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December 13th | Who gets to live in Seattle?
Dec 13 • 51 min
Randy Shaw, Director of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic in San Francisco, says single-family homeowners are at least partially to blame for an increasingly unaffordable city. Also, poet and educator Quenton Baker gives us a preview of his first installation…
Runaway robots
Dec 12 • 50 min
Do we still have control of our technology? A new initiative attempts to take greater control of our health. How will Jay Inslee’s proposal for mental health services help those in need? What can New York learn about Amazon from us? And in a week and a…
Hey, Seattle: Bill Gates wants you to push the clouds away
Dec 11 • 42 min
Will 10 minutes of daily meditation change your life? We talk you through Jay Inslee’s climate proposals, and through the drama at today’s White House meeting over border wall funding. The XFL is coming to town, and some local schools are not getting…
When voter fraud comes to call
Dec 10 • 50 min
The voter fraud in North Carolina came not at the ballot box, but at the front door. As a vote by mail state, are we vulnerable too? When is online harassment free speech, and when does it cross the line? Is there a way to connect our young people with…
Signs of transformation in Seattle’s south end
Dec 6 • 50 min
Rainier Beach is gentrifying faster than you can paint a house grey and move in with your dog. What are the solutions? Speaking of which, could solutions journalism help restore America’s trust in the media? And a performance artist’s work stays sharp…
When temperatures drop, what happens if you can’t go indoors?
Dec 5 • 51 min
The options available to our neighbors living without shelter. Also, Seattle is getting a hockey team – which means it needs a hockey rival. What are the stories you haven’t heard about abortion? And what have you heard about the changing culture of…
Mariners, deconstructed
Dec 4 • 50 min
NHL Hockey will come to Seattle in 2021. The Mariners will make the playoffs in approximately 2041. What’s good in baseball? Also, the viaduct will be falling before the new waterfront tunnel opens – so you’ll be getting to work at the same time the…
Where you gonna run to – when Seattle runs out of water?
Dec 3 • 50 min
All on that day. A newly released report says that after a big earthquake, the city could be dehydrated for up to two months. At this point, we’ve all sent work-related emails from a private account: why is it still such a big political story? The…
O Tannenbaum: is there a war on Christmas trees?
Nov 29 • 50 min
Christmas tree season is upon us: where are you on the real v. fake divide? Also, how do you feel about your medical devices spying on you? Frank Chopp is stepping down as House Speaker, and one man shares the practices that helped him survive death row.
This Seattle bus driver decided to be extra nice to his passengers. Here’s how it went
Nov 29 • 17 min
He wanted to test a theory from his childhood: If you’re nice to people, will they be kind in return?
Seattle’s first anniversary with Mayor Durkan
Nov 28 • 51 min
Mayor Jenny Durkan has been on the job for a year. What’s changed? And speaking of changing times, Microsoft is aging in reverse – into America’s most valuable company again. Gene editing is on the rise: has it just crossed an ethical line?
The search for life on Mars, by way of Redmond
Nov 27 • 51 min
What role did Puget Sound play in getting a robot to Mars? And what’s behind the actions – and coverage – of an American missionary killed in the Bay of Bengal? House prices in Seattle are falling fast, and Ralph Munro remembers when our view of marine…
When climate change arrives on your doorstep
Nov 26 • 53 min
There’s a new climate change report in town. What will it mean for the Pacific Northwest? A Russian asylum seeker died this weekend in Tacoma – what happened? We speak to the city’s happiest bus driver, and explore why leopard print has never gone out of…
This is why we’re so aroused by leopard print
Nov 26 • 11 min
A leopard can’t change its spots, but it’s so glamorous, so why would it even try?
You asked, we answered!
Nov 20 • 48 min
How does NPR decide what advertising it will and won’t accept? What’s behind the rise in Seattle’s reported hate crimes? And is King County prepared to respond to disasters in a number of languages?
School’s out for a week! Here’s what to do with your kids.
Nov 19 • 50 min
Happy Thanksgiving! Now’s your chance to entertain your kids, and we can help. The city council is voting on a $5.9B budget – what’s in it? Peter Sagal shares what drives him to run, and we look into Washington’s efforts to prevent fires.
Throwing Amazon 2.4 billion bones
Nov 15 • 49 min
New York gave Amazon a tax credit of almost $50K per employee it brings to town. Is it worth it? You could ask the same thing about whale watching (so we did). In addition to that, a look at dancer Donald Byrd’s legacy, a question about what happened with…
Open enrollment: the most wonderful time of the year
Nov 14 • 50 min
Open enrollment is upon us! What’s the deal for 2019? Also, MLB investigates the Mariners for racism. An Edward Hopper painting is diverted from the Seattle Art Museum. And how should parents invest in their children’s schools and future?
Amazon puts a ring on two (and a half) new headquarter cities
Nov 13 • 52 min
After weeks of leaks, Amazon ‘fesses up: New York and DC are in – along with Nashville, kind of. A chef spills some of the family secrets hidden in American food, and one listener offers a creative way to see loved ones off at airport gates.
If you could keep the sun from setting… would you?
Nov 8 • 51 min
California passes a resolution to put a ring on daylight saving(s) time; is WA next? In other sunny southern news, San Francisco has approved a tax on big businesses to pay for homelessness programs. UW’s animal research centers are not without…
Midterm recap: Is Washington more progressive today than it was yesterday?
Nov 7 • 51 min
A lot depends on who you ask. We talked district elections, ballot measures, and the tea leaves of turnout. Author Susan Orlean also made an appearance to chat about her new book.
Will cuffing season ever come to Seattle?
Nov 6 • 51 min
Are we truly the worst city in the nation for dating? Discuss.
November 5th: How sausages feed Australian civic duty
Nov 5 • 50 min
Vote a little. Have a sausage. Make a day of it! You might as well – it’s not exactly optional.
Barred from SCOTUS for wearing a headdress
Nov 1 • 51 min
Is it constitutional to keep a tribal leader out of the Supreme Court because of traditional regalia? Is it realistic to ask big tech firms not to contract with ICE, or the Pentagon? And how important is your identity – to others and to you?
Like so many of our neighbors, do you feel unsheltered?
Oct 31 • 51 min
Novelist Barbara Kingsolver’s new book explores what happens when you do everything right and still can’t find the ground beneath you. Separately: what should you do if you see a spider in your home? And for teens who carry guns: why? And is there a…
With great talent comes mental illness, says this psychiatrist
Oct 30 • 50 min
King County Executive Dow Constantine takes our questions and yours. Also, can Washington state lawmakers block anyone on their social media accounts? We also talk to a psychiatrist who embraces his “crazy” family, and two Seattleites who are creating a…
The case for American intervention
Oct 29 • 51 min
When should the US intervene in foreign affairs, and when should we stay out of it? We also speak to two leaders in the Seattle Jewish community and check in with journalists ahead of tomorrow’s Political Mischief event.
“Our political ideas describe a world that no longer exists”
Oct 25 • 51 min
What tech is the city of Seattle using to surveil its citizens? What does today’s charter school ruling mean for education in Washington state? And how will we grapple with the increasing overlap between technology and the state?
Wednesday, October 24th: When should the police shoot to kill?
Oct 24 • 51 min
Wednesday, October 24th: When should the police shoot to kill?
October 23rd: Get counted
Oct 23 • 50 min
This month on the show, we’ve been answering your questions about tight races and ballot initiatives. But why does Washington vote the way it does at all?
The Record: Monday, October 22
Oct 22 • 51 min
The “grocery tax” might not be all that it seems.
What do you wonder about the Puget Sound region?
Oct 18 • 51 min
You asked, we answered.
‘Curious simpletons’ get a peek at life on Mars
Oct 17 • 51 min
You don’t have to be a planetary exploration specialist to understand this science (but we talked to one anyway).
A tale of two Smiths
Oct 16 • 51 min
The race is on for Washington’s 9th. Also, we hear more about ballot initiative 1631 on carbon fees, and remember Paul Allen.
Senator Warren takes the test
Oct 16 • 51 min
DNA testing is becoming increasingly widespread; in this instance, it’s being used to bolster political bona fides and has sparked discussions about whether genes have anything to do with identity.
Washington joins a growing number of states in abandoning capital punishment
Oct 11 • 39 min
“We now know, and the Supreme Court decision affirmed, that zip code and race are likely determinants of whether the accused is given the death penalty. There is nothing equal, fair, or just if that has occurred. And unfortunately, it has.”
Can Seattle tax its traffic away?
Oct 10 • 37 min
Congestion pricing: the good, the bad, and the eye-popping pricetag of London’s driving fee.
Scoot your way to personal injury?
Oct 9 • 35 min
Other cities have thrilling electric scooter share: why not Seattle? The hidden danger of two-wheeling it.
Eric Idle on Cockney accents and yachting with Paul Allen
Oct 8 • 17 min
Bill Radke talks to actor and comedian Eric Idle about his Monty Python days and always looking on the bright side of life.
Alice Walker on tending to our sorrows, our anger
Oct 4 • 37 min
On this episode of The Record, Bill Radke speaks to novelist Alice Walker, writer Nicole Chung, and KUOW reporter Anna Boiko-Weyrauch.
Pastor Pat Wright reflects on her legacy in Seattle
Oct 3 • 36 min
Today on the Record, we talk to Pastor Patrinell Wright, author Neal Bascomb, and Seattle Times reporter Joseph O’Sullivan.
The fight for $15 has come to a warehouse near you
Oct 2 • 50 min
Amazon is raising its minimum wage to $15. Is it enough to placate Kshama Sawant (or Bernie Sanders, for that matter)? And when it comes to income inequality: is it enough, period?
“When they were good, they were very very good” - a Mariners postmortem
Oct 1 • 50 min
The playoff run that wasn’t.
How good people become great leaders
Sep 26 • 50 min
A presidential historian reminds us that the country has passed through rocky times before.
Does the city’s new budget put its money where its mouth is?
Sep 25 • 49 min
With the new budget out, what will the city of Seattle be funding – or cutting – in the next year?
Sometimes, #WhyIDidntReport is because of what happens to those who do
Sep 24 • 50 min
This weekend, Twitter lit up with the hashtag #WhyIDidn’tReport. That was in response to the president’s assertion that if the sexual assault Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is accused of was “as bad as she says,” charges would have been immediately…