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347: How To Change Your State & Age In Reverse - With Guest Natalie Jill
Apr 23 • 65 min
What holds you back from becoming your best self? We all have our stories of limitation, but the key to reaching any goal begins with your mentality. Today you’re going to discover bestselling author Natalie Jill’s incredible story. And the tips and…
346: Top 10 Healthy Travel Tips + Science-Based Reasons You Need To Travel More
Apr 16 • 61 min
Today you’re going to learn how to be your best self while traveling. This episode is loaded with ten practical tips you can use to support your body while you’re on the road. You’re going to learn about establishing good sleep habits away from home, how…
345: The Science Of Stem Cells & How To Eat To Beat Disease – With Guest Dr. William Li
Apr 9 • 69 min
In his new book, Eat to Beat Disease, Dr. William Li highlights how what you eat can help aid your body’s natural healing processes. His groundbreaking research has had a positive impact on diseases such as cancer, obesity, and heart disease. His…
344: Real-World Motivation To Remind You Of Your Greatness
Apr 2 • 52 min
No matter what strategies or tools you use to get out of a funk, there’s no denying that listening to inspirational stories can help you channel your motivation. This episode is a compilation of motivating and thought-provoking interviews that you can…
343: The Paradox Of Progress & The Life-Changing Laws Of Emotion - With Guest Mark Manson
Mar 31 • 75 min
In his new book, Everything is F*cked, Mark Manson dives into the psychology behind achievement, human happiness, and the importance of hope. Mark is on the show today to share his experience, along with the impressive science behind the human mind.…
342: Cross-Training Your Nutrition & Getting Honest About The Fitness Industry - With Guest Chalene Johnson
Mar 26 • 69 min
Diet culture is confusing. With modern marketing, social media, and endless diet books, is it any wonder that people are confused about what to eat? The reality is, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to diet. On today’s show, Chalene…
341: 10 Daily Habits That Will Make You Smarter & More Successful
Mar 19 • 94 min
This episode is full of simple habit changes you can implement to maximize your brain’s abilities, as well as the science to back it up. You’re going to learn about how small changes can have a lasting effect. We’re going to cover ten different areas that…
340: Cognitive Enhancement Through Exercise & How Your Brain Actually Works - With Guest Dr. Wendy Suzuki
Mar 12 • 66 min
Dr. Wendy Suzuki is an expert in all things neural science and brain plasticity. Her evolving work has spanned from the brain’s ability to retain memory, to how exercise and meditation can improve cognitive ability, and how everyday anxiety can be…
339: 4 Hidden Things That Could Be Destroying Your Sleep Quality
Mar 5 • 67 min
If you’ve read my best-selling book, Sleep Smarter, you already know that making small changes to your habits can pay off tremendously when it comes to getting better sleep and transforming your overall health. But since the book was published in 2016,…
338: The Truth About Hormonal Birth Control & How To Go Beyond The Pill - With Guest Dr. Jolene Brighten
Mar 3 • 77 min
Dr. Jolene Brighten is a true pioneer in the field of health and wellness. She has a huge mission to help us all better understand the role of hormonal birth control and its effects, and to help women make the best decisions for their own bodies and…
337: The 5 Biggest Smoothie Mistakes
Feb 26 • 63 min
This episode is all about helping you maximize the health benefits of the amazing smoothie. You’ll learn how to avoid the most common smoothie pitfalls. We’re also going to cover the number one question you should ask yourself before you fire up your…
336: The Surprising Connection Between Your Microbiome And Your Lifespan - With Guest Dr. Steven Gundry
Feb 19 • 86 min
On today’s show, Dr. Gundry is sharing incredible tips about sustaining longevity through your current habits and behaviors. You’ll learn about cultivating a healthy microbiome, how to eat for longevity, and how to protect your brain health as you age. I…
335: How Sex Helps You Live A Longer, Healthier Life
Feb 12 • 51 min
Today you’re going to learn the latest research on how having an active sex life can contribute to your mood, cognitive function, and general well-being. You’ll hear studies linking sexual activity to increased heart function, improved sleep, and a more…
334: Keto Myths And How To Go Complete Keto - With Guest Drew Manning
Feb 5 • 62 min
If done correctly, the ketogenic diet can be a powerful tool for burning fat, finding mental clarity, and improving digestion. To better understand the basic mechanisms of how keto works, today I’m bringing you one of the most qualified experts I…
333: Dangerous Chemicals Hidden In Our Food Supply & The Food Industry’s Playbook - With Guest Vani Hari
Feb 4 • 66 min
Vani Hari, also known as the Food Babe, has advocated for not only herself, but all of us by challenging food companies and organizations and holding them accountable for their actions. Today, she is here to share information from her new book, Feeding…
332: Your Body’s Hidden Fat Loss System & The Metabolism Reset Diet - With Guest Dr. Alan Christianson
Jan 30 • 70 min
In ancient cultures, the liver was thought to be at the root of human consciousness and self-awareness. But today, most folks hardly consider the health or function of their liver—and when they do, it’s typically after a night of drinking. The truth is,…
331: The Muscle-Brain Connection
Jan 23 • 60 min
On today’s show, we’re diving into the powerful science of the muscle-brain connection—specifically how exercising your body in turn strengthens your brain. You’re going to learn about numerous studies that link physical activity with cognitive function,…
330: The Science Of Hunger And The Set Point Diet - With Guest Jonathan Bailor
Jan 16 • 79 min
Fighting diabesity involves improving multiple systems within the body, and naturally lowering the body’s setpoint. Today you’re going to learn the science behind conquering diabesity, and a framework for how to naturally lower your body’s set point.…
329: Stop Brain Shrinkage And Activate Your Healthy Brain Genes - With Guest Dr. David Perlmutter
Jan 8 • 83 min
Today, Dr. Perlmutter joins us to share the new and emerging science that inspired the updated and revised version of his book. We’re digging deep into the topics of brain inflammation, neurological disorders, gluten sensitivities, and how you can prevent…
328: The Intersection Of Health, Fitness, And Faith - With Guest Isabel Price
Jan 6 • 74 min
Today’s guest, Isabel Price, has made it her mission to help people reach their health goals, uncover their best selves, and stop struggling with diets. Her spiritual approach emphasizes the importance of community and connecting with your innate worth. I…
327: 5 Things To Quit Doing In 2019
Jan 1 • 69 min
Letting go of detrimental habits that no longer serve you can help you refine your focus, boost your energy levels, and uncover the ability to achieve your greatness. On today’s episode, I’m sharing 5 toxic habits you need to ditch in 2019, and sharing…
326: Secrets To A Healthy Family - With Guest Braden Stevenson
Dec 25, 2018 • 46 min
I’m joined today by a special guest, my youngest son Braden. You’ll hear his seven-year old perspective on health, wellness, and gratitude (and of course LEGOs!) I’m also sharing my experience of building a culture of health in my own family. You’ll learn…
325: Take Control of Your Financial Health - With Guest Jemal King
Dec 18, 2018 • 78 min
For many people, one of the biggest challenges is how they think about money. Today’s guest, Jemal King, is here to share his incredible story about how he created multiple businesses and streams of income through changing his mindset. You’re going to…
324: Build Your Mental Fitness And Become Relentless - With Guest Tim Grover
Dec 9, 2018 • 63 min
Tim Grover has helped elite athletes and entrepreneurs take their skills to the next level by fine-tuning their mindset and building mental toughness. His wisdom and insights are applicable to your journey regardless of your goals. He’ll share the guiding…
323 - Meal Prep Commandments & How To Increase Your Kitchen IQ - With Guest Kevin Curry
Dec 4, 2018 • 70 min
On today’s show, Kevin is sharing his wealth of knowledge about how to make cooking healthy food realistic and attainable, regardless of your budget or time constraints. We’ll discuss a few of Kevin’s key kitchen commandments, and how you can incorporate…
322: How to Beat Anxiety & Become Unstoppable - With Guest Craig Ballantyne
Dec 2, 2018 • 71 min
Today’s guest, Craig Ballantyne is here to share his personal journey with overcoming anxiety, as well as how he educates his clients to do the same. Craig is sharing proven (and practical!) strategies you can utilize to improve your mental health. You’ll…
321: The Top 10 Ways To Fortify Your Immune System
Nov 27, 2018 • 67 min
Supporting a healthy immune system can take many forms, including appropriately nourishing your body with immune-boosting foods, using exercise to prevent stagnation of the lymphatic system, and getting quality sleep. On today’s episode, we’re diving into…
320: The Science Of Gratitude & How The World’s Top Achievers Utilize It
Nov 20, 2018 • 53 min
On today’s show, we’re highlighting a handful of insightful moments about the power of gratitude from recent episodes. You’ll hear a compilation of stories from successful individuals who have used gratitude to change their situations, improve their…
319: Eating For Cognitive Power & The Truth About Brain Food - With Guest Dr. Lisa Mosconi
Nov 13, 2018 • 68 min
Dr. Lisa Mosconi studies the intersection of neuroscience and nutrition, more specifically how what we eat affects the health of the brain. She is also the author of one of my new favorite books, Brain Food. She’s sharing the fascinating science behind…
318: Thinking faster and better (and how to recover from the mistakes you make) - With Guest Jim Kwik
Nov 7, 2018 • 60 min
If there’s anyone on the planet that knows about using thought to boost productivity, it’s world-renowned learning expert, Jim Kwik. On today’s show, we’re discussing the importance of building memory fitness, and the power of identity. You’ll learn…
317: The Heart Masterclass: Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, & 4 Steps To Perfect Heart Health
Nov 4, 2018 • 76 min
On today’s episode, we’re going behind the scenes of the heart to uncover the truth about blood pressure, hypertension blood sugar, and cholesterol. You’ll learn the mind-blowing science about the heart’s electromagnetic field, and the heart-brain…
316: How To Create Beliefs That Empower You - With Guest David Meltzer
Oct 30, 2018 • 63 min
Today’s guest is a huge proponent and example of how giving 100% can change your life, help you reach your goals, and serve others along the way. David Meltzer is the co-founder and CEO of Sports 1 Marketing. He has an extraordinary story of rising to the…
315: Healing Through Humor And Having The Courage To Be Yourself - With Guest JP Sears
Oct 23, 2018 • 67 min
JP Sears is a YouTuber, comedian, emotional healing coach, and curious student of life. His story entails channeling his natural tendency to use humor as a coping mechanism, and instead using his humor to heal, connect, and entertain others. His…
314: The Surprising Benefits Of Helping Others & The Truth About Thirst - With Guest Scott Harrison
Oct 16, 2018 • 77 min
Today’s guest, Scott Harrison, has made it his personal mission to bring clean water to developing countries through his nonprofit organization, Charity: Water. However, he wasn’t always so philanthropic. After spending a decade indulging in the nightclub…
313: Building Your Will To Improve, Cultivating Peace, & What Makes Model Health
Oct 9, 2018 • 109 min
We’re covering my background, including my childhood and the important lessons I learned early in life. You’ll learn more about my experience recovering my health, and how it influenced my career. We’ll talk about relationships—from co-parenting, to…
312: Reclaim Your Time, Build Your Life Resume, & Why Experience Is Overrated - With Guest Jesse Itzler
Oct 2, 2018 • 64 min
On this episode of the Model Health Show, Jesse is sharing the powerful lessons he learned from his experience living with monks. He’s sharing powerful tips about effective time management and focus, how to truly express gratitude, and how to find…
311: The Nature Of Consciousness, Precognition, & An End To Upside Down Thinking - With Guest Mark Gober
Sep 30, 2018 • 63 min
Today’s guest, Mark Gober, is the author behind the new revolutionary book, An End to Upside Down Thinking, which explores the compelling evidence behind human perception and awareness. His work will inspire you to rethink your outlook about existence,…
310: Movement Skills, The Importance of Community, & Down-Regulating At Night - With Guest Dr. Kelly Starrett
Sep 25, 2018 • 48 min
Kelly is a doctor of physical therapy, a New York Times Best Selling Author, and an all-around stand-up human being. On today’s episode, he’s sharing why fundamental movements are indispensable to your routine, what basic human physiology can teach us…
309: How To Deal With Failure, Cultivating Work Ethic, & Why It’s Time To Man Up - With Guest Bedros Keuilian
Sep 18, 2018 • 78 min
If you’re ready to take an honest look at what limits you from performing at your highest capacity, today’s episode is for you. Bedros Keuilian is back to share life-changing tools and mindset shifts you can implement, the stories behind his experience…
308: Transforming Your Body, Mind, & The Health Coaching Industry - With Guest Cynthia Garcia
Sep 11, 2018 • 90 min
If you’re passionate about health and wellness, if you’ve thought about a career in the health industry, or if you’re in the health industry but you want to succeed at a higher level, today’s episode will be life-changing for you. Cynthia Garcia is the…
307: 12 Tips For Conquering Distraction And Getting More Done
Sep 4, 2018 • 58 min
On today’s show, you’re going to learn 12 practical tips and tricks you can implement in order to reduce distractions and skyrocket your productivity. This episode is loaded with very specific tactics I’ve found to be effective in optimizing focus, plus…
306: Coconuts, Kettlebells, & Breaking The Wagon Mentality - With Guest Noelle Tarr
Sep 2, 2018 • 64 min
On today’s show, Noelle Tarr of Coconuts and Kettlebells is here to share her experience with overcoming diet culture and finding balance in a health-centered approach. Her story is full of insight about how to shift the paradigm around food and exercise,…
305: The Science Of Flavor & The Dorito Effect - With Guest Mark Schatzker
Aug 28, 2018 • 61 min
Mark Schatzker has extensively studied and written about the link between food and behavior, including how traditional knowledge has overlooked an important piece of the puzzle—flavor. On today’s show, he’s sharing the fascinating science behind the…
304: Maximizing Fitness To Stand Out In Hollywood & The Baseline Of Happiness - With Guest Tom Hopper
Aug 21, 2018 • 66 min
Today’s episode is about finding that balance for yourself, not only physically, but in all aspects of your life. My guest is Tom Hopper, an incredible actor, husband, father, and fitness advocate. His story will inspire you to cultivate your confidence,…
303: Demolish Your Limitations & Detox Your Life - With Guest Drew Canole
Aug 14, 2018 • 58 min
Our guest today, Drew Canole, has done exactly that. He is passionate about inspiring others to push past their limitations, learn to overcome their past mistakes and traumas, and create a life that they love. His story of triumph and transformation will…
302: 10 Tips To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
Aug 7, 2018 • 65 min
Emotional intelligence is our ability to identify, evaluate, control, and express our emotions. Having a high emotional intelligence allows us to align our behaviors with our values by understanding the critical piece that emotions play in…
301: Get Yourself In Position To Win: Hard Work, Consistency, & Longevity - With Guest Ozzie Smith
Aug 5, 2018 • 69 min
On today’s show, Ozzie is sharing the details of his stories and illustrious career with the San Diego Padres and St. Louis Cardinals. When you hear his story, I know you’ll be inspired by his accomplishments, outlook, and humility. This episode is not…
300: 300th Episode Celebration! My Top 10 Favorite Moments
Jul 31, 2018 • 85 min
On today’s show, we’re celebrating our 300th episode by highlighting ten impactful and very special moments from the past 100 shows. We’ve got slices of insight and inspiration from many different areas that impact our health and well being. I think this…
299: The Comfort Zone Myth & Motivation Through Empathy - With Guest Drew Manning
Jul 24, 2018 • 61 min
On today’s show, my friend Drew Manning is back to share the lessons he’s learned about discovering a meaningful purpose, practicing gratitude, and developing a stronger sense of empathy. We’ll talk about the dangers of staying in your comfort zone, the…
298: The Sleep & Fat Loss Masterclass
Jul 17, 2018 • 81 min
In this episode, my mission is to help you understand the importance of sleep for your body, hormones, and overall fitness. I’ll share facts and strategies about regulating hormone levels, and how sleep influences the body’s basic mechanisms (including…
297: The Truth About Collagen, Genetic Plasticity, & Sugar Bombs - With Guest Dr. Cate Shanahan
Jul 10, 2018 • 73 min
On this episode, Dr. Cate Shanahan is back to share her in-depth research (yet simple philosophy) on the optimal human diet. Her influential work has transformed the way I think about nutrition, and I know it will inspire you to implement positive changes…
296: 3 Simple Keys To Take Control of Your Health & Fitness
Jul 3, 2018 • 84 min
In this episode, I’m taking it back to basics and sharing some tried-and-true health tips that you can easily implement into your routine. I’ll explain a few essential nutrition, movement, and sleep tips that are scientifically proven to help you look and…
295: The Link Between Power And Aging, Cross Training Secrets, And How To Play On - With Guest Jeff Bercovici
Jul 1, 2018 • 66 min
Our guest for today’s show is Jeff Bercovici, journalist, athlete, and author of the mind-blowing book, Play On. He is sharing his insights and extensive research from his new book, including what makes longtime professional athletes successful, and the…
294: Meal Prep Tips And Tricks And How To Eat More To Weigh Less - With Guest Amanda Meixner
Jun 26, 2018 • 48 min
On this episode of The Model Health Show, meal prep expert and superstar nutrition blogger Amanda Meixner is sharing her tried and true methods for meal planning like a boss! Amanda also shares her early struggles with eating (and how she ultimately found…
293: Go Slow To Get Fast And Get Fit For Life -With Guest Peter Park
Jun 19, 2018 • 59 min
On today’s show, Peter is sharing the guiding principles from his proven methods, sharing what it means to go slow to go fast, and discussing the importance of ensuring your body is functional, no matter your current skill level.
292: Create A Culture Of Health In Your Family And Why Fitness Is A Launchpad To Success - With Guest Anne Stevenson
Jun 12, 2018 • 86 min
My guest today is the person who’s helped me to grow the most. She’s shown me through her actions, words, and being how to love, be loved, and be the best human that I can be. She’s the mastermind behind several successful businesses, she’s an inspiring…
291: 5 Simple (But Overlooked!) Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer
Jun 5, 2018 • 52 min
Billions of dollars have already been spent on cancer research. But it’s shocking to me how little effort has been invested in teaching our society the basics of cancer prevention. This episode is filled with practical, actionable advice that can serve…
290: Gaining Strength From Adversity & Overcoming Self-Doubt - With Andrea Navedo
Jun 3, 2018 • 88 min
Today’s episode features one of my favorite people, Andrea Navedo from Jane the Virgin. Andrea is a living testament of what it takes to overcome fear, find strength, and unleash your potential. Her story will inspire you to let go of your excuses, live…
289: Waist Management, Appetite Control, & Heart-Healthy Foods - With Guest Dr. Oz
May 29, 2018 • 48 min
My guest today has all of these soft skills in spades. Not only is he a highly respected cardiothoracic surgeon, he’s gained world-acclaim and become a household name by devoting himself to sharing prevention strategies to keep folks from ending up on his…
288: Redefining What It Means To Be Fit & Healthy - With Lita Lewis
May 22, 2018 • 78 min
Today, I want to make a change in the way that we view health and fitness. And to help make that change possible, I brought on one of the very best people making a stand to show that health and fitness has a lot of beautiful variety. Lita Lewis is my…
287: Recharge Your Health, Motivation, And Happiness By Decluttering Your Life - With Guest Chalene Johnson
May 15, 2018 • 68 min
Our guest in this powerhouse episode is New York Times bestselling author Chalene Johnson. She’s an icon in the fitness industry (she literally revolutionized at-home fitness with her record-breaking workout DVDs), a dedicated wife and mother, and an…
286: Deadly Fats Vs. Healthy Fats & Essential Brain Nutrients - With Guest Max Lugavere
May 8, 2018 • 76 min
In this episode, we have on New York Times bestselling author of the hit book Genius Foods, Max Lugavere. Max has an awesome story, and a pretty unique experience that makes him well suited for investigating the plot behind the battle of healthy fats…
285: How To Uncover Your Unique Gift & The Truth About Fear - With CJ Quinney
May 4, 2018 • 69 min
Have you ever let fear stop you from doing something that you really wanted to do? Fear of rejection? Fear of failure? Fear of what other people might think? Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone.
284: The History Of Soda: Medicine, Marketing & Moonshine
May 1, 2018 • 71 min
Sodas seem to have been a part of our culture for a very long time. But, where did it all begin? Today we’ll be exploring the humble beginnings of the world of soda, and I guarantee it’s going to eye-opening (and maybe even a little trippy).
283: The Truth About Enhancing Your Physical & Mental Stamina - With Guest Alex Hutchinson
Apr 19, 2018 • 81 min
Is our ability to endure tough circumstances, whether it’s in sports performance, in our careers, or in our relationships, designated to the strength of our mind? You can never take our physical health out of the equation too. There’s no doubt that when…
282: Get Financially Fit, Upgrade Your Identity, & MAXOUT - With Guest Ed Mylett
Apr 17, 2018 • 53 min
Ed Mylett is a renowned speaker, life strategist, and insanely successful entrepreneur. Today he’s positively impacting the lives of millions of people around the world, and I truly believe he’s just getting warmed up. Part of his story entails a shift in…
281: Boost Performance, Prevent Injuries, & Upgrade Your Movement Diet - With Guest Dr. Kelly Starrett
Apr 15, 2018 • 78 min
On today’s episode, we’ll be covering some of the crucial components of a healthy movement diet, plus important insights to help us recover from injuries faster and, more importantly, prevent them in the first place.
280: Exercise Secrets & Building Superhero Bodies - With Celebrity Trainer Don Saladino
Apr 10, 2018 • 56 min
Getting in superhero shape, for example, doesn’t take a particularly special plan, or a particularly special person, or even a beat yourself into the ground work ethic. It does, however, take a special mindset. That’s where celebrity trainer Don Saladino…
279: How To Make Disease Disappear - With Dr. Rangan Chatterjee
Apr 3, 2018 • 76 min
Today’s guest is Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. He’s a bestselling author and star of the hit BBC One show Doctor in the House, and, most importantly, he’s a physician that get real results for his patients. That’s why I made it a must to share him with you…
278: Daily Self-Care & 8 Signs That You Need To Move On From A Relationship
Apr 1, 2018 • 64 min
Today you’re going to learn about the most valuable tracking metric we have for our success in life… something called ROR. More importantly, we’re going to take a good look at the status of our most important relationships and make some decisions on the…
277: Building Wealth, Making Connections, & Creating A Meaningful Life - With Andy Frisella
Mar 27, 2018 • 77 min
This powerhouse episode features Andy Frisella, the CEO of one of the fastest growing supplement companies in history, and someone who’s quickly become an international icon for success. He’s definitely had his own struggles (with his health, finances,…
276: Protect Your Mental Energy, Attention Residue, & Deep Work - With Cal Newport
Mar 20, 2018 • 63 min
Today, more than ever, we are mistaking being busy for being effective. Great work is more valuable than ever today. Whether it’s work related to health and fitness, real estate, tech, art, or any other field, the quantity today is massive. But quality is…
275: Essential Components Of Any Exercise Program And Movement Hygiene - With Luka Hocevar
Mar 13, 2018 • 76 min
On today’s show, we’re covering what this very thing is with one of the most skilled and well-respected fitness experts in the world, Luka Hocevar. Luka’s story is incredible in and of itself (which you’ll hear on the show). But what he’s doing right now,…
274: How To Quickly Recover From Sleep Deprivation
Mar 6, 2018 • 68 min
Today you’re going to receive a masterclass on recovering from the occasional bout of sleep deprivation with ease and grace. This episode is loaded with tips and insights you can keep in your superhero utility belt for when they’re needed. So, just click…
273: Eliminate Self-Sabotage & Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs - With Christine Hassler
Mar 4, 2018 • 67 min
The greatest obstacle in our success is not something or someone external… our greatest obstacle is our own minds! We all have the capacity for so much, but what usually throws a metaphorical banana in our path (causing us to slip up) is our old way of…
272: Self-Analysis, Eccentric Exercise, & Training Your Mind For Success - With Steve Weatherford
Feb 27, 2018 • 87 min
My guest today won a Super Bowl championship in the NFL, he was voted the NFL’s fittest man, and he’s currently one of the most influential figures in the world in fitness. He will tell you that it was not his connections, it was not his natural physical…
271: How Job Burnout Impacts Your Health & The Power Of Community - With Guest Chris Ducker
Feb 20, 2018 • 71 min
Today we’re talking about how our work influences our health. Plus, more importantly, we’re covering specific ways that you can adjust your work (or perception of your work) to enable you to get more joy, health, and success out of the thing you likely…
270: Battling Conflicting Diet Information, Nutritionism, & What The Heck You Should Eat - With Dr. Mark Hyman
Feb 18, 2018 • 70 min
Today we’re tackling the topic of food controversy. There are obviously so many diets… so many theories… and so many belief systems about what diet works best for us as humans. What I want people to realize is that it’s never about what works best for all…
269: How Your Level Of Self-Love Impacts Your Health, Happiness, And Success
Feb 13, 2018 • 78 min
We’re at an epidemic place in our society’s collective lack of self-love. And its results are pouring into every area of our lives. I decided to do something about it. I decided to share the uncomfortable, seemingly unbeautiful stuff within me… in hopes…
268: Why Your Body Needs Cholesterol & Your Brain’s Silent Killers - With Dr. David Perlmutter
Feb 6, 2018 • 69 min
Today we’re diving into which foods are the best and worst for your brain. And there’s no better person on the planet to break it down for us than Dr. David Perlmutter. He’s one of the most decorated MDs in the country, and the only Board-Certified…
267: The 5 Biggest Myths About Meditation - With Light Watkins
Feb 2, 2018 • 93 min
Meditation or medication? Today, more than ever, it’s a choice that many of us have to make. Meditation has been found to reduce your risk of heart attack (The Stroke Journal, 2009), reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression (Psychosomatic Medicine,…
266: The Truth About Your Core Muscles, Diastasis Recti, & The Human Kettlebell - With Katy Bowman
Jan 30, 2018 • 90 min
Where did we get the idea that a tight, toned core was the ideal thing to have? Aesthetics have long been a part of human culture, for sure. But, collectively WE get to choose what’s beautiful… and WE get to choose what’s ideal.
265: Creating Fit Bodies, Successful Mentorship, & The Truth About Discipline - With Bedros Keuilian
Jan 23, 2018 • 59 min
Bedros Keuilian is the definition of a living legend. But he’ll be the first to tell you that you are here to create your own personal legend. Plus, he’s the guy to help you to do it. He shows up, he cares, and he delivers in a major way. Click play,…
264: The Facts About Your Dirty Genes: Methylation, SNPs, & Drinking Wine - With Guest Dr. Ben Lynch
Jan 16, 2018 • 74 min
In this special episode we have on the foremost expert in the world on dirty genes, Dr. Ben Lynch. Just sit back, take good notes, and find out how to clean those dirty genes!
263: How To Go From Average To Phenomenal - With Eric Thomas
Jan 9, 2018 • 63 min
Success leaves clues. We have a remarkable opportunity today to learn from people who’ve turned their wildest dreams into reality. At no other time in history have these superheroes been so accessible. Videos, podcasts, social media interaction, live…
262: The Sinister 6 Toxic Ingredients In Your Personal Care Products
Jan 2, 2018 • 38 min
We take for granted that products on the store shelves are, not only good for us, but safe as well. Little do we realize that industries involved in things like supplements and personal care products are largely unregulated. To take it even further… many…
261: Stress Activated Foods, Intermittent Fasting, & The Principles Of Stress - With Ori Hofmekler
Dec 31, 2017 • 85 min
Today we’re going to dissect the value of stress to maximize the benefits, and minimize the potential downfalls. There really isn’t anything more valuable to create a great body, build emotional fitness, and shape a great life overall, then utilizing the…
260: The Science Of Setting & Accomplishing Goals - With Michael Hyatt
Dec 19, 2017 • 70 min
Today we get to learn from one of the foremost experts in the world on setting and accomplishing goals. Not only has he curated the science behind it, but he has used the formula to create a life that many of us would aspire towards. He’s a New York Times…
259: Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer’s, Dementia, & Memory Loss - With Dr. Steven Masley
Dec 18, 2017 • 51 min
Today you’re going to discover The Better Brain Solution, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones from brain diseases and cognitive decline. This is an important step in the process, and we’ve got a long way to go. But I’m confident that we can…
258: Healthier Moms, Healthier Babies: The Surprising Facts About Childbirth - With Dr. Christiane Northrup
Dec 6, 2017 • 64 min
This might be one of the most important shows I’ve ever done. There really is nothing more important than harboring safe passage for our new babies into the world. And there’s nothing more important than making sure that moms are happy, healthy, and…
257: The Keto Reset Diet: Burn More Fat & Become Metabolically Flexible - With Mark Sisson
Dec 5, 2017 • 78 min
Today’s episode is about one of the most effective ways to reset your body to burn fat for fuel. It’s not just the benefits that you see with your body composition, but with improved cognitive function, greater levels of energy and stamina, reduced…
256: Achieve Peak Performance And Stop Settling For Average - With Guest Jairek Robbins
Dec 2, 2017 • 74 min
Today we have on expert performance coach and bestselling author Jairek Robbins to give you the tools you need to live your best life and stop settling for average results.
255: Reduce Body Fat & Increase Your Lifespan: The Surprising Benefits Of Walking
Nov 28, 2017 • 55 min
Today, you’ll finally discover what’s going on behind the scenes, and just how much walking can lay out long-lasting benefits in your life. We tend to think of walking as a form of exercise, but it’s really a necessity that your DNA needs in order to keep…
254: Build Unstoppable Self-Esteem, Reprogram Your Mind, And Make A Bigger Impact - With Tom Bilyeu
Nov 21, 2017 • 68 min
Today we have on the incredible Tom Bilyeu. Co-founder of the billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition, and superhero in the world of mindset, motivation, and impact. After you hear Tom’s story, you’ll know there isn’t anyone better to tell you what it takes…
253: Getting Stronger With Progressive Overload & Building Your Relationship Muscles - With Jay Ferruggia
Nov 14, 2017 • 63 min
Today you’ll uncover some hidden gems that are going to help you stay happy, healthy, and successful long into the future. It begins now, in the present, with the one and only Jay Ferruggia.
252: Turn Your Struggle Into Strength & Ignite Your Transformation - With Shaun T.
Nov 7, 2017 • 73 min
There’s an art and science to transformation, and I know of no one better on the planet to help ignite the transformation in others than our guest today. He’s impacted the lives of literally millions of people around the world, helping them to get fit,…
251: Hidden Causes Of Digestive Issues & The Bloat Cure - With Guest Dr. Robynne Chutkan
Nov 5, 2017 • 65 min
Today, you’ll learn a plethora of ways to knock bloating out for good. We have the author of the bestselling books The Bloat Cure, Gut Bliss, and The Microbiome Solution, Dr. Robynne Chutkan. She’s a wealth of knowledge on a subject that we all need to be…
250: How To Move Past Your Programming
Oct 31, 2017 • 69 min
Today’s show is all about identifying some of these faulty programs, and putting in some new ones to start seeing some better results. Let’s go!
249: Foods That Are Fighting Against Us And The Plant Paradox - With Dr. Steven Gundry
Oct 24, 2017 • 65 min
On today’s show we have New York Times bestselling author Dr. Steven Gundry. He went from being one of the most successful and sought after heart surgeons in the world, to completely shifting his focus to treating his patients with food. Why? Because it…
248: The Power Of Vulnerability And Taking Off Our Masks - With Lewis Howes
Oct 17, 2017 • 77 min
Today we’re going to dive into some of the most valuable insights you’ll ever come across when it comes to your own inner psychology. New York Times bestselling author Lewis Howes is here to share the goods on how we can instantly cultivate a better…
247: Whole Grain Deception And Getting Undoctored - With William Davis, M.D.
Oct 14, 2017 • 68 min
Dr. Davis is back on The Model Health Show today to talk about what it means to be Undoctored, and how to address some of the biggest issues with our healthcare system right now. Several things you are about to learn will probably shock you. But in order…
246: How To Create Prosperity - With Dr. Pedram Shojai
Oct 10, 2017 • 54 min
New York Times bestselling author and filmmaker Dr. Pedram Shojai is here to shed some light on the dark places in our lives, and help lift us to a new level of prosperity. It’s literally a guarantee if you take action on what you learn today. The power…
245: 7 Stranger Things That Make You Smarter
Oct 3, 2017 • 64 min
You’ll discover today, not using your brain in new and novel ways can lead to cognitive decline. So, exercise your brain, so that you can flex your mental muscles for a lifetime!
244: Immunomodulation, Adaptogens, And Healing Mushrooms - With Tero Isokauppila
Oct 1, 2017 • 69 min
Today we’re going to look at exactly why medicinal mushrooms are so effective that Big Pharma loves them. But, more importantly, we’ll be diving in on the very best mushrooms to utilize to keep you healthy in the first place… without side effects (unless…
243: How To Improve Your Digestion WITHOUT Changing Your Diet
Sep 26, 2017 • 62 min
Dr. Jillian Teta, the author of the hit book Natural Solutions for Digestive Health, is back on the show to help us process the little known things that make our digestion tick (beyond the food we eat!). So, if you’re eating a healthy diet but still not…
242: 6 Crucial Keys To Long-Term Fitness & The Science Of Motivation
Sep 19, 2017 • 55 min
Today you’re going to learn the science of motivation. We’re going to take a peek behind the curtain of your psyche and help you to do more of the things that you really want to do in your life. We should all be better able to understand what makes us…
241: Eliminating Your Body’s Unwanted Waste & Taking The Taboo Out Of Poo - With Bobby Edwards
Sep 12, 2017 • 59 min
Today we’re covering some of the big issues with conventional methods of poop behavior (this might be the first time that “poop behavior” has been written, by the way), plus one of the most remarkable solutions that’s already helping countless people…
240: Happiness Vs. Pleasure And The Hacking Of The American Mind - With Dr. Robert Lustig
Sep 5, 2017 • 65 min
Today you’re going to hear from neuroendocrinologist and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Robert Lustig about what he refers to as The Hacking of the American Mind. Now, this hacking isn’t reserved solely for Americans, it’s a phenomenon that’s…
239: Everyday Enlightenment And Getting Stronger Through Change - With Dan Millman
Sep 3, 2017 • 57 min
How often do you read good fiction books? There was a stretch of maybe half a decade where I, although an avid reader, avoided reading any fiction because I believed that it was not productive. I read countless nutrition books, books on fitness, books on…
238: The Science Of Cravings: Serotonin, Dopamine, And Cheetos
Aug 29, 2017 • 87 min
Today we’re going to dissect what cravings actually are. You’re going to understand the science of cravings and be able to see them in a whole new way. You’re also going to find that cravings are not so black and white as many health experts have made…
237: Emotional Intelligence And Developing Altered Traits - With Dr. Daniel Goleman
Aug 22, 2017 • 65 min
So, how do we actually break the mold and change the course and direction of our lives if we want to? How do we change our experience of life as a whole, and live a life of more health, happiness, and fulfillment? Well, as you’ll discover today, it all…
236: UNDEFEATED: Strengthen Your Body, Mind, And Confidence - With Laila Ali
Aug 15, 2017 • 54 min
She’s an undefeated world champion, she’s been successful in everything from boxing, to dancing, to hosting network television, to being a mom (which can be the most demanding thing on confidence of all!). She’s here today on The Model Health Show to…
235: Epigenetics And The Biology Of Belief - With Dr. Bruce Lipton
Aug 8, 2017 • 84 min
As you’ll discover today, problems arise when the community is led astray by a governing body that’s running the show behind the scenes. It’s not your genes that control your destiny, and it’s not the things that are happening outside of you. It’s the…
234: Increase Your Sense Of Value And Stop Postponing Happiness - With Guest Lisa Nichols
Aug 6, 2017 • 94 min
Today you’re going to hear one of the most outstanding stories of how we can achieve happiness and success no matter what our circumstances have looked like. This person is an absolute superstar in so many different domains of personal development. She’s…
233: If It Fits Your Macros & The Dangers Of Gluten-Free RELOADED
Aug 1, 2017 • 57 min
You’re about to get an in-depth look at the gluten-free phenomenon (and where our initial good intentions may have gotten off track). Plus, we’re covering some of the basics of the If It Fits Your Macros movement that’s hotter than men’s rompers right now.
232: Brain Hacks For Faster Learning, Boosting Your Retention, And Eliminating Mental Fatigue - With Jim Kwik
Jul 25, 2017 • 62 min
In today’s world, where information is flying at you a thousand miles an minute, we must retrain our brains to learn in a new and powerful way. We all have an almost unlimited capability to learn, but we must learn how to unlock it. And for that, there’s…
231: Morning Routines That Supercharge Your Fat Loss, Health, And Productivity
Jul 18, 2017 • 76 min
Today you’ll learn how a consistent morning routine literally changes your brain and helps to set you up for success. You’ll also learn about morning routines of some of the most successful people on the planet, and real, tangible proof that their success…
230: Body Checks, Financial Fitness, And How To Be Age-Proof - With Dr. Michael Roizen
Jul 8, 2017 • 67 min
You’ve probably heard the statement before that “health is wealth”. But what does that mean exactly? I believe that it’s a statement summarizing the fact that when you have your health, you have possibility. With good health you have the clarity, the…
229: The Myth Of Fat-Burning Foods & Why Stress Makes Us Fat - With Dr. Jade Teta
Jul 4, 2017 • 58 min
Dr. Jade Teta. And he’s here today to share how certain foods might be mistaken for fat-burning foods, how stress can add to your waistline no matter how good your diet is, plus a whole lot more. Just click play, listen in, and enjoy!
228: How To Create An Environment That Supports Your Greatness
Jul 2, 2017 • 77 min
In this powerful episode, you’re going to learn the actual science behind why you are a product of your environment. Plus, you’ll be equipped with several life-changing tools and insights to help you build the life that you truly deserve, and put more…
227: The Pros And Cons Of Coconut Oil + 20 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Wellness
Jun 27, 2017 • 77 min
The next Watergate… the next Covfefe… the next New World Order is… coconut oil?
226: The Truth About Adrenal Fatigue - With Dr. Alan Christianson
Jun 20, 2017 • 64 min
You’re going to uncover piece-by-piece how your incredible endocrine system works to keep you fit, energized, and healthy. It’s these connective pieces that can bring you game-changing results in how you feel in just a matter of days. Adrenal fatigue is a…
225: Paying Off Sleep-Debt, The Truth About Naps, And Sleep Tips For Parents
Jun 13, 2017 • 66 min
There is a lot more to napping than meets the eye. Also, there is a growing amount of national sleep deficit that we are currently trying to find a way to pay off. The need for a nap might just be a symptom of a bigger issue… and all of that we’ll be…
224: Unconventional Exercise And Creating An Alpha Brain - With Aubrey Marcus
Jun 6, 2017 • 72 min
For unconventional training, there’s one person who jumps right in my mind. He’s the man behind one of the biggest brands in the world in natural nutrition and unconventional training. He didn’t just create a company, he created a movement. Aubrey Marcus…
223: Transform Your Body And Life From The Inside Out - With Carrie Wilkerson
Jun 4, 2017 • 56 min
One of those people who has uncovered some mind-blowing secrets to success today is Carrie Wilkerson. She’s one of the world’s top speakers, a bestselling author, a wife, a mother of four, and proof that not all superheroes wear capes. She has created…
222: The History Of Sugar: Sex, Drugs, And Entertainment
May 30, 2017 • 90 min
We’re about to go on a journey back to where this all began. To understand where we are, it’s important to look back at the sweet trail that sugar has left us. Today we’re going to uncover sugar’s humble beginnings, and how, ultimately, it was able to…
221: Real Solutions For ADHD And Staying Focused In A Hyper World - With Dr. John Gray
May 23, 2017 • 79 min
John’s success inspired him to research, teach and write about valuable treatments for ADHD and adult ADHD, without the potentially harmful side effects seen with conventional medicine. This episode can literally save lives. It can also help some of our…
220: Lose Stubborn Fat And Heal Your Thyroid Function With The Hashimoto’s Protocol - With Dr. Izabella Wentz
May 16, 2017 • 70 min
So, why is Hashimoto’s so prevalent in our world right now? What makes our thyroid so special? Why is conventional medicine failing in treating this disease? You’ll discover that and so much more in this very important and timely interview today. Just…
219: Combat Cancer, Heal Your Metabolism, And Use Fat For Fuel - With Dr. Joseph Mercola
May 9, 2017 • 68 min
The remarkable New York Times bestselling author Dr. Joseph Mercola is on the show today to share with you how the causes of cancer are related to your metabolism. You’ll learn how these microscopic energy power plants in your cells called mitochondria…
218: Demolish Fitness Myths And Sculpt Your Best Body With The Cut - With Morris Chestnut And Obi Obadike
May 2, 2017 • 56 min
In this episode you’re going to learn Morris and Obi’s story, and how they were able to transform Morris’ physique (and get just as many people talking about his body as the movie itself). Most importantly, you’re going to learn the valuable fitness…
217: Create Epic Health, Wealth, And Relationships Through The Power Of No - With James Altucher
Apr 30, 2017 • 57 min
According to bestselling author James Altucher, The Power of No is one of the least utilized keys to a healthy and happy life. When you say “NO” to the things that you don’t want, then you actually make room for the things in life that you do want. Often…
216: Evening Routines That Enhance Sleep, Accelerate Fat Loss, And Supercharge Your Brain
Apr 25, 2017 • 75 min
You’re about to discover some mind-blowing science that links a consistent, smart evening routine with improved heart health, better brain function, protection against unwanted weight gain, and an overall better quality of life.
215: Proven Methods To Reverse Multiple Sclerosis And Other Chronic Autoimmune Diseases - With Dr. Terry Wahls
Apr 18, 2017 • 60 min
That’s what Dr. Terry Wahls was struggling to understand when multiple sclerosis left her wheelchair-bound and slowly watching her life slip away. Years went by for her as well. But, fortunately, she didn’t give up. And her story, which you’re going to…
214: Hijacking Our Appetite And Being Wired To Eat - With Robb Wolf
Apr 16, 2017 • 68 min
Today New York Times bestselling author (and modern day superhero) Robb Wolf is on the show to talk about some of this internal wiring. Most importantly, he’s got the tools, insights, and strategies to reprogram yourself to make the food decisions that…
213: The 4 Barriers To Break Through When Building Your Body And Your Life
Apr 11, 2017 • 62 min
In this episode we’re going to detail the 4 barriers to breakthrough when changing your body and your life. Often times these barriers can be hiding in plain sight, sabotaging your progress. Today we’re going to bring these things to light and, most…
212: Carb-Cycling For Fat Loss And The Sweet Potato Diet - With Michael Morelli
Apr 4, 2017 • 58 min
As you’ll discover today, carb-cycling is a valuable tool that’s heavily underutilized because major media hasn’t been talking enough about it. In truth, it’s a way of eating that we’ve evolved with in many ways.
211: The Great Cardio Myth - With Craig Ballantyne
Apr 2, 2017 • 65 min
The Great Cardio Myth is getting busted in just one episode of The Model Health Show.
210: 4 Reasons You’re Tired All The Time (And What To Do About It!)
Mar 28, 2017 • 80 min
Working as a clinician for many years, one of the most common questions I would get is, “What can I take for more energy?”. So, I dedicated myself to helping them get to the root of their energy problems. And today you’ll learn the very best of what I…
209: How Culture Controls Your Lifespan And The Causes Of Health - With Dr. Mario Martinez
Mar 21, 2017 • 61 min
Today, thanks to the incomparable Dr. Mario Martinez, you’re going to learn how to come out of a cultural fog and embrace only the cultural influences that are serving you in becoming the greatest version of yourself.
208: The One Minute Workout - With Dr. Martin Gibala
Mar 12, 2017 • 50 min
You’re about to find out what The One Minute Workout is all about. Plus, you’re going to discover how Dr. Martin Gibala can get you fitter and healthier 10 times faster than any traditional program ever could. This eye-opening episode is loaded with…
207: Reset Your Genes And Become Younger - With Dr. Sara Gottfried
Mar 7, 2017 • 56 min
New York Times bestselling author, and superstar physician, Dr. Sara Gottfried is here to blow your mind with the latest research on aging. You’re going to learn firsthand how to ensure that your healthspan—the amount of time you live with good health and…
206: Exercise Your “NO” Muscle And Get Free To Focus - With Michael Hyatt
Mar 5, 2017 • 52 min
Time is not measured by clocks, it’s measured by moments. The more that we can take control of how we invest our time, the more we’re going to be present for the moments that really make life worth living. On the health side, time worry is actually a…
205: Smart Tips To Beat Inflamm-Aging And The Telomere Effect - With Dr. Elissa Epel
Feb 28, 2017 • 58 min
Today you’re about to hear from Dr. Epel about just how powerful you are to ensure you live healthfully for the vast majority of your years. As grand as the universe is, some of the greatest power resides in your cells, and it resides in your ability to…
204: Spot-Treating Body Fat, Lowering Cortisol, Staying Mobile As You Age And More!
Feb 21, 2017 • 97 min
Today we have a very special episode we recorded with listeners of The Model Health Show live in Washington D.C.! This special Q & A show delves in on topics ranging from overlooked causes of heart problems, spot-treating body fat, deciding on your career…
203: 5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Fitness Program - With Drew Canole
Feb 19, 2017 • 53 min
Today we have on health & fitness celebrity Drew Canole to share some of his best tips to help you recover faster and get the most out of your fitness program.
202: 7 Little Known Superfoods You Need To Learn About
Feb 14, 2017 • 77 min
You’re about so get the inside scoop on foods that are clinically proven to destroy cancer cells, foods that can regenerate and heal your ligaments, tendons, and bones, and even foods that can upgrade your entire immune system. Enjoy, and make sure to…
201: Extreme Self-Care And Developing A Miracle Mindset - With JJ Virgin
Feb 7, 2017 • 56 min
Today you’re going to learn how to ensure that you’re ready for life’s toughest challenges on the way to your dreams. You’re going to learn how to develop the mindset of a true champion, the Miracle Mindset, and set an unstoppable course towards making…
200: 15 Of The Biggest Health, Fitness, And Life Lessons From The Last 100 Shows
Jan 31, 2017 • 90 min
Every journey begins with taking the first step. When I took the first step to start this show, all I knew was that I wanted to help. I wanted to be a blessing in people’s lives. I want to, not just give them hope, but to give them how. And through all of…
199: Creating Powerful Relationships And Why Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus - With Dr. John Gray
Jan 24, 2017 • 82 min
I’m beyond excited to bring a true legend and gift of a human being on the show today to share his most valuable insights for having the relationship that you truly deserve. John Gray is walking, talking amazing. You’re about to find out exactly why he’s…
198: Take Back Control Of Your Time And Achieve Your Goals Each Day - With John Lee Dumas
Jan 20, 2017 • 57 min
Today we have for you a true genius when it comes to mastering focusing, productivity, and getting things done. Use these tools to make sure that you are constructing the life that YOU love. You’ll be able to create ample time to workout, eat healthy, get…
197: How To Learn Faster, Increase Your Focus, And Develop A Superhero Mindset - With Jim Kwik
Jan 17, 2017 • 77 min
Today we have a very special episode with accelerated learning and memory expert, Jim Kwik! You’re going to discover some powerful tools that are going to help you learn faster immediately and improve your focus and memory for many years to come.
196: Secrets Of Living Healthfully To 100 And Why Goddesses Never Age - With Dr. Christiane Northrup
Jan 10, 2017 • 69 min
Today we have an absolutely phenomenal teacher, healer, and guide to help you live a longer, more fruitful life. Christiane Northrup, M.D., is a true pioneer and leading authority in the field of health and wellness. She’s here to share some powerful…
195: 7 Small Changes To Help You Burn More Fat This Year
Jan 3, 2017 • 74 min
Burning fat is an inside job. Your body has an innate intelligence that’s designed to burn more fat for fuel, or to store more fat for a rainy day. The most important realization you’ll ever have is that this intelligence is all based on the programming…
194: The Human Diet And How To Get Deep Nutrition - With Dr. Cate Shanahan
Dec 27, 2016 • 76 min
This is why I love Dr. Cate Shanahan’s work so much. She has truly encapsulated what the human diet looks like. Her seminal work Deep Nutrition takes us all into the intersecting realms of our ancestral diet and what our genes truly expect from us. Today…
193 - Ending Fat Controversy And How To Eat Fat, Get Thin - With Dr. Mark Hyman
Dec 20, 2016 • 46 min
Dr. Hyman has been a true pioneer in the field of health and wellness, and he has ten #1 New York Times bestselling books to prove it. He walks his talk, and today he’s here to share some of the most important information regarding your nutrition choices…
192: You Vs. You - 4 Ways To Create A Strong Fitness Mindset
Dec 13, 2016 • 63 min
Today you’re going to learn some important decisions that you get to make in determining how your mind (and thus your body) works. It’s You vs. You in the only competition that really counts… the competition for real estate in that beautiful mind of…
191: Everyday Medicines And The World’s Healthiest Coffee - With Tero Isokauppila
Dec 11, 2016 • 63 min
Today you’re going to learn some of the surprising science on medicinal mushrooms. Our special guest Tero Isokauppila is going to blow you away with tips and insights hailing from the mushroom kingdom. You’re going to learn how to ensure you stay healthy…
190: Natural Treatments For Infertility - How To Radically Enhance Your Reproductive Power
Dec 6, 2016 • 97 min
Today we are seeing the highest rates of infertility ever in recorded human history. I can tell you straight away that there is solid science to prove exactly why this is. It’s an important challenge to address because our lives are literally at stake.…
189: Why All Movement Matters - With Katy Bowman
Nov 29, 2016 • 70 min
Today we’re going to take things a step further (pun totally intended) as Katy reveals to you the other hidden, yet profound ways that your environment moves you. As you’ll discover today, science moves, nature moves, and food moves in a way that shapes…
188: Better Skin, Healthier Joints, And Faster Weight Loss With The Bone Broth Diet - With Dr. Kellyann Petrucci
Nov 27, 2016 • 75 min
Dr. Kellyann has put sound science together with simple tactics that humans have been using since the beginning of our existence. Today you’re going to learn about the phenomenal benefits of bone broth, plus you’re going to learn how to best utilize bone…
187: How Your Sleep Life Impacts Your Sex Life
Nov 16, 2016 • 58 min
Today you’re going to find out the latest research on how your sleep life impacts your sex life. You’re going to learn how to boost your vital sex hormones, how to immediately improve your sleep quality, and even amazing data showing how better sex can…
186: How To Create A Healthy Brain And A Happy Life - With Dr. Wendy Suzuki
Nov 15, 2016 • 59 min
One of her expertises is in the field of memory. Today you’re going to learn what parts of the brain influence your memory, how memories are made, and how to make them stick. Plus, you’re going to learn some powerful insights about brain plasticity, the…
185: Embracing Change And Gaining Emotional Agility - With Dr. Susan David
Nov 8, 2016 • 76 min
Today we have one of the world’s foremost experts on emotional agility here for you to learn from. Dr. Susan David literally wrote the book on Emotional Agility, and what she’s sharing with you today will undoubtedly change your life from this day forward…
184: Go For Your Win - With Aubrey Marcus
Nov 1, 2016 • 76 min
Aubrey is the walking, talking example of what living a great looks like. He’ll definitely argue that it wasn’t always like that. At one point he was down to his last dollar working to make his dream come true. Now he runs a multi-million dollar company…
THMS 183: The Best Pre-Workout, Intra-Workout, And Post-Workout Nutrition
Oct 25, 2016 • 63 min
Many gains have been forfeited in the name of poor exercise nutrition. Today you’re going to learn how to get the most out of every push-up, every burpee, every zumba booty shake, or whatever exercise method you choose, by leveraging the power of smart…
182: 5 Steps To Creating Your Personal Transformation
Oct 23, 2016 • 82 min
There are certain steps that make the process of transformation as a person possible. Knowing these steps, and putting them into play in your life, will not only make the process much easier to traverse, but it will also give you more power to determine…
181: Investing In Yourself, Staying Consistent, Late Night Exercise And More!
Oct 18, 2016 • 62 min
Today you’re going to learn some of my biggest observations in building a successful health & wellness company, how to ensure you stay consistent with your health practices on the road, how late night exercise impacts your body, and so much more! You…
180: The Microbiome Solution - With Dr. Robynne Chutkan
Oct 11, 2016 • 67 min
Dr. Robynne Chutkan is a renowned gastroenterologist, and one of the world’s leading experts on the microbiome. Her strategies and treatments have helped thousands of people worldwide recover from issues like IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease,…
179: 5 Things Kids Can Teach Us About Living A Happy, Healthy Life
Oct 9, 2016 • 60 min
In today’s special episode you’ll discover the 5 specific things that kids can teach us about living a happy, healthy life. Many of the things you’ll learn are backed by surprising and powerful clinical research. Yet, you don’t need a study to tell you…
178: Misdiagnosed Health Issues And The Thyroid Connection - With Dr. Amy Myers
Oct 4, 2016 • 49 min
Amy Myers, MD is a renown leader in functional medicine and author of the New York Times bestselling book The Autoimmune Solution. She’s been a pioneer in helping the public at large truly understand thyroid function and how to safely and naturally…
177: Metabolic Multitasking, Spot-Treating Fat, And The Laws Of Fat Loss - With Dr. Jade Teta
Sep 27, 2016 • 54 min
Well, I’m here to share with you that the truth surrounding how your body and metabolism works is simple, attainable, and your birthright to know about. Galileo said, “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover…
176: 5 Keys To An Amazing Relationship - With Anne Stevenson
Sep 20, 2016 • 79 min
There will be nothing that impacts your life more than the quality of your most intimate relationship. Becoming a great “relationship chemist” will bring you more health, happiness, and success than you can even imagine.
175: Discover Your Chronotype And Leverage The Power Of When - With Dr. Michael Breus
Sep 13, 2016 • 60 min
Today you’re going to learn about the fascinating research surrounding biological chronotypes. This cutting-edge science proves that there’s an optimal time for each person to do everything from eating a snack, to exercising, to having sex, to asking…
174: Good Sleep Nutrients And The Gut-Brain-Sleep Connection
Sep 6, 2016 • 73 min
Realizing this is where many of the most common sleep issues are rooted, I felt it was a MUST to create a masterclass on it so that you know the ins and outs of this amazing gut-brain-sleep connection.
173: Conquer Your Greatest Enemy In Life And Step Into Your Power - With Bo Eason
Aug 30, 2016 • 72 min
Bo’s story is absolutely incredible. Going from elite NFL player, to critically acclaimed playwright and stage performer, he knows a thing or 10,000 about what it takes to become great at something. He also knows (and will share with you today) how to…
172: Overcome Your Biggest Challenges With The Proven Benefits Of Expressive Writing - With Katie Dalebout
Aug 23, 2016 • 60 min
So, do you really know what you think? Today it’s time to uncover the things usually hiding in plain sight that are holding you back. Today you’re going to learn about the proven benefits of expressive writing with the one and only Katie Dalebout.
171: GI Testing, Diversity In Our Food, And Balance Protocol - With Dr. Anthony G. Beck
Aug 16, 2016 • 76 min
Dr. Beck has made a habit of looking in the right place for the solutions to all manner of health problems. His advanced testing methods have helped to change my life, and he’s here today to fill you in on what you need to know to be more empowered in…
170: 5 Scientifically Proven Ways To Be More Attractive
Aug 9, 2016 • 55 min
Marilyn Monroe said, “To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, it’s society who’s ugly.” This important episode will be valuable for men and women all over the world who’ve battled with living up to…
169: Don’t Just Sit There – With Katy Bowman
Aug 2, 2016 • 56 min
Biomechanist Katy Bowman will help you to discover how to avoid the Wall-E syndrome and be a much healthier, happier, functional version of yourself.
168: The Science Of Willpower, Beating Megaphobia, And The One Thing - With Jay Papasan
Jul 26, 2016 • 62 min
Jay is the co-author of the bestselling, mega-hit book The One Thing. Today he’s here to share with you some priceless wisdom to help you live the life you want, break through your mental barriers, and become the best version of yourself. The tips and…
167: Taking On Major Food Companies And Being A Champion For Health - With Vani Hari
Jul 19, 2016 • 70 min
Today we are honoring Vani, and we are fortunate enough to have her here to share her story. It’s inspiring, and it’s also laced with important life lessons. Enjoy, and please make sure to stay connected with Vani and The Food Babe Army because together…
166: The Secret Life Of Your Immune System
Jul 12, 2016 • 55 min
Your immune systems is doing its job from the top of your head to the very bottom of your feet. But the heart of your immune system lives a very secret and special life that we are going to dive into today. You’ll learn a big part of how this amazing…
165: 12 Principles To Change Your Brain And Change Your Life - With Dr. Daniel Amen
Jul 5, 2016 • 49 min
Your brain directs hormone function, activation of genetic programs, management of all of your senses and how you experience the world, and so much more. Today you’ll get an accelerated, easy-to-understand masterclass on brain basics.
164: Sex, Drugs, And The Sleep Revolution - With Arianna Huffington
Jun 28, 2016 • 51 min
Your body undergoes the greatest transformation from your diet and exercise while you are asleep. It’s the ultimate pillar of health that actually makes sustainable change happen. Today you’re going to learn how sleep impacts everything from your sex…
163: How To Create A Superhero Brain
Jun 21, 2016 • 73 min
This event highlights the greatest thinkers and experts on improving and using your brain that the world has ever seen. Your brain is the governing force that’s directing every thought and every cell in your body. If you truly want to live a healthy,…
162: 5 Things That Hold Us Back From Happiness
Jun 14, 2016 • 46 min
Today’s show is all about breaking bonds from the things that hold us back from real happiness and fulfillment. Granted, happiness is relative to each person and each situation. But, even a few higher percentage points of happiness in your life will lead…
THMS 161: Creating Health Transformations And The Power Of Juicing - With Drew Canole
Jun 7, 2016 • 47 min
Today’s guest, Drew Canole, found a way to put these three things together in a way that really is changing the world. To master his own mind and body he created specific rituals that transformed his health. He also focused on mastering the small things,…
160: 7 Ways To Supercharge Your Breakfast
May 31, 2016 • 54 min
Today’s episode is all about the 7 ways to supercharge your breakfast. You’re going to be equipped with the simple tips use can use to start your day off right for the rest of your life. Each day is an opportunity, and these 7 tips are going to help you…
159: Making Space For Pleasure In Your Diet And How To Live A Wellthy Life - With Jason Wachob
May 13, 2016 • 62 min
Today we have the CEO of the enormously popular website and brand MindBodyGreen, Jason Wachob. He’s here to share with you his best tips for living what he calls a truly “wellthy” way of life. Enjoy!
158: 13 Rules Of Health That I Live By
May 13, 2016 • 69 min
Today you’re going to discover the 13 rules of health that I live by. You can take these rules on and apply them to your life, alter them to fit your own life and goals, or use them as inspiration to come up with your own. Always remember the power of…
157: How To Create A Winning Culture - With Eric Thomas
May 6, 2016 • 60 min
Today we have on the amazing Dr. Eric Thomas to breakdown all of the things that shape a winning culture and what transforming our environment really entails. This is a powerhouse interview to say the least, so tune in, listen up, and enjoy the show!
156: Unprocess Your Diet And Get A Mindset Makeover - With Natalie Jill
May 3, 2016 • 47 min
Today she has millions of passionate followers and a brand with heart and hustle that’s spreading like wildfire. Today she’s here on The Model Health Show to breakdown some of the biggest challenges in the world of health today. We’re covering celiac…
155: The Perfect Day Formula: How To Own The Day And Control Your Life - With Craig Ballantyne
Apr 24, 2016 • 62 min
He’s here today to share the ins and outs of The Perfect Day formula to help you 1) Identify what a perfect day means to you 2) Implement simple strategies to help you create your perfect day and 3) execute on accomplishing what you want! This is a…
THMS 154: The Mind-Body Healing Connection And The Power Of Movement Meditations - With Tristan Truscott
Apr 19, 2016 • 57 min
Today we are covering some of the most valuable insights on strengthening your mind-body connection. To help us out, we are fortunate to have on Tristan Truscott who has an amazing story of healing, and coming back from a place that many other people…
153: Stop Calorie-Counting And Yo-Yo Dieting, And Gain Nutritional Serenity - With Jonathan Bailor
Apr 11, 2016 • 38 min
Our guest on this episode is the New York Times bestselling author of The Calorie Myth, Jonathan Bailor. He’s on today to drop some serious knowledge bombs when it comes to our mindset and beliefs around losing weight. After checking out this episode,…
152: The Anatomy Of Success
Apr 5, 2016 • 56 min
Success isn’t merely a metaphysical thing. There are specific principles and insights that will make this the sweetest science you’ll ever learn. So, pull up to the blackboard, grab your notebook, and let the fun begin!
151: 4 Unusual Foods That Can Help Transform Your Body
Mar 29, 2016 • 57 min
Today’s powerhouse episode is a reintroduction to the classes of foods that all of us need to add into our diets on a regular basis. These 4 unusual foods will deliver your body more health and vitality than just about any other foods you can name. So, I…
150: 4 Unorthodox Tips To Help You Sleep Better Every Night
Mar 22, 2016 • 64 min
There are tons of useful tips and strategies to instantly upgrade your sleep in the bestselling book Sleep Smarter. Some of the most interesting (and albeit unorthodox) tips are highlighted here in this episode. Simply listen in, take action on a couple…
149: Why Great Sleep Is The Ultimate Fat Burner
Mar 14, 2016 • 48 min
This special launch day episode dives specifically into this topic to uncover why sleep is the ultimate fat burner. Today you’re going to be equipped with some huge takeaways that will last you a lifetime and support you on your mission of being the…
148: Estrogen Dominance - Natural Treatments For Fibroid Tumors, Cancer, And More
Mar 9, 2016 • 64 min
This episode is focused on lifting the veil that’s been hiding estrogen dominance. Today we’re going to break down one of the major causes of significant health problems today, plus provide life-changing tools and strategies so that you can truly take…
THMS 147: 10 Ways Sleep Can Give You A Better Brain
Mar 1, 2016 • 60 min
Today you’re going to learn exactly why great sleep is a linchpin for the optimal function of your brain in every way imaginable. We’re going to dive in and break down some of the most fascinating studies to understand how sleep affects your memory,…
146: The Thyroid And Gut Health Connection - With Dr. Jillian Teta
Feb 23, 2016 • 55 min
Today we are targeting one of the biggest health issues facing our world today. Thyroid problems can be the underlying cause for everything from tremendous weight loss hardships to extremely low energy levels (aka chronic fatigue.) Today brings the hope…
145: Weight Loss Vs. Fat Loss - With Abel James
Feb 21, 2016 • 46 min
Today’s show is focused on health. It’s also focused on more important metrics to track than the weight on the scale that can affirm to you that your journey to better health is working from the inside out.
144: Mind Over Medicine - With Dr. Lissa Rankin
Feb 16, 2016 • 59 min
In today’s remarkable episode you’re going to learn what role your mind and beliefs play in keeping you well or keeping you sick. You’re going to learn the nearly unbelievable clinical benefits of fake medical treatments and how this data can be applied…
143: How The Quality Of Your Sleep Impacts The Health Of Your Relationships
Feb 9, 2016 • 48 min
Today you’re going to find out what’s going on behind the scene, plus some insights to make sure you’re showing up as your best self in the relationships that matter most.
142: How To Stop The Stress Cycle And Become An Urban Monk - With Dr. Pedram Shojai
Feb 2, 2016 • 51 min
Today it’s time to take back your power. It’s time to take back your body, mind, and energy so that you can use them to create the life you really want. Just click play and find out how.
THMS 141: How To Create Healthy Habits For A Lifetime
Jan 27, 2016 • 65 min
The life that you have right now is a result of your habits. It’s not the things that you do every now and then, it’s the things you do consistently that tell the real story of your life. So, if your habits are so important, how do you actually create the…
140: The Only 5 Exercises You Need To Create An Amazing Physique
Jan 19, 2016 • 60 min
Today we’re going to dive in and talk about the only 5 exercises you need to create an amazing physique. No fancy cardio machines with a lot of buttons, no complex programs, and no excuses. By mastering these 5 things you can create the most incredible…
139: Winning The Weight Loss Race Together - With Drew Manning
Jan 12, 2016 • 43 min
Drew has been on my show before and absolutely blew me away with his story. He started off as a typical gym-going, strict diet-eating, protein shake-guzzling “fit” person working as a personal trainer. He eventually found that he couldn’t relate in a deep…
138: The Golden Rules For Accomplishing Your Biggest Goals This Year - With John Lee Dumas
Jan 5, 2016 • 41 min
John has been able to accomplish so much, in such a short amount of time, because of the way that he structures and executes on his goals. It’s not an accident; it’s a system. And today, to help you take every area of your life to the next level, he’s…
137: How To Instantly Shift Your Mindset And Master The Art Of Living - With Bob Proctor
Dec 29, 2015 • 50 min
Bob Proctor is a phenomenon. He has inspired tens of millions of people by teaching them why they need to start living up to their potential and how to do it. Whether it’s in your career, relationships, health (Bob is 81 and accomplishing more each day…
136: Making Healthy Food Affordable For Everyone - With Gunnar Lovelace
Dec 22, 2015 • 41 min
Gunnar co-founded Thrive Market and helped to grow an amazing team who are revolutionizing the way that we purchase healthy products for ourselves and our families. I’m flat-out blown away by the difference Thrive Market is making. Today’s episode will…
135: How To Have More Fitness, Health, And Love In Your Relationship - With Darren And Danielle Natoni
Dec 15, 2015 • 64 min
When you are with the right person, in the right situation, being healthy, fit, and happy can seem almost effortless. Sure, everyone has their challenges, but when two people come together with a common goal and real understanding, nothing can stand in…
134: How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain FOREVER
Dec 8, 2015 • 45 min
During the show we’re covering the top 5 causes of holiday weight gain and how to see them coming from a mile away. A lot of healthy holiday tips forget the fact that it is the holiday and a time to relax and have some fun. So, instead of taking the fun…
133: Accelerated Fat Loss And Going Beyond Training - With Ben Greenfield
Dec 1, 2015 • 64 min
I’m truly excited to have Ben on because he has a wealth of knowledge in so many different areas of health. Today you’re going to learn some effective (yet little known) strategies for fat loss, surprising facts about building muscle, and even the real…
132: Digestion 101: Natural Solutions For Digestive Health – With Dr. Jillian Teta
Nov 24, 2015 • 39 min
Today we have on Dr. Jillian Teta to take us on an epic tour of the digestive system. You’re going to learn about this amazing internal world that’s operating within you right now as we speak. You’re going to find out some of the common problems that take…
131: My Story Of Healing: The Soul And Science Of Transforming Your Health
Nov 17, 2015 • 69 min
This is my story. There was a time when I didn’t think that my story mattered. There was a time when I didn’t think that I mattered… Today I’m sharing the story of how I was able to breakthrough mind, body, and spirit, and how you can too.
130: High Performance Nutrition And Living Lean - With Mike Dolce
Nov 5, 2015 • 64 min
Mike has ushered in a brand new approach to fitness and nutrition that’s based on earth-grown nutrients and real food. His athletes dominate their sport and also dominate the headlines (maybe you’ve heard of Rowdy Ronda Rousey?), which is making the rest…
129: How To Be Fit, Healthy, And Harder To Kill - With Guest Steph Gaudreau
Nov 3, 2015 • 59 min
Today you’re going to hear about Steph’s story and how she made the transition from the conventional classroom to teaching online (and all over the world). You’re also going to learn some of the key insights that has enabled Steph to be so successful in…
128: The School Of Greatness - With Lewis Howes
Oct 27, 2015 • 44 min
My guest is Lewis Howes, the creator of The School of Greatness. He’s taken this top rated podcast and turned it into a cultural phenomenon, including a bestselling book with the same name. Lewis is here today to share his inspiring story and to teach you…
THMS 127: Beat Inflammation, Boost Fat Loss, And Recover Faster - The Benefits Of Cold Thermogenesis
Oct 20, 2015 • 47 min
This powerhouse episode details what I’ve learned in my research and personal experimentation over the last year. You’re going to learn how, in a strange way, our genes respond favorably to temporary cold exposure. You’re also going to learn how to take…
126: How To Build Better Relationships And Be A Good Dad - With Larry Hagner
Oct 13, 2015 • 60 min
Today you’re going to learn some powerful insights about connecting with the most important people in your life. And if you have kids (or plan on having kids) you’re in for a real treat. Larry Hagner is a bestselling author and founder of The Good Dad…
125: Accelerate Your Results With The Power Of Mastermind Groups - With Guest Pat Flynn
Oct 6, 2015 • 50 min
What is a mastermind group, and why are they so valuable to high achievers? Well, the answer isn’t as cut and dry as it may seem. That’s why I brought on one of the most successful people I know to talk about mastermind groups, how they work on the…
124: 8 Incredible Health Benefits Of Fasting
Sep 29, 2015 • 65 min
You’re about to go on a life-changing ride and discover how fasting impacts your brain function, metabolism, aging process, and more. And I guarantee you’ll be compelled to make some changes in your life to at least get a slice of what the health benefits…
123: How To Discover Your Purpose And LIVE IT!
Sep 15, 2015 • 50 min
Today’s show is loaded with insights to help you reveal what Paulo Coelho would call your own “personal legend”. There’s actually a formula for uncovering your life’s purpose. It’s incredibly simple, but it’s only applicable if you’re ready for it. So, if…
122: Why Your Environment Shapes Your Body And How To Move Your DNA - With Guest Katy Bowman
Sep 15, 2015 • 53 min
What you’re about to learn from Katy today will likely change your life in an empowering way forever. These insights and tips will help you to realize some of the problems that have been hiding in plain sight, and give you the tools to break through them…
121: Changing Our Relationship With Food, Overcoming Bulimia, And Recipes That Will Change Your Life - With George Bryant
Sep 8, 2015 • 59 min
Our guest today is New York Times bestselling author George Bryant (also known as the man behind Civilized Caveman Cooking). Today is going to be a real treat because the Civilized Caveman himself is here to share his story and his secrets with you. We’re…
120: Master Your Mindset, Get Healthy, And Become Unstoppable - With Eric Thomas
Aug 30, 2015 • 45 min
Today we are honored to have on Eric Thomas, Phd - better known to his fans all over the world as ET! Not only is he a critically acclaimed author and internationally renowned speaker, but he’s also one of the most sought after voices of positive…
119: 15 Ways Exercise Can Make You Smarter, Younger, And More Successful
Aug 25, 2015 • 51 min
Today you’re going to discover how all of this works and so much more. Just click play, take good notes, and (most importantly) go and get some exercise when it’s over!
118: Scary Dairy - The Pros And Cons Of Consuming Dairy Products
Aug 18, 2015 • 50 min
Today we’re going to breakdown some long-believed myths about dairy in a way that’s going to blow your mind (and possibly stop you from blowing up bathrooms if you are lactose intolerant). In all seriousness, what you’re about to learn today will be…
117: Feeding Your Family With A Busy Lifestyle And Why You Need To Put Yourself First - With Anne Stevenson
Aug 11, 2015 • 50 min
There are a lot of valuable insights here for all women and all men, all mom and all dads, and all people who want to do something exceptional in their lives. On top of that, we’re sharing some tips our family uses to eat healthy with all of the busy…
116: Smart Preparation, Consistency, And The Champion’s Blueprint - With Dr. Jeff Spencer
Aug 7, 2015 • 45 min
I’m honored to share be able to share Dr. Spencer’s wisdom with you today. You are going to learn, without a doubt, that there is a specific blueprint (a Champion’s Blueprint!) that will help you to achieve all of your goals and reach your fullest…
115: How To Find Your Competitive Advantage & Stay Healthy Long-Term - With Pro Bowl Quarterback Jeff Blake
Aug 4, 2015 • 40 min
Life today can seem more competitive than ever. Whether it’s in your relationships, work, or even your health, there are so many options to choose from - and so many people fighting for the same things. So, how do you stand out? How do you stack the…
114: 15 Delicious Ways To Add More Superfoods To Your Meals
Jul 28, 2015 • 73 min
Some foods go above and beyond when it comes to nourishing the human body. Thousands upon thousands of foods have some of the nutrients we need to sustain health, but many of the superfoods you’re about to learn about today come very close to having it…
113: Family Fitness Ideas For Better Health, Happiness, And Connection
Jul 21, 2015 • 59 min
Today’s show is all about how to set things up in your life so that your family has the health, fitness, and vitality that they deserve. There are lots of fun ideas and insights here, so click play, enjoy, and put a few things into action!
112: Fitness Versus Health, Overtraining, And Bodybuilding Secrets - With Steve Cook
Jul 14, 2015 • 41 min
Our guest today is IFBB physique pro Steve Cook. He has found that real health is not just what you look like on the outside, and it’s not just about the right nutrition and exercise either. It’s about something far deeper and more important that you’re…
111: Changing Your Self-Image, Leadership, And The ABC’s Of Success - With Bob Proctor
Jul 6, 2015 • 48 min
Today I’m beyond honored to say that I have Bob Proctor on my show to be able to share him with you. In my mind him connecting with me is a result of hard work and effort. In my heart him connecting with me is a result of how powerful we all our to…
110: Weight Loss Breakthroughs, Accountability, And Getting Fit2Fat2Fit - With Drew Manning
Jun 30, 2015 • 47 min
Our guest today is New York Times bestselling author Drew Manning. He was an extremely fit guy who took the Pepsi Challenge (literally) and transformed his life in the most surprising way. His journey, from being a lifelong fit person, to packing on the…
109: Smarter Supplementation And Unorthodox Ways To Upgrade Your Health - With Ian Clark
Jun 28, 2015 • 41 min
Today you’re going to learn the inside scoop about magnesium supplementation, and it just might surprise you like it did me so many years ago. You’re also going to learn about a superfood that might possibly be the most potent, complete source of…
108: How To Follow Through On Your Goals, Create Your Perfect Day, And LIVE IT - With Jairek Robbins
Jun 23, 2015 • 44 min
Jairek is a bestselling author and success coach who has been fortunate enough to take a masterclass on being surrounded by a lot of knowledge, but not doing anything with it. He’s learned what holds himself and the rest of us back from doing the things…
107: Women, Food, And Desire - With Alex Jamieson
Jun 16, 2015 • 53 min
Today we are fortunate to have on bestselling author Alex Jamieson so help us crack the code on cravings, and help us to understand our innermost desires. Alex has literally written the book on understanding our cravings. I was blown away when I read it,…
106: Use Smart Paleo Principles To Instantly Boost Your Productivity
Jun 9, 2015 • 56 min
Getting to (and through) the things we want in our life is a product of knowing how to manage ourselves. It’s not about managing time. Time is just going to happen… You can’t do anything about time. You can’t “manage” it. But, what you can do is manage…
105: Uncover The Perfect Workout For Yourself, Build Confidence, And Be Awesome - With Chalene Johnson
Jun 2, 2015 • 46 min
If anyone knows a thing or two about building confidence, it’s New York Times bestselling author Chalene Johnson. She’s built an empire from the ground up, in multiple highly competitive industries, looking fear in the face the whole way. Today she’s here…
104: How To Increase Your Health And Happiness Thermostat - With Gretchen Rubin
May 26, 2015 • 43 min
Today you’re going to hear from Gretchen Rubin, author of the New York Times bestselling book The Happiness Project. She’s made happiness a study, and it’s paying off big time for people young, old, and everywhere in between. You can be happier now, and…
103: How To Develop Mental And Emotional Fitness
May 19, 2015 • 46 min
If we’re going to live a great life, then we can’t just stop at the acquisition of a great body. What about phenomenal relationships? What about a satisfying career? What about abundant finances and resources to do the things you want in your life? All of…
102: Creating Unstoppable Success And The Miracle Morning - With Hal Elrod
May 12, 2015 • 53 min
Knowledge is not power. The application of knowledge is power. So today you’re going to learn how to apply the things you want on a consistent basis to lead you to the life you truly deserve. Hal is an amazing teacher with an amazing story, and knows…
THMS 101: Natural Treatments For Asthma And How To Reset Your Immune System
May 5, 2015 • 62 min
That’s what today’s powerhouse episode is all about. We’re talking eliminating inflammation, reseting your immune system, plus a whole lot more. This one can save lives and eliminate a whole lot of emergency room visits, so please remember to share!
100: 4 Steps To Fast Track Results In Your Health, Happiness, Relationships And Success
Apr 28, 2015 • 54 min
If you go through life chronically accumulating data, and always waiting for the perfect moment to do something, you become the equivalent of a human filing cabinet. The perfect time is RIGHT NOW! You have everything inside of you to take you to the next…
099: Incredible Benefits Of Raw Foods, Ultra Endurance, And The Plant Power Way - With Rich Roll
Apr 21, 2015 • 60 min
Today we have the incredible opportunity to hear from someone who’s seen the power of food first hand. Rich Roll is a bestselling author, host of a wildly popular health & fitness podcast, and named by Men’s Fitness as one of the Top 25 Fittest Guys in…
098: Developing A Champion’s Mindset, Winning Gold, And Staying Fit For A Lifetime - With Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Apr 12, 2015 • 51 min
On this episode we have on gold-medal winning Olympian Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Not only was Jackie voted by Sports Illustrated (and many other publications) to be the greatest female athlete of the 20th century, but she helped shift the minds of an entire…
097: A Day In The Life Of Shawn - Health, Work, Family, And Fat Loss
Apr 7, 2015 • 56 min
Today, because I’ve made the decision to cut away a lot of the clutter and “chuck” my time into specific things on specific days, I’m able to “get in the zone” on a consistent, daily basis and accomplish much more than I ever have before. Time for work,…
096: Fasting, Feasting, And The Wild Diet - With Abel James
Mar 31, 2015 • 48 min
On today’s episode we are going to dive into the misconceptions surrounding diets, and hone in on what is truly important. We are going to uncover what The Wild Diet really is, and why it’s important to have at least a portion of your own daily diet be on…
095: Lose The Wheat, Lose The Weight - Wheat Belly With Dr. William Davis
Mar 24, 2015 • 46 min
You’re going to be shocked when you find out just how wheat is contributing to weight gain, hormone problems, and even autoimmune diseases. Today you’re going to learn important information that will likely change your life forever. Time to find out how…
094: Sugar Addiction, Estrogen Dominance, And The Hormone Reset Diet - With Dr. Sara Gottfried
Mar 17, 2015 • 37 min
A statement that Dr. Sara Gottfried made at the end of this episode sent powerful chills right down my spine. She spoke to the powerful truth about a women’s work on this planet, and how important it is to get your body in balance. When you hear this…
093: How To Stay Fit And Healthy For A Lifetime - With Rae Mohrmann
Mar 10, 2015 • 39 min
Today you’re going to learn the secrets that have helped Rae to maintain the levels of health and vitality that she has today. Not only does she train and compete herself, but she is a wonderful teacher that instructs fitness classes to help others to…
092: Top 15 Ways To Do HIIT For Fat Loss (And What Makes HIIT So Effective)
Mar 3, 2015 • 59 min
There isn’t one single form of exercise that’s more effective than HIIT for fat loss. Piles and piles of research are stacking up showing that HITT is in a league of it’s own. It works, but only if you work it. So today you’re going to learn 15 different…
THMS 091: Conquering Diabesity - Natural Solutions For Diabetes And The Obesity Epidemic
Feb 24, 2015 • 60 min
Today you’re going to learn the ins and outs of how diabetes is created, how it’s reversed, and how to prevent it from happening in the first place. You’re also going to learn EXACTLY how body fat gets created in a way that you’ve never heard before. In…
090: Defeat Stress, Deepen Relationships, And Master Your Mindset - With Prince Ea
Feb 17, 2015 • 45 min
Today we have a very special episode with music artist and thought leader, Prince Ea. He has recently gained worldwide recognition for his powerful spoken word pieces highlighting how we can live with less stress, more happiness, and bigger overall…
089: 180 Pound Weight Loss And The Ketogenic Diet - With Jimmy Moore
Feb 10, 2015 • 52 min
Now, how do we do a show talking about a 180-pound weight loss when we don’t want the focus to be on weight loss? Well, it’s pretty easy when you have on a guy like Jimmy Moore. He’s a humble leader (probably too humble to say that he’s a leader), and…
088: Simple Ways To Boost Your Happiness Hormones And The Food-Mood Connection - With Evan Brand
Feb 3, 2015 • 49 min
There are several things that you can do to immediately shift how your brain is operating and boost your happiness hormones. Today we have special guest, Evan Brand, on to help us understand how this all works and to provide us with some great strategies…
TMHS: 087: How To Gain Weight In A Smart, Healthy Way And Why Being Underweight Can Be Dangerous
Jan 26, 2015 • 70 min
If your goal is to gain some healthy weight, then this episode will change your life and give you the specific areas that you may need to ensure in order to make it happen. If your goal is weight loss, then there is a tremendous amount of value in finding…
086: How To Create A Sleep Sanctuary And Get The Best Sleep Ever
Jan 21, 2015 • 48 min
We spend approximately 1/3 of our entire lives in a bedroom. That’s a long time to be anywhere… This is what makes your bedroom such a special place. And the environment in this room, whether you realize it or not, has a huge impact on your health and…
085: 15 Healthy Travel Tips - How To Stay Fit, Healthy, And Energized While Traveling!
Jan 13, 2015 • 55 min
Today, you’re about to be equipped with the ultimate travel guide to maintain your health, fitness, and energy while traveling. What’s the point of traveling and enjoying yourself if you come back tired, sick, depressed, or mad at yourself because you’ve…
084: Biggest Health, Fitness, And Lifestyle Lessons Of 2014 And What You Should Implement In 2015
Jan 6, 2015 • 60 min
Today’s powerhouse episode will take you through the best of 2014. We’ll highlight the biggest lessons, the biggest breakthroughs, and make it clear exactly what you need to implement in 2015 to achieve the things you want.
083: Mastering Your Body And Spreading Positivity Through Movement - With Travis Brewer
Dec 30, 2014 • 58 min
Today we take the necessary steps to learn how to gain more mastery over our bodies so that we can translate that over into more mastery in the other areas of our lives. You see, when you are able to overcome physical obstacles you thought were difficult…
082: Stop Comparing Yourself, Gain True Happiness, And Achieve Body Freedom - With Madelyn Moon
Dec 23, 2014 • 45 min
Today we have on Holistic Health Coach Madelyn Moon. She’s a friend and someone I truly admire for her courage to say enough is enough! She has been a high performing fitness competitor and has seen how you can easily lose track of what matters most.…
081: Tips For Dining Out At Restaurants, Family Get Togethers, And How To Stay Healthy During The Holidays
Dec 16, 2014 • 62 min
So what do we do when the holiday pies are stacked against us? You’re actually going to be surprised at how easy this is if you have the right strategies in your hands. You are going to be able to enjoy the holiday, eat the amazing foods that you love,…
080: Protect Your Sex Hormones! 10 Ways To Boost Testosterone Naturally (Essentials For Men’s AND Women’s Health)
Dec 9, 2014 • 58 min
Today you’re going to learn how to boost testosterone naturally, protect yourself from dysfunctions with your sex hormones, and a whole lot more.
079: How To Get Your Body Organized, Eliminate Pain, And Be Ready To Run - With Dr. Kelly Starrett
Dec 2, 2014 • 68 min
Kelly is a brilliant thinker that can literally see the faults in your physical mechanics and foresee future injuries before you’re ever diagnosed with anything. I’m talking about near superpowers here.
078: How Taboos Control Your Life: Your Teeth, Your Clothes, Your Sexual Desires & More - With Daniel Vitalis
Nov 25, 2014 • 61 min
Today we’re going to break open a can of whoop a$% on taboos so that we can be free of the guilt, shame, and fear that may be holding you back from health and happiness.
077: Our Roots. Our Planet. Our Future. ~The Origins Movie With Dr. Pedram Shojai
Nov 19, 2014 • 41 min
Dr. Pedram Shojai, OMD, has put together a cutting-edge film that’s visually stunning, and energizing for your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you are just getting started on your health journey, or you are a health and fitness veteran, this movie is…
076: Natural Treatments For Depression - Share This With Everyone You Know!
Nov 12, 2014 • 67 min
People are in pain—physical, mental, and emotional—and they want a way out. The public at large has only been able to relate depression relief to medications because that’s primarily what’s been marketed to us. As a society, we haven’t had the opportunity…
075: Fitness Confidential - With America’s Angriest Trainer Vinnie Tortorich #NSNG
Nov 5, 2014 • 47 min
Today you’ll get to learn directly from Vinnie in this fun interview about Fitness Confidential, NSNG, endurance sports, and a whole lot more.
074: 5 Tips To Overcome Any Obstacle You’re Faced With - Get Better Health, Finances, Relationships, And More!
Oct 22, 2014 • 61 min
On today’s show you’re going to get a high-powered degree on overcoming obstacles and challenges that show up in your life. With what you learn today, you’ll be better prepared to create unstoppable health, abundant finances, and powerful relationships…
073: Hydration And Water Masterclass - Best Water Filter, Best Bottled Water, And Critical Water Facts
Oct 15, 2014 • 59 min
Today you’re going to learn the truth about the significant impact that water has on your health. You’re going to learn about the various methods of treating water, where they succeed, and where they come up incontrovertibly short. In this masterclass on…
072: The Truth About Birth Control, Balancing Stress, And The Hormone Cure - With Dr. Sara Gottfried
Oct 8, 2014 • 60 min
In this episode she says some absolutely profound things that will likely stay with you for the rest of your life. The amazing part about it is that she makes it simple. She doesn’t over complicate things to sound like a genius (although she is), instead…
071: How To Grow Stronger From Stress, Live More Fulfilled, And Do Work That You Love - With Pat Flynn
Oct 1, 2014 • 53 min
Today you’ll get to learn from the brilliant man behind the brand Smart Passive Income (or SPI for all the cool people :)). Pat Flynn is an incredible teacher, with an incredible story, and has an incredible amount of resources to share with you. If…
070: How To Accomplish Any Goal You Want, Overcome Addictions, And Reframe Your Thinking - With James Swanwick
Sep 24, 2014 • 42 min
You absolutely can achieve many of the great things that you set out to do. It’s just about having the right strategy to make them a reality. To get you that strategy, I’ve got a guest who knows a thing or two about achieving great things. You’re going to…
069: Super Nutrition And Total Human Optimization - With Aubrey Marcus
Sep 17, 2014 • 52 min
The CEO of Onnit, Aubrey Marcus, cares about people, cares about service, and cares about making a real impact. He’s a leader that really walks his talk, and he’s about to share a wealth of information with you that can improve your life for many years to…
068: Boost Your Fat Loss With These 5 Tips For A Healthy Liver
Sep 10, 2014 • 53 min
You’re going to be shocked to find out how much your liver function impacts your body’s fat loss (or lack thereof). Your liver is often referred to as the “second brain” of your body, and for good reason. Your liver has responsibilities in regulating…
067: 5 Health & Performance Tips For Entrepreneurs (And Anyone Interested In High Performance Overall!)
Sep 3, 2014 • 45 min
Whether you consider yourself an entrepreneur or not, there are facets of your life that you need to run the lead on. You may be the CEO of a major organization, or the CEO of your house and kids. The word entrepreneur comes from the French word…
066: How Food Impacts Your Genetics And 4 Steps For Reaching Your Highest Genetic Potential
Aug 27, 2014 • 44 min
How do our food, our exercise, and our relationships impact our genetic expression? You’re about to learn how all of these things you’re engaged in are actually creating your body and life. Not your genes by themselves, but with you in the driver’s seat.
065: How To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence And Transform Your Relationships - With Jordan Harbinger
Aug 20, 2014 • 52 min
Our guest today is Jordan Harbinger from The Art Of Charm. He’s one of the leaders in the field of emotional intelligence, and even moreso he’s a leader in teaching its practical application. Today you’re going to learn how to start to wire yourself for…
064: Exercise Success Secrets, Optimizing Hormones, And Beating Depression - With Ameer Rosic
Aug 13, 2014 • 43 min
Ameer Rosic is my guest today, and he’s here to share some of the most valuable exercise and nutrition information that you’ll ever come across. Simple, effective, and yours for the taking. Just check out all the greatness you’re about to learn.
063: Why You Need To Detox, Bulletproof Your Kidneys, And Sleep For Success - With Sheleana Jennings
Aug 6, 2014 • 43 min
I’m a big advocate of knowing how to assist your body in the natural processes of detoxification. Today I’ve got an incredible resource in this mission for you that will bring you lots of value for many years to come. My guest is Sheleana Jennings from…
062: Deadly Calories, The Truth About Fruit, And Exercise Hacks With Jonathan Bailor
Jul 30, 2014 • 51 min
Our misguided focus on controlling calories as the means for weight loss has resulted in rates of obesity and diabetes skyrocketing in the last few decades. Today it’s time to make a change, and expose The Calorie Myth for good! Our guest, New York Times…
061: 7 Fat Loss Herbs That Really Work (And Supplement Mistakes To Avoid!)
Jul 23, 2014 • 58 min
So, which fat loss herbs really work? And how do they stack up to the other lifestyle factors like diet, sleep, and exercise? Today you’re going to find out the surprising truth about these 7 fat loss herbs, plus critical supplement information that will…
060: Improve Your Skin Naturally, Clear Up Acne, And 7 Tips To Have The Best Skin Ever!
Jul 16, 2014 • 56 min
Today you’re going to learn about your skin in an intimate and fun way. You’re going to learn things about your skin that you’ve never heard before, and you’re going to appreciate and care for your skin in a whole new way because of it. It’s time to love…
059: How To Live And Eat Healthy With A Busy Lifestyle - With Sarah Fragoso
Jul 8, 2014 • 47 min
Many people feel that their busy schedules can be overwhelming at times. And it’s typically during the overwhelm that the not-so-good decisions are made with what we eat, drink, and participate in. To quote the wise sage Morpheus on this one,…
058: How The Work You Do Impacts Your Health And Happiness - With John Lee Dumas
Jul 2, 2014 • 38 min
Health is much bigger than finding a diet and exercise program that work well for you. Your health is something that’s always in flux… it’s holistic, multi-dimensional, and far beyond a banana and some sit-ups. One of the biggest pieces of health…
057: 7 Tips To Influence Your Friends And Family To Live A Healthier Lifestyle
Jun 25, 2014 • 47 min
When we truly love someone, we want to see them thrive. We want the best for them, and we want to see them happy. In our world today, too many people are struggling day-to-day with their health. They are barely surviving, let alone thriving. And…
056: How To Improve Your Memory, Read Faster, And Access Your Superhero Powers
Jun 18, 2014 • 43 min
What if you were able to read an entire book every day of your life? Can you imagine how much knowledge you’d have access to? And can you see how valuable you’d become as a leader in business as well as your personal life? It’s well known that we’re…
055: Why We Age - What Will Make You Age Faster - And How To Stay Younger, Longer
Jun 11, 2014 • 43 min
Have you ever wondered why you look radically different from when you were a 1-year old baby? I mean, what happened?! Was this big ‘ol body really contained within that little body? Today you’re going to find out how we actually age, and demystify…
054: Sleep Smarter - The Connection Between Sleep, Sex, Income, And Fat Loss
Jun 4, 2014 • 40 min
Initially I was surprised to find out that poor sleep quality has been linked to financial debt and lower income. In our culture, we’re led to believe that in order to be successful you’ve got to burn the midnight oil, keep working hard until you make…
053: Getting A Mindset Makeover, Food Cravings, And Food Separatism With Alex Jamieson
May 28, 2014 • 45 min
We’re going to talk with our special guest, Alex Jamieson, about her experience being a part of the Oscar nominated film Supersize Me. She’s going to share the intimate effects it had on her life, as well as our culture at large. We’re going to cover food…
052: Exercise & Sports Injury Healing And Prevention
May 21, 2014 • 48 min
You’re about to learn how my recent run-in with pain can become your path to bulletproofing yourself against injury. Today I’m going to share with you some of the best tips I’ve learned from the world’s top physical therapists, and tiny things you can do…
051: The Answer To Cancer - With Bestselling Author Ty Bollinger
May 13, 2014 • 44 min
You don’t have to be afraid of cancer. This episode will prove it to you. Cancer doesn’t have to be the end of your story. As a matter of fact, there are countless people who’ve eliminated cancer from their body through what Ty is sharing that will tell…
050: How To Change Your Taste Buds, Find Fresher Foods, And Kill Parasites
May 7, 2014 • 42 min
You’re going to be shocked when you find out what some food manufacturers are doing with your food. How do we know our food is actually safe, and who can we trust? We’re going to dive into these topics today, as well as many other powerhouse tips and…
049: The Wild Diet And Smart Exercise With The Fat-Burning Man Abel James
Apr 29, 2014 • 38 min
Have you heard of The Wild Diet? Are you interested in exercising less, eating more, and having a better body as a result of it? Well, today we’re welcoming the Fat-Burning Man, Abel James, to the show.
048: You Can’t Touch This! The Benefits Of Massage Outweigh Medication
Apr 23, 2014 • 41 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re looking at the many benefits of massage therapy. Massage has been clinically proven to help reduce depression and anxiety, improve hormone function, and boost the immune system. There are very few treatments…
047: If You Want A Great Exercise Program For Fat Loss, Try This!
Apr 15, 2014 • 45 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re sharing exercise secrets for a better body and better health. When it comes to exercise programs, there isn’t really much new under the sun. Whatever’s popular has usually been here before in some form or…
046: How To Improve Your Self-Esteem, Build Confidence, And Strengthen Your Body Image
Apr 9, 2014 • 42 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re covering the important topic of body image and self-esteem. Recently there’s been alarming data revealed about body image and the media. We are trained, at an early age, to under-appreciate ourselves, and…
045: How Stress Can Make Us Fat, Dumb, And Unhappy (And 4 Tips To De-Stress NOW!)
Apr 2, 2014 • 49 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re discussing one of the biggest underlying causes of poor health and unwanted weight gain. It’s a highly misunderstood phenomenon called STRESS. Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or…
044: Chiropractic Health & Wellness - Why Chiropractic Help Is Great For Far More Than Back Pain
Mar 25, 2014 • 40 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re discussing the many benefits of chiropractic care. The field of chiropractic has been around for over 100 years as a safe, reliable form of patient diagnosis, treatment and prevention. It has grown rapidly in…
043: 8 Steps To A Healthy Pregnancy And Birthing Process
Mar 19, 2014 • 81 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re discussing a topic that’s absolutely critical in our world today. Child birth and pregnancy has gradually been shifting out of the hands of women and their families, and more into the hands of conventional…
042: Why Your Cell Phone Is Killing You
Mar 11, 2014 • 31 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re discussing the proven and potential dangers of cell phone usage. The reality is, cell phones aren’t going anywhere, and our dependency and use for them is only going to grow. But how is this affecting our…
041: Improve Your Digestion, Assimilation, and Elimination (And Poop Like A Champion!)
Mar 5, 2014 • 56 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re talking about the all too taboo subject of pooping. It’s something that everybody does, but most people never talk about it. Your digestion and colon health are truly important keys to longevity and overall…
040: How Sitting Can Destroy Your Health (Even If You Exercise)
Feb 27, 2014 • 44 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re breaking down the new research showing that sitting too much is as bad for you as smoking cigarettes. Hearing something like this may be hard to believe, but the data is in, and the numbers don’t lie.
039: The 5 Steps To Living The Life You Really Want
Feb 18, 2014 • 52 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re talking about some of the “inner-game” tactics for creating the body and health you want. So many people today are suffering, not from poor nutrition, but from lack of purpose and feeling unfulfilled in their…
038: The Top 7 Longevity Tips - How To Live A Longer, Better Life
Feb 12, 2014 • 78 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re excited to welcome one of my greatest teachers, Peter Ragnar! If you don’t know him yet, prepare to have your mind blown because I guarantee that he’s going to stick in your heart and mind for a very long…
037: 7 Fitness Fads That Don’t Work (Don’t Waste Your Time, Energy, Or Money!)
Feb 4, 2014 • 49 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re covering some of the trendy, “hot” products in the fitness world today. Every week dozens of new, interesting fitness and health devices are hitting the market. Many of them claim that they can help you to…
036: 4 Steps To Ensure A Disease Diagnosis Doesn’t Kill You (One Of The Most Important Things You’ll Ever Hear)
Jan 29, 2014 • 51 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re going in to the step-by-step actions you need to take if you, or a loved one, is diagnosed with a disease. Most people are surprised to hear that an estimated 225,000 deaths per year are due to conventional…
035: The Top 5 Superfoods You Need To Have In 2014
Jan 22, 2014 • 57 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re talking about some of the most powerful and important superfoods in our world today. Not only are you going to learn about some of the rare nutrients you can find in these superfoods, but you’re also going to…
034: My Secret Stash: What Are The Best Snack Foods, Bottled Waters, Home Exercise Equipment And More
Jan 15, 2014 • 51 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re doing something really special and really cool. You’re about to find out some of the things in my personal “secret stash”. These are things that keep me healthy, energized, and sane in my busy life. You’re…
033: 10 Reasons That Your Body Can Become Resistant To Weight Loss
Jan 8, 2014 • 53 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re examining the underlying triggers that can make your body resistant to losing weight. Eating special weight loss foods, taking supplements for weight loss, and doing hours of exercise won’t matter if you have…
032: Why Cutting Calories Will Never Work For Long-Term Weight Loss, Anti-Aging Medicine, and How Stress Makes You Fat
Jan 1, 2014 • 48 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re diving deep into the world of sustainable weight loss. Have you ever wondered “how” your body actually gains weight? What’s going on in your body that actually makes this process happen? Well, today we’re…
031: Why You Can’t Lose Weight (The Truth)
Dec 26, 2013
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re having a real, heart-to-heart conversation about why most people simply can’t lose weight. Millions of people have tried, failed, and tried again to lose weight but have come up short in the end. Why has this…
030: How To Get Rid Of A Headache In 30 Minutes Or Less, How Exercise Makes You Smarter, And Honest Subway Restaurant Nutrition Information
Dec 18, 2013 • 49 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re doing another popular Q and A session! I get some really interesting, helpful, and even some pretty weird questions everyday. But the only bad question is the one you don’t ask. Today I’m giving several…
029: Natural Flu Prevention, Flu Shots, And Immune System Support
Dec 11, 2013 • 41 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re talking about that special time of year we all know and love: The Flu Season. The flu virus has it’s own special time of year (as if it’s a national holiday or something… “Happy flu season everybody!”). But…
028: Healthcare Versus Sickcare - Why Preventative Health Care Is Safer, Smarter, And Cheaper
Dec 4, 2013
This episode is a truly eye-opener. We discuss so many critical topics that every-single-person will be able to grab something powerful from. Sitting across from my cohost (the beautiful Jade Harrell), I saw her with pure joy on her face at one point…
027: The Dangers Of Eating Gluten-Free
Nov 20, 2013 • 38 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re talking about one of the hottest health topics in our world today: Eating gluten-free. Is eating a gluten-free diet really healthy? Can a gluten-free diet help us lose weight and have more energy? And what…
026: How To Get Healthy And Stay Healthy (The Fast Food Smack Down)
Nov 13, 2013 • 58 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re getting into the bare basics of health and feeling good. Too many people today are up on their soapbox talking about advanced theories on changing your body. But how does someone actually get started?!
025: How To Stop Sugar Cravings (Without Getting A Sweet Tooth Root Canal)
Nov 6, 2013 • 47 min
In this episode we dive into the wide, wide world of sugar addiction, craving unhealthy foods, and gold-plated sweet tooth smiles. Do you have “issues” with craving sweets or other unhealthy foods? Do you find yourself eating foods that you KNOW are bad…
024: ReWild Yourself With Daniel Vitalis
Oct 30, 2013 • 78 min
In this episode we’re excited to welcome world-renown health, nutrition, and personal development strategist, Daniel Vitalis! If you’re interested in becoming the best version of yourself, then this show is going to change your life. Daniel has literally…
023: The Best Exercises For Abs - Plus 3 Keys To Making Abdominal Exercises More Effective
Oct 24, 2013 • 34 min
In this episode we’re diving into the world of 6-pack abs, flat bellies, and shrinking waistlines. No, this isn’t some hyped up, ”How to get abs in a week!” gimmick. I’m sharing with you real, tried and true strategies on how to get flat abs, lose belly…
022: Cancer Truth: What is Cancer, What Causes Cancer, And Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of It
Oct 16, 2013 • 70 min
In this episode we’re happy to welcome Ty Bollinger, author of the best-selling book Cancer: Step Outside The Box. Ty is an absolutely brilliant mind and well-versed cancer researcher. Today he’s on the show to help us breakdown several of the dangerous…
021: Dressed To Kill - The Dangers Of Wearing Bras And Constrictive Clothing With Medical Anthropologist Sydney Singer
Oct 8, 2013 • 65 min
For this episode I ask that you put your disbelief (not your bra) to the side and just listen to this interview with an open and reasonable mind. Breast cancer itself is a sensitive issue. And when we bring culture and sexuality into the mix it can…
020: Health Benefits Of Qigong With Sensei Tristan Truscott
Oct 2, 2013 • 59 min
In this episode we’re excited to welcome renown martial arts expert, Tristan Truscott. Tristan has an incredible story of going from a high level black belt to being debilitated and wheelchair bound. Today you’re going to learn what Tristan did to get…
019: Eat Like A Dinosaur - With Paleo Parents’ Stacy Toth
Sep 25, 2013 • 55 min
In this episode we’re happy to welcome author Stacy Toth from Stacy is on the show to share important strategies to help you and your family eat better, feel better, and live better starting today! This episode is all about helping you…
018: Tips For Protecting Your Children’s Health With MommyMD Dr. Jennifer Hanes
Sep 18, 2013 • 28 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we are happy to welcome MommyMD, Jennifer Hanes. Dr. Hanes is a board certified emergency and integrative medicine physician out of Austin, Texas. We’re truly excited to have her on the show today to share her…
017: Fat Loss Motivation Tips - Here’s 15 Tips To Stay Motivated To Exercise
Sep 12, 2013 • 54 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re focusing on specific tips to keep you motivated to exercise and take care of your body. Now, these aren’t just any tips, I’m sharing fail-proof strategies to help you get into the best shape of your life.
016: 9 Tips For Eating Healthy on a budget - And What Does “Healthy” Mean Anyway?
Sep 5, 2013 • 53 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show I’m sharing specific tips and strategies to eat healthy without breaking the bank. Shopping for healthier alternatives is becoming a huge priority for families today. In this episode you’re going to learn 9…
015: Dangers & Benefits Of Coffee, 24-hour Gyms, Exercises For Back Pain, And The Master Cleanse Mistake
Aug 28, 2013 • 44 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re addressing some of the frequently asked health & fitness questions I receive. One of the most valuable and fun things we’re discussing today is a controversial beverage that many health experts love to hate.…
014: Avoid These 8 Foods At All Costs!
Aug 21, 2013 • 54 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re sharing the insider information on many “health foods” that are heavily linked to chronic diseases. The new health food revolution is littered with a lot of heavy marketing to influence you to make a buying…
013: Natural Treatment For Type 2 Diabetes
Aug 14, 2013 • 52 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we tackle the current epidemic of type 2 diabetes. In the United States 1 out of every 3 people has diabetes, pre-diabetes, or significant levels of insulin resistance. On today’s show we’re going to take a look at…
012: Treating Back Pain, Degenerative Disc Disease, And “Incurable” Diseases
Aug 6, 2013 • 59 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we go in-depth on one of the leading causes for missed work days and doctor visits in our society: Chronic back pain. This topic is really significant for me because chronic back pain totally destroyed my life at…
011: Sean Croxton - The Dark Side Of Fat Loss
Jul 23, 2013 • 48 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re happy to welcome Sean Croxton from Underground Sean is on today to talk with us about everything from digestive health, to fat loss, to radically improving sexual health. He just finished up the…
010: Jonathan Bailor - The Calorie Myth
Jul 18, 2013 • 58 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re happy to welcome Jonathan Bailor on to talk about his upcoming book, “The Calorie Myth”. Today he’s going to share how common misconceptions about diet and exercise are leading to an epidemic of poor health…
009: 11 Essential Tips To Have More Energy
Jul 10, 2013 • 51 min
In this episode we tackle a question that I get almost everyday: “How can I have more energy?” Today, more than ever, your energy levels each day can make the difference between grand success or massive failure. So many people are looking for quick fixes,…
008: Binge Eating And Emotional Eating - The Experience Of An Olympic Athlete
Jul 3, 2013 • 45 min
In this episode we’re happy to welcome Olympian Catherine Garceau on to talk about her experience from the high-pressure arena of being a world class athlete. Even though people might consider Olympic athletes to be the ultimate representation of health,…
007: Friend’s And Family’s Influence On Your Health, Cheat Meals, Haters, And Supplement Junkies
Jun 26, 2013 • 46 min
In this episode we dive into some of the commonly asked questions that have been coming in. We kick things off by discussing the impact that your friends and family have on your health.
006: Help Me Sleep! – 21 Ways To Cure Your Sleep Problems (Part 3)
Jun 18, 2013 • 43 min
In this episode we’re going to address some of the real root causes related to sleep issues. So click play and get ready because you’re going to be sleeping like a champ tonight.
005: Help Me Sleep! – 21 Ways To Cure Your Sleep Problems (Part 2)
Jun 5, 2013 • 40 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show you’ll hear Part 2 of our 3 Part series on curing your sleep problems. Many people are beginning to realize that sleep is the one thing that can’t be replaced. You can choose from thousands of different diet and…
004: Help Me Sleep! - 21 Ways To Cure Your Sleep Problems (Part 1)
May 30, 2013 • 44 min
In this episode we go in-depth on specific strategies to help you sleep. It’s been reported that nearly 50% of our society has problems sleeping, so this is a HUGE topic to cover. It’s a huge issue, but most people with sleep problems aren’t talking about…
003: The Truth About Breast Cancer - Share this with every woman you know!
May 16, 2013 • 60 min
In this episode of The Model Health Show we get into a serious conversation about breast cancer, the treatments, prevention, and underlying causes. Most of the women who are diagnosed with breast cancer aren’t given the courtesy of actually knowing how…
002: The 5 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes
May 9, 2013 • 43 min
In this episode we address one of the biggest health challenges in our world today: How to lose weight. Rather than just giving more tips and strategies, we’re first going discuss why your typical plan for weight loss is not working. Weight loss is often…
001: Natural Treatment for Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, and High Blood Pressure
May 2, 2013 • 48 min
In this episode I break down the underlying cause of heart disease and share specific solutions for prevention.