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Antennas are a great fit for 2020
Jul 27 • 7 min
This year hasn’t turned out quite as we all expected. It makes sense to be prepared with a source of live news and entertainment that doesn’t cost anything after you buy it. Listen in and when you’re ready to get a TV antenna, shop the great selection at…
Self Reliance
Jul 27 • 8 min
Self-reliance has gone out of fashion in the last decade, replaced by the “gig economy.” All of a sudden it’s become more important than ever to take care of your own things, yourself. Here’s how Solid Signal can help. Listen, then shop…
Let’s get back to gotW3
Jul 20 • 6 min
It was the hit product of the spring. If you didn’t get your gotW3 system, it’s time to think about it again. With cities and states on the verge of shutting down, you need a work-from-home solution that lets the kids keep streaming while you do your job.…
RVs and Boats - the big hits of the summer
Jul 13 • 6 min
This is the biggest season yet for RVs and boats. Whether you’re getting a new one, a used one, or just upgrading the one you have, there’s one place where you can get everything you need with none of the problems. Call 866-726-4182 or shop…
The 60 game season
Jul 6 • 8 min
Baseball will be back this year, with 60 regular season games. Here’s the way you can enjoy all of them safely. Call Solid Signal at 877-312-4547 or shop now at
Temperature Testing Tools
Jun 29 • 7 min
Solid Signal always has the tools you need to make your digital life better. A trio of temperature testing tools takes that even further. Shop for the business accessories you need at Links to parts mentioned in the podcast:…
This is how tech shows are now
Jun 22 • 8 min
With the exception of one, all major tech shows have been canceled until the summer of next year. This is actually great news, because it makes it easier to attend from your living room. Do you have the technology at home that you’ll need? If not, shop at…
This one goes out to the editors
Jun 15 • 6 min
Video editors are the unsung heroes of today’s television production environment. They are the folks who make it possible to ship iPhones to 17 people and end up with a usable television show. So let’s shout out to them, and hope that everything gets back…
Clash of the Streaming Titans
Jun 8 • 11 min
In an effort to get past the boredom of summer TV viewing, our podcaster takes a look at the major streaming services and gives each one a review in order of how cranky it made him. Listen, then help the podcast by shopping at!
Antenna TV is so important right now
Jun 1 • 6 min
This is a very unique time in our history, and we desperately need the perspective that you can only get when there are many different professional news sources in your community. Supporting live, free antenna television means supporting independent…
Talking about returning to work
May 25 • 9 min
With parts of all 50 states opening up for business, it’s time to talk about how your return-to-work strategy is going. Are you ready for some new wiring and accessories? Get what you need when you shop at!
Paying the bills by selling cell boosters
May 18 • 6 min
Our podcaster reminds us all how grateful he is to be part of the Solid Signal team! Along the way he educates all about cell boosters, and why this is the perfect time to buy one. Listen, then get the cell booster you need by shopping at…
Rethinking advertising on streaming
May 11 • 5 min
After a couple of months at home, our podcaster wonders why advertiser-supported streaming is so bad. The same commercial over and over again, and you can’t skip past them. On the other hand, satellite lets you skip commercials on live TV and at least…
A careful look at the Westworld finale
May 4 • 13 min
Our podcaster risks the ire of his corporate partners by daring to criticize the Westworld Season 3 Finale. Listen to the longest podcast yet, then shop at and show the corporate folks that everything’s still ok!
What we take with us
Apr 27 • 7 min
This week’s podcast is a little different. Chalk it up to 8 weeks at home or just a change of heart, but our usually grumpy podcaster is looking at life a little differently these days. Listen for yourself and decide if he’s right, then shop at…
Antenna-thon, and why it’s just what you need right now
Apr 20 • 8 min
Solid Signal’s semi-annual Antenna-Thon is going on right now! You might not be thinking about TV antennas with all the other stuff on your mind, but maybe you really should! An antenna gives you free live entertainment 24/7 and doesn’t that sound pretty…
Those chores you’ve been talking about?
Apr 13 • 6 min
Now that you’ve been home a while, it might be time to take on a few of those chores you’ve been talking about. Get the parts you need safely from
Is Tiger King even a documentary?
Apr 6 • 10 min
Our podcaster pulls out some old knowledge from his college days to make the case that Tiger King isn’t a documentary. It may be extremely entertaining, but it doesn’t meet the basic criteria. Listen, then get your streaming and work-from-home essentials…
The truth about Zoom: Is Zoom stealing all my information?
Mar 30 • 7 min
In this off-topic podcast, we answer the question you’ve considered at least once. Is that new teleconference app everyone’s talking about actually stealing all your information? Get the real story then shop for everything you need for work-from-home at…
Frequently Asked Questions about gotW3
Mar 23 • 7 min
It’s the hot product at Solid Signal right now. Our podcaster answers the hard questions about gotW3 and why it’s so revolutionary. It’s worth a listen! Check it out and then shop for gotW3 from
Antenna TV is a must-have right now
Mar 16 • 7 min
You can get dozens of channels in most parts of the country, all for free, just by putting up an over-the-air antenna. Antenna TV doesn’t slow down or stop because other people are watching it. You’ll be glad you have an antenna, especially if there’s an…
It’s cell booster month at Solid Signal
Mar 9 • 7 min
This month, will be featuring some of the best cellular signal boosters at our best prices ever. Take a minute to learn more about this technology. If you already know all about it, take a minute to learn why you should tell your friends a
It might just work
Mar 2 • 7 min
This week’s podcast talks about some of the most powerful words in the DIY playbook, “It might just work.” These words drive a lot of innovation, but pushed too far they can also cause a lot of problems. Listen to this week’s podcast then shop for the bes
Don’t believe everything you read
Feb 24 • 7 min
Our podcaster goes out — way out — on a limb for this podcast about other blogs and the kind of fear, uncertainty and doubt they spread. Listen in then read the Solid Signal Blog: We try to tell it like it is.
All about splitters
Feb 17 • 6 min
Our podcast goes back to basics this week with a quick discussion of splitters. Splitters are a critical part of any home theater or A/V installation, but if you choose the wrong ones, you’ll make your system work so much worse. Listen in, then shop https
About the 2020 Oscars
Feb 10 • 7 min
Our podcaster’s about to get in trouble! Instead of talking about the great products and services at, he’s talking about the Academy Awards and putting forth crackpot theories about art and society. Listen in then comment!
Buckler says I should talk about installers
Feb 3 • 5 min
Our own Jake Buckler has another opportunity to pick a topic for the podcast this week. He’s right about one thing: if you’re an installer you know that the world is changing fast. Let Solid Signal help you with the tools you need to keep making money! Sh
Buckler says I should talk about RVs
Jan 27 • 6 min
This week’s podcast is all about tricking out your RV. Get all the entertainment you deserve and don’t leave anything behind when you travel. There are tons of options for entertainment when you shop at And, if you’re in the D
All about that base
Jan 20 • 9 min
Our podcaster takes a deep dive into the world of satellite and antenna mounting. Check out this surprisingly entertaining podcast then shop for the best in mounting supplies!
Was I wrong about the future of over-the-air broadcasting?
Jan 13 • 9 min
Our podcaster, back from the CES show, has a tale to tell! Has he been too down on the future of broadcast TV? Listen this podcast to find out. Remember, the antennas you find at are totally futureproof!
Should CES just be a gadget show?
Jan 3 • 8 min
Every year, it seems the CES show ventures further from gadgets and into weird things like cars and hamburgers. Is this just an essential way for the show to evolve, or should the organizers take it back to its roots? Listen, then shop at https://www.soli
CES Preview
Dec 30, 2019 • 9 min
Our podcaster gives you an early preview of the annual show in Las Vegas, from his unique point of view. Listen, then shop for the best consumer electronics at!