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Short Cuts #272 - Anonymously Awesome!
Aug 13 • 36 min
The Prime Minister’s Office leaks secret intel on how amazing they are. And Quebec’s French print papers somehow continue to thrive.
Ep. 272 - The Best New(ish) Podcast In Canada Is About The Opioid Crisis
Aug 10 • 38 min
Host Garth Mullins joins Jesse to talk about how after watching the media get so much wrong about the opioid crisis—if they covered it at all—he and other drug user activists got together to start a monthly podcast based on their stories, their reporting,…
Ep. 313 - Nardwuar: An Oral History
Aug 5 • 36 min
Support us at Nardwuar the Human Serviette is one of the biggest media personalities to come out of Canada. He’s a prolific interviewer with a knack for shocking his guests by bringing up little-known personal details about their lives during…
Ep. 336 - Let No Good Deed
Aug 2 • 56 min
Support us at Last week’s House Finance Committee hearings into the WE Charity scandal yielded few new insights into why the government awarded it a massive sole-source contract or how the organization itself operates. Thankfully, the press has…
Short Cuts #271 - Bottom Of The Barrel
Jul 30 • 38 min
Support us at The Kielburgers testified before the House of Commons finance committee, updates on the Nova Scotia shooting, and the plan for a Nazi colony in Cape Breton. 2020, am I right? co-hosts. This episode is sponsored by and .
Ep. 335 - Why It’s Illegal to Protest In Alberta
Jul 27 • 34 min
Support us here: A new law in Alberta is Jason Kenney’s latest front in the oil war. Freelance journalist spoke to the people fighting back against Bill 1. CORRECTION: A previous version of this episode incorrectly identified Marlene Poitras. She…
Short Cuts #270 - Mr. Brown Goes To Ottawa
Jul 23 • 40 min
Support us at Jesse testified before the House of Commons Finance Committee about Canadaland’s reporting on the WE organization, and, while accusing a Black person of anti-Blackness, The Globe and Mail itself has been accused of anti-Blackness. …
Ep. 334 - A Dodgy Paternity Test And The War On The Reporter Who Exposed It
Jul 19 • 32 min
Support us here: reported that a Canadian lab’s prenatal paternity test was “.” During the 18-month investigation, Aldhous found couples who’d been given results that turned out to be wrong. The lawsuit the lab launched against him lasted . This…
Short Cuts #269 - We Do Some Accounting
Jul 15 • 35 min
Support us at We have some questions about WE’s government contract and their internal accounting. And the story of how a Canadian media outlet suppressed assault allegations against Peter Nygard. co-hosts. This episode is sponsored by , , and .
Ep. 333 - Could The WE Scandal Take Down Justin Trudeau?
Jul 13 • 44 min
Support us here: It’s a scandal that could—but probably won’t—take down Justin Trudeau. After swearing otherwise, WE was forced to admit that it paid Justin’s mom and brother more than $350,000 in speaking fees. It’s triggered an…
Short Cuts #268 - Harper’s Is Still Lurking
Jul 8 • 47 min
Support us at The press seems to have given the Rideau Hall intruder the white glove treatment, and why on Earth did so many people sign that letter from Harper’s Magazine? co-hosts. This episode is sponsored by .
Ep. 332 - WE Charity: Lawyers, Guns And Money
Jul 6 • 55 min
Support us at At Canadaland, we really didn’t expect to find ourselves reporting on the WE organization again. But then it was the focus of the biggest politics story in the country, and we obtained a recording of a strange conversation…
Ep. 267 - Propaganda, Fascism And Murder: An Alternative History Of The Globe And Mail
Jul 1 • 22 min
Support us at The Globe and Mail is now 176 years old. You can read all about its accomplishments elsewhere. Writer Jamie Bradburn takes us through the paper’s darker moments. You can read Jamie Bradburn’s full article for CANADALAND ….
Ep. 331 - The RCMP Exists to Control Indigenous People
Jun 29 • 51 min
Support us here: and , co-hosts of the radio show and podcast , join Jesse to talk about the history of policing back to John A. Macdonald, the killing of Dudley George at Ipperwash in 1995, and how it has impacted their lives…
Short Cuts #267 - Consequence Culture
Jun 25 • 58 min
Support us at Can you really be “cancelled” if you still have a platform? A look at Margaret Wente, Wendy Mesley, and the Mulroneys. And was the Nova Scotia shooter an RCMP informant? co-hosts. This episode is sponsored by and .
Ep. 330 - A CBC News Anchor On Systemic Racism At Work
Jun 22 • 51 min
Support us here: is a news anchor at CBC Ottawa News and the host of weekly current affairs show, Our Ottawa. This episode is brought to you by and .
Short Cuts #266 - The Reckoning
Jun 17 • 53 min
Support us at Journalists across Canada are speaking out about their experiences with racism in the newsroom. And as Wendy Mesley is suspended from hosting duties, it’s time to reevaluate the language used in news meetings. co-hosts. This…
Ep. 329 - The Tyrant’s Spin Doctor
Jun 15 • 48 min
Support us at Lord Tim Bell worked for a rogues’ gallery of international clients, and co-founded one of the most powerful PR companies in history. But it all came crashing down when leaked emails exposed Bell Pottinger’s role in fomenting…
Ep. 279 - A Forgotten News Lab Predicted Journalism’s Online Future in 1991
Jun 10 • 40 min
Support us here: InfoLab imagined newspapers’ transition from print to digital, creating multimedia digital news in the basement of The Hamilton Spectator back in the early ’90s. Jesse talks to its former director, journalist ,…
Ep. 296 - Two Centuries of Blackface in Canada
Jun 7 • 43 min
Support us here: is an assistant professor at Ryerson University’s School of Creative Industries, and the author of . She’s currently working on a new project about the history of blackface in Canada, and…
Short Cuts #265 - Newsroom Mutiny
Jun 3 • 51 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland: Protests have erupted around the world in response to police violence against Black people. Trump is violating the rights of his own people. Police are openly targeting and arresting journalists. Something has changed…
Ep. 328 - Should Big Tech Bail Out The News?
May 31 • 46 min
Support us at The pandemic could be an “extinction event” for American newspapers and so their publishers want their own government bailout. Meanwhile Canadian papers want money from Google and Facebook, too. lays out the problems with all that, and…
Isolation Interview: The Right Honourable Kim Campbell
May 29 • 9 min
“My biggest fear is that not enough will change, and not enough lessons will be learned.” is a former Prime Minister of Canada, the first and only woman to hold the post to date. She lives in Vancouver.
Short Cuts #264 - Smelly Rogue
May 28 • 49 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland: Torstar was just sold for $52 million, droves of people were chastised for going to the park, and Jesse opens himself up to some rare scrutiny. co-hosts. This episode is sponsored by .
Isolation Interview: Kaie Kellough
May 27 • 9 min
“I had a confrontation with someone in the line up for a grocery store… and that moment of slow honeyed ease was totally interrupted.”
Isolation Interview: Xanthe Vallentin
May 26 • 5 min
“I’m going to be very careful about how much I leave my property until there’s a vaccine.” Xanthe Vallentin is a teacher in Hamilton, Ontario, and the sister of Canadaland patron coordinator Jessica Vallentin.
Ep. 327 - A Crime Reporter Exposes The Child Welfare System
May 24 • 40 min
Support us here: The child welfare system is failing Indigenous children, and APTN’s can’t stop covering it. His reporting throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has given him a glimpse of what political will could do to…
Isolation Interview: Mumilaaq Qaqqaq
May 22 • 11 min
“After this pandemic we can create a new normal that’s better for everyone.”
Short Cuts #263 - A Case For Bad Art
May 20 • 42 min
Support us here: The incredibly controversial painting of Justin Trudeau, François Legault’s problem with anglophone media, and the story about Gaza that CBC disappeared. co-hosts. This episode is sponsored by and .
Isolation Interview: Omar El Akkad
May 20 • 11 min
Support us here: “The job of fiction is to intrude on reality and instead we’re living in a situation where reality is intruding on the fictional.” is the author of the novel American War and was a reporter…
Isolation Interview: Martha Wainwright
May 19 • 7 min
Support us here: “In the silence you start to wonder…how are we going to find each other again?” is a singer-songwriter, who describes herself as being best known for being a bloody motherfucking asshole.
Ep. 326 - While We Weren’t Looking
May 17 • 45 min
Support us here: In the face of a global pandemic, it’s hard to focus on anything else. Three journalists tell us stories that have broken on their beat that you might’ve missed, but could have far-reaching consequences….
Isolation Interview: Jesse Brown
May 15 • 10 min
Support us here: “The wild oscillations of feeling are abnormal for me.” is the publisher of Canadaland.
Short Cuts #262 - Racist Vegan
May 13 • 44 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . Bryan Adams pulls a Morrissey, an Indigenous ceremony is broken up by the RCMP, and Ghomeshi attempts another comeback. co-hosts. This episode is sponsored by and .
Isolation Interview: Brooke Manning
May 13 • 4 min
“I never believe in going down without a fight…I’m a triple fire sign.” Brooke Manning is the owner of Likely General, a store and gallery space in Toronto.
Isolation Interview: Weyni Mengesha
May 12 • 6 min
“Hugs feel like they’re going to be euphoric.” is the artistic director of Soulpepper Theatre Company in Toronto.
Ep. 325 - Should We Stop Naming Killers?
May 11 • 47 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . Prime Minister Trudeau said naming the Nova Scotia mass shooter was giving him “the gift of infamy.” Romayne Smith Fullerton investigates how different democracies cover crime, and what that reveals about…
Isolation Interview: John Semley
May 8 • 6 min
“I fucking hate Zooming… and having to look at my own face.”
Short Cuts #261 - Billionaire Welfare Slackers
May 6 • 39 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . When police searched journalists’ offices in the Alberta legislature, we wondered how government reporters were faring in the age of COVID-19. And after securing millions from the federal…
Isolation Interview: Jaren Kerr
May 6 • 8 min
“I guess like a positive abnormal and unusual thing I did was propose to my girlfriend, which was pretty cool.”
Isolation Interview: Martin Lukacs
May 5 • 9 min
“I think I may have had coronavirus.” is a journalist and author based in Montreal.
Ep. 324 - Kenny vs. Kenny
May 4 • 47 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . Kenny Hotz achieved fame as the co-star of Kenny vs. Spenny, one of Canada’s most successful TV shows. The comedy series, built around a competition between two supposed friends and the crude…
Isolation Interview: Kai Cheng Thom
May 1 • 9 min
“Pushing for a world where we accept the risks of having a body… That’s where we need to go.”
Short Cuts #260 - Celebrity Malfunction
Apr 29 • 35 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . The more we learn about the shooting in Nova Scotia, the worse it becomes. And did the star-studded Stronger Together COVID-19 special show us anything but how completely anachronistic celebrity has…
Isolation Interview: BJ Snowden
Apr 29 • 8 min
“I want my friends and family to be safe from this”
Isolation Interview: André Picard
Apr 28 • 6 min
“I like to remind people the chances of getting infected by somebody walking or running by you outside— they’re virtually nil”
Ep. 323 - Industry Pandemic
Apr 27 • 35 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . Journalists across Canada tell us how Covid-19 has changed how they bring us the news. This episode is brought to you by and . Additional music:
Isolation Interview: Chris Locke
Apr 24 • 6 min
“It’ll probably be like a mega-hedonistic orgy after this.”
Short Cuts #259 - Our Press Can’t Handle The Nova Scotia Shooting
Apr 22 • 48 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . The confluence of the pandemic, reliance on police for information, and slashed newsroom budgets means that reporting on the Nova Scotia shooting was all but doomed from the start. And a tweak to…
Isolation Interview: Tanya Talaga
Apr 22 • 11 min
“This virus is a bitch, for sure.”
Isolation Interview: Surinder Mann
Apr 21 • 6 min
“I’m helping other people to be safe.”
Ep. 322 - Why Life Without Fear Is Miserable
Apr 19 • 31 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . When journalist Eva Holland lost her mom, she went on a quest to understand the science behind her phobias, and conquer them. In her book, , we learn why and how we are afraid, and why we don’t want…
Isolation Interview: Severn Cullis-Suzuki
Apr 16 • 9 min
“My ten-year old got his first octopus all by himself”
Short Cuts #258 - Snitch Nation
Apr 15 • 42 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . Do the same rules apply to Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer as to the rest of us? Do the rules matter any more? Could this finally be the end of conspiracy theories? co-hosts. This episode is…
Isolation Interview: Club Quarantine
Apr 15 • 11 min
“If we are looking like we are one of the girls just dancing having fun, it’s probably performative”
Isolation Interview: Kate Beaton
Apr 14 • 8 min
“I do participate in society.” ** Kate Beaton is an excellent cartoonist.
Ep. 321 - Did Covid-19 Kill The Alt-Right?
Apr 12 • 37 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . The Deplorables that surrounded the Trump presidential campaign have all but disappeared from the mainstream web, but New Yorker writer says it’s the ideology of Silicon Valley that allowed them to…
Short Cuts #257 - Speaking Moistly
Apr 8 • 39 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . For weeks, we’ve all been trying to flatten the curve. But how do we measure our success if the numbers informing that curve aren’t reliable? And how do the big newspaper chains justify taking…
Isolation Interview: Matt Huether
Apr 8 • 7 min
“I got scolded by the deputy mayor of Los Angeles for not including Funyuns in my tweet.” Choose wisely:
Isolation Interview: Elizabeth May
Apr 7 • 7 min
“This is the death of neoliberalism.”
Ep. 320 - Coronavirus Is In Our Prisons And Trudeau Is Doing Nothing
Apr 6 • 45 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . Reporter Justin Ling speaks with prisoners across Canada terrified of COVID-19 sweeping through the prison population. This episode is brought to you by , , and . Additional music: ”Contention”…
Isolation Interview: David Sax
Apr 3 • 9 min
“When this is all over, I never want to Zoom again.” David Sax’s new book is coming out in the midst of a pandemic.
Short Cuts #256 - Good Faith, Bad Information
Apr 1 • 48 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . Has the messaging about whether to wear a face mask been contradictory? How do you report on sports in a world without them? And a roundup of the bad COVID-19 coverage from the last week. co-hosts….
Isolation Interview: Robert Jago
Apr 1 • 10 min
“I have been obsessed with virtual reality”
Isolation Interview: Shad
Mar 31 • 7 min
“I’ve been watching old NBA games and breaking them down on Instagram Live.”
Ep. 319 - Cross Country COVID Checkup
Mar 29 • 30 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . Our first ever call-in show. From Quebec to British Columbia to Nunavut to Brooklyn, Coronavirus has disrupted the lives of Canadaland listeners. Here’s what they have to say. This episode is brought…
Isolation Interview: Sarah Hagi
Mar 27 • 9 min
“Put on normal clothes, remember to stretch… That doesn’t help. You’re still in the prison of your own mind.”
Short Cuts #255 - This Op-Ed Could Kill People
Mar 25 • 43 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . COVID-19 coverage continues, for the most part, to be even-handed. But that’s not why you listen to this podcast. A look at what’s going wrong in Canadian reporting, as well as the personal and…
Isolation Interview: Ryan McMahon
Mar 25 • 12 min
“If it really goes down, I can always shoot a moose.”
Isolation Interview: Margaret Atwood
Mar 23 • 13 min
“My life is never exactly normal. But it’s normal for me.”
Ep. 318 - The Last Picture Show
Mar 22 • 42 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . Independent movie theatres were in trouble before COVID-19 became a global pandemic, and now even the industry giants like Cineplex are taking a hit. , programming director at Toronto’s Revue Cinema,…
Isolation Interview: Socalled
Mar 20 • 9 min
“So they told us music is free, so it’s all about the shows now. You gotta make the shows, you gotta sell things at the shows. Now we don’t have shows.”
Short Cuts #254 - Wave Of Isolation
Mar 19 • 50 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . In a time like this, we’re so flooded with information that good, quality journalism matters more than ever. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t stuff to make fun of. Plus, how are newsrooms…
Isolation Interview: Jen Agg
Mar 17 • 8 min
Restaurateur Jen Agg just wants to get home.
Isolation Interview: Robyn Doolittle
Mar 17 • 7 min
What feels most weird right now? Doing normal things.
Ep.317 - Meditations In An Emergency
Mar 16 • 33 min
What do we do with this?
Short Cuts #253 - Panic! At The Discoronavirus
Mar 12 • 47 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . As COVID-19 is declared a global pandemic, how are Canadian media handling the coverage? And what opportunities can moments of crisis provide for a shift in business reporting? co-hosts. This episode…
Ep. 316 - One News Brand To Rule Them All
Mar 8 • 29 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . Is The New York Times a model for success in the news business, or a monolithic news brand that’s crushing the competition? Former BuzzFeed News editor-in-chief Ben Smith just started his media…
Short Cuts #252 - Canada Is Working Exactly As Intended
Mar 4 • 40 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . A front-page story tells us that Canada is broken. Is it, or is this exactly how the country was designed to work? And, as a senior editor leaves the CBC, our national broadcaster pivots to audience. …
Ep.315 - The Cocaine Smuggling Ring At VICE
Mar 1 • 41 min
In 2015, five young people were arrested for smuggling cocaine into Australia. They had a common connection: Slava P, a music editor at VICE Canada. At the time of the bust, Slava was silent. But years later, he decided to sit down and tell us…
SHORT CUTS #251 - Heard It Through The Pipeline
Feb 27 • 43 min
Radical Indigenous protestors vs. hardworking regular folk is a questionable binary.
BONUS: Jesse Gets Grilled
Feb 24 • 8 min
A bonus AMA episode
Ep.314 - Nardwuar: The Interview
Feb 23 • 47 min
Who is the man beneath the tam?
Short Cuts #250 - Wet’suwet’en Coverage Is Still Pretty Bad
Feb 20 • 44 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . Jason Kenney’s War Room sets its sights on that white whale of fake news: The New York Times. And as protests spread, reporting on Wet’suwet’en remains fairly feeble. co-hosts. This episode is…
Ep.313 - Nardwuar: An Oral History
Feb 16 • 40 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . Nardwuar the Human Serviette is one of the biggest media personalities to come out of Canada. He’s a prolific interviewer with a knack for shocking his guests by bringing up little-known personal details…
Short Cuts #249 - Christie Blatchford’s Complicated Legacy
Feb 12 • 52 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking here.
Ep.312 - Siege On Wet’suwet’en
Feb 9 • 33 min
$5/month for ad-free Canadaland by clicking . Last week, the RCMP arrested six people for obstruction on Wet’suwet’en territory. They then threatened to arrest the journalists who were there covering the ongoing conflict between protestors and…
Short Cuts #248 - Return Of The Conservative Rapper
Feb 5 • 35 min
The Heritage Minister doesn’t seem to understand his own plan for regulating the internet (or not), so we break it down for you. And a group that doesn’t exist just ran a major political ad campaign in the country’s top newspapers. The National…
Ep.18 - VICE: An Oral History
Feb 2 • 35 min
Conflict and controversy as Gavin McInnes and others remember Voice of Montreal, a government-subsidized community newspaper in the 90s that grew into a global brand. This episode originally aired on February 3, 2014. This episode is brought to…
SHORT CUTS #247 - Coronaviral
Jan 30 • 48 min
Have we learned anything about reporting on viruses since SARS? And what can a new documentary about Idle No More teach us about our present state of reconciliation? guest hosts, and co-hosts. Watch . This episode of Short Cuts is brought to you by…
Ep.311 - Let’s Talk About Bell’s Harmful Prison Phone Contract
Jan 27 • 35 min
Every year, Bell shines the spotlight on mental health for Let’s Talk Day. So we’re taking a look at their prison phone contract, which advocates say exacerbate mental health problems for inmates. Featuring Souheil Benslimane, coordinator and…
SHORT CUTS #246 - Come From Huawei
Jan 22 • 36 min
What was up with those “protesters” outside Meng Wanzhou’s extradition hearing? And could monarchical migration have an impact on privacy in Canadian media? co-hosts. This episode is brought to you by , , , and our listeners. Please consider .
Ep.310 - Why Is The CBC So Schitty?
Jan 19 • 40 min
The CBC wants to play by the same rules that govern digital platforms like Netflix and Amazon. No rules at all. , the executive director of the advocacy group, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, joins to talk about how our public broadcaster should…
Short Cuts #245 - I Wanna Live Like Commonwealth People Do
Jan 15 • 37 min
We examine the controversy around stating a plain fact about flight 752. Then, a Royal welcome. With co-host Nora Loreto. This episode is sponsored by , and . This show relies on listener support. If you enjoy it, please consider…
Ep.309 - A War Reporter’s Newsroom Battles
Jan 12 • 38 min
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Watson resigned from the Toronto Star in 2015 when they banned him from reporting on a story. We spoke to him at the time, while he was still working on getting it published elsewhere. The has since come out and…
SHORT CUTS #244 - Iran So Far
Jan 8 • 48 min
We’ve heard so much from south of the border about Iran, but how are Canadian media treating this conflict? And The Fifth Estate delivers some spurious reporting on “Birth Tourism” and Antifa. co-hosts. This episode of Short Cuts is brought to…
Ep.308 - The Media War Over The Hong Kong Protests
Jan 5 • 31 min
For more than half a year, protesters in Hong Kong have clashed with police. Legacy media organizations in Canada have covered the protests, but a big part of the conversation is taking place somewhere else. Producer reports on a disruption at Hong…
Ep.290 - What It’s Like To Want To Die
Jan 1 • 36 min
This episode originally aired on August 12, 2019. Reporter talks about her book, Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me: Depression in the First Person, which covers her search for answers about depression and her personal experiences. .
COMMONS: Dynasties - The Sahotas
Dec 29, 2019 • 50 min
The Sahotas are Vancouver’s most notorious slumlords. For decades they’ve let their buildings rot, leaving their tenants to live in filth and desolation. But the Sahotas are not like any other dynasty you’ve ever heard of. Their story is far…
Ep.258 - Christmas in the Newsroom
Dec 25, 2019 • 25 min
This episode originally aired on December 23, 2018. We reached out to Canadian journalists to get their stories about spending the holidays at work. Newsrooms have fewer staff this time of year, but that doesn’t mean that the news stops. Check out…