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May 7 • 88 min
Well… 2020 what a year and we’re only at the beginning of May. I’m not going to focus too much on the situation we’re all experiencing right now. Some of us way worse than others. It’s a shit show of monumental proportions. Wherever you are […]
Dec 31, 2019 • 88 min
I originally recorded this mix back in March this year and decided not to release it for reasons I can’t quite remember. I think I was unhappy with one or two of the track transitions. I listened to it again today and decided to give […]
Vive La Dance
Aug 17, 2018 • 133 min
I seem to start most posts here with “sorry it’s been so long” so I’m just going to stop saying that. Sufficed to say, I have an excuse, sort of. Sixteen months is indeed a very long time but lots has changed! Last summer/autumn was […]
Apr 24, 2017 • 96 min
XXXV is my thirty-fifth podcast mix released into the world. Like a small child it runs off into the night and into the dark to play. Thirty-five podcasts may sound like a lot but since the site was rebooted in 2009 that’s only an average […]
Oct 14, 2016 • 97 min
Twenty-sixteen has been a pretty shitty year all round, hasn’t it? I mean, there was a time when celebrities were cowering behind old ladies fearing that the Grim Reaper might point his boney finger in their direction. We lost so many greats this year. To…
Let’s Dance
May 21, 2016 • 120 min
I know, I know. It’s been ages. And I’m sorry about that. I’ve been meaning to do a mix for such a long time but things have just been crazy busy the last few months. A piss-poor excuse, I know. I actually had a mix […]
Nov 23, 2015 • 102 min
Hello. How are you? Just like Adele, I’m back after a bit of a break. Unfortunately for me, that’s where the similarities end. But my Dolly, isn’t 25 good?! I’ve been collecting, cutting from and adding to the playlist for this mix for a couple […]
Aug 24, 2015 • 142 min
Life isn’t perfect. Sometimes you fuck up, mistakes are made and glitches happen. That’s what happened to me during the recording of this mix. When I was giving it its first listen through I found two sections where something weird happened and the tracks…
Pride 2015
Jun 27, 2015 • 67 min
A very special Pride in Dublin this year. The first since the same-sex marriage referendum was passed last month by a majority of 62%. I was lucky enough to be able to fly home to vote and to be there to witness this historic shift […]
Mar 8, 2015 • 137 min
Gonna be some sweet sounds Coming down on the nightshift Long overdue, the first mix of 2015 is here. What’s happened since the last one? Well, lost of stuff. Including Christmas Chickenpox (not fun), spinning, drinking, dancing, working, working and…
It’s Belfast Bitch!
Jan 6, 2015 • 59 min
One from the archives. I stumbled across this mix when I was going through some old favourites this evening. I made it for a road trip my friends and I were going on. I think it was our first of many trips to Belfast back […]
33 RPM
Nov 23, 2014 • 162 min
There are a few reasons the number 33 has some significance for this mix. Firstly, there are 33 tracks on it which is about double the number of tracks my mixes would normally have. That’s because it’s taken me much longer than normal to get […]
Jul 20, 2014 • 95 min
Julius Goodyear, Empress of Weatherfield, goddess of big hair. May her eyeshadow always guide us in the right direction. Long live the Empress. Just about half-way though the summer and it’s been pretty mental so far. Dublin Pride was, as always, great…
Pride 2014
Jun 22, 2014 • 67 min
Yet another amazing Dublin Pride! The parade was great and the crowd dancing along with The George float were so much fun. As is tradition, here’s the music from the float should you want to relive the parade. There’s lots to entertain you tonight at […]
Apr 19, 2014 • 115 min
Oh yes, hunty! Spring has sprung and we’re well on our way to summer. There’s a grand stretch in the evenings and there’s better drying out than ever. This mix is pretty damn big. It could have and would have been bigger and longer except […]
Feb 23, 2014 • 95 min
Are you ready to jump? Then just do it. Something I’ve been telling myself the last couple of weeks. Sometimes we need a little bit of encouragement to jump into the unknown, whatever that might be. But do it, it could be worth it. Anyway, […]
London Glamour
Jan 5, 2014 • 98 min
It’s been just over a month since I moved to London. And what a month it’s been. A month of moving, unpacking, sorting, introductions, drinks, work, drinks, work, drinks, flights home, drinks, catch-ups, drinks, dancing and exploring. It’s been a blast…
Bad Girls
Oct 27, 2013 • 120 min
Beep beep, toot toot! Bad girls. Talkin’ ’bout them bad girls. We all know a few bad girls. Life would be a bit boring without them. This mix is packed full of some amazing tunes that are doing the rounds at the moment. It’s much […]
Sep 8, 2013 • 101 min
If life is a catwalk, then you better stomp that catwalk! Welcome to, my new home. Why move? Well, I was ten years at and I’d always meant to get a .ie domain so I finally got around to it a couple of […]
Jul 7, 2013 • 99 min
It’s here! Summer is finally here. And living in North West Europe (kinda) we never know how long we’re going to get it for. So make the most of it, get out and enjoy it but as always, use protection! This mix has been floating […]
Born With It
May 5, 2013 • 110 min
Maybe she is born with it. Or maybe she learned it on the streets. After what seemed like a winter that lasted longer than the Ice Age, it now appears that summer is making itself known. And not a moment too soon. I don’t know […]
Siempre Viva
Feb 7, 2013 • 84 min
“Siempre viva! Live forever!” If you haven’t seen Death Becomes Her, we can’t be friends. Well maybe we can after you’ve watched it at least eleven times and can quote it verbatim. It’s 2013 and it’s my first podcast mix of the year. I had […]
Dec 9, 2012 • 89 min
In the past few months, it seems that drag lingo or glingo from the US has made it to this side of the world. I blame both RuPaul and the Scissor Sisters. And I love it! According to urban dictionary, the definition of “werq” is: […]
The September Issue
Sep 2, 2012 • 84 min
In the world of fashion, the September issue of Vogue is regarded as the bible. It’s got the latest and greatest of the upcoming Fall (Autumn to you and I) collections and it’s bursting with glamour, gorgeousness and beauty. While my little site about…
Olymp This
Jul 14, 2012 • 93 min
I don’t “do” sport but it seemed somewhat appropriate to name this latest mix after the £9.3bn spectacle that is about to kick-off in London. There’s no point in trying to avoid it and considering I live in the UK it’d be completely impossible to […]
Pride 2012
Jul 3, 2012 • 85 min
I was back in Dublin this weekend for Dublin Pride. It was a pretty mental, full-on, non-stop festival of glamour, drinking, music, friends, dancing and more drinking. I was honoured to be asked back by my alma mater, The George to do a set on […]
Hail Mary
May 13, 2012 • 72 min
“Oh hail girls.” “Oh Hail Mary!” It being a Sunday, I thought it only fitting to name this one after Our Lady of the Perpetual Teapots. May she continue to keep all of our cupboards (presses, if you’re in Ireland) stocked to the brim with […]
Feb 11, 2012 • 76 min
Has it really been eight months? Afraid so. It’s taken me so long to get back to doing mixes for a number of reasons. The biggest of which is that I moved from Dublin to Manchester at the end of September last year. I’ve been […]
Jun 24, 2011 • 73 min
Heather Small once asked, “What have you done today, to make you feel proud?” That’s what gays all over Dublin will be asking themselves tomorrow as we celebrate Dublin Pride. It’s always a huge day. Last year over ten thousand took part in the parade […]
Spring Thing
Mar 20, 2011 • 92 min
Spring is in the air. There’s a grand stretch in the evenings and there’s great drying out. Yes, this mix is overdue but it’s been a pretty hectic month what with working, going out, working, going out some more and the Alternative Miss Ireland. So […]
Legs Eleven
Dec 28, 2010 • 89 min
Twenty eleven or 2011 is just lurking around the corner. The 11th year of the new millennium and still not a jet-pack, hoverboard or flying car in sight. Talk about being promised the future and getting nothing. Anway, with a few days off over the […]
Oct 5, 2010 • 81 min
October sure crept up on us fast didn’t it? Long cold evenings ahead and the dreaded C word, no, not that one you dirty fecker, the other one that we shan’t mention. When winter comes, I quite look forward to it because you get to […]
Skinny Dipping
Jul 17, 2010 • 62 min
Ah Summer! Oddly enough, it’s been a pretty good one in Ireland this year. Though we totally deserve it after the terrible summers we had the past few years. Everything’s been great this year, Dublin Pride was amazing. Seems like a distant booze-filled…
Summer Night City
May 7, 2010 • 74 min
It appears that Summer might just be around the corner. To celebrate I decided it was high time I did another podcast mix. This one is packed full of my favourite songs of late. It’s nice and uplifting. Like a nice Victoria sponge it’s nice […]
Merry MixMas
Dec 28, 2009 • 71 min
It’s good to have some time off work to catch up on things that you’ve been meaning to do for a while or to just chill out and do as little as possible. With time on my hands this week, I decided a Christmas Break […]
Aurally Fixated
Nov 15, 2009 • 68 min
It being a nice lazy Sunday today I decided to do a new mix. It’s been a while so thought it was about time. Two important things to note, it’s a little loud as I forgot to adjust the levels when recording it from my […]
Relaunch & Mayday Mix
May 5, 2009 • 63 min
I’m back! Still doing some tweaking on bits and pieces of the site but wanted to get a post up to let you know what’s happening. I’ll be adding more content over the next few days so keep an eye out. And if anything breaks […]