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Host Bill Radke leads in-depth conversations about what matters today in Seattle and beyond.

What’s up with Expedia?
Dec 11 • 49 min
The travel giant undergoes a shakeup. Would (will??) Washington state politicians vote to impeach? And mental health responders alongside police.
Would you rather pay per gallon or pay per mile?
Dec 10 • 50 min
If you could swap the gas tax for a road use tax: would you? Fire preparedness in a warming west. From pediatric patient to head physician at Harborview’s children’s clinic. And how to be the biggest carbon loser.
Nordstrom wants to offer you bygone glamour alongside modern convenience
Dec 5 • 50 min
How the hometown retailer wants you to feel about your shopping experience. The conversion of a prominent young white supremacist. And why one Washington lawmaker says the NCAA’s rule on allowing college athletes to earn money doesn’t go far enough.
Meet the Seattleites building a moon rover
Dec 3 • 51 min
How to build a rover for the moon. Why your vote doesn’t represent you as well as you might think it does. And the UW Huskies get a new coach.
How to master the awkward hug
Dec 2 • 50 min
Just in time for the holidays: how to have an awkward hug. A surcharge to help Washington state fight fires. The history of black software. And how Billie Holiday inspired a poet.
Thousands of wheelchairs damaged by airlines
Nov 27 • 50 min
How to travel, when you know the airline could damage your wheelchair. A Seattle entrepreneur’s deep connections to Haiti. And the dream of being American, and what that means.
Iconic Seattle business changes hands
Nov 26 • 49 min
The Snoqualmie Tribe acquires the largest Native-owned arts oriented company in North America. How to prepare your turkey. Building a private wildlife reserve in Montana. And your calls about Seattle Public Schools’ gifted program.
To powerful men, Lindy West says: “we’re witches, and we’re hunting you.”
Nov 25 • 50 min
The author’s response to the Donald Trumps and Harvey Weinsteins of the world. Reckoning with the aspergillus mold, which was behind several deaths at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Changing the dude wall at the University of Washington Medical Center. And…
The call of the wild
Nov 21 • 50 min
Do you remember what it felt like the first time you encountered a wild animal? King County Prosecutor Satterberg on the legality of I-976. And the ins and outs of extreme risk protection orders.
How is climate change affecting cities’ credit scores?
Nov 20 • 50 min
When your credit drops as sea levels rise. Governor Inslee on current presidential goings-on. And a historian offering Native stories the opposite of tragedy: complexity.
Washington congressmember Denny Heck with a look at this week’s impeachment hearings
Nov 18 • 49 min
We hear from a voice inside the impeachment hearings. The showy truth of Colin Kaepernick’s NFL workout. The trouble (and bias) in diagnosing mental illness. And how to cope with SAD.
Seattle Children’s Hospital closes ORs as dangerous mold is found
Nov 14 • 50 min
What’s sickening kids at Seattle Children’s Hospital? The equity problems with gifted and talented education, and how Seattle hopes to fix them. An ancient Hopi flute, and an ode to lithium.
The empty apartment that could shape your future home
Nov 12 • 51 min
Ghost apartments. Belated obituary do-overs. Awkward AI. SCOTUS arguments on DACA. And the Sounders take to the streets.
Listening to veterans’ stories
Nov 11 • 50 min
Veterans tell us about their experiences, from a 96-year-old pilot who served in World War II, to a roundtable of veterans from Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
Political newcomer overtakes one of Seattle’s civil rights icons
Nov 7 • 50 min
The end of an era on the King County Council. Lasting love from a mother nearing the end. And a new meditation on love from Tim O’Brien.
About last night’s election
Nov 6 • 50 min
Commentary on your votes Tuesday. How Rep. Ilhan Omar united two generations of a Somali-American family. And, modestly: the problem with everything.
How did you vote?
Nov 5 • 50 min
On this election day, we ask you who you voted for and why. Would a 4-day work week work for you? Finding affordable housing in the private rental market. And what it takes to be a Godhunter.
Alienation and isolation at work
Nov 4 • 48 min
A labor organizer and poet reads from his new collection. Why a tiny home village in Seattle is shutting down. How an Instagram-famous baker makes pies to reflect America. And the history of Russian fake news.
Cooking up our TV and movie favorites
Oct 31 • 50 min
YouTube personality “Binging with Babish” shows us how to replicate pop culture meals. How to fight Russian disinformation in 2020. And what your vote on affirmative action means.
What will Seattle city council candidates do about homelessness?
Oct 30 • 51 min
A look at what your vote might mean this Tuesday. A debate about homelessness. Deciding whether or not to blow the whistle. And getting ready for Halloween with creepy sightings around the city.
How fanfiction is empowering young people
Oct 29 • 49 min
Boeing’s CEO apologizes in congressional testimony. How seniors are staying independent with smart speakers. How young people are finding mentors in fanfiction. And how to deal with a flood.
A spirited debate from the King County Council race
Oct 28 • 51 min
District 4 gets real. A LEAD explainer. Behind the scenes of Minecraft. And the mysterious shift behind the JEDI contract.
On the night shift
Oct 24 • 53 min
Ross Reynolds hosts a special hour of The Record, recorded live at midnight. We heard from night shift workers around the region about what happens while many of us are asleep.
Need to quit vaping? There’s an app for that.
Oct 23 • 50 min
How to quit vaping. How to think about sex in the future. How to access raw emotion. And how to get through a favorite movie death.
An apple that’s out of this world
Oct 22 • 49 min
Cosmically crisp, or all hype? Amazon’s funding of city council races, and media’s unequal coverage of candidates based on race. Toy worlds of climate change. And inside the president’s war on the FBI.
Hey Alexa: are you a bad influence on my kid?
Oct 21 • 49 min
Primed is back for another round. Are your kids overexposed on the internet, and is it your fault? And: the myth, the horror, the spider season.
Sourdough on the rise
Oct 17 • 50 min
It’s worth the wait. A party in a rideshare. A new turn in an old mystery series. And the pain of being subdivided: like the body, or the land.
Where’s my self-driving car?
Oct 16 • 50 min
Why autonomous vehicles require so much WAITING. Deliberate stillness. Shadowy condo ownership. And a trek from Gulf to shining sea.
What Susan Rice finds worth fighting for
Oct 15 • 50 min
The former national security advisor has written a new memoir. What’s happening closer to home in Democratic politics? And a liberal columnist goes on a pilgrimage to wrestle with his faith.
Dry brush your way to expensive enlightenment
Oct 14 • 49 min
What to do when you’ve been Goop’d. What is an advisory vote? A city named for Chief Sealth gets its first Indigenous food-focused restaurant. And when the American dream becomes the American nightmare.
How changing the past might show up in the future
Oct 10 • 47 min
Editing the past, the forgotten wave of the future, teacher of the year, and the narrative of history.
How to support wild carnivores? Recognize that they live among us.
Oct 9 • 48 min
Tracking the carnivores in our midst. Living on, long after you were told you would die. How effective are Seattle’s navigation teams? And solitary confinement in a Tacoma immigration detention center.
An urban planner on Seattle’s transit plans
Oct 8 • 47 min
How Seattle’s transit ranks against other metro areas in the U.S. How women can go from sabotage to support at the workplace. And the lost slang you should know.
“We treat it like Vegas: what happens there stays there.” A (small) peek inside the House in the age of impeachment
Oct 7 • 46 min
How one Washington representative makes the case for impeachment. Voiding old warrants to help the homeless. Why do Lake Washington’s levels vary enough to merit the Ballard Locks? And Austen’s Pride onstage.
Whistles blowing in the sky
Oct 3 • 46 min
Issues of safety and image continue to dog Boeing’s 737 fleet. An attempt to make electric vehicles generate revenue. Should local lawmakers wade into issues of free speech? And Screenagers 2.0.
Beef: it’s what’s for dinner (again)
Oct 2 • 46 min
What should you eat? How should you have hard questions with your kids? And 50 years ago this week, did you expect the Spanish Inquisition?
A chat with the mayor of King County
Oct 1 • 50 min
The county’s plan on crime. Whether Democrats have lost the White House but won the war. And e-book wait times.
Through success and secrets, learning that you are Enough
Sep 30 • 50 min
A local cookbook author turns to essays. The increasingly fragmented internet. Tech in the ancient world. And you wanted to know: why is Seattle dating so terrible?
Is a UFO by any other name still as alarming?
Sep 26 • 50 min
How a member of Blink-182 cracked the unidentified case. How could we keep kids in school? Seattle gets a new NHL team, and an immigrant writer confronts the violence of masculinity while imagining a better way.
How an Unbelievable story became a true crime drama
Sep 25 • 51 min
A new Netflix documentary. What are the grounds for impeachment? City cameras won’t be watching you – anymore. And a new book from Malcolm Gladwell.
Bartell departs from downtown… sort of
Sep 24 • 51 min
What does it mean when you close one store due to crime, but leave two others in a four block radius? Mayor Durkan’s new budget is out. And a Seattle woman struggles with whether or not she could have saved her son.
A chat with the internet’s gynecologist
Sep 23 • 51 min
The line no one will cross with the internet’s gynecologist. A look at the District 5 and 6 city council races. An ode to the wild. And the uneven profits of college athletic programs.
A check-in with an aquatic regional favorite
Sep 19 • 51 min
Orcas, arts, school failings, and inside Bill’s brain.
Clyde Ford wants you to look at tech and Think Black
Sep 18 • 47 min
How to think differently in (and about) STEM. Did the college admissions scandal have any impact on the UW? And what it means to be an ungrateful refugee.
Should you be worried about your cat eating your face when you die?
Sep 17 • 51 min
We’ve got good news and bad news. A chat with the superintendent of Seattle schools, and a look at your home (which might be looking back at you).
Educating an idealist on a messy world
Sep 16 • 51 min
How an idealist got caught up in the pragmatic slog of international policy. What teachers are paying to build supportive classrooms for your kids. And how Israel has made its way into American politics.
Race, gender, tennis, and Serena
Sep 12 • 51 min
The legacy of slavery in sport. AM radio yellers and late night liberal satire. And, after years of training children not to get in cars with strangers: are you willing to do it yourself?
After 9/11, a reminder that America has always been his home
Sep 11 • 50 min
The birth of a Sikh Captain America. A look inside the Northwest Detention Center (which has had a recent makeover, at least on the surface). All your maps are wrong. And if you have a Tesla Roadster in the Seattle area, you’re in luck! One of the only…
The 2020 Census is upon us
Sep 10 • 50 min
How to make sure we’re all counted. What’s the best guidance on opioid prescribing? Turnaround time for a Bainbridge poet. And how dangerous are flavored e-cigarettes?
Nerd humor with xkcd
Sep 9 • 51 min
Quick – can you scratch your head and laugh at the same time? A religious crusade to end the death penalty. And: why can’t we have public options for everything?
How firearms retailers talk about suicide
Sep 5 • 51 min
A conversation between a firearms retailer and a firing range renter about looking for customers who may be suicidal. A debate over a proposal to create a regional governing board to respond to homelessness in King County. And a movie theater that needs a…
Rick Steves wants you to reconsider the politics of travel
Sep 4 • 51 min
Should you travel as a political act? How a blood test can tell you about the health of your gut. The history of Seattle’s Medic One paramedics. And what kind of bad movie makes for the best heckling.
Are CBD bars legal?
Sep 3 • 50 min
Are CBD-infused food and drinks legal in Washington state? Why are America’s working poor being sold a lie? And you can now get Narcan from a Washington pharmacy without a prescription, but should you?
What we can learn from a nonagenarian oak tree
Aug 29 • 50 min
Speaking to the trees. How do you distinguish between a hate crime and domestic terrorism? Plastic is officially everywhere, including in rain over remote mountains. And, space expansion through a colonial lens.
Hashtag plantlife
Aug 28 • 50 min
Influencers go green. Not all sunscreen is created equal. A memoir about marriage. And: why your team sucks.
Space crime, coast to coast
Aug 27 • 51 min
Criming in space. A senator speaks out about conditions at the border. Curtailed recess. And crows whose cholesterol levels give pause.
Real city setting, fake movie set
Aug 26 • 49 min
Where’d you go, Bernadette’s film crew? (Pittsburgh. The answer is Pittsburgh.) How a for-profit mental health facility is failing local patients. A controversial Republican state lawmaker. Banning anti-fascist signs from the soccer pitch for being “too…
This reality show about glassmaking will blow you away
Aug 22 • 49 min
A peek inside the world of competitive glassblowing. Oh ye of little faith: congrats on the court victory. Leaving on a jet plane not knowing where you’re going. And a look at the parallels between the Japanese internment and today.
When security at home is about more than a deposit
Aug 21 • 51 min
Should domestic violence victims have to pay for repairs to their rentals due to violence (and if not, who will)? What would happen if we removed the Snake River dams? And how are Washington water rights handed out anyway? A look at at an 18-year-old cold…
Life sciences boom in South Lake Union
Aug 20 • 50 min
The expansion of life sciences development. Ron and Don speak. How to survive the onslaught of fake news. And what to do if you think you’re at risk of being swatted.
Is apathy creep enabling corruption in this Eastern Washington town?
Aug 19 • 50 min
Small town corruption. Protections for domestic violence survivors. How to fix our broken school system. Wolves and humpbacks are both rebounding in the Pacific Northwest: one is much more celebrated than the other.
The newest Colossus
Aug 15 • 48 min
Recent administration comments restart a debate about what liberty means in America. What does it mean if your teachers never look like you? Facial recognition software may know what you’re feeling. What does historic preservation mean in a city like…
“I consider it a newspaper for the mundane”: dispatches from Seattle Walk Report
Aug 14 • 51 min
Taking a walk on the overlooked side with the viral Instagram project. Washington’s former state transportation head says that when it comes to pedestrian deaths, enough is enough. Gender markers on driver’s licenses: more options, more problems? And,…
“I think loving is never enabling”: one man’s response to homelessness in Seattle
Aug 13 • 52 min
Cleaning up after camps. Fiction that gets at the truth. And comics anti-heroes.
It’s wine o’clock somewhere, amirite? A look inside “wine mom” culture
Aug 12 • 50 min
Mother’s little helper now comes in a glass rather than a pill bottle. How likely is it that we can stop opiate addiction on the streets? What it felt like to fly into a thunderstorm created by a wildfire. And a new science fiction improv podcast.
The wild wild West of vehicle ranching
Aug 8 • 51 min
Is this nothing more than AirBnB for the unsheltered? How community preference policy might allow longtime residents to stay in their homes. Luscious versus hearty: how much does marketing shape your gender ideas? And would it keep you from recycling?…
How to mourn a legend? Read the work.
Aug 7 • 51 min
Two poets say goodbye to Toni Morrison. What’s the AG doing about the income tax ban? A recap of last night’s primary elections, and an investigation of whether it works to shame people into voting.
8chan comes to Bellevue, and many aren’t happy about it
Aug 6 • 50 min
Who gives extremist sites shelter? Examining your mother through a different lens once you join her as a parent. Helping a sibling get away with murder. And: don’t get SIM swapped (bad news: there is almost nothing you can do to keep this from happening).
Raising a red flag on potential mass shooters
Aug 5 • 51 min
If you see something and say something: what happens next? Sub Pop’s rise to greatness. Mass extinction on the horizon. And Seattle waves farewell to a noted chef.
Will you vote in support of “the people’s university”?
Aug 1 • 50 min
Libraries are free to enter, but definitely not free to run. Anti-crime (and anti-privacy) toilets. A photographer with brain cancer who takes photos of the end of life. And hydroplanes hit the lake again.
How clean are Seattle’s beaches?
Jul 31 • 50 min
Can you trust our lake water? We also talk about hackers with good intent, what it means to age in prison, and why sometimes giving up on a project isn’t such a bad thing.
What you should know about the Capital One hack
Jul 30 • 50 min
The Capital One hack affected 106 million people. How worried should you be? Plus: Why Democratic U.S. House representative Kim Schrier now supports an impeachment inquiry. And, how will you survive in the immediate aftermath of the Big One? And filmmaker…
Is “flygskam” creeping up on you at the airport?
Jul 29 • 50 min
Guilty flying. WA Democrats jump on the impeachment train. Restaurant workers are in high demand, and the Seattle Times’ chief restaurant critic signs off.