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The Nik Hawks Show
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Ep 76: Dr. Anne Andrews & Brain Chemistry
Oct 24, 2019 • 61 min
Principle Investigator at the Anne Andrews Research Group at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Professor of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences Leads research on anxiety & depression Trying to understand how neurotransmitters are used in…
Ep 75: Shannon Jay, Abalone Diver & Cat Rescuer
Sep 26, 2019 • 98 min
From abalone hunter to national park service law enforcement to viral video cat rescuing star, Shannon Jay is the kind of guy you just love to sit down and listen to. A fantastic story teller, he is one of my favorite people to catch up with. He talks…
Ep 74: Stanford Graham, A Fast Runner
Aug 22, 2019 • 66 min
At 57 years old he can throw down a 4:32 mile, so…
Ep 73: Scott Mann, Green Beret & Storyteller
Aug 14, 2019 • 73 min
Warrior to Creative, A Veteran’s Transition
Ep 72: Currents of the Earth, 1st draft
Jun 30, 2019 • 30 min
Been working on this piece of writing for a while, thought I’d share one of the first drafts with you. As you’ll hear, this comes from my experiences riding earth energy, would love to get your feedback on it. Rock on! For more info go to…
Ep 71: Eric Bostrom, Motorcycles & Health
May 31, 2019 • 93 min
After a chance meeting while coaching young athletes I stayed in touch with Eric Bostrom for two reasons. First, he had a clean energy. I know that sounds pretty damn woo-woo, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve just learned to trust my gut more when it…
Ep 70: Brian Enos, Master of Awareness
May 27, 2019 • 71 min
What does it take to shoot a pistol faster than pretty much anyone else in the world? Mastery over awareness and attention. Whether you’re a pistol wizard or a paraglider pilot, this show goes deep into how to improve at anything you do. Brian Enos is a…
Ep 69: Lessons From A Failed Business
May 1, 2019 • 22 min
Ep 68: Jeff Shapiro & Falconry
Apr 3, 2019 • 65 min
This is classic podcast material: A dive into a fascinating topic that you wouldn’t normally hear about. is a well known climber, base jumper, wingsuit pilot, hang glider, and paraglider but for this show we focused on his passion for falconry….
Ep 67: Insomnia Researcher Max de Zambotti
Mar 20, 2019 • 54 min
Got questions about why teenagers have trouble sleeping or why insomnia is so difficult to treat during menopause? We get into sleep on this one, from wearable tech tracking to the gold standard of PSG to what the future of understanding sleep holds.
Ep 66: Opportunity of a Lifetime
Mar 8, 2019 • 30 min
This one covers one of my favorite stories, Ralph A. telling us about the opportunity of a lifetime. Enjoy the wanderings, for how often to lift weights on a maintenance plan to the latest hobby and books I’m reading. I finish off with a…
Ep 65: Nik-i-sode
Feb 18, 2019 • 33 min
Random thoughts, recent news, and books I’m reading. Capacity for luck, creating a long term high, towels vs toilet paper and what happens when you’re not prepared for the best day ever. Let’s do this!
Ep 64: Nik-i-sode
Jan 2, 2019 • 25 min
These are all the thoughts for the podcast gathered since mid-way through November, from the idea that waves & tides might be alien messages to the idea of 1st vs 3rd world consequences and finishes up with what books & movies I’m recommending you read.…
Ep 63: Roy Harris
Dec 21, 2018 • 91 min
This show with Roy Harris skips most of his (DEEP!) martial arts history and jumps into two things he’s passionate about and equally stoked on: Teaching and Human Movement. He’s known for his Jiu Jitsu courses, so we jump way into how he came up with his…
Ep 62: Nik-i-sode, America, Veteran’s Day, Billionaires, Climbing Excellence
Nov 12, 2018 • 18 min
Thanks for the push, Jamie A! This one’s for you. For the rest of ya… I had a rad guest lined up who got themselves in a spot of trouble stealing deer stands in Utah. Suffice to say there’s more to the story than has been generally…
Ep 61: Charlie Groves
Oct 1, 2018 • 67 min
A Well Rounded Adventurer
To Be Curious
Sep 26, 2018 • 4 min
This is a short spoken word piece, less than 5 minutes. It came to me the other day in my truck and I recorded the initial effort. Over the following few days I wrote it all down, refined it, pruned it, made it closer to what I was hoping it would be.…
Ep 60: Nik-i-sode
Sep 20, 2018 • 31 min
This episode covers public speaking, ignorance, the 50 burpees a day challenge, being special, victory, self confidence, a good way to validate when you know what you’re doing, bringing up curious children, the savage sitter idea, cryptocurrency tax…
Ep 59: Barb & Doug from Orphan Espresso
Sep 14, 2018 • 121 min
B & D first attracted my interest when I went down the coffee rabbithole and discovered the importance of grinding coffee to A) the correct size and B) making sure ALL the grinds were the same size, and not having some large, some small. We talk about…
Ep 58: Randy Leavitt
Aug 5, 2018 • 53 min
There are some folks out there who are a little scary in their pursuit of excellence; they have an intensity about them that is damn near palpable. Randy Leavitt is one of those people. Best known as a climber, I like to think about Randy as a full-on…
Ep 57: Gregory Crouch and the Bonanza King
Jul 24, 2018 • 60 min
My good friend and author Greg Crouch comes back on the Paleo Treats podcast to discuss the story of John Mackay, one of the four Bonanza Kings who ran the massive profitable Con. Virginia mine on the Comstock Lode.
Ep 56: Carla Naden and Animal Synergy
Jul 12, 2018 • 64 min
Carla Naden talks about her world of edge cases in the larger world of animal rescue and how she’s helping to build a community of people who work together to make animal lives better. From the way she shapes her language to reflect the world she…
Ep 55: TJ & Sean from BUBS Naturals
Jun 12, 2018 • 86 min
On the surface, the story is straightforward. 2 guys become friends, start a company, decide to donate a percentage to charity. It’s when you dive deep that a story gets interesting. TJ Ferrera and Sean Lake talk about the (way) back story of how they got…
Ep 54: Nik Hawks 2
Feb 13, 2018 • 28 min
I’m back answering a few reader questions and sharing how I’m running my own show. Using affirmations, working hard, reading Terrence McKenna’s work, crashing my paraglider, crypto tanking, joy is cheap, and the pulse circle. Enjoy!
Ep 53: John Gierach
Feb 5, 2018 • 47 min
John Gierach has long been a fly fishing hero of mine. What I didn’t know, but came through clearly in this Paleo Treats Podcast interview, is that he’s also a writing hero.
Episode 52: Nik Hawks
Jan 15, 2018 • 33 min
I share a couple of my “driving-around” thoughts that might trigger something within you. Excellence, daring, intensity, and questioning experts; it’s all in there!
Episode 51: Joshua Cooper Ramo & The Nature of Connection
Dec 21, 2017 • 49 min
In this interview we dive into the important points of a network, the difference between complex and complicated systems, what topology is and why it matters, and how emergent properties of networks are inevitable.
Episode 50: Amy Kruse, Neuroscientist
Jun 12, 2017 • 62 min
What the heck is applied neuroscience? Ask former DARPA program manager Amy Kruse!
Episode 49: Chahan Yeretzian, the Coffee Chemist
Jan 8, 2017 • 57 min
“The more we understand, the more rational we are and the more courageous we can be.” In this conversation with , a Syrian born Armenian physical chemist based out Switzerland, we dive deep into where the arenas of science, academia, industry,…
Episode 48 - Bob Gannon, World Flying Adventure
Aug 10, 2016 • 51 min
Bob flew a Cessna 182 around the world. Twice. Here’s what he learned.
Episode 47: Brad Barlage, Climber & Fine Human.
Jul 16, 2016 • 54 min
Every so often you come across a dude who appears normal but turns out to be a real gem. Brad Barlage is one of those guys. At 5’9 and all of 150 lbs, he’s a rangy, stringy dude with bright eyes and a stoked smile. A superb climber…
Episode 46: Gavin McClurg
Jun 30, 2016 • 60 min
Adventure and Paragliding
Episode 45: The Anderson Brothers, Rock Climbing Trainers
Mar 30, 2016 • 75 min
Upon getting back into rock climbing after a 17 year hiatus, I quickly discovered Mark & Mike Anderson’s contribution to training for the sport in the form of . After reading through it I realized that these guys were demonstrating more than just…
Episode 44: Skymind and Artificial Intelligence
Feb 7, 2016 • 59 min
I’ve been curious about AI, or Artificial Intelligence, for a few years now. I read with interest the opposing points of view in Pedro Domingos The Master Algorithm and Nick Bostrum’s Superintelligence regarding how quickly machines are…
Episode 43: Peter Defty, a fat burner’s story
Sep 22, 2015 • 69 min
Peter Defty from Vespa Power rejoins us and shares the life that brought him to be on the leading edge of fat burning performance. From his early days hunting and butchering animals on the farm to flying a biplane all over Guatemala as a young…
Episode 42: David Easton, Rammed Earth Master
Sep 9, 2015 • 75 min
David Easton builds “museum quality, visual masterpiece walls that happen to support the roof.” His medium is rammed earth, , and if you’ve ever loved any kind of architecture or building you’ll dig this show. This is closer to Paleo than many…
Episode 41: Charlie Glass, Journalist, Broadcaster, Author
Jul 27, 2015 • 59 min
Charlie Glass is an American journalist who has covered some of the most fascinating and horrific stories of our time. While you might not think a journalist has any connection to Paleo, these story tellers are vital to one of what we believe…
Episode 40: Brian Mackenzie, CrossFit Endurance
Jul 10, 2015 • 55 min
Of all the paths to excellence, perhaps the most reliable is one based on the importance of personal responsibility. In this podcast, Brian Mackenzie from CrossFit Endurance shares with us what drove him from being a broken down ex-swimmer…
Episode 39: Peter Defty & OFM
Jul 2, 2015 • 119 min
Peter Defty of goes through the pyramid in this fact-packed podcast. Peter is a long time student of endurance performance and specifically the effects of nutrition and goes through the whole process of transitioning from being a carb burner…
Episode 38: Ian Dunican, Student of Sleep
Jun 23, 2015 • 81 min
Ian Dunican joins us today to talk about one of his favorite subjects (other than jiu-jitsu and ultra running), which is sleep. He’s currently working on a PhD at the University of Western Australia (UWA) focused on the question, “Can you use…
Episode 37: Roz Savage, Ocean Rower
Jun 3, 2015 • 46 min
One of my favorite guests, Roz Savage combines the fierce heart of an adventurer with the ability to describe beautifully the wildest & loneliest places on the planet.As a Guinness World Record holder (first woman to row solo across 3 oceans), Roz…
Episode 36: Greg Skomal, Shark Scientist
May 26, 2015 • 55 min
Shark diving ain’t all fun & games, there’s plenty of hard work involved!
Episode 35: Dave Pell from NextDraft
May 15, 2015 • 55 min
“I never thought I would look forward to getting an email again.” Dave is a news junkie and the author of daily email newsletter , which he describes as a “modern day news column”. He organizes the newsletter into the 10 most fascinating news…
Episode 34: Nick Sloane, Salvage Master
May 1, 2015 • 61 min
When Nick Sloane got the call to refloat the Costa Concordia in 2012, he was in New Zealand wrapping up another job and dreaming about playing golf back home in South Africa. When he said “yes” to the job he couldn’t know that it would take 30…
Episode 33: Jean Donaldson, Comparative Psychologist
Apr 23, 2015 • 62 min
If you’ve paid attention to anything beyond the pages of paleo desserts on this website you won’t be surprised that we’ve brought on another dog trainer to the Paleo Treats Podcast. The folks who are good, really good, at communicating with dogs…
Episode 32: Mike Friton, Innovator Extraordinaire
Apr 17, 2015 • 65 min
Mike Friton has been for over 30 years. Known for his shoe designs and his extensive work with Nike, he’s also helped smaller companies like design minimalist shoes that support a healthy foot. Trained as an anthropologist, Mike focuses…
Episode 31: Tim Noakes, Exercise Scientist
Apr 9, 2015 • 96 min
“You must believe nothing.” So says Tim Noakes, one of the most well respected exercise scientists in the running world. Author of Lore of Running and Waterlogged, Tim has radically changed his beliefs throughout the course of his 30+ year…
Episode 30: Barry Murray, Sports Nutritionist
Apr 8, 2015 • 42 min
Barry Murray is a sports nutritionist and coach for elite endurance athletes. His main focus is on adapting athletes to burn fat instead of carbs, and his work with Tour de France cyclists along with his own performances (several wins in ultra…
Episode 29: Phil Maffetone on Purpose & Music
Apr 3, 2015 • 88 min
Phil Maffetone is back on the Paleo Treats Podcast, though this time we swing well away from athletic performance and into the realm of Purpose and Music. Phil has had 2 major epiphanies in his life, the first took him down the path of becoming…
Episode 28: Dr. Phil Maffetone
Mar 19, 2015 • 72 min
Musician, endurance coach, and athletic performance expert.
Episode 27: Matt Kuzdub from Train With PUSH
Feb 26, 2015 • 53 min
Sports science meets technology and talks about strength training for runners.
Episode 26, Brooks Kubik part II
Nov 25, 2014 • 65 min
Strength, muscle, and the mind game.
Episode 25: Brooks Kubik
Nov 9, 2014 • 66 min
Weightlifting Dinosaur and Historian
Episode 24, Kevin Stacy & The Station Foundation
Oct 5, 2014 • 64 min
Kevin Stacy, a former helo pilot, talks about how we take care of soldiers outside of combat.
Episode 23: The Bee Girl
Sep 1, 2014 • 68 min
A quick primer on bees, and why the little buggers are important by one of the better teachers in the business.
Episode 22: Pete Scobell & Traumatic Brain Injury
Jul 17, 2014 • 37 min
Pete Scobell, a Navy SEAL, talks about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and how it affects him along with the latest TBI treatments.
Episode 21: Steve Underwood, Wild Fire Expert
Jun 29, 2014 • 65 min
Steve Underwood is the Fire Management Officer out at Mesa Verde National Park and a 26 year veteran of fighting forest fires. He is also one of the most well read folks you’ll ever meet.
Episode 20: Billy Waugh, Special Forces & CIA soldier
May 31, 2014 • 61 min
Billy Waugh has taken part in some incredible pieces of history, including as a Green Beret in Vietnam, hunting Carlos the Jackal (successfully) and going eye to eye with Osama Bin Laden during the early ’90s in Khartoum.
Episode 19: Robert Young Pelton on Southern Sudan
May 14, 2014 • 93 min
Robert Young Pelton discusses his piece for VICE on Southern Sudan. Fascinating.
Episode 18: Phil Zimmerman, Cryptographer Extraordinaire
Apr 14, 2014 • 62 min
Phil Zimmerman is one of the world’s experts on cryptography, which is the study and application of ensuring that no one but you and the person you’re talking to can understand what you’re saying.
Episode 17: Victor Davis Hanson
Mar 20, 2014 • 74 min
Victor Davis Hanson, author of a number of books on military and more specifically ancient Greek military history as well as farming from the agrarian hoplite perspective, joins us for this episode of the Paleo Treats podcast.
Episode 16: Lambert Ninteman III, Polymath
Mar 9, 2014 • 55 min
This time around we turn from mountains and physical adventure to speak with one of San Diego’s finest minds, Lambert Ninteman III.
Episode 15: Doug Chabot, Mountain Climber & Non-profit True Believer
Feb 12, 2014 • 71 min
This time around we turn back to the mountain men and talk with Doug Chabot, an avalanche specialist, mountain guide, climber, and co-founder of the non-profit Iqra Fund.
Episode 14: Jamie Little, ESPN reporter & fierce competitor
Feb 8, 2014 • 51 min
Best known for her work with ESPN on the X-Games and in NASCAR, Jamie Little tells the classic American story of starting out as a wild child, working hard and getting a few breaks to become one of the most well known names in motorsports reporting.
Episode 13: Gregory Crouch, climber & author
Jan 23, 2014 • 57 min
Gregory Crouch is a climber & author who has traveled from Patagonia to Persia in search of hard climbing and good writing. As you’ll hear in this podcast, he’s found both.
Episode 11: Mike Ritland, Navy SEAL dog trainer
Jul 22, 2013
So you probably eat Paleo, but does your dog? It should! Listen in to world class dog trainer Mike Ritland as he talks about how he trains dogs for everybody from the Navy SEALs to high net worth individuals.
Episode 12: Robert Young Pelton
Jul 17, 2013
Robert Young Pelton, author of “The World’s Most Dangerous Places”, shares his thoughts on the benefits of getting fired, running Route Irish in Iraq, being kidnapped by Columbians, and offers a great perspective on livin’ the dream.
Episode 10: Chris the problem solver
Jul 8, 2013
Ever wanted to know the way a professional problem solver thinks? Tune in this week and listen to my good friend Chris talk about the genesis and development of a world class problem solver.
Episode 9: Ryan Williams, Co-founder of Forged Clothing, Founder of Demonbells
Jul 2, 2013
This week we talk with Ryan Williams, former SEAL turned entrepreneur. Ryan is a 6’2” 210 lb asskicker with a mind to match.
Episode 8: Kurt Johnstad, Hollywood writer
Jun 24, 2013 • 54 min
Kick it with Hollywood epic writer Kurt Johnstad (300, Act of Valor, 300: Rise of an Empire) as we talk about the crucible of physical exertion, the reason for pursuing excellence, and just how important a good cup of coffee is.
Episode 7: David Rutherford, Navy SEAL motivational speaker
Jun 6, 2013
David Rutherford: Phenomenally motivational speaker, Navy SEAL, and all around good guy talks about embracing fear, building self confidence, and living the team life.
Episode 6: Jeff Pierce & Jo Kiesanowski, Paleo cyclists
May 31, 2013 • 42 min
Episode 6: Even cyclists eat Paleo. Sometimes.
Episode 5: Shawn Alladio, PWC master and Paleo Treats Ambassador
May 28, 2013 • 49 min
Shawn Alladio: World class jet skier, big wave rescue specialist, mother of 2, and a Paleo Treats ambassador to boot talks about life, the universe, and what it takes to pull a man out of a car on fire.
Episode 4: Pete Servold, Paleo chef extraordinaire
May 17, 2013 • 30 min
Interview with Pete’s Premade Paleo founder Peter Servold.
Episode 3: Ray Tabbita, long haul trucker
May 10, 2013 • 41 min
Long haul trucker and Paleo Treats™ ambassador Ray Tabbita joins us in a phone conversation and discusses how he manages to stay on Paleo and on the road.
Episode 2: Heidi Fearon, world class healer
May 3, 2013 • 28 min
Join us for an interview with Heidi Fearon, one of the leading healers in the CrossFit community.
Paleo Treats Intro Episode
Apr 25, 2013 • 4 min
Following a thread of excellence through the Paleo community by interviewing well known and unknown followers of the Paleo diet.