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Welcome to the Show! We are the best - never heard of us - photographers in Oklahoma just crazy enough to share knowledge, passion, and tricks of the industry. We want to help educate photographers of all skill levels with useful information, humor a…

Ringo, Miracles & GFX with Alison Conklin
Oct 18 • 83 min
During COVID-19 shutdown in USA, Alison Conklin used her quantine time to create iconic portraits of her great dane, Ringo. Igniting a spark of creativity, joy and hope for the future of everyone that followed her Instagram account.The twins were…
Sara With Tamron - PhotoCon 2020
Oct 16 • 16 min
Sara sat down with Jim to talk with us about Tamron and her love of shooting live music and more.PhotoCon 2020@sarawithtamronGet $35 off your first year of PPA (use Robert Trawick or Jim Felder as the referral - like a popularity vote)Visit our YouTube…
Famous by Proxy with Lou Renova
Oct 4 • 48 min
We have a treat for you this week with street racer, pistoler and PhotoConSpeaker, Lou Renova from 405 Photo. We do manage a few rabbit holes but Lou chats candidly about his rise to fame and how you should always shoot each event like it was your…
Be Nice with Fashion Stylist Christion Betancourt
Sep 27 • 57 min
This week the Twins chat with fashion Christion Betancourt based in Moore, Oklahoma, about what a stylist does and how does that help the photographer achieve goals.Christion gratulationed with a Fashion Marketing Degree and “should” be geared to…
Don’t Push That Button with Jason Pierce
Sep 21 • 67 min
This week’s episode finds the twins chatting with PhotoCon Master Class leader Jason Pierce. In the FotoFacts “Circle of Trust”, his codename is JUSTIN. Listen to the end and you will understand how Robert can make a class erupt into laughter.Jason…
Twins COVID Stories
Sep 13 • 48 min
The twins sit down and discuss photo conventions going LIVE with run down on Bedford Camera & Video PhotoCon. Use code VIP to get your tickets for $79.99 with a free ticket to PhotoCon 2021 (OKC) OR PhotoExpo 2021 (Little Rock). Here are some…
Filters, Missions and Pocket Squares with Duane Lyken
Aug 4 • 69 min
This week’s detour with the Twins is about finding inspiration through self-awareness. We chat with Duane Lyken, a full-time photographer in New York with an interesting process for growth and an unusual flair for pocket squares.Duane found photography…
“You Get What You Ask For” with Mary Fisk-Taylor
Jul 14 • 56 min
This week the twins continue with Money Matters, so grab a Big Whisky for Mary Fisk-Taylor, a creative photographer and highly successful business owner. This Dave Matthews Band fangirl will Stand Up to preach positive economics beneficial to newcomers…
Start with the Exit Plan by Rhonda Thomas
Jul 8 • 64 min
July is all about money and we start with Profit First Professional, Rhonda Thomas of National Business Concepts, Inc.If you are thinking of going pro, her best advice would be to start with the “Exit Plan”, along with making a long list of what is…
8% of the body and the Missing T-Shirt with Gary Hughes
Jun 29 • 85 min
This week’s episode takes more detours than the Millennium Falcon making the Kessel Run. The guest, of course, is Gary Hughes, a full-time commercial portrait photographer based in Orlando, Florida.The theme is HEADSHOTS and we do chat “some” about the…
Bar, Bat, Wed & Fuji with Booray Perry
Jun 21 • 104 min
Welcome to the longest interview in 9 years of the FotoFacts Podcast!This Father’s Day episode with the talented, outspoken photographer and PPA Voicebox Booray Perry is jammed packed with all the thing that makes you think. The theme was all about…
Upcoming Show Schedule
Jun 14 • 30 min
The twins chat about the upcoming schedule of topics and interviews. We are looking for suggestions for those topics and will post on our Facebook Page.Here is the rundown:June: Booray Perry & Gary HughesJuly, The Money Month: CPA, Pricing, Taxes,…
Landscape Oils to Fashion Pixels with Marty Strecker
Jun 2 • 65 min
Wrapping up our FASHION themed month with a long-distance interview record with Australian photographer Marty Strecker.This traditionally trained oil painter of landscapes talks about how the transition to using the camera more for creation versus…
Demographics, Cross Processing and the Denim Challenge with David Leslie Anthony
May 27 • 66 min
Strap in tight for some FASHION #TRUTHS with world-renowned photographer David Leslie Anthony on a live phone interview from New Orleans. David is currently based in Chicago working around the globe and we are fortunate he had time to share some…
No Facebook No Bother with Craig Stidham
May 25 • 89 min
We are still working through our FASHION theme this month but this episode with Craig Stidham quickly became a Capture One Q&A interview. The twins were very ok with this since Robert has fully switched and Jim is Capture One curious. We even did…
Keep It to the Side on the Rogue Episode
May 17 • 63 min
This month’s theme is FASHION but we had no guest until Roxy came over for dinner before we started the podcast recording. We would like to say that magic happened, but you will have to be the judge of that. LOLNext week we will back on schedule with…
The Steamer and Google Machine with Shevaun Williams
May 13 • 50 min
Meet Shevaun Williams, the self-professed photographer Diva, ruling Oklahoma from her studio throne on Norman’s Main Street. Our listeners are in for a real treat and a crazy surprise that happened at the end of the interview. We are not spoiling the…
Authentic Portraits Fashion with Charlie Neuenschwander
May 4 • 66 min
The month of May is dedicated to FASHION photographers and to lead off the charge we start with Charlie Neuenschwander. This late bloomer to the craft has already left a well-crafted mark on the industry and we are positive you’ve seen his work gracing…
Alice, Fashion and Rock & Roll with Melissa Rodwell
Apr 26 • 51 min
WOW! Get ready for some insight into the fashion industry with Melissa Rodwell, photographer, and editor of ALICE Magazine.Melissa found her direction as a fashion photographer in a Paris museum at a Helmut Newton exhibition. Returning home to LA and…
No Autopilot with Don Risi
Apr 20 • 65 min
Continuing with our EDITORIAL theme for April, the twins speak with Don Risi, a contributor to 405 Magazine and 405 Homes.We chat about his transition from OCU instructor and dance photographer to shooting several stories in the 405 Magazine sphere…
Corn hole, Head Space and Eagles with Ryan West
Apr 13 • 60 min
This week, following our monthly theme of EDITORIAL, we interview Ryan West from Go West Productions on his climb to fame with local publications like Oklahoma Living and Curbside Chronicles.Coming from a creative family, Ryan got infected by…
OK Living Magazine cover shoot with James Pratt
Apr 7 • 47 min
This April we start on the Editorial Photography theme with James Pratt discussing recent work for the magazine cover. Oklahoma Living serves Oklahoma’s rural electric cooperative members with information about their local electric co-ops, affordable…
Drinks & DM with Miranda Hodge
Mar 29 • 53 min
This episode was pushed out as a Facebook LIVE event on the FotoFacts Podcast Facebook page and then the audio clipped here for our regular listeners. We were trying something a little different for interaction during the “Safer at Home” order for…
Education & Playlist for COVID-19
Mar 22 • 46 min
We are discussing how to maximize your downtime during the Corona Virus Pandemic with education resources and a Spotify playlist. Here are some websites we discussed:PPA Education UNLOCKEDSLR Lounge - Companies Helping PhotographersHoneyBook -…
The Corona Time Out
Mar 15 • 41 min
There is no escape from the current Corona Virus situation and it’s growing rapidly. Be aware and care for others. Cover your mouth!This week we chat about what can YOU do while waiting out the virus. It’s a great time for self-reflection, education,…
Get Your Jesus On & Shop ‘till You Drop!
Mar 8 • 38 min
We are still on education for the month of march and Jim talked about preparation for attending a pet photography class during Texas School.How do you prepare for your annual educational ventures? Leave us comments on the FotoFacts Podcast Facebook…
The Russian Engineer Climber
Mar 4 • 43 min
The Soul Mate Brothers chat with Yana Dyachkova, a Russian engineer climber, model and aspiring photographer about how to learn the craft. She will be attending the Bedford Camera & Video PhotoCon at the end of the month in hopes of lifting her…
The Hunter and The Farmer
Feb 23 • 48 min
This week the twins wrap up Marketing February with our favorite ways to get connected to people for sales. These tips can be used in different areas of your business or even personal life!Check back with us in March for EDUCATION! The twins will be…
Story Telling, UFOs and Oklahoma Branding with Mat Miller
Feb 16 • 72 min
February is MARKETING Themed but in this episode, we go all wild with Mat Miller. The topics change constantly since Matt has a wide range of interests and experiences. He is not afraid to share with the twins and our listeners. We had an audience in…
Vanity Metrics with Lezlie Swink
Feb 9 • 72 min
It’s February and another episode following our theme of Marketing. This week with chat with Lezlie Swink from Swink Social Co on how social media should be a part of your marketing plan.Lezlie hits us hard with some tips for the best places for visual…
Special Episode - Support Your Favorite Podcast
Feb 5 • 17 min
Here are some ways YOU can support your podcaster friends.Listen and CommentShare on Social MediaRate the ShowRecommend to FriendsHelp Connect with GuestsDonate to SupportThank you so much for supporting our show! We love our listeners.Check out the…
Plan, Prioritize and Hustle with Jamie Cobb
Jan 27 • 64 min
Welcome to February and this month’s theme is MARKETING. Are you ready to make a buck after spending so much on equipment? Join the twins for an hour-long chat with Jamie Cobb, owner/photographer of Photoville, inside her studio in Arcadia, OK.She has…
Embrace Failure with Olympus Visionary Joe Edelman
Jan 26 • 58 min
Our listeners are in for awakening with this week’s special guest, the legendary Olympus Visionary Joe Edelman. We continue this month’s theme of productivity and focus for 2020 and Joe NEVER disappoints with his candor, information and the ability to…
The Chamber Master and Roxy
Jan 19 • 33 min
This week features a twisted format with the twins making random calls to our friends. To kick start the new format, we bring Roxy on the phone as she is moving to OKC from California.How would you start over in another place? Follow this episode to…
CRM, Apps and Asking for Topics
Jan 12 • 35 min
This week we continue the chat on productivity for 2020 with our favorite apps, current marketing activities and a quest for customer relationship management software for “high-risk” activities.Some Apps we talked about:Best Note Taking App - Organize…
Stay Focused with Tips from The Twins
Jan 5 • 35 min
Productivity 01
The Arkansas Bunny Man and 2020 Habit Tricks
Dec 30, 2019 • 80 min
This is a LONG episode filled with information from Jim, Robert and our guest Mathew Dyson of Dyson Creative Photography & Click with Photography. We share some plans for the new year for the FotoFacts Podcast, our businesses, and personal…
Feliz Navidad, Straps & Gifts
Dec 22, 2019 • 52 min
Get ready for another episode filled with laughter as Jim is cracking up while chatting with Robert about prime lenses and gifts for the photographer in your life.Stay until the end for a guitar rendition recorded in 2013 while visiting my brother Mark…
Insurance, PPA and Black Friday Spending
Nov 27, 2019 • 65 min
This week is packed full of information and opinions as we are joined by John Dorsey of Walnut Tree Films. The three of us discuss recent news article about an eight-year old girl not having her school portrait done and a benevolent photographer sets…
The Live Facebook Giveaway Audio
Nov 18, 2019 • 94 min
The twins got together at the great “Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge” for this live stream.
Funny Weather and the “F” Word
Oct 30, 2019 • 41 min
This week the twins explore a new weather app filled with laughs, talk about the constant battle to print or not to print and announce the Facebook Live event for the Skylum Luminar 4 contest. There are lots of sidetracking humor in this one mixed with…
Capture T-Town - Bedford’s Tulsa
Oct 16, 2019 • 21 min
If you were unable to attend this event you missed out on some great content. This is a short episode with Jim, Robert and Pamela Stukenborg. Enjoy!
Live to Learn with PHLEARN and Hair Care with Aaron Nace
Oct 9, 2019 • 50 min
This episode finds the twins chatting with Aaron Nace from PHLEARN about new tech, hair care and the buffet style online photo education. Check out some of the links below from show and be sure to hit us up with comments and suggestions for upcoming…
Editing Enlightenment, Luminar 4 and Skylum with Alex Tsepko
Sep 26, 2019 • 59 min
wonderful interview with Alex Tsepko on Luminar 4 Editing Software
Hot Cowboy, X-Pro3 & Fujifilm Progress
Sep 23, 2019 • 48 min
This episode will make you laugh as Jim slipped up and reveals details of a future western styled shoot with his SpiderHolster. We touch on a few things like our continued love for Fujifilm X series cameras and the newly announced X-Pro3.Visit our…
Personal Projects
Sep 16, 2019 • 34 min
The twins rambling about personal projects we are shooting and boosting the creative side. We also mention some upcoming interviews!be sure to LIKE and follow the Facebook FotoFacts Podcast Page and our chat on Flick ChatThanks for listening!Visit our…
Capture Tulsa Show Preview with Robert Lake at Bedford Camera
Sep 12, 2019 • 15 min
Talking about the New Capture Tulsa with Bedford Camera
Pwn, VPN, and the Man in the Middle with Teresa Rule
Sep 9, 2019 • 51 min
This episode is about protecting yourself from Cyber Criminals that crush businesses from afar with a few keystrokes and the veterans that pledge to protect us.The twins interview Teresa Rule from RNT Professional Services on some good security…
Curls, Parties & PJs with Lauren Bieri
Aug 26, 2019 • 65 min
The twins interview a new friend, Lauren Bieri, a photojournalist who loves Brazil.
Who is YOUR favorite Photographer?
Aug 19, 2019 • 30 min
The twins announce new changes on the horizon after 5 years of pushing content that will benefit all our listeners.
MAPSYM 2019 - Rumps & Humps with Ken
May 19, 2019 • 44 min
We hung out with fellow Oklahoman, Ken Martin and spent some time chatting about Bartlesville and the bison. After three days of conversation, we just needed to share the word about his persistence for the ultimate buffalo images on the Tall Grass…
MAPSYM 2019 - Safari, Paper and Printing
May 18, 2019 • 45 min
We get a return visit from the amazing shooter and expedition leader, Don Hamilton aka “The Print Doc” to talk about the latest safari and how printing can improve your photography. Along for the ride with some technical data is Travis McConnaghy from…
MAPSYM 2019 - Jim Felder
May 18, 2019 • 6 min
Jim starts off the episodes during MAPSYM 2019,
MAPSYM 2019 - Annette Shot Me
May 18, 2019 • 24 min
annette sentell,
MAPSYM 2019 - Who, What & Why - Where were YOU?
May 18, 2019 • 31 min
The twins get the details on the convention from Melissa and Heather through all the giggles, laughter and shock. The bi-annual event brings photographers of all skills level to a unique place of learning from industry leaders with activities suited…
Art, Wine & Walk in Durant
Apr 27, 2019 • 31 min
We are hanging around Durant, OK for the Southern OK Wine Festival at The Monterey. The FotoFacts Podcast crew of Jim Felder, Robert Trawick and Ron Lane will be leading a #FotoWalk around the grounds of the Monterey.Special thanks to Brandy Rundel and…
The Young and the Elderly
Mar 30, 2019 • 34 min
Virginia Miller from Ft Worth Arkansas sat at the microphone and said we needed her on the show. A young photographer that truly seems to have herself headed in the right direction.@VixensVisuals
The Beard and the Angel - PhotoCon 2019
Mar 30, 2019 • 10 min
John and Ginny Dorsey join Jim on this episode. This is recorded during Bedford Camera & Video’s PhotoCon 2019.
Travel, Menus and Drones with Sony Shooter Luke Reither
Mar 17, 2019 • 33 min
The boys tackle wedding videographer Luke Reither - the last name that Robert screws up on air! Luke has two sweet overseas weddings lined up and “might” consider bringing along some help IF you are willing to pay your own travel.We also discover the…
Adding Value & Assignment at PhotoCon OKC
Mar 15, 2019 • 31 min
The twins are in Tulsa for Bedford Camera & Video Demo Day with Fujifilm to interview the talented headshot professional Pamela Stukenborg.She talks about self-help for photographers and getting out of your comfort zone with two opportunities to see…
Water, Pose, or Color - Which will YOU Choose for PhotoCon?
Mar 13, 2019 • 35 min
PhotoCon 2019, hosted by Bedford Camera & Video, is just around the corner and we are interviewing the Saturday’s 11:15 am line-up of speakers. This episode has commentary from Alexandra Dugan, Geovanny DeLeon, and Robert Trawick about their…
Passion Duality with Charlie Kristine
Mar 7, 2019 • 40 min
The twins get an insight into the dual passions of freelance model and photographer, Charlie Kristine. Over an impressive 20 year working career in both industries, she has gained fame, friends and financial funds while enjoying the freedom from a 9-5…
Long Walks in the Rain with Alonzo Adams
Mar 6, 2019 • 29 min
Interview with AP Photographer Alonzo Adams about his TIME Magazine cover and upcoming PhotoCon Class
Brushes, Respect & Paper Planners with Taylor Marie
Mar 3, 2019 • 40 min
In the episode, the Twins interview a new friend discovered during a MakeUp and Hair test for K.H. Couture at 5th Street Studios. We are introducing other professionals in industries that overlap the photography world and Makeup Artists are like…
Tech Wreck Week
Feb 24, 2019 • 15 min
Does Tech Wreck your life?
3 Things That Make Us Happy by Alex, Jim & Rob
Feb 20, 2019 • 39 min
Top 3 Things Loved by Alex, Jim & Rob
PhotoCon, Envoys & Birthdays with Bedford Camera & Video
Feb 15, 2019 • 39 min
2019 PhotoCon Details with Eric Williams
Eps 314 - Freelancers, Pony Clips & C47s,
Sep 21, 2018 • 46 min
interview with Shane Bevel of Tulsa, OK
Eps 313 - Memphis, Blues & ISO
Aug 20, 2018 • 50 min
Triplets Talk ISO and Memphis, TN
Eps 312 - PhotoExpo Memphis - Arthur Morris
Aug 4, 2018 • 17 min
Quite a story and what a way to close out the Bedford Camera & Video PhotoExpo 2018. Http:// Http://www.birdsasart-blog.comThe Foto Twins love using Røde Microphones for smooth, quality audio on our podcast episodes. Be sure to…
Eps 311 - PhotoExpo 2018 - Memphis Tennessee - Elia Locardi
Aug 4, 2018 • 13 min
We really wanted to get Elia on to talk on how show. Elia presented at the Bedford Camera & Video PhotoExpo in Memphis at The Guest House at Graceland. Elia received very positive responses following his presentation. Listen to this episode and…
Eps 310 - PhotoExpo - Matthew Dyson
Aug 4, 2018 • 14 min
Matthew Dyson talks about how he gained his passion for photography. It wasn’t how you think. Foto Twins love using Røde Microphones for smooth, quality audio on our podcast episodes. Be sure to check out their entire…
EPS 309 PhotoExpo Memphis - Eric Epperly Vail Models
Aug 4, 2018 • 22 min
Eric Epperly with Vail Models sits down for a chat and tells us about Vail Models.The Foto Twins love using Røde Microphones for smooth, quality audio on our podcast episodes. Be sure to check out their entire line of audio capture devices.
Ep 308 Don Hamilton and Michelle Forsythe
Aug 3, 2018 • 36 min
Bedford Camera PhotoExpo 2018. Don Hamilton Michelle Forsythe Hahnemuhle.comThe Foto Twins love using Røde Microphones for smooth, quality audio on our podcast episodes. Be sure to check out their entire line of audio capture devices.
Ep 307 PhotoExpo and Infrared
Aug 3, 2018 • 10 min Amy Ingram-Curtis Fine Art Photographer Foto Twins love using Røde Microphones for smooth, quality audio on our podcast…
Eps 306 - Camera, Notepad & Toothpaste
Aug 1, 2018 • 61 min
Things to pack for Conferences
Eps 305 - The Personal Project
Jul 7, 2018 • 43 min
Discussing the art of Personal Projects
Ballerinas, Weddings & Facebook Professionals
Jun 20, 2018 • 78 min
Interview with Tara Lokey, Oklahoma Photographer and industry leader.
Bedford Camera PhotoCon Saturday March 11th with Jeff Moore and Jim Felder
Mar 10, 2018 • 12 min
Jeff Moore sits down to talk PhotoCon and filming the Envoy Program last night.
Mark Zimmerman talks about continuing education and a surprise visit from Peter Hurley at PhotoCon 2018
Mar 9, 2018 • 24 min
Alex Dugan talks with Mark Zimmerman and a surprise visit from Peter Hurley.
Top 3 Wishes from 2 Top Wedding Shooters - Alex Dugan & Leia Smethurst
Mar 7, 2018 • 19 min
Robert spends time with two wedding shooters talking about lessons they wish were revealed BEFORE taking up weddings.The Foto Twins love using Røde Microphones for smooth, quality audio on our podcast episodes. Be sure to check out their entire line of…
Episode #300 - Pick One
Feb 28, 2018 • 45 min
If you were on a desert island, what lens, light modifier and genre. The Foto Twins love using Røde Microphones for smooth, quality audio on our podcast episodes. Be sure to check out their entire line of audio capture devices.
PhotoCon Update and The Surprise!
Feb 20, 2018 • 43 min
We interview Eric Williams, the Oklahoma City store manager on the upcoming PhotoCon details and surpirse “I love PhotoCon” car decorating contest. Both parts of the Facebook LIVE event are spliced together on this episode. We experienced some tech issues…
The Moon, SpaceMan & Drones
Feb 7, 2018 • 48 min
The Twins are back in the saddle for a solo performance but this episode is NOT boring. Why? Well, you got to listen dummy! LOL We are looking for the best way OR how you like to hear the podcast – iTunes, our website or Facebook LIVE. Jim will be posting…
Nikon and Canon Wars with Alex Dugan
Jan 18, 2018 • 99 min
Happy New Year! This is the first episode for 2018 and we are happy to have the talented Alexandra Dugan. If you follow us on our Facebook page, we recorded this episode live but since none of us were video ready, we opted for Harry Potter Socks. BTW,…
Collaborate to Win with Pam Stukenborg
Dec 23, 2017 • 83 min
Robert interview’s Pam Stukenborg in Tulsa, hosted by Bedford Camera & Video. This episode was also simulcast on our Facebook page and get the complete audio. Click HERE to watch. I’m not going to spoil the all the moments of the podcast with descriptions…
Top 5 Business Tips for Starting Your Photography Business
Oct 20, 2017 • 54 min
Listen in as Rhonda Thomas gives some great insight and tips for starting your photography business. Rhonda is CEO at National Business Concepts, Inc. She is also the founder of Single Parent Support Network. Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a…
Triage the List with Leah and Leia
Oct 11, 2017 • 59 min
Get ready for an inspiration-packed episode with Leah Brown, a boudoir photographer based in Oklahoma City, OK. If you are wondering about the two different voices on the other side of the table, we also had Leia Smethurst as today’s co-host. This episode…
Photowalk Quick Recap with Jim
Oct 9, 2017 • 9 min
Jim sits down with the iPad to talk a bit about the Photowalk and his iPhone 8 Plus.
John James Jim and the Odd Man Out
Sep 29, 2017 • 66 min
John Jernigan – Point of View and James Pratt met us at Bedford Camera in Oklahoma City. If you want to hear some interesting stories from his career and his current projects in editorial and commercial photography. We discuss Film, Digital, A Degree in…
Travel, Toilets & Tear Drops with Mandy Lea
Sep 12, 2017 • 73 min
We catch up with Mandy, an extraordinary travel photographer living on the road in a small teardrop trailer, while she has good cell service in Ohio visiting the factory for NüCamp. We first meet this talented person about two years ago and have been…
Policeman Shoots Photographer and Joe Edelman Shoots People
Sep 7, 2017 • 76 min
We had some fun with this episode folks! Technical difficulties, Live Facebook, Q&A, Gear Talk, and a Pentax is to blame! Joe Edelman, the man with nearly 100,000 YouTube Subscribers, A Weekly “Tog Chat” Live, 14 Different YouTube Playlists filled with…
The Sony 600mm Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Excursion 2017
Aug 30, 2017 • 44 min
Join the Bedford Camera team and other fellow photo enthusiasts for a travel excursion to America’s Southwest and the world famous 2017 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, October 6-10, 2017. We will travel together from NW Arkansas and Oklahoma to New Mexico for…
Nose Hairs and Hooters with Jim and I
Aug 23, 2017 • 43 min
Jim met a young model during one of our recent episodes at Clarity Coffee. He asked her to be on our show, they set a date and here she is – Alyssa Nicole Schulte! She is fairly new to modeling but she is loving it. What a cute personality! She’s pretty…
Bedford Camera Photo Expo & Interfit Photo
Aug 13, 2017 • 15 min
Rick Weinstein from Interfit Photographic tells us some specs on the recently released Honey Badger Compact Flash Head. Listen to this episode to hear more about this great little power house.
Bedford Camera Photo Expo and Tether Tools
Aug 12, 2017 • 29 min
Liz Boettcher with Tether Tools tells about some great products.
Bedford Camera Photo Expo Models Interview
Aug 11, 2017 • 41 min
We were very fortunate to have 2 beautiful Models join us. The models are here during the Bedford Photo Expo. They are with the modeling agency – Agency, Inc. in Little Rock Arkansas. We wanted to get the perspective of the model on the other side of YOUR…
Bedford Photo Expo & Camera Clubs
Aug 11, 2017 • 21 min
Jean Prince and Denita Panell, Arkansas residents, joined us and talked about two Arkansas photography clubs they are members of. Conway Photography Club Arkansas Photography Club
Bedford Little Rock Photo Expo Intro & Bob Davis
Aug 11, 2017 • 29 min
Robert and Jim start of this year’s Photo Expo broadcast. We had a special guest drop in…Bob Davis!
Clarity, Coffee and Confidence with Leia
Jul 31, 2017 • 61 min
Thanks to Clarity Coffee for hosting our podcast interview with Leia Smethurst. She is a talented wedding photographer that switched to Fuji X mirrorless cameras for all her work. This episode was a simulcast recording with Facebook LIVE on our FotoFacts…
Live from Bedford Camera with James Pratt
Jul 26, 2017 • 52 min
This episode Jim and I tried something a little different with our content in an effort to make it easier for digestion. We are pushing the episode LIVE on our Facebook page as we record the audio for the iTunes listeners. If you have the time, you can…
Take a Train with FotoFacts
Jul 19, 2017 • 39 min
We are back! We didn’t fall off the face of the earth, just got super busy during the spring and early summer. Listen to the episode and tell us what you want – what you really, really want – in future interviews and content. Find us at the next Bedford…
Oh the Code for Serendipity Albums
Mar 27, 2017 • 0 min
You didn’t think that I would forget about you, did you? Here is a quick 3 mins audio episode with the special SWPPA Code from Eric and Joey at Serendipity Albums, just for our listeners. Enjoy! Remember it’s only good until April 26, 2017
Crawfish & French Quarter with Wade
Mar 26, 2017 • 16 min
We wrap up our time at Southwest Professional Photographers Association Annual Convention, held this year in Oklahoma City, OK, with an interview about next year with Wade Ponthier. Wade will be the 2018 President for SWPPA and plans to hold the…
Leather, Fuji Deep Matte & Texas
Mar 26, 2017 • 23 min
Day 2 at Southwest Professional Photographers Association convention started with a BANG, not just one but TWO presentations beginning at 730am. Hey! In Oklahoma, we get more done by 9am than most photographers get done all day. LOL Tradeshow always…
Kristina’s Patch Tool, the “F” word and Brad Pitt at SWPPA
Mar 25, 2017 • 35 min
We are at Southwest Professional Photographers Association annual convention in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. While the vendors setup the tradeshow area, we have a chance to interview Kristina Carlson from Chromatic Edge, a professional retoucher from Kansas…
PhotoCon 2017-Bill Fortney
Mar 18, 2017 • 46 min
What an honor I (Jim) had sitting with this super genuine soul. Bill definitely doesn’t look his age. He has some great insight and knowledge about photography and life. He talked about several areas of the industry. He actually worked for Nikon. Now a…
7 Billion Ones Exhibit at PhotoCon 2017
Mar 17, 2017 • 16 min
We, Terri Trawick and Jim Felder, had the honor of having Randy Bacon sit and talk with us about his outstanding exhibit. Please visit to see the outstanding photography and the incredible stories. Share the 7BillionOnes website on all of…
PhotoCon 2017 – The Kilt
Mar 17, 2017 • 17 min
Christian Sangree showed up at PhotoCon in a Kilt for St Patrick’s Day. We got him on the show. He was a bit reluctant but he gave in. We asked about the Kilt and any lack of extra clothing.
The Great Danes at PhotoCon
Mar 17, 2017 • 11 min
We had some Denmark students with the Mentor show up at the trade show. I had to get them on the show. Great having them on the show all the way from Denmark. Give a listen here!
Bedford’s PhotoCon 2017
Mar 17, 2017 • 6 min
Robert and Jim start off this year’s PhotoCon at the Tower Hotel. Come Visit us at out booth in the trade show.
Network, Referral & Secrets with Jason Jones
Feb 28, 2017 • 84 min
Hope you enjoyed the first episode with Jason Jones from Dallas, Texas. This episode was recorded at Quirk and Beans in Edmond, Oklahoma – Thanks to Kacia Koch, the wonderful owner of this cool coffee shop and Illuminate Salon. If you haven’t visited the…
Fuji, Nikon, Canon and Sapphire at PhotoCon 2017
Feb 20, 2017 • 66 min
This was a surprising episode chocked full of information about the upcoming Bedford Camera PhotoCon with Eric Williams, the store manager for the Oklahoma City store. Even if you can’t make it to the event, there is a podcast not to be missed. This will…
Instant Success, Hard Work & Mean People with Jason Jones
Feb 16, 2017 • 58 min
This episode interview will the talented and humble Jason Jones from Dallas, Texas. Recorded in Quirk & Beans Coffee Shop in Edmond, Oklahoma. I could write a long post with the show notes, but there is SO MUCH great information, it would be hard to add…
Cake Fondant, 7Up and FireBalls with Alex Dugan
Jan 11, 2017 • 34 min
Welcome to the first episode for 2017 and we start by apologizing to PPA for missing the ImagingUSA event in San Antonio, Texas. Look for us in 2018 in Nashville, TN for more interviews with speakers and presenters. Today’s interview is with the talented…
WorkFlow, Taxes and the “Mom Hat” with Leia Smethurst
Dec 8, 2016 • 37 min
Our guest on today’s podcast is the talented Leia Smethurst, a professional wedding photographer based in Oklahoma City. If you have ever spent time with Leia, then you are aware of her intense drive for streamlined workflow systems, her uplifting…
Books, Tea & The Truth about Writer’s Block with Kim McKay
Nov 27, 2016 • 56 min
This week we are a little off schedule and recording on Sunday afternoon with our special guest, Kim McKay, author & photographer. The background noise is a hip little place called All About Cha, located on Memorial in Oklahoma City, OK. We are joined by…
Camera, Lights & Politics with James Pratt
Nov 13, 2016 • 61 min
Jim and I are celebrating the No-Shave November and welcome again the talented editorial photographer James Pratt hosted by Bedford Camera in Oklahoma City. James talks about the gear he packs on his bike and still manages to get incredible images for his…
Some Wedding Photography Content with the real Travis Garrett
Oct 29, 2016 • 35 min
This week listen to some photographic content speaking with the real Travis Garrett. A man of few words, he reminds us of the old E. F. Hutton commercials from the 1980s… When Travis speaks, everyone listens. What’s your opinion of wedding guests use of…
Birthing, Weddings and Cloth Diapers with Tavia Redburn
Oct 17, 2016 • 53 min
Get ready for a very unusual interview with Tavia Redburn that specializes in birth photography. Learn her story and some of the resources if you are interested in this newly emerging niche. This is a very light-hearted and entertaining episode that…
SAXX, Booray & the “other” Podcast Guy
Oct 14, 2016 • 36 min
Join us today on the Booray Perry Love Fest episode from Bedford Camera in Oklahoma City. We love the “other” guys at the PhotoBomb Podcast and it’s great to be able to bounce comments, shower with praise and, of course, poke some fun. Be sure to check…
Tita, Gary & the After Life of Images
Oct 3, 2016 • 36 min
We are back on the floor at the Oklahoma City Bedford Camera store returning for more episodes geared toward shooters of all skill levels. Jim and I hang out chatting about some interesting thoughts that can stir some conversations amongst professional…
Calling ALL Creatives – Your Voice Matters
Sep 7, 2016 • 33 min
This is the year for elections, the chance for your voice to be heard. The presidential election is heating up and many are still undecided on which way our country should be managed. In the noise of political unrest, there is an organization lobbying for…
The Five Way Mac vs. PC Debate for Video & Photo
Aug 25, 2016 • 55 min
We are a little confused on the lack of PC power users attending our little discussion on the merits of the two primary computing platforms. Besides the tech issues staying connected to Daniel Orren in NewYork, we managed a five way podcast with “theBox”…
Black Bear Stories from Denali
Aug 20, 2016 • 31 min
We wrap up our trip to Bedford PhotoExpo with native Mark Hargrave, the “other” half of Becky, president of APPA. He’s got some stories about starting out in nature photography in Alaska. Check out his work
Fenders to Photographer – MilSpec SKB Cases
Aug 20, 2016 • 28 min
Wow! Did you know SKB Cases started with a custom Fender Guitar case? Yeah.. listen to the awesome story of two guys that changed the hard plastic case world and now are branching into the Photo/Video world. SKB has over 40 cases to suit you gear needs…
A Great Story About A Great Couple
Aug 20, 2016 • 27 min
Listen to what this Lori’s background and what her and her hubby Chris have in their future for their photography business. Very Interesting and Exciting! Loved talking with these two. So glad we were able to meet them and create this friendship. Good…
The Bear, The Fuji and The Bike with Dan Baily
Aug 20, 2016 • 46 min
Dan Bailey tells us about his move from Nikon system to FujiFILM Mirrorless. If you have ever thought of shooting professionally with a lighter, smaller and efficient system, then check out our time with Fuji “X” Master Dan Bailey. It goes without saying…
Looking to Purchase a Drone? Listen to Thomas Reese with YUNEEC
Aug 20, 2016 • 36 min
These drones have more features than any drone out there. They are incredible. Thomas fills us in about the drones as well as some FAA Ruling coming at the end of August. Yuneec
10 Minutes with Scott Kelby
Aug 20, 2016 • 11 min
I stopped this poor busy man right as he walks in the door into the PhotoExpo. I asked if he remembered me from ImagingUSA 2 years ago when I interviewed him with my iPhone. He remembered! So we spent 11 minutes with Scott Kelby. Thanks a bunch Scott. You…
Queen of APPA, Use Tax & The Audit – Becky Hardgrave
Aug 19, 2016 • 28 min
We interview the current Arkansas Professional Photographers, Becky Hargrave, and talk about little know business topics. The self proclaimed “Queen Bee” of the APPA plans to focus more education on business to help photographers be aware, prepared and…
Bedford Camera PhotoExpo Little Rock 001
Aug 19, 2016 • 11 min
Listen now. We will have photos and links later.
Java, Josh & DOS
Aug 11, 2016 • 52 min
Today we interview the talented Josh Dean, currently residing in Stillwater Oklahoma, that has extended his photo reach to the Dallas, Texas. Jim and I casually chat about gear, PPA and moving to a new market. The Dynamic Duo announces the PC versus Mac…
Southern Pro Xposure – Boodie Shoot After Thoughts
Jul 26, 2016 • 63 min
We are now exhausted and have been drinking. What did you expect while at a convention in NOLA? Terri did two sessions during our stay in New Orleans for PPLA Southern ProXposure and made quick friends with Amanda Mullins – SmokeShow MUA – after these…
Southern Pro Xposure – The Power Belles of PPLa
Jul 26, 2016 • 46 min
This episode is all about the ladies – the Power Belles of Professional Photographers of Louisiana. Sit in while I chat with current president Terri Eddington, past president Karla Byron and future president Yvette Ponthier about the direction of this…
Southern Pro Xposure – Green Merits & The Grudge Judge
Jul 24, 2016 • 50 min
This episode is all about PPA Print Competition Judging with Gary Hughes & Chris Duncan. There are a “few” detours during the casual talk after theses judges spent the day reviewing the incredible images & prints for PPLA Convention. If you have ever been…
Southern Pro XPosure – Trashy Ashy & Sheriff Buford T Justice
Jul 23, 2016 • 20 min
Episode two finds us talking to Ashlin Buford, a boudoir photographers from further south than New Orleans. Yes, there really is more land (or at least air boats) due south of our location. Southern Pro Xposure PPLA Convention is starting out to be a Big…
Southern Pro Xposure – NASCAR Ross, Beignets & Piper
Jul 23, 2016 • 18 min
Our first episode after my presentation at Southern Pro Xposure PPLA Convention. We chat with a busy photographer working for the first time behind the scenes for this event, Piper Wilson. Terri and I run through the schedule of events and basically…
Focus, Color, Printing & Butter with Eric Bloemers
Jul 20, 2016 • 60 min
This week are guest is Eric Bloemers, talented local art and travel photographer talking about everything from focus stacking macros to color calibration to nicknames. Eric is a passionated large print driven artist in the process of opening a new gallery…
Weddings, Fuji & TopKnot
Jul 13, 2016 • 62 min
Today’s episode was broadcasted live on our FotoFacts Podcast Facebook page. We are not exactly aware of the audio quality of the video, but we were located in the back meeting area of Java Dave’s Coffee Shop in Oklahoma City. We have the talented,…
Sharon Tabb and Special Guest Leia Smethurst
Jul 6, 2016 • 58 min
FINALLY Robert and Jim get together for an in-person podcast episode at Java Dave’s Coffee – 2 NE 9th St Oklahoma City. We had 2 beauties on the show with us today! Sharon Tabb – Celebrity Makeup Artist was our guest for this episode and Leia Smethurst,…
The Video We Never Released
Jul 5, 2016 • 4 min
Last year Robert and Jim met at the studio to take some promotional photos of ourselves for the podcast. I decided to create a fun video of us just being ourselves and having a good time.
The Beautiful – Nikki Harrison
Jun 14, 2016 • 30 min
I saw Nikki Harrison’s work a short while ago. I melted when I saw the images. I then dug deeper and looked through her website, her social media and then on to her videos. I’m so inspired by this work that I now want and need to do some of my own…
The Very Talented – Michael e Stern – Time Lapse Photography
May 25, 2016 • 53 min
We had a great discussion with Michael e Stern. Yes, I included the e. There’s several Michael Sterns out there but he’s the one and only e Stern. What is the e for Michael? Anyway, we connected with Michael via Skype. Robert was mobile on Skype and I was…
Sore after Texas School – the Wrap Up
Apr 30, 2016 • 28 min
Did Texas School live up to the hype? I’m talking to Terri after taking Bry Cox’s class this year while we are packing to head back to Oklahoma. We talked about the amazing efforts of Arlington Camera putting on the tradeshow and how all the vendors came…
Two Stepping at Texas School
Apr 24, 2016 • 28 min
I was trying to find a clever title for a quick interview with Terri Trawick the night before orientation at Texas School. This is her first time to attend a PPA affiliate school and Terri started with the most prestigious. Texas School is a week long,…
SWPPA – Print Competition Surprises with Dwayne Lee
Apr 4, 2016 • 31 min
The last interview during convention with Dwayne Lee, the Vice President of Southwest PPA, was recorded late Sunday afternoon BEFORE the awards ceremony. Talking about print competition, Dwayne let us in on a few secrets, so we pushed this episode to go…
SWPPA – The Radio Man, Michael Scalf
Apr 3, 2016 • 25 min
Great interview with Michael Scalf, Executive Director for Southwest PPA during the 2016 convention. It’s impossible to walk the floors of convention without bumping into this high demand person. We chat about the tradeshow, speakers and new future cities…
SWPPA – Hats, Shoes & Nikon with Dixie Dixon
Apr 3, 2016 • 37 min
OMG! Yes… It has finally happened! We interviewed the fabulously talented Dixie Dixon during Southwest PPA Convention in Frisco, Texas. Dixie’s presentation was inspiring, packed with information and some insights to her creative process. Dixie is widely…
SWPPA – The Better Robert shoots Canon
Apr 2, 2016 • 31 min
I first met Robert Suddarth in the coffee shop of the hotel just yesterday. Seems odd, but we hit it off great – both of us being “Bob” and I knew he needed to be on the podcast. The more we spoke offline, the more I realized the chance of interviewing a…
SWPPA – Lori Craft, Three Reason to Join PPA TODAY
Apr 2, 2016 • 43 min
Great interview today with Lori Craft, the current President of PPA, during SWPPA Convention in Frisco, Texas. We chatted mainly about the direction and reasons to join Professional Photographers of America. Everyone knows we are Pro PPA and love…
Don Hamilton Photos – Bedford PhotoCon 2016
Mar 5, 2016 • 17 min
Don is always great to talk to! We had a great talk about getting into Wildlife and Nature photography.
I Shoot Naked People – Wendy White
Mar 5, 2016 • 15 min
The beautiful Wendy White sits with us to discuss her class and some other things. Enjoy listening to her and her husband.
Will Crockett Talks About the Future of Photography
Mar 5, 2016 • 31 min
WOW! Will Crockett came to our booth and sat down and talked with us for 30 minutes! What a great time we had talking about mirrorless cameras, Oklahoma BBQ and hybrid photography.
FotoFacts XPPhotoGear
Mar 5, 2016 • 13 min
Come See XPPhotoGear at the Trade Show at PhotoCon 2016.
Bedford f2.8PhotoCon 2016-Canon – Vincent Ramirez
Mar 4, 2016 • 13 min
Vincent Ramirez talks about the latest Canon Printer and offers a show special. Visit his booth!
James Pratt at Bedford Camera Live
Feb 23, 2016 • 36 min
Listen and enter to win something special from James Pratt.
Beards, Film and Nikon/Canon debate with Geovanny from Bedford Camera in Oklahoma City
Feb 10, 2016 • 32 min
Welcome to the first simultaneous podcast broadcasting LIVE video on Bedford’s YouTube Channel and recording for our listeners. Geovanny is considered the film guru over at Bedford Camera at the Oklahoma City location. Working in the lab, he is available…
The Box Visits Bedford Camera
Jan 27, 2016 • 36 min
Our first episode after ImagingUSA 2016 with “The Box”. We talk about the pursuit of happiness as a photographer. Clients posting your images after altering them. A surprise guest walks into the store and gets on our our show! Listen to find out!
ImagingUSA 2016 – Dan Rowe, PPA & theBox
Jan 18, 2016 • 22 min
Jim and I wrap up ImagingUSA 2016 without an interview. Big shoutout to all the staffers / volunteers for PPA and the amazingly talented Dan Rowe for wrangling other awesome speakers to stop by during the Closing Party at the Georgia Aquarium. During this…
ImagingUSA 2016 – Closing Night Party
Jan 12, 2016 • 42 min
The closing night party at the Georgia Aquarium was incredible! We interviewed several speakers and attendees and lots of them said this was the best ImagingUSA yet. See you in San Antonio 2017.
ImagingUSA 2016 – Sigma Photo – Ryan Brown
Jan 12, 2016 • 10 min
Ryan Brown from the Sigma booth came by to tell us about the Art Lenses. Terri Trawick from Audacious Photography joined me for this one. Ryan’s personal websites are
ImagingUSA 2016 – Misha McGinley – Misha Photography
Jan 12, 2016 • 11 min
WOW! We had a beautiful young lady walk-up to our table with a smile and ready to share her story! Thank you Misha for stopping by and chatting with us! We had a blast! Misha McGinley
ImagingUSA 2016 – Andrew Funderburg – Fundy Software
Jan 12, 2016 • 6 min
We had a very special walk-up guest, Andrew Funderburg, from Fundy Software. He announced something very special on this episode. You need to listen! Get an outstanding discount from Fundy Software – Code IMAGING
ImagingUSA 2016 – Ana Brandt
Jan 12, 2016 • 50 min
The incredible Ana Brandt was so inspiring. Jennifer Tiffany, was guest host and interviewed her ProPhotographer Crush.
ImagingUSA 2016 – Mike Powell
Jan 12, 2016 • 13 min
Mike came up to our table in the ImagingUSA 2016 Registration Area.
ImagingUSA 2016 – Peter Hurley – PPA Booth
Jan 12, 2016 • 22 min
Yes, you read that right. THE Peter Hurley sat with us at the PPA Booth and offered his time to chat with us. We talked about his class here at ImagingUSA 2016, his new book “The Head Shot”, HeadShot Crew and we asked him a Bazinga question that might…
ImagingUSA 2016 – Real Framing
Jan 12, 2016 • 4 min
ImagingUSA 2016 – Eli Gray
Jan 12, 2016 • 3 min
I grabbed Eli Gray as he was walking by in the ImagingUSA 2016 Registration area.
ImagingUSA 2016 – Registration Area Guests
Jan 12, 2016 • 59 min
We setup “The Box” in the registration area and we had fun grabbing random attendees walking by our table setup. There are a couple great surprises here folks! Listen Up! Funny Software…
ImagingUSA 2016 – Lauren Simons – TetherTools
Jan 11, 2016 • 32 min
We absolutely had a blast talking with Lauren Simons! This sweet and beautiful young lady really knows her stuff. Lauren is the VP of Sales and Marketing for TetherTools. If you’ve not heard the TetherTools’ story, you really should listen to this…
ImagingUSA 2016 – UsedPhotoPro & Roberts Camera
Jan 11, 2016 • 28 min
We had 3 guests from UsedPhotoPro & Roberts Camera on this episode. We learned a lot from them and their story. John Scott, Nelson Coppedge and Edward White all work together. They seem to make a great team of guys that keep the place running like a…
ImagingUSA 2016 – DriveSavers – Darren Davis
Jan 11, 2016 • 17 min
DriveSavers Data Recovery came to the PPA Booth to sit and tell us all things DriveSavers. Do you have a failed drive you need data recovered from? Contact Darren Davis, Senior Manager Business Relations at the PPA Partner, DriveSavers. A thorough…
17Hats – Ryan Groves
Jan 11, 2016 • 29 min
You have to listen to this episode. There are some secrets Ryan Groves – 17Hats filled us in on during this episode. Ryan gave us 30 minutes of his busy schedule to come sit and chat with us at the PPA booth during 2016 ImagingUSA. We really enjoyed this…
ImagingUSA 2016 – Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep – Gina Harris & Ken Broermann
Jan 10, 2016 • 30 min
A very special and touching episode with Gina Harris and Ken Broermann from “NILMDTS”. Listen to the beginning story of this organization and what brought Gina and the organization together. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, visit their…
ImagingUSA 2016 – Vanguard USA – What Is Next for Tripods – Josh Pawlak
Jan 10, 2016 • 21 min
Listen for some interesting stories and new products for Vanguard Tripods. Vanguard’s Own Josh Pawlak talks with us inside the Expo during ImagingUSA 2016.
ImagingUSA 2016 – Interfit – Steven Squire – A Great Expo Deal!
Jan 10, 2016 • 11 min
You don’t want to miss this episode. New Interfit S-Series Lighting is out! Have you seen it? WOW! You have to listen to this episode to get the great deal Josh is offering if you purchase a light. You have to listen to get the code.
ImagingUSA 2016 – He Came for the Ride but he RAN in the 5K
Jan 10, 2016 • 11 min
Rocky Williams is husband to Eric Bloemers with Eric Bloemers Photography. Eric is here at ImagingUSA to hone his craft, while Rocky planned to run in the 5K for PPA Charities’ SUPER HERO FOR SMILES 5K RUN. That’s great! Thank you for running Rocky! You…
Jan 10, 2016 • 10 min
Deanna Duncan Race Director for PPA – She is married to the infamous Chris Duncan – They also operate the photography education website
Abbie Welch – PPA Gold Medalist
Jan 10, 2016 • 41 min
What a fantastic human being! So very talented in many ways. Very down to earth and easy to talk to. We very much enjoyed our discussion with Abbie. Thank you so much for sharing with us Abbie! Abbie is one of the PPA Gold Medalists of 2015. Gold…
2016 ImagingUSA – Sabrina Casas
Jan 10, 2016 • 12 min
Sabrina caught Jim’s attention, so he thought she would make a great guest. A beauty from Argentina, now in Houston, is a full-time photographer. Check out her work at
theLoop Meet & Greet – Raquel Caldwell
Jan 10, 2016 • 16 min
rheLoop Meet-Up – Omni, Magnolia Room, Omni North Tower. Online Community Coordinator Raquel Caldwell
2016 ImagingUSA – Brenda & Michael Connell – He Researched It & I Joined
Jan 10, 2016 • 18 min
Michael was interested in our podcast gear so he came over and talked to Jim. Jim told Michael to go get his wife an we will interview her. Brenda is a new member of PPA. Brenda and Michael attended the New Member Meet & Greet. We sat and had a great talk…
Booray Perry & Gary Hughes – Photobomb Podcast
Jan 9, 2016 • 59 min
We were lucky enough to meet with Booray and Gary from the Photobomb Podcast during the 2016 ImagingUSA in Atlanta. It was an AMAZING and AWESOME time! If you don’t listen to the entire episode, you may miss out on some swag from Gary Hughes!
ImagingUSA 2016 – Kristen Hartman – Why PPA?
Jan 8, 2016 • 15 min
Why Join PPA? Listen to this episode. Kristen is the PPA Director of Member Value & Experience –
FotoFacts Talks Business With Sunny Thomas
Dec 16, 2015 • 29 min
Sunny Thomas recently went full time as a professional photographer. We had a great discussion with him regarding his new business and plans for 2016. LISTEN UP! His website is His Facebook Business Page Robert mentioned Tara Lokey…
FotoFacts with Christian Bruggeman – Bedford PhotoCon 2016
Dec 3, 2015 • 37 min
Special BOGO announcement at end of the Bedford Camera Video on YouTube. Subscribe to find out! Bedford PhotoCon March 4th and 5th, 2016 Christian Bruggeman – Round table discussion during PhotoCon 2016 Chase Jarvis Video Dorothea Lange Raising Caines Jim…
FotoFacts with Pamela Stukenborg – Bedford PhotoCon 2016
Nov 18, 2015 • 28 min
Pamela joined us via Skype AND on Video at the Bedford Camera store in Oklahoma City. The title of her class “I Hate Having My Blank Being Taken” she talks about how we as photographers need to feel how our clients feel in front of the camera. Pam also…
Five Tips to Succeed in 2016
Nov 4, 2015 • 49 min
Jim joins Robert today at Bedford Camera for the second installment of our video podcast series – On the Road to PhotoCon f2.8.We are talking about 5 Things to Do Now to Succeed in the coming year. It’s probably not what you are thinking about. Ha,ha,ha!…
Fred Flintstone, Superman & Oklahoma Weddings
Oct 22, 2015 • 43 min
You would be hard pressed not to find an Oklahoma wedding professional that hasn’t heard of the amazing dynamic duo of Travis & Haley Garrett. This is the first of our podcast being video recorded by Bedford Camera as part of our built-up to PhotoCon…
Confessions from the Kia with Terri Trawick
Oct 2, 2015 • 35 min
Well this is going to be a energy charged podcast with our special guest host, Terri Trawick. Jim sat this one out, as he was finishing the Keynote presentation for the class on Lightroom coming up on Sunday. It’s a great time to come out for the Scott…
Backups, Green Merits, Halter Tops and Trains with Sarah Stiles
Sep 2, 2015 • 50 min
We really need to get back to numbering our episodes, but “What the Heck?” Is anyone listening? Ha,ha,ha Today’s interview with Sarah Stiles comes from meeting her on Facebook during a open conversation with the guys over at PhotoBomb Podcast. Yes, Sarah…
Jeremy Smith – Bedford PhotoExpo – Lighting
Aug 8, 2015 • 15 min
Jeremy is a Bedford Camera Employee and is a Class Instructor for Bedford. Jeremy did a workshop on lighting during the Expo. We had him come on and talk about his workshop. Jeremy Smith – Jeremy’s Twitter…
Pamela Stukenborg – Bedford Photo Expo 2015
Aug 8, 2015 • 39 min
Pamela is a fantastic personality that you instantly want to spend the day with! She is also a fantastic photographer. Please take the time to listen to her speak about her experiences in photography and her love for people. Thank you Pamela and Bernie…
Jimmy Ton – Sony – Bedford PhotoExpo
Aug 8, 2015 • 25 min
Jimmy is the rep here at the Sony Booth. Wow what a very knowledgeable in the Sony system and technology. He’s a cool cat with cool hair.
Don Hamilton – Bedford PhotoExpo
Aug 7, 2015 • 25 min
Don Hamilton Jr. is from Boca Raton, FL and is a Wildlife & Nature Photographer. He does instructional workshops and tours. We had a great time with Don. He has a great sense of humor. Thank you Don. Flickr 500px
Tommy Wallace ArkMoPhs – Bedford Expo 2015
Aug 7, 2015 • 32 min
What a great conversation we had with Tommy. He created this Mobile Photography group strictly made of only mobile photography enthusiasts. Please listen to this episode – there’s more to this story than just taking photos with a mobile phone. ArkMophs…
Bedford PreExpo News
Aug 7, 2015 • 12 min
Jim & Robert are at the Bedford PhotoExpo 2015. Vendors are setting up, all the products are on display causing us to drool. We cover what’s happening this weekend.
Nancy Nolan – What’s Behind a Great Photograph?
Jul 20, 2015 • 29 min
Nancy will be speaking at the Bedford Camera Photo Expo 2015 in Little Rock. The she will be speaking on what is behind a great photograph. Listen to this episode to get to know her and hear her talk about her current project that she has been working on…
Jennifer Tiffany Photography – Ep70
Jul 12, 2015 • 60 min
We had two guests on the show for this episode. Two PRETTY LADIES! We had fun talking about a lot of different topics. Both are fairly new to the industry but building their businesses. Listen to us talk with Jennifer Tiffany and Vanessa Wells about how…
Broken Foot Marketing – Eps 69
Jul 6, 2015 • 37 min
We are back together for this episode dedicated to the “Broken Foot Marketing”, geared towards photographers waiting to heal from injury or sickness. We give you a few tips to reach clients in the short term from free to little cost. You still have to…
Another Bathtub Session – Eps. 68
Jun 1, 2015 • 20 min
Yes, it’s time once again for “Robert’s Tub Talk”, with our furry guest “Scarlett”. After being interviewed by the fabulous dynamic humorous dudes at Photo Bomb Podcast, I was inspired to crank out a general response to the number one new photographer’s…
FotoFacts Ep67 – UCO Students Too!
May 1, 2015 • 18 min
This is an episode from Jim’s 2nd day of portfolio reviews at The University of Central Oklahoma. These students are a great group of passionate photographers that will be headed to the streets with their gear in just a short time. Maybe they’ll also…
FotoFacts Ep66 – UCO Photography Students
Apr 29, 2015 • 21 min
Jim and Robert had interviewed Jesse Miller, Associate Professor of Photography at The University of Central Oklahoma, on a previous episode. Jesse asked the two of us if we would be willing to come to the college and review some portfolios of the…
FotoFacts – Jim Interviews Londell McKinney
Apr 11, 2015 • 20 min
Londell McKinney is a retired “computer geek” from Arcadia Oklahoma. He decided after retirement that he would go pro with his photography. I’d say he made the right choice. He is an incredible photographer and sees things from a different perspective…
Bedford Photo Expo – Zabrina Deng
Mar 21, 2015 • 48 min
Zabrina Deng is a tremendously talented wedding photographer AND she shoots with Sony! See! It’s not the camera that creates the image! Her and her husband Jeremy share the same passion of photography. Both make an incredible team of photographers and…
Bedford Photo Expo – Doug Hoke – The Oklahoman
Mar 21, 2015 • 64 min
Doug Hoke, Director of Photography at The Oklahoman spoke with us about his story. A really great discussion about his career.
Bedford 2015 f2.8 PhotoCon – MetroPPA – Rick Cotter
Mar 21, 2015 • 24 min
Rick Cotter is the current President of the Metro Professional Photographers Association. You have to listen to this episode for a special deal. Mention that you heard about the MetroPPA on this episode and get a nice MetroPPA stainless steel cup. Also…
Bedford 2015 f2.8 PhotoCon – Jim Butler PPOK
Mar 21, 2015 • 15 min
Jim Butler, President of Professional Photographers of Oklahoma, sat down for a chat with us during the Bedford Camera Photo Expo in Oklahoma City. Listen to this episode to get a special price for membership to the PPOK. Professional Photographers of…
Bridal Session – with Bedford and Jeff Moore
Mar 21, 2015 • 7 min
This is Jeff Moore sharing some light and a presidential suite with other photographers so they can play with light and a bride in her gown. They are doing this every 15 minutes today.
Bedford Camera f2.8 Photo Expo – Courtney Dailey
Mar 20, 2015 • 51 min
Wow what a great conversation with Courtney Dailey of Photo Beauty Coach. We talked a lot about her class here at the expo “Fashion Magazine Lighting 101”. She also shares some great insight on photography in general. Be sure to listen to the full…
Bedford Camera f2.8 – Jesse Miller
Mar 20, 2015 • 19 min
Jesse Miller is a professor of the Photography Arts course at the University of Central Oklahom (UCO). Today he spoke about “The Basics of Proper Workflows and Editing in Digital Photography”. Jesse has also written two text books on photography. Complete…
Bedford f2.8 2015 – James Pratt – Shoot to Publish
Mar 20, 2015 • 24 min
James Pratt talks about his class on getting published. He gives some tips about how you can get your images published.
Bedford f2.8 – Digital Dolls
Mar 20, 2015 • 14 min
Mandy Womack, President of the Digital Dolls photography group. Learn about this women-only photography club that is loads of fun for the photography enthusiast to professional.
Bedford f2.8 PhotoCon 2015
Mar 20, 2015 • 4 min
Come visit the Expo and our booth and say hello.
ImagingUSA – Day 3 – WrapUp!
Feb 4, 2015 • 43 min
Terri Trawick and Jim Felder wrap up ImagingUSA 2015 with talk about the classes they attended today and the fun times they had this week. Snap Photography Momento Images William Innes Bry Cox ImagingUSA Event Photos Thanks to PPA for allowing us to come…
ImagingUSA – Shutter Magazine – Taylor Cincotta
Feb 3, 2015 • 5 min
We had an unexpected AND beautiful guest come over and give us a few minutes of her time to talk about Shutter Magazine. Thank you Taylor!
ImagingUSA – Evolve – Lauin Thienes
Feb 3, 2015 • 10 min
Do you need more time to shoot instead of sit at your computer editing photos? Go Visit Evolve’s booth at the trade show for their show special or listen to this post to find out more. EVOLVE – The Evolution of Post Production
ImagingUSA – PhotoshopCafe – Colin Smith
Feb 3, 2015 • 11 min
What a great story Colin told us about how he got started. PhotoshopCAFE is one of the world’s leading resources for learning Photoshop and Photography. Browse all the free tutorials, or really step it up and purchase one of our award-winning training…
ImagingUSA – Allison Taylor-Jones at the PPA Booth
Feb 3, 2015 • 11 min
We met at the PPA Booth at the trade show with Allison. Website: Blog: Twitter: @ATJPHOTO Instagram: @atjphoto
ImagingUSA – Day 3 – Morning Update
Feb 3, 2015 • 5 min
What’s Up Today! PPA Charities Dream Studio Giveaway
ImagingUSA – Sticky Albums – Booth 951
Feb 2, 2015 • 4 min
Robert talked to Adam Birnbaum with Sticky Albums in Booth 951. They have a show special! Stop by booth 951 for more details
ImagingUSA – Vanessa and Bryan after CPP Class
Feb 2, 2015 • 6 min
Robert stopped two Attendees of the Gary Meeks class on CPP – Certified Professional Photographer.
ImagingUSA – Day 2 Wrap Up
Feb 2, 2015 • 29 min
We decided the Exhibit Hall was a perfect location to record tonight’s wrap up episode. We each talked about what we took away from the classes we attended and some other fun stuff.
ImagingUSA – IF you want a BOOST, You got to Triple Scoop!
Feb 2, 2015 • 15 min
We interview singer, co-founder and worldwide personality, Ali Handal from Triple Scoop Music. Do you have music on your website, slideshows, events, etc? No, then YOU need to hear this podcast. Yes, then you REALLY NEED to hear this podcast. Stop by the…
ImagingUSA – BWC Photo Imaging – Lou George
Feb 2, 2015 • 10 min
Lou George from BWC Photo Imaging talked with Robert at the Trade Show at ImagingUSA.
ImagingUSA – CamRanger’s Own Melissa_Ryckman
Feb 2, 2015 • 4 min
We Love Us Some CAMRANGER! She is hanging with the kind fellows at Dury’s booth in the Expo Thanks for talking with us Melissa!
ImagingUSA – KelbyOne Booth with Scott and RC
Feb 2, 2015 • 5 min
Wow, Jim was “Star Struck” being able to meet Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion at the KelbyOne Booth. We asked for 5 minutes of their time and they were very kind and talked about some new content on KelbyOne. Scott even tried to give Jim the BigHead and say…
ImagingUSA – Gary Meek – CPP Instructor
Feb 2, 2015 • 7 min
Robert stopped and talked with Gary Meek outside the trade show.
PPA – See The Difference – Ep64
Feb 2, 2015 • 22 min
PPA’s See the Difference campaign is a two prong system. One for the public from the PPA and one for your clients for you. Terri Trawick fills us in on what she learned during this discussion with David Trust and Gregory Daniel. This is going to be a…
ImagingUSA – No Coffee Morning Podcast – Ep65
Feb 2, 2015 • 17 min
A discussion of the day at hand and ImagingUSA – Day 2. Terri Trawick, Robert Trawick and Jim Felder talk about their plans for the day and what ImagingUSA has to offer you.
ImagingUSA – Day 1 – Wrap Up
Feb 1, 2015 • 27 min
The Photo above is Jim Felder, Sarah Ackerman, PPA Online Communication Specialist and Robert Trawick. Thanks to RC Concepcion for taking our photo. WOW that was great meeting him. Jim Felder, Robert Trawick and Terri Trawick talk about Day 1 of…
ImagingUSA – Vendor Spotlights – Day 1
Feb 1, 2015 • 29 min
Robert and Jim cruised the Trade Show and interviewed Vendors. Today we spoke with Eddie Murphy (Epson), Tom Curley (Panasonic Lumix Lounge) and Christine Perry-Burke (finao albums). Listen and visit their booth locations in the Expo and their websites.
ImagingUSA Spots from “The Loo”
Feb 1, 2015 • 13 min
Robert and Jim head to our room and hangout in front of the mirror. We shared some remote spots we recorded during ImagingUSA. 5K Run – PPA Charities 4K Photo Shoot with Giulio Sciorio PPA Member Care
ImagingUSA – PPA, CEO, CPP, OMG! LOL! – David Trust, CEO PPA – Ep63
Feb 1, 2015 • 14 min
Do you know David Trust? If not, find him and talk to him. Very personable guy! We had a great conversation with him about his position with PPA, ImagingUSA, and PhotoVision. Listen Now!
ImagingUSA – What is Happing Today – Day 1
Feb 1, 2015 • 8 min
Today’s Schedule for Robert, Terri and Jim. We talk about what ImagingUSA has to offer Sunday, February 1, 2015.
ImagingUSA – Chatty Cathy Reveals Secret at PPA Charities – Ep62
Jan 31, 2015 • 12 min
We sat down with Tina Timmons – (Incoming PPA Charities President) during the PPA Charities – Boots & Bling. She told us all about PPA Charities and how you can benefit from working with local charities.
ImagingUSA – What Are We Doing Here? – Ep61
Jan 31, 2015 • 6 min
Robert and Jim have a chat just before the PPA Charities Event and briefly discuss what we are doing here at ImagingUSA.
ImagingUSA – She Lost It! – Ep60
Jan 31, 2015 • 17 min
Our first episode here at ImagingUSA is a great start. An interesting story about a “WonderWoman” that has lost her Valuables and it’s a special day for her today. Linda Oldiges –
Heading to ImagingUSA
Jan 30, 2015
The Trawicks and Jim Felder are heading to ImagingUSA. Woo Hoo! Keep your eyes and ears open. Jim is planning on doing an episode while riding in the passenger seat. What will he talk about? Well…you’ll have to listen and find out. When you listen you…
Inside a Camera at 10,000fps
Jan 30, 2015
Have you ever wondered how the shutter in your camera looks when it’s firing so freakin’ fast? Well, here you go. Thank you “Slow Mo Guys!”
On The Road With JT – No Not Timberlake
Jan 30, 2015 • 4 min
A short hello from the road trip to ImagingUSA,
Michael Grecco – Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait – Ep58
Jan 26, 2015 • 15 min
Michael Grecco has photographed several celebrities over the years. He’s known for his Dramatic Portraits and his lighting. He also has his own website “”. It’s all about storing and archiving your photos and lots of solutions for doing…
Creating Fine Art Pet Photography – Barbara Breitsameter – FotoFacts Ep57
Jan 19, 2015 • 19 min
Best in Show – Creating Fine Art Pet Photography I really enjoyed Barbara! She is so inspiring. I can’t wait to meet her and give her a hug! We talked about her upcoming class at ImagingUSA in Nashville, TN. You have to listen to this and attend her…
FotoFacts – Giulio Sciorio – 4K Photo Shoot Live – Ep56
Jan 16, 2015 • 45 min
Jim & Robert are both on this episode FINALLY! WOW! Another great episode with a great guest. We had a lot of fun with Giulio. He is doing some very cool things with Hybrid Photography. If you don’t know what that is or how it works, listen in and attend…
Luke Edmonson – Be Known By Sight – Ep55
Jan 15, 2015 • 46 min
A fantastic interview with Luke Edmonson. Robert and Luke spend 46 minutes talking about …well…a lot of things but mainly the class he’s teaching at ImagingUSA on February 3, 2015 at 10 am to 11:30 am. Grab a snack and a drink and sit back and take in…
James Ferrara – All Up In Your Space – Ep54
Jan 14, 2015 • 29 min
Another extremely talented Photographer that will be speaking at ImagingUSA – James Ferrara. He is for sure a “creative”. Plays guitar, he is an Oil Painter and more. Listen in as Jim and James Ferrara talk about his class titled “All Up In Your Space” on…
Do Ya Love Me?
Jan 9, 2015
Hey, if you like what you’ve been hearing lately, go to the iTunes Store and show us some love. Leave us some positive feedback. Pretty Please? With Sugar On Top?
Dan Rowe – Boom! Big Modifier Lighting – FotoFacts Ep52
Jan 8, 2015 • 25 min
Robert has been busting out some interviews this week right? Thanks to Dan you’ll get to learn a lot about big modifiers for an entire day. Dan calls his lighting “Sloppy Rembrandt Lighting”. Listen to this episode and hear more of what he’s going to talk…
Bry Cox – Bringing out the Best in Every Image – FotoFacts Ep53
Jan 7, 2015 • 27 min
Most of our episodes are just audio so you can listen during your drive to work, making your vehicle a mobile room for education. But occasionally during some episodes something funny happens and this is one of those. Below is a clip of Bry talking to…
Jaren Wilkey – Ep51
Jan 6, 2015 • 20 min
Love Sports? Love Photography? Then YOU want to be part of the team at Jaren’s pre-convention class at ImagingUSA 2015. Jaren’s Class at ImagingUSA Jaren’s Bio at ImagingUSA Wireless Workflow Blog Post Here are some links to products and services we spoke…
Moshe Zusman – FotoFacts Ep50
Jan 4, 2015 • 30 min
We talked to Moshe Zusman, a very multi-talented photographer of many genres. He’s also a great guy to listen to about his craft. He will be speaking at ImagingUSA and covering “Perfect Venue Lighting”. Below is a small sampling of his awesome work. Thank…
Booray Perry – FotoFacts Ep49
Jan 3, 2015 • 30 min
WOW! Our first ImagingUSA guest is Awesome! Booray Perry! Booray’s course at ImagingUSA will be titled “Wedding Photography: Prepare to Succeed“ Visit his Course Page Check out his work here – Booray’s lab of choice is Millers Professional…
Nikon vs Canon Ep48
Dec 22, 2014 • 29 min
First ever FotoFacts Podcast “Bath Tub” Series with Robert as your host. There just wasn’t enough room for Jim in the tub. LOL We had a great Holiday Light PhotoWalk in Bricktown with a social hour afterwards at TapWerks. Here is a link to the Facebook…
FotoFacts Ep47
Dec 11, 2014 • 22 min
Holiday PhotoWalk December 21st at 5pm Jim and Robert are Going to February 1, 2 and 3rd Nashville, Tennessee Speakers at ImagingUSA Professional Photographers of America ( Business Liability Insurance Through DFW PhotoExpo
FotoFacts Ep46
Nov 18, 2014 • 27 min
Jim decided he would sit down and talk to himself for 27 minutes. Not really, just wanted to get an episode out there for you to listen to and hear his voice. He talked about the upcoming trip to Nashville to attend ImagingUSA in February. He called…
Worldwide PhotoWalk TODAY – Episode 45
Oct 11, 2014 • 14 min
Today we host the 7th Annual Worldwide PhotoWalk in Oklahoma City from 7pm – 9pm. The Worldwide Photo Walk is the world’s largest global and social photography event, and has grown immensely in size and popularity since the inaugural walk back in 2007.…
FotoFacts Family BBQ – Ep44
Aug 18, 2014 • 34 min
What a great time we all had at the Route 66 Park Pavilion on Lake Overholser. We had a great turn out for this event that we’ve wanted to have for a while now. Brian Denton really did go all out with his smoked brisket and even grilled some burgers on…
Bedford PhotoExpo – Little Rock – Hanson Fong
Aug 2, 2014 • 12 min
Hanson Fong Photography – Canon Explorer of Light Next opportunity to see Hanson Fong is at PPO School in Stillwater, OK. 80% of his class will be hands-on.
Bedford PhotoExpo – Little Rock – Denny Grandle
Aug 2, 2014 • 14 min
Denny Grandle – Travel Photographer Denny’s email address:
Bedford PhotoExpo – Little Rock – Jeremy Smith
Aug 2, 2014 • 17 min
Jeremy Smith – Jeremy’s Twitter @photogjthegreat Nikon D810 24 new features 60 fps 1080p Jeremy’s Detailed Review of the Nikon D810 1:00 New Features 7:48 The D810 Up Close 11:30 Information Display 12:00…
Bedford PhotoExpo – Little Rock – Alex Kent
Aug 2, 2014 • 16 min
Alex Kent – Bedford Camera – Director of Education Patrick Carter K2Aviation
Bedford Photo Walk – Little Rock – Dero Sanford
Aug 2, 2014 • 8 min
Short segment with Dero Sanford – Marketing Guru. Dero would spend $1000 on travel. Put yourself in front of people, meet with them in person. for a great website and portfolio LostLuggage custom designed portfolios Photo…
PhotoExpo – Little Rock – Ron Jackson
Aug 2, 2014 • 17 min
A short segment with Ron Jackson – Ron Jackson Artistry HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography
FotoFacts Podcast – Little Rock – Judy Host
Aug 2, 2014 • 8 min
A short spot with the very inspiring and beautiful Judy Host with Judy Host Photography. Encaustic Photography
FotoFacts Upcoming
Aug 2, 2014 • 3 min
FotoFActs Get-Together /BBQ – Aug 17th FotoFacts crew will provide meat. Potluck, Bring Drinks, Side Dishes, Cookies, Desserts Family-Friendly Late afternoon Free to everyone Kelby Worldwide Photowalk October 11th, 2014 We will share a link and more…
Bedfords PhotoExpo – Little Rock – Sigma
Aug 2, 2014 • 7 min
We recorded this segment and at the same time were getting video recorded of us talking with Ryan Brown with Sigma. Global Vision Art Lenses SIGMA dp2 QUATTRO Camera
Bedfords PhotoExpo – Tamron – John Ruth
Aug 1, 2014 • 7 min
Robert talks with John Ruth from Tamron.
Bedfords PhotoExpo – Arkansas – Phottix
Aug 1, 2014 • 12 min
Robert and John Ruth talk about Phottix products.
Bedford PhotoExpo – Little Rock Arkansas
Aug 1, 2014 • 5 min
We are having a blast at the Bedford Expo here in Little Rock. LISTEN!
Happy 4th of July – Episode 43
Jul 4, 2014 • 14 min
Happy Independence Day! Today Robert talked about simple settings for shooting fireworks on today’s national holiday. Please be safe and enjoy the celebrations. Here are the links from the show: Bedford PhotoExpo in Little Rock, Aug 1-2 2014 Professional…
FINALLY! It’s Alive! The iOS Version of Our App is in iTunes!
Jun 25, 2014
If you haven’t been following or are new to our Podcast, you should go and download our new FotoFacts Podcast App from the iTunes store. We also have an Android version. Here are the QR Codes to take you right to the apps. • Listen to our podcast…
FotoFacts Podcast Ep42
Jun 12, 2014 • 41 min
This was a great interview with Brad Barton of Ft Worth Texas. He has created some fantastic images. Brad is full of great information on starting out as a photographer and some ideas on how to get your name out there. Watch the video to hear what he has…
FotoFacts University Starting Soon!
Jun 3, 2014
That’s right! We will be having some classes in the coming weeks. We want to help our local folks with their cameras, processing their images, lighting, and more! Our first class is Jim sharing his Lightroom Workflow. Here is a link for more details…
FotoFacts Podcast Ep41 – News and More!
Jun 1, 2014 • 34 min
What Jim and Robert talk about in this episode: Upcoming trip in August to Bedford Camera PPO School – August 8th to 11th in Stillwater, Oklahoma Ada Area Photography club coming to visit OKC – 580-490-2852 Another FotoFacts Cookout!…
Android Version of FotoFacts Podcast App is LIVE!
May 25, 2014
If you haven’t heard Jim has been working on our new FotoFacts Podcast App. It will be release on iOS and Android devices. The Android version is now in the Google Play Marketplace. Some features of the app are Listen to Episodes Send us a Photo Visit…
Winners of the Prize Giveaway
May 19, 2014 • 14 min
OK, so sorry. I (Jim) recorded this video on YouTube but never posted it on this blog. So Sorry. But, we have already contacted the winners. The winner of the StudioCloud Premiere Membership for 6 months is Leslie Vines with Leslie C Photography. The…
FotoFacts Ep40 Video
May 4, 2014 • 7 min
In this video episode, we are explaining how we are going to draw tickets this next time since no one has won yet. If you’ve been listening and following us, then you know about this. YOU HAVE UNTIL SUNDAY, MAY 4TH, 2014 at 12 NOON. Then we will announce…
Drawing New Tickets for the XP PhotoGear SpeedBox 40
Apr 23, 2014 • 3 min
We are drawing new tickets for the XP PhotoGear Speedbox 40 that we tried to give away last week. No one called us. If we draw your red ticket number that we gave you at the Bedford Camera Photo Expo, call us at (405) 585-6337 and we will schedule a time…
No Winner Yet for the XP PhotoGear Speedbox 40!
Apr 19, 2014 • 0 min
If you grabbed a red ticket from the FotoFacts booth at Bedford’s Photo Expo at the Cox Center, listen to the last episode (Ep_38) to see if you are the winner. No one has claimed their prize yet. You have until Tuesday at midnight to call us and tell us…
After the Walk – F2.8 PHOTO EXPO- Ep38
Apr 15, 2014 • 42 min
We talk about the Bedford Camera F2.8 Photo Expo at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City. We announce the winner of the XP PhotoGear SpeedBox 40. Then we also added 2 bonus prizes just for our listeners. You must listen to see if you are the winner.…
Live at the Bedford Photo Expo F2.8 with Jim
Apr 12, 2014 • 14 min
Jim recorded a small bit in the booth at the Photo Expo on Saturday morning. We handed out more tickets to win the SpeedBox Diffuser 40. If you want to win be sure and listen next week when we announce the winner. We talked with Edward from He’s…
Been a Month Already? – Ep37
Apr 9, 2014 • 14 min
Yes, we can’t believe it’s been a month since the last podcast. Jim and I did do a little recording from the road during our birthday trip to southwestern Oklahoma, but the internet was so sporadic, the show never made it to the airwaves. Look forward to…
On The Road Ep36
Mar 12, 2014 • 20 min
We recorded this on the road to Ft Worth Professional Photographers Association. Robert is speaking on “XPerience Control”. Don’t miss the first Bedford F 2.8 Expo. April 11th & 12th. Expo Link Specials from our sponsors… You have to listen to find out.…
f 2.8 PhotoExpo in Oklahoma
Mar 4, 2014
Do you love photography? Don’t miss this year’s First Annual Photo Expo OKC. Choose from lots of classes and demos from some of the brightest minds in photography today. A full weekend of photography bliss.. Checkout our trade show, talk with…
Light Meters Questions
Feb 6, 2014
I almost always have a external light meter with me on location for shoots. In fact, I have four light meters, three being the same model that are kept in different bags and at the studio. There are some different opinions about light meter uses and I…
Book Review: National Geographic Dawn to Dark Photographs: The Magic of Light
Jan 29, 2014
It’s great to have interaction with our listeners and even better when a friend shares a great article about a photography book review. OK, maybe I’m just happy to know him and share in the limelight a little, but Tom Maupin is a creative person albeit…
Have You Registered Your Images With The Copyright Office? – Ep35
Jan 29, 2014 • 24 min
We had another talk with James Pratt about Copyright. Have you found someone or another company using your image without asking you first? If so, you can do something about it. REGISTER YOUR IMAGES! James has a lot of experience in this area and he fills…
FotoFacts Photowalk – Stage Center – Ep34
Jan 25, 2014 • 8 min
We heard about the Stage Center being demolished soon. Robert had one of his great ideas pop into his head. “Let’s do a photo walk before the thing goes down!” So that’s what we did. We created an event on Facebook for a photo walk at the Stage Center and…
A Talk with James Pratt – James Pratt Photography – Ep33
Jan 15, 2014 • 27 min
We were really excited that James Pratt was willing to talk with us on this episode. James is a very talented Commercial and Editorial Photographer. He talks about how he started and has a several things to share on this episode. Listen to this episode to…
Sorry for the iTunes Issues
Jan 12, 2014
listen to ‘Sorry for the iTunes Issues’ on Audioboo
New News is Good News! – FotoFacts Podcast Ep32
Jan 7, 2014 • 10 min
Jim & Robert are starting off the year with an announcement! Listen to find out what is in store for 2014! Still having some iTunes issues in case you didn’t know – Podcast not in iTunes Store. We are going to try to pick back up and do the podcast…
A note from Jim on the road
Dec 31, 2013
listen to ‘A note from Jim on the road’ on Audioboo
A Message From Jim About iTunes
Dec 16, 2013 • 2 min
If by chance you had subscribed to our podcast in iTunes, please resubscribe and make sure you are subscribed to this version in iTunes. Since we had some issues with our feed, I accidentally added a second feed. So, I see that the wrong feed is now gone…
Will this Be the Last Episode of 2013? – Ep31
Dec 11, 2013 • 23 min
Holiday Photowalk in Bricktown OKC – December 15, 2013 – Details Here New Website Theme iTunes Podcast Feed Now Working! “FotoFacts U” (FotoFacts University) PPOK Past Presidents Seminar – January 19, 2014
An Audio Hello from Jim
Dec 7, 2013 • 0 min
I am actually testing the iTunes feed. I’m hoping this audio post shows up in iTunes. We’ve been having issues with the feed.
Saturday Night Lights – DFW PhotoExpo
Nov 21, 2013
I’m honored to have an opportunity to present to fellow photographers, but I was super stoked to return to DFW PhotoExpo for another year. It’s hard to develop a relationship and understanding with another photographer during a one hour presentation,…
XPerience Control Presentation PDF
Nov 18, 2013
Terri and I are back from an exciting weekend in Arlington at 2013 DFW PhotoExpo. This is an awesome tradeshow and educational presentations organized by Arlington Camera now in it’s third year. The talented speakers from around the nation come out to…
Characteristics of LIGHT (6 of 6) Ep30
Nov 8, 2013 • 18 min
And Robert is all alone again, as Jim has skipped off the radar. LOL. Just kidding, Jim has been very busy working on holiday projects and tuning the Skype interview system we plan to use very soon for guest speakers. Along those lines, if you would like…
Characteristics of LIGHT (5 of 6) – Ep29
Oct 21, 2013 • 14 min
This episode finds Robert without Jim… again, but he will be back this week or next. LOL. Robert reviews “just the meat” of the last characteristics of light from the 2012 DFW PhotoExpo presentation of XPerience LIGHT. We announce two upcoming interviews…
Where’s the iTunes Link?
Oct 14, 2013
It appears we are having some technical issues with our feed getting the iTunes store and library. The good news is that if you are already a subscriber, the feeds are still working. The bad news is that the FotoFact Podcast doesn’t show in the store…
Characteristics of LIGHT 4 of 6 – Ep28
Oct 11, 2013 • 19 min
Robert continues the saga of XPerience LIGHT, taking on DIRECTION of light to help set the mood and reveal dimensions. We pass along some news on local photography geared events to get gear, practice shooting or learning the business side of your craft.…
PhotoWalk is Saturday – Ep27
Oct 3, 2013 • 13 min
The annual Worldwide PhotoWalk is coming Saturday, October 5, 2013. If you have not signed up, please click HERE and get onboard. But If it’s full, we will not turn anyone away, you will just not be able to participate in the photo contest. Along those…
2013 Scott Kelby Worldwide PhotoWalk
Sep 29, 2013
We wanted to update everyone on our website, as well as the official PhotoWalk website of recent changes. We still have slots available for sign-up, and even though the site is limited to 50 walkers, we don’t not turn anyone away. Just follow us here…
Characteristics of LIGHT 3 of 6 – Ep26
Sep 29, 2013 • 17 min
Well, Robert is alone again for this podcast episode working with a new microphone and iPad app. Robert is continuing his review of the DFW PhotoExpo 2012 presentation XPerience LIGHT. You can follow along by downloading the slideshow here. Don’t forget…
Characteristics of Light Part 2 of 6 – Ep25
Sep 6, 2013 • 7 min
Robert gets some alone time during a quick review of the first characteristic of LIGHT. Follow along our review of last year’s DFW PhotoExpo XPerience LIGHT presentation. Click HERE to get the PDF. Be sure to check out these links mentioned during the…
Characteristics of Light Part 1 of 6 – Ep24
Aug 13, 2013 • 29 min
Robert introduces his 6 part Light Presentation. Jim listens patiently. Worldwide Photowalk in Oklahoma City Mandy Womack – Xperience Light Presentation XP Photo Gear BWC Photo Imaging DFW Photo Expo Triple Flash Brackets FotoFacts…
2012 XPerience LIGHT Presentation PDF
Jul 23, 2013
Good Morning Sunshine! I’m sure most of you know that Jim and I love teaching others the passion and craft of photography. Last year, I was invited to present a light basics class at DFW PhotoExpo hosted by Arlington Camera. Needless to say, I had a…
Jimmy Jam Audio
Jul 16, 2013
listen to ‘Jimmy Jam Audio’ on Audioboo
Another Live Show! Ep23
Jul 2, 2013 • 28 min
Robert and Jim are doing another live show today at 1 pm central. Call in to chat with them. They will be talking about how to shoot fireworks. Click Here to go to the show page.
Live Ep22
Jun 24, 2013 • 28 min
Robert and Jim go LIVE with this episode. We talk about PPOSchool end of July. StudioCloud Studio Management Software.
A Trip to Tulsa – Ep21
Apr 13, 2013 • 51 min
BEWARE OF THE ROAD NOISE! Listen and laugh as Robert and I have a conversation during our 2 hour drive. Enjoy! Jim & Robert take a trip to Tulsa for the INPPA Indian Nation Professional Photographers Association Monthly Meeting. Jim was asked by the…
Robert Trawick & Jim Felder Celebration their 50th Birthday!
Apr 1, 2013
We were a bit surprised that the “photowalk” that Justin Knight planned for us turned out to be a birthday photowalk with a bunch of friends and family. Then we went to dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse and my family was there. It was a great time of…
Happy Birthday Twin!
Mar 30, 2013
listen to ‘Happy Birthday Twin!’ on Audioboo
Surprise 50th Birthday PhotoWalk
Mar 30, 2013
listen to ‘Surprise 50th Birthday PhotoWalk’ on Audioboo
Planning a FotoFacts Listener Cookout/Meetup! – Ep20
Mar 21, 2013 • 16 min
Robert and Jim got together finally for a short, casual podcast episode! Then Robert came up with the idea to have a BBQ, Cookout, Meetup for the listeners. We want some ideas so let us know what you would like to do? We aren’t footing the bill but want…
New T-Shirt for Your Assistant!
Feb 20, 2013
Happy Snow Day! Watch for Episode 20 tomorrow! Here’s a Shirt Idea I – (Jim) came up with this week. Get one of these for your VAL (Voice Activated Lightstand) and you can use this as a starting point or guide. Not that it’s accurate but neither is a…
Corrected Audio on Ep19
Feb 10, 2013
I had an issue with the audio on Ep19, current episode, so I have corrected the problem. Thank you for your patience.
Fun Photo Outings | Justin Knight | Ep19
Feb 10, 2013 • 16 min
We were able to spend some man time together with Justin Knight and go out on a fun photo outing in Oklahoma City. We stopped at the abandoned “Jewel Theatre” first on the way to the State Capital. Then we saw the old “Page-Woodson School”. Here is an…
Post Processing – Ep18
Jan 26, 2013 • 14 min
Jim went to the Lightroom 4 Live Seminar with Matt Klowskowski. Hey there Everybody! Robert and Jim talk a bit about how they process images after they take them. What we use and a little workflow. Don’t forget to use the Zenfolio discount to get 20% off…
Seamless White Background – Ep17
Jan 17, 2013 • 21 min
This Week is Camera/Shooting. Stats On Our Listeners Future Guest Speakers Shooting On Seamless White Background Links Zach Arias White Seamless Tutorial Six One Six Studios Diagram of White Seamless Setup at Studio Images from Studio
We’re Back! Episode 16
Jan 13, 2013 • 21 min
Hey there listeners! If you’re reading this, then you still care about Me (Jim) and Robert. We’ve changed a couple things so listen to this episode. Also, listen for a discount code. Don’t forget to checkout our Contact Us page to contact us in multiple…
A Gift for Our Listeners
Dec 29, 2012
Let’s get right to the nitty gritty. Everyone loves a sale or a discount. We are offering a code for 20% off membership with Zenfolio, the industry leader in professional photo and video hosting for all skill levels. Jim and I both use Zenfolio for…
Christmas PhotoWalk 2012
Dec 16, 2012
It’s time again for another social get together with all the fine photographers in the area. Since I couldn’t find a way to post the PDF for the walk, I thought this would be a great way of getting people to our site. LOL The event is open to everyone,…
Where Have We Been?
Dec 5, 2012
listen to ‘Where Have We Been?’ on Audioboo
More Episodes Coming Soon!
Dec 5, 2012
listen to ‘More Episodes Coming Soon!’ on Audioboo
Reason for Joining
Oct 4, 2012
listen to ‘Reason for Joining’ on Audioboo
Are You Still There?
Oct 3, 2012
listen to ‘Are You Still There?’ on Audioboo
iPhone Apps We Use – Ep15
Sep 12, 2012 • 18 min
Jim & Robert share 2 iPhone Apps each that they use. Jim Pocket Scout Photo Walk Ideas Robert Sun Seeker Shoot Local
DB Worldwide – Daryl Brewton – Ep14
Aug 29, 2012 • 25 min
This week we were very excited to get Daryl Brewton on the podcast. He is just a super nice guy with a giant heart! Daryl talks about his mission work as a photographer that travels to bring photography to others that would not normally have access to…
Bedford Camera – Ep13
Aug 21, 2012 • 18 min
Robert and Jim are heading to Tulsa for the Professional Photographers of Oklahoma Fall Convention at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The guys are talking about Social Media in their program titled “Social Light Your Passion“. Jim’s FotoFact for this…
Canon Wireless Flash
Aug 20, 2012
Robert spoke at a presentation during the Metro Camera Club meeting recently. He talked about “Light”. He talked about using Wireless Flash. One thing he mentioned was the Canon cameras that are able to use their built-in, pop-up flash to wirelessly…
Negeen Sobhani Photography – Ep12
Aug 15, 2012 • 29 min
Negeen is a wedding and portrait photographer in Oklahoma City. She has quite the background and story to tell which made for great content for this episode. We talked with her about how she started in photography, her destination weddings, a touch of…
Tricoast Photography – Mike Fulton – Ep11
Aug 8, 2012 • 24 min
We had the honor of Mike Fulton on the podcast for an interview via Skype. What a super nice guy that is also a very good speaker and teacher. He never skipped a beat while talking. It was great having him come to our little Podcast. Thank you Mike and…
Resize Any Image Using Only Your Mac
Aug 4, 2012
Jim has created some little apps to save you some time. Using Automator and Preview you can resize one or many images at one time. You don’t even need Photoshop. Let’s say you want to upload a bunch of photos to Facebook and you need to size them down…
Are You Paying Your Sales Tax? – Ep10
Jul 31, 2012 • 26 min
We had the honor of a representative from the Oklahoma Tax Commission sit and chat with us for about 20 minutes and we asked questions and he had very helpful answers. Thank You Kenny! Here are some links that we discussed on the show: Oklahoma Business…
Keep Watching for our Next Episode
Jul 30, 2012
listen to ‘Keep Watching for our Next Episode’ on Audioboo
SMUGs Rocks! – Ep9
Jul 25, 2012 • 23 min
This week’s interview was on location with SMUG leaders Sherri Lynch and Kriea Arie. These ladies are amazingly talented, open to sharing and crazy fun. The only thing that would have made things better would been having Jim Felder present with his crazy…
Camera Simulator
Jul 19, 2012
When looking for tools to help student understand the inverse relationships of ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture in relation to exposure there are lots of choices. One of my favorite ones is CameraSim. Jonathan Arnold has created a wonderful online…
Our First Question on ISO – Ep8
Jul 19, 2012 • 12 min
Jim is away this week, so I’m giving fair warning that the podcast of me alone is a “bit” boring. So please take that into consideration before blasting all the comments about this episode. OK, just kidding… please, please, please.. give us some feedback!…
Photography Revolves Around Us
Jul 13, 2012
listen to ‘Photography Revolves Around Us’ on Audioboo
Which Lens? – Ep7
Jul 11, 2012 • 18 min
Robert talks about lens choice and how important that part of this game is. Here are some links to some of the lenses Robert mentioned. Nikon AF-S NIKKOR
24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S DX…
Psychobilly Freakout – Ep6
Jun 27, 2012 • 16 min
Robert and Jim will be at the Psychobilly Freakout Grand Opening at Six One Six Studios in Downtown Oklahoma City on Friday, June 29th. Also the guys announce that they are speaking at a program at the PPOK Fall Convention in Tulsa, OK. Today’s FotoFact…
Are You Backed Up? – Ep5
Jun 20, 2012 • 26 min
Send Audio messages to us – Click Here Backup Solutions Drobo Meet your new storage solution, the safe and expandable Drobo. It’s so simple that anyone can use it, yet powerful enough for business. Drobo connects to your computer or network and provides…
FotoFacts Ep4 – PhotoLife Conferences – Creel McFarland
Jun 13, 2012 • 26 min
This week’s episode is a bit longer than usual. We talk with Creel McFarland with PhotoLife Conferences. He tells us about these really cool sounding classes that he is having. Sounds like a blast! Creel McFarland – PhotoLife Conferences Email:…
Robert Goes to PPO School – Ep3
Jun 5, 2012 • 6 min
Our 3rd Episode is short and sweet! Robert is in Stillwater at the PPOSchool hosted by the PPOK. Robert grabbed Randy Taylor, Taylor Made Photography, the director of PPO School to ask him a couple quick questions. That’s all for this episode. Send…
On Location at 616 Studio – Ep2
May 30, 2012 • 22 min
Thanks for listening to episode 2. Robert talks about PPO School. LinkWe had a great time talking with Chad Lunsford at 616 Studios. We asked Chad his thoughts on the fusion of DSLR cameras and shooting video. He mentioned a lens converter/adapter by…
FotoFacts Podcast – Ep1
May 23, 2012 • 12 min
Our first episode was short and sweet! Listen to this episode for a really incredible deal being offered. Save $100! Robert and Jim introduce the show, themselves and talk about an offer being made where you can save $100. Links: Sign up for the $100…