Talk Ultra

Talk Ultra
Talk Ultra is an ultra running podcast by Ian Corless
133 - MDS 2017 Special w/ Elisabet Barnes and Tom Evans
Apr 20 • 159 min
This weeks show is all about the 32nd edition of the Marathon des Sables. 2017 ladies champion Elisabet Barnes co-hosts and discusses her race and we have a full and in-depth interview with top Brit and 3rd overall, Tom Evans.
132 - Karnazes Wardian Canham
Apr 6 • 157 min
Episode 132 of Talk Ultra and we talk ‘The Road To Sparta’ with Dean Karnazes. Mike Wardian tells us how difficult it is to cover 20-miles at Barkley and Janine Canham tells us about multi-day running, the Hong Kong run scene and the 9 Dragons race.
131 - Owens Meek Nijcamp
Mar 23 • 101 min
Episode 131 of Talk Ultra and we bring you an interview with TCC winner, Tom Owens. We also speak with Jo Meek who recently placed on the podium in Hong Kong at Translantau 100km. Niandi brings us a ‘one-on-one’ interview with Inge…
130 - Amdahl, Schlarb, Comet, Soria, Ladermann, Mann
Mar 11 • 203 min
We bring you audio from The Coastal Challenge with Sondre Amdahl, Jason Schlarb, Anna Comet and an in-depth chat with Cherie Soria, Dan Ladermann and ‘Coastal’ the dog. We also talk with UK based fell and mountain runner, Jim Mann.
129 - Anna Frost Fred Streatfield and James Stewart
Feb 24 • 144 min
Episode 129 of Talk Ultra brings you an in-depth interview with Anna Frost. We speak with the inspiring Fred Streatfield and we talk with the Rocky Racoon 100 winner, James Stewart.
128 - Wardian Hawks Chandra
Feb 2 • 201 min
What a show… we speak in-depth with the incredible Michael Wardian after his record breaking World Marathon Challenge. We speak to star in the making, Hayden Hawks and Niandi Carmont brings us her first female ‘one-to-one’ interview…
127 - Mario Fraioli - Stephanie Howe Violett
Jan 19 • 150 min
We have an in-depth talk with coach, Mario Fraioli. We also have chat with Stephanie Howe Violett who is back after injury, not only with a ladies’ win, but an outright victory at Bandera 100k and a slot for Western States. Niandi…
126 - Amdahl Kremer TrailsAreFreeMovie
Jan 7 • 167 min
Happy New Year! We have an interview with Stevie Kremer, we chat with Lindsey Topham about her movie, ‘The Trails Are Free’ and Sondre Amdahl tells us about racing in Hong Kong and how is preparation for The Coastal Challenge is going……
125 - Zach Miller Caroline Boller Sam Gash
Dec 19, 2016 • 214 min
Happy Christmas everyone! We have interviews with Zach Miller, Caroline Boller and Samantha Gash to spice up the end of 2016 and we also have a review of the year!Niandi Carmont is co-hosting.
124 - Everest Trail Race 2016
Dec 3, 2016 • 128 min
We bring you five interviews from the 2016 Everest Trail Race that took place in Nepal, November 2016 - Andreja Sterle Podobonik, Casey Morgan, Jennifer Hill, Tom Arnold and John Percy. In addition we bring you the news and Niandi co-hosts.
123 - Adam Campbell
Nov 18, 2016 • 60 min
This weeks show is a one interview special with Adam Campbell. On August 30th, Adam Campbell was attempting a big traverse that had never been completed in a single push before in Rogers Pass, BC. Adam was accompanied by two partners, Nick…
122 - Kostelnick - Sandes - Morgan
Nov 4, 2016 • 198 min
We have a 1-hour interview with Pete Kostelnick all about his amazing, record breaking run across the USA. Ryan Sandes talks Raid de la Reunion and Casey Morgan talks about Madeira’s EcoTrail Funchal and the Everest Trail Race. The show is co-hosted…
121 - ELS2900 and Big Red Run
Oct 21, 2016 • 191 min
We speak with Matt Lefort, race director for the super tough and challenging ELS2900 which takes place in Andorra. Niandi brings us a selection of audio from the 2016 Big Red Run which took place in Australia and Ian is interviewed by a Portuguese…
120 - Alex Nichols - Emelie Forsberg - Jasmin Paris
Oct 7, 2016 • 166 min
Alex Nichols tells us all about his first 100-miler and how how he won it! Emelie Forsberg tells us about her return to Kima and finding solace and new skills in India. Jasmin Paris is on fire and we sum up an incredible 2016 and ‘another’ round…
119 - Speedgoat and the AT, Pipp and Richard at Superior 100
Sep 22, 2016 • 192 min
We have a 1-hour special interview with Speedgoat Karl Meltzer on his incredible record breaking FKT on the AT. We also have interviews with the male and female winners of the Superior 100, Mallory Richard and Frank Pipp.
118 - Jo Meek and Damian Hall
Sep 2, 2016 • 148 min
This week is going to be a short and sharp show… it’s all about the UTMB races and Trofeo Kima. We have interviews with Jo Meek who placed 2nd lady at the CCC and Damian Hall who placed 19th in the UTMB and recently completed a ‘FKT’ on…
117 - Martin-Consani, Albon, Yelling
Aug 18, 2016 • 191 min
Episode 117 of Talk Ultra and it’s a packed show. We talk with Jonathan Albon who last year won the Tromso SkyRace and this year placed 2nd. Debbie Martin-Consani talks about running long and her recent CR at the North Downs Way 100 in the UK….
116 - Beth Pascall and Donnie Campbell
Aug 4, 2016 • 121 min
We speak with Beth Pascall who obliterated the female record at the UK’s Lakeland 100 and placed 4th overall in the process. We also speak with Donnie Campbell who won the Lakes Sky Ultra. We have the news, results and Niandi Carmont co-hosts…
115 - Jason Schlarb, Speedgoat Karl, Elisabet Barnes
Jul 21, 2016 • 197 min
We have an interview with Hardrock 100 winner, Jason Schlarb. We also speak with Elisabet Barnes about her Richtersveld Transfrontier Wildrun and Big Red Run double. Speedboat Karl joins us and tells us all about his up and coming FKT on the…
114 - Kaci Lickteig, Jim Walmsley, Joanna Williams
Jul 7, 2016 • 194 min
We have two interviews from Western States - Ladies champion Kaci Lickteig and the incredible Jim Walmsley who looked to break all WSER records only to go off course at 92 miles. We also speak with Joanna Williams, the outright winner from South…
113 - Cape Wrath Ultra and Northern Traverse
Jun 10, 2016 • 286 min
We have a show with a selection of audio from participants who took part in the 8-day, 400km Cape Wrath Ultra (Ita Marzotto, Jenny Davis, Louise Watson, Luke Robertson, Richard Beard and Ted Kristensson)and the 190-mile, single stage, Northern…
112 - Nicky Spinks, Emelie Forsberg, The Jeff’s
May 26, 2016 • 149 min
We speak with Nicky Spinks about that incredible DOUBLE Bob Graham Round. Emelie Forsberg joins us to tell us all about her injury, how she feels and when (we hope) she will be back and we speak to ‘The Jeff’s’ - an inspiring husband and…
111 - Vargo, Shay, Nilsson
May 16, 2016 • 182 min
It’s all about Transvulcania. We speak with Chris Vargo who placed 5th, Alicia Shay who placed 4th and Ida Nilsson who blasted around the course to take the ladies victory. We have the news, a chat with Holly Rush and Speedgoat Karl is back
110 - MDS Special and Jasmin Paris
Apr 29, 2016 • 237 min
This weeks show is a Marathon des Sables special with a load of great content from the Bivouac by Niandi Carmont and then a series of post race interviews with Sondre Amdahl, Elisabet Barnes and Elinor Evans. If that wasn’t enough, we have an…
109 - Ray Zahab, Mina Guli
Apr 14, 2016 • 187 min
We speak with inspiring adventurer and I2P ambassador Ray Zahab about his amazing Antarctica 2 Atacama expedition. We also speak with an amazing Australian lady, Mina Guli, who ran 40-marathons across 7 deserts on 7 continents in 7…
108 - Schlarb, Hermansen, Navesey
Apr 1, 2016 • 207 min
We speak with 2016 Transgrancanaria champion, Didrik Hermansen. We have a chat with Brit Paul Navesy about winning the 100km Anglo Celtic Plate and Jason Schlarb gives us the lowdown of skiing the Hardrock 100 route in 4 days. Niandi gives…
107 - Lizzy Hawker, Ryan Sandes
Mar 17, 2016 • 223 min
We speak with Lizzy Hawker about her amazing 200km Kathmandu Valley FKT, Ryan Sandes talks about his 2015 season and his new book, Trail Blazer. Gavin Sandford tells us about his amazing double Marathon des Sables challenge. Niandi catches up…
106 - The Coastal Challenge 2016 Special
Mar 3, 2016 • 167 min
Episode 106 is all about The Coastal Challenge, Costa Rica. We bring you an in-depth chat with Niandi about her race. Ian discusses the course, the route and the sights and we bring you a selection of interviews w/ race inner Iain Don-Wauchope. 2nd…
105 - Eoin Keith and Matthew Laye
Feb 5, 2016 • 126 min
Ian and Niandi are back from their Lanzarote Multi-Day training camp with 2015 MDS ladies champion Elisabet Barnes. Ian talks with The Spine winner and new course record holder, Eoin Keith. Matthew Laye talks running 100-miles and winning, Scotland…
104 - Burt Bartholomew Bitter
Jan 22, 2016 • 188 min
We speak with Candice Burt about her 2nd place at Hurt 100, race directing and 200-mile races. Australian Lucy Bartholomew, is a rising star in the ultra and Skyrunning world and just recently she ran a new CR at Bogong to Hotham. Fast man Zach…
103 - Olson Jornet Johnson Jurek Fiennes
Jan 8, 2016 • 343 min
Talk Ultra is 4 years old and we are bringing you a special that takes you back to to 2012 with Timmy Olson, 2013 with Kilian Jornet, 2014 with Dave Johnston, 2015 with Scott and Jenny Jurek and yes, you even get a bonus interview with Sir Ranulph…
102 - Sally McRae and Mike Bialick
Dec 24, 2015 • 142 min
It’s the Christmas Show recorded in La Palma with Niandi co-hosting and interviews with Sally McRae and Mike Bialick and a tribute to Mark Gillett. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
101 - Law Meek Leonard
Dec 10, 2015 • 184 min
Jo Meek is back after prolonged injury with 2nd at Everest Trail Race and 8th at TNF50. Mal Law talks about The High Five-O Challenge and FIFTY the movie. Lucja Leonard talks running and weight loss in Talk Training and the subject of PEDs races its…
100 - Elisabet Barnes and Anna Comet
Nov 27, 2015 • 121 min
Episode 100! woo hoo. Who would have thought that a self-funded free podcast would make episode 100? 1,000 of hours have gone into the show to get this far and we are super proud! We talk with multi-day expert Elisabet Barnes on her recent Oman Desert…
99 - Giblin ELS2900 Grant
Nov 13, 2015 • 189 min
Matt Lefort and Andy Symonds talk to us about the ELS2900. Sophie Grant discusses the Raid de la Reunion and we speak with Paul Giblin about his win at Javelina Jundred 100-mile race. The news, chat, Speedgoat is on holiday and Niandi co-hosts.
98 - Wolfe Leventhal Cameron
Oct 30, 2015 • 156 min
It’s a stacked show and we speak with Mike Wolfe about his epic 600 mile journey with Mike Foote. Ladies Atacama winner Shiri Leventhal discusses multi-day racing and on Talk Training Sarah Cameron tells us how cycling made her into a great runner….
97 - Bonnet Symonds Pierson
Oct 16, 2015 • 162 min
Remi Bonnet rising star of the Skyrunning circuit has a chat about his 1st year of racing. Andy Symonds is back after 2-years of injury and we discuss the low and high points. Mariepaule Pierson travelled to Atacama, nailed it and we find out how. The…
96 - Hillary Allen and Marie-Paul Pierson
Oct 1, 2015 • 145 min
Hillary Allen has had a great 2015 placing on the podium at Mont-Blanc 80km and The RUT, we catch up with her and find out how she got started in the sort and what the future holds. Marie-Paule Pierson is taking on the Atacama! We speak to her and…
95 - Scott and Jenny Jurek AT Special
Sep 17, 2015 • 78 min
We are devoting episode 95 to Scott Jurek and his wife Jenny. Scott completed the Appalachian Trail on July 12th covering the 2189-miles in 46 days, 8 hours and 7 minutes; a new record. It was a journey of incredible highs and lows, not only for Scott…
94 - Glen Coe Skyline and UTMB
Sep 3, 2015 • 185 min
This weeks show is all about Glen Coe Skyline and UTMB. We have interviews from the Glen Coe Skyline Race w/ Emelie Forsberg, Forian Reichert and RD, Shane Ohly. We also have an in-depth interview with race winner Joe Symonds. UTMB was full of drama…
93 - Kimmel Zundel Donovan
Aug 20, 2015 • 158 min
We speak with lady on fire, Megan Kimmel. Harald Zundel talks about running 200 milers and we speak with Aussie Greg Donovan about the running the 4 Deserts in 1 year and the Big Red Run in Australia. The News and Speedgoat Karl
92 - Albon and Frost
Aug 7, 2015 • 131 min
We speak with Tromso SkyRace winner, Jonathan Alnon and we have an inspiring chat with ladies Hardrock 100 winner, Anna Frost. The news and Speedgoat is back after a really busy month racing and working.
91 - Boulet Nichols Robbins Forsberg
Jul 23, 2015 • 194 min
Episode 91 of Talk Ultra has a WSER chat with ladies champ, Magdalena Boulet. We speak with Alex Nichols about victory at the Mont-Blanc 80km, Gary Robbins talks FKT and Emelie Forsberg gives us a Smiles and Miles. Speedgoat is prepping for the…
90 - Scott on the AT, Krar, Kimball, Ayre, Kremer
Jul 10, 2015 • 241 min
Karl Meltzer tals Scott on the AT and Rob Krar talks back-to-back wins at Western States. Nikki Kimball and Georgina Ayre talk Richtersveld Wildrun and Stevie Kremer chats Ultra Skymarathon Madeira. The News, Talk Training and Niandi Carmont co hosts.
89 - Mangan & Carr: Around the World Special
Jun 12, 2015 • 207 min
We speak in-depth with Tony Mangan and Kevin Carr about two remarkable and different stories on how to run Around the World. The News, Talk Training, Up & Coming Races and Speedgoat Karl.
88 - Hawker Fejes Lawson
May 29, 2015 • 169 min
We speak with Scott Hawker from the Southern Hemisphere on his 2nd place at TNF100, Joe Fejes talks about running 6 days and clocing a new American record, 606.24 miles and Dan Lawson discussed the GUCR 145 mile race and his record breaking run. Karl…
87 Forsberg Hose Wardian
May 15, 2015 • 125 min
We speak with Emelie Forsberg on her victory at Transvulcania and Australian Blake Hose about his breakthrough top 3 performance. Michael Wardian breaks his own 50k treadmill record and we speak with him. The News, a Blog, Up and Coming Races and…
86 - Browning Yates Cracknell Barnes
Apr 30, 2015 • 171 min
Jeff Browning survives and wins the 100imile Ultrafijord. Michelle Yates tells us all about pregnancy and running and James Cracknell and Elisabit Barnes ‘PB’ at London in prep for future ultras. The News, a Blog, Up and Coming Races and Speed ‘Golf’…
85 - MDS Special
Apr 16, 2015 • 181 min
Episode 85 is a 30th anniversary MDS special with Niandi Carmont co-hosting and discussing her race in depth. We speak with ladies champ, Elisabet Barnes and Darren Grigas and Ian Knight tell us all about their races. Robbie Britton also joins us and…
84 - Canaday, Hawker, Kimball
Apr 2, 2015 • 221 min
Episode 84 of Talk Ultra has Sage Canaday talking training and coching, Lizzy Hawker discusses her new book, RUNNER and Nikki Kimball gives us the low down on fell running, TCC and her new film. Talk Training, The News, a Blog, Up and Coming Races and…
83 - Grinius Murray Campbell Bragg
Mar 20, 2015 • 200 min
We speak with Transgrancanaria winner, Gediminas Grinius. Dr Andrew Murray and Donnie Campbell give an insight into their most recent adventure and Jez Bragg talks about getting speed back and how he will tame the Dragon. Marc Laithwaite discusses…
82 - Cracknell Egloff Muir
Mar 6, 2015 • 263 min
James Cracknell gives us an insight into the mind of an Olympian and talented athlete who knows how to push to the limit. Karl Egloff gives us a full in-depth interview about his childhood, upbringing and how he conquered Aconcagua. Ruby Muir had a…
81 - Murphy Polyakova Zahab Laithwaite
Feb 20, 2015 • 215 min
Mike Murphy talks about pushing to the limits (and beyond) at The Coastal Challenge, Elena Polyakova talks about ultra running in Turkey and the up and coming Cappadocia Ultra Trail and Ray Zahab fills us in on his last expedition. Marc Laithwaite…
80 - Coleman Arnstein Koop Hines
Feb 6, 2015 • 233 min
Episode 80 of Talk Ultra has an interview with UK’s Mr MDS, Rory Coleman. We speak with Mike Arnstein about his recent victory at Hurt 100 and his fruitarian diet. Jason Koop talks coaching runners of all abilities and adventurer, Mike Hines talks…
79 - Amdahl, Pascall, Kimball
Jan 23, 2015 • 199 min
Episode 79 has an interview with HK100 2nd place runner, Sondre Amdahl. We catch up with The Spine ladies winner, Beth Pascall and we talk about an incredible 2014 with Nikki Kimball. The News, a Blog, Up and Coming Races and Speddgoat Karl chews the…
78 - Fiennes, Ulrich, Macy, Tortorich
Jan 9, 2015 • 223 min
We are three years old! To celebrate we interview two legends, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Marshall Ulrich. We also speak to Travis Macy who has a book out and in Talk Training we chat with America’s Angriest Trainer, Vinnie Tortorich. The News, Up &…
77 - Greenwood, King, Grant, Maughan
Dec 25, 2014 • 249 min
It’s our Christmas Special. Ian and Karl discuss 2014 and some of our highlights. We have in depth interviews with Ellie Greenwood, Max King, Joe Grant and Grant Maughan. Importantly, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We thank you…
76 - Olson, Lewis, Don Wauchope, Smith-Batchen
Dec 12, 2014 • 196 min
Timothy Olson talks from the heart about his 2014 season and Tina Lews inspires with her honest. Iain Don Wauchope talks about record breaking at the SkyRun and Lisa Smith-Batchen discuss the Badwater Quad. Ian chews the ultr fat with…
75 - Skyrun, Robbins, Greyling, Boettger
Dec 3, 2014 • 162 min
Episode 75 of Talk Ultra is all about the Salomon Skyrun and South Africa. We bring an interview with the ladies winner Landie Greyling. We also talk with the ladies 2nd place, Julia Better. Gary Robbins placed 2nd overall and discusses in-depth…
74 - Anderson, Gash, Nelson, Forsberg
Nov 14, 2014 • 173 min
Episode 74 of Talk Ultra has Mimi Anderson and Samantha Gash talking about their epic South African journey. Luke Nelson talk about his running career, recent 100-mile success and how going out hard can pay off! Melie Forsberg is back for Smiles &…
73 - Kremer, Collison, Greyling
Oct 31, 2014 • 143 min
Skyrunner World Series Champion Stevie Kremer gives us the low down on a great 2014. Kim Collison chats about the Mourse Skyline MTR and his running background and Landi Greyling talks about running in SA and the up and coming Salomon SkyRun. The…
72 - Schlarb, Campbell, Rasmusen
Oct 16, 2014 • 197 min
We talk with Jason Schlarb who recently laced 4th at the TNFUTMB, Donnie Campbell discusses his running career and winning the recent 3x3 in the UK. Claus Rasmussen tells us all about running Spartathlon… in sandals. The News a BLog, Up & Coming…
71 - Frost, Hawker, Draney, Warburton, Robson
Oct 3, 2014 • 204 min
Anna Frost runs her first 100-miler and wins with a new CR, Lizzy Hawker announces a new race, Ultra Tour Monte Rosa, Caine Warburton discusses running in the Southern Hemisphere and Europe and Ty Draney does a ‘double’ at The Bear 100 and finally Sam…
70 - Meltzer, Doherty, Haugsnes, Schwarz-Lowe
Sep 19, 2014 • 219 min
This is episode 70 of Talk Ultra and this weeks show we speak with the winner of Superior 100, Adam Schwarz-Lowe, Eirik Haugsness talks Tromso Skyrace and Daniel Doherty tells us all about placing in the top-10 at Tor des Geants. Talk Training has…
69 - Jornet, De Gasperi
Sep 4, 2014 • 140 min
This weeks show is going to be a little different… we are recording live from a RV in the middle of Minneapolis. My co host is Kurt Decker from Twin Cities Running Co. This weeks interviews are quite special, we speak with Italian…
68 - Campbell, Sichel, Johnston, Navigation 101
Aug 22, 2014 • 226 min
Adam Campbell talks about Hardrock 100 and that lightning strike. David Johnston discusses 6-days in the Dome. William Sichel tells us what it is like to run 3100-miles in 50-days and in Talk Training we discuss basic navigation. The News, a Blog, Up…
67 - Martin-Consani, Fonn, Meek, Böttger
Aug 8, 2014 • 217 min
On this weeks show we speak with Lakeland 100 and Lakeland 50 winner, Debbie Martin Conasani and Jo Meek. We speak with Norwegian powerhouse, Torill Fonn about her recent world record for running 374.999km’s in 48-hours. Julia…
66 - Krar, Enman, Forbes, McGregor
Jul 24, 2014 • 231 min
Rob Krar discusses his impressive 2014 victory at Western States. Kasie Enman talks babies, families and making a comeback. Scott Forbes won the UK’s Race to the Stones and has a story to tell. Renee McGregor provides an informative Talk Training and…
65 - Krupicka, Birkinshaw, Owens, Forsberg
Jul 11, 2014 • 187 min
Anton Krupicka talks in-depth about Hardrock, injury, Lavaredo and the Bob Graham Round. Steve Birkinshaw provides an insight into his Wainwrights FKT. Tom Owens talks making the podium at the Skyrunning World Championships and Emelie Forsberg is back…
64 - Smith Batchen, Perkins, Almeida, Rasmussen
Jun 26, 2014 • 253 min
Lisa Smith-Btachen tells us all about her incredible career and the challenge of running Badwater 135 4-times back-to-back with 2 Mt Whitney ascents. Mark Perkins discusses his win and CR at SDW100. Ricardo Almeida gives us a minimalist viewpoint of…
63 - Spinks, Morgan, The African Attachment, Meek
Jun 13, 2014 • 242 min
Queen of the fells, Nicky Spinks tells us all about her career and another incredible CR. Morgan Williams discusses the Bob Graham Round and Jo Meek fills us in on an incredible 5th place at Comrades. Greg Fell from The African Attachment provides an…
62 - Comrades, Wardian, Meek, Clark
May 30, 2014 • 197 min
A Comrades Special show. We have a full and in-depth interview with Mike Wardian who is looking for a top-10 placing. Live from Durban, we speak to Jo Meek who is having her first experience of this race. Nick Clark joins us to discuss UTMF, WSER and…
61 - Frost, Gates, Haugsnes, de Haast, Forsberg, Kremer
May 16, 2014 • 180 min
Anna Frost tells us all about the incredible comeback at Transvulcania. Rickey Gates talks running in the UK with Scott Jurek and the Bob Graham Round. Eirik Haugsnes discusses his 2014 season and Emelie Forsberg is back in smilesandmiles with a sore…
60 - Foote, Scotney, Meek, Britton, Spiers
May 1, 2014 • 189 min
This weeks show has an interview with one of the best ‘closers’ in the ultra scene, Mike Foote. We have a series of interviews from the Iznik Ultra series of races, Marcus Scotney from the 130k, Jo Meek from the 80k and Robbie Britton from the…
59 - 29th Marathon des Sables and Barkley Marathons
Apr 18, 2014 • 201 min
This weeks show is a Marathon des Sables and Barkley Marathons special. We have daily chats from the Sahara with top Brit and 5th overall, Danny Kendall. By contrast, we also have daily chats with actor, Bertie Portal who undertook the challenge of a…
58 - Sandes, Walton, Kendall, Portal, Rush
Apr 4, 2014 • 204 min
Ryan Sandes discusses his record breaking FKT on the DrakTraverse with Ryno Griesel. Danny Kendall and Bertie Portal discuss Marathon des Sables in the days before the 29th edition starts and 2nd placed lady at Tarawera, Claire Walton talks about her…
57 - Johnston, Greenwood, inov-8 Team, Desert Runners Movie
Mar 21, 2014 • 246 min
David Jonston gives us a blow-by-blow account of his record breaking run at the ITI350 (Iditarod Trail Invitational), Ellie Greenwood talks about her comeback run and win at Chuckanut 50 and her plans for 2014. We speak with Jennifer Steiman, Director…
56 - Sandes, Jurek, Morgan, Chaigneau, Maciel, Kendall
Mar 7, 2014 • 215 min
A Transgrancanaria special with interviews with Scott Jurek, Casey Morgan, Sebastien Chaigneau, Fernanda Maciel and an in-depth interview with Ryan Sandes. We also catch up with Brit, Danny Kendall who placed 10th at the 2013 MDS and how he has…
55 - Wardian, Meek, Clark, Johnston
Feb 21, 2014 • 248 min
We have a Coastal Challenge special with an interview with male overall winner, Mike Wardian. Jo Meek, ladies overall winner talks about her training and preparation for the TCC race and Nick Clark discusses how stage racing compares to 100-milers. We…
54 - Gary Robbins & Vlad Ixel
Feb 7, 2014 • 139 min
Gary Robbins once again returned to the tough and gnarly Hurt 100 and came away with another victory, in this weeks show he tells us all about it and his plans for 2014. HK100 took place just a couple of weeks ago and young Australian sensation, Vlad…
53 - Pavel Paloncy, Marcus Scotney, Johan Van De Merwe
Jan 24, 2014 • 237 min
We have two interviews from the Montane Spine race, regarded as one of the toughest races out there. We speak with Pavel Paloncy who won the 268-mile event with a new course record and Marcus Scotney who won the 106-mile Challenger event. We also…
52 - Fejes, Slaughter, Steele, Kremer
Jan 10, 2014 • 224 min
We have a full show with two in-depth interviews about running really long… Joe Fejes recently won the Aravaipa Running 6-day event, Across the Years by clocking up 555+ miles and beating running legend, Yiannis Kouros in the process. By…
51 - Bitter, Yates, Frost, Catmur
Dec 26, 2013 • 267 min
Merry Christmas! Episode 51 of Talk Ultra is our longest show yet… yes, 4hours and 30mins of ultra chat to help you survive the Christmas period and New Year. We speak with the new 100-mile and 12-hour record holder (on a track) Zach Bitter. We have…
50 - Pat ‘Paddy’ Robbins and Zach Miller
Dec 12, 2013 • 170 min
This weeks show we speak to Brit, Pat ‘Paddy’ Robbins who placed joint 7th at the 2013 Spartathlon. Man of the moment, Zach Miller joins us after his surprising win at JFK50. We have a ‘speed session’ for you in Talk Training, the news, a blog, up and…
49 - Team Redden, 5000m Project, Tim Stevenson, Emelie Forsberg
Nov 29, 2013 • 166 min
What a great show… we speak with ‘Team Redden’ about running and the incredible story of how mum, Sabrina and Teagan (aged 8yrs) tackled 100km’s. We have an in depth chat with David and Katharine who ran 5000 miles across South America in the 5000…
48 - Jones, Maciel, Sleuyter, Lupton
Nov 16, 2013 • 201 min
Sounds and insights from Nepal. This weeks show is a departure from our normal show, however, we do have some great content with Everest Trail Race ladies winner and 2nd overall, Fernanda Maciel. We cacth up with Brit, Anna Lupton and discuss Fell and…
47 - Bowman, Abdelnoor, Hill, Forsberg
Oct 31, 2013 • 189 min
We speak with Dylan Bowman, after placing 5th at Western States, Dylan was looking forward to tackling UTMB, however, things didn’t go quite to plan. Lakeland 50 winner, Ben Abdelnoor talks about training and fell running and we catch up with Tessa…
46 - Howe, Lightfoot, Bethell, Forsberg
Oct 18, 2013 • 203 min
We have an interview with Speedgoat 50k winner and 2nd place at UROC, Stephanie Howe. Brit fell running sensation, Ricky Lightfoot talks about his progression to ultra. Anthony Bethell provides an insight into his first year participating in the…
45 - Wyatt, Krar, Kremer, Forsberg
Oct 3, 2013 • 167 min
Mountain running legend, Jono Wyatt tells us all about his incredible 25 years as a competetive athlete. We speak to man of the moment, Rob Krar after his impressive win at UROC. Emelie Forberg is back with Smiles and Miles. Marc Laithwaite talks…
44 - Sharman, Hollon, Clark, Clayton
Sep 18, 2013 • 239 min
This weeks show we have a long distance theme. We have an interview with Nickademus Hollon who just recently placed 7th overall at Tor des Geants. We also have an in-depth chat with Ian Sharman about his incredible summer running the Grand Slam….
43 - Kilian Jornet, Krupicka, Grant, Bragg, Bosio, Picas
Sep 6, 2013 • 244 min
We have an extended and in-depth interview with Kilian Jornet about his Matterhorn Summit record. We have a selection of audio from the TNFUTMB – Rory Bosio, Anton Krupicka, Joe Grant, Nuria Picas and Jez Bragg. We speak to Jo Meek who placed…
42 - Jurek, Maciel, Zahab, Forsberg
Aug 22, 2013 • 220 min
Scott Jurek gives us a pre Leadville 100 chat. Fernanda Maciel discusses the CCC and the Everest Trail Race. We have inspiring interview with Ray Zahab, he discusses, expeditions, motivating youth and his incredible i2P project. Emelie Forsberg gives…
41 - Kremer, Clark, Mills, Whitehead
Aug 8, 2013 • 231 min
We speak to Stevie Kremer 12 months on after she burst on the Skyrunning scene with a 2nd at Sierre-Zinal. We have 15 mins of fame with double leg amputee, Richard Whitehead. An interview with Lakeland 100 winner, Stuart Mills. A catch up with Nick…
40 - Marco De Gasperi, Kilian Jornet, Stuart Air, Emelie Forsberg
Jul 26, 2013 • 131 min
We catch up with Marco De Gasperi on the finish line of the Dolomites Skyrace. We chat with Kilian Jornet about his recent racing and the next part of his Summits project. We introduce a new regualr section for the show, Smiles and Miles with Emelie…
39 - Nikki Kimball, Nick Clark, Alex Nichols, Florian Reichert
Jul 12, 2013 • 166 min
Nick Clark returns for Clarky’s Corner, we have an update on his Western States and a look ahead to his next 100 in the Grand Slam. We have an interview with Ultra Running legend, Nikki Kimball about her running career and another podium finish…
38 - Cooper, Campbell, Draney, Canepa
Jun 27, 2013 • 176 min
This weeks show is all about Ronda dels Cims. We discuss the race and have interviews ‘live’ from Andorra with 3rd place Matt Cooper, 7th place Jared Campbell, 8th place Ty Draney and the ladies winner Francesca Canepa. Speedgoat talks Western States,…
37 - Rob Krar, Holly Rush, Ellie Greenwood, Nick Clark
Jun 13, 2013 • 197 min
Rob Krar talks to us about his running history, hiw incredible Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim run and what his expectations are for Western States. Holly Rush talks marathon running and Comrades. Ellie Greenwood makes a guest appearance for Talk Training and…
36 - Ultrapedestrian Ras, Davies, Cardelli, Calitz, Kremer, Browy
May 31, 2013 • 209 min
Stevie Kremer and AJ Calitz talk to us from Zegama-Aizkorri. We speak to Brendan Davies and Beth Cardelli respective winners from TNF100 in Australia. An inspirational 15 minutes of fame with Eric Browy, Talk Training is about Knees with Mitch from…
35 - Jornet, Forsberg, Canaday, Olson, Clayton, James & Transvulcania
May 16, 2013 • 156 min
It’s all about Transvulcania! We have a special co host, Anna Frost or ‘Frosty’ as she is affectionately known. We have post race interviews with the mens’s winner, Kilian Jornet. The ladies winner, Emelie Forsberg. We atch up with 3rd place, Sage…
34 - Hollon, Hicks, Davies & Stephenson
May 2, 2013 • 220 min
On this weeks show we speak to 22 year old Nick Hollon who just recently finished the infamous Barkley Marathon. We catch up with Natalie White who tells us all about the future plans for UK based Inov-8 who are 10 years old in June. We have chat with…