Information you don’t need, from people you don’t know

40: Jesus Penis
Jan 30, 2016 • 1997 min
10 SCHITTY questions about significant others, offering blowjobs for SCHITTY voicemails, shoving your SCHIT where you SCHIT, reach out and SCHIT on someone, SCHITTY Cox in a box, a quarter of schlongs are pretty SCHITTY… all this and more, on this week’s…
39: Baby Got Butt
Jan 30, 2016 • 2207 min
Doing it without ending up diapers, every top can be a bottom, shoving a peen in the Fallopian tube, free two-day tumor delivery, me Grindr you long time, getting pissed at a bag of dicks… all this and more, on this week’s episode of SCHIT. Show notes…
38: Poopapocalypse
Jan 13, 2016 • 1979 min
Sexual fluids don’t make friends, turning printers on with poop, glitter-bombing your peen, magnum-sizing your Christmas tree, forcing Trump to pull out prematurely, getting off on voluminous lexicons… all this and more, on this week’s episode of SCHIT.…
37: What A SCHLong Time
Dec 17, 2015 • 2940 min
Hookers go bobbing for blowjobs, Gibbsy gets a better half, the post office says go fork yourself, three and a quarter inches looks long in your mouth, SCHITty listeners leave even SCHITtier voicemails… all this and more, on this week’s episode of SCHIT.…
Not A Real Episode
Oct 22, 2015 • 2330 min
This is SCHIT … Not a Real Episode Recorded Thursday October 22nd, 2015. If you’re a subscriber and you’re hearing this, sorry, but SCHIT’s not back quite yet. We’re just making sure that you’re going to get the latest episodes when we are. So stay tuned,…
31: Penis Eels
Nov 8, 2013 • 1850 min
Extreme cheapskates have extreme skidmarks, getting eaten out at a buffet, exfoliating your penis from the inside, coitusing like rabbis, sixth graders get the Axe at school, cutting off your penis to spite your balls… all this and more, on this week’s…
26: S.C.H.I.T.
Oct 28, 2013 • 2251 min
A very special episode of S.C.H.I.T.
25: Coochie Cookies
Mar 26, 2013 • 1857 min
Nothing tops Tyrannosaurus sex, hate speech keeps you white and tight, no one got molestered at day camp, faking it in front of your mom, who’s hung like a Hamm?, oral arguments from anal people… all this and more, on this week’s episode of SCHIT. Show…
24: So Many Penis Stories
Mar 19, 2013 • 1842 min
Would you like a McCondom with that?, lasers make everything better, dolphins blow out of more than just their holes, Google is hiding the handjobs, stolen penises are on the rise, conservatives in the boardroom get crazy in the bedroom… all this and…
23: Big, Black Bananas
Mar 12, 2013 • 2011 min
Too hip for the Starbucks special sauce, Taylor Swift is allegedly a bearded whore, once you go black banana…, SimCity fails to simulate or stimulate, hand-cranking your rocks off, red is the new white… all this and more, on this week’s episode of SCHIT.…
Mar 6, 2013 • 1825 min
SimCity is all kinds of SCHITTY, cooking with naked vegans leaves you limp, brown chicken meets brown cow at The Vatican, the metric system causes shrinkage, biblically-inspired bowel movements, guns don’t kill people, Florida does… all this and more, on…
21: We’re Legitimately Legal
Feb 27, 2013 • 1852 min
Donut-punching beaver burglar squirrel muffins, Beliebing in Bieber ball-clipping, selling SCHIT with shirtlessness, all we needed was one more Kevin, mouthfuls of Missed Connections, that hooker’s pimp stole my money! … all this and more, on this week’s…
20: Chasing Chubby Checkers
Feb 20, 2013 • 1942 min
Getting gayer than Gangnam Style, Sweden is burning up their trash supply, flaming homos love flame-broiled McDonalds, beating your boyfriend over Alanis Morissette, Chubby Checker doesn’t like checking chubbies, we suck at oral sex tests… all this and…
19: The Rumors of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Feb 12, 2013 • 1634 min
5 year-olds give mouth to not mouth, the Pope is too old to keep it up, probing the purpose of homosexuals, Spiderman gets punchy in Times Square, Colorado says gays can almost get married, the best part of waking up is Folgers in Uranus… all this and…
16: Honey, I Microwaved The Audience!
Nov 26, 2012 • 1927 min
Seattle Police won’t prosecute Mary Jane, selling creamy goodness on eBay, pitching tents for a big Black Friday, spending Thanksgiving with a creeper turkey, states petition the White House to plant gardens, Mr. Wiener is a self-hating San Franciscan……
15: My First Presidential Erection
Nov 9, 2012 • 1953 min
Diane Sawyer does her own drinking game, Nate Silver deletes the recycle bin, Mitt Romney was born black, Bad Piggies wrap your sausage, Windows 8 gives a helluva hangover… all this and more, on this week’s episode of SCHIT. Show notes will be available…
14: Searching For A Real Douchebag
Oct 31, 2012 • 1780 min
Kevin bends over and takes it from the electric company, our first listener voicemail from an actual listener, Ann Coulter gets twatty on Twitter, Barbara Walters does it doggie style, Omaha is the third alcoholiest city, Gibbsy’s internet sucks more than…
13: No Particular Interest in Italians
Oct 24, 2012 • 1994 min
Hulk Hogan’s carpet matches his drapes, all great beards come from Germany, say howdy-ho to Hankeygate, getting poked by librarians, eating kosher roaches for reptiles, women are shrinking Rush Limbaugh’s member… all this and more, on this week’s episode…
12: Butt-chugging Buddies
Oct 17, 2012 • 2458 min
Playing Presidential PowerPoint presentations, KitchenAid are tasteless people, Twitter is as Twitter does, funneling Franzia in Uranus, artificial tails sync with your sphincter, Bieber blows chunks on eBay …all this and more, on this week’s episode of…
11: The Aporkalypse
Oct 10, 2012 • 2543 min
How short is your pork, NFL refs sashay away, Mittens gives it the old brownface try, politicians don’t get The Facebook, we take a trip to Phallic Land, peddling paddling porn… all this and more, on this week’s episode of SCHIT.
10: C U Next Tuesday
Oct 2, 2012 • 2486 min
Mittens is 47% honest, Kevin does the Honey Boo Boo Dance, Lindsay Lohan wants Amanda Bynes in Jail, Canadian gay pepper sprays girl, eh, Ann Romney gets her horses up, Internet Explorer has donut holes… all this and more, on this week’s episode of SCHIT.
9: An Unimpressive Four Inches
Sep 28, 2012 • 2638 min
How many inches of iPhone can you handle, Kevin has tablet envy, your mom Googles porn, Prince Harry has Bozo balls, Levi Johnston’s genes are half off, squirting big angry black guy holy water… all this and more, on this week’s episode of SCHIT.
8: We’re All Going To Hell
Sep 21, 2012 • 2219 min
Rubbing a little Bieber before bed, Honey Boo Boo out-rednecks Romney, loving yourself at the RNC, Hitler’s brown children shop in India, Taylor Swift is hard to hear, Victoria Jackson has an old hole… all this and more, on this week’s episode of SCHIT.
SCHIT in 60 Seconds: Episode 7
Sep 3, 2012 • 60 min
Don’t have the time or sphincter control to stomach a full episode of SCHIT? Neither do we! Here’s all the SCHIT you need to know in 60 seconds, Episode 7.
7: Auto-tuning Mars
Sep 2, 2012 • 2010 min
Steve from Florida makes me wet, Obama controls the weather, one-half of one-fifth of the Romneys is gay, dying to be buried in bacon, Mc-Mc-McDonalds has M-M-Max Headroom, Ghetto blasting on Mars… all this and more, on this week’s episode of SCHIT.
6: Jay is Gay for Kim K.
Aug 22, 2012 • 2434 min
Teenage Mutant Ninja Porn, Anderson Cooper is wide open for business, Phyllis Diller did Scooby Doo, politicians are legitimately retarded, sucking nipples for a cure, Gibbsy gets offed by a Roomba… all this and more, on this week’s episode of SCHIT.
5: Now In 3D!
Aug 15, 2012 • 2197 min
Begging for BJs, shirtless nerd malfunctions, Obama’s pitstop in Iowa, liking huge dumps on Facebook, anal wedding rings are forever, bears should wear hot cock underwear… all this and more, on this week’s episode of SCHIT.
4: Not Gay, Just Bursting With Fruit Flavor
Aug 10, 2012 • 2678 min
Getting off on pig vaginas, Randy Travis travels naked, you can’t have a pool without Ryan Lochte’s pee, three-breasted farm wenches live on Mars, Kevin dick-tates our not-gayness, would you redneck-ognize Honey Boo Boo Child? … All this and more, on this…
3: Chick-Fil-A-holes
Jul 31, 2012 • 3273 min
Seattle is full of agin’ Asians, NBC blows like cake farts, Marky Mark has a butt double, Twitter me to the Facebook, why did the Chick-Fil-A cross the gays? … All this and more, on this week’s episode of SCHIT.
Omaha Vigil Against Violence
Jul 27, 2012 • 70 min
Instead of a new podcast episode this week, we bring you the audio of the Omaha Vigil Against Violence, held Thursday, July 26th, 2012 at Memorial Park. For more information on this event, visit the original Facebook Event Page. This is the raw, unedited…
2: Rejected by iTunes???
Jun 29, 2012 • 45 min
The half-a-millionaire bus monitor, man eats dog, Kevin says fuck the Zuck—Facebook sucks, we have a heartfelt debate about Gay Pride, Magic Mike has run into a wall but will still cause lots of sticky floors… all this and more, on a very special episode…
1: Like Star Wars, but with even more Jar Jar Binks!
Jun 15, 2012 • 42 min
Political incorrectness, half-eaten faces, celebrity DUIs, scandalous gayness and language that’s dirtier than your last casual encounter on Craigslist. Episode 1 is here! Want to be a part of the next show? Leave us a voicemail at 888.SCHITTY!