The Kim Doyal Show

The Kim Doyal Show
Building an online business is more than branding, content, and sales. It’s what happens behind the scenes, during the highs and lows that make or break a business. I’m your host, Kim Doyal, and this is the “Kim Doyal’ show. I’ll be sharing my o

The Next Journey with Cory Miller
Oct 30 • 55 min
Cory Miller joins me on the podcast to talk about his journey building and selling iThemes and where his next journey is heading. We talked about mindset, entrepreneurship, and how to move forward when life brings you to your knees.
The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur with John Jantsch
Oct 23 • 30 min
John Jantsch joined me on the podcast to discuss his new book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur. This book is a bit of a detour from his previous books (all based on marketing). One in which he says has been a 20 year journey with the work he’s done. His…
The Stories We Tell Ourselves That Hurt Our Businesses
Oct 14 • 40 min
The stories we tell ourselves can easily determine whether we succeed or fail. They also dictate our mood and how we approach things. Start telling yourself a better story.
So You Want To Be A Podcast Guest
Sep 16 • 52 min
Being a podcast guest is a great way to grow your brand, gain visibility, and provide value to someone else’s audience. Most people go about this the wrong way.
Re-evaluating Business After Heartbreak & Loss KDS: 042
Aug 13 • 45 min
I’m back to work after losing one of the most important people in my life… my Mom. I’ve done a lot of reflecting and re-evaluating during my time away from my business. This is the journey, where I’m at now, and what’s coming.
Newsletters for Marketing & Growth with Josh Spector KDS: 041
Jul 1 • 68 min
Josh Spector joined me on the podcast to discuss the power of using newsletters to marketing and grow your business. Josh is a veteran of social media and content marketing.
Allegra Sinclair & Non-Douchey Marketing, Part 2 KDS: 040
Jun 26 • 63 min
Allegra is back for part 2 of our conversation about non-douchey marketing and the general state of internet marketing. We talk about content, tools, strategies and even a little bit of GaryVee.
Mor Cohen on Design & Branding for Sales KDS: 039
Jun 5 • 42 min
Mor Cohen joined me to talk about the power of design & branding for your business and how it can increase conversions and sales. We also went deep into the successful launch of her first course, DesignClass.
Design & Branding for Sales with Mor Cohen
Jun 5 • 41 min
Mor Cohen joins me on the podcast to talk about how design and branding can impact your sales and how you can get set yourself up by learning the basic fundamentals to increase conversions.
More Being, Less Being Seen KDS: 038
May 29 • 47 min
As my business has grown and shifted I’m spending much more time trying to be intentional with where I spend my time and energy. What if it was really more about the process as opposed to the outcome?
Non-Douchey Marketing: A Conversation With A Friend, Part 1 KDS: 037
May 22 • 59 min
It’s time to put old-school marketing to bed. Bro-marketing and douchey tactics just aren’t working anymore.
Funnel Packs with Matt Davies KDS: 036
May 9 • 55 min
Matt Davies, the co-founder of Funnel Packs, joins me on the podcast today to talk about their amazing new product for getting funnels launched on WordPress in less than an hour! Everything you need from lead magnets to email copy, funnel pages, and more!
Packaging & Pricing Your Offers with Michelle Hunter KDS: 035
Apr 30 • 64 min
Packing & pricing your offers with Michelle Hunter
The Power of The Company You Keep KDS: 034
Apr 24 • 63 min
The Power of the Company You Keep is vitally important to the growth of your business (as well as your personal well being). I was reminded of this recently after I was invited to a private mastermind.
Behind the Scenes with Troy Dean: Digging Deeper
Apr 8 • 62 min
Troy Dean joined me on the podcast for a fourth time to go behind the scenes to talk about how he’s grown WP Elevation and launched his private mastermind, Mavericks Club.
Troy Dean, Mavericks Club, and My Week in Santa Monica KDS: 032
Mar 8 • 60 min
I spent the week in Santa Monica, California with Troy Dean and some of his team for his Mavericks Club event as well as the one-day event for WP Elevation
Creating A Message & Offer That Actually Sells With Michelle Hunter KDS: 031
Feb 28 • 64 min
This was an amazing live stream from Michelle Hunter of Michelle is a marketing strategist and copywriter and knows how to help you dial in your message so you’re speaking directly to your customers and you differentiate…
Driving Traffic & Gaining Customers Without Spending A Dime on Advertising with Tom Morkes KDS: 030
Feb 26 • 104 min
Tom Morkes joined me on the podcast to talk about something we all need more of… traffic and customers. What makes this unique is that Tom does it all without spending a dime on paid advertising.
Getting Real with Lorraine McNulty KDS: 029
Feb 22 • 61 min
Lorraine McNulty joins me on the podcast to talk about the state of online marketing and online business this week. We talk about pet peeves, what’s working, what’s not, and where things are heading.
Paid Traffic for Content Promotion with Daniel Daines-Hutt KDS: 027
Feb 1 • 66 min
Daniel Daines-Hutt joins me on the podcast this week to talk about using paid traffic to content to drive conversions, leads, and sales. He completely over-delivered and blew my mind.
Using Content in A Follow-up Sequence with Jason Resnick KDS: 026
Jan 25 • 53 min
Jason Resnick joined me LIVE to talk about using content in a follow-up sequence to position yourself as the expert.
SEO for The Rest of Us with Brendan Hufford KDS: 025
Jan 15 • 61 min
I was thrilled to have Brendan Hufford back on the show to talk about SEO again. This was pulled from a live stream we did talking about his brand new course, SEO for The Rest Of Us. Brendan brings a much-needed fresh perspective to this space and is…
When A Failed Kickstarter Leads To A Successful Product KDS: 024
Jan 11 • 49 min
Doing an in-depth look at the Content Creators Planner, the Kickstarter that failed, and why the product is still a huge success.
2018: I Happily Bid Thee Adieu KDS: 023
Dec 29, 2018 • 73 min
I’ve gone deep into the challenges, wins, products, and plans for 2019.
Kajabi President JCron Joined Me LIVE to Talk All Things Kajabi KDS: 022
Dec 7, 2018 • 65 min
This was a super fun episode with the president of Kajabi, Jonathan Cronstedt, also known as JCron.
Brendan Hufford on SEO & Content Marketing KDS: 021
Nov 26, 2018 • 61 min
In this episode, I talk with one of my favorite people, Brendan Hufford about SEO, content marketing, and where things are headed with both.
My FOMO, A Physical Product & Kickstarter KDS: 020
Nov 9, 2018 • 59 min
n this episode I go deep with FOMO, my new physical product and Kickstarter.
Scaling Your Webinar with Joel Erway KDS: 019
Nov 2, 2018 • 55 min
Joel Erway, of The Webinar Agency and Experts Unleashed joins me on the podcast to dissect webinars, what’s working, and what you should do first before running a webinar regularly.
Growing an Agency with Paul Lacey KDS: 018
Oct 24, 2018 • 62 min
Paul Lacey joins me on the podcast to talk about growing his Dickiebirds agency and finding his place in the WordPress Community.
Slowing Down to Get There Faster KDS: 017
Oct 13, 2018 • 67 min
Slowing down to get their faster is all about getting your mindset right, getting over your fear of selling, and being completely self-responsible.
Profiting with Relationship Funnels: My Interview with Landon Porter KDS: 016
Oct 1, 2018 • 57 min
In this episode, Landon Porter and I go deep with Relationship Funnels, Relationship marketing, and where everything is heading.
Talking Design with Piccia Neri KDS: 015
Sep 20, 2018 • 59 min
In this episode, I go deep with Piccia Neri of Design Geeks and We talk design fundamentals and growing your community with a Facebook group.
Content Repurposing & My Wakeup Call KDS: 014
Sep 15, 2018 • 57 min
Content repurposing is vitally important for your business, but there are a few things to keep in mind and a correct way to do it.
More on Chatbots with Matt Staton & Matt Tims of Botpreneur KDS:013
Sep 3, 2018 • 60 min
More on Chatbots with Matt Staton & Matt Tims of Botpreneur
Messenger Marketing with Mikael Yang of ManyChat KDS: 012
Aug 20, 2018 • 56 min
Messenger marketing, chatbots, and ai is on its way. If you’re not using Facebook Messenger Marketing, you’ll want to after this episode.
Funnels, Sales & Marketing with Mike Killen KDS: 011
Aug 16, 2018 • 57 min
Mike Killen, the founder of Beaver Funnels, talks about building all your funnels out in WordPress, marketing, sales and so much more in this episode.
Running A Business When Life Goes Sideways… And My Secret Project KDS: 010
Aug 8, 2018 • 53 min
In this episode, I talk about Running a Business When Life Goes Sideways (and my secret project).
Introducing New Page Builder Brizy With Dimi Baitanciuc KDS: 009
Jul 29, 2018 • 56 min
Introducing the newest WordPress page builder to hit the market, Brizy. I had a great conversation with one of the founders, Dimi Baitanciuc
Digital Agency Life with Kronda Adair KDS: 008
Jul 22, 2018 • 51 min
Kronda Adair, of Karvel Digital, joins me on the podcast this week to talk about how she’s grown her digital business, her personal 30-day video challenge to herself and what’s coming for her business.
Why I Launched A Totally Free Course KDS: 007
Jul 5, 2018 • 49 min
This episode goes behind the scenes of my recently released Content Traffic Kickstarter free course. The reason, the planning, the production.
Build Your Audience First KDS: 006
Jun 30, 2018 • 68 min
In this Facebook live stream with my friend Davinder Singh Kainth, we discussed the importance of growing your audience first, before launching and selling to people.
Storrito App for Instagram - Interview with Max Weber KDS: 005
Jun 22, 2018 • 45 min
Create and schedule Instagram stories from your desktop or phone with Storrito.
When It’s Over Before It Starts & Life Lessons KDS: 004
Jun 15, 2018 • 56 min
There’s nothing like the end of a project you’ve been working on for a year and a half to deliver some Life Lessons and takeaways.
MIestro Course Platform with Justin Burns KDS: 003
Jun 7, 2018 • 56 min
Justin Burns, the founder of the new Miestro course platform, joins me on the podcast to talk about Miestro, what it is, who it’s for, and how you can use Miestro to sell your digital courses.
Growing a Facebook Group: 1 Year Later KDS: 002
May 30, 2018 • 53 min
Growing a Facebook Group takes commitment, consistency, and patience. Here’s a look back on the first year of Content Creators, what I’d do differently, and a few recommendations for growing a Facebook Group.
Stepping Back & Starting Over with Jon Perez KDS: 001
May 24, 2018 • 62 min
Catching up with Jon Perez of SureFireWebservices
Hello, Goodbye, and What’s Coming KDS: 000
May 9, 2018 • 38 min
First episode of The Kim Doyal Show
Funnel Hacking Live 2018: Recap, Thoughts, and 2 HUGE Epiphanies WPCP: 177
Mar 30, 2018 • 61 min
Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Recap, thoughts, and epiphanies
Content Creators Summit & Some Updates WPCP: 176
Mar 3, 2018 • 52 min
Content Creators Summit and Updates
Building a Brand with Content & Facebook with Tori Reid WPCP:175
Feb 9, 2018 • 62 min
Tori Reid talks about growing her brand with a Facebook Group and Content
Shark Tank, E-commerce, and Alpha Dogs with Arlene Batishill WPCP: 174
Jan 5, 2018 • 64 min
Today I’m talking with Entrepreneur Arlene Batishill. Founder of GoGo Gear, a certified ClickFunnels partner and the author of Retail Shock Therapy.
2017: The Year of Self Awareness, Content & Goodbyes WPCP: 173
Dec 30, 2017 • 59 min
2017 Year in Review, WPChick Podcast
Photography & WordPress with Scott Wyden Kivowitz of Imagely WPCP: 172
Dec 17, 2017 • 53 min
Scott Wyden Kivowitz joins me on the podcast this week to talk about Imagely (formerly Photocrati) and how they help photographers with WordPress.
E-commerce, WordPress Summits & Watches with Jan Koch WPCP: 171
Dec 8, 2017 • 58 min
I finally had the good pleasure of connecting with Jan Koch to talk about WordPress, e-commerce, and where things are headed.
Personal Marketing with Matt Barnett of Bonjoro WPCP: 170
Dec 1, 2017 • 52 min
Founder Matt Barnett joins me to talk about how Bonjoro is revolutionizing personalized marketing, onboarding, and video in email.
Content As Equity & An Update on Life WPCP: 169
Nov 19, 2017 • 56 min
Content As Equity & A Update On Life WPCP: 169
Brian Kurtz on Advertising, List Building & Relationship Capital WPCP: 168
Nov 4, 2017 • 74 min
I was having a conversation with my friend Lee Jackson the recently on a Facebook live stream and we were talking about how sometimes it feels like we’re ‘cheating’ when we’re podcasting because we get to spend an hour with these brilliant minds and it’s…
One Click Upsells for WooCommerce with Chris Mason of WooCurve WPCP: 167
Oct 20, 2017 • 52 min
I have a little confession to make before we get into the podcast with Chris Mason of WooCurve. One of the products sold through WooCurve, Handsome Checkout, was something I had thought about creating with my LeadSurveys business partner, Gordan, about a…
Creating Content with Kyle Gray and The Story Engine WPCP: 166
Oct 6, 2017 • 58 min
I was introduced to Kyle from my friend Tom Morkes (who I need to get on the podcast still, he’s brilliant at what he does and is a stellar connector) and responded like a little kid with who was just given a new puppy! Because my happy place is content…
Creating Systems & Processes with Jürgen Strauss of Innovabiz WPCP: 165
Sep 29, 2017 • 55 min
This episode is brought to you by my sponsor, Content Snare This podcast interview is long overdue (we recorded a few months ago) and I’m excited to finally share this with you. I had the good fortune of connecting Jürgen Strauss a few years back through…
Content Bottlenecks and Designing to Delight with Christine Thatcher WPCP: 164
Sep 7, 2017 • 49 min
This episode is brought to you by our sponsor, ContentSnare Anyone who has ever worked with clients to create their website can tell you that the hardest part of the process tends to be getting the content from the client to put into the website. My guest…
Live Streaming Success with Ross Brand WPCP: 163
Sep 3, 2017 • 63 min
I have a confession to make. I was SUPER hesitant to jump into live streaming. For a few reasons. The first reason was that I would have to “get ready”, as in, do my hair & makeup every day (O.K., technically I don’t have to do that. I get that most…
Of Course No One Is Listening… And The New Tools I’m LOVING WPCP: 162
Aug 24, 2017 • 59 min
Thanks to this episodes sponsor, ContentSnare, Get Website Content From Clients Without The Hassle Feel like No One Is Listening? I’ve been there. And I’m going to warn you, this might be a bit of a rant, but it needs to be addressed. It seems like…
Organic Facebook Marketing with Ben Perry WPCP: 161
Aug 17, 2017 • 54 min
As someone who has done more organic marketing than paid traffic, when I first came across Ben Perry and his Organic Facebook Marketing I was immediately intrigued. I think the ideal situation is organic with a paid strategy, but when you’re first getting…
Wondering Why You Haven’t “Made It” Yet? WPCP: 160
Aug 10, 2017 • 57 min
I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the last month or so and knew it was time to share it on a podcast with you guys. Hopefully, through the writing of these show notes, I’ll be able to articulate exactly what I mean and it makes sense to you…
Catching Up With Dan Norris WPCP: 159
Aug 4, 2017 • 49 min
When I looked back to the first time I had Dan Norris on the podcast I was floored to see that it was almost 100 episodes ago! Dan as always has been busy creating, producing content, and even launching a brewery! I had a ton of questions for Dan about…
Entrepreneur or Technician… And the Missing Piece of The Puzzle WPCP: 158
Jul 27, 2017 • 61 min
O.K, guys… This episode is a little different in that I recorded the episode from the car before I wrote the show notes. My standard process for solo show episodes is that I write out the show notes first, then use those as a guide to record the episode.…
Complete Software Developers Career Guide with John Sonmez WPCP: 157
Jul 21, 2017 • 54 min
Don’t let the name of this show (or book, The Complete Software Developers Career Guide), fool you. Having this conversation with John Sonmez, one of the co-authors of the book, was a little bit of a shift for me in term of what I talk about on the show…
Content Snare: End The Content Gathering Nightmare with James Rose WPCP: 156
Jul 13, 2017 • 50 min
Content Snare is the product every web dev person has been waiting for. I know, I know, that’s a big claim. But ask anyone who has ever done a website for a client… I don’t care if it’s an individual or an agency, getting content from clients is a pain in…
Social Campaigns Done For You with Benjamin Dell of Missinglettr WPCP: 155
Jul 7, 2017 • 48 min
Social Campaigns on automation sounded like a little more hype than I was interested in, but after a friend told me I should take a look at it I did. And I was HOOKED. Everyone knows I’m a user and fan of CoSchedule, so part of me thought, “do I really…
Build the Machine First: Strategic Business Growth for Non-Douchey People WPCP: 154
Jun 29, 2017 • 65 min
Build the Machine First. I literally just heard that on a webinar (podcast?) from Shane Melaugh of Thrive Themes (they’re launching a new podcast called Active Growth, so naturally I wanted to listen in for their launch. I love their products & content.…
Talking Beaver Themer, Community And Growth with Robby McCullough WPCP: 153
Jun 23, 2017 • 54 min
Beaver Themer was the initial reason I asked Robby to come back on the podcast (of course representing the Beaver Builder team). This was my second ‘three-peat’ guest on the podcast and I couldn’t be happier that Robby McCullough joined me to represent…
Personalized Marketing and Checking Your Mindset WPCP: 152
Jun 15, 2017 • 57 min
I’m totally going to date myself here… but as soon as I wrote ‘Let’s Get Personal’ in the post title the song “Let’s Get Physical” by Olivia Newton-John popped into my head and has been stuck on loop. Although I will say that I was still in elementary…
Talking WordPress & ProBeaver with Davinder Singh Kainth WPCP: 151
Jun 10, 2017 • 45 min
I’ve mentioned how much I love the Beaver Builder community a few times now (on top of loving Beaver Builder in general), Davinder is the perfect example of why this community is so awesome. I’ve had the good fortune of getting to know Davinder this past…
Podcasting Lessons on Business & Life After 150 Episodes WPCP: 150
Jun 2, 2017 • 56 min
Thank you to my sponsor, LiquidWeb, for sponsoring this episode. I’ve been thinking about this milestone episode for a while now. I knew I was coming up on episode 150 and wanted to make sure it was a solo show so I could do a recap of what podcasting has…
Troy Dean, WP Elevation and Why Mindset Matters WPCP: 149
May 27, 2017 • 53 min
Thanks to my awesome web host, LiquidWeb, for sponsoring the podcast. This is one of my first official ‘3-peat’ guests on the show, and I couldn’t be more excited to have my friend, Troy Dean back on the podcast. Getting to know Troy the last few years…
Ready to Write? Online Book Summit with Jesse Krieger WPCP: 148
May 18, 2017 • 52 min
This episode is sponsored by my awesome web host, LiquidWeb. I’ve wanted to write a book for a while now. My guess is that many of you have thought of writing a book too, but the thought of it seems a little overwhelming or you’re not sure where to start.…
SEO for Growth with Phil Singleton WPCP: 147
May 11, 2017 • 59 min
Thank you to my sponsor and awesome web host, LiquidWeb for sponsoring this episode. I wish I could tell you that SEO was something I got excited about. For me, it’s one of those necessary evils. Over the years I’ve gotten better at it (although I’m still…
ValiusWP For Your WordPress Site Support – Interview with Steven Kaufman WPCP: 146
May 5, 2017 • 43 min
Thanks to LiquidWeb for sponsoring this episode of The WordPress Chick Podcast After years of having a team for development, I knew it was time to get some help to speed up my site. I’d done plenty of things on my own (caching, CDN, deleting plugins,…
The Hype Has Worn Out Its Welcome & A Few Predictions WPCP: 145
Apr 28, 2017 • 59 min
This episode is sponsored by LiquidWeb… Managed WordPress Hosting Done Right (my words). One of my favorite non-fiction books of all time is ‘The Obstacle is The Way” by Ryan Holiday. Last year he released “Ego is the Enemy”, which comes as a close…
Profitable Projects – My Interview with Brent Weaver of Ugurus WPCP: 144
Apr 21, 2017 • 51 min
This episode is sponsored by my awesome web host, LiquidWeb I think at some point many web developers are posed with the question of growing their business into an agency or staying on the solo path (even if you have a team, you may choose to stay small).…
PowerPack for Beaver Builder – Behind the Scenes with Puneet Sahalot WPCP: 143
Apr 14, 2017 • 33 min
This episode is sponsored by my awesome web host, LiquidWeb It’s no doubt that I’m a huge fan of Beaver Builder page builder for WordPress. Because of how awesome Beaver Builder is, there are a lot of great 3rd party products being developed. One of my…
Lead Generation and List Building: My Latest Obsession WPCP: 142
Apr 7, 2017 • 53 min
Thanks to my podcast sponsor, Liquid Web, for sponsoring The WPChick Podcast! I know that lead generation and list building are nothing new but hang in there with me. We’re going to go in a little different direction with this and a lot of it might be new…
Content Planning & Creating, with Lance Jones of Airstory WPCP: 141
Mar 31, 2017 • 56 min
This episode is sponsored by LiquidWeb, my awesome Managed WordPress host Anytime I hear about anything that will help me with my content creation and planning I get excited. Plus, you know me and how much I love new tools. I do have a confession to make,…
Learn WordPress Development with WPShout WPCP: 140
Mar 24, 2017 • 60 min
This episode is sponsored by my web host, Liquid Web. I know, I know. You guys might be surprised that I’m sharing a way for you to Learn WordPress Development (if you’ve listened to the podcast intro and my “no boring code snippets here”, then you know…
You Need to Get Comfortable Selling WPCP: 139
Mar 17, 2017 • 51 min
This episode is sponsored by my new web host, LiquidWeb It’s time we had a heart to heart. About Selling. And why you need to Get Comfortable Selling. In the past month or so I’ve come across this topic via conversations with people or through social…
Daily Email Works. Period. Interview with Ben Settle WPCP: 138
Mar 10, 2017 • 52 min
Ben Settle is the reason I started my daily emails (er, almost daily emails). I don’t remember where I initially came across Ben Settle, but you guys have heard me talk about him enough to know that following his method of daily emailing is one of the…
Easily Simplify Your Business & The Tools I’m Crazy Excited About Right Now WPCP: 137
Mar 3, 2017 • 58 min
There was a time when simplifying my business felt like giving up. What is it about our culture (at least western culture), that we can’t shake the ‘no pain no gain’ mentality? Why does it feel like things have to be hard to be worth anything?…
Nightmare Clients and Growing Your Business with Erin Flynn WPCP: 136
Feb 24, 2017 • 54 min
Erin Flynn has mastered something we’ve ALL encountered at one time or another… how to deal with nightmare clients. Not only does she help you grow your freelance business but how about how to handle those clients that make you want to quit what you’re…
Continuing the Conversation About LeadSurveys with Gordan Orlic WPCP: 135
Feb 19, 2017 • 65 min
This week I continued my conversation with Gordan Orlic, my partner with LeadSurveys. Like I said in the podcast last week, this has been a massive education for me (what that I’m loving) and each step of the way gets me more and more excited about…
The Story Behind LeadSurveys – Part 1 WPCP: 134
Feb 10, 2017 • 62 min
The Story Behind LeadSurveys is my first official “Conversations with Kim” episode. These are going to be a little different than my normal interviews (and obviously won’t be solo shows). It’s a more organic conversation about a topic as opposed to…
Demio: A Webinar Platform to Love with David Abrams WPCP: 133
Feb 5, 2017 • 47 min
It’s been a long time since I’ve run a webinar. For years I had a subscription to GoToWebinar and would run webinars every now and then. It’s probably not a huge surprise that I enjoy hosting webinars… it’s kind of like podcasting while sharing your…
Course Creation, A Little Rant & An Effortless Start to 2017 WPCP: 132
Jan 27, 2017 • 64 min
Course Creation does NOT have to be difficult. I know that’s saying a lot, but there are simpler ways to go about creating courses that won’t leave you feeling like you need a PhD to get it launched. But before we get into course creation, I’ve got a…
Niching Down with Nate Wright – Theme of The Crop WPCP: 131
Jan 23, 2017 • 48 min
Building a business with WordPress can feel a little challenging at times. As websites become more of a commodity it can feel a little like an uphill battle when you build websites with WordPress (and is personally one of the reasons I’m not doing service…
Repurposing Your Content with Hani Mourra & His New Platform WPCP: 130
Jan 13, 2017 • 54 min
No matter what you do to repurpose your content, there’s always more you can do. I know, that might sound a little depressing or overwhelming (how much more can you possibly do, right?), but the good news is that there is a lot of automation happening in…
2016 Year in Review & Why I’m So Excited About 2017 WPCP: 128
Dec 30, 2016 • 62 min
I’ve been thinking a lot about how to approach my 2016 Year in Review episode. Like many other people, this year has felt particularly long. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that this was a record year for celebrity deaths and crappy politics. I…
Haters, Self-Promotion, & Lead Generation WPCP: 127
Dec 23, 2016 • 58 min
After almost 9 years in this business there are some things I think I’ll never wrap my head around. One of those things is the ‘haters’ out there. Those people who get bent out of shape by something that is absolutely NOT worth the energy they expend.…
Running A Business & Marketing Your Niche with Curtis McHale WPCP: 126
Dec 16, 2016 • 52 min
I have to say that this is the first podcast interview that I’ve done where we talked about poop. But that’s what happens when you talk to a parent of young children (Curtis has young kids)… you just never know where the conversation is going to go. I was…
Growing Your Audience & Keeping the Faith WPCP: 125
Dec 10, 2016 • 55 min
Just when you think you’ve got a grasp on something… a little dose of reality comes in. In this case, it’s a good thing. After last weeks episode on winding the year down and with Christmas quickly approaching, I’m starting to really wrap my head around…
Your 1 Page Marketing Plan – Interview with Allan Dib WPCP: 124
Dec 5, 2016 • 34 min
Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand Out From The Crowd Anyone who has ever written a business plan (or attempted to), knows it’s not a simple process (I had originally written not a ‘fun’ process, but who knows, maybe this is something you…
Winding Down 2016, Getting Ready for 2017 & Much Appreciation WPCP: 123
Nov 24, 2016 • 45 min
I’ll be doing a ‘year in review’ post after Christmas, but thought this was a perfect time to do an episode on winding the year down, getting ready for 2017 and simply saying Thank You to YOU… my audience. You’ve made it all possible and have encouraged…
Managed WordPress Hosting with GoDaddy – Interview with Gabe Mays WPCP: 122
Nov 18, 2016 • 37 min
Does it seem like there are a plethora of Managed WordPress Hosting options available now? Probably because there is. And I love the fact that GoDaddy has stepped into this space along with everything else they’re doing to support the WordPress community.…
Planning, Producing and Imperfect Action WPCP: 121
Nov 9, 2016 • 60 min
I’ve been thinking a lot about processes. My new-found love of the daily email practice (even when my emails aren’t daily), has ignited a small fondness for discipline. I say small because the thought of structuring and scheduling my life to the point…
SEO Done Right – My Interview with Rebecca Gill WPCP: 120
Nov 7, 2016 • 54 min
SEO is something we all know we’re supposed to do. So we get the Yoast SEO plugin, name our images with relevant keywords, follow some of the tips from Yoast and aim for the ‘green light’ from Yoast (I won’t get into readability right now, because as I’ve…
My Platform Dilemma, Which Ones I’ve Tried and The Trending Lack of Responsibility WPCP: 119
Oct 28, 2016 • 51 min
I don’t know if this is a distraction or real issue I need to solve. Well… it’s probably a little of both. Let me back this up a bit and give you a little ‘why’ behind this so-called dilemma. I have done my fair share of setting up membership sites with…
Social Warfare Plugin for WordPress – Interview with Dustin Stout WPCP: 118
Oct 21, 2016 • 50 min
Social Warfare is one of those plugins that you need to dive a little deeper into so you can understand what makes it different than all the other social sharing plugins. I had actually bought Social Warfare a while ago, had an issue and forgot to go back…
WordPress Page Builder Elementor – Interview with Ben Pines WPCP: 117
Oct 14, 2016 • 47 min
Elementor Page Builder is fantastic! Yep… another front-end visual page builder for WordPress has joined the scene (even though it seems like these tools are coming out overnight, I can assure you these take a lot of time to build and test). Personally, I…
How to Be Your Own Case Study & Profit in The Process WPCP: 116
Oct 7, 2016 • 51 min
The last few months in my business have been interesting to say the least. And by interesting, I mean good. I’ve been taking consistent small action in a number of areas in my business and the results are paying off. Every day. And I love it. Before we…
Content Upgrades for List Building, Growth & Sales – WPCP: 114
Sep 23, 2016 • 55 min
This post is brought to you buy Sitelock I’ve been talking about Content Upgrades for a while now. Not that I’m an expert by any means, but it’s definitely a focus and something that I have first hand experience with. And it works. I don’t quite remember…
Carrie Dils is Back… Does it Get Any Better? WPCP: 113
Sep 15, 2016 • 55 min
This episode is sponsored by Sitelock Yes folks, she’s back. Holy moly though… a lot has changed with Carrie since she was on the show last (she was episode 7! One of my first guests and I was/am super appreciative of that). Fast forward a few years and…
The Merrymaker Sisters: Creating a Profitable Business Around Health & Fun WPCP: 112
Sep 8, 2016 • 51 min
This episode is brought to you by Sitelock If I could bottle up the energy of the Merrymaker Sisters I would do it in a heartbeat. I first discovered Emma & Carla Papas (aka, The Merrymaker Sisters), through Dan Norris. I had a feeling based on their name…
Add More Revenue… Courtesy of Google
Sep 1, 2016 • 51 min
This episode is brought to you from Sitelock. When I was coming up with this post title and I decided to go with ‘Google Money’ I had sort of a scary thought. That ‘Google Money’ probably isn’t as far fetched as that sounds, right? I mean… we have bitcoin…
Plugin Development & Leaving Envato with Gordan Orlic WPCP: 110
Aug 25, 2016 • 56 min
This episode is brought to you by my sponsor, Sitelock. Plugin development goes much deeper than the technical side of development. My guest, Gordan Orlic of WebFactoryLtd. went deep with me in this episode. Gordan and I connected through something so…
Taking Massive Action & My Deciding Factor for Every Project WPCP: 109
Aug 18, 2016 • 51 min
This episode is sponsored by Sitelock With my ‘anti-hustle’ campaign I kind of surprised myself with the title of this post. Well… the “Massive Action” part anyways. I knew I was excited about launching the new show (Freedom Papers Podcast), but I had no…
Be An Unlimiter – My Interview with Dallas Hardcastle WPCP: 108
Aug 11, 2016 • 56 min
This episode is sponsored by Sitelock. Dallas and I connected about a year and a half ago through the same mastermind. I knew right away that Dallas was ‘my kind of people’…. his energy is great, he’s super positive and probably one of the most giving…
E-Commerce Done Right with Chloe Thomas WPCP: 107
Aug 5, 2016 • 54 min
This episode is brought to you by my sponsor, Sitelock. E-Commerce is one of those things that I’ve thought about jumping into on and off since I started my business (in 2008), but never pulled the trigger. I started looking into more seriously this past…
WordPress Visual Editors, Hanging with Troy Dean & Freedom Papers WPCP: 106
Jul 29, 2016 • 50 min
This episode is sponsored by Sitelock. I’ve been thinking about doing an in-depth post on WordPress Visual Editors (besides Thrive Content Builder & Beaver Builder, which of course are still my favorites!) for a while now. I’m still planning on it, but…
Chuck Wang on Consulting, Following Your Passion & Robots in Restaurants WPCP: 105
Jul 22, 2016 • 48 min
This episode is brought to you by my sponsor, Sitelock. I had the great pleasure of being on Chuck’s podcast after we had connected via social media (twitter I think). Talk about a ton of fun (it was also mu first blab). I enjoyed it so much and…
Are You Losing Money? The Opportunities & Income Right In Front Of You WPCP: 104
Jul 14, 2016 • 58 min
This post may contain affiliate links This episode is proudly brought to you by my sponsor, Sitelock Sometimes I wonder if I’ll stop learning things the hard way. OR… maybe that’s simply part of my journey in this lifetime. This episode will probably be a…
Beaver Builder: They’re BAA-AACK! Updates From The Team at Beaver Builder WPCP: 103
Jul 8, 2016 • 58 min
Thanks to my podcast sponsor, Sitelock for sponsoring this episode! If you’ve ever wanted to hang with the guys from Beaver Builder, you’re going to love this episode! I’m having a ton of fun doing these follow up interviews with previous guests and I…
The Future of WordPress As A Business & Listener Validation WPCP: 102
Jun 17, 2016 • 59 min
Nothing beats unsolicited validation when you’re not sure about that feeling in your gut. There’s something inside of you that has become more of a push than a nudge, you know without a doubt that this is what you want to be doing… you’re just not sure…
Launch Your Course Like A Rockstar – Interview with Troy Dean WPCP: 101
Jun 12, 2016 • 61 min
You know how there are those people that when you talk with them initially you feel like you’ve known them forever? And then every time you talk with them you walk away with a smile on your face and know your day was made better because they were a part…
Episode 100! The Journey So far, Massive Changes & Where I’m Headed
Jun 6, 2016 • 60 min
The problem with referencing songs when you’re writing is that they get stuck in your head. Like… forever. I just got done writing an email about my friend Troy Dean’s new course (Rock Star Empires) and referenced a bunch of 80’s music (more specifically,…
From Welfare to 8 Figures in Two Years with Giancarlo Barraza – WPCP: 099
May 26, 2016 • 46 min
I first met Giancarlo Barraza at a mastermind event in January, 2014. My first impression of Giani? TONS of enthusiasm, passion and commitment (if you follow Giani on Facebook, which I recommend you do, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Because his…
Brandon Lewin, Selling More & SEO WPCP: 098
May 20, 2016 • 57 min
Brandon Lewin. So much to say… so little time! :-) I had the good fortune of connecting with Brandon about a year and a half ago. He reached out to me via social media, we ended up on a Skype call and periodically stayed in touch. We reconnected when I…
CashFlow, GooRoos and My First Post on Medium WPCP: 097
May 9, 2016 • 50 min
In the last solo show I recorded I talked about what I would do different if I were starting my business today. I had also done a similar episode in the very early stages of the podcast (that’s the beauty of this type of content, it’s always relevant,…
Don’t Get Hacked! WordPress Security & What You’re Doing Wrong with Paul Irvine WPCP: 096
May 5, 2016 • 45 min
This interview is another testament to reaching out and making real connections online. Paul and I connected through Facebook and went back and forth a few times via messenger, then set up a Skype call (I’ve made the mistake in the past of setting up…
Todd Brown + Conversions: SO Fly WPCP: 095
Apr 27, 2016 • 56 min
I’ve been following Todd Brown for a while now (I’d say I was stalking him, but that’s just kind of creepy…and not really true). One thing I think a lot of online entrepreneurs take for granted is the ability to learn from other people simply by…
Lee Jackson, WP Innovation and WAY Too Much Fun WPCP: 094
Apr 19, 2016 • 54 min
As always, I’m SUPER excited to have Lee Jackson from and the WP Innovator Podcast. I had a great time talking and laughing with Lee and found out some really great tips and well as his background on how he got to where he is today.…
Here’s What I’d Do Different If I Were Starting My Online Business Today WPCP: 093
Apr 1, 2016 • 59 min
I’m super excited about this post and episode because it was inspired from a listeners email to me (Thanks Jen!). I don’t know about you, but I often forget that just because I understand and know something doesn’t mean everyone in my audience does. I…
Pat Flynn and Testing Your Ideas - Will it Fly? WPCP: 092
Mar 19, 2016 • 50 min
To say I had a blast on this interview would be an understatement. This interview came about from a Skype call I was having with a friend. We were talking about Pat’s new book, “Will It Fly” and I thought, “duh! I should ask him to be on the show to share…
It’s Time to Hack the Entrepreneur With Jon Nastor – WPCP: 091
Feb 23, 2016 • 59 min
Today we have Jon Nastor of Hack the Entrepreneur on the podcast! To say I was excited to talk with Jon would be an understatement… and I just got more excited as the conversation continued. It’s refreshing for me to find like-minded individuals doing…
Create Fun Quizzes for Lead Generation & Engagement My Interview with Josh Haynam of Interact WPCP: 090
Feb 18, 2016 • 54 min
Today I have a very special guest on the show, he’s the first follow up interview with one of our guests! Josh Haynam of Interact, a company that makes it easy to create quizzes as a lead magnet. It’s a unique and fun way to connect with your audience in…
From Prison to Prosperity: My Interview with Mike Pisciotta WPCP: 089
Feb 16, 2016 • 56 min
Lately I’ve really been talking about content, and a huge piece of content is stories. Today’s guest is Mike Pisciotta and he’s going to share how his story drove him to get his business going. At the young age of 18 years old Mike woke up in a jail cell…
Push Button Email Marketing – My Interview with Jason Drohn WPCP: 088
Feb 11, 2016 • 56 min
Every now and then you come across a tool that is a massive game changer. And you wonder “where have you been all my life?” … That’s how I felt when I found Scriptly. Email Marketing isn’t as easy as you think it is (or should be). I have an old story in…
Will You Make the Difficult Decisions When it Counts? WPCP: 087
Feb 9, 2016 • 47 min
We’re going to go in a little different direction today. I thought about doing a ‘Kim Snippet’ version of the podcast for this topic but then realized this would probably end up being a full length episode. Not really a snippet. (Clearly I’m not great at…
40,000 Visitors in 6 Months – Grow and Convert with Devesh Khanal & Benji Hyam WPCP: 086
Feb 4, 2016 • 70 min
I seem to be on a kick lately of paying attention to tracking and numbers and along those lines you are going to love my next guests! Benji Hyam and Devesh Khanal started a blog site about content marketing and converting call These…
The Truth About Facebook Advertising – Interview with Jason Hornung
Jan 26, 2016 • 53 min
This is now the second post (actually it might be the third?) that I’ve talked about Jason Hornung. The difference with this post and podcast episode is that it is solely about Jason Hornung. This interview is also what led to me hiring Jason and his team…
Falling in Love with CoSchedule and The BEST Business Investment I’ve Made In a Long Time WPCP: 084
Jan 14, 2016 • 56 min
If you haven’t heard of CoSchedule, let me give you a little rundown of what it is and why I continue to fall in love with it a little more EVERY single day. CoSchedule is to content marketing what peanut butter is to chocolate (yes, Reeses is my favorite…
Growing Your Business with the Switchback Approach – My Interview with Brock Cannon WPCP: 083
Jan 7, 2016 • 46 min
I had the good fortune of being introduced to Brock Cannon through a good friend. I’m SO glad he introduced us. I’m definitely a fan of The Switchback Approach. You might think I sound a bit like a nutty fan or over-zealous reader, but I absolutely LOVE…
The Truth About 2015, Showing up in 2016 and WAY More Fun WPCP: 082
Dec 31, 2015 • 53 min
I’m kind of tripping out right now that I’m doing another “year in review” podcast episode. Where is the time going?! Do you feel like you say that every year? I do. The odd thing is that with the day-to-day it doesn’t feel like time is flying by. I’ve…
Breaking the Perfectionist Mindset – My Interview with Bob McIntosh WPCP: 081
Dec 17, 2015 • 53 min
As soon as I heard the title of this book I knew I wanted to speak with the author. I would bet that at one time or another most entrepreneurs have dealt with the ‘perfectionist’ mindset (and this is by no means exclusive to entrepreneurs). It’s easy to…
Infographics & Awesomeness – My Interview with Ching of Piktochart WPCP: 080
Dec 11, 2015 • 38 min
As you all know, I am such a geek when it comes to the visual side of the web. I LOVE graphics, icons, info graphics, and tools and all that awesome stuff. So I’m super excited to be able to talk to Ching from Piktochart today. Before Ching founded…
Gratitude & Retiring the Hustle WPCP: 081
Nov 26, 2015 • 38 min
It’s about that time of year again. No, I’m not referring to the holidays, even though they’re quickly approaching. I’m referring to that time of year when I need to take a step back, take some time for myself and do a little reflecting. In the almost 8…
Video, Advertising & Creating Connection – My Interview with Gideon Shalwick WPCP: 080
Nov 19, 2015 • 50 min
I have Gideon Shalwick on the podcast today! Get a pen and paper because all this information that Gideon Shalwick provides is going to blow your mind! Tons of knowledge bombs in this one! Gideon’s entrepreneurial journey started about 9-10 years ago. He…
Your Own Community on WordPress – My Interview with Merav Knafo of Peepso WPCP: 079
Nov 12, 2015 • 68 min
Today I have the pleasure of chatting with the team from Peepso: the founder, Merav, Eric the project designer, and Matt the lead developer. I’m going to be completely transparent and tell you I was SUPER thrilled to talk to Merav not only because she’s…
Content, Metrics & List Building WPCP: 078
Nov 6, 2015 • 53 min
I cannot seem to get enough content about content! (say that 10 times fast) It’s as if I turned on a light switch in my head and I realized there’s SO much more that I ever imagined. Bear with me here because I’m going to get more specific and promise I…
Podcasting Isn’t a Trend – It’s Content
Nov 4, 2015 • 12 min
I think at this point this is something we can all agree on. Although I do think there are people who see podcasting as the ‘latest bandwagon’ (we’re just going to go on my hunch on this because I can’t quite fathom the idea of trying to find facts to…
Clammr for Content & Podcasting – Interview with Parviz Parvizi WPCP: 077
Oct 29, 2015 • 48 min
Today I have Parviz Parvizi, one of the founders of Clammr on the show. After meeting in law school, Parviz and his co-founder David were both admitted ‘slow readers’ so they were always big audio users. After completing college they both got blue chip…
Write to The Heart of Your Business- My Interview with Christine Sheehy WPCP: 076
Oct 22, 2015 • 61 min
So excited to have Christine Sheehy on the podcast today! Christine and I met about two years ago through a Mastermind course and we really connected. She started her career as a lawyer, but always found herself drawn to the writing aspect of law. After…
Freelancing & WordPress: My Interview with Brennan Dunn WPCP: 075
Oct 8, 2015 • 58 min
Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Brennan Dunn. Back in 2008 he started freelancing full time after he gathered a large client base. He realized he was losing a lot of opportunities by staying small so he decided to grow his business. Brennan…
ENOUGH! STOP with the “Just Do The [email protected]#CKING WORK!” WPCP: 074
Oct 1, 2015 • 39 min
Ever had “One of those days?” Yea, me too. That’s what fueled today’s episode. I hit a wall of overwhelm which has made me really step back and take a hard look at where I’m at and WHY I’m feeling so frustrated. It’s time. Something has to give. I’m…
List Building & Starting Over: My Interview with Maritza Parra WPCP: 073
Sep 25, 2015 • 40 min
Today I have Maritza Parra from on the show. Martiza has been crazy about horses her entire life. Growing up, she spent all her free time with her horse and other horses from the local barn. Once she got to high school, she needed a way…
Scaling Your WordPress Business – My Interview with Kai Davis WPCP: 072
Sep 10, 2015 • 55 min
Kai and I connected through an awesome mutual friend, Mary Lou Kayser (awesome person btw and I will definitely have her on the podcast! I’m so grateful when people connect with other people they know! You just never know where that connection may lead…
Not Another Friggin Idea! WPCP: 071
Sep 3, 2015 • 54 min
…And Content and Metrics. In my last solo show I shared with you guys that there were a couple of opportunities for me to collaborate with people. Well… I almost jumped the gun on yet another collaboration with someone else! I know, I know. We both got…
Entrepreneurial Creative Juice – My Interview with Julie Harris WPCP: 070
Aug 27, 2015 • 60 min
Julie Harris from Julie Harris Design has joined me for today’s podcast. Julie is a creative business consultant and brand designer. Before she started her current online job, she had a day job in a bank in Hawaii. Julie didn’t know what she wanted to go…
When It All Comes Together and You Still Feel Doubts WPCP: 069
Aug 23, 2015 • 45 min
I had one of those moments today. When you realize that everything you’ve been working towards is all coming together. And not because something specific happened or even something ‘BIG’ happened. It’s more like a series of small things that simply…
The Tropical Entrepreneur – Josh Denning on Building a Digital Agency Overseas WPCP: 068
Aug 15, 2015 • 52 min
I’m joined today by Josh Denning from Tropical Entrepreneur. Before Josh moved to Thailand to set up his very own digital agency, he spent the last 12 years in the marketing industry. He worked with a lot of companies and he managed to launch a product…
Building Raving Fans with Design- My Interview with Marianne Manthey WPCP: 067
Aug 7, 2015 • 45 min
Podcast sponsored by: Today I’m joined with the amazing Marianne Manthey. Marianne is a designer and has her own blog where she shares tips on how to make your site just that little bit better. As well as having design tips on her blog, Marianne also has…
Socially Stumped: I JUST don’t get this WPCP: 066
Jul 28, 2015 • 27 min
Podcast sponsored by: Welcome to ‘Kim Snippets’ #2 Before I get into this episode of the podcast and my second official ‘Kim Snippet’, I want to point something out to you guys (which is simply a reminder). Content is EVERYWHERE and ALL AROUND you ALL THE…
Building a WordPress Business through Community – My Interview with Brandon Yanofsky WPCP: 065
Jul 23, 2015 • 55 min
Podcast sponsored by: For today’s podcast I have Brandon Yanofsky with me! Brandon is building an amazing presence in the WordPress community. He is currently working on My WP Expert and WP Radius.He’s in forums, answering questions and helping solve…
Time to Celebrate! My Birthday Podcast & Wish for You WPCP: 064
Jul 9, 2015 • 56 min
Podcast sponsored by: Yep, Happy Birthday to Me! Kind of a crazy way to start a post, but I’m all about celebrating the good things in life, and yep, that includes birthdays! ALL of them. Getting older doesn’t bother me… aging, well, that’s another story.…
Simple Podcast Press Plugin- Interview with Hani Mourra WPCP: 063
Jun 29, 2015 • 53 min
Podcast sponsored by: When it comes to podcasting I have a few personal rules after the basics are met (best audio quality and valuable content come first). We all know I’m a huge geek about the visual side of things so after having had my podcast for a…
Funnel Hacking Live – My Event Recap WPCP: 062
Jun 15, 2015 • 63 min
Podcast sponsored by: I have a tendency to go through spurts where it seems like I’m traveling a lot or attending a lot of events or I’m doing nothing. Maybe that’s just me. :-) Lately it’s the traveling a lot (which fortunately I love) and I’m excited to…
Passion Into Profits, My Interview with Tony Teegarden WPCP: 061
Jun 4, 2015 • 51 min
Podcast sponsored by: ANYONE who has wanted to take their current business to the next level with high ticket offers needs to listen to this interview. I was fortunate enough to connect with Tony through a mutual training we took and instantly knew he was…
Social Media Lead Generation – My Interview with Aseem Badshah of Socedo WPCP: 059
May 15, 2015 • 46 min
Lead Generation is something we ALL need. All the time. I honestly don’t remember exactly how I found ‘Socedo’, but am SO glad I did. I think it was through Twitter (which makes sense because that is one of the key elements of Socedo). The funny thing is…
Why ‘Fake it Till You Make It’ is Ass Backwards WPCP: 058
Apr 20, 2015 • 13 min
Have you ever had one of those moments when a thought comes to you and you feel like you’re in a V8 commercial? (getting bonked upside the head like “DUH!”)… that’s what happened to me with this idea (and for anyone outside of the U.S., V8 is vegetable…
Conductor Plugin - Not Just Another Page Builder
Apr 10, 2015 • 50 min
After having talked to Matt a few times (we had a ‘hey, how’s it going’ chat on Skype first, then we recorded the podcast… which didn’t record! So we did it a second time), I kind of wondered what took me so long to get Matt on the show (my doing, not…
A 7-figure Business in 18 Months- My Interview with Dan Norris of WP Curve WPCP: 056
Apr 3, 2015 • 43 min
There’s something about hearing the story behind the business that makes things so much more relatable. Starting a business is both awesome and hard. Sometimes you feel like you’re on an island by yourself, even if you have people you connect with…
Don’t be a ‘Buttso’ and Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone WPCP: 055
Mar 22, 2015 • 73 min
This episode is a little ‘Out of the Box’ to say the least. I was joined by Trey Lewellen, aka, Mr. ON IT … or maybe I should say I joined Trey (at his offices in St. Louis, Missouri to get his upcoming podcast rolling). I decided to do a podcast episode…
Racing Ferrari’s, Zappos and Game On! WPCP: 054
Mar 13, 2015 • 56 min
Yep. I literally raced a Ferrari in Las Vegas a week and a half ago. HOLY MOLY it was friggin OFF the charts fun! I knew I was going to enjoy it and was excited about doing it but had no idea how much fun it was really going to be. Once we got to Dream…
WordPress Sites in Minutes – My Interview with the team behind Beaver Builder WPCP: 053
Mar 6, 2015 • 53 min
It’s no secret that I have fallen in love with WordPress page builders… every time I see one that I haven’t tried I simply can’t resist. Which is what happened with beaver builder. As someone who started an online business with no intention of ever…
Visual Content Builder – My Interview with Shane Melaugh of Thrive Themes WPCP: 052
Feb 20, 2015 • 51 min
Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane for a minute, shall we? I remember a cold winter night in early 2014 where I was hanging out in my family room with my laptop, the fire roaring and a cozy blanket. I’m lazily going through Facebook when I come…
YOU are the Obstacle in Your Business WPCP: 051
Feb 13, 2015 • 56 min
There is NO way someone could have told me 8 years ago (HOLY MOLY where has the time gone!) that I was the obstacle in my business. Well… I guess they could have told me but I probably would have told them off (seriously, I was a bit of a hard ass in my…
Consult Your Way to Success – My Interview with Michael Zipursky WPCP: 050
Feb 5, 2015 • 61 min
The term ‘consulting’ has been around for a LONG time and is something we’re all familiar with, but you don’t tend to hear the term online as often as you do offline (well, at least in the space I’m in). My guest on the show today has managed to do a…
My Year in Review – Looking Back on 2014 WPCP: 049
Jan 9, 2015 • 60 min
I debated on whether or not I should do a ‘Year in Review’ post this year. For like, a minute. Of COURSE I wanted to do a year in review post! It’s been an amazing year and I have a lot to be grateful for as well as share the things that didn’t go as…
Your Mindset Matters – My Interview with Andrew Sparks WPCP: 048
Nov 25, 2014 • 60 min
One of the BEST things I’ve done for my business in the last year is to spend time with people who are already where I want to be. Whether that’s in business or my personal life (health, spirituality, attitude, etc.) it’s absolutely one of the smartest…
Email Marketing & Building a Business: My Interview with Erin Howard WPCP: 047
Nov 14, 2014 • 41 min
Today’s episode is long overdue (as many of them seem to be the last couple of months! Things will get back on track in January, just bear with me). I’ve tried my hand with a few different email marketing options - Aweber, MailChimp and Infusionsoft. I’m…
10,000 Feet, Scaling A Business and Profiting with WordPress WPCP: 046
Oct 27, 2014 • 64 min
Yep, I was actually 10,000 feet off the ground a couple weeks ago! The photo isn’t actually from my flight, but the #selfie of me below is (we were squeezed pretty tightly into the balloon and I happened to be on the side where the sun was coming up, so I…
Time to Kickstart Genesis – My Interview with Nick Davis of Lean Themes WPCP: 045
Oct 16, 2014 • 56 min
This interview has been a long time coming. Mainly because we did the interview a few months ago! Don’t worry, I won’t use this space to whine about how busy the last couple of months have been because well… it is what it is and I’m back and moving…
The Social Side of WordPress – Part 2 WPCP: 044
Aug 28, 2014 • 61 min
After I started writing the first post on ‘The Social Side of WordPress’ I realized there was no way I was going to cover it in one post, so here we are again. Part 2 (and who knows, maybe there will be a part 3… let’s see how this one goes). I’ll be the…
SIDEKICK for WordPress – A Total Game Changer: My Interview with Ben Fox WPCP: 043
Aug 12, 2014 • 54 min
You probably know by now that I’m a TOTAL geek about finding cool tools and resources to make online business and WordPress easier (and sometimes it’s just about finding something cool, because really… I probably have more tools than I have time for), so…
Ready to Write Your Book? My Interview with Joshua Sprague WPCP: 042
Jul 30, 2014 • 59 min
Ready to share your Message with the world? That’s one of my favorite elements to having a business today. The internet, social media and technology in general has given everyone the same opportunity to get your message out into the world. The trick is…
Pinterest is a Search Tool – My Interview with Cynthia Sanchez of Oh So Pinteresting WPCP: 041
Jul 3, 2014 • 53 min
Before we get into the heart of the interview, let me just say that you might want to have a pen & paper handy (or Evernote…) to take some notes while you listen! I’ve been a fan of Pinterest since I joined a couple years ago. Part of me is quite proud of…
WordPress Hosting, Cool tools and an Invite WPCP: 040
Jun 26, 2014 • 47 min
The term WordPress hosting isn’t something you would have heard 4 or 5 years ago. It was just ‘hosting’, not WordPress specific hosting. That’s changed dramatically in the last few years as WordPress has grown and become the powerhouse that it is today (I…
WordPress Business – My Interview with Troy Dean WPCP: 039
Jun 19, 2014 • 63 min
I had the good fortune of being on the WP Elevation podcast a couple of months ago and after talking with Troy I KNEW I needed to get him on my show (which, FYI, the interview was recorded before 3.9 was released). I have to warn you though. There is a…
WordPress Themes – Picking the Right One for Your Business – WPCP: 038
Jun 9, 2014 • 38 min
I kind of surprised myself when I realized that I hadn’t done a podcast episode about WordPress themes. Seems like a little bit of a ‘duh’ moment, right? I’m going to approach this from a little bit of a different angle than simply discussing different…
Ozzy Rodriguez in The House and Getting Real WPCP: 037
May 9, 2014 • 47 min
I had the good pleasure of meeting Ozzy Rodriguez in person at WordCamp San Francisco 2013. We had connected on Twitter prior to meeting in person and I thought he was just a great guy, then when I met him in person it was confirmed. :-) Like many of the…
Using Plugins… or not. Time to retire this discussion WPCP: 036
May 2, 2014 • 62 min
Am I right? Are you tired of this discussion too? I know, kind of ironic that I say it’s “time to retire this discussion” through writing a post about it (kind of like needing to get the last word in, huh? This is pretty funny as I write this. Guess we…
Growing a Business with T-Shirts – My Interview with Trey Lewellen: WPCP 035
Apr 21, 2014 • 49 min
One of the things I love most about connecting with new people online is that it reminds me that there are a multitude of different ways to create and build a profitable online business. Of course there’s potential danger in this as well… it’s easy to get…
No More Hype + Story Time: My Interview with Tea’ Silvestre of Story Bistro WPCP: 033
Mar 21, 2014 • 64 min
Before I get into the details of this interview, I want to share something that a friend said to me over a recent Skype conversation. He’s been listening to the podcast and the last couple of interviews have been with people in my Mastermind (Adam Spiel…
From Losing Everything to the Ultimate Lifestyle: My interview with Troy Broussard WPCP: 032
Feb 28, 2014 • 53 min
By now it’s probably pretty obvious that I’m fascinated by people’s stories and the path they took to get them where they are. Today’s interview with Troy Broussard is no different. Having lost everything TWICE (yes, I said twice), to where he is today…
From 6 Figures in Debt to 6 Figures a Month – My Interview with Adam Spiel WPCP: 031
Feb 11, 2014 • 72 min
Here’s the deal. I know that the headline of this episode is probably not sitting well with some people, but the reality is it’s a fact and it’s a POWERFUL story. Which is why I wanted to get Adam Spiel on the podcast (besides the fact that he’s just a…
My Conference Hangover and Why A Blog Isn’t A Business WPCP: 030
Feb 4, 2014 • 55 min
I’ve been back from a trip to San Diego for a mastermind and conference and am just now feeling ‘recovered’. Anyone who has attended a conference for a few days knows exactly what I’m talking about (and in this case was at the end of the week and I didn’t…
Best Money I’ve Spent in A Long Time – My Interview with Victoria Prozan WPCP: 029
Jan 25, 2014 • 56 min
I’m going to let you in on a personal little secret of mine… something I’ve discovered about myself in the last 12 months. It’s what tells me that I’m onto something really good and I should pursue it. Ready? It’s when the idea or thing that I’m feeling…
What A Year! A Look Back at 2013 & What’s in Store for 2014 WPCP: 028
Jan 6, 2014 • 52 min
What an amazing year. Truly. I knew I was going to end the year with a year in review post and podcast, but when I really started thinking about this year it kind of took my breath away. Both in my business and personal life, although the personal changes…
Easiest Quiz Builder – Interview with Josh Haynam of Interact WPCP: 027
Dec 16, 2013 • 33 min
Anyone who has been following me for any length of time knows that I love finding new tools, plugins, resources, software… whatever… to try and test out. If it can add value to my audience without creating a boat load more work for me, I’m all in. That’s…
Interview with Ray Ortega of The Podcaster’s Studio WPCP: 026
Dec 5, 2013 • 53 min
I absolutely love the way this interview came about, so of course I have to share it with you before we get into the meat of the interview. You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been working on stepping up my engagement on social media this past year.…
My Secret Project, A New Plugin and Business as Unusual WPCP: 025
Nov 18, 2013 • 44 min
Where the bucket has 2013 gone?! Seriously. I swear I say that every year…”where has the year gone”… and this year is no different. It felt like it was just 90 degrees yesterday and I was hanging out by the pool (o.k., so it was 90 degrees a month ago…
Having My Mind Blown, Branding and The Karate Kid: My Interview with Wes Ward WPCP: 024
Oct 31, 2013 • 76 min
So here’s the follow up to my little mention in last weeks episode about accountability. My interview with Wes Ward, my new accountability partner and uber brilliant (and fun) branding sensei (yes, I actually just used the word ‘Sensei’… I think it was a…
My DUH! Moment, the Reality of Accountability and a favorite new plugin WPCP: 023
Oct 23, 2013 • 49 min
Have you ever noticed how the “obvious” things aren’t always as obvious as we think they should be? That tends to happen to me more often than I realized I until I started thinking about today’s podcast and show notes. It’s really more of an awareness…
The Quentin Tarantino for Websites: My Interview with Andy Hayes WPCP: 022
Oct 15, 2013 • 49 min
One of the things I love MOST about what I do is that you never know when one thing is going to lead to something else and what that something else might be! That was the case with my interview with Andy Hayes. I was introduced to Andy Hayes from Jonathan…
Marketing Goo, WP Tavern and My Interview with Marcus Couch WPCP: 021
Sep 20, 2013 • 58 min
You know you’re on the right path when someone reaches out to you to encourage what you’re doing… even when it’s something you’ve just started and you don’t even know them. That was my first interaction with Marcus Couch. Not too shabby, huh? Marcus is…
Rusty Nails, WordPress and My Interview with BobWP: WPCP 020
Sep 13, 2013 • 36 min
I had to start this interview off by asking Bob what a Rusty Nail was (the reference on his site was to a cocktail, not an actual nail that was sitting out in the rain and got rusty :-)). A rusty nail of course is a cocktail (you’ll have to listen to the…
WordPress Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages and Landing Pages [VIDEO] – WPCP: 019
Sep 8, 2013 • 51 min
*Disclaimer* I am an affiliate for all 3 tools I mention in this episode and will receive a commission if you buy through one of my links* This is kind of a big topic that I haven’t written about or addressed on my site in a long time (I hadn’t realized…
What Your WordPress Site Says About You – WPCP: 018
Aug 27, 2013 • 51 min
One thing that has become crystal clear to me (and this may seem totally obvious) is that when I set my mind on something with clear intentions the validation and support shows up left and right! I know… a little ‘woo woo’ maybe, but that’s O.K., a little…
Dance Moves, Story Time and Freelancing – Interview with Jonathan Perez WPCP: 017
Aug 15, 2013 • 47 min
Have you ever had a conversation with someone and within about 10 minutes you feel like you’ve known them forever? That’s how I felt just during the initial conversation I had with Jonathan Perez of SureFire Web Services (before the interview even…
Online Business and a Fireside Chat – WPCP: 016
Aug 8, 2013 • 49 min
I had a conversation with a friend a couple of nights ago that spurred today’s podcast. The easiest way to share the conversation with you is going to be via story, which will probably be best understood by listening to the show, but I’ll give you the…
WPCP: 015 – WordCamp SF, Training and a Challenge
Aug 5, 2013 • 49 min
Have you ever come across something or had an experience that has completely shifted the way you look at something? That’s what happened for me this past week, with WordCamp SF, my “a-ha” I had about Training (a completely different model) and my…
WPC 014: How Big is Your Brave, WordPress Business Challenges and Upgrading
Jul 22, 2013 • 54 min
There’s a lot going on with WordPress this week, so I’ll do what I can not go too deep into the question in this post title, but I can’t make any promises. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to music I have pretty eclectic taste (and a 16 yr. old…
WPCP 013: Bourn Creative – My Interview with Jennifer Bourn
Jul 11, 2013 • 53 min
One of my favorite aspects of my podcast is the interviews I get to do! (what… did you think I was going to say something about how funny I think I am? :-) ) Even though I’m the one getting in touch with the interviewee it’s still fun when we finally…
WPCP 012: The BEST Advice I’ve Ever Received and How Not To Be An AssHat
Jun 20, 2013 • 49 min
I have to start the show notes out with something that has become glaringly apparent to me and yes, I know it seems obvious, but there is such a difference between “getting something” and “understanding something”. The more I write and engage the easier…
WPCP 011: WordPress Hosting at its Finest – Interview with Dusty Davidson of Flywheel
Jun 7, 2013 • 47 min
*Be sure to check out the offer Flywheel has generously made to my listeners & readers at the end of the post /podcast* For those of you who are new to my site I’ll give you an overview of what happened with my hosting drama in the last year so you have a…
WPCP 010: Milestone Episode, time to celebrate!
May 31, 2013 • 38 min
WOO HOO!!! O.K., so before we get into the show notes I have to point out that not only am I publishing my tenth podcast episode this week, but this week is also the 10th anniversary of WordPress! Coincidence? Um…yea. I wish I had been that clever and…
WPCP 009: Interview with Adam W. Warner of Foo Plugins
May 23, 2013 • 47 min
I kept trying to think up something witty with Foo Plugins that I could tie into the song “Kung Foo Fighting”… to start this post, but fortunately for you I was stumped! So we’ll just jump into the good stuff… my interview with Adam. I knew when I started…
WPCP 008: New Theme, Opt-in, Updates and Typekit
May 16, 2013 • 47 min
I decided that since I was getting close to episode 10 of the podcast (HOLY MOLY!) it might be a good time to give you an update on how things are going with the podcast and business in general. I’ve changed quite a few things since the beginning of the…
WPCP 007: Interview with Carrie Dils… Genesis in the house!
May 3, 2013 • 40 min
This is the first “official” WordPress interview for the podcast (in terms of interviewing someone who uses WordPress for their business) and it was a TON of fun! I connected with Carrie sometime last year online (I’m thinking maybe it was twitter?) and…
WPCP 006: Monetizing WordPress…
Apr 29, 2013 • 47 min
When I first started working with WordPress 5 years ago the opportunities to monetize a business around WordPress seemed to be limited to a few areas. You could customize themes, create/code themes and create/code plugins. There were a few people out…
WPCP 005: Let’s Talk Money! Interview with Nicole Fende
Apr 22, 2013 • 60 min
The Numbers Whisperer This was a REALLY fun interview… even the third time around! Talk about challenges. Oy Vey. This is the third time I interviewed Nicole Fende, The Numbers Whisperer, for my podcast! Talk about patient, huh? Fortunately for me Nicole…
WPCP: 004 What I’d Do Different If I Were Starting My Business Today
Apr 4, 2013 • 50 min
LOTS happening in today’s episode! I recently started private coaching with a new client (I’m coaching her) and had decided I would write up “What I’d Do Different if I Were Starting My Business Today” for her, then realized it would make a great topic…
WPCP: 003 – The Business of Web Design
Mar 29, 2013 • 59 min
This is “officially” the first interview for my podcast! I say “officially” because I had recorded another interview last fall but wasn’t ready to get the podcast going, so I’ll be re-recording an updated version of that interview for an upcoming podcast.…
WPCP: 002 – Relationships, Contemplation and What’s coming for The WordPress Chick
Mar 17, 2013 • 43 min
To say the last couple of weeks has been a wild ride would be an understatement, but it’s all been good. Definitely ups and downs, but fortunately the downs haven’t been bad. Just contemplative. I’ve been contemplating a lot about my business lately so I…
WPCP: 001 – My Go-To Plugins
Jan 3, 2013 • 44 min
HOLY MOLY! I really should have video recorded myself doing this first podcast… it would have provided some comic relief for you to say the least. I lost count with how many times I started then deleted just the introduction! Forget the few times I…