishment show this time around as it seems Microsoft was probably listening last week as we criticized them and as a result, Skype was behaving very badly! They probably won’t be pleased with THIS show either as Guy goes through…
349 - Microsoft buys Skype…We’re Doomed! DOOMED I tell ya!
May 12, 2011 • 71 min
Dan Wood from Karelia Software comes on with the GMen and they have a great chat about Karelia’s SandVox version 2 which was just released. Dan generously offers a 20% discount for the whole month of May for MyMac Podcast listeners! Just type in “MyMac”…
348 - Whole lotta Nothing
May 5, 2011 • 63 min
For a show that started off with Guy desperately trying to find a topic, they sure talked a lot. Some email and Twitter questions are up first, followed by a long discussion about Apple’s new shiny iMacs (Oh that quad-core goodness!) and another on how…
347 - Elisa Pacelli
Apr 28, 2011 • 77 min
Elisa agrees (silly girl!) to come on and try again to record a podcast with not one, but TWO GMen. Guy apologizes (again) for all the screw ups with the audio and as it turns out it WAS entirely his fault to absolutely no one’s surprise. We get some…
346 - The Best of Guy and Gaz
Apr 21, 2011 • 74 min
Technical difficulties pretty much destroyed the podcast recorded with Elisa Pacelli so as a stopgap, we present what thousands of you have asked for! OK, a couple of hundred…OK, alright! NO ONE asked for this but it’s a fun listen anyway.
345 - The GMen and Don McAllister, an Amicable Affair
Apr 14, 2011 • 65 min
Don doesn’t have another daughter with an 18th birthday this week, so he couldn’t reasonably get away from the GMen. We talk a bit about his methods and madness when doing screencasts (in the middle of crazy GarageBand delays which screws all of us up).…
344 - The GMen Sue Don McAllister
Apr 7, 2011 • 62 min
Don is in BIG trouble with the GMen! He promised to be on but let his daughter’s 18th Birthday get in the way! BAD Don! BAD Don! We have a great show regardless with a good discussion about Lawyers, Guns, and Money but without the guns as it relates to…
343 - Bill Palmer from BeatWeek Magazine
Mar 31, 2011 • 81 min
This one runs a bit long as in our longest show ever, but it’s chock full of great! Some terrific Twitter feedback that leads into a discussion about microphones and Application deletion software. Some email talking about why Reb WON’T buy an iPad, and…
342 - Adobe Goes All Marsupial
Mar 24, 2011 • 64 min
JollyJap gives the GMen a couple of weird stories (as our unofficial Twitter Correspondent! Congrats Paul…I think) and Tom Engels from the Explorer’s Podcast has a question or two about iTunes and GarageBand problems that is certain to induce nightmares…
341 - Give to the Red Cross
Mar 18, 2011 • 59 min
The new iPad 2 from Apple gets quite a going over with a discussion started with an email from John Nemo. Lots of feedback from Twitter and JollyJap calls Guy a big Yank Tank. Was Gaz able to get himself an iPad while in Nashville? Ding Dong the Zune…
340 - It’s an iPhoto Finish!
Mar 10, 2011 • 65 min
LOT’S of feedback this week (HooRAY! We love feedback!) from Skype and Twitter about iPads and what gear to buy. Allison Sheridon of the NosillaCast Podcast takes exception to Guy calling the Dexim charger fun but worthless, and Gaz’s iPhoto library is…
339 - In Like a Lion
Mar 3, 2011 • 64 min
Habla Espanola? Never mind. The Gmen talk about some of details of OS X 10.7 Lion, Guy praises for their great service regarding his Mac Pro. They dissect the newly released MacBook Pros and talk a bit about some new 2nd generation device that…
338 - Shiny New Toys
Feb 24, 2011 • 71 min
Guy has his Mac Pro and through a Herculean effort has it ready for the podcast! Gaz has a new toy too and it’s making Guy drool. I wonder what it could be that would take his mind off his new Mac Pro?
337 - Four Cores of Glory
Feb 16, 2011 • 76 min
Despite our best efforts (we really didn’t try that hard, but we like to pretend we do), this is an extra-long show. Lots of feedback from our Bumpers show and thanks to all who sent one in themselves.
336 - Rusty Bumpers
Feb 10, 2011 • 64 min
Gaz and Guy get it all together for this show, their first since the Macworld Expo. Skype hates Gaz and GarageBand hates Guy so it was a real roller coaster affair. A bit about Sony, a bit about the ViPhone, and more about the Daily, but this show’s…
335 - LIVE from Macworld 2011…kinda
Feb 3, 2011 • 48 min
No Gazmaz but that’s okay since almost the whole show is a re-broadcast of the Macworld LIVE presentation that Tim and I did at the Macworld Expo on Saturday January 29th.
334 - Macworld Expo 2011 Day - Part 3 - The End
Jan 29, 2011 • 62 min
Guy and Tim wrap up’s coverage of the 2011 Macworld Expo. In this last episode, Tim and Guy discuss the three days of Expo, the show on the main stage on Saturday, and at the very end snag an interview with Ted Landau, who was innocently walking…
333 - Macworld Expo 2011 Day 2 Part 1
Jan 28, 2011 • 38 min
OMG! Where did Guy go? Since the show must go on, Tim Robertson (TechFan) hosts the podcast as Day 2 of the Macworld Expo takes center stage. With Tim and Owen Rubin reporting from the showroom floor, we talk with Apparent Software, HP, iStreamer, Jaksta,…
332 - Macworld Expo 2011 Day 1 Part 1
Jan 27, 2011 • 25 min
Macworld Expo Day 1 coverage kicks off with Guy Serle, Tim Robertson, and Owen Rubin hitting the showroom floor. Interviews include Rick, a Macworld attendee, Other World Computing, and Algoriddem.
331 - Pre-Macworld Expo 2011
Jan 26, 2011 • 37 min
It’s the day before the Macworld Expo 2011 officially opens, and the MyMac crew is onsite and ready! Guy Serle, Tim Robertson, Mark Rudd, Owen Rubin, and special guest Sam Levin talk about the opening of the show, what they hope to see this week, and much…
330 - 10,000 Dollars You’re ‘aving a laugh!
Jan 25, 2011 • 79 min
David Cohen Joins Gazmaz as Guy is traveling with Tim to Macworld, lucky them. We look at the articles on the web site, and I also interview Mike Bombich the creator of Carbon Copy Cloner David in the last segment chats with Gaz about Ram, iPad stability,…
329 - 60 Billion worth of Truffles
Jan 20, 2011 • 66 min
Steve Jobs takes a leave of absence and Apple announces their quarterly results for the 1st quarter of 2011 which adds up to a LOT of Italian white Alba Truffles! We also have some great audio feedback from Scott (Pocket Sized Podcast) Willsey and Tim…
328 - App Stores and ViPhones
Jan 13, 2011 • 69 min
We LOVE the Mac App Store but have a very odd way of showing it, and talk about how the Verizon iPhone may be a big deal in the US, but it’s a been there and done that most other places.
327 - Nuke and Pave
Jan 6, 2011 • 75 min
We had to start twice this time as Tim Robertson called with great news! The MyMac and TechFan Podcasts will be teaming up at the 2011 Macworld Expo on the Main Stage
326 - In the Tumbleweeds
Jan 1, 2011 • 68 min
For a show that didn’t seem to have a major theme, it sure is a long one. Gaz and Guy talk about the upcoming Macworld Expo, some Christmas stuff, and our feverish anticipation for the Mac App Store.
325 - It’s a MyMac Christmas!
Dec 23, 2010 • 57 min
Allison Sheridan from the NosillaCast Podcst at joins the GMen for a ROCKING Christmas show! We talk a bit about how she does her podcast and mention cute furry rodents a lot (SQUIRREL!). Turns out Gaz has never seen Pixar’s “Up!” but we love…
324 - A Bundle of Mac Joy!
Dec 17, 2010 • 52 min
Gaz isn’t feeling well but soldered on for the show. David Cohen from TechFan gives us some grief for our opinions on eMagazines from last week. We do our Christmas pics for Apple user in your family (maybe that’s you!), and we wonder just what Apple is…
323 - GMen…Copyright 2010
Dec 10, 2010 • 84 min
A great interview with IDG’s Paul Kent about what’s going on with MacWorld 2011.
322 - Out of Gaz
Dec 1, 2010 • 80 min
Gaz couldn’t make it this week so Scott Willsey and Owen Rubin fellow writers at step up to the plate! We talk in circles around new content at while still managing to completely avoid whatever the story was actually about (but it…
321 - Yarrrgh! iOS 4.2 and Piracy be afoot!
Nov 29, 2010 • 78 min
Guy and Gaz talk about why in this day of digital downloads, there still needs to be CD insertion based copy protection. Apple’s new iOS 4.2 gets a stern talking to and how piracy affects the cost of the software you buy and how you use it.
320 - Listener Invite John Blagden
Nov 17, 2010 • 75 min
A long and winding show across the universe of Mac Topics.
319 - The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is…4.2
Nov 11, 2010 • 71 min
Tim Robertson from TechFan jumps on the show, but Skype and GarageBand are just not our best friends tonight. We have a couple of audio clips from Allison Sheridon from the Nosilla Podcast and Steve Hammond. We talk about digital content and how DRM only…
318 - Seriously Scary iPad Owners
Nov 5, 2010 • 66 min
iPad owners get angry at the flip of a switch and is there ACTUALLY a virus in the wild for OS X?
TechFan #7 Lust for 11-inches
Oct 29, 2010 • 57 min
David Cohen has lust for 11-inches. That, plus Apple, Microsoft, old technology, and the Nook are subjects Tim Robertson and David discuss this week on the TechFan Podcast
317 - Lisener Invite Bill Paterson from Toronto
Oct 27, 2010 • 63 min
Bill Paterson from Toronto joins Gaz and Guy as a listener invite to talk about his experiences with the Mac and other Apple tech (and the joys of not owning a car!). John Nemo asks the GMen if this is this a good time to buy a MacBook Pro and some first…
316 - The Lion Sleeps Until Next Summer
Oct 21, 2010 • 72 min
A jam packed extra-long (but not too long) show with listener feedback from Twitter and Tim Robertson questioning why we were so down on RealMac software for their subscription RapidWeaver videos. Sam Levin leaves little to question about just how awesome…
315 - Walmart is right on Target!
Oct 15, 2010 • 64 min
We get some very nice feedback from Twitter and a Skype call from a Mystery caller about iWeb. Is iLife 11 coming out soon? Amazon’s German site seems to think so. Guy and Gaz spend some time talking about what they’d like to see in the next version just…
314 - It’s MY Idea (The Train Wreck Show!)
Oct 8, 2010 • 61 min
Guy is back from being ill but it doesn’t seem to make things easier for Gaz. It starts off a little rough (but Guy doesn’t edit it out because it’s funny) and gets crazy from there.
TechFan #3 Cohen Pad Chat
Oct 1, 2010 • 50 min
David Cohen returns! The guys talk tech on iPad, BBC, RIM Tablet, and much more. Send feedback to [email protected] or leave audio feedback at 1-801-938-5559. Follow on twitter @mymac Be Happy! Smile more often!
313 - Podcast Where have all the Guy’s gone?
Sep 30, 2010 • 28 min
az finds himself with no one to play with, but whats this? The listeners save the day with two, yes read it, TWO Skype callers, and a review on the new iPod Nano from listener Jeremy North (Thanks Jeremy!).
TechFan #2 with Sam Levin and J.R. Bookwalter
Sep 25, 2010 • 50 min
TechFan returns with two guests: Sam Levin talks AppMinute, buying a new Mac, and more. J.R. Bookwalter then joins as the interviewee, and we find out how he got his start at MacLife, the iPhone, writing, directing, producing, and much more.
312 - Podcast FAQ and John Champlin from Ambrosia Software
Sep 22, 2010 • 60 min
Guy and Gaz give you the lowdown on what they use to create the podcast and in the second segment we have a discussion with John Champlin from Ambrosia Software
TechFan #1 with Tim Robertson
Sep 18, 2010 • 59 min
The new show by Tim Robertson
311 - Someone Returns, again
Sep 16, 2010 • 69 min
Gaz and Guy welcome Tim back‚again, to the podcast where he regales us with some pretty exciting news.
310 - Gaz is Touchless
Sep 9, 2010 • 55 min
Gaz orders and then cancels a new iPod Touch because he loves animals more than technology. Guy runs Ethernet cable which messes up the house (and doesn’t please his wife) and we have a Listener Invite this week with Roman Woznik of the MacCoreTV Podcast.
309 - New Models and Old Timers
Sep 2, 2010 • 69 min
Guy’s the REAL old timer, while Gaz gently guides him through the 21st century with new technology. We have Neil Worton as a Listener invite as we go over all the big announcements for the September 1st Apple event. New iPods, iOS updates, iTunes 10, and…
308 - We don’t need no stinking security!
Aug 26, 2010 • 62 min
Gaz’s problems continue with his much maligned Mac Mini and we also talk about security on OS X and how, if you try REALLY hard and go out of your way to do something dumb, you can get malware on your Mac. Speaking of which, we give you a bunch of…
307 - With Listener invite Gaz!‚or Guy
Aug 20, 2010 • 53 min
Gaz is back from a work and holiday break from the podcast and got to see the Royal Air Force Red Arrows acrobatic flying team. Guy obviously confuses the US Navy Blue Angels and the US Air Force Thunderbirds and he’s really, really sorry about that. They…
306 - Tim Returns
Aug 11, 2010 • 65 min
Tim Robertson returns to host the MyMac podcast. This episode features a discussion on the new Microsoft Buy a PC campaign against the Mac, backup solutions for our important data, top iOS apps we are enjoying, and so much more! Hosted by Tim, Guy, and…
305 - Mac Market Share? Who Cares!?!
Aug 5, 2010 • 49 min
Greg Holdsworth from Greg’s Graphics and Your Own Victory Garden comes on to guest host this week and we have a lot of topics!Are Android phones TOO big for their primary use as a phone? The iPad has some competition, but you’ll need to go to KMart to…
304 - New Macs and Irish Cacti
Jul 29, 2010 • 67 min
Gaz is off to Belgium for his JOB and Tom Schmidt steps in to talk about the new iMacs, Mac Pros, and a Magic Trackpad. A listener has a sad G5 Mac and Safari wants to tell everyone a secret. Danielle Corsetta from the popular webcomic Girls with…
303 - Did ya hear what I said?
Jul 22, 2010 • 50 min
Gaz and Guy talk about all the hype with Apple’s little problem child, the iPhone 4, AND it’s the part two of the Stephen Tobolowsky interview!
302 - BING!
Jul 14, 2010 • 56 min
Gaz and Guy have a mystery guest that not only is taking over THIS show, but the next one as well! This is a not miss episode of the podcast!
301 - Authorization Acknowledged…Access Denied
Jul 8, 2010 • 71 min
Gaz is not feeling well, so it’s Guy and Owen Rubin this week talking about iTunes security and protecting your passwords. Guy has a long talk with founder Tim Robertson about how, the history of the podcast, and what’s new with OWCRadio. Owen…
300 - Milestones and Memories
Jun 30, 2010 • 44 min
We finally get to our 300th show! It’s a trip through the past as Guy talks about the long strange journey that led him to the podcast. Congratulatory messages from a whole bunch of people and we announce the winners of the 300th Podcast…
299 - Tricentennial…minus 1
Jun 24, 2010 • 61 min
Some Twitter feedback from glendallas about some podcast issues and entering the contest. As briefly as possible (and yet still managing to mention) about 10.6.4, the new iPhone, iTunes 9.2, and MobileMe. Also, how we are using our iPads instead…
298 - Who the heck is Tom?
Jun 17, 2010 • 51 min
Some talk about databases (ACK!) and feedback from Reb Bliefernich which leads into a discussion about iPhoto and managing your pictures. The contest for the 300th podcast is soon going to end! You’re running out of time to enter for some grate free stuff!
297 - It’s Finderlicious!
Jun 10, 2010 • 66 min
Feedback from Gazzano9 and Steve Calmy (DON’T do option 3 Steve!) starts the evening off and then it’s a bit of cleanup regarding fixing some Macs of ours and friends. We talk some more about some of the prizes from the contest. Tonight it’s AppDelete and…
296 - iPad HIGH! Mac Mini Low
Jun 3, 2010 • 67 min
The GMen start out with some listener feedback from Australia. Gaz has ANOTHER problem with some of his Apple gear. THIS time it’s his Mac Mini. We go into a little detail about ProSoft Engineering’s Data Rescue and Drive Genius and JoeSoft’s Hear gets a…
295 - Podcast Contest
May 27, 2010 • 72 min
MacAlly’s Amptune, Smile on my Mac’s PDFpen, Westone’s True-Fit Earphones, Modulr, WiFi sync app, and much more. A MAJOR announcement and a new contest for the 300th podcast!
294 - A MyMac Attack
May 20, 2010 • 90 min
An EXTRA-LONG show (sorry about that), but totally worth it. Guy finally gets his iPad while the UK and other regions get delayed again (HINT: it’s most likely Guy’s fault!). We also go over some listener feedback from Kevin Bush and our very own John…
May 13, 2010 • 51 min
Gaz orders an iPad and may end up getting one BEFORE Guy even though they aren’t even available in the UK yet! Guy talks about a cool device (not a sponsor) called the PowerCurl
292 - DOJ? FTC? NFW!
May 6, 2010 • 49 min
Could Apple’s refusal to allow third-party tools for making apps for the iDevices get them into trouble with the Department of Justice or the Federal Trade Commission? Lastly, could the very openess of Google’s Android OS splinter their market for…
291 - All Your Apps Are Belong Yo Us
May 3, 2010 • 65 min
Guy and Gaz discuss the wild and the weird this week including the sad death of the 3.5-inch Floppy which Sony announced they would stop making next year and the first Malware associated with the iPad…sort of. Steve Jobs answers a question about an OS X…
290 - A Tale of Two Thieves
Apr 26, 2010 • 51 min
Gaz is BACK from vacation so the G-Men are on the job! Doctor Who? They answer some Listener feedback questions; one from old friend Beejay Bhatt asking about recording Skype. Another Listener asks about multiple monitors for a MacBook Pro and our sponsor…
289 - With BACON
Apr 16, 2010 • 71 min
Gaz is on Vacation with his family so we bring long-time MyMac contributor Owen Rubin in for a really fun show. We go over the new MacBook Pros and discuss the iPhone OS4 announcements all with sound effects and BACON. Because everything is better with…
288 - Where’s MY Bloody iPad
Apr 9, 2010 • 69 min
Neil Worton joins us as a listener invite and we spend the majority of our time talking about the iPad. Neil uses a Mac for astronomy but most of the software he uses are Windows based. He’s looking for Mac equivalents. Plus the Macally contest continues!…
287 - A Laptop Full of Hurt
Apr 2, 2010 • 57 min
The iPad is coming (but we don’t just go ON about it). Guy is planning to go to the Clarendon, Virginia Apple Store on iPad day April 3rd to talk to the early adopters and ask them why they’re getting an iPad. Gaz and Guy talk about Gaz’s sister’s…
286 - The Yank, Brit, and Canadian
Mar 25, 2010 • 55 min
The G-Men sit down with Steve Hammond who may (or may not) be from Canada and a big photography fan. Steve talks about his path through the minefield of Mac Photo software and his current favorites. The question of, Would you buy an Apple alternative (not…
285 - The G Men
Mar 19, 2010 • 47 min
This weeks episodes features Guy and GazMaz (The G Men) talking about changes to Mac OS X 10.6, WWDC and Mac OS 10.7, Guy’s adventures in shipping to the UK, Valve coming to Mac, and Windows on the Mac: Bootcamp vs Virtualization.
284 - A New Hope
Mar 12, 2010 • 51 min
Guy, Owen Rubin, and Mark Rudd ring in the new format (kinda our old format really) Podcast! We finish up (really, we promise this time) with some observations about the Macworld Expo, a discussion about what Apple could do with 25 to 40 billion…
283 - Farewell David Cohen
Mar 5, 2010 • 25 min
We say goodbye (for now) to David Cohen, long time MyMac podcaster and writer. Fortunately we also get one last hurrah from Dave with an interview he did with Don Mayer from Small Dog Electronics.
282 - Jiggly Androids
Feb 26, 2010 • 69 min
David and Guy talk wobbly bits and wobbly apps, and Gazmaz, UK Bureau Chief of the “For Mac Eyes Only” podcast drops in as a listener invite.
281 - Owen Rubin and the Apple Newton
Feb 19, 2010 • 57 min
David is joined by Owen Rubin for a quick round-up of Owen’s Macworld exploits and a reminiscence of Apple’s first go at a tablet device
280 - Macworld Expo 2010 Day 2
Feb 12, 2010 • 18 min
David caught up with some of the vendors on the Macworld Expo show floor to see their latest offerings
279 - Macworld Expo 2010 Live
Feb 11, 2010 • 42 min
Guy and David podcast live from the Main Stage at Macworld Expo 2010, San Francisco.
278 - Flying Solo
Feb 5, 2010 • 24 min
David is all alone and does a short, solo show - a reminder about our Macworld Expo plans and complains about the Internet!
277 - iPadding The Show
Jan 29, 2010 • 71 min
Tim Robertson from OWC guests about the iPad! Plus David and Guy are joined by listener Jim Felder, avid Mac user and photographer extraordinaire.
276 - Foxy Proxy Boxee
Jan 25, 2010 • 58 min
Guy and David announce the MyMac Macworld Expo meet-up, discuss your options for foxing US websites with a proxy server, and look to the future of the iLife and iWork suites in a world with an Apple tablet/slate/pad/thing!
275 - Listener Invite Dave Cook
Jan 15, 2010 • 53 min
Guy and David are joined by Larry Grinnell and listener invitee Dave Cook. As well as Dave’s audio engineering background, also on the agenda - setting up email accounts on the iPhone and Macworld expectations.
274 - Digital Media Frenzy
Jan 8, 2010 • 45 min
Guy and David are joined by Larry Grinnell as they discuss Digital Media, Broadband Access and Home TV Options - and Paul Kent of IDG gives the lowdown on the latest plans for Macworld Expo.
273 - A look back at 2009
Dec 31, 2009 • 61 min
Guy and David are back again, reviewing 2009’s highs and lows for our favorite computer and electronics manufacturer.
272 - Time Travel to 1986
Dec 23, 2009 • 53 min
Join your time pilots Guy and David as we go back to 1986 and the launch of the Mac Plus.
271 - The Return of the Listener Invite
Dec 18, 2009 • 38 min
In their desperate search for continued co-host support, Guy and David turn to listener Lincoln Banry to shoot the Mac breeze and talk holiday gifts.
270 - Guy and David Take Over
Dec 11, 2009 • 48 min
The animals break out of the zoo as Guy Serle and David Cohen run the podcast without Tim Robertson! Featuring Rick Stringer as an innocent bystander - the crew talk Psystar legal woes and Seasonal Gift Picks.
269 - Host Tim Robertson Last Show Part 2
Dec 4, 2009 • 43 min
The last show Tim Robertson acts as host of the Podcast. Featuring Tim, David, Guy, and Chad Perry.
268 - Host Tim Robertson Last Show Part 1
Nov 26, 2009 • 43 min
Major change for the podcast begins this week, as host Tim Robertson begins his last two episodes.
267 - Marian Minarik from Slovakia
Nov 20, 2009 • 57 min
Listener Invite Marian Minarik from Slovakia this week, as MyMac goes international once again. Plus we chat about Snow Leopard as well as the Macworld Expo.
266 - Loren Brichter of atebits
Nov 13, 2009 • 48 min
The MyMac crew welcomes Loren Brichter, developer of Tweetie. We also look at installing multiple Operating Systems on one hard drive, aspect ratios in video, and much more.
265 - Steve Sande
Nov 6, 2009 • 55 min
The MyMac crew welcomes Steve Sande as our guest this week. Topics include AppleTV, his history with computing, BBSs, Apple consulting, and much more. A fun a lively discussion!
264 - Road Trip
Oct 30, 2009 • 54 min
Road Trip! Guy and Tim pay a visit to Other World Computing’s new digs in Woodstock, Ill, and tell all about it. A stop at the Apple store to check out the new 27”-inch iMac, Magic Mouse, and Macbook. And we cover a lot of listener feedback.
263 - New Macs and Reb Bliefernich
Oct 23, 2009 • 84 min
Listener Invite continues this week with Reb Bliefernich. Topics include our discussion on Windows 7, a new podcast, changes to the App store, DropBox, ad dollars for product reviews, Tweetie 2, and much more. Plus an add-on, shorter ‘cast in which David…
262 - Ted Landau
Oct 16, 2009 • 55 min
This week, one of the pioneering Mac writers in the world, Ted Landau, joins us for a lively discussion. Also on the show for the first time is writer Tom Schmidt. Plus we talk to the two winners of the iFrogz EarPollution DJ Style headphones…
261 - Antonio Gomez and iPhone SatNav
Oct 9, 2009 • 62 min
Listener Invite this week with Antonio Gomez from Panama!We delve into a ton of topics, with a focus on Satellite Navigation on the iPhone. Recurring jokes abound!
260 - Spoiled Apple Users
Oct 2, 2009 • 50 min
Are Apple users spoiled? Tim and David look into the Tweetie 2 controversy and the larger implications for Apple hardware users. We also kick off a new contest with iFrogz to give away two pair of the EarPollution DJ Style headphones, so listen in for…
259 - Paul Kent and Annette Benkie
Sep 25, 2009 • 56 min
This week, we have Paul Kent with some Macworld Expo news, and it’s also Listener Invite show with our guest Annette behnke from Be sure to send feedback to us at [email protected] Thanks for downloading, enjoy!
258 - Winners and Conflicts
Sep 18, 2009 • 50 min
MacAlly Ecofan contest winners announced! Then David, Guy, and Tim have a long and lively discussions on ethics, conflicts of interest, and integrity in the technology press. Be sure to send us feedback to [email protected] and review our podcast in…
257 - Listener Invite and Apple Event
Sep 11, 2009 • 87 min
We love our listeners so much, we are giving them two shows for the price of one! A double length episode to coincide with the Apple event. First, it’s listener invite with Paul Carlin, and in the second segment, It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll Apple event.
256 - Snow Leopard
Sep 4, 2009 • 57 min
Tim, David, and Guy discuss Snow Leopard from installation to problems and successes. Also, we have a contest running! Listen to this episode for your change to win one of two EcoFanPro Laptop stands from Macally.
255 - Listener Invite - GazMaz
Aug 28, 2009 • 47 min
Guy, David, and Tim welcome Gary Malpas (GazMaz) to the show as this weeks Listener Invite. What happens when a Mac users buys a stolen Macintosh in the U.K., getting hooked on the Mac, Facebook, and a lot more is discussed in a fun and light show.
254 - Jason Hiner
Aug 21, 2009 • 57 min
This week we interview Jason Hiner, Editor in Chief of the TechRepublic. You may hear Jason on other podcasts talking about the weeks tech news and events, but we turn the table on this show and ask Jason questions about Jason!
253 - Listener Invite 4 - Justin to the Rescue
Aug 14, 2009 • 56 min
Justin Bryce is our guest for the Listener Invite this week. We discuss the PalmPre and iTunes, Snow Leopard, and support for older (PowerPC) Macintosh computers. Host - Tim Robertson, Guy Serle, and David Cohen.
252 - Release The McCracken
Aug 7, 2009 • 61 min
This week, we interview Harry McCracken, creator of the Technologizer website. We also look at the FCC investigation of Apple and ATT over the Google Voice app rejection, as well as the delay of StarCraft II. Hosts - Tim Robertson, David Cohen, and Guy…
251 - Listener Invite 3 - Matt Larson
Jul 31, 2009 • 75 min
Listener Invite time! Matt Larson joins us to discuss his recent switch to the Mac, upgrading computers, Apple capturing over 90-percent of $1,000 computer sales, iPhone App Store approval process and decency standards, and technology in the church. Plus…
Jul 24, 2009 • 52 min
Our 250th weekly episode of the MyMac Podcast! Rather than make a big deal of it, we instead look at the weeks happening in the Apple Universe. David gives us his impressions on his new 13-inch Macbook Pro, Apple quarterly report, replacing a HD in a MBP,…
249 - iProng Lee
Jul 17, 2009 • 64 min
Lee Givens and Bill Palmer join in the fun this week with Tim, David, and Guy. Topics include Michael Jackson dominating iTunes sales chart, third-party hardware for the iPhone, what’s new from AOL, TomTom for iPhone, Macworld Expo, reader feedback, hot…
248 - Chromed
Jul 10, 2009 • 51 min
Tim, Guy, and David discuss the Google Chrome OS announcement, the news of Steve Jobs returning to Apple, more on Listener Invite, Networking Problems, MacSkull,, and upgrading to a MacBook Pro.
247 - Listener Invite 2 - Dan Rodriguez
Jul 3, 2009 • 61 min
Listener Invite 2! Dan Rodriguez joins Tim, David, and Guy for a lively one-hour chat about a ton of subjects, including how to record podcasts, Dan’s Beyond Diet Podcast, iPhones, Sony DVD Recorders and DRM, and much more.
246 - iPhone 3GS
Jun 26, 2009 • 40 min
Tim, Guy, and David discuss the new iPhone 3GS in great depth, as well as a new mini-podcast event. And the news of Michael Jackson’s death is learned as we record the show, and he is also briefly discussed.
245 - Listener Invite 1
Jun 19, 2009 • 65 min
Tim, Guy, and David welcome Jim Felder, our first “invite the listener” participant to the show. As we have talked about, we want to begin to include more listeners into the show itself, and Jim is the first. Topics this week include ATT and buying a new…
244 - Snow Leopard and iPhone 3GS
Jun 12, 2009 • 49 min
A very busy of Apple related happenings, from a new look at Snow Leopard and its great low price to the new iPhone and MacBook Pros. We cover it all on the latest episode of the weekly Podcast with David, Tim, Guy, and Mark.
243 - Quo Computer
Jun 5, 2009 • 55 min
This week, the MyMac podcast crew interview CEO Rashantha De Silva Quo Computer, the new maker of Macintosh computers. We go in-depth with Rashantha, asking the questions you want answers to. Afterwards, Tim, David, Guy, and Mark keep the discussion…
242 - SoundStage Voyager
May 29, 2009 • 49 min
We have a winner of the NewerTech Voyager! Congrats go out to Randy Cowling! Also, Sam Levin drops by for a long-overdue Cool Mac Picks, David, Guy, Mark, and Tim look at the Palm Pre and the Pystar story. Finally, Mark and Tim review the JBL SoundStage…
241 - LEGO Batman and Voyager Contest
May 22, 2009 • 55 min
Tim Robertson, Guy Serle, and Rich Lefko chat about WWDC, no Steve Jobs at the event, PC comfort level, Lego Batman, and we have a CONTEST! You can win a Voyager from Newer Technology! Listen to enter and win!
240 - Why Mac
May 15, 2009 • 49 min
Rick Lefko joins the weekly podcast to chat with Tim and Guy to discuss the current state of the Macintosh, the Zune subscription model, Guy’s broken iMac, the Apple Store, Sony closing stores, Keynote, and Drive Genius 2.
239 - Parenting
May 8, 2009 • 47 min
Parenting in the age of the internet, iPhones, iPods, and Macintosh is discussed on this special one-topic podcast. Tim Robertson, David Cohen, Mark Rudd, and Guy Serle.
238 - Interview with Jim Dalrymple
May 1, 2009 • 50 min
Jim Dalrymple joins the show in the first segment to talk about his leaving Macworld Magazine, his time at MacCentral, and much more. David Cohen and Mark Rudd then join Tim to discuss the future of magazines, and we wrap the show when Guy Serle joins in…
237 - Apple Retail - Grant Dahlke
Apr 24, 2009 • 45 min
Grant Dahlke from Newer Technology and OWC joins us this week to talk about all things OWC and some personal computing history. Then Guy Serle, David Cohen, and Tim Robertson take a look at Apple retail, and buying Macs online at sites like eBay.
236 - Monitors - iPods - Rumors
Apr 17, 2009 • 39 min
Tim, David, and Guy discuss solutions for your old, unused iPods, the benefits of running two monitors off one Mac, and the persistent rumors of a Tablet Mac.
Geekiest Show Ever - 4 - Steal This Show!
Apr 10, 2009 • 86 min
What is piracy? Does downloading movies actually hurt the Hollywood studios? How about downloading MP3s? If I own a cassette tape, can I legally download an MP3 of the same song I already own? A wide-ranging topic this week, and a serious one. Hope you…
235 - Bigger Words
Apr 10, 2009 • 47 min
Dom Sagola joins us this week to talk about DollarApp to kick off the show. Then Guy, David, and Tim talk about the Menu problem on a dual monitor set-up in Mac OS X. Finally, Mark joins in to discuss the Airport Express Base Station.
234 - Paul Kent from Macworld
Apr 3, 2009 • 53 min
This week, we speak with Paul Kent, general manager for Macworld Conference and Expo about some of the major changes coming to the show in 2010. David, Tim, and Guy then hold a discussion on the future (or lack thereof) of Firewire 400, Firewire 800, USB…
Geekiest Show Ever - 3 - Cancelled
Mar 30, 2009 • 90 min
This week, we talk about the television shows that ended too soon - Extras, Space, Above and Beyond - Firefly - Surface - Brimstone - Dresden Files, Harsh Realm , Jericho, The Lone Gunmen, Freaks and Geeks, Babylon Five, Sport Night, Police Squad, Dark…
233 - Filemaker Pro - Migration - Verbatim
Mar 27, 2009 • 50 min
This week, Rick Kalman from Filemaker drops in to talk about all things FileMaker Pro 10. Then David Cohen and Tim Robertson are joined by John Nemo for a review of the Verbatim Speaker Keyboard. The final segment features Guy Serle and Owen Rubin talking…
Geekiest Show Ever - 2 - Watchmen
Mar 20, 2009 • 90 min
A full show on Watchmen, both the comic and movie. Spoilers galore, so be warned!
232 - iPhone 3 - Shuffle - Profiler
Mar 20, 2009 • 36 min
This week, Guy Serle, Tim Robertson, and Mark Rudd look at iPhone 3.0, the system profiler application, and the all-new, button-less iPod Shuffle.
231 - Blu Ray - MobleMe - iPhone
Mar 13, 2009 • 53 min
Tim, Guy, David, and Mark discuss: BluRay on the Mac, MobleMe, and a report that says iPhone Apps are deleted by their owners after 30 days.
230 - New Macs - Safari Beta 4 - Windows 7
Mar 6, 2009 • 54 min
This week, Guy, David, and Tim host a lively discussion on the latest newest Mac mini, iMac, and Mac Pro. Then we look at the controversial new Safari 4 beta having spent a week with the new version. And finally, we look at what Microsoft is doing with…
229 - iChat and Cloud Computing
Feb 27, 2009 • 46 min
This week, David Cohen, Tim Robertson, and Owen Rubin discuss Hulu being taken out of Boxee, and what that says about big media. Then Mark Rudd joins in with a discussion on iChat, what you can do with it, and why it won’t cost you a dime to use. And in… Podcast 228 - iPhoto 09 - Viola - New Format
Feb 20, 2009 • 48 min
The NEW Podcast starts here! Short, more focused podcasting from Tim, David, Guy, and Mark. Features this week include changes to the show moving forward, the Geekiest Show Ever podcast, a review of Viola from Global Delight, and a look at…
227 - 15 - 17 - or AppleCare
Feb 13, 2009 • 91 min
Is Apple ripping us off? Was the original Mac beloved by all Apple fans back in the day? Want to win a case from David Cohen? GREAT Apple Service! Proving myself to Comcast. All this and a lot more discussed this week by Tim, Guy, David, and Mark. A truly…
226 - Dom Sagolla
Feb 6, 2009 • 97 min
iPhone developer Dom Sagolla joins us this week to talk about his company, Dollar App, growing up with computers and MIT, creating Twitter,and the creation and future of Big Words. Sam Levin returns with an all-new Cool Mac Picks, and David and Tim…
225 - Alan Luckow
Jan 30, 2009 • 86 min
Alan Luckow joins the MyMac crew this week to talk about the new iLife 09 suite, video editing, iPhoto problems, working with Woz, and much more. A fun show! Also, it is CONTEST time! Listen for your chance to win a Speck Products case, and a copy of both…
224 - 25 Years of Macintosh
Jan 23, 2009 • 79 min
With the 25th anniversary of the Macintosh upon us, Tim, Guy, Mark, and Owen look back over their personal history with the Mac. Remember Extensions, Res-Edit, After Dark, Mouse Balls, Conflict Catcher? If so, this is the show for you!
223 - Bob LeVitus Post Expo
Jan 16, 2009 • 78 min
Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus helps kick off this weeks show with his run down of Macworld Expo, where it goes from here, and what he enjoyed most on the showroom floor. Sam Levin fills us in on his Cool Mac Picks from both Macworld Expo and CES. Finally, Owen…
222 - MWSF 09 Last Day
Jan 11, 2009 • 38 min
Listen in your web browser or iPhone here, or subscribe via iTunes The Macworld Expo wrap-up show, featuring Tim, Guy, Nemo, and some other guests. This was recorded on Friday, January 9th as the Macworld Expo was closing the doors. The show starts off at…
221 - MWSF 09 Day Four
Jan 9, 2009 • 66 min
Today’s show kicks off with the Macworld Staff, as well as the iProng Magazine staff, talking about the day. Segments include Toon Boom, an interview with Paul at Rogue Amoeba, Andreas Hass of Axiotron, Bruce Gee from, an interview with Andy…
220 - Macworld Expo Wednesday
Jan 8, 2009 • 72 min
Twelve hours later than expected, show 220 features some great content, including an interview with New York Times columnist David Pogue, IPVEO, author and photographer Mikkel Aaland, and many, many more.
219 - Showroom Floor Tuesday
Jan 6, 2009 • 78 min
Showroom floor interviews from the MyMac crew for our second podcast of the day. Looking for a flavor of the showroom floor at Macworld Expo? This is the show to listen to!
218 - Apple Keynote Show
Jan 6, 2009 • 29 min
Post Apple Keynote, the crew get together to talk about the big product announcements from Apple today. On the show: Artie, Nemo, Tim, Guy, and Mark.
217 - Macworld Day 1
Jan 5, 2009 • 37 min
The MyMac gang record an early podcast with a few guests for our podcast meet-up. Rainy weather kept most people away, but could not dampen our enthusiasm! On this show: Owen Rubin, Sam Levin, Mark Rudd, John Nemo, Tim Robertson, Guy Serle, Chris Seibold,…
216 - Last B4 Expo
Jan 3, 2009 • 44 min
Last podcast between David and Tim about the upcoming Macworld Expo, and David goes off on Kevin Rose!
215 - Typical MyMac Podcast
Dec 27, 2008 • 86 min
Victor Cajiao from the Typical Mac User Podcast joins David, Tim, and Guy for a chat about the upcoming Macworld Expo, the future of digital photography and video, and the world of New Media. A fun and lively show!
214 - Macworld Expo Exodus
Dec 19, 2008 • 87 min
This week, we look at the top Mac / Apple stories of 2008, starting with the big news of Apple pulling out of future Macworld Expo’s after 2009. Joining Tim, David, and Guy this week are reviews editor John Nemo, new MyMac writer Mark Rudd, and…
213 - Muse and Rudd
Dec 13, 2008 • 97 min
This week, we are joined by Mark Altekruse from Abaltat to chat about abaltat Muse 2.0, his history in computers, working for Apple, and much more. Sam Levin picks some great products for Cool Mac Picks. And on the last segment, Tim and David are joined…
212 - NewToy
Dec 5, 2008 • 82 min
Two brothers who quit the Microsoft gaming studio Ensemble Studios to become iPhone App developers, David and Paul Bettner, join us for a candid talk about all things iPhone and their new company, NewToy. Sam Levin joins in with a new Cool Mac Picks. And…
211 - Girls Gone Geek
Nov 29, 2008 • 72 min
This week, Liana Lehua and Melissa Thiessen from the Girls Gone Geek podcast join the crew for some tech talk, favorite tech gear, and the future of the GGG show. Plus, Sam Levin and Cool Mac Picks!
210 - BigWords - Chad Perry
Nov 21, 2008 • 82 min
Original MyMac Podcast Co-Host Chad Perry makes a surprise guest appearance on the show this week! Topics include: our new ustream feed, BigWords, HDCP on Macintosh, AppleTV update, and Macworld Expo plans and predictions. Plus, Sam Levin and Cool Mac…
209 - David Biedny
Nov 14, 2008 • 68 min
David Biedny from Mac|Life stops by for a chat about product reviews, and how the web is really changing the game. Sam Levin returns for a Cool Mac Picks returns, and Guy, Tim, and David look at the latest happening on, as well as future changes…
208 - Reviewing Jimi
Nov 7, 2008 • 74 min
This week, topics include the new UnBox, Podcamp Michigan, the Macworld After Effects review, BBEdit 9, 6GB of RAM, Refurbished MacBooks, Macintosh collections, and we pull in Jimi Lee from Indie Radio Chattanooga! Email us or leave a message at…
207 - Mike Lee
Oct 31, 2008 • 84 min
Mike Lee of United Lemur joins us for the podcast. Cool Mac Picks with Sam Levin kicks off the show, while topics later include Computer Trivia circa 1987, Macworld Expo, iPhone, and much more! Email us or leave a message at 801-938-5559
206 - Freeverse pt 2
Oct 25, 2008 • 80 min
We have a return engagement with developer Freeverse to learn how they are fairing with their iPhone Apps and future plans. Sam Levin not only joins Tim for a Cool Mac Picks, but sticks around for the entire show. And Guy Serle, not scheduled to be on…
205 - Bryan Hughes - Adobe Photoshop CS4
Oct 17, 2008 • 77 min
On the show this week: Bryan Hughes, a product manager for Adobe Photoshop! We look at some of the very cool new features in Adobe Photoshop CS4, and why you will really want to upgrade your version. Tim has a hard time on the show this week saying…
204 - Shaker and Laptops
Oct 10, 2008 • 72 min
Tim Robertson has an exclusive interview with Stan Miasnikov, President of software developer Phunkware. At the behest of The Tetris Company LLC, Apple, Inc. asked Phunkware to pull the game on copyright claims. Also, VisualHub is done, Podcaster returns,…
203 - Gang Up On Guy
Oct 3, 2008 • 82 min
We welcome back MyMac writer Rich Lefko to the podcast this week after a too long hiatus from the show. Tim, David, and Rich all gang up on Guy Serle who contends that Apple has been a bit of a let-down recently. Sam Levin helps kick off the show with an…
202 - Spored
Sep 26, 2008 • 63 min
Sam Levin helps us kick off the show with a Cool Mac Picks, then Tim, David, and Guy talk about Spore, Adobe CS4, eBay, uBid, AOL, and much more. Plus a hearty congratulations go out to David at the end of the show.
201 - Podcaster App Interview
Sep 19, 2008 • 83 min
With all the controversy surrounding Apple rejecting the Podcaster App from iTunes, we thought it would be a perfect time to have a chat with the App developer, Alex Sokirynsky. Featured roundtable participants include returning hosts Tim Robertson and…
200 - Our 200th Weekly Episode
Sep 12, 2008 • 122 min
MyMac celebrates our 200th weekly podcast episode this week with a super-sized episode. We kick off the show with this weeks Apple event news, including the new iPod Nano and iTunes 8. Then our focus shifts to the question: what three applications would…
Jun 30, 2005 • 31 min
This week, a television crew from the CBS affiliate WWMT came out and filmed Tim and Chad for a story on Podcasting. Check out WWMT here, and once the newscast is on the air, we will be sure to link to the segment about the MyMac Podcast. Come back later…
Jun 22, 2005 • 58 min
This week, while Chad is on holiday camping out in the great wilderness and working on a top-secret Apple project (see Chris Seibold’s Not Mac News in the show for more details) Tim heads to Kalamazoo to record the show with regular guest Tad Scheeler as…
Jun 18, 2005 • 63 min
This week, we talk about why we are three days late recording the Podcast. It is all good, Tim just had an important job to finish before he could make the long trek to the recording studio to meet up with Chad and record this week. But next week, look…
Jun 6, 2005 • 37 min
We start off a little different this week. How? You have to listen to the show to hear how. The Podcast Contest is back! This week, find out how to win an iGuy from Speck Products! This is a very cool iPod case (kinda) and we are giving away not…
May 30, 2005 • 33 min
This week’s feature is Rate The Rumors. Tim and Chad take on six of the most persistent Mac rumors floating out there, and rate which ones they think have zero chance of being true, and those that probably have some grounding in reality.
May 23, 2005 • 33 min
This week, Chad and Tim talk about all things Mac. We also change up the format a little bit, and introduce our new Focus segment. This week, we look at the .Mac question. Should you get .Mac or not?
25 - May 12, 2005
May 16, 2005 • 33 min
This week, Chad and Tim talk about this, that, and the other thing. Check out Warped Thoughts, our buddy Jason Hansen’s PodCast. We played his promo on the show. If you want to hear your PodCast promo, email it to us at the email link below. Not Mac News…
24 - May 5, 2005
May 9, 2005 • 33 min
Tim and Chad get caught up with some Contest winner announcements, including naming the winners from last weeks contest with Bob LeVitus! Who won? Did you? You got to download and listen to the show to find out.
23 - April 29, 2005
May 3, 2005 • 64 min
This is a special, hour-long PodCast featuring Tim and Chad talking with Bob LeVitus. Topics include Bob’s new Tiger book, Bob’s take on Apple banning his publishers books at the Apple store, and much more.Contest galore! Bob gives away copies of his new…
22 - April 23, 2005
Apr 27, 2005 • 32 min
This is our promised non-Mac PodCast. It is rated PR-13 or higher, so keep that in mind. No Mac speak at all, just three guys talking up the Pope, Michael Jackson, Hurbie, Star Wars, and more.
21 - April 21, 2005
Apr 25, 2005 • 29 min
This week, Chad and Tim return to the home of Tad Scheeler, where we last recorded a show there back in January. This week, we give away five MORE of the Newer Technology RoadTrip! FM transmitter, thanks to week, we talk about the Adobe…
20 - April 14, 2005
Apr 18, 2005 • 31 min
Chad and Tim talk a lot about Tiger on this weeks show. Plus, a brand new Not Mac News by Chris Seibold
19 - April 7, 2005
Apr 11, 2005 • 29 min
This episode, a NEW edition of Not Mac News from Chris Seibold, the holy Mac Pontiff. Todays software topic, Graphic Converter.
18 - April 3, 2005
Apr 7, 2005 • 28 min
This special weekend show with Tim and Chad is all about the contest! Okay, not all of it, but for those who listen to The Dawn and Drew Show, The My Mac Guys (not us, another show!) or The Roadhouse, you already know about this contest. Get your contest…
17 - March 31, 2005
Apr 4, 2005 • 32 min
On today’s show, we go over some of the latest content online at, and share our “wish list” for future Apple products. Do you have a program or hardware item you would like Apple to create? If so, let us know and we will share your wish list on…
16 - March 25, 2005
Mar 29, 2005 • 9 min
Just a quick Tim-Only PodCast to talk about some of the new content at, as well as answer a question from a listener asking about the site itself.
15 - March 24, 2005
Mar 28, 2005 • 31 min
Chris Seibold returns with Not Mac News! And if one minute of Chris is not enough, be sure to listen to the interview Chris did with us about his latest ebook, iMovie on the Cheap!
14 - March 22, 2005
Mar 26, 2005 • 6 min
Just a quick PodCast from Tim about the latest content at and an update to the Airport Express Base Station.
13 - March 17, 2005
Mar 21, 2005 • 31 min
Microsoft to drop MSN for Mac OS X support, Motorola Cites Apple for Non-Show of iTunes Phone, Welcome to the world Ella Caroline Long, first born of our own Todd Long!TiVO and Comcast ink deal.The Engadget Interview with Chris Gorog, CEO of Napster
12 - March 10, 2005
Mar 14, 2005 • 29 min
This is the debut of the Not Mac News minute with Chris Seibold! This week, Walken and Windows software running on Mac OS X! Apple re-entering the PDA market? Yes, according to Tim tests the equipment (courtesy of!) for our…
11 - March 3, 2005
Mar 7, 2005 • 28 min
Jef Raskin, the man who started the Macintosh project at Apple, died this past week.You just knew we could go this week without talking about Bill Gates being knighted, did you? HA! Listen for our take on Bill Gates becoming a knight, and what we think…
10 - February 24, 2005
Feb 24, 2005 • 33 min
We have a Sponsor! More Information on who and how next week! RSL Speakers! The Digital Fidelity One speaker system! Check out next weeks PodCast for your chance to win!We end the show with a tune from Guy Serle!
9 - February 18, 2005
Feb 18, 2005 • 31 min
David K. Every, on a half hour notice, joined Tim today for this weeks PodCast. Co-Host Chad Perry was unable to broadcast today, so David was kind enough to join Tim via iChat AV.
8 - February 11, 2005
Feb 11, 2005 • 31 min
Hey, a new PodCast! Also, we have the BaldRat picture online now!
7 - February 3, 2005
Feb 3, 2005 • 28 min
Two MAJOR announcements on today’s show!
6 - January 26, 2005
Jan 27, 2005 • 31 min’s PodCast (Still no name, help!) is now ready for downloading. Hosted by Tim Robertson and Chad Perry! This week, special guest Tad Scheeler!
4 - Macworld Expo NEW Macworld PodCast for 1-12-05
Jan 12, 2005 • 31 min
Chad Perry, new MyMac PodCast co-host, and Tim Robertson talk about the Mac Mini and the new iPod Shuffle!
5 - January 20th, 2005
Jan 12, 2005 • 32 min PodCast for January 20th, 2005. Download the MP3 here. Tim and Chad shop online for a Mac mini. With upgrades, how does the price compare to a low-end iMac G5? Also, the dog keeps licking Tim. ANd now our RSS works thanks to David Every! 32:59…
3 - PodCast, Apple and Legal Battles
Jan 6, 2005 • 20 min
Only one subject today, and that is the lawsuits concerning Apple Computer. What? Tim sticks with only one topic throughout the entire PodCast? Yeah, I know, hard to believe. But it is true!
1 - The Begging
Dec 29, 2004 • 10 min
The very first MyMac Podcast, introducing host Tim Robertson