The Say What Podcast

The Say What Podcast
A weekly view of the world through the eyes of two complete idiots.
#168: Turkey & Gravy Juul
Nov 14 • 80 min
Tom and Grahm kick things off discussing the Holiday Season, Starbucks cups, and Tom’s neighborhood Christmas light war. They then share some unusual facts about Thanksgiving, including a list of disgusting vintage Thanksgiving sides such as Jello turkey…
#167: Caribbean Cruise To Nibiru
Oct 18 • 67 min
Tom and Grahm kick things off discussing the disgusting alternatives to Halloween candy, being sick, and the reason Tom had to buy a security system for his house. They then share a story about the possible discovery of a new planet in our solar system,…
#166: Toadstool
Sep 19 • 72 min
Tom and Grahm open the show discussing dead squirrels, the recent Apple Event announcments, and the mole within the Trump Whitehouse. They then dive head first into a claim Stormy Daniels made about President Trump’s penis, before disecting the major…
#165: We’re All Gonna Buy The Pants
Sep 6 • 70 min
Tom and Grahm start things off with a brief discussion about Colin Kaepernick and Nike, before revealing their predictions about next week’s big Apple announcement. The guys then dive head-first into the Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly beef, and finish the…
#164: Baja Blast In The Bush
Aug 22 • 75 min
Tom and Grahm open the show discussing the chaotic past 24 hours of news, including the Paul Manafort verdict, the Michael Cohen guilty plea, and what both stories mean for Donald Trump. They then try to figure out why the VMA’s are still a thing, and…
#163: Pharaoh Punch
Aug 8 • 67 min
Tom and Grahm return from their Summer break and kick things off with a discussion about the “In My Feelings” challenge trend, which has led to several injuries acorss the country. They then share an article about frugal people reusing used condoms,…
#162: Love Is An Excessive Thing
May 30 • 34 min
Tom and Grahm open the show with a recap of Kanye West’s new song “Lift Yourself,” before Tom explodes over a recent experience he had at a Lowe’s store. The guys then discuss a recently published news article about a woman who was arrested for sending…
#161: Mr. Preachy Pants
May 16 • 69 min
Tom and Grahm begin the show with a discussion on North Korea, before trying to figure out why the world is obsessed with the upcoming Royal Wedding. The guys then dive head first into the “Yanny vs Laurel” argument that has taken the internet by storm,…
#160: Whatchu Know About It?
Apr 26 • 29 min
Tom and Grahm sit down for a shortened episode to discuss the “Cash Me Ousside” girl’s new rap career, Grahm’s new antique addiction, and the update on Elon Musk’s couch situation. The guys also read Bhad Bhabie’s lyrics during an extra-special Life…
#159: You Got Zuckerberged
Apr 18 • 68 min
Tom and Grahm begin the show discussing their lengthly absence, the Condom Challenge, and the kid who became a viral sensation after his yodeling video went viral. The guys then discuss Facebook’s recent scandal involving a breach in user data, and finish…
#158: I Don’t Wanna Work, Bro
Feb 28 • 60 min
Tom and Grahm kick things off discussing the newest up-and-coming internet trend: The Hot Coil Challenge. They then share a story about two young adults that sold everything they own to sail across the world, only to have their sailboat sink less than 2…
#157: Every Villain Is Lemons
Feb 21 • 64 min
Tom and Grahm kick off the show with a new segment called “Idiot Of The Week,” detailing an encounter that Tom recently had at a local gas station. They then discuss a Norwegian Olympian’s claim that the color Blue is the “fastest color,” before sharing a…
#156: Is The Sauce In The Bag?
Feb 7 • 67 min
Tom and Grahm kick things off with a recap of Super Bowl LII, detailing the most awkward moments from the Big Game. They then give a quick preview of the Winter Olympics before premiering Grahm’s new commercial, and discussing a recent event at a fast…
#155: Toss The Pig Around
Jan 31 • 70 min
Tom and Grahm open the show discussing a new commercial that Grahm is featured in, and talk about when and where it will be aired. They then dive into a preview of the upcoming Super Bowl and discuss Grahm’s complete lack of knowledge about the game,…
#154: Tasty Tide Pods
Jan 24 • 64 min
Tom and Grahm kick off the show by discussing the reason for their recent hiatus, and explain why Tom quit social media for nearly a month. The guys then talk about Donald Trump’s latest health physical report, followed by an in depth conversation about…
#153: A Say What Christmas
Dec 15, 2017 • 79 min
Tom and Grahm kick off the annual Say What Christmas Spectactular with a look at a surprising list of 2017’s most popular childrens toys, followed by an in-depth disection of the popular holiday song “The 12 Days Of Christmas.” The guys then discuss the…
#152: I Don’t Believe In Science
Nov 30, 2017 • 61 min
Tom is joined by Chad Osuna from The Popcorn Podcasat this week to discuss Tom’s recent trip to Las Vegas, flat-earthers raising money against science, Grahm’s absence from the episode, and the 2017 Holiday Season.
#151: Go Marry Yourself
Nov 9, 2017 • 30 min
Tom and Grahm come together for a quick episode to discuss marrying (and cheating) on yourself, the status of their state’s power outage, and the new Starbuck’s holiday cup that will cause the world to implode.
#150: Everybody Needs A Jug Of Blood
Nov 1, 2017 • 70 min
Tom and Grahm open the show with a recap of Halloween and explain why nearly their entire state is currently without electricity. They then discuss Tom’s upcoming trip to Las Vegas, followed by a news article about a robot that Saudi Arabia recently named…
#149: Up The Punx
Oct 19, 2017 • 69 min
Tom and Grahm open the show with a story about how Grahm severely burned his finger, and then discuss the recent announcment that AOL’s AIM service is shutting down for good. They then share some of their favorite AIM stories, before diving into Ivanka…
#148: Beef Stew Cologne
Oct 4, 2017 • 69 min
Tom and Grahm begin the show breifly sharing their thoughts on the recent events in Las Vegas and Puerto Rico, before discussing the new iPhone, and talking about the grand opening of Grahm’s new coffee shop. The guys then discuss the deaths of Tom Petty…
#147.5: Where Have We Been?
Sep 28, 2017 • 3 min
Tom gives a quick update on why the guys haven’t posted an episode for a few weeks.
#147: Hey Robofridge
Sep 7, 2017 • 73 min
Tom and Grahm open the show with a recap of their month-long break, the eclipse, and Grahm’s near death experience on a sail boat. They then dive into Apple’s upcoming announcement and discuss rumors about the new iPhone, before debating about the need…
#146: Handy Micro Chips
Aug 3, 2017 • 65 min
Tom and Grahm open the show discussing their recent download statistics, before mourning the death of one of the world’s most beloved computer programs: Microsoft Paint. The guys then dive into a discussion about a company that plans on surgically…
#145: He Went To Shark School
Jul 26, 2017 • 71 min
Tom and Grahm open the show discussing Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week,” and explain why Michael Phelps could never race a real great white shark on television. They then share a recent article about Elon Musk’s new Hyper Loop idea, which claims he has…