The Fat-Burning Man Show by Abel James: The Future of Health & Performance

The Fat-Burning Man Show by Abel James: The Future of Health & Performance
Abel James answers your questions and interviews thought leaders to transform your body, mind, and life with cutting-edge science and common-sense wisdom. Winner of 4 awards and #1 in Health in 8+ countries. Come join the fun:

James Lugo: How To Overcome Binge Eating & Drop Over 100 Pounds
Dec 6 • 80 min
On August 1, 2015, James began his journey to lose 100 pounds and gain his health and life back. He sent me an email last year that went straight to my heart, and I’m looking forward to him sharing more of his story with you today.
Dr. Srini Pillay: What To Do About Burnout & How To Get Away with Being Different
Nov 29 • 61 min
Do you know how the media you’re consuming is affecting your brain and mood? With a dab of neuroscience, common sense and self-expression, we can rise above the craziness we seem to find ourselves in. And returning to the show to help us get this figured…
Thanksgiving Update: Air Quality, Fun Ways to Detox, & A $13 Gadget That Could Save Your Life
Nov 22 • 40 min
Did you know that in the U.S. every single year more than 50,000 people are poisoned by carbon monoxide gas? In today’s episode, you’re going to hear simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your family.
3-Day Fasts, Dirty Seafood & Why Jumping Rope Isn’t Just for Little Girls (AMA Livestream)
Nov 15 • 79 min
In this Ask Me Anything, you’ll learn how to kick-start fat-burning, tips on getting quality sleep, how to incorporate deep breathing, why jumping rope isn’t just for little girls, and tons more.
Brian Sanders: How to Sustainably Source Food, A Unifying Theory & What Humans Are REALLY Meant to Eat
Nov 8 • 49 min
What are humans actually meant to eat? Today we’re here with my new friend, Brian Sanders. He’s here to talk about the misinformation in the world of nutrition, and what we should be doing and eating instead.
Sarah Fragoso & Dr. Brooke: Hormone Disruptors, Relieving Chronic Stress & What To Do When You Feel Hangry
Nov 1 • 56 min
Be honest, are you feeling a little stressed out these days? Things seem crazier than ever, and to help us out we’re here with Sarah Fragoso and Dr Brooke Kalanick. This is a really fun one. We get deep.
Ask Me Anything: Nutritional Self-Defense, Bad Organic Chicken & the Difference Between Low-Carb & Keto
Jun 21 • 56 min
In this Ask Me Anything, you’ll learn about the benefits of Chi Kung and other moving meditations, why it’s important to indulge every once in a while, what to look for when buying chicken, and tons more.
Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman: Why Keto Fails, Gallbladder Health & EMF Pollution from Smartphones
Jun 7 • 50 min
What’s the link between smartphone use and brain cancer? Dr. Anne Louise Gittleman is here to share some astonishing things about your gut health, the hazards of EMF pollution, and how to boost your metabolism with just a few simple tweaks.
Jennifer Iserloh: Cooking for the Seinfelds, Meditation, and Ancient Alchemy in the Kitchen
May 24 • 56 min
How’s your meditation practice going? Joining me on today’s show is Jennifer Iserloh. She’s a certified yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, and professionally trained chef, whose clients include Jerry Seinfeld, as it turns out.
Ask Me Anything: Simple Snack Strategy, Cycling Foods & What I Really Think of Clif Bars
May 10 • 62 min
I can’t believe how many people joined in to ask questions. I wasn’t able to get to all of them during the livestream, so afterwards I answered a few more which you’ll be able to hear today as we get this kicked off.
James Swanwick: How to Sleep Better & Take a Break from Alcohol
Apr 26 • 55 min
If you want good health, you’ve got to get your sleep nailed down. Artificial lights from your phone, tablet or computer can mess with sleep, as can drinking alcohol. Today’s guest was more of a social drinker who decided to take a break from alcohol, and…
Dr. Caroline Leaf: How to Handle Toxic Stress & Harness the Power of the Placebo Effect
Apr 12 • 54 min
In these crazy times when we’re more technologically connected than ever, many of us can’t help but feel separated and somewhat detached. To help us rise above the madness of today’s world, we’re here with Dr. Caroline Leaf.
Will McDonough: How to Follow Your Passions, Write Your First Book & Run Fast in your Tom Brady Years
Mar 29 • 67 min
Will is a dad of three, a runner, writer and teacher who never stops moving. And today he’s here to share with us the importance of systemization, letter writing, and getting outdoors.
Dr. Terry Wahls: Recovering from Progressive Multiple Sclerosis with Food as Medicine
Mar 15 • 56 min
Though she is at the forefront of functional medicine, what sets Dr. Wahls apart is her experience using nutrition and lifestyle interventions to treat progressive health problems and heal her own MS, and later that of others.
Bradley Bleasdale: How The Ridiculous Raw Milk Controversy Ruined Our Food Freedom
Feb 8 • 58 min
Did you know that selling raw milk is illegal in 18 U.S. states? Much of the food our grandparents took for granted is now banned in what we call the land of the free. The argument? That processed food is much healthier and safer.
Akshay Nanavati: Fearvana, One Trick To Break Any Habit & Why He’s Running Across the World
Feb 1 • 56 min
Be honest now, how many times have you avoided doing something because you were afraid? Right now, Akshay is in the middle of a self-imposed challenge to run from border-to-border of every country in the world, and today he’s here to show us what we’re…
How to Avoid Binge Eating, Beat Sugar Cravings & Outsmart Your Smartphone (Ask Me Anything)
Jan 25 • 56 min
Since we just kicked off the Wild30 Challenge, I decided to do an Ask Me Anything and see what questions are at the top of your minds as we head into a brand new year.
Dr. David Perlmutter: Grain Brain, Keto Diet Mistakes & How to Get Stem Cell Therapy for Free
Jan 18 • 61 min
It really seems like Western medicine is completely devoid of common sense. Why is that? Well to help us figure it out, today we’re here with one of the very best doctors I know, a renowned neurologist, Dr. David Perlmutter.
Dr. Alan Christianson: Metabolism Reset, Liver Health & Why You Can’t Hack a Garden
Jan 11 • 64 min
Can dieting cause you to gain weight, instead of lose it? It happens sometimes. We seem to be living in a world where each day seems to bring new science that cancels out all past assessments. Well, returning to the show this week to help us figure it all…
James Clear: How to Detox from Junk News, Internet Haters & Information Overload
Jan 4 • 63 min
In this age of information overload, your life can be filled with irrelevant or unnecessary information in an instant. And that just clouds your mind for the rest of the day. Returning to the show to help us simplify our lives at a very opportune time as…
Andrew “Spudfit” Taylor: How to Conquer Food Addiction & What Happens When You Eat Nothing But Potatoes
Dec 28, 2018 • 65 min
Today’s guest is a former junior Australian champion marathon kayaker, and also a high school P.E. teacher who embarked upon a quest to overcome food addiction, anxiety, and depression by eating only potatoes for an entire year.
Nora Gedgaudas: Primal Body Primal Mind, EMF Pollution & Living with Wild Wolves
Dec 21, 2018
What can living with wild wolves teach us about how to eat and live as humans? Well today, believe it or not, we’re here with a remarkable woman who actually lived amongst wild wolves in the Arctic Circle.
Max Lugavere: How Fasting Affects Brain Health & The Dangers of Air Pollution
Dec 14, 2018 • 57 min
When was the last time you checked how safe your air is? One of the most concerning things about breathing polluted air, is that it not only shaves years off of our lives, but it also decreases cognitive performance and actually makes us less intelligent.
Livestream Q&A: How To Burn Fat During the Holidays, Sleep Well & Accidentally Write a Book
Dec 7, 2018 • 77 min
You’re about to hear my take on beer, wine and alcohol (especially during the holidays), overeating issues, what to do when you see all the sweets at parties this time of year, how to accidentally write a book, censorship on social media, and even the…
David Smith: Transferable Skills for Athletes & How to Compete When You’re Not a Spring Chicken Anymore
Nov 30, 2018 • 63 min
Can being athletic help you be a better singer and artist? Conversely, can dancing make you a better athlete? Joining me on the show today is my good friend, Mr. David Smith.
Eliza Kingsford: Food Addiction, Eating Disorders & Why The Average American Woman Tries 61 Different Diets
Nov 23, 2018 • 58 min
Did you know that on average American women try 61 different diets over the course of their lives? Taking current trends into account, it’s predicted that by the year 2030, 85% of Americans will be overweight. To help us sort it all out, we’re here today…
JP Sears: Being Ultra Spiritual, How Social Media Controls You & Awakening to Ayahuasca Abuse
Nov 16, 2018 • 60 min
Does being ripped and having a six-pack automatically make you more spiritual? JP Sears is a comedian, satirist, YouTuber, emotional healing coach and now the author of How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority.
Ryan Lee: Healing Autoimmune Disorder with Real Food & How the Health Industry REALLY Works
Nov 9, 2018 • 62 min
Have you ever thought about why health trends come and go? Today we’re here with Mr. Ryan Lee, an author, health entrepreneur, and father of four. Ryan is going to give us an insane inside peek into how the health industry actually works in the age of the…
Arthur Haines: Risks of Drinking Tap Water & How to be a Creator Instead of a Consumer
Nov 2, 2018 • 63 min
For a lot of the health nuts out there it’s easy to obsess about nutrition, but how many people are really paying attention to what’s in the water they drink? Returning to the show today is one of my favorite guests, a wild man himself, Mr. Arthur Haines.
Livestream Q&A: Kettlebells, Carbs & What I Really Think of the Carnivore Diet
Oct 26, 2018 • 42 min
What’s the biologically appropriate diet for human? Can you chow down on steak every meal, and expect to get results? In this particular Q&A session, I answer your questions about kettlebells, good sources of carbs, protein powders, the carnivore diet and…
Mike Salguero: Grass-Fed Beef vs Feedlot Beef & What to Look Out For When Choosing Your Meats
Oct 12, 2018 • 55 min
Why is it so difficult to find high-quality, pasture-raised meats these days? It seems like we’re years into the natural-organic-pasture-raised health craze, yet it’s still a pain to find grass-fed barbecue and meats from healthy animals in general.
Shaun T: Twinsanity, How to Deal with Social Media Trolls, and… Brain Implants?
Oct 5, 2018 • 84 min
Now that we all carry cameras in our pockets, it can feel like we’re in the spotlight pretty much all the time, especially considering the new pressures of social media. And with that comes public scrutiny, and the dreaded trolls. Shaun T is back on the…
Gary Collins: The Dangers of Social Media & How to Live Off-The-Grid Like a Modern Nomad
Sep 28, 2018 • 71 min
Gary teaches people like you and me to break free of conventional wisdom to practice true health, freedom and self reliance. If you feel overwhelmed by bills, debt, or even social media, this episode is definitely for you.
Livestream Q&A: Big Keto Mistakes, How Tech is Hurting You & Drinking Beer on the Wild Diet
Sep 21, 2018 • 49 min
Can good productivity habits contribute to other good habits, like eating well and getting outdoors? Today, we have a special Q&A bonus episode where I’ll be sharing one of my favorite tools that has helped me since I was an overachieving pre-teen, and…
Dr. Michael Ruscio: How to Dodge Keto Hype and Upgrade Gut Health with Probiotics, Prebiotics & Real Food
Sep 7, 2018 • 63 min
Did you know your gut is responsible for producing about 90% of your serotonin? There’s a lot going on in that gut of yours, and today we’re here with Dr. Michael Ruscio talking about the link between your gut, your body, and your brain
Don Saladino: How to Spot Fake Experts, Using Tech for Good & How A-List Celebs Train in Real Life
Aug 31, 2018 • 65 min
What do Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson all have in common? We’re here with Don Saladino, one of the most in-demand and respected trainers in Hollywood, and he’s going to spill the beans on topics that will definitely raise some…
Chris Kresser: Functional Medicine, Our Crashing Health Care System, & Why You Should Delete Your Emails
Aug 24, 2018 • 54 min
Is our phone and technology addiction now a serious health issue? Returning to the show this week is fellow podcaster, and NTY best selling author, Mr. Chris Kresser.
Dr. Mark Hyman: What to Do about Fake Foods, Nutrient Deficiencies & Pesticides
Aug 17, 2018 • 62 min
Did you know that up to 90% of Americans are not getting enough of the nutrients that are critical for healthy functioning? To help us sort it all out, we’re here with Dr. Mark Hyman, a functional medicine practitioner.
Noelle Tarr & Stefani Ruper: Coconuts and Kettlebells, Big Problems with Keto & The Special K Diet
Aug 10, 2018 • 63 min
Were our childhood heroes, like He-Man and Captain Planet, jacked up on steroids? If you’ve ever suffered from body image issues, disordered eating or even exercising too much, this episode is for you.
William Shewfelt: How The Red Power Ranger Gets Shredded (Down to 3.8% Body Fat)
Aug 3, 2018 • 74 min
What would it be like to get down to 3.8% body fat? Today’s guest stars as the red Power Ranger on Nickelodeon’s “Power Rangers Ninja Steel” and he’s going to tell you exactly how he gets shredded for acting roles.
Sarah Ballantyne: How She Lost 120 Pounds, Why Paleo is Not a Diet, & The Science of Autoimmunity
Jul 27, 2018 • 52 min
Learn how Dr. Sarah lost 120 pounds by focusing on nutrition, why eating Paleo-ish is backed by cutting edge nutritional research, and how the immune system affects weight and health.
Chaz Branham: Ketosis, Carb Backloading, and Bodybuilding
Jul 20, 2018 • 36 min
Can you compete in a bodybuilding competition using ketosis and carb backloading? Chaz Branham entered the Texas Shredder Classic, his first bodybuilding competition, on a dare—and did ridiculously well by using a fat-based approach.
Dr David Perlmutter: Grain Brain, Eating Fat Makes You Smart, and Why (Brain) Size Matters
Jul 13, 2018 • 56 min
Dr. Perlmutter is a board-certified neurologist and author of #1 New York Times bestseller, Grain Brain. In this interview, he’s going to tell you 2 things you can do right now to actually regrow your own brain cells.
Dr. Kelly Starrett: Becoming a Supple Leopard, Hacking Human Movement, and Why YOU Move Like an Ass
Jul 6, 2018 • 44 min
Today’s show is with Dr Kelly Starrett, the man behind Mobility Wod and New York Times bestselling author of Becoming a Supple Leopard. This guy knows his stuff – you’re in for a treat.
Cliff Hodges: Wilderness Survival and How to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse
Jun 29, 2018 • 38 min
We’re on the show with Cliff Hodges, wilderness survival educator, founder of Adventure Out, and former host of NatGeo’s Remote Survival. You know the old question, “Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?” My answer—Cliff Hodges. Why…
Mat Lalonde: Why Nutrient Density Matters, Paleo Fails, & What to Eat for Dinner
Jun 22, 2018 • 53 min
In today’s show with Mat Lalonde, PhD, you’re going to learn what people do wrong when going Paleo, why nutrient density matters, and what you should eat for dinner.
Jill Miller: How to Improve Recovery, Self-Abdominal Massage, & Why She Meditates Upside-Down
Jun 15, 2018 • 46 min
Jill Miller, author of The Roll Model, is totally off her rocker. Get ready - you’re about to learn a ton about your body, your gut, and… balls. If you’ve got creaky bones, or you want to improve your performance, or maybe you just want some ironing out…
Alyson Rose: Fasting for Women, Pro Video Gaming, and Why Burst Training Rules
Jun 7, 2018 • 45 min
Before Alyson became captain of the wild kitchen, she was a professional video gamer travelling all around North America and worldwide for competitions. Now, she takes the energy she spent getting people addicted to video games to helping people realize a…
Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites on Ditching Dogma, Practical Paleo, & the 21-Day Sugar Detox
Jun 1, 2018
In today’s show, Diane Sanfilippo and I cover how to eliminate sugar cravings in 3 weeks, adrenal fatigue, fitness tips for women, why our great-grandmothers didn’t need nutrition lessons, and tons more…
Mark Divine: The Way Of The Seal, Your Best Defense & How to Win At Anything
May 25, 2018 • 51 min
Today’s show is someone you’ve seen around here before. Mark Divine is an expert around human performance when it comes to mental toughness, leadership, and being a physically ready for anything.
Shaun T: My Diet Is Better Than Yours, Butter in His Coffee, & Why He Married a Cartoon
May 18, 2018 • 51 min
Shaun T has a HUGE heart. I think he’s one of the most inspirational people in fitness. He truly cares about people and can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. And he also gives epic bro hugs.
Dr. Terry Wahls: The Wahls Protocol, How to Reverse MS & When to Question Your Doctor
May 11, 2018 • 49 min
This show features the incredibly inspiring story of Dr. Terry Wahls, a clinical professor of medicine, author, and living testament to the power of healing your body with real food. A few years ago, Terry was sentenced to a tilt-recline wheelchair with…
Jim Kwik: 10 Simple Tricks To Boost Brain Power & Upgrade Your Memory
May 5, 2018 • 52 min
This show is with a personal friend of mine who I think has the best name ever for a brain and learning expert— Jim Kwik! We’ll be talking about how you can tune up your brain, on the spot, in real time… and what it was like to hang with the entire cast…
Karly Pitman: Sugar Cravings, Eating Disorders, & How to Avoid Cookies in the Conference Room
Apr 27, 2018
In today’s show, we chat about how to confront and defuse rabid sugar cravings, what to do when you encounter a cookie in the conference room, how to come to terms with a history of eating disorders and body image issues, and the no willpower way to build…
Nick Polizzi: Sacred Science, Ayahuasca in the Amazon, & The Importance of Ceremony
Apr 20, 2018 • 58 min
Can praying over your food change the way you eat? This show with Nick Polizzi will turn your idea of alternative healing on its head.
Dr. Andrew Miles: Why We Binge on Junk (and What To Do About It)
Apr 6, 2018 • 52 min
Why do we eat when we’re not hungry? Today we’re here with Andrew Miles, award-winning doctor of oriental medicine, whose work connects traditional Chinese medicine, Western science and the future of healing.
Joshua Weissman: Slim Palate, How to Lose 100 Pounds at 17, & Why Quitting Soda is So Dang Hard
Mar 30, 2018 • 44 min
We’re here this week with one of our show-listeners, 18 year-old Joshua Weissman. Joshua is the foodie behind the delicious Paleo recipes at the blog Slim Palate and today we talk about how he lost over 100 pounds as a 17 year old!
Ron Finley: The Gangsta Gardener On How to Change a Kid’s Life with A Tomato
Mar 23, 2018 • 41 min
Can a tomato change a child’s life? “Yes,” says artist and designer Ron Finley, also known as the Gangsta Gardener. Ron planted a curbside garden in the strip of soil in front of his house in LA. The city tried to shut it down. So Ron accidentally started…
Max Lugavere: Bread Head, Preventing Alzheimer’s, & Why Sugar Makes Us Dumb
Mar 16, 2018 • 37 min
The choices you make at the kitchen table now have a marked impact on how you think, how you age, and your risk of mental dysfunction in the future. Don’t miss this one!
Dr. David Perlmutter: Intermittent Fasting, Epigenetics & What Sugar Really Does To Your Brain
Mar 9, 2018 • 56 min
Do you know what sugar really does to your brain? In this week’s show with returning guest Dr. David Perlmutter, learn how food changes your genetic code, what sugar does to your brain, and how to maintain health as you age.
The Low-Histamine Chef: Histamine Intolerance, How to Identify Problem Foods, and The Power Of Mindful Eating
Mar 2, 2018 • 41 min
Yasmina Ykelenstam worked as a journalist for CNN and BBC, diving right into combat zones and even getting shot at in a helicopter. But we’re talking about the other thing that almost killed her - her diet. Learn about the hidden epidemic of histamine…
Dr. Andrew Saul: The MegaVitamin Man, High-Dose Vitamin C, & DIY Health
Feb 23, 2018 • 53 min
On this week’s show with Dr. Andrew Saul, The MegaVitamin Man, you’ll learn how to take your health into your own hands with inexpensive, readily available, and easy-to-use vitamins.
Amy Myers: Autoimmunity, Thyroid Issues, and How to Heal Your Adrenals
Feb 16, 2018 • 32 min
We’re on the show today with Dr. Amy Myers, MD, New York Times bestselling author of The Autoimmune Solution and a leader in Functional Medicine. On this show, we dig into the causes, prevention, and healing of autoimmune issues that you might not even…
Drew Manning: Why He Gained (and Lost) 75 Pounds, Feeding Your Kids, & Intermittent Fasting
Feb 9, 2018 • 36 min
Have you ever heard of a trainer gaining 75 pounds on purpose? Drew Manning, author of bestseller Fit2Fat2Fit is here sharing his incredible experience gaining 75 pounds of flab in 6 months and then dropping it all.
Dr. Robynne Chutkan: Rewilding Your Microbiome, How to Recover from Antibiotics & High Octane Poop
Feb 2, 2018 • 46 min
Did you know that even occasional use of antibiotics, hand sanitizers, and other germ-killers can wreak havoc on your long-term health? This week, we’re here with Dr. Robynne Chutkan, a leading expert in the world of gut health.
Barry Friedman: How to Detox from Sugar, Beat Cravings & Become A World-Class Juggler
Jan 26, 2018 • 53 min
Barry Friedman, bestselling author of “I Love Me More Than Sugar,” is joining me on the show to talk about slaying your sugar monster.
Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Tom Brady’s Diet, How to Slow Aging & Fine-Tune Your Carbs
Jan 19, 2018 • 47 min
Our guest today is my friend and functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Justin Marchegiani. He experienced the shortcomings of conventional medicine first hand, beginning with his career in the surgical ward assisting with limb amputations.
Kyle Brown: How Pro’s Make Weight, The Ethics of Doping, & How NOT to Look Like Bob Saget
Jan 12, 2018 • 53 min
On this show with celebrity fitness and nutrition coach, Kyle Brown, we’ll peek into the Hollywood and elite training circles to explore doping, water-loading, and how pros really prepare for the camera.
Summer Bock: New Year’s Resolutions, Cleanses, Probiotics & The Golden Poo
Jan 5, 2018 • 44 min
We’re here with a master fermentationist, avid outdoorswoman, and good friend, Summer Bock. You’re going to learn how to upgrade your gut health with probiotics, how to properly complete a cleanse, and I’ll even share a few tips to help you with your New…
Kurt Morgan: My Diet Is Better Than Yours, The Wild Diet & Losing 87 Pounds in 14 Weeks
Dec 29, 2017 • 63 min
This is a very special episode of the show with Kurt Morgan, the 47-year old grandpa who transformed into a fat-burning beast in front of our eyes on ABC’s “My Diet Is Better Than Yours.”
Dr. Steven Eisenberg: Why He Sings Like Adam Sandler in the Oncology Ward
Dec 22, 2017 • 45 min
Dr. Steven Eisenberg, the “Singing Oncologist,” is co-founder of California’s largest medical oncology practice, and he uses the power of music to help his patients heal.
George Bryant: Food as Medicine, How to Bring Love into Your Kitchen & Paleo’s Best Recipes
Dec 15, 2017 • 41 min
Today we have a special episode with my good friend and bestselling Paleo author and Crossfit beast, George Bryant. He’s a former marine who struggled with weight and an eating disorder for twelve years before turning to the kitchen for salvation.
Sarah Fragoso: Carb-Cycling, Weight-Lifting for Women, and How to Feed Kids Fast
Dec 8, 2017 • 49 min
While we might know how to eat right and exercise, why is it so dang hard to actually DO it? Today we’re here with Sarah Fragoso, the bestselling author of 6 books, world-traveler, and mother of 3 who might have the answer.
Marc David: The Psychology of Eating, Why Calories-in-Calories-Out is Wrong, & The Importance of Pleasure
Dec 1, 2017 • 49 min
On this show with Marc David, you’re about to learn why the “calories in, calories out” model of weight loss is wrong, how your thoughts impact your nutritional metabolism, what to do before you eat your next meal.
UJ Ramdas: The Science of Gratitude, Goal-Setting & How to Hack Your Happiness
Nov 24, 2017 • 35 min
Today’s episode is with my good friend, UJ Ramdas, the co-creator of the Five Minute Journal. On this show, we’ll share little changes you can make in your life that add up to massive long-term results.
Chelsey Luger: Working Out with Rocks, Indigenous Food, & How to Play Double-Ball
Nov 17, 2017 • 36 min
Fitness trainer and holistic wellness advocate Chelsey Luger teaches the indigenous traditions that once kept tribal people in optimal health… but which have been replaced by packaged foods and cheap beer over the last century.
Dr. John Berardi: Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss, Multivitamins & How to Tell Georges St-Pierre What To Do
Nov 10, 2017 • 53 min
In this show with Dr. John Berardi, we talk about the pros and cons of intermittent fasting as a fat loss strategy, multivitamins, and tons more.
Loretta Breuning: How to Reprogram Your Brain, Quit Smoking & Make Peace with Your Inner Beast
Nov 3, 2017 • 48 min
Do you ever feel like there’s a wild animal lurking somewhere inside you? If you’ve ever been derailed by your inner monkey, this show is for you. You’ll learn how to quite bad habits and reprogram negative thought patterns, why we’re always thinking…
Dr. Noah Kaufman: How to Train Like a Ninja Warrior (Even If You’re Over 40)
Oct 20, 2017 • 35 min
Dr. Noah Kaufman, the Ninjadoc, stars on the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior. He’s going to tell us what it’s like to compete on the world’s hardest obstacle courses—and how regular people can get off the couch and start climbing, too.
Kenny Stanford: What Happens When You Quit Eating at Subway
Sep 29, 2017 • 49 min
On this show with Kenny, you’ll learn why nutrition is the most important part of fitness, how Kenny started a thriving gym on a shoestring budget, and what happens when you quit eating at Subway.
Niyi Sobo: How to Think Like A Pro Athlete
Sep 15, 2017 • 52 min
Can programing your day like an NFL pro help you reach your goals? Niyi Sobo is a former NFL running back for the New Orleans Saints. After he hung up his cleats, though, he had to create a new career.
Kat & Brent: Rock Star Couple Drops 80+ Pounds “Without Working Out”
Sep 1, 2017 • 52 min
Just 12 months after watching our TV show on ABC, Kat has shed 40 pounds, and Brent is down 47… without working out. Sounds wacky, but you’re about to learn why focusing on food and lifestyle can work so well.
Amy Clover: How To Beat Depression With A Dumbbell
Aug 11, 2017 • 37 min
Can burpees actually boost your mood? Science is now telling us that exercise can be a better healing therapy for depression than prescription medication.
Jay Cardiello: Why The Best Trainers Secretly Want to Be Fired
Jul 28, 2017 • 54 min
Back on the show this week is my friend, coach and ABC TV Co-Star, Jay Cardiello. Jay has coached pro athletes in the NFL and MLB… and he’s also trained A-List celebs including Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest and 50 Cent (no big deal).
Anna Vocino: Comedians, Cream Cheese & Cooking for Celiacs
Jul 14, 2017 • 46 min
What happens when a comedian writes a cookbook? Anna Vocino is a voice-over talent and stand-up comedian who also happens to be a celiac and cookbook author. And her cauliflower tots are out of hand.
Jack Peters: 9-Year-Old Whiz Kid Explains How Sports Make Us Smarter
Jun 30, 2017 • 34 min
You’re about to hear from a remarkable 9 year old who I met at a book signing last spring who made me feel a heck of a lot better. This fourth-grader not only read all the way through my book, The Wild Diet, but also shared a story I won’t forget.
Dr. William Davis: Undoctored, Why Health Care Stinks & Playing Xbox on a Bicycle
Jun 16, 2017 • 47 min
Health care is a weird scene at best, and a misnomer at worst. Another good excuse to eat your vegetables ladies and gentlemen. But never fear, today’s guest, mega-bestselling author and cardiologist, Dr. William Davis, is here to help us figure it all…
Vinnie Tortorich: Prince, Road Food & The Tapeworm Diet
Jun 2, 2017 • 60 min
Returning to the show this week, our guest Vinnie Tortorich, will give us a behind-the-scenes look at what really goes on in the broadcasting world, and how the life of a celebrity is often not what it seems.
Srini Pillay: Play for a Living and “Dabble” Your Way to Success
May 15, 2017 • 58 min
There are surprising benefits to getting your creative juices flowing, and today we’re here with returning guest, Dr. Srini Pillay, to dig into the inner workings of the mind and how to use tinkering to improve all areas of your life.
How Tommie Whitaker Shed 100+ Pounds WITHOUT Exercise
Apr 28, 2017 • 55 min
It’s strange but true: Tommie Whitaker has lost 108 pounds in just 13 months… without exercise. Instead, he’s rocking out in the kitchen and fueling with real food from The Wild Diet.
Dr. Terry Wahls: How to Defy Your Diagnosis and Reverse Autoimmune Disease
Apr 14, 2017 • 49 min
We’re here today with a remarkable woman and friend, Dr. Terry Wahls. She teaches others how to heal conditions commonly considered to be untreatable with cutting-edge science and a healthy dollop of good old common sense.
Robb Wolf: What’s Healthier, a Cookie or a Banana? (The Answer Will Surprise You)
Mar 31, 2017 • 58 min
On this show with research biochemist and bestselling author Robb Wolf, you’ll learn why we lose ourselves to craving donuts and chips and how to reboot your health practically for free.
Matt Riemann: 3D Printed Burgers, Epigenetics & The Future of Health
Mar 3, 2017 • 47 min
It’s ironic. We’re overloaded with “health and fitness” technology, but our collective health is worse than ever. Learn why all that is about to change on this show with Matt Riemann, a social entrepreneur in personalized health.
Jeff Chilton: How to Power-Up with Mushrooms
Feb 24, 2017 • 46 min
My guest this week, Jeff Chilton, will teach you to spot the difference between the real thing and a well-marketed, pricey placebo in a bottle and he’ll be talking about how medicinal mushrooms can improve your health and performance.
Melissa Joulwan: How to Cook Healthy Meals in 45 Minutes or Less
Feb 17, 2017 • 43 min
Is it possible to cook great meals in minutes? In this interview, Melissa Joulwan shows busy people like us how to make crazy-delicious meals without losing our minds in the kitchen.
John Gray, PhD: How to Boost Testosterone & Keep Yourself out of the Dog House
Feb 10, 2017 • 56 min
Our guest this week is Dr. John Gray, author of the mega-bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. In today’s episode, John will tell us how we can bring passion back to our relationships by restoring our hormonal balance.
Dr. Kelly Starrett: Intermittent Fasting, Breathwork & How To Squat From The Bottom-Up
Feb 3, 2017 • 52 min
On this show with Dr. Kelly Starrett, learn the surprising results of going without food, how to get results with breathwork, and why I deadlift my dog.
Danny Dreyer: ChiRunning, Ultra-Marathons & How to Run Without Your Legs
Jan 27, 2017 • 52 min
Returning to Fat-Burning Man this week is my running mentor, Danny Dreyer. Learn how to “run without your legs” and harness the principles of Tai Chi to increase your running efficiency, endurance, and speed.
Dr. Cate Shanahan: Why Kobe Bryant Drinks Bone Broth
Jan 20, 2017 • 53 min
From Gwyneth Paltrow to Kobe Bryant, big time celebs are hopping on the broth train. Not to mention, our guest this week helped Dwight Howard conquer sugar addiction. You’re about to learn how.
Tim Ferriss: Why World-Class Performers Are Flawed Creatures
Jan 6, 2017 • 68 min
Today we’re here with returning guest, Tim Ferriss, to deconstruct the most transformative habits you can learn from the top-performers in the world.
Rich Roll: How to Kick Bad Habits, Eat Your Veggies & Train to Win
Dec 30, 2016 • 52 min
Learn how to stick to your nutrition plan when you’re eating out, what alcoholism can teach us about food addiction, and why we’re obsessed with bacon.
Mark Divine: Mental Toughness, Yoga for Guys & Why Stress is a Choice
Dec 23, 2016 • 48 min
This week we have a fan-favorite with retired Navy SEAL commander and New York Times bestselling author, Mark Divine. Mark takes his deep training and expertise as a Navy SEAL and applies it to business, mental toughness, and living a better life.
Chris Kresser: Why It’s OK to Eat Ice Cream Sometimes
Dec 16, 2016 • 57 min
This week’s guest is a fellow podcaster, myth-buster, and wellness warrior, Chris Kresser. Chris is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Paleo Cure and host of the Revolution Health Radio podcast.
Gray Graham: Epigenetics, Sexual Dysfunction, & Why Cats Don’t Eat Margarine
Dec 2, 2016 • 55 min
Gray Graham has been an international consultant and teacher in the field of clinical nutrition for twenty years and Gray is also the lead author of the book Pottenger’s Prophecy, and an expert in epigenetics.
Stephan Guyenet: The Hungry Brain, Why We Overeat, and How to Beat Food Cravings
Nov 18, 2016 • 52 min
We’re here with neurobiologist and author of The Hungry Brain, Stephan Guyenet, PhD. Stephan offers a fascinating look at how evolution predisposes us to crave calorie-dense food.
Hannah Crum: Kombucha Cocktails, Fermented Foods, and SCOBYs in Space!
Nov 11, 2016 • 53 min
If you’re overweight, fatigued, or sick, it’s time to take a look at your microbiome. On this week’s show, you’ll learn how to upgrade your gut health with living foods.
Mark Dhamma: Why Fruit Juice is Fattening & The Truth about Fitness Models
Nov 4, 2016 • 49 min
We’re here with Mark Dhamma, a former fitness model who now coaches celebrities, executives, and athletes to optimize their health and mindset. Learn why you don’t need willpower to change your habits, how to tap into the power of your unconscious mind,…
Serena Wolf: The Dude Diet, Cooking for NFL Pros & Terrific Nachos
Oct 28, 2016 • 48 min
When Serena first witnessed the way her boyfriend really ate at home, she was absolutely terrified. Now she’s a trained chef who specializes in making “guy food” with healthy ingredients.
Brian Grasso & Carrie Campbell: How 1 Simple Daily Practice Transforms the Way You Think
Oct 14, 2016 • 57 min
Change is threatening, and as humans, we’re wired for negativity. On today’s show with my friends Brian and Carrie, you’ll learn a simple daily practice to transform the way you think.
Melissa Hartwig: Food Freedom Forever, Beating Addiction & The Whole30
Oct 7, 2016 • 46 min
If you could change your relationship with food in just 30 days, would you do it? Learn more in this interview with #1 best-selling author of Whole 30, Melissa Hartwig.
Dr. Amy Myers: The Thyroid Connection, Leaky Gut & How To Choose Your Vices
Sep 30, 2016 • 53 min
Dr. Amy Myers is back on Fat-Burning Man this week to make sure your thyroid, hormones, and lifestyle give you the energy and vitality you deserve.
Kenny & Roy: Wild Dessert Parties, Working out With Kids, & Recess for Grown-Ups
Sep 16, 2016 • 41 min
Roy Maynor and Kenny Stanford are two fathers and best friends who found a way to bring the play back into fitness. At their gym they created recess for grownups—an obstacle course training program that brings people together for health, fun, and dessert!
Mike Bledsoe: Ditching Snickers, Moving Meditations & Why Successful People Fail
Sep 2, 2016 • 56 min
Have you ever thought about “why” you exercise? If you’re daydreaming of Snickers bars half way through your workout… you need to listen to this show.
Richard Nikoley: Eating Well on $10 a Week, Why Flour is Fattening & The Potato Hack
Aug 12, 2016 • 61 min
Richard Nikoley is author of Free The Animal, and we’re exploring how to cook in an RV, what it’s like to live off the grid, and why you shouldn’t fear potatoes.
Emily Schromm: How To Unleash Your Inner Superhero
Aug 5, 2016 • 46 min
Learn how to skyrocket your performance, break through that plateau, and shatter your personal bests with Crossfit coach, TV star, and elite athlete, Emily Schromm.
Tero Isokauppila: Medicinal Mushrooms, The Original Biohacker, & How to Nap on a Nail Mat
Jul 29, 2016 • 45 min
Today we’re here with Tero Isokauppila of Four Sigmatic to show you how to power up with mushrooms.
Dr. Mithu Storoni: The Ketogenic Diet, Brain-Boosting Fats, & How to Avoid Low-Carb Mistakes
Jul 22, 2016 • 52 min
Today we’re here with a pioneering female scientist, Dr. Mithu Storoni, who eats a diet of 70+% fat! You’re about to learn the surprising reasons why.
Noah St. John: Why Self-Help Backfires, Reprogramming Your Brain, & The Shower That Changed Everything
Jul 15, 2016 • 46 min
We’re here with bestselling author, Noah St. John, to help reprogram your brain’s natural instincts to make success a habit. No matter what you struggle with, this show will help you break through that plateau and level-up big time.
Dr. Roger Washington: Why We Get Sick, How to Reverse Sleep Debt & The Blue Death Phenomenon
Jul 8, 2016 • 41 min
Do you know how much sleep you really need? I’m here today with sleep specialist Dr. Roger Washington, MD to help figure it out.
Ryan Hurst: How to Properly Squat, Build Functional Strength, & Finally Do a Backflip
Jun 17, 2016 • 46 min
If you want to be stronger, faster, and more energetic, this episode with Ryan Hurst is for you. Ryan is a black belt in Kendo, Judo, Shorinji, and Kempo and dedicates his life to teaching people how to move their bodies better.
Chris Wark: How He Beat Cancer and Inspired the World with Real Food
Jun 3, 2016 • 66 min
We’re going to explore the relationship between diet and cancer. Specifically, how a poor diet can lead to cancer and speed its growth, and how a clean, nutrient-dense diet could help reverse it.
Mary Shenouda: How to Eat More Fat, Dealing with Misdiagnosis, & WTF is Phat Fudge
May 27, 2016 • 47 min
This week’s guest, Mary Shenouda, The Paleo Chef, turned a misdiagnosis of cancer into a calling. She healed her laundry list of health problems with nutrition, and now she teaches professional athletes, celebrities, and other overachievers like us how to…
Dr. Srini Pillay: How to Conquer Fear, Overcome Anxiety, & Eat Bacon
May 13, 2016 • 43 min
I’m honored to be joined by my friend and resident brainiac, Dr. Srini Pillay. This show gets deep. If you want any hope of taming your squirrel brain, you’ll want to check
Elle Russ: How to Beat Food Addiction, Optimize Your Thyroid, and Boost Your Metabolism
May 6, 2016 • 55 min
If you want to know how to use food as medicine, improve thyroid function, or become fat-adapted—especially as a woman—this show is for you.
Dallas Hartwig: The Living Experiment, How Technology Hurts Us, & Why Human Connection Matters
Apr 29, 2016 • 41 min
In this show with New York Times bestselling author Dallas Hartwig we explore how to improve your brain health, reduce stress, and get your sanity back with simple hacks to your daily habits.
Mark Sisson: The Carb-Loading Myth, How to Fuel Athletics with Fat, & Advanced Heart Rate Training
Apr 22, 2016 • 46 min
Why are so many runners and endurance athletes overweight? If you’ve struggled to maintain low body fat during training (or even in your everyday life), this show is about to blow your mind.
Todd White: How to Drink Without a Hangover, Proper Dosage of Alcohol, & Biohacking Cocktails
Apr 15, 2016 • 66 min
If you want to know the truth about what’s hiding in our wine, beer, liquor, and other boozes, this show is for you. My friend (and wine guy), Todd White, is here to show us how to make hangovers a thing of the past.
Arthur Haines: The Benefits of Wild Foods, How to Wildcraft Medicine, & What Bear Tastes Like
Apr 1, 2016 • 44 min
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get your food for free… from the woods? How about your medicine? Meet my friend, Arthur. Arthur Haines is an expert in wild foods, plant medicine, and living like our ancestors.
Kamal Meattle: How to “Grow” Fresh Air, Improving Productivity with Oxygen, & Why We Fall Asleep in Meetings
Mar 25, 2016 • 24 min
You’re about to learn how one small change in your home can have a dramatic effect on your productivity, mental performance, and longevity.
Shawn Stevenson: Hack Your Sleep, How to Reverse Aging, & The Best Sleep Position
Mar 18, 2016 • 64 min
On this show with Shawn Stevenson, you’re about to learn how to upgrade your mental performance, change your genetic expression, and get rock-solid sleep.
Jay Cardiello: The No Diet Plan, How to Recover from Injury, and Why Cheetahs Never Pull A Hamstring
Mar 11, 2016 • 58 min
Do A-List celebrities struggle with the same boring challenges as the rest of us? You’re about to find out in this interview with celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello.
Jennifer Cassetta: The Strong, Safe, and Sexy Plan, TMI, & How to Be the Tiger
Mar 4, 2016 • 46 min
On this show with Jennifer Cassetta, you’re going to learn how to upgrade your mental strength, dial-in your nutrition, and kick some serious butt.
Rob Sulaver: Nutrient Timing, Bandana Training, and Why Counting Calories is Not Cool
Feb 26, 2016 • 48 min
We’re joined by uber-jacked celebrity trainer Rob Sulaver, the creator of Bandana Training and the Nutrient Timing Plan, recently featured on ABC’s My Diet Is Better Than Yours.
Dr. Pedram Shojai: The Urban Monk, How to Reverse Adrenal Burnout, and Pumpkin Pie
Feb 19, 2016 • 55 min
Today we’re joined by my good buddy, Dr. Pedram Shojai—The Urban Monk. You’re going to learn how to improve your health, happiness, and well-being using the Ancient Wisdom of the East.
Dawn Jackson Blatner: Superfood Swap, Coaching Jasmin & Tequila Shots
Jan 28, 2016 • 51 min
Today we’re here with Dawn Jackson Blatner, co-star of ABC’s My Diet Is Better Than Yours, author, and creator of The Superfood Swap. We’re pulling back the curtain to show you what happened behind the scenes of the show - you’re going to dig this one.
Drew Canole: Fat-Storing Fruit, The Ketogenic Diet & Eating to Boost Energy
Jan 15, 2016 • 48 min
Today we’re here with Drew Canole, founder of FitLife.TV. On this show, you’re going to learn why eating fruit in the morning might backfire, what happened when Drew tried a ketogenic diet, and why people who eat green vegetables look so dang good.
Gretchen Rubin: Why Low Carb Diets Work, Habit Hacking & Why You Should Get a Puppy
Jan 8, 2016 • 47 min
Today’s show is with the bestselling author, Gretchen Rubin. You may have seen her on Oprah or listened to her hit podcast, The Happiness Project. On the show, you’ll learn why low carb diets work, simple tricks to be happier, and how to hack your habits…
Dr. William Davis: Wheat Belly, Going Gluten-Free, & Why Grains Cause Heart Disease
Dec 4, 2015 • 62 min
After witnessing over 2,000 patients regain their health after giving up wheat, Dr. William Davis reached the disturbing conclusion that wheat is the single largest contributor to the nationwide obesity epidemic—and its elimination is key to dramatic…
Denise Minger: Raw Vegan Vs. Paleo, Ditching Dietary Dogma, and How to Spot a Fraud
Nov 27, 2015 • 54 min
In this episode with Denise Minger you’re going to learn why conventional wisdom about nutrition is hogwash, why some women gain weight on the Paleo Diet, and how to spot a fraud in the nutrition world.
Steve Kamb: How to Party without Getting Fat, Yoga for Nerds & Beating Your Personal Bests
Nov 20, 2015 • 51 min
We’re here with one of my greatest allies in the fitness world, Mr. Steve Kamb, the raving lunatic behind Nerd Fitness. Among other things, we’re talking about how to beat your personal bests, how to be smart about drinking booze, and why it’s important…
Abel James: How to Upgrade Your Brain with Music, Beat Stress & Rock Your Life
Nov 13, 2015 • 44 min
In this show, my wife Alyson is interviewing me about how to upgrade your brain, the relationship between music and testosterone, how to get a full-brain workout, and tons more.
Denny Hemingson: How to Feel 15 Years Younger, Working Out with the Tim McGraw Band & Swamp Thing
Nov 6, 2015 • 45 min
In this show, you’ll learn how Denny lost 46 pounds while on tour with Tim McGraw, quick tricks to eat clean on the road, how to get a high-intensity workout in a parking lot, how to reduce anxiety and stress with meditation, and more.
CJ Hunt: The Perfect Human Diet, The Evolution of Paleo, & Why You Shouldn’t Trust the News
Oct 2, 2015 • 57 min
This week we’re here with CJ Hunt, the man behind the hit documentary, The Perfect Human Diet. Among other things, you’re going to learn why you should NOT get your health information from the news, how the media machine tries to confuse us, and why…
Tawnee Prazak: High Fat Endurance Training, Keto-Adaptation, & The Danger of Being Too Lean
Sep 25, 2015 • 48 min
This week’s show is with Tawnee Prazak, a holistic endurance coach who specializes in optimizing your health and your performance at the same time. You’re about to learn how to become fat-adapted for endurance sports, how to reduce cortisol and avoid…
James Wilson: Debunking Training Myths, Injury Prevention, & How to Move Like a Human
Sep 18, 2015 • 43 min
On this week’s show, we’re here with James Wilson, an expert mountain bike trainer and we’ll be talking about how to move like a human, injury prevention, and how to dodge salesmen at the bike shop.
Dr. Tom O’Bryan: How to Avoid Hidden Gluten, Autoimmune Disease, & Healing Leaky Gut
Sep 11, 2015 • 49 min
This week we’re here with my friend Dr. Tom O’Bryan, and among other things, you’re going to learn about hidden sources of gluten in your diet, autoimmune disease, and how to properly order at a restaurant without sacrificing your health.
Jimmy Moore: The Ketogenic Cookbook, Electrolytes on Keto & How Many Carbs Are Right for You
Sep 4, 2015 • 42 min
This week, we’re hanging out with Jimmy Moore talking about losing over 100 pounds by eating almost 100% fat. For those of you who are interested in ketosis—and I know that’s a lot of you given the questions I’ve been getting from you lately—don’t miss…
Gunnar Lovelace: Thrive Market, Eating on a Budget, & How to Hack Sleep When You’re Stressed
Aug 28, 2015 • 43 min
This week’s show is with Gunnar Lovelace, the CEO of the online shopping club Thrive Market. Like many listeners and readers, Gunnar is a productivity beast, sometimes working 18 hours a day leading one of the hottest health companies of 2015.
Jackie Warner: Why Exercise is Like a Drug, Fat-Burning Foods, and the Key to Anti-Aging
Aug 14, 2015 • 48 min
Jackie Warner is a celebrity trainer best known as the star of Bravo’s “Thintervention” and “Workout.” Her new book, Why You’re Sick and Tired, is taking the health community by storm. You don’t want to miss this one—we’re digging into the food industry,…
Nicolas Cole: The Truth about Fitness Models, Celiac Disease, & Tips for Hard-Gainers
Aug 7, 2015 • 44 min
Nicolas Cole went from a scrawny, unhealthy, 100-pound teen struggling with Celiac disease to a jacked 170-lbs physique model. Nicolas has been on the show before, and he’s back answering your questions about the ever elusive subject: how to gain muscle…
Kevin Gianni: Vegans vs. Meat-Eaters, Hidden Lead in Health Food, & The All-Yogurt Diet
Jul 3, 2015 • 43 min
After years of research, Kevin and his wife Annmarie were surprised and horrified about the harmful chemicals that are added into most skin care products— and the negative effects they have in and on the body.
John Moody: Cutting Edge Sustainable Farming & The Destructive Power Of Food Marketing
Jun 26, 2015 • 38 min
John and his family live on a 35-acre sustainable farm, where they cultivate new methods to raise wholesome foods. He’s a food rights advocate and educator, and he’s got a lot of shocking information about how our food culture changed— and how we can work…
John Kiefer: Trashing Paleo, Ketogenic Diet Mistakes, & Why It’s Good to Be Wrong
Jun 12, 2015 • 44 min
This week we have John Kiefer returning to the show. Brace yourself for this podcast, because Kiefer’s ruffling feathers— especially in the Paleo community. He’s been trashing Paleo on his blog recently… hold on, you’ll find out why.
Dr. Perlmutter: Brain Maker, Fecal Transplants, and How to Heal Your Gut with Real Food
Jun 5, 2015 • 55 min
It’s my pleasure to have Dr. David Perlmutter on the show again— the author of the number one book in America on brain health after being out for just six days on Amazon. His cutting-edge new book, Brain Maker, essentially validates Dr. Perlmutter’s other…
Michelle Tam: How to Feed Your Kids, Hack The Night Shift, & Learn to Love Eating The Whole Animal
May 22, 2015 • 38 min
Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo is awesome—so awesome, in fact, that she actually has her own action figure! It even comes with a little pan of fried eggs and bacon… It’s seriously the best thing I’ve ever seen. On this week’s show we talk about how to feed…
Dave Asprey: Problems With Ketosis, Getting Kids to Eat Healthy, and Carb Timing For Sustained Fat-Burning
May 15, 2015 • 49 min
In this week’s episode we are joined by leader in the bio-hacking movement Dave Asprey. We’re digging into the problems with ketosis—and what to do about them. Plus, how to easily feed your kids properly (yes, kids can like sushi and sardines), and the…
Tucker Max: Increasing Your Charisma, Finding The Perfect Mate, and How Learning to Cook Will Transform Your Life
May 10, 2015 • 31 min
Tucker is the New York Times bestselling author of the somewhat controversial and always entertaining book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell—which sold over 2 million copies and made the New York Times Top 100 Most Influential Books list in 2009.
Tim Ferriss: What Ketosis Does to Your Brain, Why He’s Not Doing Crossfit, and How to “Evaluate” Your Husband
May 4, 2015 • 43 min
Tim Ferriss, the bestselling author of The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body, and The 4-Hour Chef returns to Fat-Burning Man this week to discuss what Ketosis does to your brain, why he’s not doing crossfit, and how to “evaluate” your husband.
Danny Dreyer: Mindful Exercise, The Importance of Breathing, and Hitting Your Reset Button
Apr 24, 2015 • 45 min
Danny’s approach to training athletes does not involve pushing harder and harder until you reach a breaking point. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Through Chi Running, Danny trains athletes to run and move in such a fluid way that you are going to go…
The Wild Diet: Honor Your Natural Rhythms, Enjoy Real Food, and Reclaim Your Health
Apr 16, 2015 • 20 min
This is a special bonus episode of the Fat-Burning Man show. It’s just me with my book and a mic. Different, right? Here’s what’s up— I’ve gotten a lot of questions recently from people who keep up with the blog and the show about what exactly is The Wild…
Mark Divine: Beating Stress, Warriors Yoga and Getting Comfortable With Discomfort
Mar 27, 2015 • 48 min
The creator of SEALFIT and bestselling author, Mark Divine, is capable of nearly superhuman feats… and he’s here on the show with me today talking about some really deep stuff, including the difference between a Master and a thug and why it’s important to…
Raw + Paleo For Your Dog, Why Cooking Can Change Your Perspective, And Using Food To Overcome Limiting Beliefs
Mar 20, 2015 • 38 min
George Bryant and I start out talking dog food, and end up figuring out the key to life. From the “doing” to the “being,” you don’t want to miss out on this talk with my good friend and partner in crime.
Vinnie Tortorich: The Truth About Ketosis, Health Podcasting And Why He Is So Darn Angry
Mar 9, 2015 • 44 min
Vinnie Tortorich is a piece of work. Always a lively and interesting conversation, this time we’re catching up about the world of health podcasting, new books, hiking 14 hours on bacon and eggs, and athletes who accomplish great feats while in ketosis.
Dr. Alan Christianson: The Adrenal-Reset Diet
Feb 17, 2015 • 25 min
I’m happy to say I’m finally back on the radar after a media hiatus (many months to finish the book, hang with family, record a new album in Nashville, travel the world, and live in the woods). This is the first new show in many months, and it’s a special…
Mark Sisson: The Primal Connection, Facebook, and Why You Should Play in the Dirt
Oct 12, 2014 • 89 min
Todays’ show is with the bestselling author of The Primal Blueprint, creator of Mark’s Daily Apple, and the Grokmeister himself, Mark Sisson. Since he last appeared on the show, Mark has published his follow-up to The Primal Blueprint, an excellent read…
Dave Asprey: Bulletproof Diet, Smart Drugs, and Guacamole
Sep 26, 2014 • 50 min
Today we have a throwback episode in preparation for the Bulletproof Conference this weekend in San Francisco. Back again is the king of biohacking, Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive. Bulletproof coffee has blown up, Dave’s churned out a few more…
Nina Teicholz: Our Country’s Sordid Relationship with Saturated Fats
Sep 12, 2014 • 44 min
Check out this week’s episode with Nina Teicholz to find out the truth about our country’s misguided conception that eating delicious butter, beef, and cheese would make us fat and give us heart attacks.
Dr. Trevor Cates: The Spa Doctor’s Secret To Feeling Smart, Sexy, and Strong
Aug 29, 2014 • 39 min
If you’re interested about learning how to age gracefully, you’re going to enjoy listening to this week’s Fat-Burning Man Show podcast with Dr. Trevor Cates.
Dr. Josh Axe: The Truth about Stevia and ​How to Eat for Performance​
Aug 16, 2014 • 36 min
Do you want to lose weight, get healthy, improve your athletic performance, or need help healing from a chronic disease? On this week’s Fat Burning Man Show, Dr. Josh Axe will give you three basic tips on how to achieve your goals using relaxation, diet,…
Michael Lovitch: Supplement Shams, The Dr. Oz Effect, & The Future of Custom Formulas
Aug 8, 2014 • 51 min
This week, Michael Lovitch joins me to talk about REAL supplements, how to avoid sham supplement companies, and much more. If you’re interested in finding out more about who you can trust in the supplement industry, this episode will be right up your…
Daniel Vitalis: Rewilding, Domesticated Homsapians, & How Civilization Became a Feed Lot
Aug 1, 2014 • 52 min
If you’re sick of feeling tired, ill, fat, stressed, or disconnected, you may just need to get wild! My guest on this week’s Fat-Burning Man Show is health, nutrition, and personal development strategist Daniel Vitalis–and we’re learning how to live like…
Dr. William Pawluk: Beat Electronic Pollution, The Power of Electromagnetic Healing, & How to Rebalance Your Brain
Jul 25, 2014 • 42 min
You may have seen Dr. Pawluk on the Dr. Oz show, or perhaps heard him on the radio. He’s an international expert in the use of electromagnetic fields for health and healing and a board certified physician.
Gary Collins: Ex-FDA Agent Exposes Overnight Health Experts & What’s Really in Your Supplements
Jul 18, 2014 • 58 min
Gary Collins was a special agent for the FDA. Now, he’s a ruthless consumer watchdog. In this week’s episode, Gary pulls back the curtain and shares information that just may be keeping you from having a lean and healthy body…
Amy Clover: How Amy Beat Depression With A Dumbbell (and How You Can, Too)
Jul 11, 2014 • 37 min
In this week’s podcast, you’ll hear about Amy Clover’s journey to better mental and physical health through food and exercise. This is a powerful story about a topic that concerns everyone, and I encourage everyone to listen in.
Kevin Johnson: Floating – Reboot Your Brain, Increase Creativity, and Explore Consciousness
Jul 3, 2014 • 50 min
In this weeks podcast, you’ll hear about the myriad of ways that floating can beneficially change your brain and your body. If you’re curious about floating, or don’t know what it is, give this show a listen and see what it’s all about!
The Wild Diet Success Story: The Tim McGraw Band Before and After
Jun 25, 2014 • 55 min
This week, we have an exciting episode with Denny Hemingson, lead guitarist from the Tim McGraw Band, to catch up again and see how a year of the Wild Diet has changed his life! We also got to meet up with the Band and see their pre-concert workout…
David Gottfried: The Explosion Green and Creating a Sustainable Home
Jun 20, 2014 • 37 min
David Gottfried is considered the father of the green movement, having founded the Green Building Council in 1993. You may have seen the “LEED” plaque on the side of a building? That’s the green rating system that David helped develop.
George Bryant: The Dirty Work of Creating a Cookbook, How to Bring Love Into Your Kitchen, & Paleo’s Best Recipes
Jun 13, 2014 • 38 min
George is the man behind the Civilized Cavemen Cooking blog, and has just released a brand new cookbook called Paleo Kitchen. In this week’s show George takes us behind the scenes and find out what it really takes to create a world-class cookbook…
Dr. Jeff Spencer: Fear is Your Friend, Why Recovery is Vital, & What All High Achievers Have in Common
May 30, 2014 • 37 min
As a former Olympian, team member of eight Tours de France, renowned chiropractor, international lecturer, and life coach to the Stars, Dr. Spencer knows what it takes to overcome obstacles, create and execute plans, and achieve stardom.
Liz Wolfe: Why Dieting Steals Happiness, The Challenges of Homesteading, & Thoughtful Omnivorism
May 23, 2014 • 36 min
Liz Wolfe is a nutritional therapy practitioner certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association, blogger at CaveGirlEats (now, and is the author of the new book, Eat the Yolks. She’s also a real-food cook and amateur homesteader raising…
Chris Masterjohn: Good Fats vs. Bad Fats, 3 Key Fat-Soluble Vitamins, & Why Some Inflammation is Good
May 16, 2014 • 47 min
Today’s guest on The Fat-Burning Man Show is Chris Masterjohn. A self-proclaimed “recovering vegan,” Chris has a h.D. in Nutritional Science and is a frequent contributor to the Weston A. Price Foundation journal, Wise Traditions. Chris is a sought-after…
Dr. Joel Fuhrman: How Diets can Hurt You, How to Live Longer, & Where Paleo is Wrong
May 9, 2014 • 43 min
My guest this week, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, is a family physician, NYTimes best-selling author, and nutritional researcher with a focus on reversing disease naturally using nourishing foods. More importantly, Dr. Fuhrman is a former professional figure skater!…
Shawn Stevenson: Reversing a Spinal Disease, Medicinal Fat-Burning Tea, & Body-Fat Shedding Secrets
May 2, 2014 • 53 min
My guest this week, Shawn Stevenson is a Professional Nutritionist specializing in biochemistry and kinesiology who reversed an incurable degenerative spinal disease, and shares his speed “shredding” secrets to lose body-fast as quickly as possible.
Dr. Janae Devika: Why Food Heals Better Than Drugs, and How to Trick Your Family Into Eating Veggies
Apr 25, 2014 • 40 min
On today’s show, we have Dr. Janae Devika. Janae is a Family Nurse Practitioner whose main focus is integrative healing and medical nutrition. Practicing the healing arts for over 16 years, Janae is an experienced herbalist, massage therapist, health and…
Ari Meisel: The Art of Less Doing, How to Beat an Unbeatable Disease, and Why You Should Never Do an Errand Again
Apr 18, 2014 • 38 min
Today’s Show is with Ari Meisel on the art of less doing, how to beat an unbeatable disease, and why you should never do an errand again. Suffering from seemingly incurable Crohn’s disease, Ari took his health into his own hands…
Dr. Sara Gottfried: How to Hack Your Cortisol, When Low-Carb Can Make You Fat and Hormone Mastery
Apr 11, 2014 • 39 min
On today’s Fat-Burning Man Show, we have a returning guest expert Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of The Hormone Cure. On this show, Dr. Sara talks about carbs! Why low-carb can sometimes be too low, and why most of the fatloss information out there is wrong.
Jordan Harbinger: The Art of Charm, Sex Differences, and Why You Don’t Want the Perfect Body
Apr 4, 2014 • 54 min
Jordan Harbinger is the man behind The Art of Charm podcast and blog of the same name. Jordan teaches men to get and “keep the girl” by overcoming insecurities, building confidence, and challenging old beliefs. What does all this have to do with healthy…
U.J. Ramdas: The 5-Minute Journal, Goal Setting Secrets, & How to Hack Your Happiness Setpoint
Mar 27, 2014 • 32 min
U.J. Ramdas is the co-creator of The Five Minute Journal and Intelligent Change where he creates cool products that make people happier. U.J. is a big fan of the wilderness, eastern meditative practices, and a good cup of tea.
Young and Raw: 14-Day Juice Challenge, Insulin Spikes, & Secret Superfoods in Abel’s Cupboard
Mar 20, 2014 • 35 min
This week I am excited to welcome Sheleana and Caleb, co-founders of Young And Raw and partners in the new, now #1 app 14 Day Juice Challenge. This awesome duo shares the healing and cleansing benefits of raw and whole foods.
Alex Jamieson: Super Size Me Anniversary, 10 Years As A Vegan, And How Not To Be A Food-Freak
Mar 13, 2014 • 39 min
This week I am pleased to welcome Alex Jamieson. She is one of the co-stars behind the classic documentary “Super Size Me!” and if you haven’t seen it yet, well let’s just say you are WAY behind the times!
Pedram Shojai: The Health Bridge, Who Not to Trust, and How to Pick Your Friends
Mar 6, 2014 • 41 min
This week’s show is with my dear friend Pedram Shojai. Pedram, a wellness consultant and lecturer, is a practicing acupuncturist with a strong background in the Chinese martial and healing arts, among so many other things.
Stefani Ruper: Sexy By Nature, How to Instantly Become More Attractive and Go-Go Dancing
Feb 27, 2014 • 47 min
I am pleased to welcome back this week a returning guest, Stefani Ruper. Stef is the tell-it-like-it-is voice behind and she has recently released her first book “Sexy By Nature.”
Denise Minger: Death By Food Pyramid, Women Who Gain Weight on Paleo, and How to Spot a Fraud
Feb 15, 2014 • 50 min
Denise Minger is one tough cookie. As a health writer and researcher, she has zero patience for dietary dogma and does one heck of a job at beating the tar out of conventional wisdom.
Dr. Steven Masley: 30 Day Heart Tune-Up, How to Increase Brain Speed, and Treating ED Without Drugs
Feb 5, 2014 • 47 min
This week Dr Steven Masley, author of the “30 Day Heart Tune-Up,” joins us on the show. His energy is infectious! You just wait.
John Kiefer: Carb Backloading, Insulin Hacking, and Dropping 100 Pounds with Ice Cream
Jan 16, 2014 • 54 min
This week we’re joined by John Keifer, a supergeek and cutting-edge researcher who teaches people how to eat cheesecake and drop fat through what he calls “carb backloading.”
David King: Why Personal Trainers Don’t Get Results, Fruit Makes You Fat, and How Many Carbs You Really Need
Jan 9, 2014 • 48 min
This week we’re joined by David King, an author, fellow former management consultant, and Austin’s #1 Personal Trainer. With more than a decade of experience changing people’s lives, David’s show is a must-listen if you want fat loss advice or some tips…
Jonathan Bailor: The Calorie Myth, Eating on the Run, and What You’ll Never Hear on National Television
Jan 3, 2014 • 48 min
Today’s episode is with my good buddy, Jonathan Bailor, author of the international best-selling book The Calorie Myth. This week marks The Fat-Burning Man Show’s 100th episode! You might not be aware that iTunes only posts my most recent 40 shows, but…
Chris Kresser: Your Personal Paleo Code, Top 5 Myths in Health, and Why It’s OK to Eat Ice Cream
Dec 12, 2013 • 55 min
This week’s guest is a fellow podcaster, myth-buster, and wellness warrior, Chris Kresser. Chris runs his incredibly popular blog by the same name, and is also the author of the brand spankin’ new book “Your Personal Paleo Code,” which will be released on…
Lierre Keith: The Vegetarian Myth, How Agriculture Made Us Sick, and How to Save the World
Dec 5, 2013 • 56 min
This week’s show is with a woman who is truly changing the world, Lierre Keith. Lierre is a farmer, activist, and author of “The Vegetarian Myth. Lierre shares her journey of transitioning to an Ancestral approach to eating and living after decades as a…
Alyson Bridge: Gluten-Free Desserts, WCG Ultimate Gamer, and How to Survive the Holidays without Getting a Santa Belly
Nov 29, 2013 • 42 min
Today’s show is with my lovely lady (and now a bestselling app author), Alyson Bridge. Alyson is the author of Gluten-Free Desserts, one of the top professional female gamers in the world, former reality TV personality, and the queen of the Fat-Burning…
George Bryant: The Paleo Kitchen, Coping with Weight Gain, and How to Recover from Injury
Nov 23, 2013 • 50 min
He’s back again! My good buddy George, from Civilized Caveman Cooking, Caveman Feast, and The Paleo Kitchen joins us this week. George opens up with brutal honesty and doesn’t let up. As usual, George and I have a ton of fun on the show. **Spoiler alert!…
Gray Graham: Pottenger’s Prophecy, Epigenetics and Why Being 100% Paleo Might Be Hurting You
Nov 15, 2013 • 52 min
What if you could completely change the way your genes are expressed, without using any crazy sci-fi, new-agey machines or drugs? Gray Graham is here to explain how you can make that happen. Gray is the lead author of “Pottenger’s Prophecy” and expert in…
Nicolas Cole: How to Gain 80 lbs. of Muscle, Celiac Disease, and Why World of Warcraft Gets you Jacked
Nov 7, 2013 • 60 min
Nicolas Cole is a nonfiction writer, former-weakling-turned-fitness-model, and a loyal listener of The Fat-Burning Man Show. He’s one heck of a dude with incredible insight and perspective to share with you. Cole, as he’s called, spent the first 18 years…
Lewis Howes: How to Lose 28 pounds in 28 days, Injury Recovery, and Beating Sugar Addiction
Nov 1, 2013 • 46 min
This week’s show features the host of yet another top podcast (and a genuinely awesome dude), Mr. Lewis Howes. Lewis is a lifestyle entrepreneur, former world record holder, and two sport professional athlete. He is also the voice behind the hugely…
Danny Dreyer: ChiRunning, Ultramarathon Training, And How to Run Without Your Legs
Oct 25, 2013 • 53 min
Today’s guest is Danny Dreyer, author of the bestselling book, ChiRunning. Years ago, ChiRunning played a critical role in encouraging me to question my relationship with movement and training, which ultimately snowballed into rethinking the way I ate as…
Dan Edwardes: Parkour Generations, How to Conquer Fear & Why Biceps Curls are a Waste of Time
Oct 18, 2013 • 48 min
This week we’re here with Dan Edwardes of Parkour Generations, the world’s leading professional organization for the dynamic movement discipline of parkour and free-running. Parkour Generations recently started official parkour coaching certification…
Rich Roll: Vegans vs. Paleo, Alcoholism & Food Addiction, and the Real Food Ultraman
Oct 11, 2013 • 50 min
After loads of requests from you loyal listeners, we are pleased to present Mr. Rich Roll! Rich is one of Men’s Fitness Magazine’s “Top 25 Fittest Men,” a fellow top podcaster, plant-fueled endurance athlete, and the author of the best-selling “Finding…
Denny Hemingson: Paleo in the Tim McGraw Band, Dropping 45 Pounds, and How to Stay Lean on the Road
Oct 3, 2013 • 40 min
Today is a very special episode – our guest is actually one of our listeners. Denny Hemingson e-mailed me about the great success he’s had after finding the show and living a Paleo(ish) lifestyle. The kicker? He’s the band leader for Tim McGraw. Having…
Vinnie Tortorich: Fitness Confidential, Why Exercise Doesn’t Work, and Why Jerry Seinfeld is Wrong about Breakfast
Sep 27, 2013 • 46 min
Today we have a oft-requested guest, Mr. Vinnie Tortorich. He’s Hollywood’s go-to guy for fitness and weight loss, coined as America’s Angriest Trainer. Vinnie is also the author of the terrific book Fitness Confidential, where he debunks the myths and…
Dr. Charles Livingston: Fat Loss Factor, I.F. for Beginners and To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate
Sep 20, 2013 • 40 min
We’re here today with Dr Charles Livingston, a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and the man behind Fat Loss Factor. Today Dr. Charles & I talk about: Why taking supplements every day isn’t a good idea A chiropractor’s take on why he chooses not to…
John Durant: The Paleo Manifesto, Why Great Thinkers Stand Up, and Orange-Eyed Aliens
Sep 13, 2013 • 45 min
This week’s show is with John Durant, author of “The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health,” which releases on September 17. One of the first “modern cavemen” and champions of eating Paleo, John has been spotted sprinting barefoot through…
Jill Ciciarelli: Fermented Foods, Eating With the Seasons, and Why Probiotics Rock
Sep 5, 2013 • 41 min
Jill Ciciarelli is a food lover, kitchen adventurer, and board-certified holistic-health coach. Jill blogs at First Comes Health, and her new book is entitled Fermented: A Four Season Approach to Paleo Probiotic Foods. Fermented is a must-have for both…
Jimmy Moore: Cholesterol Clarity, C-Reactive Protein, and Why You’ve Been Duped About Heart Health
Aug 30, 2013 • 50 min
Today’s episode is with the always amazing Jimmy Moore, and we chat about his brand-spankin’ new book “Cholesterol Clarity: What the HDL is Wrong With My Numbers?” Congrats Jimmy – this book is one of a kind and finally sets the record straight on what…
Ben Coomber: The Paleo Diet, Why The Perfect Body ≠ Happiness, and What it’s Like to be Fat
Aug 15, 2013 • 47 min
Ben Coomber is a performance nutritionist, coach, writer, and host of “Ben Coomber Radio” – another #1 rated health podcast on iTunes in the UK. Ben and I just kept on rolling and did a “show swap” this week. So if you enjoy this, head on over and check…
Erwan Le Corre: MovNat, the Dangers of Inefficient Practice, and Wisdom from Bruce Lee
Aug 8, 2013 • 47 min
Today’s show is with a highly-requested guest, Mr. Erwan Le Corre. Erwan is the founder of MovNat, the physical education and fitness system that’s taking the Paleo world by storm. This is a deep show. Plenty of nuggets of wisdom for you truth seekers out…
Pedram Shojai: Life as a Hunter-Gatherer, How Drug Companies Trick You, and Being Chased by Lions
Aug 1, 2013 • 49 min
It’s my distinct pleasure to present Pedram Shojai. Pedram is the CEO of Vitality Health & Wellness, as well as a doctor, author, filmmaker, and the founder and President of This is one of my favorite shows ever – please take a listen. Before we…
Dr. Alan Christianson: How to Heal Your Thyroid, Protein in the Morning, and Off-Roading on your Unicycle
Jul 25, 2013 • 39 min
On today’s show we have Dr Alan Christianson. You may have seen him on CNN, the “Today Show” or “The Doctors.” He is a specialist in the thyroid, and the author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Thyroid Disease.” As you may have heard, we just launched an…
Stacy & Matt, The Paleo Parents: Beyond Bacon, Raising Healthy Cave-Kids, and How Lard Can Make You Lean
Jul 20, 2013 • 47 min
Today on the show we have Matt & Stacy, The Paleo Parents, who just released their masterpiece “Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog.” When I say it’s one of the weirdest cookbooks I’ve ever seen, I mean it as the ultimate compliment.…
JJ Virgin: “The Virgin Diet,” Why Extended Cardio Stinks, and The Secret to Looking 30 for the Rest of Your Life
Jul 12, 2013 • 44 min
Today’s very special guest is JJ Virgin, the bestselling author of The Virgin Diet. JJ has helped many thousands of people lose weight by addressing food allergies, food sensitivities and other food intolerances. Before we get to the show, I wanted to…
Alisa Vitti: Adrenal Fatigue, Reversing Low Libido, and What Men Should REALLY Know About Women
Jul 5, 2013 • 42 min
So on today’s show I talk with Alisa Vitti, the best selling author of The Woman Code. She is also the founder of, a virtual health center that supports women’s hormonal and reproductive health. You may know her best though, from recently…
Jonathan Bailor: Why Calories Don’t Matter, How Chocolate = Huge Muscles, and Why You Should Eat More and Exercise Less
Jun 27, 2013 • 31 min
Today’s show is with Jonathan Bailor, he’s a guy who definitely knows his stuff. Anyone with the credo, EAT MORE. EXERCISE LESS, is speaking straight to my heart. He is a bona fide go-getter with an impressive list of accomplishments and projects,…
Dr. Sara Gottfried: The Hormone Cure, Orgasmic Yoga, and Molecular Sex in a Nutshell
Jun 20, 2013 • 40 min
Today’s special guest is Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of The Hormone Cure, a source of endless fun, and a certified badass. This show is a good one. Before we get to that though, The Fat-Burning Chef launched last week! Thousands of you have already grabbed…
Chris Walker: Fat-Burning Chef, Living Without Testosterone, and Why You Shouldn’t OD on Smart Drugs
Jun 13, 2013 • 45 min
Today’s guest is Christopher Walker. He’s an elite tri-athlete, a brain geek (like me), a blogger, and (most importantly) a hot wing eating champion. Before we get to the show, if you haven’t already heard, we have a very special announcement. We just…
Joel Salatin: Beyond-Organic Farming, Food Policy, and Why There is POOP in Your Chicken Nuggets
Jun 6, 2013 • 42 min
I am very blessed to be here today with a guest who has been requested from all over the world, Mr. Joel Salatin. Joel is a self-described “Christian-libertarian-environmentalist-capitalist-lunatic-farmer” who produces beyond-organic meats, which are…
Dr. John Berardi: Precision Nutrition, Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss, and How to Tell Georges St. Pierre What To Do
May 31, 2013 • 48 min
Today’s episode is with one of the most knowledgable and highly-respected minds in health and fitness, John Berardi of Precision Nutrition. Bluntly, Precision Nutrition can take pretty much anyone – massively overweight or not – and get them in the best…
Steve Kamb: Nerd Fitness, the Gamification of Life, and How to Live Like James Bond
May 24, 2013 • 49 min
Today’s extra-fun show is with Steve Kamb, the guy behind, a super popular blog and fitness community. He’s helped thousands of regular people “level up their lives” as he says, all while taking epic quests around the world. Now before we…
Scott Gryzbek: Kvass, How to Make Fermented Foods, and Why Beer is Good for You
May 17, 2013 • 42 min
Today’s show is with Scott Gryzbek, the proud founder of Zukay Live Foods and the crazed alchemist behind vegetable Kvass. Scott founded Zukay to introduce the health benefits of raw, fermented vegetables back into the American diet. Onto the show. Today…
Darryl Edwards, The Fitness Explorer: Being Skinny Fat, Primal Fitness, and How to Deadlift A Human
May 3, 2013 • 43 min
Today’s special episode of the show is with my buddy Darryl Edwards, The Fitness Explorer. Darryl is a natural movement therapist, and Paleo clinical nutritionist based in London. After nearly two decades working in investment banking as a computer…
Bill & Hayley of Food Lover’s Primal Palate: Gather, A Gluten-Free Wedding, and The Cutest Dog Ever
Apr 25, 2013 • 38 min
Today we’re talking to Bill & Hayley of “The Food Lover’s Primal Palate.” The author’s of the hit cookbook “Make It Paleo” are back with a new book “Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining,” set to be released on April 30, and it looks absolutely amazing!…
Ori Hofmekler: The Warrior Diet, Intermittent Fasting, and How to Be a Bona Fide Renaissance Man
Apr 16, 2013
Ori Hofmekler is a fellow renaissance man; not only is he a world renowned artist, but he is also the author of the ground breaking Warrior Diet and many other health and fitness books. With a tagline like “Not actively surviving… is passively dying!”…
John Romaniello: Man 2.0: Engineering the Alpha, the Problems with Being Skinny, and What Tucker Max Says About His Book
Apr 12, 2013
John Romaniello (better known as Roman) runs Roman Fitness Systems with a tongue-in-cheek approach to fitness. Equal parts narcissism and self-loathing, Roman writes with passion and humor, show-casing his belief that training doesn’t need to be serious,…
Yuri Elkaim: Raw Food Dieting, Where Vegans Go Wrong, and What Canadians Think of Canola
Apr 5, 2013
Today’s show is with Yuri Elkaim, a former pro soccer player, holistic nutritionist, and strength and nutrition coach. A quick shout out to all those folks who I met at Paleo f(x) this past week. It was amazing to see you guys and appreciate all the…
Mat Lalonde on Nutrient Density, Paleo Fails, and Being the Kraken
Mar 28, 2013
Mat Lalonde Ph.D (aka “The Kraken”) is a lecturer at Harvard University who specializes in chemical biology but studies human metabolism, nutritional biochemistry, health and athletic performance… for fun. This is a content-packed show – listen up!…
Chris “The Kiwi” Ashenden: Loss in a Sentence, the Pros/Cons of Supplements, and How to be Happy
Mar 22, 2013
Chris “The Kiwi” Ashenden is a native of New Zealand and an avid traveler. He’s been to over 60 countries and has a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and years of experience as a nutritionist and strength coach. Chris is a spokesperson for Athletic Greens…
Michael Fishman: Sugar Addiction, The Difference Between “Can’t” and “Don’t,” and How to Turn Down a Cookie
Mar 15, 2013
Today’s special guest is Michael Fishman. For over 20 years, Michael has been the leading advisor on marketing, positioning and strategy setting in the health, wellness and personal development categories. He has been instrumental in growing to category…
Melissa Joulwan: Well-Fed, That Pesky Thyroid, and Colossal Kitchen Fails
Mar 8, 2013
Melissa Joulwan, the author of Well-Fed, blogs at The Clothes Make The Girl about her triumphs and failures in the kitchen, the gym, and in life. In her own words she’s “on a mission to be a superfit, well-fed, dressed-to-kill, glossy-haired, rock-n-roll,…
Mira and Jayson Calton: Rich Food, Poor Food, Fat Free Fruit Juice, and Eating Green Worms
Mar 1, 2013
Mira and Jayson Calton are authors, rockstars, and some of the first guests ever on the show. So happy to have them back. During an unconventional honeymoon where they visited over 100 countries in search of knowledge regarding the relationship between…
Craig Ballantyne: Turbulence Training, Why Willpower Fails, and How to be Your Own Science Experiment
Feb 22, 2013
Craig Ballantyne is a fat loss and fitness expert who specializes in helping his clients get lean and strong with short, intense workouts. Craig’s super-popular Turbulence Training system is a targeted program that helps clients shed stubborn body fat…
Gary Taubes: Why We Get Fat, the Problem with Calories, and Why Eating Eggs Won’t Kill You
Feb 15, 2013
Gary Taubes is an award-winning science writer and the bestselling author of the groundbreaking and controversial books Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat. Gary has been a contributing correspondent for the journal Science since 1993, and has…
James Clear: Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling, and Behavior Change
Feb 8, 2013
Today’s show is with James Clear, a former All-American baseball player, avid weightlifter, and expert in behavior change. It’s a content-packed smorgasbord of geekery, so grab your notebooks and saddle-up. We cover: How you can build muscle and lose fat…
Loren Cordain: The Paleo Diet, Young Robb Wolf, and Why Saturated Fat is the Bees Knees
Feb 1, 2013
In today’s show I welcome Dr. Loren Cordain – considered by many to be the godfather of the Paleo Movement and the world’s foremost scientific authority on the evolutionary basis of diet and disease. Loren is the author of the groundbreaking, The Paleo…
Tim Ferriss: The 4-Hour Chef, Meditation, and Eating Crickets
Jan 25, 2013
Tim Ferriss is a man of many talents, as well as a 3-time New York Times bestselling author with The Four-Hour Workweek, The Four-Hour Body, and now the brand-spankin’ new Four Hour Chef. We spent most of the show goofing off, but Tim drops a ton of truth…
Leanne Ely: Saving Dinner, Part-Time Paleo, and How to Deal with Picky Children
Jan 10, 2013
Today’s show is with Leanne Ely, a New York Times bestselling author, certified nutritionist, and the creator of the Saving Dinner series. Leanne is also a bone fide expert in preparing and executing the perfect family dinner. …It’s always a pleasure…
Todd Herman: The Mental Game, Visualization, and Fraggle Rock
Jan 4, 2013
Today’s show is with Todd Herman, an expert of the mental game and coach to professional, olympic, and developing athletes all over the world. Todd’s innovative approach focuses upon confidence-building to reduce stress, avoid game distractions, conquer…
Jimmy Moore: Nutritional Ketosis, Trashing Your Scale, and the Dark Side of Protein
Dec 21, 2012
Joining us today is an author and the host of Livin’ La Vida Low Carb, the one and only Jimmy Moore. We all have something to learn from Jimmy Moore. Starting off at more than 400 pounds, he lost over 100 pounds with a low-fat, high carb,…
Paul Jaminet: Safe Starches, Fecal Transplants, and Good News for Wine Lovers
Dec 14, 2012
Today’s show is with the brilliant Paul Jaminet, author of The Perfect Health Diet and After having Paul on the show a few months ago, I was happy to touch upon some of the cheekier topics this time around, including the health…
David Garcia, How to Lose 165 Pounds and Keep Them Off
Nov 30, 2012
Today’s show is with David Garcia, the blogger behind, a protege of Richard Simmons, and one of the “slim” few who has not only lost 165 pounds but kept them off for over 2 years. And – get this – David was actually the first guest ever…
Bill and Hayley, The Food Lovers on Paleo Parties, Eating Fish Heads, and Love at First Deadlift
Nov 23, 2012
Today’s show is with inspired cooks and two amazing people, Hayley and Bill of The Food Lovers Primal Palate and authors of Make it Paleo, The 30-Day Intro to Paleo, and the soon-to-be-released Gather. In today’s show, we gab about: How to plan a…
Alyson Bridge: Gluten-Free Desserts, Weight Training for Women, and How to Eat Well on the Road
Nov 16, 2012
Today is a very special show with real life gluten-free success story, Alyson Bridge, an amazing cook and author of the just-released 50 Wholesome Gluten-Free Desserts. You listeners have asked for special episodes with real folks who have experienced…
Jeffrey Smith: Genetic Roulette, Prop 37, and Why You Should Avoid GMO’s
Nov 2, 2012
Today’s special show is with Jeffrey Smith, Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology and one of the world’s leading authorities on the health effects of genetically engineered foods. Jeffrey is a prominent speaker and author; he was recently…
Kaleigh from The Paleo Angel and George Bryant on the Dangers of Intermittent Fasting
Oct 26, 2012
Today we’re here with Kaleigh Laventure, author of The Paleo Angel, and our old friend George of Civilized Caveman. This show is fun, but it also gets real. The quest for perfect health (and a perfect body) isn’t always butterflies and fairy tales.…
Roger Dickerman: Exercise as a Stimulus, Tabatas, and Why Your iPhone is Making You Fat
Oct 12, 2012
Howdy folks, Today we’re here with a killer dude and the other half of the podcasting duo Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor, Mr. Roger Dickerman of Relentless Fitness. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Roger both at PaleoFX and AHS12 and I’m…
Dr. Lauren Noel: Food as Medicine, Why Doctors Smoke, and How to Have a Rockstar Poop
Oct 5, 2012
Hi Folks, Today we’re here with the lovely Dr. Lauren Noel, Naturopathic Doctor and host of the popular Dr. Lo Radio Show. It’s always fun to have fellow hosts on the show, and Dr. Lo rocked the house. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Lo at AHS 12 and…
Michelle and Keith Norris: PaleoFX, Effective Exercise, and Barbie Dolls
Sep 28, 2012
Today we’re here with an expert in effective exercise and man who always manages to make me look like a featherweight, Keith Norris. We’re also joined by his wife, Michelle. Keith and Michelle are the organizers behind the PaleoFX conference in Austin,…
Sean Croxton: Underground Wellness, How to Avoid Toxins, and Why You Need A Vacation
Sep 21, 2012
Today’s show is with Sean Croxton, the dropper of truth bombs, esteemed host of Underground Wellness, and author of The Dark Side of Fat Loss. Firstly, a quick note: thanks so much to those of you who grabbed my first collaboration with George Bryant,…
George Bryant: Caveman Feast Cookbook, Sous Vide, and The Perfect Turkish Get-Up
Sep 13, 2012
Today is a very special show with George Bryant, creator of Civilized Caveman and (a brand-spanking new) author of Caveman Feast. Congrats George! When I first invited George on The Fat-Burning Man Show, he convinced me to give his crock pot pulled pork a…
Dr. Colin Champ: The Caveman Doctor, Low-Carb for Health, and Eating MORE Salt
Sep 7, 2012
Today we’re here with someone you might know as The Caveman Doctor, but I’d say he’s the man with one of the most epic real doctor names ever, Dr. Colin Champ. I had the pleasure of meeting Colin at the Ancestral Health Symposium a few weeks back, and…
Paul Jaminet: The Perfect Health Diet, Safe Starches, and Intermittent Fasting
Aug 31, 2012
Today we’re here with Paul Jaminet, author of The Perfect Health Diet and the wildly-popular In this much-anticipated interview, we cover some serious ground: safe starches, intermittent fasting, the perfect diet for humans, and…
Ben Greenfield: Low-Carb Endurance Training, Supplementation for Performance, and Building Muscle
Aug 24, 2012
Today I’m pleased to present a fellow top podcaster, tireless fitness writer, elite triathlete, and a deceivingly tall man, Mr. Ben Greenfield. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Ben at the Ancestral Health Symposium a few weeks back. While it might…
Stefani Ruper: Intermittent Fasting, Paleo for Women, and Disordered Eating
Aug 17, 2012
Today we’re here with my favorite fiery feminist in the paleosphere, Stefani Rupert. Stefani’s new blog, Paleo for Women, has been causing quite a ruckus. I love a good ruckus. I was intrigued when a number of my private coaching clients sent me her post,…
The Fat-Burning Mom: Angie Bascom, ARNP on the Thyroid, Weight Loss, and Kicking Wheat
Aug 10, 2012
I am privileged to present you today with “The Fat-Burning Mom,” Angie Bascom, ARNP. In addition to interviewing bestselling authors, celebrities, and other health personalities, many of you listeners have asked for me to interview real people who are…
Abel James interviewed on the Michael Ostrolenk Show
Jul 31, 2012
Hi folks, In case you’re interested in hearing me on the other side of the microphone, I was interviewed on The Michael Ostrolenk Show. We cover: What it’s like to be a recovering vegetarian How The Fat-Burning Man Show got started The connection between…
Jim Kean, Founder of WellnessFX on Self-Optimization, The Outdoors, and Robots
Jul 27, 2012
Howdy folks, In today’s show, I’m very pleased to bring you the co-founder of WellnessFX, avid outdoorsman, and fellow Dartmouth grad, Jim Kean. Jim’s particular expertise is in human health potential, performance sports, and nutrition. He founded Sapient…
Isabel De Los Rios, Bestselling Author of “The Diet Solution” and “Beyond “Diet”
Jul 20, 2012
It’s Friday, folks, and that means I have a brand-spanking new show for you. This week I rock out with the bestselling author (to the tune of over a half million copies) of The Diet Solution Program, Isabel De Los Rios. I’d been meaning to get Isabel on…
Commander Mark Divine, Creator of SEALFIT on Mental Toughness, Kokoro, and Unbeatable Mind
Jul 13, 2012
I am excited (read: slightly intimidated) to present you today with former Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine. Mark is the founder and CEO of US Tactical, inc. which operates SEALFIT, and US CrossFit. He started his athletic career as a…
Erai Beckmann: Creator of The Future of Health Now
Jul 6, 2012
Hi all, Today’s show is with Erai Beckmann, a man who has spent over 2 years working on a project that has the potential to change a heck of a lot of lives: The Future of Health Now. In a time when the wheels are falling off our health care system,…
Drew Manning, Bestselling Author of Fit2Fat2Fit on Gaining and Losing 72 Pounds
Jun 29, 2012
Today we’re here with Drew Manning, the “crazy” trainer who wrote the New York Times bestseller, Fit2Fat2Fit. Here’s the deal. Drew had always been the ripped dude with the six pack. He lived in the gym, ate clean foods, and had a reasonably easy time…
Dr. William Davis, Author of New York Times Bestseller, “Wheat Belly”
Jun 22, 2012
Howdy folks, Very excited to present you today with the much-anticipated interview with Dr. William Davis of Wheat Belly fame. Doc’s grain-busting manifesto has sat atop the New York Times bestseller charts for what must be a truly an alarming amount of…
Tom Naughton, Comedian, Filmmaker, and the Man Behind “Fat Head”
Jun 15, 2012
Today, I’m here with filmmaker, comedian, and the man behind the #1 documentary on Hulu, “Fat Head,” Mr. Tom Naughton. With the help of key consultants Dr. Mike Eades and Gary Taubes, “Fat Head” demonstrates that it is very possible to lose weight AND…
Jon Benson, Author of Fit Over 40 and 7-Minute Muscle
Jun 8, 2012
Jon Benson is the creator and co-author of Fit Over 40 (the #2 best-selling fitness e-book in the world and co-written with Tom Venuto, no less). Jon is an internationally recognized transformation lifecoach, specializing in mental strategies for the…
Dean Dwyer: Make Shift Happen, The Paradox of Success, and Skipping
Jun 1, 2012
Back by popular demand, today’s episode of the Fat-Burning Man Show is with Mr. Dean Dwyer. My first repeat guest, Dean is a unique thought leader in our community, an unmitigated shift disturber, and a terrible juggler. Here’s proof. We stole a little…
Interview with George Bryant, Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations
May 25, 2012
Today we’re here with George Bryant, marine, skydiver, photographer, and the man behind Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations. Aside from being an extremely talented cook and photographer, George has a truly inspiring story; he shed nearly 100 pounds from…
Interview with Ashley Tudor, Author of “Sweet Potato Power”
May 18, 2012
In this show with Ashley, we’re chatting about why you might run out of gas on a low-card diet and what to do about it, how to eat around your cravings, and tons more.
Brad Pilon Interview: Intermittent Fasting (IF), “Eat Stop Eat,” and “How Much Protein”?
May 11, 2012
Today we’re here with the best-selling author of Eat Stop Eat, intermittent fasting extraordinaire, and modern day Adonis, Mr. Brad Pilon. You folks have been begging me to get him on the show for a while now, and I don’t blame you. He’s a totally cool…
Interview with Dan Pardi: Quantified Self, Quality Sleep, Paul Jaminet, and Food Spending
May 4, 2012
Today we’re here with Dan Pardi, the Dan behind Dan’s Plan is a super-cool and totally free website that I highly encourage you to check out. Had some very interesting conversations with Dan in Austin a few weeks back and was stoked to get…
Interview with Mrs. United States, Shannon Ford: Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free, and the Paleo Diet
Apr 27, 2012
In today’s show, we’re privileged to be with the reigning Mrs. United States, Shannon Ford. After she was diagnosed with Celiac disease three years ago, Shannon went gluten-free, then grain-free, and now has transitioned to a Paleo diet. Yes, even beauty…
Interview with Robb Wolf, Author of The Paleo Solution
Apr 19, 2012
Ladies and gentlemen, today we’ll be hanging out with a super cool author, podcaster, and Jiu-Jitsu master, Robb Wolf. Robb is the author of the New York Times Best-Seller, The Paleo Solution, a former research biochemist, a renowned strength and…
Mark Sisson, Author of the Primal Blueprint and Mark’s Daily Apple
Apr 13, 2012
Today I’m stoked to introduce one of my favorite authors, bloggers, and personalities, the Grokman himself, Mark Sisson. We had a blast chatting last month in Austin, and I couldn’t wait to get him on the show… Wait, You Don’t Know Who Mark Sisson is?…
Interview with Dr. Jack Kruse: Neurosurgeon, Cold Thermogenesis, and Leptin Reset
Apr 6, 2012 • 84 min
Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen… here is the much-anticipated interview with Dr. Jack Kruse: neurosurgeon, epic biohacker, cold thermogenesis guru, weight loss success story, and (in)famous Paleo rockstar. Unless you’ve been… living in a cave… you’ve…
Interview with Dave Asprey of BulletProof
Mar 28, 2012
Dave is a Silicon Valley investor, computer security expert, and entrepreneur who spent over 15 years and a quarter million dollars to hack his own biology. He increased his IQ by more than 20 points, decreased his biological age, and lost 100 pounds…
Nutrition Facts Lie… and So Does Wendy’s [video, podcast]
Mar 23, 2012
Wow, what a freaking week. PaleoFX, South by Southwest, hanging out with Mark Sisson, Jack Kruse, Dean Dwyer, Dave Asprey and others, and cool new shirts. Stay tuned, I may be collaborating with some of these folks down the road… Super exciting stuff. I…
Interview with Kevin Cottrell of PaleoFX
Mar 12, 2012
Today I’m joined by Mr. Kevin Cottrell, the organizer of PaleoFX which is starting this week in Austin, Texas. We chat about how the conference got started, Kevin’s own compelling story of how he got into eating and living Paleo (and avoided diabetes…
Dieting Makes You Fat… And CNN Screws Up the Proof
Mar 7, 2012
Recent media reports circulating around the interwebs reveal “surprising findings” in “breakthrough” research: that long-term dieting makes people gain weight. But this isn’t new or surprising, it’s just something that conventional wisdom has not yet…
Paleo 101: So What is the Paleo Diet, Anyway?
Mar 1, 2012
Paleo. Primal. Caveman. Hunter-Gatherer. Depending on whom you ask, these terms provoke dismissal, confusion, anger, or cult-like loyalty. They all boil down to the same general idea: that we should eat like spear-wielding cavemen… By now you have likely…
Paleo Diet Tips: How to Eat Paleo at the Airport
Feb 21, 2012
Leaving your perfectly-Paleo fridge and meat-freezer for a few days? Don’t freak out. Despite the fact that you’re surrounded by the sweet and sticky smells of Cinnabon, Panda Express, and worse, there are actually some decent options for eating Paleo in…
Interview with Dean Dwyer of
Feb 10, 2012
Howdy, folks! I’m stoked to have Dean Dwyer join me today. He’s a popular blogger, rising star in the Paleo world, and one heck of a cool Canadian. Dean and I were shocked to learn that we’ll be presenting together with the Goliaths of Paleo including…
Interview with Richard Nikoley of Free the Animal
Jan 29, 2012
I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite foul-mouthed bloggers (and now author), Mr. Richard Nikoley of Free the Animal. Richard is a leading voice in the paleo community and an inspiring figure to boot. A few years back, Richard tipped the…
Jimmy’s Journey Losing 180 Pounds Livin La Vida Low-Carb!
Jan 18, 2012
As Part II of my interview series that features stories of incredible people and their inspired stories, we have the one and only Jimmy Moore. Jimmy is a very busy man – he has several websites, several podcasts, several books, and is extremely active in…
How David Lost 167 Pounds…And Kept It Off! [video/podcast]
Jan 15, 2012
To kick off 2012, I am hosting an interview series that features incredible people and their inspired stories. I am honored to begin with David Garcia, a fellow blogger who has been featured on Richard Simmons’ Website, the Ellen show, and The Doctors,…
Interview with Authors of Naked Calories, Mira and Jayson Calton – Podcast
Jan 12, 2012
I had the pleasure of interviewing Mira and Jayson Calton, authors of the national best-seller, Naked Calories. Mira was kind enough to send a copy of her book and I ate it right up. Something is clearly behind the alarming increase in obesity and rapid…