Data Stories

Data Stories
A podcast on data and how it affects our lives — with Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner
135 | The “Dashboard Conspiracy” with Lyn Bartram and Alper Sarikaya
Feb 12 • 45 min
We have Lyn Bartram of Simon Fraser University and Alper Sarikaya of Microsoft Power BI on the show to talk about an exciting research project they developed to better understand dashboards.
134 | Visualizing Uncertainty with Jessica Hullman and Matthew Kay
Jan 19 • 55 min
Jessica Hullman and Matthew Kay join us to discuss the how and why of visualizing information uncertainty.
133 | Year Review 2018
Dec 18, 2018 • 100 min
Here we go! Another year has passed and lots has happened in the data visualization world.
132 | A New Generation of DataViz Tools
Dec 5, 2018 • 46 min
We have Andy Kirk on the show to talk about a new generation of data visualization tools.
131 | Peak Spotting
Nov 21, 2018 • 40 min
130 | Highlights from IEEE VIS 2018
Nov 7, 2018 • 38 min
129 | Views of the World with Robert Simmon
Oct 25, 2018 • 52 min
We have Robert Simmon from Planet Labs on the show to talk about satellite imagery and data visualization.
128 | Visual Perception and Visualization with Steve Haroz
Oct 9, 2018 • 44 min
We have Steve Haroz on the show to talk about visual perception in visualization.
127 | Storytelling with Data with Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic
Sep 25, 2018 • 35 min
We have Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic on the show to talk about her work in visual storytelling.
126 | FlowingData with Nathan Yau
Sep 12, 2018 • 37 min
Nathan Yau joins us on the show to talk about his blog Flowing Data.
125 | Researching the Boundaries of InfoVis with Sheelagh Carpendale
Aug 8, 2018 • 35 min
Sheelagh Carpendale is Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary, where she leads the Innovations in Visualization (InnoVis) research group.
124 | Xenographics with Maarten Lambrechts
Jul 18, 2018 • 38 min
Maarten Lambrechts joins us to talk about his Xenographics project: a growing collection of “unusual charts and maps.”
123 | Touch Graphics with Steve Landau
Jul 3, 2018 • 35 min
We have on the show Steve Landau, the founder of Touch Graphics, a company dedicated to making information visualization accessible to blind and visually impaired people.
122 | Visualizing Climate Change Scenarios with Boris Müller
Jun 19, 2018 • 33 min
We have Prof. Boris Müller from FH Potsdam on the show to discuss the SENSES research project, which visualizes climate change scenarios.
121 | Declarative Visualization with Vega-Lite and Altair with Dominik Moritz, Jacob Vanderplas, Kanit “Ham” Wongsuphasawat
Jun 5, 2018 • 35 min
We have Dominik Moritz, Jacob Vanderplas, and Kanit “Ham” Wongsuphasawat on the show to talk about Vega-Lite and Altair.
120 | Data Science and Visualization with David Robinson
May 23, 2018 • 38 min
We have David Robinson on the show to talk about the role of data visualization in data science.
119 | Color with Karen Schloss
Apr 27, 2018 • 54 min
Karen Schloss, Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison, joins us on the show to talk about color.
118 | Making Data Visual with Miriah Meyer and Danyel Fisher
Apr 11, 2018 • 33 min
We have Miriah Meyer (University of Utah) and Danyel Fisher (Microsoft Research) on the show to talk about their new book “Making Data Visual”.
117 | Datawrapper with Lisa C. Rost and Gregor Aisch
Mar 20, 2018 • 42 min
We have Lisa C. Rost and Gregor Aisch on the show to talk about the exciting work they are doing at Datawrapper.
116 | Cognitive Bias and Visualization with Evanthia Dimara
Mar 6, 2018 • 42 min
We talk with Evanthia Dimara about cognitive bias and the role it plays in visualization.
115 | Human-Driven Machine Learning with Saleema Amershi
Feb 20, 2018 • 38 min
Saleema Amershi, Researcher at Microsoft Research AI, joins us on the show to discuss Interactive Machine Learning and how it connects to data visualization.
114 | Machine Learning for Artists with Gene Kogan
Jan 30, 2018 • 37 min
We have Gene Kogan on the show to talk about the use of machine learning in art and visualization.
113 | What Makes A Visualization Memorable? with Michelle Borkin
Jan 16, 2018 • 44 min
We have Michelle Borkin from Northeastern University on the show to talk about her research on data viz memorability.
112 | Data Pottery with Alice Thudt
Jan 2, 2018 • 31 min
Alice Thudt makes pottery — such as cups, plates, or teapots — that show data! Her project Life in Clay started off as a twist on a hobby, and has since become part of her PhD research on personal data visualization.
111 | Data Vis Around The World in 2017
Dec 21, 2017 • 99 min
We go around the world to discover what has happened in vis in 2017.
110 | What’s Going On In This Graph? with Michael Gonchar and Sharon Hessney
Dec 6, 2017 • 34 min
We have Sharon Hessney (American Statistical Association) and Michael Gonchar (New York Times Learning Network) on the show to talk about the New York Times project called “What’s Going On In This Graph?”.
109 | Feminist Data Visualization with Catherine D’Ignazio
Nov 23, 2017 • 51 min
We have Catherine D’Ignazio on the show this week to talk about feminist data visualization.
108 | Review of IEEE VIS’17 with Jessica Hullman and Robert Kosara
Nov 7, 2017 • 52 min
We have Jessica Hullman from UW and Robert Kosara from Tableau Software on the show to share highlights from the IEEE VIS 2017 conference.
107 | Visualizing Bitcoin with Dan McGinn
Oct 24, 2017 • 39 min
We talk with Dan McGinn about a bitcoin visualization project developed at Imperial College in London.
106 | Data Sculptures with Adrien Segal
Sep 19, 2017 • 59 min
We have sculptural artist Adrien Segal on the show to talk about her data sculptures.
105 | Data Visualization at Twitter with Krist Wongsuphasawat
Sep 4, 2017 • 46 min
We have data visualization scientist Krist Wongsuphasawat on the show to talk about data visualization at Twitter.
104 | Visualization Literacy in Elementary School with Basak Alper and Nathalie Riche
Aug 17, 2017 • 42 min
We have Basak Alper and Nathalie Riche on the show to talk about “C’est La Vis,” their project dedicated to teaching visualization to elementary school kids.
103 | Explorable Explanations with Nicky Case
Aug 2, 2017 • 63 min
We have Nicky Case on the show to talk about “explorable explanations,” interactive simulations that help people understand complex issues.
102 | Understanding Comics and Visual Storytelling with Scott McCloud
Jul 17, 2017 • 39 min
We have famous cartoonist and comics theorist Scott McCloud on the show to talk about making comics, storytelling, virtual reality and what vis people can learn from comics.
101 | Surprise Maps with Michael Correll and Jeff Heer
Jun 29, 2017 • 22 min
We talk with Michael Correll and Jeff Heer about their new Surprise Maps: maps that display surprise about a dataset rather than the raw data itself.
100 | Data Stories 100!!!
Jun 14, 2017 • 102 min
Data Stories celebrates its 100th episode! We review some of the most successful episodes, talk about the major categories of episodes, and recollect some funny moments from recording the show. We also have a surprise segment where we reveal the “behind…
099 | Data Visualization at Capital One with Kim Rees and Steph Hay
Jun 2, 2017 • 49 min
We have Kim Rees and Steph Hay on the show to talk about Kim’s new position as Head of Data Visualization at Capital One.
098 | Data Sketches with Nadieh Bremer and Shirley Wu
May 17, 2017 • 43 min
We meet Nadieh Bremer and Shirley Wu to talk about their 12-months collaboration Data Sketches.
097 | Calling Bullshit with Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West
May 2, 2017 • 42 min
Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West, two professors at the University of Washington, talk about their new course on “Calling Bullshit”.
096 | Innovation from Research with Jarke Van Wijk
Apr 20, 2017 • 57 min
We have Jarke Van Wijk from Eindhoven University of Technology on the show to talk about the many innovative visualizations developed in his lab.
095 | Challenges of Being a Vis Professional in Industry with Elijah Meeks
Apr 6, 2017 • 53 min
This week, we have Elijah Meeks on the show to talk about the state of data visualization jobs in the industry.
094 | Uncertainty and Trumpery with Alberto Cairo
Mar 21, 2017 • 62 min
We have Alberto Cairo from the University of Miami on the show to talk about partisanship and rhetoric, visualizing uncertainty and risk, cognitive biases, and much more.
093 | OddityViz with Valentina D’Efilippo and Miriam Quick
Mar 9, 2017 • 40 min
We have designer Valentina D’Efilippo and researcher Miriam Quick on the show to talk about their recent project OddityViz, a series of data visualizations of “Space Oddity,” the famous song of David Bowie.
092 | A Tribute to Hans Rosling
Feb 27, 2017
We asked 5 visualization experts to record an audio snippet to talk about how Hans Rosling influenced and impacted their work.
091 | Visualizing Data with RAW
Feb 7, 2017 • 32 min
We have on the show three funders of RAW, the open-source interactive data visualization tool, to talk about their experience developing and promoting a data visualization application.
090 | Beyond the Chart with Brendan Dawes
Jan 15, 2017 • 54 min
We have Brendan Dawes on the show to talk about his amazing data art installations.
089 | Data Vis Around the World in 2016
Dec 21, 2016 • 95 min
In this 2016 year review episode, we interview 6 visualization experts from 6 different countries. There is a lot to learn about data visualization around the world! Wishing a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all our listeners!
088 | Re-designing Visualizations on #MakeoverMonday with Andy Kriebel and Andy Cotgreave
Dec 6, 2016 • 42 min
We have Andy Kriebel, Head Coach at The Information Lab, and Andy Cotgreave, Technical Evangelist at Tableau, on the show to talk about their social web series, #MakeoverMonday, in which people redesign an existing visualization every week.
087 | VizKidz: Books on Data Visualization for Kids
Nov 23, 2016 • 25 min
We have Abigail Ricarte and Liv Buli on the show to talk about their Kickstarter project, VizKidz, an illustrated book series to teach kids about data visualization.
086 | Highlights from IEEE VIS’16 with Jessica Hullman and Robert Kosara
Nov 10, 2016 • 71 min
Enrico meets Jessica Hullman and Robert Kosara at IEEE VIS’16 conference to talk about the main highlights.
085 | Machine Bias with Jeff Larson
Oct 19, 2016 • 49 min
Jeff Larson from ProPublica joins us to talk about his work on bias found in automated algorithms that compute the recidivism scores of convicted criminals.
084 | Statistical Numbing with Paul Slovic
Oct 5, 2016 • 56 min
We talk with Prof. Slovic about “Statistical Numbing,” the inability of numbers and statistics to convey a sense of scale of human tragedies and to elicit compassion.
083 | Olympic Feathers with Nadieh Bremer
Sep 21, 2016 • 30 min
We have Nadieh Bremer (a.k.a Visual Cinnamon) on the show to talk about her latest project “Olympic Feathers,” an interactive data visualization to show the history of olympic medals.
082 | Information+ Conference Review
Sep 7, 2016 • 52 min
Moritz and Enrico review three selected talks from the Information Plus Conference.
081 | The Hustle with Mahir Yavuz and Jan Willem Tulp
Aug 25, 2016 • 51 min
How do you make a living out of data viz? We have Mahir Yavuz and Jan Willem Tulp on the show to talk about navigating the business side of data visualization.
080 | Indexical Visualization with Dietmar Offenhuber
Aug 10, 2016 • 40 min
We have Dietmar Offenhuber, Assistant Professor at Northeastern University, on the show again to talk about “Indexical Visualizations”: visualizations that reduce the gap between the recorded phenomenon and its representation. On the show we talk about…
079 | Information Design with Isabel Meirelles
Jul 27, 2016 • 53 min
We talk with Isabel Meirelles, Professor in the Faculty of Design at OCAD University in Toronto, about her book “Design for Information” and Information Plus, the data visualization conference she organized in June.
078 | Mimi Onuoha on Visualizing People’s Lives through Mobile Data
Jul 13, 2016 • 25 min
This week Mimi Onuoha joins Moritz on the show for a project episode from the Eyeo Festival. Mimi is a Brooklyn-based artist and researcher, and currently a Fellow at the Data & Society Research Institute. Mimi is fascinated by the moment when data get…
077 | Polygraph and The Journalist Engineer Matt Daniels
Jul 1, 2016 • 51 min
We have Matt Daniels on the show, the “journalist engineer” behind Polygraph, a blog featuring beautiful journalistic pieces based on data. If you are not familiar with the site, stop now and take a look. Matt starts with a simple question — for example,…
076 | Bocoup and OpenVis Conference
Jun 15, 2016 • 55 min
We talk with the data visualization team from Bocoup about how they work with groups to create open-source data visualization software. We also discuss the OpenVis Conference that they organize each year.
075 | Listening to Data From Space with Scott Hughes
Jun 1, 2016 • 57 min
Astrophysicist Scott Hughes from MIT plays the sounds of colliding black holes and explains what they mean.
074 | Data Ethics and Privacy with Eleanor Saitta
May 18, 2016 • 50 min
Eleanor is Etsy’s new Security Architect and “a hacker, designer, artist, writer, and barbarian.” We talk with Eleanor about how to deal with data ethics and privacy.
073 | Kim Albrecht on Untangling Tennis and the Cosmic Web
May 4, 2016 • 30 min
Kim is a visualization researcher and information designer. He currently works at the Center for Complex Network Research, the lab led by famous network physicist László Barabási. Kim works in a team of scientists to create effective and beautiful…
072 | Jeff Heer on Merging Industry and Research with the Interactive Data Lab
Apr 20, 2016 • 62 min
Jeff Heer is Associate Professor at the University of Washington, co-creator D3.js and co-funder of Trifacta. We talk about software infrastructure, Trifacta, and the interplay between research and industry.
071 | Tapestry Conference Review with Robert Kosara
Apr 6, 2016 • 30 min
This is a special edition from Tapestry, the conference on Data Storytelling that gathers visualization experts, journalists, designers, NGOs, academics, etc. Enrico sits together with Robert Kosara to talk about the conference, the keynotes, some of the…
070 | Rocket Science with Rachel Binx
Mar 23, 2016 • 37 min
We talk with Rachel Binx about developing data visualization software for NASA.
069 | Data Visualization Literacy with Jeremy Boy, Helen Kennedy and Andy Kirk
Mar 9, 2016 • 49 min
We talk about data visualization literacy with Jeremy Boy, vis designer and postdoc at NYU, Helen Kennedy, Professor of Digital Society, and Andy Kirk, vis educator and editor of
068 | Poemage: Data Visualization for Poets with Miriah Meyer and Nina McCurdy
Feb 24, 2016 • 28 min
We talk with Assistant Professor Miriah Meyer and PhD candidate Nina McCurdy about Poemage, a data visualization tool they developed to analyze the sonic topology of poems.
067 | ggplot2, R, and data toolmaking with Hadley Wickham
Feb 10, 2016 • 61 min
Hadley created a number of hugely popular libraries for the R language, including ggplot2, which is used throughout the world to analyze and present data with R. On the show we talk about how he created ggplot2 and how it became so popular, some of the…
066 | ”I Quant NY” Finding Surprising Stories in NYC Open Data with Ben Wellington
Jan 15, 2016 • 40 min
We talk with Ben Wellington about his blog I Quant NY, where he writes about surprising facts he finds analyzing NYC open data.
065 | What Happened in Vis in 2015? Year Review with Andy Kirk and Robert Kosara
Dec 20, 2015 • 76 min
We are recapping the year in data visualization with Andy Kirk and Robert Kosara — what were the biggest trends, the biggest misses, and what do we expect for 2016?
064 | ”Dear Data” with Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec
Nov 25, 2015 • 33 min
Hey folks, It’s time for another project-centric episode, and we finally talk about one of our favorite projects of the year — “Dear Data” by the most fabulous tag team of data illustrators around: Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec. Their year-long…
063 | IEEE VIS’15 Recap with Robert Kosara and Johanna Fulda
Nov 13, 2015 • 69 min
Enrico recaps the IEEE VIS’15 conference with Robert Kosara and Johanna Fulda, and we compare notes about conference projects and papers. Check out our website for project links and video previews!
062 | Text Visualization: Past, Present and Future with Chris Collins
Oct 29, 2015 • 65 min
We have Assistant Professor Chris Collins from University of Ontario Institute of Technology on the show to talk about text visualization. Chris explains what Text Vis is, provides examples from his and others’ work, describes tools and knowledge to get…
061 | Visualizing Your “Google Search History” with Lisa Charlotte Rost
Oct 12, 2015 • 25 min
Here we go with a new project episode! This time we talk with Lisa Charlotte Rost about her project “My Google Search History.” Lisa is a visualization designer based in Berlin and the project is about how she collected and visualized her google search…
060 | Upcoming DS Events and Some of Our Recent Projects
Sep 24, 2015 • 69 min
Hey folks, we are back! We really hope you had a good summer. We start the new season with an “internal” episode. We give numerous updates on Data Stories. Things have changed recently — we have future ideas and two great events to get in touch with us!…
059 | Behind the Scenes of “What’s Really Warming The World?” with the Bloomberg Team
Aug 20, 2015 • 44 min
Hi folks! We have Blacki Migliozzi and Eric Roston from Bloomberg on the show to talk about their recent data graphic piece on climate change called “What’s Really Warming The World?” The graphic shows, through a “scrollytelling,” what factors may…
058 | Data Installations w/ Domestic Data Streamers
Jul 29, 2015 • 59 min
We have Dani Llugany Pearson from Domestic Data Streamers to talk about their studio and the amazing participatory data installations that they make. You really need to see examples of what they do! Go to and take a look at…
057 | Visualizing Human Development w/ Max Roser
Jul 8, 2015 • 65 min
We have economist Max Roser from University of Oxford to talk about his Our World in Data project where he visualizes the social, economic, and environmental history of humanity up to the present day. Our World in Data is a remarkable project that Max…
056 | Amanda Cox on Working With R, NYT Projects, Favorite Data
Jun 24, 2015 • 68 min
“I’d give two of my left fingers for this data” - Amanda Cox on the show :) We have the great Amanda Cox from the New York Times on the show this time! Amanda is a graphic editor at NYT and she is behind many of the amazing data graphics that the New York…
055 | Disinformation Visualization w/ Mushon Zer-Aviv
Jun 12, 2015 • 67 min
Hi everyone! We have designer and activist Mushon Zer-Aviv on the show today. Mushon is an NYU ITP graduate and instructor at Shenkar University, Israel. mushon_bw-pic_2015He wrote the very interesting Disinformation Visualization piece for Tactical…
054 | Designing Exploratory Data Visualization Tools w/ Miriah Meyer
May 27, 2015 • 60 min
Hi all! We have Miriah Meyer with us in this episode to talk about how to build interactive data visualization tools for scientists and researchers. Miriah is Assistant Professor at University of Utah and one of the leading experts on the process of…
000 |
May 8, 2015
Hi Folks, great news … we are experimenting with a new format for Data Stories that includes … that includes … that includes … guess whaaaaaat? Video! After having heard many many times that it’s hard to imagine how a visualization looks like when we are…
053 | Data Safaris w/ Benedikt Groß
Apr 24, 2015 • 64 min
Hi folks! We have Benedikt Groß with us on the show. Benedikt defines himself as a “speculative and computational designer who works antidisciplinarily.” Benedikt graduated from the Design Interactions course at the Royal College of Art and he works for…
052 | Science Communication at SciAm w/ Jen Christiansen
Apr 2, 2015 • 62 min
Hey yo, we have Jen Christiansen from Scientific American with us in DS#52. Jen is art director of information graphics at Scientific American magazine where she is been for about then years and she has a background in natural science illustration from…
051 | Smart Cities w/ Dietmar Offenhuber
Mar 19, 2015 • 70 min
Hi Folks! Dietmar Offenhuber We have another great guest on the show. Dietmar Offenhuber visits us to talk about smart cities and visualizing data coming from cities. Dietmar has an interesting background. He has a background in architecture with a Dipl.…
050 | Happy Birthday Data Stories!
Mar 6, 2015
Ah! We made it to 50 episodes and three years of this lovely podcast of ours. We have loved every bit of it, every guest, every single discussion and all the support we received from everyone. For this episode we asked repeatedly to submit a short audio…
049 | Data Journalism at ProPublica w/ Scott Klein
Feb 27, 2015 • 68 min
Hi everyone, In this episode we have Scott Klein from ProPublica with us. ProPublica is a nonprofit organization that does investigative journalism and Scott directs a team of data journalists and programmers to create new applications based on data and…
048 | Vis Going Mainstream w/ Stamen’s CEO Eric Rodenbeck
Feb 10, 2015 • 56 min
Great episode here folks! We have Stamen’s CEO Eric Rodenbeck on the show to talk about “Visualization Going Mainstream”. Moritz took inspiration from Eric’s Eyeo talk “And Then There Were Twelve – How to (keep) running a successful data visualization and…
047 | Moritz and Enrico on Books, Data Literacy, Their Projects, Etc.
Jan 28, 2015 • 72 min
Data visualization researcher Enrico Bertini and Truth & Beauty Operator Moritz Stefaner discuss their views on data visualization, infographics, information aesthetics and related themes.
046 | Year 2014 Review w/ Robert Kosara and Andy Kirk
Jan 21, 2015 • 84 min
We have two classic guests for a classic episode: a year review with Robert Kosara and Andy Kirk. We talk about what happened in visualization in 2014 and what may happen in 2015. We start the show saying that nothing really special happened, but then…
045 | Nicholas Felton
Jan 3, 2015 • 57 min
Happy new year, everyone! We start 2015 with a bang, and have Nicholas Felton on the show. We talk about his personal annual reports, typography, privacy, and how we all deal with data and tracking today. Great conversation. One more link we only found…
044 | Tamara Munzner
Dec 22, 2014 • 78 min
We have Prof. Tamara Munzner from University of British Columbia with us in this episode. Tamara is one of the most prominent figures in visualization research. She has done tons of interesting work starting from the nineties (look into her publications…
043 | IEEE VIS’14
Dec 18, 2014 • 72 min
It took us a while, but — here we go! A three part episode from IEEE VIS 2014. Thanks again to Robert Kosara for coming on our show again to talk shop, and look back on a week full of really interesting scientific findings about data visualization.
042 | Santiago Ortiz
Nov 13, 2014 • 71 min
Hi all, we have the great Santiago Ortiz with us again in this episode. Santiago builds interactive data visualizations to “get deep insight from data, solve real problems and answer strategic questions.” If you are an avid DS follower you may recall that…
041 | With Lisa Strausfeld
Oct 18, 2014 • 67 min
Hi Folks! In this episode we have Lisa Strausfeld from Bloomberg with us. Lisa started doing VIS very early on. In the episode she tells us about her super interesting story of how she got into VIS and all the jobs she has had: starting as a student of…
040 | Narrative Visualization Research w/ Jessica Hullman
Sep 19, 2014 • 62 min
We have a very researchy kind of episode this time. Jessica Hullman is on the show to talk about her research on narrative visualization. Jessica is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Berkeley and soon to be Assistant Professor at University of Washington iSchool.…
039 | DensityDesign w/ Paolo Ciuccarelli
Aug 6, 2014 • 81 min
Hi there! We have been chasing Paolo for a while and eventually we managed to have him on the show. Paolo is Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano and he is the founder of Density Design, a lab with an interesting mix of research, design and…
038 | Visual Complexity w/ Manuel Lima
Jul 2, 2014 • 68 min
Hi all, Finally, after chasing him for a long while we have Manuel Lima on the show! Manuel has been around for a very long time. He created Visual Complexity in 2005, an archive of network visualizations which became very popular. He is also the author…
037 | The Challenge of Teaching Visualization w/ Scott Murray and Andy Kirk
Jun 25, 2014 • 71 min
That’s a particularly tough but juicy episode folks! We turn a little bit inward and talk about the many challenges of teaching visualization. We have code artist Scott Murray on the show, the author of the lovely D3 book “Interactive Data Visualization…
036 | Data Art w/ Jer Thorp
May 23, 2014 • 77 min
Hey yo … super cool guest today on Data Stories. We have data artist Jer Thorp for a whole episode on Data Art and Visualization. We managed to catch him before he leaves for a deep dive in a submarine next week. Jer is former artist in residence at New…
035 | Visual Storytelling w/ Alberto Cairo and Robert Kosara
Apr 16, 2014 • 78 min
Hi all, Hot topic today! We invited Alberto Cairo and Robert Kosara to discuss the role of storytelling in visualization. What is storytelling? Is all visualization storytelling? Should we always strive for telling a story? How does storytelling match…
034 | Data journalism w/ Simon Rogers
Mar 24, 2014 • 48 min
[Thanks to our audio editor Nathan Griffiths ( for taking care of this episode] Hi everyone! After a long while … we have a real British voice on the show again! In this episode we have the pleasure to host data journalist…
033 | HelpMeViz w/ Jon Schwabish
Mar 3, 2014 • 61 min
Hi Everyone! We have Jon Schwabish on the show in this episode. Jon is an economist who specializes in data visualization for politics and economics. You can see some of his work in the blog he writes called Policyviz. We invited him to talk about his…
032 | High Density Infographics and Data Drawing w/ Giorgia Lupi
Feb 17, 2014 • 57 min
We have Giorgia Lupi from Accurat on the show with us this time in our first real face-to-face episode ever — yes Moritz and Enrico in the same room! Giorgia’s work, and generally the work done by her agency, has been super popular lately. You might have…
031 | Review, preview w/ Robert Kosara and Andy Kirk
Jan 24, 2014 • 79 min
Happy 2014! Here we go folks. Another year has passed. We review what was big and major trends in 2013 and what to expect in 2014. We have two old DS friends on the show to help us with the review: Andy “Visualisingdata” Kirk and Robert “Eagereyes”…
030 | The Information Flaneur w/ Marian Dörk
Dec 10, 2013 • 62 min
We have Marian Dörk on the show today to talk about the “Information Flaneur”: an approach to data visualization centered on navigating, exploring, browsing and observing data with curiosity to learn about what’s there, and to see and be surprised by new…
029 | Treemaps w/ Ben Shneiderman
Nov 15, 2013 • 64 min
We have a super guest this time on the show! Ben Shneiderman joins us to talk about his new treemap art project (beautiful treemap prints you can hang on the wall), treemaps and their history, and information visualization in general. Needless to say, we…
028 | IEEE VIS’13 Highlights w/ Robert Kosara
Oct 28, 2013 • 49 min
Hi Folks! We did it again: we have a special episode directly from IEEE VIS’13 (the premier academic conference on visualization). Enrico caught Robert Kosara and recorded almost one hour of highlights from the conference. And there is a final message for…
027 | Big Data Skepticism w/ Kate Crawford
Oct 17, 2013 • 65 min
Here we go with another great episode. This time more on the data side. We have Kate Crawford, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, on the show talking about the other face of big data. That is, after all the excitement, hype, and buzz, she is the…
026 | Visualization Beyond the Desktop w/ Petra Isenberg
Sep 9, 2013 • 58 min
We are back after a relaxing summer with a brand new episode! We have Petra Isenberg, from the Aviz team at INRIA (we’ve had other guests from the same lab in the past) to talk about visualization on non-standard devices and environments. Yes, stuff like…
025 | Visualization on Mobile & Touch Devices w/ Dominikus Baur
Jul 12, 2013 • 64 min
In this episode we talk about visualization on mobile and touch devices. How do you design visualization interfaces for these kinds of devices? How different is it to interact with your fingertips rather than with your mouse? Advantages, disadvantages,…
024 | The VAST Challenge: Visual Analytics Competitions with Synthetic Benchmark Data Sets
Jun 19, 2013 • 69 min
In this episode we talk about the VAST Challenge, a visual analytics contest organized every year. The VAST Challenge is co-located with the IEEE VIS Conference, the premier venue for academic work in visualization. The VAST Challenge has many unique…
023 | Inspiration or Plagiarism? w/ Bryan Connor and Mahir Yavuz
May 30, 2013 • 76 min
In this episode we touch upon a tricky question: where is the fine line between taking inspiration from other projects and merely copying them? We discuss with Bryan Connor from The Why Axis and Mahir Yavuz from Seed Scientific. Note: We suggest you give…
022 | NYT Graphics and D3 with Mike Bostock and Shan Carter
May 9, 2013 • 81 min
We have graphic editors Mike Bostock and Shan Carter in this dense and long episode. It’s great to finally have someone from the New York Times! We talk about many practical and more philosophical aspects of publishing interactive visualizations on the…
021 | Can visualization save the world? With Kim Rees and Jake Porway
Apr 14, 2013 • 86 min
We have two fantastic guests to talk about using visualization for the good. We have on stage: Kim Rees co-founder of Periscopic, a data visualization company guided by the motto: “do good with data,” and Jake Porway, founder of Data Kind, an organization…
020 | On Maps. With Michal Migurski.
Apr 2, 2013 • 64 min
In this episode we talk about maps and map technology — how it has evolved and revolutionized the way we think about geography. We have Michal Migurski with us! He is former technology head at Stamen and creator of multiple successful visualizations…
019 | With Santiago Ortiz
Mar 11, 2013 • 78 min
We have Santiago Ortiz with us today. Santiago has an impressive array of data visualization projects that he has been pouring out during the last year, and a very unique style. See for yourself in his portfolio website: We talk about…
018 | Happy Birthday, Data Stories!
Feb 19, 2013
One year has passed! It looks crazy that we have been doing this thing for a whole year: 18 whole episodes. Thanks a lot everyone for your encouragements and numerous comments and suggestions. And big thanks to all the people who participated! In this…
017 | Data Sculptures
Jan 29, 2013 • 70 min
In this episode we talk about Data Sculptures, also known as Physical Visualization. We invite Pierre Dragicevic and Yvonne Jansen (from the Aviz Lab at INRIA in Paris) to talk about their experiments with physical bar charts and their fantastic…
016 | What Was Big in 2012 and What Is Coming in 2013
Jan 7, 2013 • 66 min
Happy New Year Friends! We invited a few experts in a Google Hangout to discuss what was big in 2012 and what will happen in 2013. We have Andrew Vande Moere from Infosthetics, Andy Kirk from Visualisingdata and Bryan Connor from The Why Axis.
015 | With Robert Kosara
Dec 6, 2012 • 77 min
We’ve got Robert Kosara on Data Stories for this episode. Robert is the editor of, one of the most respected and well-known data visualization blogs on the Internet. He is known for his controversial and informative posts and his “academic”…
014 | Data Stories Hangout
Nov 13, 2012 • 65 min
In our first Data Stories hangout, ten people joined and more followed the stream off-line. We really enjoyed the hangout; it was a fantastic experiment full of interesting questions and comments. Among others, we had Kim Rees from Periscopic, Benjamin…
013 | from Visweek 2012
Oct 23, 2012 • 48 min
Enrico managed to grab a couple of buddies at VisWeek and record a low-fi episode with some on-the-spot comments. Andrew Vande Moere ( and Jerome Cukier joined in to have some fun and indulge in some gossiping.
012 | Alberto Cairo and “The Functional Art”
Sep 24, 2012 • 67 min
Hi, we have Alberto Cairo on the show for Episode #12! If you don’t know who Alberto is, well… it’s your fault! Check his web site first. He has a fantastic book out on Infographics and Visualization called “The Functional Art,” which can directly go in…
011 | emoto (with Stephan Thiel from Studio NAND)
Sep 13, 2012 • 66 min
In this episode we talk about emoto, the project on visualizing the sentiment of the Olympic Games in London 2012. Since Moritz was one of the principal designers and developers behind the project, we thought: “hey, why not?!” And we have a special guest!…
010 | Hand crafted data (with Stefanie Posavec)
Aug 13, 2012 • 65 min
In this episode we have the honor of talking with “data illustrator” Stefanie Posavec. Stefanie makes fascinating hand-crafted visualizations like Literary Organism and (En)tangled Word Bank. Most of her work is done by hand, like the highlighted text of…
009 | Bridging academia and industry with Danyel Fisher
Jul 13, 2012 • 75 min
In this episode we talk about bridging academia and industry. We’ve touched upon this issue many times in the past that we decided to record a whole a special issue about it. To help us, we invited Danyel Fisher, a renowned Information Visualization…
008 | Interview with Jeff Heer
Jun 28, 2012 • 76 min
We are raising the bar here! In this new episode we have Jeff Heer, Assistant Professor at Stanford and creator of 4 (!) data visualization toolkits/languages (Prefuse, Flare, Protovis, D3). Jeff is a very well regarded researcher in the area of…
007 | Color (feat. Gregor Aisch)
Jun 21, 2012 • 59 min
We talk about color, and color you know… it’s huge. To get some help we invited Gregor Aisch from Driven By Data and asked him to talk about his experience with color and his super useful library chroma.js.
006 | On Food
May 21, 2012 • 41 min
In this episode we talk about food. Food? Yes, food. Moritz recently created the Müsli Ingredient Network, a visualization of ingredient combinations in müsli, and we took this as an opportunity to talk about one of our favorite topics other than…
005 | How To Learn Data Visualization (with Andy Kirk)
Apr 24, 2012 • 70 min
We love Andy so much that we decided to keep him with us for another episode. This time we talk about how to learn visualization, which is the perfect topic for Andy given his experience teaching visualization courses and trainings.
004 | Malofiej 20 (with Andy Kirk)
Mar 30, 2012 • 69 min
We have our first guest on the show! Andy Kirk and Moritz just came back from Malofiej 20, the Infographic World Summit, and we used the chance to discuss our impressions of the event — the conference, the awards, the workshops and the general vibe.
003 | How do you evaluate visualization?
Mar 15, 2012 • 48 min
First we answer the listener questions we have received. Then we move on to the main topic: how do you evaluate visualization? After discussion some contests in episode #2, we’ve realized how key an issue evaluation is here.
002 | Visualization Contests, Marathons, Challenges, Awards, Etc.
Feb 27, 2012 • 39 min
We talk mainly about contests, awards, marathons, etc. And Mo goes on a rant at the end!
001 | Exuberant Animated Data Kitsch
Feb 14, 2012 • 44 min
In this episode we introduce Data Stories and discuss the good and bad of animated visualization