Here N There Show

Here N There Show
Missy and Karl’s humour take on the world from both sides of the Atlantic.
N There 035 - May This Farce Be With You
Jan 12, 2018
Missy and Madden go to the movies and review Star wars The Last Jedi. SPOILERS AHEAD as they seem less than impressed with the latest offering from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.
N There 034 - Touchy, Feely News Turkeys
Nov 30, 2017 • 35 min
Missy and Madden look at naughty new presenters, bored news presenters, Royal things, tasteless thanksgiving meals and rubbish road signage.
N There 033 - A Motley Misunderstanding
Nov 2, 2017
Missy and Medicated Madden return with Missy’s Halloween tales, Madden’s misunderstanding of some old song lyrics and an apology 30 years in the making.
N There 032 - P45
Oct 5, 2017
This week it’s Karl’s turn for an appointment with the Doctor and Missy is convinced Apple is conspiring against her.
N There 031 - A Lemony Fresh…
Sep 22, 2017
The Dubious Duo returns once again with their fortnightly-ish tales. Madden gets a result of his dreams in the pub and Missy gets lemony fresh. Also, listen quickly this week because apparently the world is going to end on Saturday…again. All this and…
N There 030 - Twiglets on Toast
Sep 7, 2017
Missy and Madden return once again to discuss, among other things, Facebook comments, news, small singers, Twiglets and beans on toast. What more could you want from a totally random show…well, other than content obviously.
N There 029 - Sharks & Bridges
Aug 22, 2017
This week Missy and Madden turn their attention to a myriad of topics including shark tornados, London bridges, a silent Big Ben, the eclipse and a really bored news presenter. All this and slightly more on this week’s Here ’N’ There show. All this and…
N There 028 - Celebrations & Snakes
Aug 3, 2017
On this week’s show Missy and Madden turn their attention to birthday celebrations, the opening of a brewery near Madden’s home, the results of the ‘Drunken Episode’ vote, Missy’s fashion statement with a pen, Missy taking tea and smuggling snakes. All…
N There 027 - Handshakes & Hubbie-Pods
Jul 20, 2017
This week Missy and Madden turn their attention to a Female Time Lord before discussing what is more essential Beer or coffee. We discover if Missy knows what a beano is before pondering the US media’s fascination with handshakes and the impeding arrival…
N There 026 - Queen Mum Missy
Jul 6, 2017
Amazing as it may seem we are back again after just a fortnight…instead of nearly four year. Madden is reminded of Missy’s elusive concept of time as well as dealing with a pretty poor week. Fortunately they are soon turning their attentions to Ticks that…
N There 025 - We’re Back….Again
Jun 22, 2017
After being away for nearly four years Missy and Madden are back…once again. Exploring the differences between our two great nations and discussing a myriad of other subjects that randomly pop into their little heads. This week Missy, the American,…
N There 024 - Missy forgets an important date…again, But Madden will never get on X-Factor
Aug 31, 2013
After an extended period of absenteeism the dubious dynamic duo are back for more of their extremely nonsensical nonsense. What have they been up too? Where did they go? Will they get sued? All these questions and less are answered, skirted around or…
N There 023 - Missy Tweaks The Nose Of The NSA, But Madden Just Tweaks
Jun 25, 2013
Missy and Madden return and spend so long on the intro topics they don’t have time for the main topic. Also Missy learns how to use her Microphone while Madden gets a new toy. The pair wonder if the NSA is listening in and have an unexpected call.
N There 022 - Missy wants her Rumbledythumps, But Madden…Has No Clue What She Means
Jun 9, 2013
This week Missy and Madden work there way through a list of what a lady should expect if she marries an Englishman, but both of them are perplexed by Rumbledythumps.
N There 021 - Missy Remembers The Monkey, But Madden Recalls Those Shorts
Jun 1, 2013
This week Missy and Madden take a leisurely stroll down memory lane revisiting many of the 80’s US TV shows that used to appear on UK TV. Missy has a moment when she recalls the a truck driver who had initials for his name and a very special friend.
N There 020 - Missy Gets Messy At The Gym, But Madden Gets Messy-er At The Beer House
May 15, 2013
After only a short break this time Missy and Madden are back to regale you with their thoughts and opinions on a myriad of subjects…well, Health and Fitness at least. Madden shares his opinions and Missy tries to talk sense…You’d think she’d have learnt…
N There 019 - Missy Gets Snookered, But I’ll Have A Raid With My Curry
May 1, 2013
Missy and Madden are back. Unfortunately Madden has had all the adventures while Missy has been working. Fortunately they soon still discover little things that prove they are from very different realms.
N There 018 - Missy Visits A Dry Town, But Madden Drinks A Town Dry
Apr 11, 2013
he daft duo are back after yet another prolonged absence. Missy has been busy with her Missy Club in Tennessee and group shoots in the bathroom. While Madden, after a visit to the doctors, has to suffer sobriety…for a bit.
N There 017 - Missy Breaks A Heart, But Madden Gets On His Bike
Mar 19, 2013
The extended absence is at an end (and they didn’t ever provide a sickie note) as Missy and Madden return to the podcasting airwaves. Missy has been busy in Vegas but fortunately what happens in Vegas is shared with us all, including one poor speakers…
N There 016 - Fun On The Poop Deck, But With A Little Blasphemy
Feb 23, 2013
What does Man-Flu, Bag Pooping, Alien Attacks and Bridal Fares have in common? They all come under the random searching eyes of Missy and Madden this week. Hopefully the Skype delay issues won’t impact on us too much…hopefully.
N There 015 - Madden Gets A New Motor, But Britain gets Horse Burgers
Feb 8, 2013
Missy and Madden discuss their weeks activities without the fussy. Missy’s Super Bowl night, Madden’s car and the newly discovered little extra something the British people have found in their beef.
N There 014 - Missy is Feeling Fussy, But At Least The Groundhog Saw No Shadow
Feb 2, 2013
Missy and Madden finally make it back to the airways (Or whatever you call these podcasting pipes). Missy has tech problems, Madden has a cold, both are shocked by BeyonceGate and the Footlong that’s not really a foot long plus Missy is in a Fussy mood.
N There 013 - I Want A Shake Weight, But Fondue Is More You
Jan 17, 2013
Missy & Madden return with more of there ramblings. This week Karl goes on a diet (I know, shocking huh). Missy introduces us to the Shake Weight. Karl is sober and he’s not that impressed, Missy has a fondue marathon and discovers Downton Abbey.
N There 012 - A New Year Begins, But Peanuts Make Missy Blush
Jan 9, 2013
We finally remembered how to record a show so this means…….Missy & Madden are back with their first show of the New Year. This week they discuss all the things they got up too and experienced over the break. Embarrassing admissions, spoilt brats,…
N There 011 - The Here N There Christmas Special
Dec 22, 2012
Missy and Madden are joined this week by a plethora of Special Guest Stars to bring you the Here N There Christmas Special Panto (that’s a Christmas play thingy mainly put on at Christmas). So grab a hot toddy, sit back and relax as we see what our daft…
N There 010 - Inappropriate Mistletoe, But The Elf Sleeps With The Fishes
Dec 13, 2012
Missy and Madden examine Santa, Elves on Shelfs, Christmas movies, lights and traditions in their own merry way at this most wonderful time of the year.
‘N’ There 009 - Tube Confusion, But There Is Still A Mysterious Blockage
Dec 5, 2012
Missy and Madden are back and this week they discuss Confusing Time Zones, London Shopping, Pregnant Princesses, Bathroom Blockages and Adult Nappies. So, it’s just a usual week then.
‘N’ There 008 - Discovering the Yam, But I still get my giblets
Nov 20, 2012
Missy and Madden return once again to discuss Thanksgiving and all the fun of the turkey. Missy is still on a James Bond high but a fake Starbucks low. Karl’s wants to know the score on yams and what is Black Friday all about?
‘N’ There 007 - Chinese Food Fights Back, But I’ll Keep Han As Is
Nov 10, 2012
This week Missy & Madden battle technical issues, dodgy Chinese food and the start of a cold but still manage to ramble through. Keeping the memory of Han Solo intact, early decorations, post election relief and a few weird news stories all fall under…
‘N’ There 006 - Our Halloween Special, But Who Ya Gonna Call
Oct 30, 2012
Missy and Madden welcome you to their first Halloween Special. Join them as they discuss things that go bump in the night or maybe, things that don’t.
‘N’ There 005 - Bond is Back, But I like my Yogurt Frozen
Oct 14, 2012
Missy and Madden return to cast their wondering minds over such topics as H&S, Bond, the pronunciation of yogurt, expiration dates and Britishisms that appear to be sneaking their way into America’s speech patterns. Plus the usual madness that ensues when…
‘N’ There 004 - Oktoberfest redux, But then there was Facebook Drama
Oct 4, 2012
More shenanigans from both sides of the Atlantic as Madden returns from more Oktoberest fun and then beguiles Missy with the tales of British chucking-out time. Also Missy has a bit of a Facebook Drama and warns us that the Zombie Bees are coming.
‘N’ There 003 - British Porta-Potties, But I had the Doughnut Burger
Sep 27, 2012
Missy and Madden return this week to discuss Madden’s weekend of boozing in various places and the inadequate management of outdoor events when it comes to…bodily functions and the inexplicable placement of security cameras. Missy relives her gastronomic…
‘N’ There 002 - Burnt in Brighton, But I called the Jeep Indiana
Sep 17, 2012
Madden takes a trip to Brighton, but gets denied a ride however he catches some good travel karma. New iPhones are up for preorder and can one really be used to shoot a wedding? Travel comes up for discussion or rather the modes used. Karl has a rather…
‘N’ There 001 - We’re Back Baby, But You Can’t Sit There
Sep 9, 2012
MISSY AND MADDEN ARE BACK! That’s right folks the transatlantic team is back from the void. We catch up on what they have been up two including the Olympics, visits to NYC and the discovery of a German bar serving German beer.