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I could tell you but…
Dec 3 • 9 min
Here’s an open message to the folks who are posting confidential details of upcoming AT&T beta tests. It may all seem like fun and games, but there’s a reason that closed testing needs to be closed. Listen, then shop for the be
Podcast #301
Nov 26 • 8 min
Our podcaster shares his recollections over the last 300 podcasts and looks forward to something new coming in the future! Listen, then shop
Keep those cellular antennas separate
Nov 18 • 7 min
A cellular signal booster is a great way to improve the cell signal in your home. In fact it’s probably the most important upgrade you can make. Think about how many times a day you use that phone, and how you’d really like things to be faster. Listen, th
Antenna Mounting Blues
Nov 11 • 5 min
Our podcaster takes a calmer and more reserved turn as he discusses some of the options that are available to people who need outdoor antennas. Listen, then shop for the best selection in antennas at
Daylight Saving Time
Nov 5 • 9 min
Our podcaster goes ballistic! You set your clocks back, so you got another hour of sleep. But was it really worth it? Our podcaster says no in an extra-cranky podcast. Listen, then shop at
When Technology Fails
Oct 28 • 6 min
This week wasn’t always perfect when it comes to live TV. A few high-profile issues came to light and even though some of them were easy to fix, it’s still worth talking about. What are your options when there’s a problem with your TV service? Read The So
ATSC 3.0… should I eat my words?
Oct 21 • 10 min
LONGEST PODCAST EVER: In this long rant, our podcaster explains why last week might just have been one of the most important weeks in broadcasting, and why he might just be proven wrong eventually. Listen then shop
Is it time to get with the program?
Oct 15 • 10 min
Supersized podcast! Are you a longtime satellite TV customer? You might have a lot of older equipment in your home and you might be thinking that the current equipment is just too risky or too difficult to install. If you think that staying with 2010 tech
Winter is coming
Oct 8 • 5 min
No, it’s not time for Game of Thrones. It’s time to take a look outside your house and decide if you need upgrades or repairs before the snow comes. Don’t take a chance… get the parts you need at
The perfect time for free TV
Sep 30 • 5 min
It’s October! Whether you’re looking forward to fall foliage or just cooler temperatures, it’s the perfect time to put in an antenna. There’s just so many free programs on TV now, and an antenna’s the key to getting them all. Get a recommendation and shop
TV Season is finally here
Sep 24 • 7 min
After what seems like an incredibly long wait, it’s finally time for new shows on your favorite broadcast TV networks. Broadcast TV is more important than ever. Find out why on this extra-length podcast, then shop
Smart Outlet and Solid Signal
Sep 17 • 5 min
Our podcaster takes you behind the curtain to tell you a little about how our products are developed. Check out this week’s podcast and shop for our smart outlet at
Signal Loss Explained
Sep 6 • 7 min
In a long but interesting podcast, our blogger explains why signal loss can’t be ignored. The good news: sometimes there’s something you can do about it. Shop for the best in amplifiers!
Live streaming grows up
Aug 31 • 7 min
It’s a great time to watch live TV. You have more choices than ever before, more channels than ever before, and more sources for video than ever before. Listen to this podcast outlining your choices, then shop for the hardware
The most exciting month of the year
Aug 27 • 8 min
September is all about television, and if you’ve been struggling all summer to find something to watch, it can’t come soon enough. Listen to our podcaster as he struggles to record this week’s podcast after a little bit of unexpected dental work, then vis
The podcast about podcasts
Aug 16 • 5 min
With podcast #300 coming very soon, we take a moment to thank our loyal listeners. How long have you been listening? Let us know, and thanks again for shopping!
Does DIRECTV have every football game, every day?
Aug 13 • 5 min
If you haven’t signed up yet for DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket, this is the time to sign up! You’ll get every game, every Sunday. Why do we say it that way? Listen in to this week’s podcast to find out! For the best in DIRECTV satellite TV, check out https://
Who pays for an in-office cell booster?
Aug 5 • 5 min
In this week’s podcast, we look at your office, where chances are you have the worst cell service you’ll have all day. Is that fair? Who should take responsibility for getting great cell service at work? Listen, then shop for c
Is AirTV Player the perfect streaming box?
Jul 29 • 7 min
DISH’s AirTV player may just be the perfect streaming device for cord-cutters. Listen to this supersized podcast and shop for the AirTV player at
DIRECTV done with hardware development?
Jul 23 • 7 min
If you’re an avid DIRECTV Satellite fan, you probably think that there’s been nothing new in the world of hardware for over a year. That isn’t true, but it does seem like there’s been less new product than in the past. Learn why that is, then shop https:/
Time to check weatherproofing
Jul 16 • 5 min
With summer here, it’s time to walk around your home and check all your cables and connections. If you need to replace something, check out the great selection at
Can you make good TV that takes place in 2018?
Jul 9 • 7 min
Our podcaster’s back on the case! Is it possible to make good TV in the age of smartphones? Can anything be funny when all you have to do is google it to find out the real answer? Listen, then shop for the best in cellular acce
Independence Day
Jul 2 • 4 min
No matter who you are, it’s time to take a well-deserved rest and remember everything good about our country. A reminder: Our offices are closed on July 4. Listen to this week’s podcast and shop
The next generation of bingeing
Jun 25 • 8 min
THE LONGEST PODCAST YET: Bingewatching started in the bad old days of DVDs but it’s evolved. With the season finale of Westworld behind him, our podcaster takes a spoiler-filled look at how this show is changing television. Listen, then shop
More for your thing
Jun 17 • 5 min
AT&T’s latest marketing campaign has left some folks wondering if millennials have ruined television. Nothing could be further from the truth. Learn how, for once, a national ad campaign actually reaches across generations. Listen, then shop https://www.s
You talked, they listened
Jun 11 • 5 min
DIRECTV’s new Genie menus have just seen their first upgrade. Listen to the Solid Signal Podcast for the story of how it happened, then check out to see all the
Always in motion
Jun 4 • 5 min
“Always in motion, is the future.” In this week’s podcast, we take a look at recent rumors flying around in the world of satellite television, and how it’s getting harder and harder to tell reality from fantasy. Listen, then shop https://www.solidsignal.c
Take a trip, and bring an antenna
May 25 • 5 min
RV season is in high gear. Don’t rely on your data plan to keep you entertained at night.You can get free TV almost anywhere you travel with a compact antenna.Our podcaster takes a good look at some products you might want to consider. Listen, then shop h
Antennas on the rise
May 21 • 5 min
No doubt about it — antennas are coming back in a big way. There are so many great ways to watch over-the-air TV now, it’s not just about sitting in the living room. But are broadcasters ready to step up? Listen to our podcaster’s take on the story and t
Test, don’t guess
May 13 • 6 min
Our podcaster comes back from a week spent getting recertified as a cellular signal booster installer. Listen as he shares his insights, then shop for the best selection of meters of all types at
Let’s talk cellular
May 3 • 8 min
In this super-sized episode, our podcaster tells of the latest news from AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, ZTE, and others, and discusses why this is the best time ever for device choice. If you’re looking for the best in cellular accessories, shop https://www.soli
Are we there yet (with 5G?)
Apr 30 • 5 min
Our podcaster gives you the straight dope: The new 5G cell service will blow your mind. It can’t come fast enough… so when will it be here? Saddle up for a great podcast, then shop for the best in cellular products!
Virtual Assistants
Apr 22 • 5 min
Our podcaster returns to the office after visiting with other AT&T dealers and comes away with an interesting idea about Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Listen to the podcast and shop for the best smart home products at
Why is 720p still a thing?
Apr 16 • 4 min
Almost every broadcast and streaming source uses the highest possible resolution for HD. Disney, ESPN, and ABC still use a lower-quality standard. Why is that, and is it likely to change? Leave a comment and then shop
Into the lions’ den
Apr 9 • 4 min
After years of slamming content providers for their behavior in negotiations, he’s about to head right into the lions den: The National Association of Broadcasters’ annual show in Las Vegas. Will this experience change his mind about broadcasters, about 4
Privacy vs. Convenience
Apr 2 • 5 min
The latest news from Facebook has our podcaster thinking about all the ways that our devices collect data from us. Are we really ok with that? Getting rid of all our smart devices isn’t the answer, but what is? Listen in, leave a comment, and then shop ht
How futureproof is futureproof?
Mar 26 • 5 min
Is it really possible to wire a home or office so that you’ll have everything you need in five years? Our podcaster talks about the idea of being “futureproof” and what you can do today to make sure you’re spending just the right amount of time and money.
Let’s talk commercial
Mar 19 • 5 min
At The Solid Signal Podcast, you have the power! Even if you’re not a commercial installer, facilities manager, or electrician, chances are you know someone who is. Listen to The Solid Signal Podcast and learn about all the great commercial supplies we ha
Take it to the limit
Mar 12 • 5 min
Our podcaster talks about how everything has limits, and how in some ways the limits that hold us back can be surpassed. It just takes time to develop the right technology to do the job. For the right technology for every job, visit https://www.solidsigna
Time to look at an antenna
Mar 5 • 5 min
Solid Signal is your source for the best antennas and antenna streaming products. Our podcaster lays out the argument for you — antenna TV is reliable, inexpensive, and integrates with your pay-TV and streaming hardware in ways you never expected! Check
Olympics done right
Feb 26 • 5 min
Our podcaster has been railing against NBC for years, but even he has to admit that this year they did the Olympics right. Check it out as he eats his words, then shop for the best in consumer and commercial electronics!
Suddenly, it’s 2018!
Feb 19 • 5 min
Does your home theater still look the same as it did three years ago? Now is the time to look at the kind of upgrades that will give you another three years of enjoyment, and of course you’ll find the best ones at
AT&T U-Verse TV
Feb 12 • 5 min
It’s still out there. AT&T still offers the U-Verse TV product and it might be the right choice for you if you have AT&T Internet. But, it doesn’t seem to this blogger that it’s a good long-term choice. DIRECTV and DIRECTV NOW are better in almost every w
I hate the Olympics
Feb 5 • 5 min
Our podcaster goes on a fun-filled rant about the Olympics, that relic of another time that always manages to disrupt TV watching schedules and leaves him desperate for something else to watch. Listen in, then shop!
The New Solid Signal Blog
Jan 29 • 5 min
This has been a really big week in the history of The Solid Signal Blog. Listen to a quick podcast and learn why we’re taking the steps we’re taking. Then, shop for the best in technology!
Do You Have Rescan Anxiety
Jan 22 • 5 min
It’s time to face facts: if you watch TV with an antenna, you’re going to have to take some extra steps to make things work smoothly. As part of their plans to give people faster cell phones, the FCC has made it harder for antenna TV watchers. Listen to t
Antennas Rising
Jan 15 • 5 min
One of the biggest surprises from the recent CES show in Las Vegas was how many people were talking about TV antennas. It’s an old solution to a new problem — how to save money and still get the shows you want. Listen, then shop for the best antennas at
If a movie falls and no one sees it, does it make a sound?
Jan 8 • 5 min
After spending three grumpy hours watching the Golden Globes, our podcaster has to ask: What’s the deal with these movies no one sees? Tune in for 5 straight minutes of snark on the Solid Signal Podcast, then shop for a snark-f
Mindful TV Watching
Jan 2 • 5 min
Happy New Year! Start the year off right by watching TV the way you used to — with focus, mindfulness, and without all those annoying distractions. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn that 60 minutes spent sitting still and focusing isn’t a bad thing after all
This was the year that was
Dec 26, 2017 • 4 min
For the last podcast of the year, we look at some of the trends that finally died in 2017, some of the shocking revelations, and look toward the future! Listen in, then visit to shop for the best!
Is the end really near?
Dec 17, 2017 • 5 min
If you’ve been following the news, you might be convinced that satellite television is on its way out. Nothing could be further from the truth, and our podcaster tells you why. Shop now for those last minute techie gifts at!
4K TV: is it “Mr. Right Now?”
Dec 11, 2017 • 5 min
When it comes to consumer electronics, there is never a perfect time to buy. However, when it comes to 4K televisions, this might just be the time to spend a few hundred dollars on something that will serve you for a few years. Get that new 4K TV and then
Cold dead hands
Dec 4, 2017 • 5 min
In this week’s podcast, we realize that other people’s devotion to antique satellite equipment isn’t really that hard to understand. Still, you’re going to have to upgrade at some point and when you do, go to
Watch a little antenna TV this season
Nov 27, 2017 • 5 min
It’s funny, we used to think it was bad to turn on the TV and “zone out” for a while. Yet, putting away your devices, taking a few minutes off from the “on demand” world and just watching whatever’s on in front of you might just be the best thing for you!
Do you need a new antenna for ATSC 3.0?
Nov 20, 2017 • 5 min
Our podcaster lays it out for you in a quick, 5-minute podcast — you probably won’t need a different antenna if you plan to get those new broadcasts everyone’s talking about, and you shouldn’t put off buying an antenna today. Everything’s going to be all
Shop for the holidays
Nov 13, 2017 • 4 min
Even our grinchy podcaster has to admit that the time has come for a bit of holiday shopping. When you’re thinking of gifts for the techie in your life, shop for the best stuff at
Are we stuck paying $1,000 for phones now?
Nov 6, 2017 • 4 min
Sure, you can find deals on phones but they’re never the ones you want. In a world where a cell phone isn’t just a status symbol but a necessity, it’s no wonder that cell companies stopped giving them away at a loss. Listen to this week’s podcast, then sh
Don’t be afraid, DIRECTV isn’t going anywhere
Oct 30, 2017 • 7 min
In a super-sized podcast, we take on those persistent rumors that “DIRECTV’s satellite service is going away” and explain how DIRECTV does care about its long term customers, more than you think. The world has changed, and DIRECTV has changed too. Listen,
A good signal meter is worth it
Oct 23, 2017 • 5 min
Solid Signal has the best selection of test and measurement equipment, not just for satellite TV but for networks, power, antennas, and everything else you can think of. Enjoy our podcaster’s ongoing battle with improving audio quality, then shop https://
A mall without cell service is like a mall without stores
Oct 13, 2017 • 5 min
This week’s podcast talks about a very “retro’ trip to the mall, a place where fashion and industrial design are stuck in the 1990s, and where cell service apparently hasn’t been invented. If your building is stuck in the past, call Solid Signal at 877.31
The end of the triple-play
Oct 9, 2017 • 4 min
That friendly bundle where you pay one price for internet, phone, and video may be disappearing in a few years. Don’t worry though, it will be replaced by something even better. In the meantime, for the best products AND DIRECTV satellite service, visit S
Cellular Signal Boosters
Sep 28, 2017 • 6 min
If you’re really honest with yourself, your phone is your most important possession. Why not make a one-time purchase that will make it work better for years? Check out the great selection of cellular signal boosters at!
The spirit of discovery, and the apps you need
Sep 25, 2017 • 7 min
Star Trek Discovery finally premiered this past weekend and our podcaster gives an extra-long, extra-sour diatribe about paying for streaming apps just to get one show. It’s a good listen! Check it out then shop for the best te