TubeTalk: Your YouTube How-To Guide

TubeTalk: Your YouTube How-To Guide
If you want to grow your YouTube channel, get more subscriber, get more views, and even do brand deals on YouTube, then this is the show for you.On TubeTalk, we deal with the real stuff YouTubers go through. We answer the tough questions of how to get …

EVERYTHING you need to know about being a Mobile Content Creator with Dee Nimmin
Nov 7 • 26 min
Can you REALLY be a mobile content creator and do EVERYTHING on your phone? Do you need to spend thousands on equipment to be successful on YouTube? Let’s find out with Dee Nimmin
How to Build a YouTube Community Around Trends with Dan Currier
Oct 31 • 30 min
Did you know that a one-off viral video can actually harm your YouTube channel if it doesn’t fit in with your usual content? Find out the right way to jump on trending topics in this week’s TubeTalk.
How YouTubers generate revenue by helping business with video funnels with Ben Amos
Oct 24 • 30 min
YouTubers can tell amazing stories which is exactly what businesses want and need. Ben Amos tells us how you can generate additional revenue from YouTube!
How to Turn Your Passion into a Killer YouTube Career with Josh Horton
Oct 17 • 15 min
There’s a big myth that YouTube is saturated, and there’s no room for new creators. Find out why that’s wrong and how you can build a career out of your passion right now on this week’s TubeTalk.
How to Make Your YouTube Content Go Further with Christoph Trappe
Oct 10 • 21 min
360, VR, blogging, and podcasting are some of the strategies Christoph Trappe uses to expand your YouTube reach
YouTube work is not done at the upload with Anthony Ambriz
Oct 3 • 29 min
YouTube work is not done after you upload your video. Anthony Ambriz shares his tips for getting more views and subscribers AFTER the upload is done!
3 Laws Of YouTube Success with Sean Cannell
Sep 26 • 52 min
YouTube success is difficult, however Sean Cannell follows the 3 rules of YouTube success and so should you!
How to choose the right microphone? EVERYTHING you need to know with Shure
Sep 19 • 29 min
Audio is everything - bad audio makes people leave your YouTube video immediately. But which mic do you buy? Let’s fund out!
How to Win at Live Streaming Video with Luria Petrucci
Sep 12 • 43 min
Are you Live Streaming on your YouTube channel yet? Too scared or just want to get better at it? On this episode, the Live Streaming Guru, Luria Petrucci, shares her live streaming tips and tricks so we can rock our live streaming world!
How does the new YouTube policy affect YouTube Kids Channels with Shaun McKnight
Sep 5 • 31 min
Sweeping changes are happening with YouTube kids channels and Shaun McKnight sheds some light on what we can expect
Forget Everything You Know About YouTube with Greg Jarboe
Sep 5 • 39 min
Time to forget what you know about YouTube and lets chat with Greg Jarbo about what has changed and what you ACTUALLY need to know!
How Jacklyn Dallas, a 17 year old, is dominating the Tech YouTube scene
Sep 2 • 24 min
How does Jacklyn Dallas, a 17 year old, is able to dominate the tech world with her YouTube Channel? So many lessons. So much goodness!
From Successful Blogger to Successful YouTuber with Kristen Hills
Aug 29 • 33 min
From Blogger to YouTuber - How Kristen Hills of is dominating both worlds, servicing her community and making some serious cash too!
How ‘Yoga with Adriene’ Grew to 5M YouTube Subscribers with Chris Sharpe
Aug 22 • 32 min
Chris Sharpe grew Yoga with Adriene to over 5m subscriber with Focus and Research - here is what you need to know so you can do the same on your YouTube channel!
The Secret Selling Merchandise on YouTube with Dave Higashi
Aug 15 • 38 min
How to make money from merch as a YouTuber - can small creators do it too? what should every creator know about merch sales? we dive into all your merch questions with Dave Higashi on TubeTalk
How to Really Stand Out as a YouTuber with Todd Bergin
Aug 8 • 19 min
Social media, especially social video, is a crowded place, but there are still huge opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Find out how on this week’s TubeTalk podcast.
How Family Vloggers get Millions of YouTube Subscribers - Jase Bennett of The Ohana Adventure reveals all
Aug 1 • 34 min
How can family vloggers succeed on YouTube? How do you stand out? How can you make money as a YouTube vlogger? Jase Bennett from The Ohana Adventure reveals all!
Why Super Fans are the Best Way to Get More Views on YouTube with Pat Flynn
Jul 25 • 31 min
Having a core tribe of super fans is the key to success for getting more views on YouTube - but how do you do that? In this week’s episode of TubeTalk we discuss how to grow this invaluable community with Pat Flynn.
3 Skills Every YouTuber Needs To Know with Brian G Johnson
Jul 18 • 36 min
There are 3 Skills Every YouTuber Needs Know in order to grow their YouTube channel. I chat with Bryan G Johnson about these skills so you can get more subscribers!
Complete Guide to Cracking the YouTube Algorithm with Matt Gielen
Jul 11 • 43 min
Every YouTuber wants to conquer the YouTube Algorithm in order to get their videos discovered to get those subscribers and views! So let’s break down what you REALLY need to know about the YouTube algorithm with Matt Gielen
YouTube Storytelling and Pro Filmmaking Tips with Victoria Grech
Jul 4 • 30 min
How do you become a better storyteller so you keep your audience watching for longer and YouTube loves you? This and pro filming tips on today’s TubeTalk
How to STAND OUT on YouTube with Sidney Diongzon
Jun 27 • 29 min
As a small creator, how do you stand out in YouTube? How do break into a YouTube niche that is saturated? This is what today’s episode is all about on TubeTalk
The Five Big Mistakes YouTubers Make with Benji Travis
Jun 20 • 40 min
Are you a YouTube creator making these 5 huge mistakes that are preventing your channel from getting subscribers and views? I chat with Benji Travis about these mistakes and how to fix them on this week’s TubeTalk
How you can get MORE Brand Deals as a YouTuber with Komal Parikh
Jun 13 • 44 min
How can you get those brand deals and get paid as an influencer on YouTube? we have the industry insider revealing all the YouTube PR secrets!
The Journey to 470,000 YouTube Subscribers with Joe Scott
Jun 6 • 36 min
How do you go from 0 to 470,000 subscribers on YouTube? Joe Scott did it on his nerdy Science YouTube channel and shares his tips with us
The Importance of Branding for YouTube Creators with Phil Pallen
May 30 • 29 min
Developing your personal or business brand on YouTube is one sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd. Learn more about the art of branding in this week’s TubeTalk podcast.
How To Get More Views On YouTube as a Small Channel
May 23 • 37 min
On this episode of TubeTalk, learn how smaller channels can break into the big time and get more views on YouTube in 2019.
How to Master the YouTube Algorithm with Tom Martin
May 15 • 53 min
On this episode of TubeTalk, learn why keyword research is the secret sauce to cracking the YouTube algorithm, and how to do it properly.
Recreating YouTube Success by Understanding Your Data from Dane Golden
May 9 • 29 min
Understanding your YouTube analytics is the first to step to creating content that drives views and subscriber growth. In this episode of TubeTalk we discuss Audience Retention, how to end your video, and why buying views is a really, really terrible idea.
Time Management Tips and Tricks for YouTube Creators from Mike Vardy
May 2 • 39 min
Good time management skills are critical for any YouTube creator if they want to be productive. In our new TubeTalk podcast we discuss the best techniques.
The Five Principles of New YouTube Success with Scott Simson
Apr 25 • 39 min
Succeeding on YouTube takes more than creating content. You need to be on top of your game when it comes to optimising, promoting, and building then engaging with your community. We bring you 5 solid principles to follow to grow your presence and your…
Affiliate Marketing on YouTube with Marcus Cambell
Feb 19, 2018 • 17 min
Affiliate Marketing on YouTube with Marcus Cambell - TubeTalk EP 155 You can listen to TubeTalk here:…
How to sell products and services from Live Streaming with Todd Bergin
Feb 15, 2018 • 28 min
How to sell products and services from Live Streaming with Todd Bergin TubeTalk EP 154 You can listen to TubeTalk here:…
How to Sell Products and Services from YouTube With Tripp
Feb 7, 2018 • 21 min
How to Sell Products and Services from YouTube With TrippYou can listen to TubeTalk here:
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YouTube Superchat With Tim Schmoyer
Apr 3, 2017 • 13 min
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Using YouTube Ads To Grow Your YouTube Channel
Mar 16, 2017 • 13 min
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When you Should Not Optimize a YouTube Video
Mar 15, 2017 • 20 min
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Harnessing the Power of YOU in YouTube with Dane Golden
Feb 14, 2017 • 14 min
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How To Create Shareable Content with Bryce Jurgensmeier
Dec 1, 2016 • 25 min
Your beer drinking video marketing specialist Joshua Wethington of picks Bryce Jurgensmeier brain about how to create shareable content. Bryce who now works at viral video engineers was involved in the Pizza Hut Selfie Stick PSA and Koba …
Instagram Best Practices
Nov 23, 2016 • 18 min
Joshua talks to his Instagram doppelganger, Josh Horton better known as Juggling Josh. Combined he has over 700K followers on social media with 220K on Instagram alone. The Josh’s talk about best practices to attract new followers and increase engag…
7 Things To Know About YouTube End Screens
Nov 8, 2016 • 9 min
Jeremy Vest of and Time Schmoyer give their 7 best tips when using the all new YouTube End Screens.